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Public Administration is Economic Chaos Ludwig von Mises Institute / Ludwig von Mises

Remarks Before The Independent Community Bankers Assoc. FDIC

Age bias? Just keep quiet, kid Denver Post / Al Lewis

Investors watching bond yield Knight Ridder via Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Danielle DiMartino

The Spanish dishonoured their dead Telegraph via Real Clear Politics

Indian firms drain Western brains BBC News / Zubair Ahmed

Goodyear delays business report's release AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer

Utah officials under fire for deal to send welfare calls to India AP via Mercury News

Ineffective Fed Boston Globe / Steven Syre

UK: Housing shortage leads to price hike Guardian / Sandra Haurant

Customer confusion over credit card rates Guardian / Sandra Haurant

Treasury Notes Surge as Fed Seen Delaying Interest Rate Rise Bloomberg

Mexico One-Month Treasury Bill Yield Rises to 6.59% Bloomberg / Inti Landauro

Easy Money in Stock Market? There's No Such Thing Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Fed Says It Can Be `Patient,' Holds Bank Rate at 1% Bloomberg

FOMC Statement Federal Reserve Board

Spanish economy looks able to weather storm IHT / Eric Pfanner

Greenspan loses his fear of huge deficits NY Times via IHT / Edmund L. Andrews

Fat People Beware -- Government Wants to Help Bloomberg / Andrew Ferguson

IL: How many dead Chicagoans will vote? Chicago Sun Times via Newsmax / Abdon M. Pallasch

Fund Board Directors Held Accountable AP via Newsday / Marcy Gordon

Why the rich rule the land of the free Guardian via Taipei Times / Linda Colley

Market Commentary Prospector Asset Management via Safehaven / Leonard Kaplan

Should You Buy What China Buys? Tomorrows Gold via Safehaven / Marc Faber

Rouse sells $500 million in debt Washington Business Journal

UK: Rail issue steals show while telcos, autos gain Reuters / Anna Peltola

The U.S. Global Empire Lew Rockwell / Laurence M. Vance

Cut the Talk — and the Spending National Review / Veronique de Rugy

Ford focus The Economist

OH: If it's any consolation, our gasoline costs less Akron Beacon Journal / Jim Mackinnon

Bond prices flat prior to Fed meeting AP via St Paul Pioneer Press

Greenspan Should Take Page From Trichet's Book Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Still 'patient' at the Fed? CNN / Kathleen Hayes

U.S. Home Starts Fell 4% in February to 1.855 Million Bloomberg

Lehman Profit More Than Doubles on Bond, Equity Sales Bloomberg

Soybean futures surge Bloomberg via Minneapolis Star Tribune

At That Time, Kozlowski Was Not a Crook Forbes / Dan Ackman

CA: State's citrus growers lose bid for U.S. aid Sacramento Bee / Michael Doyle

`Dragon's Head' May Intensify U.S. Jobs Exodus Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

Central Bank Gold Agreement Renewed Millennium Bullion Fund via Safehaven / Nick Barnisheff



Kerry takes both sides US News / Michael Barone

Eurozone inflation lowest for four years in February AFP via EU Business

Chairman Hubbard? National Review / Larry Kudlow

Don't Expect Fed To Limit Banks' Bad Behavior Washington Post / Steven Pearlstein

Charts, traders agree dollar future in Fed's hands Reuters via Forbes / John Parry

At $44.7M, Weill’s Pay is No. 1 on Street NY Post / Jenny Anderson

New Mess at B of A NY Post / Christopher Byron

Merrill Lynch’s Ambition Bond Buyer / Susanne Walker

SEC Seeks High-Yield Price Data Bond Buyer / Jacob Fine and Lynn Hume

CA: Buyers try to adjust Orange County Register / Hang Nguyen

Consumer debt loads at record USA Today / Barbara Hagenbaugh

Fannie Mae statements questioned Reuters via CNN

CA: Median Home Price in O.C. Rises 23.7% LA Times / Arlene Martinez

AZ: Home resales hit records Arizona Republic / Catherine Reagor-Burrough

Brazil Unexpectedly Cuts Benchmark Rate to 16.25% Bloomberg / Carlos Caminada

Canada Ten-Year Bond Rises as Inflation Data May Spur Rate Cut Bloomberg / Joshua Krongold

