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July 16 – July 31


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Australia primed to be yanked into US

Treasuries limp up but no thanks to Greenspan

Greenspan sees end of recession

U.S.'s Snow meets pick for Treasury debt job

Dollar gains nervously as equities slide

The impact of a historic deficit

Fannie Mae's Earnings Drop Despite Business Boom

Suit, Cantor Suit

CA: Bosses still acting like tightwads

Calif. workers compensation fund runs low on cash

Ernst Clients Face IRS Audits Over Tax Shelters

NY: State, Fed Bigs Wage Turf War; Investors Lose

Averting the crisis in Social Security

Fannie Mae Quarterly Net Income Drops 25%

Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae failed to cooperate in congressional inquiry, lawmaker charges

Nick Brady, Mr. Brady Bonds, Looks to Manila

Greenspan's comments prompt a bond sell-off reg

Irish Economic Miracle May Have Run Its Course 

MI: State budget balanced on higher fees, federal bailout

MI: Firms pay state most of due taxes

AZ: 10% of small firms to hire in next 3 months

CO: Hickenlooper predicts slow recovery

Greenspan: Deficits Will Harm Economy

Economists tell Bush stimulus package has helped

Deficit Disorder

Bond star Bill Gross puts stock pickers to shame

ICAP bonds well with acquired firm

NJ: State adds jobs, but jobless rate still up

Deficits And Economic Priorities

The Pension Time Bomb

US mortgage bonds widen on lender, servicer sales

New Issue-Fannie Mae sells $11.5 billion in bills

Greenspan starts 2nd day on Hill

TX: Too many apartments adds up to lower rent

In report to Congress, Fed chief expresses optimism about economy

The economy, still struggling reg

Promiscuity In The Pursuit Of Virtue

Happiness Running

Continuation, Correction or Consolidation — A Mid-Year Assessment

Gross returns

Big deficit will hurt Boomers

Neither Hype Nor Hysteria from Greenspan

Eurozone inflation reaches ECB threshold

US industrial production rises modestly

Recovery: Capital, Yes; Jobs, No

Greenspan Faces Jilted Treasury Market

Soaring Deficit Renews Battle Over Tax Cuts Versus Spending

Sovereign Sale Possible If The Price Is Right

U.S. and France Agree on Something: Red Ink

U.S. Housing/Mortgage-Backed Securities Data Calendar

Forward Calendar - U.S. corporate bond new issues

Treasury yields jump to fresh highs, ignore data

J.P. Morgan 2nd-Qtr Net Income Rises 78% to $1.83 Bln

Municipal Bond Analysis Includes Cabbies, Waiters

High-yield funds recover

EU: Bid to relax deficit rule is rejected

Dollar Rises After Greenspan Says U.S. Growth Set to Accelerate

Russia: Economy Expanded 7.2% in First Half



Double bubble to follow Greenspan's dot-com fiasco

It’s… The Money Vote (thank you, Don Pardo)

Idea of again issuing 30-year T-bonds gains favor

Of manias, panics and crashes

Fannie, Freddie overseer defends record

Formal end to recession declared in US

WI: State's unemployment rate reaches 5.6%

GM mortgages more profitable than car sales

When the U.S. gets cold, the world pays more for oil

Bankrupt America?

The Fed Needs the Bond Market's Faith

CA: L.A. County Home Prices Soar

Airlines Post Profits Thanks to Uncle Sam

Greenspan Wary About Deficit

Canada: Canadians can relax and enjoy low interest rates, says central bank

Citigroup's Climb to Riches, One Merger at a Time reg

Recession Over In 2001, Experts Say

Bond guru says it's single-digit investing world

CA: L.A. Rents Rise as Silicon Valley's Fall

Dumb Bears II


Mexico confronts energy dilemas

CO: Denver office market 'red'

