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July 01 – July 15


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WI: Agency OKs bonds for hospital construction

Asset-backeds - Some new offerings shopped around

Six States Miss Budget Deadlines

Ohio won’t need to drain rainy-day fund

States struggle to define ‘Essential Services’

The Frenetic Fed

No golden days

Housing Shows Cracks in Foundation

This year's tobacco planting is smallest in 100-plus years

Lehman, Neuberger Berman in Merger Talks

Bloomberg hacker goes to prison

Pulling Perpetual Profits Out of Various Hats

Stock Option Tax Shelters Are Challenged reg

DIARY-U.S. Treasuries, Wednesday, July 2

Junkiest junk bonds on upswing, raising risks

Q&A: European Bonds: "A Win-Win Scenario"

Auto sales unimpressive in June

Dollar dips after US data disappoint further

California Sets Spending Freeze After Missing Budget Deadline

Bond prices trade lower

States borrow record amounts

CA: New fiscal year here, and again, no budget

CA: New year, no budget

Germany 'heading for recession'

Freddie Mac Considers Adding Subprime Rating Requirement

U.S. Housing/Mortgage-Backed Securities Data Calendar

Job cuts lowest in 31 months

Higher yields from bond funds

Stickiness and those stuck with it

States' budget woes mount

NJ: Trenton Reaches Last-Minute Deal on State Budget

CA: No budget, but plenty of blame in capital

Can Hydrogen Save Gas-Guzzling U.S.?

Bond funds risk a time bomb

Will the new men make a difference?

The extraordinary lightness of banking

Schröder tries to get a grip

The Newsletter: The month ahead

U.S. June ISM Manufacturing Index Rises to 49.8 From 49.4

Boomers are changing senior housing ideas 

Ford bonds pressured, but deal unlikely -analysts

Goldman, Morgan Stanley Boost Japan Profit on Trading

Packages for CEOs tie the hands that pay them

Japan keeps pushing for Russia oil line

Ford Eurobond Yields Rise: Debt Sale Seen to Fund Pension Plan



Debts could swallow up tax cut cash

Don't let history repeat

CA: Experts say San Diego economy not out of doldrums yet

Qwest gets another extension

Business In The Beltway

Californians Should Stop Flirtation With Unthinkable

CA: Sacramento economy squeezed

Investors fear end of bond bubble is in sight

US Corp Bonds-Spreads tighter in light trading

California Bond Rating May Be Cut by S&P Over Budget

Last fling for refi

Will the job market ever get better?

OH: Bankruptcies stay heavy Month’s activity keeps area on track to break record

Mexico City to Sell 2.5 Bln Peso Bonds in 1st Debt Sale Ever

U.S. mortgage bonds fall, refinancing index rises

US Corp Bonds - Tone improves, some buying

Fed adds $7.0 billion via overnight repurchases

Traders see gold in California reg

UK: High Street slump brings rates call

MA: State claims abandoned assets: New law leads to record $234M infusion

UK: House prices 'to fall 20%'

Out on The Street

Some Golden State

FASB: Consolidate This

UK: Downbeat Governor fuels rate cut hopes

A change of guard at Bank of England

Playing the euro two ways

Japan needs foreign workers to achieve economic growth



Contrarians' Day: Gold May Have More Upside

Survey: Insurers to Blame for Insurance Hikes

Looking for Growth in All the Wrong Places

Economics and Measurement

It's 'Money in Motion' at Fed mini-museum

CA: Empty hallways

Insider trading comes out

Deutsche Bank Creates Structured Group

Faces behind the numbers: jobless rate at nine-year high

Greenback torn between good and bad news

Laid off and in a lurch

U.S. June ISM Service Economy Index Rises to 60.6

U.S. mortgage bonds fall in pre-holiday trade

Chart showing unemployment now vs. March 2001

Teens are new victims of economy

Jobless Rise Seen 

Dollar dumped on shockingly bad U.S. jobs report

AZ: Valley housing market floats above economic clouds

Greenspan opens money exhibit in Philadelphia

Mortgage securities are worth the quirks reg

Telemarketer ban could hurt small-city jobs

UK: US jobs figures worry markets

U.S. Treasuries Erase Losses; Jobless Rate Reaches 9-Year High

US unemployement hits nine-year high

Russia: Number of Cell Users Tops 25M

Needed: A Politics of Generosity

Budget woes cause California to be a two-party state again

The Skittish Bond Market Won't Shake Housing -- for Now

Bush's Record on Jobs: Risking Comparison to a Republican Ghost reg

Lehman Readies Emerging Markets Desk

Euro zone facing 'risks' to growth



Bond buyers are getting a little nervous

Credit Rating Is Latest Worry for California

Bond investors shouldn't ignore warnings on overvaluation

Emerging Market Bond Investors Redeem Most This Year 

Will the U.S. Grow Faster Than Europe?