Fund reforms ... a game of chicken? CBS Market Watch / Paul B. Farrell

CA: Jobless may get benefits extended Contra Costa Times / George Avalos

Election Math National Review / Terry Eastland

What Is Japan Really Saying About the Yen? Bloomberg / David DeRosa

In awkward dance, GOP embraces both deficit reduction and tax cut San Diego Union Tribune / Alan Fram

U.S. states demand KPMG give up $146 mln from MCI Reuters / Justin Hyde and Joan Gralla

Snow suggests U.S. jobs undercounted Reuters

Speech by Chairman Greenspan on Banking Federal Reserve Board / Alan Greenspan

Declining dollar brings foreign tourists AP via Baltimore Sun

UK: Bank unanimous over steady rates BBC News

In Brazil, Chafing at Economic Restraints NY Times / Tony Smith

3 Banks Had Early Concern About WorldCom Finances NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

PPI delay finally ending CNN / Mark Gongloff

Feds keep rate low, 1973 memories aglow Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Greenspan Says U.S. Banks in Good Shape AP via Newsday / Martin Crutsinger

Oil prices surge to 13 year high BBC News

Communication breakdown? CNN / Paul R. La Monica

You May Owe Money If Your Bonds Were Called in 2003 Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Fed Sober Reality -- It's Not Just Jobs, But Wages Bloomberg / John Berry

Treasury yields hold near 8-mth lows on CPI data Reuters

Refinancing demand soars 40% Reuters via CNN

Wobbles in the alliance The Economist

CA: A health coverage mecca no more Sacramento Bee / Lisa Rapaport

Japan Wields Own Weapon of Mass Destruction Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Navigating an Exciting and Unstable External Environment Pimco / Mohamed A. El-Erian

$1Bln Soviet Debt Swap Completed Bloomberg via Moscow Times

Russia: Web Use Growing 40% a Year Moscow Times / Denis Maternovsky

Brown prepares 'stability' Budget BBC News



Kaiser's Major Operation Bond Buyer / Rich Saskal

Saudi Economy Defies Terrorism Fears NY Times / Simon Romero

Housing boom faces global meltdown Scotsman via Prudent Bear

Questioning Free Trade Mathematics NY Times / Jeff Madrick

TX: Even rich are losing homes Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

China: Behind the mask The Economist

Shift in Congress hits defense stocks Boston Globe / Stephen J. Glain

U.S. to look a lot like California by 2050 S. F. Chronicle via / Katherine Seligman

Fuel costs drive up inflation NY Daily News / Tom van Riper

Congress watchdog sees GSE subsidies at $23 bln/yr Reuters

Foreign central banks still buying U.S. debt – Fed Reuters

Fund managers bearish on path of global economy Contra Costa Times / Alexis Xydias and Kotaro Miyata

Greenspan: Business lending can boost economy San Diego Union Tribune / Dean Calbreath

Fed noted loose policy risks Reuters via CNN

Major U.S. airlines have little luck raising fares Reuters / Meredith Grossman Dubner

WI: State jobless rate exceeds national figure Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Joel Dresang

NV: Credit ratings for state remain good Las Vegas Sun / Cy Ryan

IL: Doctors risk practicing without costly insurance Chicago Tribune / Bruce Japsen

Tyco Trial: The Story Of Abe Lincoln's Dog Forbes / Dan Ackman

PPI jumps; has inflation arrived? CNN / Mark Gongloff

Liberty currency is sounder than a dollar, users say Des Moines Register / William Ryberg

Slower population growth could have dual impact USA Today / Barbara Hagenbaugh

U.S. Files WTO Complaint Against China on Chip Tax Bloomberg

Business Outlook Survey Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

The Folly of Fed Interest Rates Lew Rockwell / Rep. Ron Paul, MD

Fed noted loose policy risks Reuters via CNN

UK: NAPF: Conference told swaps are the future for pension funds Pensions and Investments Europe

Running out of options CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Soybeans Exceed $10 as Rains Fail to Help South American Crops Bloomberg / Jeff Wilson

30-Year Mortgages Approach 2003 Rates AP via ABC News

Gold Futures Rise to One-Month High as Dollar Falls Against Yen Bloomberg / Claudia Carpenter

A question of perspective The Economist

U.S. March Philadelphia Fed Factory Index Falls Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

