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June 16 – June 30


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Japan hopes to raise itself from the gloom

Fragile Freddie?

Expectations of Economic Deflation Are Highly Inflated

Western U.S. facing severe summer wildfire risk

Mortgage finance expert leaves Capitol Hill

The worries that Social Security won't cover

NYSE seat price rises

Freddie Mac to Block Stock Option Sales

Freddie Mac faces pay furor

Job Insecurities

Euro retests lifetime highs before falling back

Bond losses still haunt insurers

Goldman Economists See $475 Bln Budget Deficit, Dow Jones Says

Average US gasoline pump price up to $1.52/gal-EIA

McDonald's serves French strikers

Bear Stearns Keeping High-Yield Analysts Away From New Deals

Florida Keeping Eye On Several Accounts

Treasuries give ground grudgingly as stocks surge

Deflation worries, if not deflation itself, are on the rise

Economy hitting graduates hard

FL: Audit shows municipal bond pools help consultants more than taxpayers

Is globalisation Americanisation?

Short-sellers prepare for bearish retreat

CA: Deadlock at Budget Deadline

Bonds, Stocks Acting Like Old Friends Again: Lower Yield, New Bull

Freddie, Fannie, and the Fed

The Scary Side of Low Rates

Treasuries Flat as Empire Strikes Back

Yielding to no one

DOA: Derivatives Oversight Agency?

Bonds and Real Estate? Get a 30-year Mortgage

Ten-Year Treasuries Advance as Consumer Inflation Seen Slowing

One Economy, Two Views for Stocks, Bonds reg

Freddie Mac Has Work to Do in Asia

Why did Martha sell? Maybe it was loss aversion

Junk-bond funds are hot, but they can burn investors

NY State factory gauge jumps up to record in June

Dollar mixed, looks to Fed

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac bill sale calendar

New Issue- Freddie Mac sells $2 billion bills

U.S. Housing/Mortgage-Backed Securities Data Calendar

Poll: Most Americans don't expect tax cuts to hit home

Investors Turn More Optimistic on Treasuries, Survey Shows

Dollar May Extend Declines as Interest Rates Fall, Survey Shows


Feds crack down on costly mistakes

Is the bubble close to bursting?

Freddie Mac is one scandal Congress can deal with directly

Tax-Cut Cash Won't Fix Medicaid, States Say

Don't Bet on a Supersize Rate Cut

CA: Region's home prices may remain out of reach for many, study shows

Freddie Mac's backing

US mortgage-backed spreads narrow as investors buy

Daytrading makes a comeback

Derivatives Lobbyist in Line to Head Fannie, Freddie Regulator

Six-month T-bills drop to lowest rate ever

Headache for money funds

NV: Vegas resale home prices jump 12% from May '02

Freddie Mac crisis 'will blow political cover'

Lehman U.S. bond index to include taxable munis

Treasuries recede, market rethinks deflation fears

India bullish on strong rupee

Canada: May sets record for home prices; 20% of Canadians lack affordable housing

Canada: Manley downgrades growth estimates; promises economic update next week

Dimes in front of a freight train

Houston, Deflation Launch Has Been Scrubbed

Citi MBS Research Vet Kulason To Retire

U.S. Treasuries Extend Losses; 10-Year Yield Rises to 3.27%

Snow Says Jobless Rate Has Not Yet Peaked

28 nations sign treaty against tobacco

Burned-Out Broker Now Sells Hot Dogs

Chain store sales rise

 Job Market Worst Since Early 1990s reg

To Enrich Investing Results, Just Add Rebalancing

Pour It On

UK: ScotPower bonds to fund wind farms

Pampered Life Is Fading for 2 Mortgage Giants reg

Survey: Hiring On Hold At Most U.S. Firms

OH: Sales slump brings layoffs, but vacuum makers are pushing on

Can Motown Get Out of This Funk?

Inflation? Deflation? Even The Journal’s Confused

Housing Starts Surged 6.1% in May, Rebounding From April Drop

U.S. Housing/Mortgage-Backed Securities Data Calendar

Corporate/Agency Bonds Community Events Calendar

New Issue - Freddie Mac sells $4.5 billion bills

U.S. Treasuries Fall After Consumer Prices Increase in May

The push to 10,000

Are Fat People Weighing Down U.S. Economy?

Fretting about Freddie

Trading as big moneymaker

Juiced ball, corked bat

Housing taking a bigger bite

Growth in the Post-Bubble Economy

U.S. Treasuries May Fall; Report Suggests Manufacturing Rebound




Experts: Could Be Hillary vs. Condi for Prez in '08

Slide Rules Rule

Think buying new computers is complicated? Try getting rid of the old ones

Area home sales chugging along

Refinancing gold rush

U.S. Treasuries jump as Post predicts 50bp Fed cut

Rate Cut Looking Like a Sure Thing

Have bonds overdone it again?

