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August 16 – August 31


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Wall Street holds a pajama party Financial Post / Jason Chow

Stupid Economist Tricks John Mauldin’s Thoughts From The Frontline via Safehaven / John Mauldin

Blackout may cost billions Financial Post / Jacqueline Thorpe

Energy policy has us stuck in the Iron Age Financial Post / Peter Foster

Did you catch a good mortgage rate? St. Louis Post Dispatch / Eric Heisler

Schwarzenegger sticks to his plan NY Times via LA Daily News / Bernard Weinraub and Charlie LeDuff

CA: Taxpayers under attack LA Daily News

Rising rates take toll on borrowers The San Francisco Chronicle via The Seattle Post Intelligencer / Kelly Zito

Consumers may pay for blackout NY Daily News / Daniel Dunaief

CO: Debt hamstrings DIA Rocky Mountain News / David Kesmodel, David Milstead And Heather Draper

Der Vild, Vild Vest! The Village Voice / Michael Musto

Even mediocre job growth may score in '04 NY Times via The International Herald Tribune / Floyd Norris

Heyday over for index funds? The Milwaukee Journal / Kathleen Gallagher

Russia in crisis: Five years on BBC News / James Arnold

Traders swapped their pinstripes and wingtips for T-shirts and sneakers NY Post / Suzanne Kapner and Erica Copulsky

Mortgage company suddenly closes doors The Seattle Times / Bradley Meacham and Peter Lewis

Stock Sales Followed 'Smoothing' The Washington Post / Kathleen Day and David S. Hilzenrath

Shutdown Domino Triggered by a Mystery The Washington Post / Kenneth Bredemeier and Peter Behr

WTO rejects Japan's U.S. complaint The Japan times

NE: Omaha firm's machines will help in recall Omaha world Herald / John Taylor

China: Analysts worried about real-estate bubble in Shanghai AFP via The Taipei News

A fund that gains from bonds' pain Bloomberg via The International Herald Tribune / Aaron Pressman



Sun may be setting on one of history’s longest bull markets Santa Cruz Sentinel / Jeffrey R. Scharf

Many affluent Americans plan to stick with bonds Reuters via The Houston Chronicle Jonathan Stempel

Immigration deform The LA Daily News

Facts murky in dispute over bottled spring water AP via Dayton Daily News / Matt Crenson

Medicaid cuts shred a safety net for the poor The Denver Post / Karen Auge

Why do we suffer power blackouts? Toronto Star / Bruce Wollenberg

Canada: Bank profits expected to soar Toronto Star / Rob Ferguson

CA: Fed chief no help to state The Orange County Register / Jonathan Lanser

Bond market isn't as safe as some perceive St. Petersburg Times via The Orange County Register / Helen Huntley

Abraham Sees Power-Grid Standards; Watchdogs Disputed Bloomberg

UK: House prices stagnate as buyers take fright The Observer / Maria Scott

 SC: College tuition rising faster than inflation rate The State / Chris Roberts

Students weigh costs of an MBA FT via MSNBC News / Victoria Griffith

A Crackup for World Trade? Newsweek via MSNBC News / Robert Samuelson

Strong euro weakens Germany The Philadelphia Inquirer / Markus Verbeet

CT: State's Job Picture Still Splintered Then Hartford Courant / Barbara Nagay

Reach of budget pinch felt even at state fairs The Washington Times

CD rates creeping higher Knight Ridder via The Philadelphia Inquirer / Susan Tompor

High-end restaurants start dressing down Chicago Tribune / Kathy Bergen

The Price of Darkness Newsweek via MSNBC News

Both here and in Japan – Showing signs of strength Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory Drahuschak

NV: Hardly the right stuff Las Vegas Review Journal / Hubble Smith

TN: Greenspan plans Nashville trip for October meeting The Nashville Tennessean / Gethan Ward

China: Taiwan must now choose democracy, professor insists Taipei Times / Stephanie Wen 

Warren Buffett seems full of surprises The San Diego Union Tribune / Mike Freeman

Wall Street looks to bond markets Reuters via MSNBC News

Take what you can get AP via The Arizona Daily sun / Adam Geller

Low Tech Isn't Dead, As Blackout Shows The Wall Street Journal via The LA Daily News / Andrew Blackman

How to Say 'Invest' In Any Language The Wall Street Journal via The LA Daily News / Craig Karmin

