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Angry Schwab bond-fund customers win in court CNN / Lisa Gibbs

Treasuries Rise as Yield Touching 4% Attracts Demand at Auction Bloomberg / Cordell Eddings

California Water Agency Leads Week’s Sales as Bond Yields Rise Bloomberg / Catarina Saraiva and Brendan A. McGrail

Treasurys move lower, adding to week's decline Marketwatch / Deborah Levine

Next ‘Big Crisis’ Is Unfolding in Muni-Bond Market Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Treasuries Set for Weekly Gain on Concern Greece Will Default Bloomberg / Theresa Barraclough and Wes Goodman

Quality versus junk Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Junk Bonds Grab Record Share as Yields Tumble: Credit Markets Bloomberg / Bryan Keogh

SEC May Force Sellers to Retain Portion of Asset-Backed Debt Bloomberg / Jesse Westbrook

Ford Sells Bonds as Junk Rallies for 14th Month: Credit Markets Bloomberg / John Detrixhe, Pierre Paulden and Craig Trudell

Treasury Yield Rise Slowed as Currency Reserves Grow Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger and Matthew Brown

‘Unloved’ Junk Debt May Be Best Bond Investment: Credit Markets Bloomberg / Pierre Paulden and Shannon D. Harrington

California Water Agency Leads Issuers as Municipal Yields Jump Bloomberg / Catarina Saraiva

Bonds in the 'danger zone' CNN / Colin Barr

A Model for TIPS The Yield Model / Michael Brennan

Bond Buyers Demand Record Downgrade Protection: Credit Markets Bloomberg / Bryan Keogh

U.S. 10-Year Yield Hits 4 Percent for First Time Since June Bloomberg / Cordell Eddings and Daniel Kruger

Treasury Sees Good Demand At Sale Of TIPS Fox News / Deborah Levine

Low yield imparts paralysis, or worse St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

US Bonds - The End of a 30-Year Bull Market Safehaven / Prieur du Plessis

Treasury 10-Year Yields at Highest Since June Amid Job Growth Bloomberg / Cordell Eddings and Daniel Kruger

Yield on 10-year note near 4%, highest since June '09 USA Today / Stephen Bernard And Tim Paradis

Junk bonds, swaps show firms flush with credit Marketwatch / Deborah Levine

Treasury yield touch highest in 17 months after payrolls Marketwatch / Deborah Levine

Government-bond markets enter the twilight zone Economist

U.S. 10-Year Notes Snap Gain as U.S. to Announce Auction Sizes Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Illinois Markets $250 Million Tax-Exempts After Fitch Downgrade Bloomberg / Darrell Preston and Catarina Saraiva

Bond Market: "Its Safer to Lend to Buffett than Obama" Casey Research via Safehaven / Chris Wood

Corporate Borrowers Partying Like It's 2006 Forbes / Matthew Craft

Corporate Bonds Extend Longest Streak Since ’04: Credit Markets Bloomberg / Pierre Paulden and Caroline Salas

Why bond yields may be headed much higher Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Treasuries Head for Monthly Loss Before Jobs, Factory Reports Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Corporate Bonds Extend Longest Streak Since ’04: Credit Markets Bloomberg / Pierre Paulden and Caroline Salas

Cheap Mortgages May Last as Investors Replace Fed Bloomberg / Kathleen M. Howley

Collapsing Spreads and Booming Junk: Time to Get Short Dollar Collapse via Safehaven / John Rubino

Subprime Debt Rallies as U.S. Enhances Loan Aid: Credit Markets Bloomberg / Jody Shenn

Treasuries Head for Quarterly Gain Before Report on Home Prices Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Treasuries Find Greenspan’s Canary Fainting in Mine Bloomberg / Susanne Walker

Junk Bonds in ‘Goldilocks’ Market Reach Record: Credit Markets Bloomberg via San Francisco Chronicle / Bryan Keogh and John Detrixhe

Muni Issuers Offer Smallest Weekly Total in 2010 as Yields Jump Bloomberg / Catarina Saraiva and Brendan A. McGrail

Treasury yields rise on lower demand USA Today / John Waggoner

Treasuries Drop as Economists Say Spending, Employment to Gain Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

TIPS could be part of the answer for these almost-retirees Minneapolis Star Tribune / Chris Farrell

Treasurys suffer biggest weekly loss this year Marketwatch / Deborah Levine

Rich Stunned by Recession Sell Munis for First Time Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Greenspan Calls Rise in Treasury Yields ‘Canary in the Mine’ Bloomberg / Joshua Zumbrun

