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Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization Federal Reserve Board

Tobacco Bonds Still Worthwhile in Spite of Hurdles, Analysts Say Bond Buyer / Jacob Fine

Fed could wait a year: Goldman Globe and Mail / Terry Weber

Fed's beige book, earnings in focus Globe and Mail / Terry Weber and Roma Luciw

Countrywide Branches Out Beyond Mortgages Forbes / Ari Weinberg

Of guns, butter and inflation: Is this a flashback to 1968? Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Tom Saler

Fretting over interest rates San Francisco Chronicle / Kelly Zito

Mortgaging home to buy stocks concerns regulators Arizona Republic / Russ Wiles

CA: Median O.C. home price reaches $485,000 Orange County Register

GAO chief sounds alarm bells on debt Washington Times / Patrice Hill

Jobs report doesn't raise fears AP via Orlando Sentinel / Martin Crutsinger

Forces of global economy usher in uneasy change for low-skilled workers Gannett News / Greg Barrett

It's Time for an End to Super Low Interest Rates NY Times / Floyd Norris

Canada: Dodge says Canadian interest rates will change with 'how the world goes' CP via / Alison Gregor

Citigroup, Banc of America Advise Selling Brazil Debt Bloomberg

Treasuries Rise After Confidence, Industrial Production Drop Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Economy's gains bring different worries Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Financial Access for Immigrants: The Case of Remittances Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

More Argentina debt talks agreed BBC News

Germany: Defiant Welteke quits in furious row with Berlin Reuters via Forbes / David Crossland

Good for the few, bad for the many The Economist

China: Oil chief quits over gas disaster Bloomberg via IHT / Wing-Gar Cheng

Russia: Vyugin Warns of Market Bubble Moscow Times / Alex Fak

Earnings: 11 that matter, 3 that don't CNN / Mark Gongloff, Chris Isidore, Paul La Monica and Alexandra Twin

Calling the Fed shot CNN / Kathleen Hayes

Fitch Explains Role of Corporate Governance In Credit Ratings Institutional Investor

CA: Fitch maintains negative assessment of California's debt AP via Philadelphia Inquirer

Mortgage rates rise for fourth consecutive week AP via Newsday

Argentine Bonds Rise to 7-Month High on Outlook for Debt Offer Bloomberg / Daniel Helft and Andrew J. Barden

Our tax code is grossly unfair National Review / Daniel J. Mitchell

The Supply-Siders Were Right All Along National Review / Victor Canto

Marsico Change Shows Fund Managers on Move Again Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Most Workers Shown The Door Never Hear `You're Fired!' Seattle Times via Hartford Courant

Broaddus Says Hiring Picking Up, Inflation Risk Low Bloomberg / Brendan Murray

Capitalizing reputation Federal Reserve Board / Alan Greenspan

Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization Federal Reserve Board

Municipal Market Goes Under the Magnifying Glass Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Fed Is Likely Many Months From Raising Rates Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Greenspan: punish the sinners Reuters via CNN

Fewer Workers, More Production Ludwig von Mises Institute / Jude Blanchette

Worldwide economy roars ahead Christian Science Monitor / David R. Francis

Japan: U.S. meat processor wants to be tested Japan Times

'Nader nation' - who are these voters? Christian Science Monitor / Clayton Collins

Hong Kong Is Back -- And Turning Japanese? Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

South Korean Won Falls, Has Largest Weekly Drop Since November Bloomberg / Christina Soon

Yukos Reserves Jump to 13 Billion Barrels Reuters via Moscow Times

Report: Russia, EU Near WTO Compromise Reuters via Moscow Times



Fewer Workers, More Production Ludwig von Mises Institute / Jude Blanchette

Australian Dollar Has Weekly Loss as U.S. May Raise Rates Bloomberg / Chris Young

Real estate prices soar in former Communist bloc nations AP via Houston Chronicle / Andrea Dudikova

Port of Sacramento's credit rating takes a hit Sacramento Bee / Jim Evans

Fund manager Pimco moves to discourage trading abuses Reuters via Orange County Register

U.S. May Redefine the Family Farm AP via Chicago Tribune / Devlin Barrett

Economy, rising prices big factors affecting election Cox News via Houston Chronicle / Marilyn Geewax

OPEC sees higher oil demand Reuters via Toronto Star

Discount Punch at the Never-Ending Party Mises on Money via Lew Rockwell / Gary North