CA: Inflation rate for county at 4.1% The San Diego Union Tribune / Rachel Laing

What Went Wrong News Week / Michael Hirsh and Daniel Klaidman

US public faces bill for power upgrade FT / Neil Buckley and Demetri Sevastopulo

Suit against broker may open door to more AP via The Omaha Worl Herald

Leading Indicators May Rise for July: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg

Bonds' fast ride slowing The Sacramento Bee / Loretta Kalb

Fleeing bonds for stocks may not be a wise move The Baltimore Sun / Eileen Ambrose

California’s Choice The National Review

Banks relax rules on who can get loans The Raleigh News Observer / Chris Serres

Is economic recovery a mirage? The Minneapolis Star Tribune / Mike Meyers

Falling off the brand wagon The Observer / Ben Wootliff

UK: Treasury to delay new inflation target amid Bank row The Observer / Faisal Islam

UK: Britons slow to pay off card debt The Observer / Maria Scott

U.S. won't recover magic of the '90s The Arizona Republic / Diane C. Swonk

Some wonder why Buffett stepped into California mess The LA Times via The Chicago Tribune / Tom Petruno and Thomas S. Mulligan

Consumers are likely soon to pay cost of debit-credit card war Dow Jones and AP via The Baltimore Sun

Heed 'rebalance' sign the markets are flashing CBS Market Watch via The Seattle Times / Chuck Jaffe

Revolt of the tax-weary in California The Washington Post / Larry Elder

CA: Buffett lays down gauntlet on Prop. 13 The San Francisco Chronicle / David Lazarus

How to cope in uncertain times Knight Ridder via The Seattle Times / Jeff Brown

For some, a bad dream come true The Boston Globe / Charles Stein

NASD proposal falls far short of banning payola The Philadelphia Inquirer via The Miami Herald / Jeff Brown

Top brass may yet pay piper The Denver Post / Al Lewis

Power Grid More Vulnerable Daily The Washington Post / Justin Gillis

Mortgage Markets Are Out of Control reg NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

Factories Move Abroad, as Does U.S. Power reg NY Times / Louis Uchitelle

Help Wanted reg NY Times / Walter Kirn



Steeper costs hit US junk bond market FT / Jenny Wiggins

Blackout Will Be an Indiscernible Blip on GDP Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Battle of the banks going to Hong Kong Bloomberg via The International Herald Tribune / Michele Batchelor

Japan's recovery still lacks consumers Bloomberg via The International Herald Tribune / Daisuke Takato

FirstEnergy: Don't Blame Blackout on Us Reuters via The Washington Post

Freshman Rep. Janklow kills cyclist in South Dakota The Hill

Tailoring an economic plan for the Americas The Miami Herald / Jane Bussey

PC-makers look forward to brisk sales to students The San Francisco Chronicle / Benjamin Pimentel

Power blackout is latest of FirstEnergy problems AP via The Washington Times / Dafna Linzer

Non-Canadians Sold Canadian Bonds and Paper in June Bloomberg

The "Predator" Effect The Daily Standard / Eric Pfeiffer

A graying workforce The Orange County Register / James Kelleher

Steady Fed rate desired for rest of year Bloomberg via The Seattle Post Intelligencer

US SWAPS-Spreads shrink as mortgage fears fade for now Reuters via Yahoo

Mexico brings three complaints against the United States to the WTO Canadian Press / Naomi Koppel

INTERVIEW: Michelle Russell-Dowe, portfolio manager, Hyperion Capital Management Institutional Investor

SEC's Goldschmid Expects Federal Analyst Standard In One Year Institutional Investor / Paul Torres

A Nation of Hamburger Flippers? The National Review / Bruce Bartlett

UK: House prices at a standstill BBC News

Big bets on bonds turn up large losers The Detroit Free Press / Susan Tompor

NYC Economy Loses $1 Billion in Blackout Reuters via The Washington Post

Blackout effect on economy expected to be minor AP via The Chicago Sun Times / Marcy Gordon

Rebalance portfolio every year to lessen risk Knight Ridder via The South Carolina State / Harriet Johnson Brackey

Rates on Treasury bills climb to highest levels in more than two months AP via The San Francisco Chronicle

No place like homes, some investors find The Sacramento Bee / Henry Gomez

It's the 'New Economy' Knight Ridder via The Charlotte Observer / Gregg Fields

Ten-Year Treasuries Gain; Investors are Lured By Rising Yields Bloomberg

Temporary work force also has seen slowdown The Omaha World Herald / Deborah Alexander