More Than Dozen Banks Suspected Co-Conspirators in Muni Case Wall Street Journal / Chad Bray

Municipal Bond Yields Reach Four-Month High Amid Wave of Supply Bloomberg / Brendan A. McGrail and Michael B. Marois

Bill Gross Warning May Catch Bond-Fund Investors Off Guard Bloomberg / Sree Vidya Bhaktavatsalam and Christopher Condon

Pimco Buys Bonds Wishing ‘Next Life’ as Bank: Credit Markets Bloomberg / Caroline Salas and Pierre Paulden

Pimco’s Bill Gross Says Bonds Have Seen Best Days Bloomberg / Thomas R. Keene and Susanne Walker

Comments Before the Money Marketeers Club Reflections and Ruminations Pimco / Paul McCulley

Federal Reserve

Fed Had ‘Misgivings’ About Friedman’s Goldman Stock, Towns Says Bloomberg / Jeff Plungis

Bernanke Says Central Bankers Must Act Strongly to Stem Crises Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Fed officials again pledge low rates, slow asset sales Reuters via Guardian

Economic Policy: Lessons from History Federal Reserve Board /. Ben S. Bernanke

The Economic Outlook Federal Reserve Board / Donald L. Kohn

Greenspan Came Not to Save Consumers But to Bury Them Safehaven / Fred Sheehan

The Importance of Financial Education Federal Reserve Board / Elizabeth A. Duke

The Present and Future of Community Banking Federal Reserve Board / Daniel K. Tarullo

Tarullo Says Need for Low Rates Won’t ‘Diminish Soon’ Bloomberg / Joshua Zumbrun

Fed is worried about stock-market bubble NY Post / John Crudele

Bernanke, Dudley Say Recovery Is Yet to Produce Major Job Gains Bloomberg / Scott Lanman and Vivien Lou Chen

"What About Zero?" pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City / Thomas Hoenig

Economic Challenges: Past, Present, and Future Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

Bernanke warns of U.S. debt AP via Houston Chronicle / Sewell Chan and Javier C. Hernandez

Fed officials warn on bubbles but Bernanke cautious Reuters / Mark Felsenthal

Greenspan: 'I was right 70% of the time' CNN / Ben Rooney

The Fed's radioactive housing hoard Fortune via CNN / Colin Barr

Greenspan blames anyone but Fed for financial crisis USA Today / Daniel Wagner

Greenspan Defends Fed Record in Consumer Protection Bloomberg / Joshua Zumbrun

Fed doesn't see inflation as an immediate threat LA Times / Don Lee

Minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee March 16, 2010 Federal Reserve Board

Fed says "extended period" may last a long time Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

Fed Officials Saw Recovery Curbed by Unemployment Bloomberg / Craig Torres

The Housing Drag on Core Inflation Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco / Bart Hobijn, Stefano Eusepi, and Andrea Tambalotti

The U.S. Economic Outlook Federal Reserve Bank of New York / William C. Dudley

Recovery likely to be quite muted, Fed's Dudley says Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Restoring Credit to Communities Federal Reserve Board / Elizabeth A. Duke

Prospects for Sustained Recovery and Employment Gains Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta / Dennis P. Lockhart

You Still Believe The Fed Can Stop Deflation? Elliott Wave International via Safehaven

'Ben Bernanke Has Never Gotten Anything Right,' Peter Schiff Says: Fed Officials Respond Lew Rockwell

How The Fed Profited From The Crisis Forbes / Robert McTeer

Fed’s Evans Says Jobless May Exceed 9% at Year-End Bloomberg / Susan Li and Vivien Lou Chen

The Outlook for the Economy and Inflation, and the Case for Federal Reserve Independence Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco / Janet L. Yellen

An economic puzzle Bernanke can't solve Reuters / Emily Kaiser

Fed’s Sack Says Financial System Needs Leverage Bloomberg / Vivien Lou Chen and Candice Zachariahs

Fed's Bullard concerned about weak housing Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

Bernanke: Record-low rates needed to aid economy AP via Houston Chronicle / Jeannine Aversa

Federal Reserve's exit strategy Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

Bernanke Says U.S. Fiscal Outlook ‘Somewhat Dark’ Bloomberg / Vivien Lou Chen

Bernanke says economy still needs Fed's help Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

Homework Assignments for Monetary Policymakers Federal Reserve Board / Donald L. Kohn