Businesses Doing More With Fewer Workers AP via Philadelphia Inquirer / Adam Geller

Warren Buffett, righting a wrong Bloomberg via Knox News

Rising prices bring less bang for the buck AP via Indianapolis Star / Brad Foss

Trying to Duck Inflation's Punch NY Times / Louis Uchitelle

MN: Contrarian mortgage firms hiring Minneapolis Star Tribune / Jim Buchta

MN: Mortgage licenses double Minneapolis Star Tribune

Oil futures up slightly as gasoline pulls back Dow Jones via Houston Chronicle

New Merc In Works; $260M Nymex Purchase May Lead To An IPO NY Post / Roberta C. Yafie

Japanese Bonds Have Longest Slide Since 2002 on Growth Outlook Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane

U.S. inflation has a narrow focus NY Times / Eduardo Porter

Qwest jury acquits 3 execs; deadlocks on 4th AP via Denver Post / Jon Sarche



Seawater for sale: Only $33.50 Gannet News via USA Today / Sean Hao

Has the Tortoise's Time Finally Come? NY Times / Jonathan Fuerbringer

Degrees of debt Baltimore Sun / Jonathan F. Zaff

Kerry needs to educate himself on economics Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Preview: Eyes fall on Greenspan testimony FT / Phillip Stafford

Korea: 5.3% Growth Predicted for This Year Korea Times / Kim Jae-kyoung

Businesses Boost Orders of Durable Goods: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Emerging Debt Hostage to U.S. Rate Fear Reuters via ABC News / Hugh Bronstein

CA: One is not enough LA Times / Allison B. Cohen

Kerry pledges 'fiscal responsibility' CBS Market Watch / William L. Watts

UK: Fresh fears of crash in house prices Guardian – Observer / Maria Scottk

South Korea's Politics May Contain Won's Move Bloomberg / David DeRosa

In like a lion, out like a CEO: 70 chiefs left jobs in March Boston Globe via Arizona Republic

Recovery brings mixed blessings Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew / Jeff Brown

Trading partners enable U.S. deficit Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Low fares, high costs stymie airlines Philadelphia Inquirer / Tom Belden

Businesses Boost Orders of Durable Goods: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Treasury's Snow to Urge Flexible Currencies at G-7, Bodman Says Bloomberg / Steve Rothwell

Soros Says Euro Candidates Vulnerable to Speculators Bloomberg / Gavin Serkin

Round 1 of Qwest trial was no KO Denver Post / Al Lewis

Good News Hasn't Been Good Enough Wall Street Journal via LA Daily News / Karen Talley

Betting he'll not cry over Argentina Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

China's roaring economy is the envy of Asia, but some economists worry it could overheat San Diego Union Tribune / Dean Calbreath

Foreign mutual funds outshine U.S. returns Chicago Tribune / Andrew Leckey

This Week Wall Street Journal via LA Daily News

S. Florida's jobless find no comfort in recovery Miami Herald / Gregg Fields

Too Risky for Fed to Let Rates Stand? LA Times / Tom Petruno

It’s Calpers-Onal NY Post / Jenny Anderson

Parmalat falsified books for 13 years NY Times via Taipei Times

Is It the Wrong Time for Inflation Bonds? NY Times Ilana Polyak

Looking for a Villain, and Finding One in China NY Times / Eduardo Porter

Bubble Lives on at Broadcom, Where Options Still Rain Down NY Times Gretchen Morgenson




Canada Bonds Fall on Speculation Inflation Stopped Slowing Bloomberg / Sangeetha Ramaswamy

Atlanta Taps UBS, Siebert Bond Buyer / Tedra DeSue

Real estate affordability may suffer interest-rate bashing Inman News / John Burns and Rebecca Wood

Refi boom a boon to title industry Inman News

Did Saudis assure Bush on oil prices? MSNBC / John W. Schoen

Fannie Mae postpones derivatives disclosures Reuters / Eric Burroughs

Shell Oil report exposes lies on size of reserves AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Beth Gardiner

Price of lumber has more than doubled in the past year Arizona Republic via Prudent Bear / Kenneth LaFave