Dog Days On Wall Street

Congress Attacks Freddie Exit Deal

Oil Prices Tumble as U.S. Supplies Swell

Which benefits economy more — spending or saving?

Yields up as investors bet on Fed move

Rich-poor divide shows poverty is relative

No `Free Money' for Pennsylvania School Districts

US mortgage-backed spreads wider as lenders sell

Forward Calendar - U.S. corporate bond new issues

WA: Economy seems to stabilize: state unemployment rate holds at 7.3%

Workers putting off or reducing vacations: survey 

Average Mortgage Dips Below 5 Percent

US 'set for more job losses'

Brazil cuts rates as inflation eases

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac bill sale calendar

How Low Will Europe's Rates Go?

U.S. banker economists see small Fed rate cut

New Issue - Fannie Mae sells $11 billion bills

US Corp bonds - Tighter amid strong investor appetite

The Next Big Things for Bush

Hedge Funds May Emerge as the New Powerbrokers

Bear Stearns boosted by bond trading

NY: Numbers Not Telling Whole Story

Terror alerts take heavy toll on state budgets

The Fed files

MI: Prospects for jobs low in Michigan

CO: Most employers put hiring on hold

CA: Hiring Outlook Weak in California

UBS to Cut 500 Investment Banking Jobs

U.K. Demand for Office Space Falls for First Time in Five Years

U.S. Treasuries Gain; Some Japanese Investors Seek Higher Yield


Are you playing the guessing game with bond market?

In Minnesota, Bush Makes Another Economic Sales Call

A spring in their step

Fed Makes Case That Lunch Is Free

Unemployed baby boomers encounter particular cruelties in the job search

Canada: “A tax lawyer's dream”: Foreign investment nearing 50% affects tax status of trust

Detroit still trails in efficiency

Japan's Bonds Gain on Expectations for Half-Point U.S. Rate Cut

Is gold a hedge or a trap?

State's jobless rate highest since 1994

Behavioral economics gets credence

Philly Fed survey rebounds but fails to impress

House approves another big tax cut

Countrywide says "no basis" to accounting rumors

Delusional on the Deficit 

Mortgage lenders swamped

How bad is the jobless rate?

Philly Fed Business Outlook Survey pdf

Longer-dated Treasuries beaten down, fear Philly

A 'SHORT' Story About Why Wall St. Needs Reform

IL: Insurers dropping more customers who file claims

Home buying hurting rentals

MI: Jobless rate up to 6.7%                     

Russia Still Too Green for U.S. Money

Pension Accounting Rules Create False Profits

Freddie Mac Restatement May Be Big

Europe: questions and answers

Trichet in the clear

The Phase-in of the Bush Vision

Feds crack down on costly mistakes

U.S. Treasuries jump as Post predicts 50bp Fed cut

Rate Cut Looking Like a Sure Thing

Germans have 'too much time off'

Surprise fall in UK retail sales

Lehman 2Q Profit Surges 48 Percent From Bond Sales and Trading

The Summer Rally Myth and Other Summer Musings


The dollar falls, and Treasury stands aside

Lesson from Europe on affordable housing

The Great Rate Riddle

The hardest word

Financial advisers urge caution about recent stock surge

Wi-fi will be 'next crash'

Are you playing the guessing game with bond market?

Credit Conundrum

IMF OKs Argentina loan review, releases $320 mln

Canada: Household borrowing soars on boom, CIBC says

Firms' pension gap at record

Feeble Mortgage Oversight reg

CA: California deficit raises yields on $1.7 billion in bonds

CA: Home sellers paring prices to speed deals

IRS Probe Shows Issuers What Not To Do

Morgan Stanley closes three retail bond offices

U.S. Treasuries lower, all questions, no answers

Workers finding steady thing in temporary jobs

France Set for Slowest Growth in Decade in 2003

Fizzy Math and Fishy Marketing

TX: State's jobless rate up in May

TX: More jobless, fewer jobs add to grim local outlook

G.M. to Offer $10 Billion in Debt to Cover Its Pension Costs reg

Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae critics seize their chance

Foreclosures Hit Record High in 1st Qtr

Freddie Mac Ferment Won't Pop Bubble

Some Wonder Whether Too Many Airplanes Are Being Produced reg

How volatile are bonds?