The gambler The Economist

Treasuries Fall as Producer Prices Rise and Jobless Claims Drop Bloomberg / Heather Bandur

Disappointed About Jobs? Lower Your Expectations Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Painful for some, but hardly a crisis The Economist

Ice age to warming - and back? Christian Science Monitor / Peter N. Spotts

UK: Euro decision put off until after election Guardian / Mark Milner

Ready to rise? Deflation is now a dropped topic Minneapolis St. Paul Star Tribune / Mike Meyers

Author envisions less structured work world Boston globe via Omaha World Herald

Australia: Stats muffle sound of bubble bursting Sydney Morning Herald / Alan Kohler

Number of jobless is at lowest since 1975 Telegraph / Edmund Conway

U.K. plan for budget lifts public spending IHT / Eric Pfanner

Japan changes tune on sales of currency Bloomberg and Reuters via IHT

Yen Surges on Speculation Japan May Restrict Its Currency Sales Bloomberg

Russia: Did Soros Finally Exit Svyazinvest? Moscow Times / Valeria Korchagina

Ex-Qwest official says he cheated to push deal through AP via Denver Post / Jon Sarche




The Return Of The Treasury Bond Rally Forbes / Barnard Condon

Americans are wealthy again, and that may signal trouble Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via Prudent Bear / Tom Saler

UK: NAPF: Bank of England warns of risks in search for yield Investment and Pensions Europe

Argentina's Paper-Money Mire Ludwig von Mises Institute / Grant M Nülle

The Deficit Debate Is a Charade National Review / Daniel J. Mitchell

Certified public amnesiacs Denver Post / Al Lewis

High fuel costs smack Continental Houston Chronicle / Bill Hensel, Jr.

U.S.-China trade: Is the honeymoon over? UPI / Dar Haddix

CSFB Investigates MBS Loss Bond Week / Gowri Gurumurthy

CDO Originators Take Their Time Bond Week / Scott Goodwin

Jumbo Bonds Are Back / Stephen Taub

CA: Water prices could rise as contract renewals loom Wall Street Journal via Contra Costa Times / Jim Carlton

NV: Bingo now beamed into U.S. homes Las Vegas Sun / Liz Benston

U.S. 10-Year Treasury Notes Drop: Traders Say Yields Too Low Bloomberg

Billions at stake in Internet tax debate / Pamela M. Prah

Increasingly, American-Made Doesn't Mean in the U.S.A. NY Times / Louis Uchitelle

As Oil Futures Set New Highs, Should Investors Start to Fear Inflation? NY Times / Floyd Norris

The Rise of Man Global Investor via Institutional Investor

Taiwan And Bank Mergers: Flavour Of The Year Asiamoney via Institutional Investor / Dominic Jones

IA: Farmland prices rise 10%, near levels of 1980s Des Moines Register / Jerry Perkins

CO: Housing construction still in decline Denver Post

CA: Higher fuel costs may spur businesses to cut jobs or charge more San Diego Union Tribune / Conor Dougherty

China signs $20 billion Iran gas deal AP via Charlotte Observer

SEC eyes banks in bond sale inquiry Bloomberg via Boston Globe

Fed voted to change wording in January to gain flexibility AP via Boston Globe

United isn't ready to leave bankruptcy AP via Baltimore Sun

What do Fed officials really think? CBS Market Watch / Rex Nutting

Oil prices climb again, closing at $38.08 Reuters via Houston Chronicle

Tech IPOs off to sluggish start CNN / Paul R La Monica

Russia: Putin pledges sweeping tax reform BBC News

Bush-Cheney to sell only U.S. goods Newsday / Lauren Weber

Low-carb bubble about to burst? CNN / Parija Bhatnagar

Bonds mixed amid al Qaeda wait CNN

US Treasuries vulnerable to rumors, profit-taking Reuters via Forbes

The Fed Substitutes Flexibility for Transparency Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Low Interest Rates Threaten Best-Laid Money Plans Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Municipalities Get Another Shot at Johnson-Era Rates Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

With Bush in charge, taxes may still rise Christian Science Monitor / David R. Francis

Dollar falls as meddling by Tokyo ebbs Japan Times

Is inflation ready for a revival? IHT / Floyd Norris

Russia: Oil From China Impounded Reuters and MT via Moscow Times

China's `Patriot Games' Should Worry Markets Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