The Financial Foundation for Main Street pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City / Thomas M. Hoenig

The False Threat Of The Fed's Swollen Balance Sheet Forbes / Robert McTeer

The Outlook for the Economy and Inflation, and the Case for Federal Reserve Independence Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco / Janet L. Yellen

Credit scoring Federal Reserve Board / Sandra F. Braunstein



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US Economy

Year-Over-Year Spending Up 7% in March Gallup / Dennis Jacobe

Rosenberg Sees 10% U.S. Unemployment Rate as Credit Contracts Bloomberg / Vincent Del Giudice and Thomas R. Keene

Wholesale Inventories in U.S. Rose in February as Sales Climbed Bloomberg / Bob Willis

More than 200,000 jobless counting on an extension CNN / Tami Luhby

Consumers to Aid U.S. Recovery as Employment Grows Survey Says Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra and Kristy Scheuble

Retail Recovery Hangs on April Sales Proving March Was No Fluke Bloomberg / Matt Townsend

March retail sales jump, post record growth Reuters / Phil Wahba

Jobless Claims in U.S. Increased Heading Into Easter Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

March jobs rebound has legs Marketwatch / Simon Constable

Times gropes at hope with talk of a job 'surge' NY Post / John Crudele

Consumer confidence falls for couples with kids Chicago Tribune / Becky Yerak

Nice job, pity about falling wages Reuters / James Saft

Unemployment benefits expire for thousands Reuters / Clement Tan

Mighty America's 5 stages of rapid decline Marketwatch / Paul B. Farrell

Bankruptcy 'reform' is helping big banks squeeze consumers Marketwatch / David Weidner

U.S. Economy: Services Expand at Fastest Pace Since May 2006 Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

Interest rates rise on further signs of growth AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Stephen Bernard

Service Industries Probably Accelerated: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

Greenspan Says ‘Momentum Building Up’ in U.S. Economy Bloomberg / Mark Rohner and Jeff Bliss

Economic news getting better Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

U.S. payrolls grow, but jobless rate holds steady Washington Post / Frank Ahrens

NBER’s Hall Says Payrolls Make It ‘Pretty Clear’ Recession Over Bloomberg / Steve Matthews

March Jobs: The Glass Is Half Full Forbes / Steve Schaefer

US economy adds 162K jobs in March as unemployment rate remains 9.7 percent AP via Minneapolis Star Tribune / Christopher S. Rugaber

Payrolls rise 162,000, best gain in three years Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

No Employment Growth -- Really? Forbes / Robert McTeer

Business loan demand drops, defaults rise Reuters / James B. Kelleher

Manufacturing in U.S. Expands by Most Since 2004 Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

A long climb to get out of a big unemployment hole Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Ann Belser

Manufacturing in U.S. Probably Accelerated, Propelling Growth Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

Private sector cuts jobs in March Reuters / Caroline Valetkevitch

Chicago Purchasers’ Index Declined to 58.8 in March Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Factory Orders in the U.S. Climb 0.6% in February Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra and Courtney Schlisserman

Seasonal job growth stokes inflation, interest rates NY Post / John Crudele

Consumer spending increases in February, 5th straight month of gains Washington Post / Ylan Q. Mui

Consumer Confidence in U.S. Improves on Job Prospects Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Restaurant chains roll out small bites at small prices USA Today / Bruce Horovitz

Hoarding, Penny-Pinching And Buying Gold Forbes / Karlyn Bowman

Consumer Spending Increases as Incomes Stagnate Bloomberg / Timothy R. Homan

Consumer Spending in U.S. Probably Increased for Fifth Month Bloomberg / Timothy R. Homan

People, not firms, can turn economy around St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

Jobless rate is hard to digest NY Post / John Crudele

Payrolls Probably Increased in March: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Timothy R. Homan

Free-spending teens return to malls LA Times / Andrea Chang

Year-end growth spurt not likely to be repeated AP via Augusta Chronicle

U.S. Economy: Corporate-Profit Surge May Help Broaden Expansion Bloomberg / Timothy R. Homan

Thousands to lose jobless benefits April 5 Bloomberg / Jennifer Liberto and Ted Barrett

U.S. Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index Held at 73.6 in March Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Economy in U.S. Preserves Biggest Gain in Six Years Bloomberg / Timothy R. Honan

Greenspan Says Unemployment Rate Will Fall ‘a Bit’ This Year Bloomberg / Joshua Zumbrun