Mixed message from Microsoft

Greenspan Sets the Table, Investors Walk Away

Why You Should Care About The Bond Market Meltdown

Trust Me

Fannie/Freddie Hearing Off, As Firms Ripped For Stalling

Sears applauded for its risky credit card move

Scandal-Scarred, Citi’s Weill Quits

Dollar flirts with 2-week high versus yen

Rise of the Russian Model

Moving on

Now Bond-Fund Investors Confront a Hostile Market

U.S. Treasuries Fall on More Home Starts, Fewer Jobless Claims

The High Cost of Tax Shelters 

Rising Prices Cool Distressed Debt Investment, But Opportunities Remain

Actively Managed Small Caps Beat Indices This Quarter

UK jobless falls to record low

Alarms from Uncle Sam's Auditer

America Wants More Russian Oil and Gas

Sizzling Growth Could Singe Russia's Economy



Heartland grumblings about Greenspan

What do record deficits mean for you?

US fears persist on future of economy

The new New Economy

Inflation and the American Revolution

Bush’s Bigger, Fatter Welfare State

Commercial market is now officially bad reg

A Tip on TIPS

Crude price closes in on $32 a barrel

SEC investigates Amex oversight of options trading

CO: Foreclosures skyrocketing

NC: jobless rate up .5 percent

NY: Dose of Realty

CA: Housing values sizzle

CA: State to lose millions if credit rating drops

NY: Area housing market continues its hot sales streak

Complaints soar in refinancing boom reg

Index Creation Is the Latest Rage on Wall Street

Why it may still feel like a slump, even without the official 'R' rating

The Recession Was Over In 2001 Who Knew?

Countrywide sells about $600 mln of home equity ABS

GA: Little wiggle room left on budget

States May Benefit, as Well, if Medicare Drug Bill Passes reg

Recession declared over but tell that to the unemployed

Much ado about less than nothing

CT: State Loses More Jobs

US consumer sentiment climbs higher

Treasuries slip again, data too mixed to matter

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac bill sale calendar

US mortgage bonds dip, stabilize after brutal week

Remember the King When Buying Tourist Site Bonds

Next Big U.S. Accounting Scandals Have Started 

Is the Ice Thawing in Capital Markets?

What's Holding Up the Recovery?

Recession Is Over; Jobs Aren't Trickling Down reg

Banking on a tepid U.S. recovery

Freddie Mac compensation packages probed




The Most Unlikely Action

Canada: Dollar suffers its worst losing streak since 1976

OH: Local unemployment hits 8.4% in June

WI: Budget politics a wasted opportunity

Consumers to pay price for cleaner fuel

Treasury chief says US economy 'ready to go'

Danish Fund Seeks Equity, Bond Managers

US fears persist on future of economy

U.S. official backs Japan on the yen

MA: Mass. jobless rate steady: Economy exhibiting very little growth

Outlook Better or Worse? Depends Who's Talking reg

Going Home, to Red Ink and Blues reg

Mortgage transaction study may surprise you

UK: Funds gap may force Treasury to issue £10bn of new gilts

UK: Bondholder sues Telewest for 'fraud'

Plunging revenue worsens deficit

The end is near for the two-year refinancing frenzy

Dollar Posts Second Week of Gains on Economic-Growth Outlook

Bush sees tax cuts spurring job creation

Senate Approves Defense Spending Measure

Investors can run, but they can't hide from market volatility

Philip Morris Wants Bond Ruling to Stand

FL: State jobless up, but signs hopeful



Covering your bases in a bond market

Family of seven eats for $350 a month

Institutions hold the key to better governance

Bond bubble: slow leak or big bang?

At Any Rate, Greenspan Foes Take Their Cuts

Philadelphia-area economy becoming more service-oriented

Child-tax windfalls to mail Friday

Earnings reports have ability to generate overreactions

UK economy 'stuck in first gear'

Canada: Slower rise in cost of living expected, demonstrating sluggish economy

Latin directive - Investing avenue or high-risk road?

Stem the Losses On Bond Investments

U.S. Treasury Tells Japan to Hammer the Yen

As Budget Deficit Grows, Greenspan Speaks Softly

Hybrid bonds find new fans

California governor goes on the offensive

The deadly sting in the tale of two deficits

UK: Is it time to get fiscal with the ECB?