As price rises, Washington debates whether to save oil or sell it NY Times via IHT / Matthew L. Wald

Increasingly, American-Made Doesn't Mean in the U.S.A. NY Times / Louis Uchitelle



CA: Traders talk of 'cha-ching' LA Times via Houston Chronicle / Elizabeth Douglas

Global trade talks begin to gather momentum Toronto Star / David Crane

It's not just EU: Many foes want a piece of Microsoft AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Allison Linn

Kerry Tied With Bush in Newsweek Poll, Each With 48% Support Bloomberg / Laurence Arnold

Australian Dollar Has Weekly Gain on Prospect Exports Will Rise Bloomberg / Chris Young

Airlines probed on loan dealings Reuters via CNN

High prices not likely to let up anytime soon Washington Post via Minneapolis St Paul Star Tribune / Kenneth Harney

WA: Retailers hope to cash in on refunds Seattle Post Intelligencer / Christine Frey

CA: Outsourcing spawns tour to protest job losses San Jose Mercury News via Contra Costa Times / Karl Schoenberger

MD: Inflation seen tame despite gas price rise Boston Globe / Stephen J. Glain and Thomas Grillo

European Bonds Have Weekly Gain; Growth Falters, Rate Cuts Seen Bloomberg / Lianne Gutcher

Yen Has Biggest Weekly Rally Against Dollar in Four Years Bloomberg / John Beresford-Peirse and John Brinsley

Global jitters lift commodities Chicago Tribune

Tyco Deliberations End Without Verdict AP via Baltimore Sun / Samuel Maull

GOP offensive targets trade, factories, jobs South Florida Sun Sentinel / Doreen Hemlock

CA: S.D. ranks low in report on housing San Diego Union Tribune / Roger M. Showley

Japanese 10-Year Government Bonds Fall for Third Week in Four Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane

NY: Nassau retirement plan sues mutual funds Newsday / Susan Harrigan

Taiwan Dollar Falls After President Shot; Philippine Peso Drops Bloomberg / Christina Soon



Fund buying adds $8 to oil price Reuters via Chicago Daily Herald

Inflation or Deflation? Euro vs Dollar Currency War Monitor via Safehaven / Alex Wallenwein

CO: Specialists try to make sense of economy Denver Post / Aldo Svaldi

New Europe to give reform lessons to Old AFP via EU Business

Stock-market shakiness seen continuing in coming week: 'sideways to down' CP via National Post and

Trustees dispute blame for trading Miami Herald / Amy Baldwin and Rick Rothacker

CA: Happy Trailers: Going mobile an option in pricey housing market Oakland Tribune / Tim Simmers

Home Sweet Piggy Bank Washington Post / Michelle Singletary

Social Security Isn't Doomed Newsweek via MSNBC / Jane Bryant Quinn

Hi-Yo Silver? Washington Post / James K. Glassman

Korea: Profits of Banks Fall 63% Korea Times / Cho Hyung-kwon

Stocks Set to Churn as Attack Fears Hover Reuters / Bill Rigby

Japan's currency intervention takes sinister turn in 'manga' comic CP via / Yuri Kageyama

MI: Scramble for jobs ignores some economic realities in Michigan AP via Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Kathy Barks Hoffman

Buyers stay adjustable AP via Louisville Courier Journal / Eileen Alt Powell

Outsource vs. automate Chicago Tribune via Akron Beacon Journal / James P. Miller

Young and powerful: New Europe's new class of movers and shakers AFP via EU Business

MA: Cash poor and house rich Boston Globe / Bruce Mohl

More money available for home loans LA Times

Business, Consumer Spending Seen Rising: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

FDIC's guarantee has some twists and turns Chicago Tribune / Julie Jason

Saudi minister frets on oil Reuters via CNN

Giants of retail Baltimore Sun / Andrea K. Walker

CO: Canada: big pain, big relief Denver Post / Al Lewis

Some scandal-tinged funds worse than others Baltimore Sun / Charles Jaffe

UK: Property is 'destroying the economy' Observer – Guardian / Nick Mathiason

Atypical mortgages: smaller payments, more uncertainty Minneapolis St Paul Star Tribune / Jim Buchta

Low Rates Signal Another Round of Refinancing NY Times / Jennifer Bayot

March not living up to its 16 year average gain Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