Personal Bankruptcies Continue to Surge AP via The Chicago Tribune

Americans feeling less entrepreneurial NY Times via The Chicago Tribune / Eric Palmer

Plugging away to make electricity available all the time The Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Treasuries pop higher, buyer catches market short Reuters via Yahoo / Wayne cole

U.S. corporate bond new issues Reuters via Yahoo

Populist Rumblings Obscene Prophets via Safehaven / Rodney Cook

Market Comments DOW Theory Letters via Safehaven / Richard Russell

Fed moves give recently battered bonds a boost The Christian Science Monitor / David Francis

Jitters and generators CNN Mark Gongloff

Rethinking the Articles of Confederation Ludwig von Mises Institute / H.A. Scott Trask

U.S. Economy's Naysayers Just Don't Know History Bloomberg / David Pauly

European Economies Need Baby Boom to Boost Growth Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

Dollar higher as investors eye US growth FT / Neil Dennis

Protect yourself from declining bond prices San Antonio Express News / Jeanie Wyatt

Chinese leaders warn of burgeoning jobless crisis AFP via Taipei Times

Blackout? What Blackout? / Ed Zwirn

No deflation? CNN / Justin Lahart

UK: Housing boom 'creates underclass' BBC News

Jobs market might be quietly improving NY Times via The Omaha World Herald

New York Blackout a Security Nightmare Newsmax / Stewart Stogel

Japan's Recovery Depends on Consumer Spending, Rising Exports Bloomberg

Japan's Bonds May Fall on Speculation Auction Will Spark Sales Bloomberg



'Tis the season to slash jobs US News / Paul Lim

America wins with a supermarket sweep FT / Robert Gordon

Italy's High Quality of Life and Strained Pension Plans reg NY Times / Eric Sylvers

US banks transfer analysts' work to India FT / David Wells and Khozem Merchant

The underestimated recovery CNN / Justin Lahart

Stick to the Mission, Mr. Greenspan The National Review / Patricia Small

Hasta la Vista, Bay-bee The San Francisco Chronicle Adam Sparks

Central bank boosts reserves Bloomberg via The Rocky Mountain News / Jennifer Itzenson

NY: Summer of Sanity The City Journal / Steven Malanga

The price of uncertainty The Economist

Housing's last hurrah CNN / Mark Gongloff 

Bonds Climb as Multiple Attacks Frighten Reuters via The Boston Globe / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

US companies shelve junk bond deals as rates rise Reuters / Dena Aubin

Corporate Squeeze The National Review / Daniel Mitchell

CT:  State's Huge Job Loss Raises Eyebrows The Hartford Courant / Barbara Nagay

CA: Scramble over mortgages The Sacramento bee / Andrew LePage

CO: Experts: Utilities need incentives to boost grid AP via The Denver Post / Brad foss

Canada: Business leaders not optimistic on economy Financial Post / Drew Hasselback

Investors See Goldman As Culprit In Falling Calpine Deal Institutional Investor / Molly Jackson Sell

Not-So-Private Equity Institutional Investor / Steven Brull

3 Charged in NASD’s Hedge Fund Crackdown NY Post / Jenny Anderson

Bombs Found at Schwab Office, Home AP via The Washington Post

Soybeans, Corn Fall After Night of Rain AP via ABC News

U.S. Economy: Housing Starts Surge to 17-Year High Bloomberg

After Bond Crackup Comes the I-Told-You-So Chorus Bloomberg / Chet Currier

The Failure of the Social Market Ludwig von Mises Institute / Jude Blanchette

Ford favours Canada, Mexico plants over U.S. The Financial Post / Peter Brieger

High heat takes toll on corn, soybeans The Des Moines Register / Anne Fitzgerald

If recovery loses steam, U.S. economy may face big-time trouble The Wall Street Journal via The Arizona Republic Greg Ip

Banana peels are all over the road to economic recovery The Kansas City Star / Chris Lester

A Nordic no The Economist

U.S. August Michigan Sentiment Index Falls to 90.2 Bloomberg

MN: Twin Cities home sales continue red-hot pace Minneapolis Star Tribune / Neal Gendler

Canada's largest companies cut back energy usage, thousands off work Canadian Press via / Craig Wong