Real Estate & Mortgage

TX: Downturn isn't as bad as others, but commercial real estate's cheerleaders are gone Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

Dallas-area mortgage delinquencies hit new high Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

Mortgage Rates on 30-Year U.S. Loans Jump to 5.21% Bloomberg / Brian Louis

Door shutting on super-low mortgage rates AP via Denver Post / Alan Zibel and Adrian Sainz

IL: More than 42 percent of small rental buildings in Cook County are ‘underwater’ Chicago Tribune / Mary Ellen Podmolik

MN: Late mortgage payments rise in February Minneapolis Star Tribune / Kara McGuire

Mortgage rates jump Mercury News / Pete Carey

Property Tax Rebellion Brewing After Real Estate Collapse ABC News / Dalia Fahmy

Faith in homeownership drops, Fannie Mae poll shows Washington Post / Renae Merle

Winning the mortgage modification lottery CNN / Les Christie

The National Housing Survey and the real estate bear market Reuters / Felix Salmon

No Double-Dip For Housing Forbes / Brian S. Wesbury and Robert Stein

America's Worst-Selling Housing Markets Forbes / Francesca Levy

Office vacancies hit 16-year highs CNN / David Ellis

TN: Money crunch hits high-dollar houses Tennessean / Naomi Snyder

Mortgage rates edge above the 5 percent mark MSNBC

Construction Spending in the U.S. Decreases to Seven-Year Low Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

House Flippers in U.S. Crowd Courthouse Steps in Hunt for Deals Bloomberg / Prashant Gopal

Freddie's Not Afraid Of Post-Fed Mortgage-Backed Market Forbes / Morgan Brennan and Alexandra Zendrian

"Ice House Detroit" echoes frozen housing market Denver Post / Al Lewis

Real estate is booming again. Huh? CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Home Prices in U.S. Probably Fell, Consumer Confidence Climbed Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

Don't foreclose! Do a short sale CNN / Les Christie

Homeowners balk as property tax bills stay high USA Today / Paul Wiseman

Some who can afford mortgages prefer to walk LA Times via Houston Chronicle / Alana Semuels

Debating the housing bubble Bloomberg via Houston Chronicle / Rich Miller

Banks unlikely to grant mass mortgage bailouts AP via Seattle Times / Steven Jacobs

Half of U.S. Home Loan Modifications Default Again Bloomberg / John Gittelsohn

Greenspan says U.S. house prices still fragile Reuters via Guardian

Underwater mortgages drain equity, dampen retirement USA Today / Stephanie Armour


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Euro Gains Against Yen, Credit Risk Drops as Trichet Reassures Bloomberg / Clyde Russell and Ron Harui

Dollar pares gains as Trichet comments on Greece aids euro Marketwatch / Deborah Levine and William L. Watts

Euro grinds towards March low; Aussie firm on jobs Reuters via Guardian / Charlotte Cooper

Yen Declines as Prospects for Asian Recovery Spur Yield Demand Bloomberg / Candice Zachariahs and Ron Harui

Canadian dollar hits parity vs. U.S. dollar Reuters / Claire Sibonney

US Treasury delays China currency report BBC News / Madeleine Morris

Dollar rises on jobs data, hits 7-month high vs yen Reuters / Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss

Currencies: climbing or collapsing? Marketwatch / Neil George

Yen Drops Toward Eight-Week Low Versus Euro Amid Recovery Signs Bloomberg / Yoshiaki Nohara and Ron Harui

Yen Declines as Global Recovery Signs Curb Demand for Safety Bloomberg / Yoshiaki Nohara and Ron Harui

Euro Gains as Greek Concerns Ease; Copper, Mining Stocks Rise Bloomberg / Darren Boey

Dollar Heads for Biggest Quarterly Gain Versus Euro Since 2008 Bloomberg / Ben Levisohn

Euro strengthens after EU agrees Greece deal BBC News

Euro Rallies as Greece Wins Aid Agreement; Metals, Oil Advance Bloomberg / Justin Carrigan

Dollar slips in Asian trading, taking cue from equities Marketwatch

Euro Rises From 10-Month Low as Trichet Welcomes Greek Solution Bloomberg / Yasuhiko Seki and Ron Harui

Dollar pares some gains after housing data Reuters / Deborah Levine and William L. Watts

Yen Gains Deceptive, Traders Most Bearish in 3 Years Bloomberg / Ron Harui, Yasuhiko Seki and Yoshiaki Nohara