Serbian tycoon sues Soros outfit Observer – Guardian / Conal Walsh

UK: Now how about boom and bust of the pound? Observer – Guardian / Bob Bischof

Managing the Deficit With Plans to Spend NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

Litmus Test for Ethics: Options NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

Concerns Raised Over Consultants to Pension Funds NY Times / Mary Williams Walsh




Who's watching your back? via Boston Herald / Laura Bruce

Economic Outlook Chicago Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago / Michael Moscow

These two words tip the scales Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Greed and governance UPI / Martin Hutchinson

Hedge industry “inherently unstable” - NAPF's Hitchen Investment and Pensions Europe

Skilling's Legal Tab Tops $23 Million / Stephen Taub

Europe's Regulators Shape Up as New Power Centers Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

German Finance Ministry Says Recovery Yet to Reach Consumers Bloomberg / Rainer Buergin

The tug of inflation Christian Science Monitor / Eric Troseth

U.S. fuel prices to break records by May Reuters via Forbes / Soo Youn and Erwin Seba

IMF Approves $3.1B Loan for Argentina AP via ABC News

NC: Rural jobless pleading for relief AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Martha Waggoner

Deutsche names top U.S. structured credit traders Reuters 

Heavy debts for a degree Newsday / Olivia Winslow

'Microsoft faces record EU fine' BBC News

Fed right to stay patient on rates-Broaddus Reuters / Alister Bull

Money fund assets up in latest week AP via Contra Costa Times

Treasury Says No Laws Broken in O'Neill Data Release Bloomberg / Simon Kennedy and Brendan Murray

Despite the Sluggish Economy, Welfare Rolls Actually Shrank NY Times / Robert Pear

Will Mexican wave divide U.S.? Chicago Tribune / Ron Grossman

Another sugar rush for the economy CNN / Mark Gongloff

Bad Blood Lew Rockwell / Charley Reese

The Power of “No” National Review / Ed Feulner

The Floridazation of Taiwan Daily Standard / John J. Tkacik Jr.

OPEC May Delay April Oil Cuts, Qatar, Venezuela Say Bloomberg / Sean Evers

Don't ban outsourcing; create jobs Minneapolis St. Paul Star Tribune / Tom Salonek

Treasuries benefit as global tension sinks stocks Reuters

FedEx to sell $1.6 billion debt in three parts Reuters

ICAP in government bond electronic trading alliance Reuters

Our Role Within the Secondary Market Freddie Mac

Japanese monetary authorities must take the risk of making sense Japan Times / Teruhiko Mano

Bond Girls and Bond Boys Plug Japan's Debt Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Japanese Bonds Gain as Stocks Slip Amid Signs of Slower Growth Bloomberg / Chris Cooper

Russia Planning First Bond Issue Since '98 Bloomberg via Moscow Times / Guy Faulconbridge and Vladimir Todres

Russia: Investors Weigh Up the Putin Risk Factor Moscow Times / Daniel J. Rothstein

Russia: Oil Output to Grow 11% in '05 Reuters via Moscow Times

Taiwan's Stocks May Decline on Presidential Election Dispute Bloomberg / George Hsu

UK still short of reaching economic nirvana Independent / Stephen King

Australia: Home prices slow, no collapse Sydney Morning Herald / Peter Weekes

Yen May Rise for Third Week as Demand for Japanese Stocks Grows Bloomberg / Vivianne C. Rodrigues



Why your parents are ripping you off BBC News / Laurence Kotlikoff

Delegate:OPEC Must Keep Output Cut Policy Reuters via ABC News

Bank of England's Large Says Debt Gain a Risk to U.K. Bloomberg / Julia Kollewe

German Economy Disappoints, Threatening Pace of European Growth Bloomberg / John Fraher

Japanese service industries grew 2.6% in January Bloomberg via IHT

GOP leader does not want House to vote on tax cut restrictions AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Alan Fram

Above-Average Economy in the Swing States Has Few Rejoicing NY Times / David Leonhardt

Production costs surge for top Hollywood studio films AP via San Diego Union Tribune / David Germain