Interest rate fuss may be overblown USA Today / Adam Shell

Four 'to bust eurozone deficit rules' BBC News

Annual Report: Budget Review pdf Federal Reserve Board

Treasuries dip ahead of key Greenspan speech FT / Jennifer Hughes, Charles Batchelor and Barney Jopson

CDO Trustee Report finalized Bond Market Association

Know Your Interest Rates National Review / Bruce Bartlett

Whole Lot of 'Flation Going On... Lew Rockwell / Bill Bonner

Buying a condo riskier than a house CBS Market Watch via Akron Beacon Journal / Kristen Gerencher

Job numbers can be difficult to figure out AP via Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Married to the Model, Or Output Gap to Get Test Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

The Bundesbank loses its head The Economist

Another head rolls in the boardroom The Economist

U.S. Leading Economic Indicators Rose 0.3% in March Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Fannie Mae profits fall Washington Business Journal / Jeff Clabaugh

US Treasuries firm, bulls hope for friendly Fed Reuters

Fannie investment shrinks again, sees growth in Q2 Reuters / Richard Leong

Talk of Fed rate hike grows CNN

Free trade does not lower wages or cause persistent unemployment Brookes News / Gerard Jackson

Brazil Currency Climbs for 3rd Day in Four Against U.S. Dollar Bloomberg / Robert Jameson

Why Is Europe Now Breaking Into Its Gold Vaults? Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez threatened to stop selling oil to the United States AP via Houston Chronicle

OPEC head says cartel over producing to cool prices Reuters via Forbes

Dollar Weakens as Greenspan May Stress Patience on Higher Rates Bloomberg / John Brinsley

Japan's Bonds Gain as Stocks Fall After Report on UFJ Bad Loans Bloomberg / Chris Cooper

Soros says new EU members face currency speculation threat Guardian / Mark Milner

In short, it's time for the west to get real about free trade Guardian / Charlotte Denny

How to earn $3.5 trillion and pay zero taxes Christian Science Monitor / David R. Francis

Clear skies ahead for home values Christian Science Monitor / Stacey A. Teicher

U.S. Treasury Notes Poised for Longest Losing Streak Since 2000 Bloomberg / Vivianne C. Rodrigues

Dollar Poised to Drop for First Week in Three Versus Euro, Yen Bloomberg / Mark Tannenbaum

Rally in New York Crude Oil May Continue, Poll Respondents Say Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

Chewing over job losses US News / Paul Lim



States take aim at driving under the influence of TV / Kathleen Murphy

The dream of retirement CNN / Walter Updegrave

Low-Coupons at Risk Bond Buyer / Anastasija Johnson

California Picks IMAGE For $1B Swap Bond Buyer / Rich Saskal

CO: More buying homes with nothing down Denver Post / Kristi Arellano

NV: Job market stays strong Las Vegas Review Journal / Sean Whaley

Lending is driving GM profit Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Higher rates, stock prices pummel real estate trusts USA Today / John Waggoner

Milk prices harder to swallow Dallas Morning News / Karen Robinson-Jacobs

Differences haunt U.S.-China trade Washington Times / Jeffrey Sparshott

WI: Group brainstorms strategy Green Bay Gazette / Lisa Hildebrand

Questions of Interest NY Times / Paul Krugman

Greenspan: deflation dead CNN

Treasuries drop on mere reference to higher rates Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

U.S. TREASURY OUTLOOK - Greenspan speaks Reuters / Ellen Freilich

The state of the banking industry Federal Reserve Board / Alan Greenspan

Greenspan-US banks well-positioned for rising rates Reuters

Copper Has Biggest Drop in 2 Weeks on Concern Demand Will Slow Bloomberg / Claudia Carpenter

AZ: March sets housing records Arizona Republic / Glen Creno and Catherine Reagor-Burrough

CA: Housing prices soar, but how much longer? San Francisco Chronicle / Kelly Zito

CA: County Office Vacancies, Rents in a Balancing Act LA Times / Roger Vincent

Buffett Approaches Milestone, Still Doing It His Way Washington Post / Allan Sloan

Misery Has Middle-Class Company, New Index Shows Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Inflation's broken verse? CNN / Kathleen Hayes