Fed needs to pour cash into system

A benefit that is bad for America's health

Dollar dominated by rate cut concerns

Mortgage giants' edge at risk

Treasuries in a funk, Fed mixes messages on rates

Forward Calendar - U.S. corporate bond new issues

Budget Cuts Paint Dreary Picture For State Arts Funding

New housing study highlights flip side of lower mortgage rates reg

U.S. budget deficit already exceeds record for a full year

A Beltway Bubble About To Burst?

New housing study highlights flip side of lower mortgage rates reg

U.S. budget deficit already exceeds record for a full year

A Beltway Bubble About To Burst?

CT: Fewer Homes Are Sold, But Buyers Paying More

CT: State Jobless Rate Falls Sharply

Mortgage Rates Steady, Remain Lowest Since '50s

Rewriting The Order Book

UBS Moves Ops To U.K.

Real Estate Won't Go Bust, Says Portfolio Manager

Bush Displays Some Skills as a Stock-Market Timer

Feds Give Techies A 20% Budget Boost



CA: Valley's tech bust more severe than other regions' falls

CO: Real estate sales surge

U.S. central bankers need lesson on how to leak monetary policy

Rebalancing spreads investment risks

Do the Math on Dividends

Unemployment dips -- for some

High unemployment rate has been especially tough on baby boomers

Fed Will Call the Shots on Wall Street

Dollar Has Biggest Weekly Gain Against the Euro Since March

Treasuries End Worst Seek Since March on Smaller Rate-Cut Bets

Two dozen states woo Boeing plant

Hot dot-coms must let off steam

CA: Mortgage defaults falling

CA: Housing prices hit highs

As naked as they were born: Grads lack health insurance

UK: Have bonds had their day?

Swings in the Bond Market Add to the Anxiety in Japan

Freddie Mac offers a cautionary tale for Britain


Freddie and Fannie could get us all in a pickle

Economy not to blame for states' budget woes

Deflation risks bigger than optimists let on

Tricky task for Fed to judge rate decision

Insurance against the Fed's greatest fear

NY: Area homes selling faster and at higher prices

Drowning in a flood of dirty money

Oil bonanza to make millionaires of world's most indebted islanders

Durable Orders, Home Sales Seen Up in May

Economy May Matter More Than Rate Cut Does 

Treasuries May Extend Losses as Traders Await Fed Rate Cut

Ministers end trade meeting in Egypt with doubts on new treaty

Mad cow fears take toll on U.S.-Canadian cattle trade

Warning Signs For Investors

Rising number of part-timers a mixed signal

Investors Facing New Landscape

U.S. Auto Industry

Some choose to skip health care tax break

Congress takes a new look at a big change

Managing Gross Fund, Net of Quips

Borrowing cash could get cheaper

CA: Lenders survive office glut

Freddie's nightmare

So now Friedman says he was wrong

Money pros also perplexed

Higher bond prices mean funds may be selling — and taxes may be due

Today's investors have nowhere to run

CO: Small-time landlords feel pinched

Online Bond Trading Is Gaining, Despite the Bumps reg

Long Term, a Rate Cut May Not Be a Good Idea reg

Government jobs shrink as budget gaps grow

Government Bond Yields Might Beset Japan

Into the Politics of Economics reg

Pension Reserve: What's Enough? reg


The Fed: Half or quarter?

As a rescue tactic, rate cuts may be losing their punch

Fannie Mae's Accounting Finds Critics of Its Own

Cheap money means a bond bubble

A Hidden Stash?

US mortgage bond spreads tighter amid light sales

Dollar bullish ahead of Fed meeting, euro fragile

Ammo low, Fed eyes last bullet to lift economy

I'm Still Buying Bonds

Auctioning of homes becoming more popular

Traders hedge bets on Fed rate cut

UK: No housing crash, Bank chief says

Despite rough economy, charitable giving holds steady in 2002

Dell Chairman Says U.S. Economy Stabilizing

IL: Moody's: Chicago economy most balanced in U.S.

Fed Watchers Write Epitaph, Dig Grave, Jump In

Dollar Climbs to Five Week-High; Fed May Cut by Quarter-Point

Russia: IMF Warns of Losing Grip on Budget

Honesty Is Not The Only Policy

Jobs market remains difficult

Bedeviled By A Bubble

Cost of Insurance for Work Injuries Soars Across U.S. reg

Two Anniversaries: One Happy, One Not

Why a declining dollar may seem to sting consumers less

Analysts question Fannie Mae's balance sheet

A cut now in U.S. rates could curb Fed's options

Fissures show in bond rally



Mexican billionaire makes offer to buy Circuit City

Still Bearish After All These Years

Off their rockers?

A Moving Target?