Euro retreats versus dollar on nagging Greece worries Reuters

Euro Falls Most Since January as Leaders Spar Over Greece Aid Bloomberg / Ben Levisohn and Inyoung Hwang

Euro Set for Worst Week Since Start of February on Greece Woes Bloomberg / Candice Zachariahs and Ron Harui

Dollar rebounds broadly; AUD and CAD off highs Reuters via Guardian / Satomi Noguchi

Our Big Mac index shows the Chinese yuan is still undervalued Economist

Dollar supported by U.S. data; euro slips and pound drops Marketwatch / Deborah Levine and William L. Watts

China's yuan value hits U.S. economy, two experts say Washington Times / David M. Dickson

Loonie Approaches Parity on Bets Central Bank to Increase Rates Bloomberg / Chris Fournier and Allison Bennett

Dollar Bulls Beware Euro Pacific via Safehaven / Peter Schiff

Dollar pares loss after U.S. retail sales Marketwatch / Deborah Levine & William L. Watts

China may allow yuan to rise by mid-April, strategists say Bloomberg / Chris Oliver

Yen Gains on Speculation Exporters Buying Currency; Kiwi Slips Bloomberg / Yoshiaki Nohara and Ron Harui


Oil prices settle below $85 a barrel AP via Houston Chronicle / Chris Kahn

Gold hits 3-month high on dollar dip, haven flows Reuters / Jan Harvey

Oil gains towards $86 on demand optimism Reuters via Guardian

Oil falls 2nd day as dollar, U.S. crude inventories rise Reuters via Guardian / Alejandro Barbajosa

Gold climbs as debt fears fuel buying Reuters / Jan Harvey

Gold rises on fiscal worries; near 1-month high Reuters

Oil Reality Check: It's Going Higher Forbes / Mark Mills

Oil rises to fresh 18-month high above $87 Reuters / Chris Baldwin

Oil Surges to 17-Month High on Signs of U.S. Economic Growth Bloomberg / Margot Habiby

Oil surges toward $87 as U.S. economy recovers Reuters / Joshua Schneyer

Is gold still a bright investment? Chicago Tribune / Richard Burnett

Cheap and plentiful shale gas might prove to be the real deal Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Gold holds its luster with some investors Orlando Sentinel via St. Louis Post Dispatch / Richard Burnett

Gold dips from 2-week high as euro pauses Reuters / Chikako Mogi

Oil hits 18-month high, pulling in investors Reuters / Christopher Johnson

Oil slides from 18-month high as funds square books Reuters via Guardian / Alejandro Barbajosa

Oil ends at 2010 peak as dollar slips vs euro Reuters / Robert Gibbons

Oil Prices Find a Sweet Spot for World Economy NY Times / Clifford Krauss

Benchmark crude holds above $82 AP via Houston Chronicle / Chris Kahn

Oil In Choppy Trade At $82.26/bbl FOX News / Claudia Assis

China's gold rush 'will be stampede by 2020' Independent / Jack Jordan

Waiting for a few more bears Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Oil hovers above $82 after leaping previous day AP via Houston Chronicle / Alex Kennedy

Oil rises near 3 percent on weak dollar, book-squaring Reuters / Robert Gibbons

Gold survives stumble, while bugs bet on rebound Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Copper Rises, Heading for Fifth Quarterly Gain on Stockpiles Bloomberg / Glenys Sim

Oil falls to $80 as U.S. revises GDP down Reuters / Joshua Schneyer and Rebekah Kebede

Gold rises as dollar dips after Greek plan Marketwatch / Nick Godt

Oil rises as Greece bailout boosts commodities appeal Reuters via Guardian / Alejandro Barbajosa

Gold firms in choppy trade despite euro drop Reuters / Carole Vaporean

Gas up $1 on Obama's watch Washington Times / Stephen Dinan and Kara Rowland

Going For Gold Forbes

Crude-oil futures fall on inventories glut, rising dollar Marketwatch / Polya Lesova and Claudia Assis

Oil hovers above $81 as traders eye equity markets AP via Palm Beach Post / Alex Kennedy

Oil slips 2 percent to $79 on dollar, Greece Reuters / Alex Lawler

Gold hits 1-week low on firm dollar, India hike Reuters / Jan Harvey

Gold drops 1.8 pct on dollar gain, India ra Reuters / Jan Harvey

Gold rises as safe haven despite dollar rise Reuters / Frank Tang

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U.S. Governments and Politics