Warnings to be ignored The Economist

The Friendly Skies Daily Standard / Irwin Stelzer

CA: Housing market hot commodity Oakland Tribune / Eve Mitchell

CA: Apartment rents fall; vacancies are up Oakland Tribune / Alec Rosenberg

Bridging the Gap National Review / Larry Kudlow

Greenspan to unveil last high-wire act MSNBC / Martin Wolk

US and Saudis link up to pull back oil price Telegraph / Edmund Conway

India's Vajpayee Asks to Speed State Asset Sales Bloomberg / Cherian Thomas

Euro Falls Against Dollar, Yen as German Confidence Declines Bloomberg / Mark Tannenbaum and John Beresford-Peirse

Chinese manhole covers target for thieves Sydney Morning Herald / Hamish McDonald

Will Asian Bond Fund Foil Crisis, or Cause It? Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

Emerging markets are 'set for strong growth' Gulf Daily News

Will others follow Spain to the exit? Christian Science Monitor / Peter Ford

Dollar Advances; Greenspan May Signal Extended U.S. Expansion Bloomberg / John Brinsley

A bigger appetite for risk IHT / Barbara Wall

Investment in Poor Countries Rose in 2003 Newsmax


MD: Report Says Food Stamp Recipients Rising in State, Nation Capital News via Philip Merrill College of Journalism / Elysa Batista

Venture capitalists' losing streak ending AP via LA Daily News / Michael Liedtke

Fed downplays inflation CNN / Kathleen Hayes

ARMS And The Man Forbes / Ira Carnahan

UK: Brown's mortgage dream in tatters Telegraph / Paul Farrow

Moody's Drops Most Tobacco Debt Bond Buyer / Elizabeth Albanese

Will Higher Rates Halt Real Estate Run? Real Estate Finance and Planning via Institutional Investor

‘CalPERS effect' may give lift to flagging stocks Wall Street Journal via Contra Costa Times / Robin Sidel

Shake-up at Janus Rocky Mountain News / David Milstead

Crude falls 77 cents to $35.73 a barrel Reuters via Houston Chronicle

MGM in takeover talks with Sony, sources say Reuters via Houston Chronicle / Dane Hamilton

Poll: When Should The Fed Raise Rates? Forbes / Ari Weinberg

Greenspan-ECB aimed to shed US agency debt in 2003 Reuters / Mark Felsenthal

US Treasuries extend gains in Asia after Greenspan Reuters

CA: State official slams electronic voting machine maker Mercury News via / Elise Ackerman

Expensing of Options Debated in Senate LA Times / Thomas S. Mulligan

Deficit hawk Snow faces a tough job of explaining Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Municipal Bond Dealers Set to Listen to the Thunder Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Greenspan Defers to Lagging Unit Labor Costs Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Greenspan Says U.S. Growth Yet to Produce Inflation Bloomberg / Craig Torres

Deflation fears over, Greenspan says CBS Market Watch via Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Rex Nutting

Air fares 'all over the map' Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Rick Barrett

Canada: Central bank upbeat on 2005 economic growth but jobs picture less bright CP via / Sandra Cordon

UK: Banks 'need to lend responsibly' BBC News

Proposed revisions to Payments System Risk Policy Federal Reserve Board

The Beige Book Federal Reserve Board

The Economics of Outsourcing Ludwig von Mises Institute / William L. Anderson

Greenspan Says U.S. Growth Yet to Produce Inflation Bloomberg / Craig Torres

Greenspan gives no clue on timing of US rate rise FT / Jennifer Hughes

Bond yields higher as Fed readies to raise rates FT / Charles Batchelor

Fed's Parry Says Rates to Rise `Significantly at Some Point' Bloomberg

The U.S. and Regional Economies: A Monetary Policymaker's Perspective pdf Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco / Robert Parry

The economic outlook Federal Reserve Board / Alan Greenspan

Greenspan-faster U.S. growth to warrant rate rises Reuters via Bloomberg

Greenspan May Define Limit of Fed `Patience' on Rates Bloomberg

Bonds brace for Greenspan CNN

Mexico Swaps $2.3 Billion of Bonds for Debt With Lower Rates Bloomberg / Andrew J. Barden

$10 billion for Mom CNN

How Pandas Could Help Boost Growth in Asia Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Health care, Canadian style Minneapolis Star Tribune / Larry Werner

Japan's March Trade Surplus Narrows as Imports Rise Bloomberg / Lily Nonomiya

Budget cuts are setting convicts free Christian Science Monitor / Daniel B. wood

Ruble Hits 3-Month Low Against Dollar Moscow Times / Alex Fak

Australia: Soaring greenback tramples Aussie battler AAP via Sydney Morning Herald