Anticipated rate cut by Fed only adding to 'weird' climate

Impatient Fed Seems Ready to Cut Again reg

Weaker pound 'protected UK economy'

Why Cut Rates Again When Recovery Is Near?

CNBC'S Boat Rises With Stock-Market Tide

House Bill Would Put Tighter Rein On Freddie Mac

US mortgage bond spreads tighter ahead of FOMC

U.S. Treasury balances at Fed fell on June 23

US Corp Bonds-Softer; Market awaits GM bond sale, Fed

Looking for the bear minimum  reg

Fed's reductions losing impact, some analysts worry reg

Trying to Sort Through The B.S. on Dick Grasso

Fed Watchers: Rate Cut Hurts Consumers

CO: Foreclosing time

Fed finding rate cuts aren't enough

Deflation and how you could deal with it

Long-Term Rates Still Haven't Gotten the Joke

How low can they go?

Regulation eyed for Fannie, Freddie

U.S. Economy: Consumers' Outlook in June Rises for Third Month

Online traders try it with onds

Shorting Bank Debt Proves Too Tough In Illiquid Mart

Bank One Assembling Convertibles Team


Fed learns Japanese lessons on deflation

Does More Transparency in Corporate Debt Market Help?

Rate cut might not have significant impact on borrowing

Stimulus options dwindle

Treasuries Tumble as Federal Reserve Cuts Rates Quarter-Point

Deflation to Depression?

Charities take economic hit

CO: Homes on market hit record levels; Prices also rise despite full inventory

Fed Cuts Bank Lending Rate to 1%; Deflation, Growth View Split

The rate cut and you

Freddie Mac's fed ties faulted

US Treasuries extend losses after tepid auction

Rate cut would hurt those relying on savings

Philly Fed exhibit presents money as a game

Demand for autos weakens

Where did it all go?

Freddie Mac May Restate Profit by as Much As $4.5 Bln

U.S. May New Home Sales Rise to Record 1.157 Mln Rate

U.S. Economy: Durables Orders Fell, Home Sales Rose in May

Cheap money means a bond bubble


Stock, Bond Markets React Negatively

Don't expect a lot of help from the latest rate cut

CO: Coffman: Fed rate cut will cost state in short term

Investors will happily delude themselves

Sorting out the Fed

Hedge funds: Next target of regulators

Home, car loans unlikely to fall; Fed funds rate cut may drive down home equity lines of credit

SC: Cuts drive home sales

Breaking the buck

Radical birthday thoughts

CA: As Clock Ticks, Controller Details Cuts

AZ: Digging into 'pork' and Arizona's economics

New leadership at Freddie Mac vows integrity

Fed rate cuts squeezing savers

Still Bearish After All These Years

Whither go bonds?

General Motors boosts bond sale to $17 bln

After Fed rate cut, where do the banks stand?

Money Market Investors Suffer Another Beating In Latest Fed Cut

Fed's Pen Mightier Than Its Sword: A Case Study

Greenspan goes for broke

Why short-term rates can sway mortgage rates

Fed rate cut offers little comfort for job seekers 

Why Greenspan Had to Cut

Investors Settle With Internet Companies in IPO Suit

A Cut, But Then What?

Dollar strengthens as Fed settles rate debate

Denver Sells Bonds, Builds Hotel. Get Used to It

GM bond sale breaks record

Fed action drops rates to 1 percent

How Low Can It Go?

Europe held back by worries about US recovery

US high-yield issuance soars

Bank of England Sees Risk From Push for Higher Yield

Contemplating the Fed's Encore

Did Fed Let Expectations Get Out of Hand? reg



State Governments Growing In Reverse, Report Finds

It’s Spelled M-O-N-E-Y

Living Longer with the Global Economy

The shakedown continues

More pills, bigger bills

The Fed’s puzzling end game

Fed rate cut brings no joy on mortgage front

Overseas sites calling for U.S. jobs

Slowest UK growth in 11 years

Germany set to defy EU on tax

Democrats out of touch about economy

States' Fiscal Crisis Has Grown in Past 6 Months

CO: Offices struggling to lure tenants

Major Banks Are Slow to Lower Prime Rates

GM's $17 Billion Bargaining Chip

Economy in Japan shows signs of gaining

Canada: Drop in deficit points to balanced B.C. budget in 2004, says finance minister

Fed's vagueness deals blow to bond yields

Mortgage Giants May Be In Trouble

Can Cantor Fitzgerald's bullies be reformed?