Estate tax set to rear its ugly head again

Immigrants find jobs, despite economic downturn

Suddenly, Greenspan Is, Well, Mortal reg

CO: Appraisers cite pressure by lenders to inflate values

CA: Housing: Prices, rents, vacancies up

AZ: Tax shelters costing state

OR: In a state of unemployment

Economy limps along despite week's news

Americans working longer to save enough for retirement

For Bond Owners, Worries Add Up reg

Many states, hesitant to hike taxes, resort to higher fees

Junk Bonds May Have Run Course 



More and More Professionals Forced to Take Low-Paying Jobs

When is a U.S. recession not really a recession?

Postcards From the Edge

Alternate tax woes on the rise reg

What the Fed really wants: more inflation

U.S. tax cuts may have reverse effect

Economy crimps American vacations

Singapore's exports indicate recovery

Citibank chief confident about Taiwan's potential

U.S. mortgage bond spreads wider as yields surge

Incentive to cheat on pensions

Pension deficit a 'generally over-emphasized' problem, says bond rating firm

Analysts are no longer afraid to advise 'sell'

PA: Philadelphia area becoming more service-oriented

Profits vs Society: Must We Choose?

US home loan debt issue falls

Survey rates quality of bonds sold to investors

Strapped governments slow building projects

Bonds Plummet as Nervous Investors Exit

Small businesses may be ripe for purchase, mergers

Dollar down in volatile trade

U.S. corporate bond new issues

U.S. mortgage rates rise 1/4 pct Monday

Budget woes seen hurting Calif.

Seeking cease-fire on Social Security

Returning home to no job

Will 'Buy American' help or hurt U.S.?

PA: Hope and fear about region's fate in economic rebound

U.S. Treasuries Decline on Expectations for U.S. Growth, Supply                       

U.S. still leads in technology, but China picking up speed

THE WEEK AHEAD: Home sales report due

US Treasury to sell $25.00 bln 2-year notes July 23

U.S. mortgage bond spreads widen as lenders sell

Michigan maintains AAA bond rating from Moody's

Millionaires are feeling poorer

Should I sell all my bonds?

More short-term workers finding temp jobs

US Treasury to sell $10.00 bln 4-week bills Tuesday

Corporate/Agency Bonds Community Events Calendar

Freddie Mac sells $2 billion bills

Citigroup, Goldman Lead Revival in Investment Banking

US Treasuries in hesitant mood, focus on Fed words

Greenspan's Bond Bubble Has Popped; Time to Move On

Deficit Politics

Japan's Unique Snow and Intestines Argument

U.S. Treasuries steady, curve seen steepening

Ways and Means of Relieving Underfunded Pensions

US outlook promising

British Pound Falls; Blair Urged to Quit Over Scientist's Death

How globalization thwarts economic recovery

Rich may shy from return to equity markets

US GDP forecast to reach 4%

Treasuries Poised to Extend Biggest Weekly Drop Since March

Is it time to bail on bonds?

Japan: Will tax reform succeed at ensuring our social security?



Old Dogs, Old Tricks

Dollar Holds Firm Against Most Currencies

Imports Drop in June at Ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles

SEC Head Hopes Worst of Fraud Is Over

Japanese firm sets out to potty-train Americans

US SWAPS-Spreads widen on yet more mortgage hedging

U.S.'s Snow says slow global growth a problem

Japan: U.S. to explain Canadian beef move

Defending States' Rights -- Except on Wall Street

In this rebound, jobs may not bounce back

30-year bond is dead, Snow declares

Bondland Botch

Don’t Sweat the Deficit . . . . . . that is, if spending restraint emerges

Freddie Restatement Parodied by Lawmaker

Medicare Bills Exceed $400 Bln Budget, Agency Says

Russian roulette

UK industry 'still suffering'

Emerging Market an Elusive Concept

Cheap labour, currency create trading titan

Companies watch travel budgets

Big Spending Means Big Deficit, Bigger Problem

US Treasury not inclined to revive long bond-Snow

Savage Sell-Off in Bonds as Treasury Yield Continues Rise reg

Economists See Euro At $1.50 As US Trade Deficit Adjusts

Gambling on Tax Hikes

Pressure on the pound set to intensify

Eurozone bonds hit by US Treasury selling

In Hong Kong, Deficits Tell a Story of Gloom

CA: State economy likely to drag

Is There An Affordable Doctor In The House?