Goldman Profit Rises 95% to Record on Bonds, Equities Bloomberg / Adrian Cox

Fund, Foundation Execs Draw Higher Pay Bloomberg via LA Times

Downgrade for Debt Backed by Rock Star Bloomberg via LA Times

Illinois Fund to Trim Its Holdings at Pimco LA Times / Josh Friedman

It pays to be CEO NY Daily News / Nancy Dillon

Medicare could go broke by 2019 USA Today / Peronet Despeignes

Fewer Americans change homes Inman News

Smart growth even smarter in tough economy Inman News / Susan Ashworth

HUD abruptly yanks plan to reform home closings Chicago Tribune / Mary Umberger

Former Qwest Executives Seek Acquittal AP via Philadelphia Inquirer / Colleen Slevin

Beef has prime year Denver Post / Steve Raabe

WA: What economic recovery? Seattle Post Intelligencer / Paul Nyhan

CA: Overhaul of jobless benefits proposed Sacramento Bee / Jim Evans

Chicago Fed chief says low inflation will keep rates low Chicago Sun Times / Simon Kennedy and Andrew Ward

Crude rises 40 cents to $37.45 a barrel Reuters via Houston Chronicle

Credit Card Delinquency Hits Record High AP via Chicago Tribune / Jeannine Aversa

Crude arguments Then Economist

Where the (sort of) hot ones are CNN / Alexandra Twin

Qualcomm grows up CNN / Paul R. La Monica

The Widening Safety Net Ludwig von Mises Institute / Christopher Mayer

Why Are Oil Prices So High? National Review / Frederick P. Leuffer

The Game of Risk Daily Standard / Irwin M. Stelzer

Job creation vexes states in a weak economy / Pamela M. Prah

MA: Governor targets outsourcing of jobs Boston Globe via / Scott S. Greenberger

Putnam Slow to Respond to Trading Abuses, Report Says Bloomberg / Aaron Pressman

Inflation Is Only as Tame as Your Price Index Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Another attempt to tame the monopolist The Economist

Bob Pozen Comes Out Swinging as Funds Cleanup Man Bloomberg / Chet Currier

PA: Bank invests in job replacement Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Thomas Olson

Fed chief endorses mortgage debt Bloomberg via Morning Call / Will Edward

Housing Board Chief Quits Washington Post / David S. Hilzenrath

Taiwan: All eyes on Washington for response to election Taipei Times / Joel Meyer

Asian Investors Seek Profit in Neural `Karma' Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

Fitch affirms its ratings for Taiwan CAN via Taipei Times

With Oil Prices High, OPEC Balks at Cutting Production NY Times / Simon Romero

Revised Rules on Mortgages Are Scuttled NY Times / Jennifer Bayot

For Wall Street Chiefs, Big Paydays Continue NY Times / Patrick McGeehan

A Russian reform hits home: mortgages Christian Science Monitor / Scott Peterson

Russia: FedEx Fiasco Opens Doors for Competitors Moscow Times / Lyuba Pronina

South Korea's 4th-Qtr GDP Grows 2.7 Percent, Fastest in 2 Years Bloomberg / Seyoon Kim

Japan: Beef retail price hits record high Japan Times



Medicare woes no surprise Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Tax-cut architect headed for Fed? Orlando Sentinel / Susan Strother Clarke

White House won't tap oil reserves to ease prices AP via Houston Chronicle

U.S. Treasuries slip despite solid auction demand Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

The Fed should get on board with this economy National Review / Larry Kudlow

Gold $475, as Recovery Trade Unwinds via Safehaven / Edmond J. Bugos

The Division of Labor is World-Wide Ludwig von Mises Institute / Sudha Shenoy

Grocers, Union Jostling Over A Broken Model Washington Post / Steven Pearlstein

Labor Markets: What We Know and What We Don't Federal Reserve Bank of Boston / Cathy E. Minehan

Fed patient but also vigilant on policy – Minehan Reuters

Election-reform funds about to be sent to states / Kathleen Hunter

The price of justice may be a slower-growing job market Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Firms must list stock options as expense Bloomberg via Seattle Post Intelligencer

He’s Lan Gone NY Post / Jenny Anderson

Bush chided for oil prices Washington Times / Patrice Hill

Dealers fret at art bottleneck NY Post / Paul Tharp

Why iPod can't save Apple Money via CNN / Stephen Gandel

Sustainable Growth and Monetary Policy Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta / Jack Guynn

American job security dogs US election BBC News

U.S. 10-Year Note Falls; Fed's Guynn Says Rates Won't Stay Low Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Little to push currency out of recent ranges St. Paul Pioneer Press