Obama Rallies Markets With Policies That Resemble Rubinomics Bloomberg / Mike Dorning

U.S. eyes sales tax Boston Herald / Jay Fitzgerald

Hey buddy, can you spare a trillion? Marketwatch / Al Lewis

Who's Visiting The President? Forbes / Brian Wingfield and Jon Bruner

Gloomy Geithner NY Post / Terry Keenan

White House: Expect slow jobs rebound even as economy shows signs of reversing downward spiral AP via Minneapolis star Tribune / Steven R. Hutst

Summers: Economy still has 'long way to go' Washington Times / Joseph Curl

Summers expects acceleration of job creation Reuters / John Crawley

The world’s biggest economy has begun a much-needed transition. Barack Obama could do more to help Economist

Geithner: Jobless rate to stay ‘unacceptably high' AP via Houston Chronicle

Can't afford health care? Wait 'til June CNN / Parija Kavilanz

Deadlock Is Ending on Labor Board NY Times / Steven Greenhouse

Obama Set To Open Coastal Waters To Oil Drilling Forbes / Christopher Helman

Win the race, draw the lines / Pamela M. Prah

Healthcare and Economic Realities Texas Straight Talk via Safehaven / Ron Paul

It's Not the Debt, It's the Spending Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Kasriel

Obama's Road to Economic Ruin Brookes News via Safehaven / Gerard Jackson

Social Security's day of reckoning closer to reality Marketwatch via Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Axelrod Defends Obama Over Making Recess Appointments Bloomberg / Justin Blum

Obama announces 15 recess appointments Marketwatch

The Democrats' Gratitude List Forbes / Bruce Bartlett

Tax refunds are raising the nation's deficit NY Post John Crudele

From hope to change Economist

U.S. Said to Widen Homeowner Aid, Subsidize Mortgage Reductions Bloomberg / Rebecca Christie and Kate Andersen Brower

U.S. House Forced to Vote Again on Health Overhaul Bloomberg / Ryan J. Donmoyer and James Rowley

Official rips Chamber of Commerce over overhaul AP via Washington Times / Marcy Gordon

Liberals spending our way to socialism Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Social Security Payouts to Exceed Revenue This Year NY Times / Mary Williams Walsh

FBI probes threats over Democrats' healthcare vote Reuters / Deborah Zabarenko

Caterpillar Sees $100 Million Charge on Health Law Bloomberg / Edmond Lococo and Shruti Date Singh



Zia Corp

Bond Calc

Companies and Stock

Earnings ahead to drive U.S. stock-market performance Marketwatch / Kate Gibson

Dow briefly passes 11,000, but low volume of trading worries analysts AP via Mercury News / Bernard Condon

Dow bounces off 11,000 as energy stocks power gains Marketwatch / Peter McKay

Stocks recharge the advance CNN / Alexandra Twin

BA and Iberia take a step closer to becoming one of the world's biggest airlines Economist

Watch out, hope is on the rise! Marketwatch / Nick Godt

U.S. Air, United in merger talks Reuters / Jui Chakravorty and Deepa Seetharaman

Stocks finish with losses CNN / Julianne Pepitone

General Motors loses $3.4 billion CNN / Chris Isidore

Game Plan For Dow 11,000 via Forbes

Asian Stocks Rise for Fifth Day on Fed Reserve Rate Optimism Bloomberg / Shani Raja and Kotaro Tsunetomi

Stocks wander on thin news; Dow stays below 11,000 AP via Denver Post / Stephen Bernard and Tim Paradis

Stocks pull back as Dow hovers near 11,000 AP via Houston Chronicle / Stephen Bernard

A tired market Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Recovery bets lift Wall Street, but volume light Reuters / Ellis Mnyandu

Dow edges closer to 11,000 CNN / Alexandra Twin

Dow 11K has no special technical significance Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

When Stocks Stop Moving Like a Herd US News and World Report via NY Times / Paul J.Lim

Stocks may fly on jobs, profit hopes Reuters / Leah Schnurr

Striking Gold in Stock Options NY Times / Nelson D. Schwartz

Oracle’s Ellison Highest-Paid CEO as Paychecks Shrink, NYT Says Bloomberg / Dan Hart

U.S. Stocks Rise for Fifth Straight Week as Economy Improves Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Higher taxes threaten stock rally CNN / Alexandra Twin

Leadership shifts as bull market matures Marketwatch / John Prestbo

A bullish reading of the Presidential Election Year Cycle Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