WA: Paying through the hose: Gas prices up 7% in past month Seattle Times / Sigrid Aufterbeck

Japan: Bad-loan disposal costs still higher than profits The Japan Times / Mayumi Negishi

Russia: The 12 Lessons of 1998 Default The Moscow Times / Igor Semenenko



When Enron is owed money, it plays hardball The Sacramento Bee / Dale Kasler

McTeer steps on a raw nerve Dallas Morning News / Angela Shah

Hedging The Mortgage Market Decline Forbes / Ari Weinberg

Uncle Sam rips off California Town Hall / Terence Jeffrey

Two more worms spread across the Internet The Boston Globe / Hiawatha Bray

A Sense of Honor Is a Rare Quality in Business Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

Credit report's use rankles many The Denver Post / Kevin Simpson

What are Warren Buffet and Pete Wilson telling the Terminator? The National Review / Victor Canto

Lights-Out Economics The National Review / Paul Krugman

Big-Government Conservativism Is Here The National Review / Bruce Bartlett

Unemployment rate may not present the true picture The Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Putting Things Into Perspective The Aden Forecast via Safehaven / Mary Anne and Pamela Aden

Housing, retail bolster economy: Experts downplay lower sentiment The Boston Herald / Jay Fitzgerald

Warren Buffett Loses Appeal to Keep Holdings Secret Bloomberg

The lights start to flash at end of the blackout The Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Italian Puzzle: The Land That Doesn't Seem to Fit reg NY times / Frank Burn

Forget 'New' Politics, the Same Old Rules Apply LA Times / Peter King

A greenback comeback? CNN Mark Gongloff

French economy in trouble BBC News

The Real California Problem Forbes / Rich Karlgaard

US Treasuries stumble on burst of mortgage selling Reuters via Forbes / Ros Krasny

China: Sovereignty is not the issue, the economy is The Taipei Times / Wang Chien-chuang

Immigrants lower the pay scale, study says AP via The Orange County Register

The Messenger Shoots Back Institutional Investor / Andrew Capon

New high-tech bills use techniques to thwart counterfeiters San Antonio Express News / Travis Poling

For Bond Buyers, Is Insurance Worth It? LA Times / Thomas Mulligan

Blackout Forces Meat Recall in Detroit Reuters via ABC News

Stock Supporters and Bond Boosters Face Off on Street NY Post / Suzanne McGee

Cantor Appeals $1.5M Award to Ex-Exec Bloomberg via NY Post

Corporate/Agency Bonds Community Events Calendar Reuters via Yahoo

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac bill sale calendar Reuters via Yahoo

High cost of failure in networked world The Toronto Star / David Olive

Canada: Falling inflation points to interest rate cut The Toronto Star / Steven Theobald

Fed can keep rates low for some time, Broaddus says Reuters via USA Today

Treasuries Take a Spill, Lack Liquidity Reuters via MSNBC / Wayne Cole

Calif. Bonds Offer Buying Opportunity AP via The Kansa City Star / Hope Yen

Bonds still worth the current bumpy ride, analysts say Knight Ridder via The Clarion Ledger / Todd Mason

The Demographics of Saving and Growth The Ludwig von Mises Institute / Christopher Mayer

U.S. MBA's Mortgage Applications Index Fell 10.7% Bloomberg

GA: Schools try to rid campus of card offers The Augusta Chronicle / James Gallagher

TX: D/FW job picture getting brighter The Dalls Fort Woth Star Telegram / Mitchell Schurman

AZ: Economy can't run on fumes The Arizona Republic / Dawn gilbertson

TN: Office vacancy on the rise The Tennessean / Richard Lawson

Mortgage rate rise may slow home price growth USA Today / Thomas Fogarty

What Wall Street Wants, `Governor' Schwarzenegger Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

France Contracts, Extending Slump Bloomberg

Eurozone bonds fall on doubts about recovery FT / Pavi Munter

Russia: More Income: Less Vodka, More Beer The Moscow Times / Alex Nicholson




“High Risk” finance at the federal level Insight On The News / Kelley Patricia O’ Meara

Why everybody thinks alike The Financial Post / Pierre Lemieux

Sharp Drop in Jobless Claims Draws Skepticism on Wall St. The Washington Post / Jerry Knight

Companies fleeing California again? CBS Market Watch / Russ Britt

Americas summit called for January 2004 Reuters via Yahoo

INSTANT VIEW-Philadephia Fed survey Reuters via Yahoo

Euro sinks against dollar BBC News

Security fixes often ignored The Dallas Morning News via Silicon Valley / Doug Bedell