KS: Fuel costs have some industries over a barrel Wichita Eagle / Phyllis Jacons Griekspoor

Trichet Stokes Talk of a Rate Cut Bloomberg / Heather Harrisand Chris Kirkham

Fed's Guynn repeats warning on higher rates Reuters

Palm Springs Bond Default Heads Toward Happy Ending Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Worried About Inflation? Here's a TIP Forbes / Ira Carnahan

Yes, But Forget TIPS Forbes / James Grant

Freddie Mac total mortgage portfolio up in Feb. Reuters

Euro Has Biggest Drop in Three Weeks; ECB May Cut Interest Rate Bloomberg / John Beresford-Peirse and Vivianne C. Rodrigues

US Feb durable goods orders jump 2.5 pct Reuters via Forbes / Alister Bull

U.S. February New Home Sales Rise 5.8% to 1.163 Mln Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman and Joe Richter

Goldman's asset mgmt revenues rise 67% Investment and Pensions Europe

Refinancings up, even as rates rise Reuters via CNN

Can Microsoft be tamed? The Economist

Calpers Opposes PwC as Freddie Mac Auditor / Stephen Taub

Livable-wage jobs elusive Minneapolis St Paul Star Tribune / H.J. Cummins

Russia: New Arctic Facility Will Increase Oil Flows West Moscow Times / Dmitry Zhdannikov

EU Urges Russia to Ink Trade Pact Reuters via Moscow Times / Sebastian Alison

Oil firms secretly finance crooked regimes Guardian / Charlotte Denny

Bank of England deputy governor hints at rate rise to curb spending Guardian / Charlotte Denny and Charlotte Moore

The Philippines -- Going From Bad to Worse? Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Japan's Debt Outlook Raised to `Stable' by S&P Bloomberg / Steve McPherson

UK: fears make Bank deputy vote five times for rate rise Telegraph / David Litterick

Trying to Squeeze More Oil and Gas From the Gulf of Mexico NY Times / Simon Romero

Putnam Faces Big Penalties for Improper Fund Trades NY Times / Riva D. Atlas




Bonds are steady - for now Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Economic poll points to deficits, job woes USA Today / Sue Kirchhoff

China demand boosts steel price BBC News

Federal screeners may get the gate Washington Times / Tom Ramstack

Bonds and Deflation Speculative Investor via Safehaven / Steve Saville

Low Inflation Translates Into Low Mortgage Rates Freddie Mac

NY: Mayor, Governor Outline $2.8B Javits, Jets Plan Bond Buyer / Michael McDonald

IL: Chicago Ed Board Plans Refunding Bond Buyer / Yvette Shields

Silver linings, darkening clouds The Economist

Yen surges to 5-week high against dollar Reuters via Forbes / David McMahon

Canada: We're each worth $125K, eh? CP via Toronto Star

Forever young The Economist

US Treasuries easier on inflation worries Reuters

US Corp Bonds - Spreads narrow as stocks rise Reuters

US junk bond funds see $208 mln weekly outflow Reuters

CA: Resale home prices up 24.5 percent in year San Diego Union Tribune

Crude falls $1.50 to $35.51 a barrel Reuters via Houston Chronicle

U.S. House passes $2.41 trillion budget Reuters via CNN

Treasury Secretary Sees Progress on Chinese Currency NY Times / Kenneth N. Gilpin

Dispensing justice Boston Globe / Steven Syre

UK: Bank avoiding interest rate shocks Guardian / Mark Tran

Plot thickens as EU hunts for new IMF chief AFP via EU Business

An optimistic job signal? CNN

Change and Challenges Facing the U.S. Financial System Federal Reserve Bank of NY / Timothy F. Geithner

Monetary Policy in a Time of Macroeconomic Transition Federal Reserve Board / Donald L. Kohn

Rural economic issues Federal Reserve Board / Alan Greenspan

Fed Sees Good News in One Closely Watched Forecast Bloomberg / John Berry

N.Y. Fed: budget deficit poses risks Reuters via CNN

Office occupancy costs The Economist

CA: The business of homeland security The Economist

Crude Oil Plunges After Kuwaiti Says OPEC Should Postpone Cut Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