GM and Ford March auto sales jump Reuters / David Bailey and Bernie Woodall

Stocks, Metals Rally on Manufacturing Growth; Treasuries Drop Bloomberg / Rita Nazareth and Stuart Wallace

Verizon vs. AT&T: They're both losers CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Asian Stocks Advance; Lihir Gold, CSR Surge on Takeover Bids Bloomberg / Anna Kitanaka and Akiko Ikeda

Nobody's worried. Time to worry? CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Don’t Expect Much From U.S. Stocks in Next Decade: Chart of Day Bloomberg / David Wilson

Bill Gross May Be Predicting Bull Run in Stocks Bloomberg / David Pauly

Lazy Portfolios or a 2012 Collapse: It's OK to believe in both Marketwatch / Paul B. Farrell

Corporate cash holdings swell LA Times via Chicago Tribune / Tom Petruno

Ford lightens debt load as it eyes improving conditions Marketwatch / Matt Andrejczak

Day Traders 2.0: Wired, Angry and Loving It NY Times / David Segal

The Wisdom of the Short-Sellers Marketwatch via NY Timers / Mark Hulbert

RadioShack considering sale, Best Buy merger Dallas Morning News / Maria Halkias

Thursday's session amounted to a 'key reversal day' Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Combined Sears and Kmart still standing, but market share dwindles Chicago Tribune / Sandra M. Jones

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International Economies

China Posts First Trade Deficit Since 2004 as Imports Soar 66% Bloomberg

Governments have taken the debt strain, but can they get rid of it? Economist

As Greek Bond Rates Soar, Bankruptcy Looms NY Times / Landon Thomas, Jr.

Bank of Korea keeps key rate at 2 percent AP via Palm Beach Post

Eurozone growth lowered to zero BBC News

Swinging Britain Economist

Australia Raises Rate for Fifth Time in Six Meetings Bloomberg / Michael Heath

Japan Manufacturers Least Pessimistic Since 2008 on Export Rise Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane

China overtakes Germany to become the biggest exporter of all Economist

Australia: Stevens Invokes God, Says ‘Greed’ Exacerbated Crisis Bloomberg / Michael Heath

Japan Tankan Survey May Show Fourth Straight Rise in Sentiment Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane and Minh Bui

Greek economy's failure would have ripple effect across eurozone, world Dallas Morning News / Jim Landers

German economic growth projection cut by IMF BBC News

Japan Wages Fall 0.6% as Workers Miss Out on Recovery Bloomberg / Aki Ito


Banking, Investing and Funds

U.S. Banks Hid Risk by Lowering Debt Before Reporting, WSJ Says Bloomberg / Chris Peterson

When to steer clear of a money-making mutual fund Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Stock ETFs follow the Street Marketwatch / John Spence

Following the losers Marketwatch / Chuck Jaffe

Best financial reform is higher rates Marketwatch / David Callaway

UK: The Treasury licks its lips as banks sweat Independent / David Prosser

Chinese manufacturing picks up as orders flood in Reuters / Zhou Xin and Kevin Yao

TD tried to buy troubled U.S. banks Calgary Herald / John Greenwood

When 'Cheap' ETFs Aren't Really Cheap / Elizabeth Trotta

Hedge-Fund Returns Dragged Down by ‘Hidden Bias’: Chart of Day Bloomberg / David Wilson

Want 3% yield on checking accounts? Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Patricia Sabatini

Is there a Lehman lurking on Wall Street? Marketwatch / David Weidner

Small-cap mutual funds lead the pack AP via Chicago Tribune

Small banks say they can't win in small-business lending USA Today / Paul Davidson

Active ETFs blend regular counterparts and mutual funds Baltimore Sun / Eileen Ambrose

Dividend ETFs poised for a comeback Marketwatch / John Spence

WaMu Files Reorganization Plan Supported by JPMorgan Bloomberg / Dawn McCarty

Investors mine new metals ETFs Marketwatch / John Spence

Remarks by FDIC Chairman Sheila C. Bair to the Independent Community Bankers of America FDIC / Sheila C. Bair

Less debt, more charm Economist

Beancounters in a bind Economist

Is Your Broker Mediocre? / David M. Katz

Hedge Funds Fail When ‘Rock Stars’ Are in Charge Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

Expect big banks' earnings to rise soon Boston Herald / Barry Armstrong

Hedge Funds May Get $222 Billion Inflows in 2010, Survey Says Bloomberg / Bloomberg / Bei Hu