Saudis Deny Secret Bush Oil Deal AP and Bloomberg via Moscow Times

Foreign-exchange policies unlikely to be focus of G-7 finance meeting Japan Times / Hiroko Nakata

Dollar Rises in Asia as Greenspan Says Deflation Risk Is Over Bloomberg / John Brinsley

Economy hot. Will rate hikes follow? Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer




Debtor Nation The Nation / William Greider via Real Clear Politics

Snow Prescribes Reform For Health Care Forbes / Ari Weinberg

OH: Summer jobs for teens in short supply Akron Beacon Journal / Candace Goforth

TX: Dallas facing employment gap Dallas Morning News / Angela Shah

The new vicious circle Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Canada: One more rate cut coming: CIBC Globe and Mail / Terry Weber

Report: States spend less; more cuts in the offing / Kathleen Murphy

CT: When The Rates Rise Hartford Courant / Kenneth R. Gosselin

WA: Tide of vacancies slow to turn; more office space hits Seattle market Seattle Times / J. Martin McOmber

Paper trail: The dollar decoded Money Magazine via CNN / David Futrelle

Crude rises 98 cents to $36.71 a barrel Reuters via Houston Chronicle

IRS Planning Audit Sweep of SLGS Rollovers in 100 Municipal Issues Bond Buyer / Susanna Duff Barnett

MSRB Could Change G-38 Proposal Bond Buyer / Lynn Hume

Countrywide's Profit More Than Doubles Bloomberg via LA Times

Fed on inflation watch as economy grows –Hoenig Reuters

U.S. T-bonds up as officials downplay inflation Reuters

Judge urged to clamp down on Skilling after`irrational' behavior Houston Chronicle via Newsmax / Mary Flood

Off-shoring is U.S. ally, says this economist Detroit Free Press / Tom Walsh

UK: Consumer debt continues to soar BBC News

CBOT profit up 9% Chicago Tribune

Sears posts $859 million loss on accounting charge AP via Chicago Daily Herald

John Snow at The Bond Market Association Annual Meeting Bond Market Association

The economic outlook and monetary policy Federal Reserve Board / Ben Bernanke

Richard Syron at The Bond Market Association Annual Meeting pdf Bond Market Association

Brian C. Roseboro at The Bond Market Association Annual Meeting Bond Market Association

The Economic Outlook and Financial Health of Bank Customers Federal Reserve Board / Susan Bies

Why Should China Listen to IMF's Advice on Yuan? Bloomberg / David DeRosa

Japan: The final piece The Economist

Interest rate rise expected to be slow Knight Ridder via Philadelphia Inquirer / Ken Moritsugu

New York Fed's Geithner Hones Skills for Wall Street Bloomberg / Deepak Gopinath

GSE Model best to finance homeownership Freddie Mac / Richard F. Syron

Economists smile on housing Inman News

Economists of days past say the Fed should act National Review / Larry Kudlow

Strong growth in the cards Toronto Star / Steven Theobald

The Maestro likes what he sees — but is he right on inflation? National Review / David Malpass

Mortgage rates still inching higher CNN

Treasuries Rise as Producer Price Index Eases Inflation Concern Bloomberg / Richard Blackden and Vivianne C. Rodrigues

IMF's Krueger-Argentina must deal with debt issue Reuters

Transcript of the World Economic Outlook Press Conference IMF

Rate rises not risk for emerging mkts-IMF's Krueger Reuters

Today's Word is Inflation Fall Street via Safehaven / Brady Willett

Corn and Sugar - Two Energetic Commodities Bonneuil Report via Safehaven

Calpers Flips and Flops in Philippines – Again Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

Better Pricing and Cost Cuts Raise Profit at Ford NY Times / Danny Hakim

Russia: In War on Poverty, Victory Is Hard to Measure Moscow Times / Dmitry Bulgakov

Dollar Gains to Five-Month High; U.S. Jobless Claims May Drop Bloomberg / Taizo Hirose

IMF projects stronger world economy AP and Reuters via IHT



Time for a rate hike Globe and Mail / Mathew Ingram

Ginnie Mae Plans New Offerings Bond Week

Nations join forces on tax avoidance FT / Ed Crooks and Andrew Balls

Global Imbalances Federal Reserve Board / Roger Ferguson, Jr.