Deja Vu: Tech Titans Take Money And Run (Again)

UBS Nabs Bear CDO Banker

New European Deals Display Reworked Senior Debt, Bond Relationship

Democrats Discussed Extending Budget Crisis

For long-term bond owners, worries add up

Could bonds snuff stocks?

Stocks slide as bond market melts reg

Politics keeps 30-year bond buried

Lehman Agrees to Buy Neuberger Berman for $2.63 Bln

Bonds may have had day in sun

Default Line

Goodwill to All Pieces

Lehman Cash Woes

What's the Story Between the Lines at Fannie Mae? reg

Yen Weakens Against Dollar on Traders' Concern BOJ May Sell

Treasuries Gain; 10-Year Yields at 8-Month High Lure Investors

Japanese Bonds Fall as Slide in U.S. Treasuries Saps Demand



This stock rally just doesn't seem right

Bond blowup puts U.S. stock investors on guard

More States Cut Spending To Balance Budgets

Doveish comments calm nerves

Summer Rentals As Economic Indicator

Internal Report Highlights Mortgage Giant's Accounting Missteps

Mortgage Giant's Earnings Double

Increase in UK borrowing raises tax fears

Summer Rentals As Economic Indicator

Internal Report Highlights Mortgage Giant's Accounting Missteps

Are businesses spending again?

The world's next superpower

Stocks, bonds edge up; dollar drops, gold soars

States Pan Securities Bill

Economists see record in home sales for June

Bernanke's mixed message

SEC chief hopes worst fraud over

Freddie Mac Lays Blame on Accounting Errors on Ex-CEO

Calif. to make recall vote announcement Wednesday

Dark clouds in the Fed's silver lining

Canada: Capital spending turning corner: economist

An Unwelcome Fall in Inflation?

WA: Sky-high vacancy rate bedevils city's tallest tower

States Raise $10B in Taxes to Fix Budgets

Greenspan Criticised 'Deficit Spending' and the $ Policy

Fed: Key Interest Rate Could Go to Zero

Earnings Management Game Continues On Wall Street

FL: Home prices, sales keep heating up

US junk bond defaults plunge 47 pct in H1-Fitch

CHRONOLOGY-Freddie Mac's accounting probe

Lessons of a Slow-Going Recovery

Budget crisis wounding California

Nuts and bolts of production

Tax-Shelter Crackdown: Theater or Reality?

Poor US outlook hits the dollar

Reviving the sick men of Europe

Mortgage demand near 3-month low

French Government's Asset Sales May Be Difficult

Allianz’s Pimco names UK fixed income head

Freddie Mac: 'This is a painful day'

Big spenders bet on US recovery

Investors begin to question usefulness of term `emerging market'

Long-Term Capital Case Puts Tax Shelters on Trial

Japan: U.S. to explain Canadian beef move

Russia: Exporters Get $500M Guarantee

Bond Vigilantes Are Needed to Revive Japan




How much longer can the USA propel the global economy?

Will The Economy "Muddle Through"?

Which way now for French policy?