U.S. health administration costly The Boston Herald / Jennifer Heldt Powell

CA: Surplus Property Sits Idle, Audit Finds LA times / Patrick McGreevy

CA: Home Sales Stay on Fire, Especially in Inland Empire LA Times / Bonnie Harris

Canadian Ten-Year Bond Slides on Views of Interest Rate Cuts Bloomberg

AZ: Pipeline break exposes state's vulnerability The Tuscon Citizen / Oscar Abeyta

Weekly mortgage rates up in Freddie Mac survey Inman News

Terminating Any Doubt The National Review / Larry Kudlow

Bank Consolidation, Internationalization and Conglomeration: Trends and Implications for Financial Risk IMF

Treasuries Tumble; 2-Yr Note Yield Hits Highest Since December Bloomberg

IL: Layoffs more common in last 4 months of year, firm says Chicago Sun Times / Francine Knowles

Corporate scandals costing taxpayers billions Bloomberg via The Albany Times Union / Antonio Olivo

Oil prices surge nearly 4 percent Reuters via The Houston Chronicle

Bring me your powerless masses The Economist

Fed's Parry, in San Diego, sees no 'early start' on U.S. rate hikes Reuters via The San Diego Union Tribune

SEC treads lightly on muni misbehavior AP via The Chicago Tribune

Merrill Draws Up Novel CDO To Grab Extra Basis Points Institutional Investor / Karen Brettell 

Did Florida Hedge Fund Try To Pull A Fast One On Bear Stearns? Institutional Investor

How low can Fannie Mae go? CBS Market Watch / Peter Brimelow

Vacations are being vacated The Kansas City Star / Diane Stafford

Euro Tumbles Against Dollar, Yen on Outlook for Economic Growth Bloomberg

Betting on a better U.S. economy to revive maquiladoras San Antonio Express News / David Hendricks

Schwarzenegger offers few specifics in plans for economy The San Francisco Chronicle / David Lazarus

Nobody Owns Arnold, And That’s a Good Thing The New York Observer / Richard Brookhiser

CA: Home sales may slow LA Daily News / Gregory Wilcox

Lender's shutdown is a warning for homebuyers Chicago Sun Times / Terry Savage

U.S. Homeowners, Gambling on Rates, Choose Adjustable Mortgages Bloomberg

Euro Tumbles Against Dollar, Yen on Outlook for Economic Growth Bloomberg

Betting on a better U.S. economy to revive maquiladoras San Antonio Express News / David Hendricks

Schwarzenegger offers few specifics in plans for economy The San Francisco Chronicle / David Lazarus

CA: Home sales may slow LA Daily News / Gregory Wilcox

Lender's shutdown is a warning for homebuyers Chicago Sun Times / Terry Savage

U.S. Homeowners, Gambling on Rates, Choose Adjustable Mortgages Bloomberg

Whatever Happened to `Accentuate the Positive?' Bloomberg / Caroline Baum 

Target: Microsoft The Economist

Jammed by junk CNN / Alexandra Twin

U.S. July Index of Leading Economic Indicators Rises 0.4% Bloomberg

MS: State jobless rate hits 7.2% AP via The Clarion Ledger

Is Beijing successfully sabotaging the US economy? Brookes News / Gerard Jackson

Effort to earn a Big Mac varies country to country The Japan Times

Japanese Bonds Gain, Halting 8-Day Slide, as Yields Attract Bloomberg

Tax-funded healthcare 'could save US $200bn' FT / Christopher Bowe

Russia: Oil Output Boom Set to Continue Reuters via The Moscow Times



Prediction: The Future of the USA Stock Market UCLA Earth and Space Sciences via Safehaven / Didier Sornette

Waiting for Godot The Daily Reckoning via Safehaven / Kurt Richebächer

New twist to phone number portability Chicago Tribune / Jon Van

UBS hires 2 Merrill execs for private wealth group Reuters via Yahoo

Upbeat U.S. economic reports weaken bonds and the euro AP via The Orange County Register