Dollar may weaken as growth dips

Mortgage Rates Surge; Have Declines Ended?

How this downturn differs

Malls: Death of an American icon

Dollar Falls for First Week in Three on Current Account Concern

Greenspan, Dead Cats Behind Nikkei's Rally

Jobless surge casts new doubts on recovery 

Are tech stocks in another bubble?


Canada: Is the economy a toothless tiger?

Corporate Earnings, PPI Data Will Test Market Rally

Job hunt scares boomers

Payroll tax cuts needed

NY: Madison Exodus

Euro zone unlikely to grow 1 pct in 2003

Did vultures do homework on Air Canada?

Scotland: Corporate bonds in a bind

Pension agency overwhelmed; faces growing workload, criticism

Surge in Bond Yields Seen as Sign of Revival reg

CO: Outlook may be getting brighter

MA: Bucking the US trend, foreclosures fall in state

AZ: Weekend gas costs stay on even keel

No jobs yet, but experts say to keep the faith

Japan: Government fails to meet tax revenue target; posts surplus


Oil fuels economic miracle

Holding fund firms' feet to the fire

Jobs don't match pace of recovery

UK: Just how low can base rates go?

Protection available for falling dollar, inflation

Currency education, where cash is top crop

The 'jobless' economy

Temporary Workers: A Barometer of Recovery reg

Canada: Wishy-washy U.S. Fed dampens our growth

Canada: What the rising dollar means for you

Great rise in gas prices unlikely

Hedge Funds Can Be Fool’s Gold On Wall St.

Will Debt Put Dent in Spending?

The dollar's downward spiral goes on

Reassuring lessons from market's revival

Insured munis yield nearly 5%, tax free

Many investors skittish about jumping back into stocks

Economy's political side

Lowest yields in decades can be boon or bummer

Delaying Social Security Yields Bigger Payoff Later

Sinking US dollar 'could drag world under'

Deflation threat faint, but worrisome

Headline effects

UK: Bank to hold interest rates again

UK homes for sale - at a mere £2.7 trillion

For American middle class, it's all downhill for now

Is This Stock Market A Bull Within a Bear?

MD: Md. balances its books on the back of small business

Mortgage reforms delayed, but lenders will deal

Lower capital gains rate may alter investor strategy

Wall St. has a new culprit

Housing in a bubble? Maybe

Run on bonds makes some analysts nervous

Many jobless return to mom, dad

Fed cut rate, credit cards didn't

Europe warns on growth targets

Stocks may be up, but not all agree it's a bull market

Companies Continued Discounting in June: U.S. Economy Preview

Japan's Government Bond Market Is Getting Killed



Can The Terminator Save California?

U.S. current account deficit last big bubble

US mortgage-backeds wider as investors sidelined

US SWAPS-Spreads hold ground as rates keep soaring

U.S. agency spreads widen with new supply looming

A Ruinous New Rally

Rate Cuts and Profitability

Ready for liftoff?

FL: Summertime, and business is booming

NY: Liberty Bonds for tower conversion

Bonds bow, dollar holds tight

High-grade US bond defaults fall, caution urged

Beware of new blue-light sale

Grads get rude surprise from job market

Mexican Bonds Post Biggest One-Day Loss in 4 Years

Bonds suffer as equities hog the limelight

Double bubble of Fed's own making

Euro starts week with two-month lows

IN: Natural gas users pinched

Experts differ on threat that deflation presents

CA: Deficit bonds gaining favor

Retail giants using Web to build sales

Trading Firms Make Solid Gains

Summertime blues

Japan's Bond Bubble Isn't Bursting

UK: Fears increase about £100bn of Treasury off-balance-sheet risk

UK: Factories suffer double-dip downturn

How to Raise Yields on Cash When Rates Keep Falling

US Treasury yields hit eight-week high, eye stocks

Strikes, sabotage and a nervous world economy

If This Is a Bull, Buyer Beware

Bond Sales Schedule for the Week Ahead

Bond Fund Returns Rise but May Face Pressures

Deflation fears mean bond sell-off may be premature

U.S. targets big names in fighting abuse of tax shelters

Junk-bond chasers eye yields, downplay risks

U.S. Treasuries Poised to Fall for a 4th Week, Survey Shows

Dollar May Gain on Outlook for U.S. Economy, Survey Indicates



Asset-backed commercial paper market still solid

Recovery or Boomlet?