Interested parties Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Avrum D. Lank

China: A Blow for Free Trade and Jobs Christian Science Monitor

PA: State taxes pay foreign workers Pittsburgh Tribune Review via / Brad Bumsted

EU's 10 new members must curb deficits before eurozone entry: bank chief AFP via EU Business

Currency leverage brings risk, reward CBS Market Watch / Rachel Koning

The maestro of monetary policy MSNBC / Martin Wolk

As mortgage rates rise, so does the motivation to buy Seattle Post Intelligencer / Paul Nyhan

30-year mortgage rate at 5.94%, highest of year AP via USA Today

Spitzer opens probe of insurance brokers Reuters via USA Today

Phila. acts more like N.J. than like Penna. Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

CA: Strong Bond Demand Bodes Well for State LA Times / Tom Petruno

DaimlerChrysler Shares Jump as Mitsubishi Aid Dropped Bloomberg / Alan Ohnsman

Microsoft's quarterly earnings off 38% Seattle Post Intelligencer / Todd Bishop

Russia and EU Strike a Deal Moscow Times / Alex Fak

CA: Investors grab state bonds Sacramento Bee / Jim Evans

Mexican Exports Rise to All-Time High on U.S. Demand Bloomberg / Nick Benequista

Stocks gain as Fed jitters ease Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

Buy now? Ughh! CNN / Sarah Max

TX: A Perspective on the Houston Economy Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

NY: Tax Defaults Soar as Homeowners Struggle NY Post / Lois Weiss

SEC Case Shines Light on Professionals' Liability Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Interest Rates Create Wall of Worry for Markets Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

More than a Blip National Review / Victor Canto

Treasuries Fall as U.S. Orders for Durable Goods Surge in March Bloomberg / Vivianne C. Rodrigues

U.S. Durables Goods Orders Increased 3.4% in March Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Skilling: Go Directly to Jail? / Stephen Taub

Newspaper Job, Housing, Auto Ads Gain in Sign of U.S. Recovery Bloomberg / Aimee Picchi

Fed Probably Won't Raise Rates at a Rapid Pace Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Big investment bubble for China Taipei Times / Joyce Huang

The Hill's big appetite for pork Christian Science Monitor / Gail Russell Chaddock

UK: Brown's borrowing surge slows down Guardian / Ashley Seager

Russia: Police Raid Yukos in 1999 Tax Probe Moscow Times / Catherine Belton

Nothing Has Changed Aden Forecast via Safehaven / Mary Anne & Pamela Aden



Judges get feisty in plea bargains Houston Chronicle / Mary Flood

Relaxed G7 Happy with Economy, Oil a Risk Reuters / Gernot Heller

US's Snow "encouraged" by Argentine debt talks Reuters

IMF Says Loan Rules May Hurt Road, Utility Investment Bloomberg / Julie Ziegler

U.S. Treasury Wants G-7 to Embrace China More Bloomberg / Simon Kennedy

Statement by John Snow – IMF Finance Committee pdf IMF

Statement by Gordon Brown – IMF Finance Committee pdf IMF

Communiqué of the International Monetary and Financial Committee of the Board of Governors of the IMF IMF

UT: India may lose Utah's outsourced jobs Times of India

US's Snow-IMF should toughen surveillance on loans Reuters

G-7 sees no need to rock the boat CBS Market Watch / Gregory Robb

Politicians, people differ on off-shoring States News via Detroit Free Press / Jim Geraghty

Japan: Bank bill seen unlikely to stabilize financial system Japan Times / Yuji Utsunomiya

UK: Surprise sales spurt poses dilemma for Bank of England Guardian / Ashley Seager and Charlotte Moore

UK: When holes appear below the line Guardian / Edmund Warner

John Chambers: The buck stops here Mercury News / Matt Marshall

Asian retreat eases fears of investors AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel

Europe has little sympathy Chicago Tribune / Todd Richissin

TX: School districts rush to sell stadium naming rights Dallas Morning News / Katie Fairbank

The Drinking Man's Diet Forbes / Alan Farnham

Up, up and away Toronto Star / David Olive

Economists on Illegal Drugs Lew Rockwell / Mark Thornton

Has a New Dollar Bull Market Begun? Clif Droke Market Analysis via Safehaven / Clif Droke