The Umpire Made the Right Call

A summer of conservative discontent

Mortgage rates hit 6-month high

California Budget Agreement Set After Debt Rating Cut

Double insurance claim eyed for WTC

Quayle's firm may be Buffett rival

7 CFOs will help Microsoft keep track

Corporate tax cut proposed as part of fix for international tax dispute

The Loch Ness Deflation Monster

Mortgage rates up 3 straight weeks

Let's have more protection, not less

Pirates 'rule the high seas'

CO: Colo. economy mired, lags most of the West

AZ: We shouldn't coast while California is sinking

Secret affair

'Swap' Deals Shifted Profit to Later Years

Treasuries yields at seven-month high

Sinking Treasuries trapped in hedge-selling spiral 

US companies plan torrent of junk bond sales

Pension Insurance Plan Termed `High-Risk'

Counterfeit goods make real terrorism

Lancer’s Casualties

More States Cut Spending To Balance Budgets

Silver sustains meteoric rally

US Treasury to sell $33 bln bills Monday

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac bill sale calendar

U.S. Housing/Mortgage-Backed Securities Data Calendar

CA: Housing market stays hot

Bye-bye Bismarck

U.S. States Are Morbidly Obese, Right or Wrong?

Output-Gap Analysis Riddled With Gaps of Its Own

Capital Spending Not Crowded by Federal Deficit

General Accounting Office reports federal pension agency 'high risk'

Tied up in red tape

U.S. Treasuries Drop on Unexpected Decline in Jobless Claims

Beware another stock market bubble

Bear Stearns Strategist Increases Bond Allocation

The Dean of Deflation's Damage Control

Liar's Poker in Brunei: A Bonding Experience

Singapore: Old jobs lost, new jobs created: let's learn from US


A good yield is hard to find

Payless ShoeSource to pay off debt by selling $200 million in bonds

U.S. Lawmaker Thomas Proposes $120 Billion Tax Cut

Russia will pay twice for the fortunes of its oligarchs

Democrats in search of a hero

CA: Wall Street slashes state bond rating

Bush sending us money to burn -- but on what?

Laid off white-collar workers aren't finding new employment quickly

Chrysler spills more red ink

Pension Problems, Pension Politics

Sink or Swim

Buzz Charts

Many attached to savings-account passbooks, banks learn

July U.S. Auto Sales Expected to Rise

Finally, help for the ‘deprived rich’

Suicides in Japan over job losses, debts hit record high

Struggling Team Greenspan/Bernanke

CA: County's median home price hits $419,320

China won't change currency policy

Housing's head of steam

High price of security

Profit to be made from the bond scrapheap

Brazil to Exchange Brady Bonds for New Securities

Economic outlook for Canada, rest of world hinges on US recovery: study

A few numbers will make clear how far your bond funds can fall

U.S. Treasuries Have Biggest Two-Week Drop Since November 2001

House Approves Bill to Allow Drug Imports From Canada

Gunman, Arsonist Bracket Bull Market in Bonds

How to Short T Bonds reg

Welcome to Bizarro World

U.S. Housing/Mortgage-Backed Securities Data Calendar

CA: State bond rating lowest ever

NY: N.Y. Jobless Rise 9,000 Last Month

IL: Ad from north borders on war

The rich are not getting any richer

Update on the Economy and Monetary Policy

UK misses growth forecasts

Fed official: few signs of recovery

Bonds and the Dollar

Chinese officials hedging their bets over adjusting yuan

At the crossroads

Once again, it's the economy, stupid

A bond bailout

White Collar Crime in Russia and U.S.

U.S. Treasuries Rise; Report Shows Drop in Existing Home Sales

More than 955,000 have lost jobs in mass layoffs this year

Russia: Ministry Wants More Freedom for Businesses

TX: Central vacancies highest since '96



Manufacturing slump is focus of corporate tax cut

Payback in California . . .

Euro experiences biggest gain in 2 months as dollar falters

Chasing the good life

U.S. Recovery Cold Comfort for Unemployed

MI: State Medicaid budget outlook for '05 is gloomy

The Amazing Disappearing Tax Revenue

Greenscam: The View From Europe

U.S. Treasuries Have Biggest 2-Week Drop Since November 2001

For risk-takers, look at Poland

SC: home sales surge in June

Is latest U.S. economic turnaround for real?