Happy Days Here Again?

US SWAPS-Some spreads widen, fear mortgage mayhem

U.S. law change may crimp mortgage bonds - Fitch

Dollar strength spreads as bond trades unwound

Bid for lunch with Buffett on eBay

CA: Jobless insurance fund faces '04 deficit

NY: Overtime Uproar

Russia: Oil Giants Post Record Profits

Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae May Face Rival Bills in U.S. Congress

Tax-Rate Catch-Up

Prognostications On Economy Colored By Spinmeisters' Politics

Bubbles and bonds

Tough measures for tough times

Riches beyond compare

June U.S. mortgage bond prepayments rocket higher

Forward Calendar - U.S. corporate bond new issues

Senate antiques were sold at 98% discount

Morgan Stanley, China bank in venture to sell $519 million of bad loans

Market's pop not clearly scripted

As Rates Fall, Retirees Struggle

Jobs: Coming or going?

Do valuations matter?

Inflation insurance options reg

Bund yields breach 4% as investors exit bonds

DIARY-U.S. Treasuries, Tuesday, July 8

WA: Homebuyers keeping local market hot

`Bubble II' in Stocks Is Risk to Be Reckoned With

U.S. Consumer Debt Seen Rising at Slower Pace

Capitol Hill Is All But Done With Finance Legislation This Year

UK: Bondholders take profits

France sinks deeper into state deficit

Japan: Analysts see rosy outlook for economy

Japanese Bonds Decline as Stock Rally Erodes Demand for Debt

Fears of a crunch time for bonds


Capital account: Brokers elbowed out of US debt underwriting reg

Say's Law in Context

How jobless-aid funds ran low

Snow says tax cut will aid economic growth

Canada:  Low interest rates encourage record debt among Canadians; bankruptcies loom

When Japan begins to play

US SWAPS-Spreads keep widening, seem vulnerable

Asset-backeds - Sallie Mae deal takes center stage

Sharp consumers can save big on zero-percent financing

Can housing keep going?

Canada: Housing starts jump 6%

Bond market fall threatens global recovery

Calpine increases bond sale to $3 billion

White House shakes up economic team

Congress Urged on Tougher Credit Laws

UK: Triple blow boosts rate cut hopes

US Treasury long-bond briefly dips on Fisher talk

Economy caught in doldrums

Hedge Funds: The Regulatory Landscape At A Crossroads

Poll: Consumer Confidence Still in Rut

Party Like It's 1999?

Bond Prices Higher at Midday

Turning Reflationary?

No fireworks for mortgages

Home sales sputter while listings climb

Treasury's Fisher to Resign, People Familiar Say

No Rest for the Productive

Japan's 10-Year Bonds Fall; Buyers Shift to Shorter Maturities

Imported Foods Become Costlier as Euro Dominates the Dollar reg

Rally rests on shaky foundation




Mortgages come in new flavors

US Corp Bonds - Spreads unchanged to tighter

TX: Home sales still lagging

Cheap airfares likely to continue

The Merger Message

US Treasury's Snow to travel to Britain, Germany

An onerous legacy

Brunch with Buffett bid hits $140K

Why Do Capitalists Earn Interest Income?

CO: Colorado's economy remains flat

Fear of floating

Euro Falls; FT Says Schroeder Urges ECB to Weaken Currency

Congress Freddie Mac accounting hearings

US SWAPS-Spreads mixed as debt sales dry up

Wall Street is Not Happy at Losing Fisher The Fixer

Mortgage rates jump in latest week

Canada: Dollar's declines continue

U.S. economy watchers get stimulating new tool

Back to the Futures in Chicago

Little by little, mortgage rates rise

Chopping away

Eurozone rates left on hold

CA: Unemployment workers at risk

U.S. Treasuries Gain as Jobless Claims Show Weak Labor Market

Continuing Jobless Claims at 20-Year High

Commerce secretary touts value of morals

Bank of England Cuts Rate a Quarter Point to 3.5%

Stock Options Still Rule In Silicon Valley

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac expect refinancing drop

Stimulus Should Focus on Jobs reg

Stock Options: The Fuzzy New Math

Investing in the Secondary Market for Private Equity

Study Finds Drug Costs Are Soaring for Elderly reg

Hostile bids are still a rare bird



U.S. insurers hungry for trusts' debt

Hatched, but not despatched

'Brazil attracts foreign capital but does not take advantage'