U.S. oil firms poised for return to Libya Houston Chronicle / Nelson Antosh and Michael Hedges

AT&T Wireless loses $58M Seattle Post Intelligencer / Dan Richman

Google Flirts; Investors Wonder About Date NY Times / John Markoff




Despite lack of demand, apartment rents rise in most western markets AP via Arizona Daily Sun

Older workers aren't finished AP via Long Beach Press / Michael J. Martinez

Wartime spending puts economy at risk Knight Ridder via Albany Times Union / Ken Moritsugu

China's influence has pushed steel prices up Dallas Morning News / Jim Landers

We should watch their millions more carefully Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Earnings growth may silence even the biggest skeptics Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

Out of pocket costs may soar USA Today / Julie Appleby

Emerging Debt to Focus on Brazil, Rates Reuters / Hugh Bronstein

U.K.'s Brown Should Raise Taxes to Slow Growth, Report Says Bloomberg / Sam Fleming

Eating your way to stardom Denver Post / Al Lewis

U.S. Treasury chief sees modest price pressures Reuters

IL: Upscale shoppers take a turn at moderation Chicago Tribune / By Susan Chandler and Ann Therese Palmer

Not rich? You'll wish you were once the AMT blindsides you Baltimore Sun / Eileen Ambrose

Greenspan's Choice: Scylla or Charybdis? via Safehaven / Nelson Hultberg

Why Not Restate Bonuses? NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

Treasury's Snow Says World Bank Should Boost Grants Bloomberg / Simon Kennedy

Loans turning car buyers upside down Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Sean Wood

Consumers used to cheap debt will have to adjust Washington Post via Fresno Bee / Paul Blustein and Nell Henderson

Can the Technology Industry Grow Bigger, Not Just Older? NY Times / Steve Lohr

Yen for dollar among Asians worries experts LA Times via Baltimore Sun / Tyler Marshall

Week Ahead-Bonds seen easing Sify Imagine via Google News

Bond firm profits by publicizing manager's success Boston Globe / Charles Stein

Greenspan's testimony looks to calm markets Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Too many drive 'upside down' Washington Post via Omaha World Herald / Michelle Singletary

IN: Indy area housing market is sizzling Indianapolis Star / Bruce Smith

WI: Service-sector boom buoys area job market Green Bay Gazette / Elaine Kauh

MA: In chase for new money Boston is no longer dominant Boston Globe / Charles Stein

MA: Scandals aside, bank's funds are mediocre mishmash Boston Globe / Andrew Caffrey

China: Bank governor says Chinese economy facing challenges People’s Daily

China: 70.8% employees earns 800 to 2,500 yuan monthly People’s Daily

We're only pawns in their endgame Guardian – Observer / William Keegan

May Day or mayday for the EU? Guardian – Observer / Faisal Islam

The Tale of the Toaster, or How Trade Deficits Are Good NY Times / Ben Stein

Why Did India's `Leaky Bucket' Naysayer Quit? Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

N.Y. Crude Oil May Rise as Iraq Attacks Raise Supply Concerns Bloomberg / Mark Shenk



Chavez, Bush at odds, but business is business Houston Chronicle / Dudley Althaus

Latest state revenue-raising wrinkle: taxing services / Pamela M. Prah

Texas State & Metro Employment, Seasonally Adjusted Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Speech by Governor Bies at The Fiduciary Risk Management Conference Federal Reserve Board / Susan Schmidt Bies

Speech by Governor Olson on the redesign of the US $50 note Federal Reserve Board / Mark W. Olson

New Mexico Readies Its Largest Deal Bond Buyer / Richard Williamson

FL: When just a paycheck will do Orlando Sentinel / Barry Flynn

White House race turns to economy BBC News

UK: Will living longer threaten our lifestyle? BBC News / Steve Schifferes

Lenders push consumers into ARMs USA Today / Elliot Blair Smith

WTO Decision Denounces U.S. on Cotton AP via Morning Call / Alan Clendenning

Few cheering as Europe unites UPI / Gareth Harding

Janus swaps $465 million in debt Reuters / Dan Wilchins

Can electronic votes be trusted? AP via Chicago Daily Herald / Rachel Konrad

The awakening conscience UPI / Martin Hutchinson

Fannie Mae Is Still the Biggest Boat in Town, but Some Fear It's a Sinking Ship Washington Post / Jerry Knight