U.N. Launches Economic Growth Commission

CA: Yields Rise on California Bonds

Sudden rise in interest rates takes the shine off bond market

Navigating the bond market bust

MA: $414,517 and counting

California Chaos reg

CA: Recall could spell windfall


CA: Exodus worries San Francisco Chronicle / Carolyn Said

Number of teenagers looking for jobs is the lowest since 1948 CBS Marketwatch via St Louis Today / Andrea Coombes

Hostage to an economy teetering on a knife edge UK: The Observer / Richard Wachman

California Senate Passes $70.8 Bln Budget After Debt Rating Cut Bloomberg

Calif. Senate Oks budget to plug $38 bln deficit Reuters via Yahoo / Michael Kahn

Turning Foreign Aid Into an Investment reg NYT / Daniel Altman

Uncertainty is bond market's biggest yield San Diego Union-Tribune / Craig D. Rose

GPI offers useful counterpoint to GDP San Francisco Gate / Alan T. Saracevic

The laggard economy MSNBC / Martin Wolk

Larry Elison: Visionary or modern day Ghengis Khan? Oakland Tribune / Tim Simmers

Bond Trouble Is Bad For Everybody The Wall Street Journal / Gregory Zuckerman

Nothing in the News Is Actually New The Wall Street Journal / Jonathan Clements

Big risks lie in safety of bonds The Philadelphia Enquirer / Jeff Brown

How deflation affects consumers in Japan The Philadelphia Enquirer / Ken Moritsugu

 For spending-slashing states, less paper and more internet Dallas Fort Worth Star-Telegram

A new Red Menace imperils trade, jobs The Boston Globe / Charles Stein

There's No Way to Justify These Fees reg NYT / Gretchen Morgenson

Let's Make a Deal: Barter in a No-Cash Economy reg NYT / Warren St. John

Bond sell-off could thwart economy's turnaround Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

A brief history of credit Cleveland Plain Dealer

Mortgage industry faces challenge Des Moines Register / S.P. Dinnen

Government to Offer Amtrak Reform Plan CTNow

Lower rates bring few happy returns for retirees Sun Sentinel

History ignored once again The Mercury News / Dan Gillmor

CO: State's still waiting for a recovery The Denver Post / Al Lewis

Companies Add Workers; Factories Expand: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg

Lehman Brothers, Nextel Sell New Bonds as Rates Climb From Lows Bloomberg

Investors still seek economic Holy Grail

In a Bad-News Bond Market, Treasuries Can Be the Biggest Loser reg

More seekers of jobs try to hide their age

Shaking Up Real Estate, on Both Sides of the Ocean reg



Are Americans too far underwater? CNN Mark Gongloff

Federal Report Shows There Are Fewer Poor Families NCPA / Bruce Bartlett

When great minds should not think alike FT / Robert Cole

Wealthy Americans more bullish, but holding bonds Reuters via Yahoo / Jonathan Stempel

The renminbi riddle FT

 NY: Smoke and Mirrors  City Journal / Steven Malanga

Putnam hires J P Morgan bond researcher IPE / Daniel Brookbank

Europe reels under the worst drought in years; shipping hit hard  Canadian Press via / Alexandru Alexe

UK: Pension costs rock firms BBC News

US SWAPS-Mortgage hedging rules as rates rocket Reuters via Yahoo

Telemarketing industry takes government to court over Do-Not-Call List AP via Tampa Bay Online / David Ho

How can it be that the richest part of the planet is bankrupt? BBC News / Stephen Evans

Retirement blues The Economist

US Treasury prices tumble on supply concerns FT / Paivi Munter, John Labate, Mariko Sanchanta

Dollar becalmed before storm of data FT / Jennifer Hughes

Japan Unemployment Drops to 5.3 Percent AP via Newsday

Cleaning up the house  CNN / Mark Gongloff

U.S. anticipates borrowing $104 bln in July-Sept Reuters via Yahoo

PA: Downtown white-collar jobs key to entire city's vitality Philadelphia Enquirer / Andrew Cassel