Number Crunchers vs. Recession

Charter to Sell Junk Bonds

Spitzer ready to take on Congress

House clears overtime changes

CO: Gas bills heating up

Police raid office of Russian oil giant

IA: Vilsack e-mail admission sparks jokes, offers of help

Cause for U.S. Recovery Lacking Effect

AZ: Existing homes sell at top pace

Retailers report disappointing sales in June

Does abandoning stock options really end the dream?

Canada: Increase in jobs in June could keep central bank from cutting rates: analysts

Fighting Retail/Bank Combos

Coke under federal investigation for fraud

US SWAPS-Spreads end week wider, look to Greenspan for help

Faster Is Not Always Better

Canada's economy slumping

First U.S. cargo vessel arrives in Havana bay in 40 years

Better season for farmers

A hedge-fund clampdown

Money, it's a gas

TX: An enticing sign for home sales

US trade deficit rises

Lunch with Warren Buffett fetches $250,100 for charity

Market-Implied Losses And Non-Agency Subordinated MBS

Latin America: The Equity Vortex

Japan: Office vacancy rates at record levels

Russia: Tsarist Bond Owners Target Hermitage Art


Can Economy Support the Bulls?

Mergers may get trendy again

Workers' comp hitting employers in pockets

Peregrine bankruptcy deal gives bondholders 63%

Market investors waiting for next bubble to burst

A tip on TIPS: Relative return depends on both interest, inflation

Canada: Should pensions invest in equities?

Bond market awaits its day of reckoning

Euro Falls Against Dollar Amid Signs of Slow European Economy

Marts Look To Fed Head For Direction

U.S. 10-Year Treasury Notes Post First Weekly Gain in Four

NC: Tax to go up by 20%

MA: State loses jobless aid extensions

CA: June job numbers reveal little change

IN: 24-hour casinos OK'd 

FL: Overtime overhaul: Who will win, lose?

San Antonio Fire, Police Considering Hedge Funds



Federal Pensions Provider Overwhelmed

WI: More in state going bankrupt

Freddie Mac to publish its internal report

Say/do dilemma: Americans fall short in savings

A Soft Landing for the Boomers? reg

UK: Revealed: the great stock market swindle

Earnings Are Worse Without the Icing reg

Retail Sales Seen Improved in June

In Technical Analysis, Markets Know Best reg

Goldman Leads Borrowers of $10 Bln as Sales Lag Yearly Average

Detecting Signs of Life in Japan's Economy reg

SEC case could encourage peddlers to tone down hype

Recovery, more jobs possibly en route

UK: Outrage at US plan to mortgage Iraqi oil

Buffet's Magic Still Draws Berkshire Hathaway Fans

Investors' Hopes Are High For Second-Period Results

Million-dollar vistas gone from analysts' landscape

MBIA bonds force investors to boost bets or stay away

Debate surfaces over how pensions should invest

What if they rally?

Productivity surge backfiring, some say reg

Assets in retail money funds fall

Pushing stocks for the mob

Schroeder Makes the Call for a Lower Euro: David DeRosa

Sinking feeling on rising debt

Credit card holders getting higher limits without even asking

Drug-free burgers a tasty idea

Preparing for a return of inflation

Funds better do what they say, not what they've done

NY: The finer points of low rates

Changing options at Microsoft

AIG Seeks Hundreds Of Advisors

Wachovia Calls Itself A Top Issuer; Rival Researchers Hoot

Microsoft Mantra: Let 'Em Eat Shares



Mexican Industrial Output Falls on Weak U.S. Demand

Inflating deflation worries reg

The fiscal overstretch that will undermine an empire

Continental Airlines puts off delivery of 36 airplanes

WA: Idyllic Aura Fades

Better times coming, if slowly

White House to Project Record Deficits

Tooth fairy visits most kids, but gifts vary

Mortgage rates may have hit lows, experts warn

Earnings still lousy, but airline analysts hopeful

Morgan Stanley's Mutual Fund Sales Face State Probe

Spreads steady despite suspected mortgage hedging

U.S. regulator to look at Fannie Mae accounting

Canada: Stronger economic reports make interest rate cut less likely: analysts

NY: Are Businesses Expanding? Well ...