Brazil Unsure Whether to Renew IMF Deal reg AP via NY Times

Gilts fall as UK equities make tentative gains FT / Paivi Munter

Way Behind the Curve Prudent Bear via Safehaven / Doug Nolan

Japan and US Busts Zeal Research via Safehaven / Adam Hamilton

MS: Heating bills may skyrocket this winter The Clarion Ledger / Clay Harden

Last dash for the housing market? MSNBC / Martin Wolk

Gas Prices Skyrocket Across the Country AP via ABC News

Blackout May Prompt Interest in Fuel Cells AP via The Seattle Times / John Christoffersen

A call to ARMs over jump in mortgage rates Bloomberg via The Seattle Times / Kathleen M. Howley

The Anatomy of Deflation The Ludwig von Mises Institute / George Reisman

PAC Bond Inventor Resurfaces, Eyes Prime Brokers Institutional Investor

Bond Fund Manager Shifts Away From Interest Rate Sensitive Investments Institutional Investor

China: Overdue Institutional Investor / Richard Meyer

PA: Electricity market penalizes region The Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Economists Stick to Growth Forecasts-Poll Reuters via Yahoo

GA: Area job growth has a downside The Atlanta Journal Constitution / Michael Kanel

Muni Bond Yields May Peak at 5.58 Percent This Year Bloomberg / Joe Mysak 

Do-It-Yourself Power Catching On The Washington Post / Martha McNeil Hamilton

Freddie Mac Ousts Parseghian Amid Accounting Errors Bloomberg

CO: Welfare caseload up; fewer comply with work rules The Denver Post / Kelly Pate

Homeowners' big headache: Insurance CNN / Sarah Max

US muni bond funds see $244 mln wkly outflows Reuters via Yahoo

U.S. corporate bond new issues Reuters via Yahoo

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac bill sale calendar Reuters via Yahoo

CA: Spinning money for California San Francisco Chronicle / David Lazarus

Wanted: Spending Cuts The Christian Science Monitor

Feds Had Prime View of Spreading Blackout AP via The Sun-Sentinel / Mark Jewell

Regulator may force out Freddie chief FT / Paul Davies

Different this time, maybe The Economist

CA: Fed official sees more S.D. growth San Diego Union Tribune / David Washburn

Blackout a blessing for some The Financial Post / Jonathan Cheveau

South Korea's Economy Shrinks 0.7%, Second Straight Contraction Bloomberg

Japanese Bonds Fall on Prospects for Faster U.S. Recovery Bloomberg

The Great Blackout: Any Conclusions Besides Self-Congratulations? Newsmax / Lev Navrozov



Pop Goes the Bubble / Gary North

TX: Can new hotels survive Houston's economic drought? The Houston Chronicle /  David Kaplan

NC: Jobless figures spike into double digits The Charlotte Observer / Adam Bell and Charles Lunan

Visa CEO calls this a revolutionary time in credit card business AP via The St. Louis Post / Eileen Alt Powell

A Rebound for the Dollar, but Maybe Not for Long reg NY Times / Jonathan Feurbinger

For Budget Shortfalls, Choose Grim or Grimmer reg NY Times / Edmund Andrews

Saddam's Hometown Gets Unrestricted Web AP via The South Florida Sun Sentinel / Hrvoje Hranjski

UAL bond plan adds to cost of upgrades Bloomberg via The Denver Rocky Mountain News

Manufacturing the Data John Mauldin’s Thoughts From The Frontline via Safehaven / John Mauldin

The High Stakes of 2004 The Weekly Standard / William Kristol

Canada: Series of compounding crises throughout Canada taking their economic toll Canadian Press via / James Stevenson

Thank You for Flying Whatever Airline This Is NY times / Robert Crandall

CA: State outlines $18 billion bond sale to fund budget The Mercury News / Mark Schwanhausser

NV: LAS VEGAS ECONOMY: Trouble seen ahead The Las Vegas Review Journal / Hubble Smith

California's woes make risky bonds seem like a bargain AP via The Omaha World Herald

NY: Area Housing Prices Continue to Climb Newsday / Christian Murray

NE: Drought's grip tightens The Omaha World Herald Bureau / Nancy Gaardner

Luxury car dealers are facing pressure to lower prices NY Times via The International Herald Tribune / Micheline Maynard

CT: New Bright Lights On Map Of Market The Hartford Courant / Matthew Lubanko




Bankruptcies at a troubling level The Dallas Morning News / Pamela Yip

Market’s biggest problem – unemployment – showing signs of improvement Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory Drahuschak 

Home-Sales, Confidence Data Give Economists Fresh Look The Wall Street Journal via The LA Daily News