Grasso Grumble NY Post / Jenny Anderson

US prods China to boost its currency for fairer trade Christian Science Monitor / David Francis

TIPS outpace Treasuries, but for how long? Reuters via Yahoo / Amanda Cooper

U.S. corporate bond new issues Reuters via Yahoo

Many jobless workers get little assistance AP via The Fresno Bee / Linda Johnson

U.S. Economy: Budget Deficits Force Record Government Borrowing Bloomberg

 Penny-stock volume said to be 'exploding' The Arizona Republic via The Tucson Citizen / Russ Wiles

ECB Sheds Holdings of U.S. Agency Debt, Person Says Bloomberg

Oil and the State: How Journalists Get it Wrong Ludwig von Mises Institute / William Anderson

 Mercantilism, USA Ludwig von Mises Institute / Llewellyn H. Rockwell

 UBS Passes Citigroup in $1.2 Trillion Currency Market Bloomberg

CA: 5 Senate Republicans help pass budget plan The Contra Costa Times / Andrew LaMar

Homeowners struggle with oversized loans Dallas Morning News via The Contra Costa Times / Anuradha Raghunathan

Dollar steadies as market eyes data  Financial Times / Jennifer Hughes

 Bears Seize Any Excuse to Sell Treasuries Reuters via ABC News / Wayne Cole

Global cities of the future Minnesota Star Tribune

Study: 1 in 5 Laid Off During Recession reg AP via Chicago Tribune / Linda Johnson

At Freddie Mac, It's Hard To Lay Claim to Innocence Washington Post / Jerry Knight

 U.S. Economic Forecast Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago / Michael Moskow

Real Estate Bubble Theory Shows More Evidence Bloomberg / John Wasik

Heat exhaustion CNN / Justin Lahart

Fed's Moskow optimistic on growth Reuters via CNN

U.S. Notes Fall; Treasury May Sell Record Amount This Quarter Bloomberg

Budget Crises in States Slow an Economic Recovery reg NYT / Louis Uchitelle

 German data may hold signs of turnaround The International Herald Tribune / Eric Pfanner

Time for a dose of the can-do spirit The London Times / Larry Lindsey

Chinese currency system must face step-by-step liberalization The Japan Times / Teruhiko Mano

 Treasuries Seen Falling Further on Economic View, Survey Shows Bloomberg

Dollar May Drop Against Euro for Second Week, Survey Indicates Bloomberg



Enron: Millions in payoffs identified The Houston Chronicle / David Ivanovich

Germany's problem is federalism FT / Dietrich Von Kyaw

CA: A Budget Process Built to Fail reg LA Times / Peter Nicholas

Escape and Fantasy Dow Theory Letters via Safe Haven / Richard Russell

More jobs at last for Japan BBC News

Fall and rise The Boston Globe / Steven Syre

Tractionless Treasuries slide for 5th straight day Reuters via Forbes

Profits Decline 83% at British American Tobacco  NYT / Heather Timmons

Administration's tax cut sales tour turns into a listening tour AP via New / Martin Crutsinger

Investor Says He Bought Stock and Didn't Know It reg NYT / Floyd Norris

All Bets Are Off on Government Terrorism Futures Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

WTO urges 'real' talks National Post / Ian Jack

TX: Oil patch work clawing way back up Houston Chronicle / Nelson Antosh

Fitch's reputation is on the line FT / Jo Johnson

U.S. gets to screen imports in China AP via The Washington Times

US offshore tax amnesty recovers only $1m FT / Joshua Clhaffin\

Watching the economic cycle go by FT / Brad Delong

Germany's problem is federalism FT / Dietrich Von Kyaw

Bond yields hit one-year high CNN

Bond market under fire on three fronts National Post / Jason Chow

US Corp Bonds-Spreads wider ahead of Tsy supply Reuters / Dena Aubin

Oppenheimer Offers to Swap $430 Mln of Brazil Bonds Bloomberg

America's Greatest Democracy Ludwig von Mises Institute / William Peterson

California Bond Prices Reflect State's Turmoil reg NYT / Jonathan Fuerbringer

Why You Shouldn’t Believe The New Jobless Stats NY Post / John Crudele

Feds Announce $230B Bond Bummer NY Post / Paul Tharp

Cause and Effect Matter When It Comes to Rates Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac bill sale calendar Reuters via Yahoo