State’s Economies and News

High-speed trains will steamroll taxpayers Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

33 states out of money to fund jobless benefits CNN / Hibah Yousuf

New York Budget ‘Shell Game’ Hides Deficits and Cash Squeeze Bloomberg / Michael Quint

California Hotel Foreclosures Climb as Unemployment Cuts Travel Bloomberg / Nadja Brandt

Minneapolis finds $12 million surplus in budget Minneapolis Star Tribune / Randy Furst

State Debt Woes Grow Too Big to Camouflage NY Times / Mary Williams Walsh

MD: Even in recession, residents gambled away nearly $1B Boston Herald / Thomas Grillo

CA: A souring outlook in Lemon Grove San Diego Union Tribune / Michele Clock

SC: Doctor shortage will grow as more qualify for care Greenville News via The State / Liv Osby

Florida unemployment hit record 12.2 percent in February South Florida Sun Sentinel / Marcia Heroux Pounds

States Sue Over Overhaul That Will Bust State Budgets Bloomberg / Pat Wechsler

Still too many schools? / Melissa Maynard

CO: Cash-strapped cities, state cracking down with tax audits, some say Denver Post / Greg Griffin

MI: Is urban farming Detroit's cash cow? Detroit Free Press / John Gallagher

Four U.S. cities best weathered the recession AP via USA Today

Virginia bans mandatory health insurance. Does it matter? Economist

FL: Trump condo-hotel on Fort Lauderdale beach faces foreclosure South Florida Sun Sentinel / Doreen Hemlock

Governments should rein in public worker pays, pensions Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

NY: Lower credit scores cost New Yorkers $1,400 a year NY Post / Catherine Curan

Unemployment tops 20% in eight California counties LA Times / Alana Semuels

Florida’s unemployment rate at 35-year high South Florida Sun Sentinel / Marcia Heroux Pounds

IL: Unemployment rate in Illinois rises to 11.3 percent Chicago Tribune / Michael Oneal

States’ Payrolls Lag as U.S. Austerity Sets In: Chart of Day Bloomberg / Anthony Feld and Courtney Schlisserman

U.S. Sales Tax Rates Hit Record High Forbes / William P. Barrett

CA: State's unemployment rate hits 12.5 percent Mercury News / Pete Carey

Detroit Warns of Bankruptcy as It Prepares Bond Sale Bloomberg / Darrell Preston

What States and Cities Are Doing to Help Small Businesses NY Times / Elizabeth Olson

Do you want a tax with that? / Pamela M. Prah



Bidding wars Economist

Much of H1N1 vaccine unused, almost expired Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Steve Twedt

More cars scrapped than purchased in 15-month period Lansing State Journal / Greg Gardner

Reputations at stake, companies try to alter word of mouth online Washington Post / Michael S. Rosenwald

Hotels are adding new fees for services LA Times / Hugo Martin

Doctor-starved: America's heartland in crisis CNN / Parija Kavilanz

Wood through the trees Economist

Cuban Americans filling planes to homeland Reuters / Esteban Israel

Slumdog millions Economist

How low can low-cost wireless carriers go? CNN / David Goldman

How will health care industry benefit from 32 million new patients? Allentown Morning Call / Bruce Japsen

How to live longer Economist

More people are getting improved access to drinking water Economist

Drugs Are For Sick People Forbes / Matthew Herper

Survey: Readers don't want to pay for news online AP via USA Today / David Bauder

Internet fraud's U.S. price tag put at $550 million LA Times / Stuart Pfeifer

Magid: A Nobel Peace Prize for the Internet? Mercury News / Larry Magid

In Hard Times, Lured Into Trade School and Debt NY Times / Peter S. Goodman

Managed Care: Get Used to It NY Times / Tyler Cowen

Some nurses paid more than family doctors CNN / Parija Kavilanz

Living costs in big cities Economist

No-frills funerals are latest sign of the times Detroit News / Jennifer Youssef

Millions of Toyotas Recalled, None in Japan NY Times / Huroko Tabuchi

Bye-bye, Saturday mail? CNN / Annalyn Censky

Tie sales knotted up by changes in men’s fashions Chicago Tribune / Sandra M. Jones

E-mail is Making You Stupid Reuters / Joe Robinson

A history of America in cigar consumption Economist

The affordability of hotels for locals Economist

How To Manage (and Protect) Your Online Reputation Forbes / Helen Coster




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