Bummed out? Bad time to shop CNN

Are ARMs the way to go? CNN / Sarah Max

Greenspan: U.S. Farms Help Consumers AP via Newsday / Martin Crutsinger

CA: State looking more golden San Francisco Chronicle / Sam Zuckerman

CO: Ocean Journey creditors get good news Rocky Mountain News / Janet Forgrieve

Paring Away at Microsoft NY Times / Steve Lohr

Oil price dips, but gasoline costs hold firm Reuters via Houston Chronicle

Higher Prices Are Always and Everywhere Bad Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

The Awful Truth about Republicans Ludwig von Mises Institute / Robert B. Ekelund, Jr., and Mark Thornton

Existing home sales rise 2% CNN

PA: Gambling costs U.S. $54B a year, author says Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

There may be no more ham sandwiches wrapped into Windows Seattle Post Intelligencer / Allison Linn

Taiwan: Government to resume offering 30-year bonds Bloomberg via Taipei Times

UK: Consumer debt won't derail growth, Brown insists Guardian / Charlotte Denny and Charlotte Moore

Australia: Greenback rebound clips dollar and most other currencies Sydney Morning Herald

Melting glaciers: unexpected boost to rising oceans Christian Science Monitor / Peter N. Spotts

EU bankers spur talk of lower rates in Europe IHT / Nicola Clark

China's Central Bank Raises Rate for Banks NY Times / Keith Bradsher

Japan's February Trade Surplus Widens 15% Bloomberg / Daisuke Takato

Rupee's Rise Means India Can Cut Interest Rates Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

Bush and Gore Have Four Lessons for Taiwan Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.



Experts predict rise in interest rates in '05 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Avrum D. Lank

ABN Shuffles Deck, Plans U.S. Prop Desk BondWeek / Scott Goodwin

CO: States set example with green power policies / Kathleen Murphy

IL: It's been a wonderful ride Chicago Tribune / Jon Anderson

Chinese central bank hints at further tightening Bloomberg via IHT / Jianguo Jiang and Le-Min Lim

Japan's Bonds Fall for Fourth Week in Five on Growth in Economy Bloomberg / Chris Cooper

Shelby unveils GSE reform bill CBS Marketwatch / Matt Andrejczak

Wanted: More jobs, please Reuters via USA Today / Elizabeth Lazarowitz

U.S. Economy: Personal Spending, Confidence Climb Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Pension Fund Trustees Taking Aim at Safeway NY Times / Mary Williams Walsh and Jonathan D. Glater

CA: Governor's Staying Power LA Times / Joe Mathews

MCI cutting 7% of global workforce CBS Marketwatch Carolyn Pritchard

Fed Continues on 'Patient' Path Washington Post via Prudent Bear / Nell Henderson

Those Greedy Corporations Snag Record GDP Share Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Treasuries Have Biggest Drop in 2 Months on Inflation Concerns Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Kerry Proposes Corporate Tax Cuts to Spur Job Growth Bloomberg / Richard Keil and Ryan J. Donmoyer

Plagued by infighting, Tyco jury sent home AP via Baltimore Sun

Russia: Gref Now Says GDP to Grow 6.4% in '04 Reuters, AP & MT via Moscow Times 

Outsourcing: Long-term gains for all BBC News / Kaushik Basu

CA: Teens' job prospects bleakest in decades LA Daily News / Dana Bartholomew

UK: Boots pension costs rise as bond yields fall Investment and Pensions Europe

UK funds seen buying asset-backed securities Investment and Pensions Europe

UK: Bank's fear for exports hits sterling Telegraph / Edmund Conway

Greenspan pleads cold, cancels speech on Friday Reuters

Former Dynegy Executive Gets 24 Years / Dave Cook

Refinancing beats sell-and-move-up game Inman News / Samantha Peterson

U.S. 10-Year Treasury Note Falls as Core Price Index Rises Bloomberg / Robert Burgess

Expansionist Mentality National Review / David Malpass

Weak Stocks in a Strong Economy Tell an Old Story Bloomberg / Chet Currier

CA: Demand for homes is red hot Sacramento Bee / Andrew LePage

TX: Feeling the SQUEEZE? Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Teresa McUsic

Bondholders Need to Know When to Hold `Em, Fold `Em Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Revived to die another day? The Economist

The ripple effect of prices at the pump Christian Science Monitor / Alexandra Marks

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