U.S. Treasuries Rise as Consumer Confidence Unexpectedly Drops Bloomberg

Weak economy hitting workers, survey says Minnesota Star Tribune

Banks get housed CNN / Justin Lahart

Are Americans too far underwater? CNN / Mark Gongloff

UK: Why we're in Labour's debt The Londotn Times / Patience Wheatcroft

Ruble Gains Ground on The Dollar Reuters via Moscow Times

Some GOP members turn against drug firms The Hill / Bob Cusack and Jonathan Kaplan

Russia: Moody's Mulls Rating Upgrade Reuters via The Moscow Times

A Polish boom? The deficit is key IHT / Christopher Condon

U.S. Notes Fall for Fourth Day; Treasury Plans Record Borrowing Bloomberg



Bears still wait in the woods Financial Post via National Post / William Hanley

Bonds: Do Not Fear National Review / Patricia Small

Beneath the Surface, a Vital State Economy reg LA Times / James Flanigan

Treasuries jump, debt needs shy of worst scenario Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

Investors Push Bond Prices Down as Sell-Off Continues reg LA Times / Tom Petruno

Disappearing Hair, Gold Coins and Sean Connery Lew Rockwell via Fiend’s Super Bear Page / Bob Wallace

Brazil Swaps $1.3 Bln of Bonds to Cut Borrowing Costs Bloomberg

Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades Safehaven / Captain Hook

Bond Massacre! Safehaven / David Chapmen

Economic bus tour finds support, slams USA Today / Sue Kirchhoff                                                                     

The Fed is in a dangerous game with China FT / Chen Zhao

Foreign visits to US drop sharply The Christian Science Monitor / Abraham McLaughlin

Bonds: Steering the waters now CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

Relief at refunding lifts US Treasury prices FT / Jenny Wiggins, Paivi Munter and Mariko Sanchanta

The Fed’s Beige Book Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

CA: Budget little help on bonds The Sacramento Bee / Dale Kasler

Don't Worry About California Bond Quake Bloomberg Joe Mysak

Cautious Fed glimpses signs of US recovery FT / Peronet Despeignes

Treasury panel opposes resurrecting 30-year bond AP via USA Today

Foreign-Workers Bill Well-Intentioned, But Goes Too Far The Hartfor Courant / Dan Haar

Freddie Mac Flap Hurts Industry Reputation AP via The Hartford Courant / Marcy Gordon

Bund yields rise on signs of German recovery FT / Paivi Munter

Workers' pension, health costs will downsize raises St. Louis Today / Adam Geller

Higher rates cool mortgage demand; refinancings plummets Reuters via USA Today

Consumers turning wary due to lackluster economy Minnesota Star Tribune / Mike Meyers 

U.S. Treasury to Sell a Record $60 Billion in Notes Next Week Bloomberg

MS: State's jobless rate 5th highest in U.S. AP via The Clarion Ledger

Treasuries Up, Relieved by Refunding Plan Reuters via IWon

3 comments from William Donaldson The State

US buying bubble could burst the world economy Mail and Guardia / Larry elliot

Profits Decline 83% at British American Tobacco / NYT Heather Timmons

California bonds are a tough sell NYT via IHT / Jonathan Feurbringer



Investors Worry Whether Bond Funds Are Running Out of Steam ABC News / Amy Baldwin

CA: Borrowing from tomorrow San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

GDP Exposes Excesses of the Pessimists Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

CA: Terminator Now Must Try to Reinvent His Screen Persona  LA Times / Claudia Eller and Michael Cieply

NY: Area Looks Good in Beige Newsday / Randi Marshall

Canada: Both sides point fingers after Canada-U.S. lumber talks stall again Canadian Press / Steve Mertl

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