Existing home sales expected strong; Consumer confidence expected to be steady CBS Market Watch / Rex Nutting

Eurozone yields rise on German confidence report FT / Paivi Munter, Jenny Wiggins in New York and Barney Jopson

ECB's Issing Comments on Policy, Growth, the Euro Bloomberg / John Fraher and Craig Torres

China Hits the Brake, but Maybe Too Softly NY Times / Keith Bradsher

Saudis to Build Two Refineries in U.S. Reuters via ABC News

End of HH bonds will mean a tax blow for some South Florida Sun Sentinel / Diane Lade and Humberto Cruz

Peru Sells $500 Million Bonds to Fund Budget Bloomberg

Bloomberg overhauls Reuters in data sales FT / Tim Burt

FedEx Renames Kinkos to Reflect Ownership AP via Newsday / Brad Foss

A Google IPO, with caveats CNN / Andrew Stein

Not a bear. Just bearish Money Magazine via CNN / Jonah Friedman

In debt we trust Inman News / Samantha Peterson

Working Overtime to Ruin Lives Ludwig von Mises Institute / Christopher Westley

Savings bonds going electronic San Antonio Express Courier / Aïssatou Sidimé

The US$ Short Position Speculative Investor via Safehaven / Steve Saville

The best use of aid? The Economist

Brazil's Real Rises for 5th Day in 6 on Bond Sale Speculation Bloomberg / Jeb Blount and Romina Nicaretta

POLL-U.S. managers shift to bonds, cut stocks Reuters / Cal Mankowski

Buyers favor bonds amid violence CNN

First-quarter growth may be 5% Bloomberg via Morning Call / Vince Golle

New home sales post strong gain CNN

Woodward’s Treasury Tricks National Review / Bruce Bartlett

Food companies give big helpings of cash to retailers Minneapolis Star Tribune / Thomas Lee

Beware The Monster IPO Forbes / Dan Ackman

Greenspan's Rate Warnings Big Risk for Japan Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

UK: Housing market will not crash, says Brown Guardian / Larry Elliott

EU ministers attack inflation overkill Guardian / Larry Elliott

Going cashless! Christian Science Monitor / Steve Dinnen

Russia Wants Back Tsarist Gold Worth Billions Moscow Times / Maria Golovnina

Russia: Ruble Falls Against Dollar for 4th Straight Week Bloomberg via Moscow Times

Dollar Advances Versus Euro on View U.S. Interest Rates to Rise Bloomberg / John Brinsley



Exploring the Macro-Prudential Aspects of Financial Sector Supervision pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City / Thomas Hoening

America's new export boom: Jobs Knight Ridder via Detroit Free Press / Tim  Johnson and Mike Joseph

The search for investment paradise Economist

Fed's Bies-Fannie, Freddie portfolios raise risks Reuters via Forbes

MN: Who pays for big banks' risks? Minneapolis Star Tribune / Chris Serres

MN: Minnesota workers outearn peers Minneapolis Star Tribune / Mike Meyers

The new economy's biggest product: an enduring underclass? Christian Science Monitor / Dante Chinni

Puerto Rico Refunding May Shrink Bond Buyer / Jill D'Ambrosio

A Boost to Bankruptcy? Bond Buyer / Yvette Shields

More Crude Oil Needed, U.S. Official Tells Saudi Bloomberg / Jim Efstathiou Jr.

Canada: Thomson profit drops 21% CP via Globe and Mail

Greenspan Is to Blame Moscow Times / Alexei Bayer

Obtaining a mortgage may not be so difficult Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

Short-selling on the rise Reuters via CNN

Crude rises 56 cents to $37.53 a barrel Reuters via Houston Chronicle

CA: Amnesty yields state $1 billion San Jose Mercury News via Contra Costa Times and / Mark Schwanhausser

CA: Despite prices, gas pumps flowing San Diego Union Tribune / Frank Green

Searching questions Boston Globe / Steven Syre

Senators resume fight on Net taxes AP via Boston Globe

US: TREASURY OUTLOOK-Expect good demand at two-year sale Reuters

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Region Focus, Spring 2004 Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

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Crude slips 7 cents to $37.46 a barrel Reuters via Houston Chronicle

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UN Oil Papers Vanish NY Post via / Niles Lathem

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