Car incentives backfire on Big 3 reg

Penny Stocks May Be Pound Foolish

Mad dash to buy

Price of protectionism is worth it to some Americans

State spending seen increasing despite nationwide fiscal crisis

Recession is turning industry upside down

US Treasury to sell $8.00 bln 4-week bills Tuesday

The Week Ahead: Industrial production Wednesday

Government Waste: Like water through a sieve

US mortgages to hit record $3.4 trln in '03--group

Iran makes huge oil discovery

Greenspan and the bottom line

Teenagers Facing Hard Competition for Summer Jobs

U.S. mortgage bonds firm, extension risk overhangs

CA: Sacto to Business: Get Lost

Is the United States going for broke?

Lonely are the bears

It's easy for students to get trapped into debt

Titanic Concerns Over Freddie Mac

Greenspan's Deflationary Demons

Greenspan Needs to Clarify Inflation Outlook, Bond Traders Say

When it comes to rates, credit firms hold all the cards

Oil price surges on storm fears

The States' Dire Straits

Christianity's Free-Market Tradition

Big-dollar merger deals reflect fluidity in market

It's individuals vs. hedge funds

China looks upmarket

Are US deficit forecasts too large?

Euro's rise has run out of steam

Greenspan highlight of busy earnings week

Fed chief gets chance to offer clarification


Greenspan Plays Truth Or Consequences

Is Another Bubble Building?

Fed warns on lingering sense of caution

Greenspan Says No to Unconventional Measures

Finally Someone Says It: Investors Are Responsible for Losses

WTO seeks to revive stalled trade talks in Doha round

The Alan Greenspan Project rocks on

WA: Washington jobless rate climbs to 7.7 percent

FL: Corporate tax shelters diverting billions of dollars from state government

CSFB May Lose Top Exec Peek

Fed's message confuses the bond market

Refinancing may help set mortgage record

Canada: Bank's surprising cut sends dollar plunging

Canada: Resale housing market hot

Citigroup to buy Sears credit card portfolio

Cities at crux of economy, study says

Gold tarnished by Greenspan

Italian bank preps its first CMBS

US slashes growth forecast

Bear Stearns Confirms Receiving Subpoena

Surprise fall in UK inflation

Canada: Surprise interest rate cut aimed to boosting growth in economy 

TX: Estate seizure worries Texans

Deflation-Deficit Doozy Scalds Bonds

White House Foresees Deficit Reaching $455 Billion This Year reg

Chirac storms the stability pact

Curse of Volatility Extends Far Beyond Stocks

Greenspan-States' fiscal woes hurting US economy

Budget Woes Trickle Down

Nightmare on Wall Street

Time running out for overtime

UK economy 'in uncharted territory'

Fixing Pensions

7.8% of families had unemployed member in 2002, report says

Greenspan weighs on bonds

Snowed out

Merrill Shops CDO For Ex-CSFB Client

Mexicans: NAFTA does not work

Budget Deficit to Hit Record $450 Bln, U.S. Aide Says

Greenspan says Fed may cut interest rates further if needed

Fannie Mae hit by interest rate hedging

Rethink holding money in CDs

Big-Bucks Bond Still Bugs Morris

Greenspan prepared to keep rates low

Eurobond yields rise on German recovery hopes

Surprise coming for many American taxpayers by 2010

Needy local, state governments tack more taxes onto travelers

Credit Quality On the Improve

Treasuries Hit 10-Week Highs on Greenspan

On the foundations of Troy

Greenspan Sees Low Rates ‘For as Long as Necessary' 

U.S. Treasury Notes Fall; Greenspan Sees Faster Growth Ahead

Merrill Profit Soars 61 Percent, Bond Trading Strong

FHLB to sell $1 bln 5-yr callable bonds this week

Japan: Iran, Japan defy U.S., close in on huge oil deal

States, Intent on Regulating, Look at Morgan Stanley reg

Italy seen edging toward recession

MN: Twin Cities new-home construction surges in June