Credit-card delinquencies flat

Putting Sticker Prices on Corporate Bonds

Dollar gains as Snow hints at US growth

Appraisers Pushed to Inflate Home Values

Some Fed Policymakers Favored Rate Cut in May

Dollar Drop Hasn't Cured International Fund Blues

US Treasuries rise on bargain-hunting

Corporate/Agency Bonds Community Events Calendar

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac bill sale calendar

President Bush's Friend Is a Pessimistic Fed

CA: Home prices soaring as sales dip slightly

Expensing Options: Better Now Than Later

With deadline near, states are in budget discord

Fed has its reasons for restraint

Fed can fix economy with cash

FutureTrade Enhances Its Platform For Institutional Traders

Suddenly, dollar bulls in charge

MN: Fed cuts, but banks run from lowering rate



Freddie Mac Considers Adding Subprime Rating Requirement

U.S. Housing/Mortgage-Backed Securities Data Calendar

Job cuts lowest in 31 months

Higher yields from bond funds

Stickiness and those stuck with it

States' budget woes mount

NJ: Trenton Reaches Last-Minute Deal on State Budget

CA: No budget, but plenty of blame in capital

Can Hydrogen Save Gas-Guzzling U.S.?


The word from the Fed is confusion...

AL: May's home sales set record

Cash crisis threatens to stall Big 3

Bond Sale Schedule for the Week Ahead

Beware of falling dollars reg

Bond Sale Schedule for the Week Ahead

Earnings season arriving with a roster of excuses

Automakers keep offering strong buying incentives

AK: Alaska's economy on the verge of a downturn

Unsafe Havens

S.F. Fed chief opposed cut; Lone voice at the Fed

Those Strapped For Cash May Have Several Options

A little bit of deflation can be a good thing

Those Sexy Bonds Losing Their Appeal

Central bankers eye unusual steps

The Fed has not avoided danger

Imagine, if you will, a basket of energy

Manufacturing Seen Expanding in June

U.S. Treasury Rally Poised to Slow in Second Half, Survey Shows

IL: $10 billion pension tension

CA: Home Buyers Forced to Play 'The Price Range Is Right'

NE: Some call-center jobs may be affected

Stocks rise, insiders sell

Tough economic times turning Japanese managers into workplace bullies, experts say

Online bond trading grows in popularity despite a few bumps

Tax cuts, rate cuts, higher dividends build

A cry for the care and feeding of capitalism

Central bankers see sluggish recovery

Party loyalty equals Freddie Mac job

From Stints on the Street, Many Tales to Tell reg

New rate cut perils money market funds

Evaluating Money Market Funds After Fed's Cut

SC: Job losses mount in Columbia area

Boeing puts squeeze on states in search of corporate welfare

Too much plastic, not enough gold

Out of the woods?

Bite of Bond Fund Fees Grows as Rates Fall


Plunging interest rates alarm critics

Public pays even when taxes don’t rise

Fannie and Freddie face heat reg

Who's got the clearest crystal ball?

U.S. mortgage bond spreads narrower at month-end

The Fed Fuels Overcapacity

Canada: Tourism spending slips 0.8 per cent in first quarter – ‘BEFORE’ SARS impact

Cash crunch nears for California

For Penthouse, It's Now a Bare Market

A Vision for Expanding Economic Opportunity

Schröder tries to get a grip

Plunging interest rates alarm critics

Jobless Rate Expected to Rise as More Seek Work reg

DIARY-Federal Reserve Events

Wall Street wins with bonds

Schlumberger to take charge from bond tender

California Leads States Without 2004 Fiscal Budgets

UK: Home loans market goes cold

GM's new pitch: an apology

June Chicago-Area Manufacturing Expands

FL: Countrywide expands into banking in Central Florida

N.C. has budget, averts shutdown

NJ: Budget talks continue into night as a shutdown looms

Boring asset allocation funds look good now

US Treasury to sell $17.00 bln 4-week bills Tuesday

Fannie Mae to sell $11.5 billion bills Wednesday

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac bill sale calendar

ID: More empty storefronts expected downtown

US mortgage-backed spreads narrow, rates stabilize

Fogging Our Focus

The disappearing recovery

Does the global economy need a global currency?

U.S. Treasuries Rise as Chicago Manufacturing Gain Disappoints

Bare Boskin

Bear Stearns MBS Desk Raises Big Bucks For Military Families

Corporate unease a boon to lawyers

Lure of the loan costly for some reg

Treasuries Lower Despite Soft NY Survey

Merrill Lynch Sends Email Warning--About Emails

Investors Seek Bigger Gains in Europe: Government Bond Outlook

Dollar hits 2-month highs as data loom

Calif. Near Financial Disaster

Fed can't please 'em all

Silver linings still a bit hazy

Forget Japan -- Is U.S. Now Jawboning China?