End of the Olds The Des Moines Register / William Ryberg

Land of economic unrest The Boston globe / Stephen Glain

Crime falls to 30-year low in 2002 CBS Market Watch / Carolyn Pritchard

WTO tries last-ditch compromise AP via CNBC via MSNBC

Gas prices zoom at record pace CNN

A Chance for Utilities to Clean Up Their Act reg NY Times / Patrick McGeehan

Trendy middle class bucks Germany's falling birth-rate trend Reuters via The Taipei Times / Clifford Coonan

China: Thirty percent of Chinese computers may be infected Taipei times

Don't Let Dip Push You Out of Bonds The Baltimore sun via Newsday / Eileen Ambrose

Bubble Won't Reinflate LA times Robert Polin

New wires, switches could boost rid capacity without erecting new pylons AP via / Jim Krane and John Seewer

Long-term bonds pose risks as economy recovers Knight Ridder via The Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Gail Marksjarvis

Tough times continue for Freddie Mac FT / Jenny Wiggins

Reduced hopes for mortgagecash-outs The Philadelphia Inquirer / Todd Mason

A Recovery High on Efficiency, Low on Jobs La Times / James Flanigan

IL: Personal bankruptcies hit record Chicago Sun Times / Shamus Toomey

Factory Orders, Confidence Seen Rising: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg

California muni bond yields up AP via The State / Hope Yen

NC: Counties, cities face dilemma on outsourcing Charlotte Observer / Stella Hopkins

High gas prices not putting brakes on holiday travel The Baltimore Sun / Meredith Cohn

Forging a case for U.S. jobs in manufacturing The Arizona Republic / Jon Talton 

CA: Face facts, state must raise taxes The San Francisco Chronicle / David Lazarus

CA: Who’s Buying? Well, Who Isn’t? Mercury News / Sue McAllister

Credit Suisse, Other Companies Sell Debt in U.S. as Rates Rise Bloomberg

In weak economy, investors should go back to basics The Washington Post via The Seattle Times / Albert B. Crenshaw

Consumers Must Demand A (Pricey) New Power Grid The Washington Post / Michael Barbaro

Pundits Playing A Game For The Pros NY Post /  Tracy Byrnes

Loan deals that didn't quite fall apart The Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Gelles

Wall Street Seeks Clearer Deficit Signal The Washington Post / Jonathan Weisman

With stock demand down and selling flat, analysts fear downturn AP via The Knoxville Sentinel / Amy Baldwin

Pensioners might be left hungry The Denver Post / Al Lewis

The Cost of Great Expectations: Disappointment reg NY Times / Charles Morris 

Greenspan the loser in central bankers' pay league The Observer / Faisal Islam 

Cantor sued again for 'poaching' The Observer / Faisal Islam 

UK: MPs to referee Brown-King bout  The Observer / Faisal Islam

Oil price casts pall over global recovery hopes The Observer / Faisal Islam

TX: Although agencies are nonprofit and economy is slow, administrators draw impressive salaries and benefits The San Antonio Express News / L.A. Lorek

Europeans sure know how to take long vacations The Pittsburgh Gazette / Judy Olian

Hey, check this out – yourself The Boston Globe / Mark Pothier

From Wall Street to Mean Street reg NY Times / Geraldine Fabrikant

A Rebound for the Dollar, but Maybe Not for Long reg NY Times / Jonathan Feurbinger

For Budget Shortfalls, Choose Grim or Grimmer reg NY Times / Edmund Andrews




Retailers Getting Out of Credit Card Business Washington Post / Dina ElBoghdady

WI: 'Stealth depression' seen in some neighborhoods The Milwaukee Journal / Joel Dresang

Dollar's Rise May Hurt U.S. Corporate Profits Reuters via Fox News

Mortgage securities are in a risky place The Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

Mexican immigration is killing California Brookes News / Addison Ross

A surge in self-made electricity Christian Science Monitor / Jim Brumm

US Corp Bonds-Spreads unchanged, bond sales slow Reuters via Yahoo / Dena Aubin

Treasuries hit by robust housing data FT / Jenny Wiggins, Paivi Munter and Mariko Sanchanta

US mortgage bond spreads narrow on bargain hunting Reuters via Yahoo / Dan Wilchins

The Deficit May Be Back on a Leash Business Week via Yahoo / Ryan Brecht

Hedge-Fund Hold-Up NY Post / Christopher Byron

Schwarzenegger economic team differs on tax hikes Reuters via Yahoo / Michael Kahn

Brazil's Lula Loses Support From Business on Economy Bloomberg

Oslo now the most expensive world city AP via Fresno Bee / William Stoichevski

Freddie Mac Credit Ratings Cut Reuters via ABC News / Mark Felsenthal and Lynn Adler

Are we done with the 40-hour week? MSNBC / Jon Bonne’

Bright ideas Boston Globe / Scott Kirsner

Federal deficit expected to approach $500 billion next year AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Jim Abrams

Alabama tax plan causes unholy outrage The Seattle Times / Neal R. Peirce

Indicators Flash Red, but Should Investors Stop? reg LA Times / Josh Friedman

Cool reception for WTO plan BBC News

AZ: A renter's paradise Arizona Republic / Catherine Burrough and Erica Sagon

The call to move overseas St. Petersburgh Times / Robert Trigaux

Price tag for power grid about to surge Chicago Tribune / Michael Barbaro

Canada: Canada fears U.S.-imposed energy plan Financial Post / Peter Morton

U.S. Heads for $495 Bln Deficit Next Year, House Lawmaker Says Bloomberg

Treasurys reverse, now broadly lower as U.S. data weigh CBS Market Watch via IWon Rachel Koning

 The bonds help fight stagflation Financial Post / Jonathan Chevrau

 The Question of the Cable Monopoly Ludwig von Mises Institute / D.W. MacKenzie

Imperial Jawbones Obscene Prophets via Safehaven / Rodney Cook

Options Are Out, Bonuses Are In CFO / Ed Zwirn

Blackout Continues To Fuel Doom Forbes / Dan Ackman

No problem at the pump CNN / Justin Lahart

Broadbandits / Rocky Mountain News / Om Malik

U.S. July Existing Home Sales Rise to 6.12 Mln Rate Bloomberg

Wi-Fi Moves From Storeroom to Store NY Times via IWon / Roy Furchgott

Bush Gives Bond Investors Reasons to Doubt Deficit Will Drop Bloomberg

Seniors tighten budgets as interest rates on savings stagnate Detroit Free Press / Susan Tompor

Price of deregulation: a flickering power grid NY Times via The International Herald Tribune / Neela Banerjee and David Firestone

MN: Taxpayers may bear the burden of future budget shortfalls The Minnesota Star Tribune / Mike Meyers

Dollar May Extend Three-Month Gain Against Euro Bloomberg

Japan's July Trade Surplus Rose 3.5% as Exports Gain Bloomberg



What Ever Happened to Yahoo!'s Millionaires? Forbes via ABC News / Kerry Dolan

Poll: Confidence in a standstill CNN

Labor Day driving to hit 8-year peak MSNBC

The Myth of Price Stability Ludwig von Mises Institute / Frank Shostak

Housing health: Higher interest rates hurt affordability Inman News / Jessica Swesey

Someone Left the Price Rule in the Rain National Review / Victor Canto

US Treasury prices rise in late trade FT / Jenny Wiggins, Mariko Sanchanta and Salamander Davoudi

Penny pinching at pump Akron Beacon Journal / Mary Ethridge

Bank earnings boosted St. Louis Business Journal via Washington Business Journal / Chad Garrison

Russia: Ford to Up Production by 20% Bloomberg via Moscow Times

China: WTO membership poses puzzle for industries Taipei times / Jessie Ho

Budget Office Says 10 Years of Deficits Could Total $5 Trillion reg NY times / Edmund Andrews

Grain Prices Soar Amid Diminishing Crop Hopes Reuters via Fox News

National do-not-call list may kill jobs The Dallas Star Telegram / Aman Batheja

Bond Prices Rise AP via Aberdeen News

The blackout's silver lining Boston Globe / Steven Syre

 Fed Camp's Activities Are a Secret Bloomberg / Caroline Baum 

French PM says budget deficit is worsening FT / Philippe Mabille and Judy Dempsey

Strong US data fail to buoy dollar FT / Jennifer Hughes

For Budget Shortfalls, Choose Grim or Grimmer reg NY Times / Edmund Andrews

Why Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Look Vulnerable Bloomberg John Dorfman

Offshoring fad has a dark side The Kansas City Star / David Hayes

Why The Economy May Appear Weaker NY Post / John Crudele

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