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As staffing shrinks, workloads increase Detroit Free Press / David Lyman

Inflation-safe bonds can't hide from IRS Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

Is Alan Greenspan being shortchanged Insight On The News / Jamie Dettmer

Snow urges the Chinese to let currency float FT / David Pilling 

Canada: Bank of Canada widely expected to trim interest rates amid slowing economy Canadian Press / Sandra Cordon

September May End Winning Streak for S&P 500, History Shows Bloomberg

The Next Dramatic Exit at Freddie Mac Should Be O'Malley's Washington Post / Jerry Knight

Yen For Trouble NY Post / Jenny Anderson

France admits huge deficit breach BBC News

IL: We can't afford to let Chicago's manufacturing jobs evaporate Chicago Sun Times / Carl Bufalini

Dollar Remains Near Lowest in More Than a Week Against Euro Bloomberg

IN: Jobs breed loyalty in tough times Indianapolis Star / J.K. Wall

NY: Empire State workers hard hit, reports say AP via Buffalo News / Michael Hill

The Ultimate Relay Race? Contrary Investor via Safehaven

Auberon Herbert on Labor and Unions Ludwig von Mises Institute / Gary Galles

Bush makes economic pitch to Ohio union crowd AP via Leigh Strope

IL: Rural towns feel chill of shutdowns Chicago Tribune / James Miller

Tech jobs may take a decade to recover Seattle times / Shirleen Holt

9M jobless on minds of president, union chiefs AP via Tucson Citizen

Linking news sites, Matt Drudge creates an Internet success Miami Herald Richard Pachter

Labor Day in the 1940s Chicago Sun Times

On Labor Day, the Unemployed Speak Up Newsday / Deborah Morris

Labor's disconnect is a troubling sign Boston Herald

Changing job market a challenge for U.S. Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Your boss should be worried Philadelphia Inquirer / Jane M. Von Bergen

Dot-commers still trying to find their way Seattle Post Intelligencer

UK mortgage borrowing hits record levels FT / Lydia Adetunji

Yen near highs as market watches Snow visit FT / Jennifer Hughes

China forecasts further job losses BBC News

ECB's Welteke Says 2004 German Deficit May Miss Limit Bloomberg

Looks Like a Recovery, Feels Like a Recession reg NY Times / Steven Greenhouse

Claims of recovery ring hollow to jobless Detroit Free Press / John Gallagher

Many workers feel pressure not to accept overtime pay Boston Globe / Diane Lewis 

Exchange rate on U.S. agenda for China trip International Herald Tribune / Eric Pfanner

Yen Rises; BOJ Sold No Currency in August, Economy Improving Bloomberg

Balance of power tilts against workers in weak economy Newhouse News via Minneapolis St. Paul Star Tribune / Katherine Reynolds Lewis



Thriving on Government's Rush to Spend Washington Post / Anitha Reddy

Bond sale by China may spur a flood Bloomberg via International Herald Tribune / Jennifer Ryan

New York Outpaced Nation in Job-Loss Rate, Study Finds NY Times via IWon / Steven Greenhouse

Grasso's Deal Is Said to Save $3.5 Million, Despite Payout reg NY Times / Landon Thomas Jr.

Jobless parade their concerns Charlotte Observer / Ames Alexander

An Unreformed Election Daily Standard / Bill Whalen

Labor Day by the Numbers Daily Standard / Irwin Stelzer

Canadian Dollar Drops as Central Bank May Trim Rate Advantage Bloomberg

CA: On the brink Sacramento Bee / Gilbert Chan

Apocalypse This Way Comes Safehaven / Nelson Hultberg

Advantage China? National Review / Bruce Bartlett

Canada urged to talk tough with U.S. on trade  Canadian Press via Toronto Star / Sandra Cordon

Bush focuses on job losses NY times via Pioneer Press David E. Sanger

Portability likely to lead to fall in cell-phone rates Chicago Tribune via Baltimore Sun via Hartford Courant / Jon Van

With summer driving season over, gasoline futures tumble AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Brad Foss

New Vogue for Market-Timing? It Will Never Happen Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Donaldson Demands Details on Grasso's $140 Mln Payout Bloomberg

A-list experts discuss threat of crippling deflation USA Today / Barbara Hagenbaugh

Nasdaq Climbs To 17 Month High AP via Tampa Tribune

U.S. mortgage bonds slide in Treasury rout Reuters via Yahoo

MA: Ruling clouds future of retirement plan Boston Globe / Kimberly Blanton

CO: Bankruptcy break Rocky Mountain News / Allison Linn

Interest-only home loans create debate of earned equity vs. lower payment Tennessean / Kathy Carlson

U.S. mortgage rates rise 1/8 pct Tues Reuters via Yahoo

NE: Manufacturing grows in region, nation; job gains sluggish Omaha World Herald / John Taylor

China defiant on currency rate BBC News

Japan: Long-term interest rates at 2 1/2-year high Japan Times

Just East of the West, Unity Has Its Costs reg NY times / Mark Landler

A word to the wise about bonds Baltimore Sun via Chicago Tribune / Eileen Ambrose

On the sunny side of the street The Economist

Malaysia: Muslim and Prosperous Ludwig von Mises Institute / Jon Basil Utley

The crime of a second chance Kansas City Star / Chris Lester

Jobs: Liars, Damn Liars & Statistics NY Post / John Crudele

Who's Calling Bush a Right-Wing Wacko? Bloomberg / Andrew Ferguson

Your Retirement Is Part of a Looming Global Crisis Bloomberg / John Wasik

U.S. August ISM Manufacturing Index Rises to 54.7 From 51.8 Bloomberg

TX: Tourist season not real sunny Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Sean Wood

Dollar gains as holidaying traders return FT / Jennifer Hughes

UK: Rise in house prices reveals robust market FT / Lydia Adetunji

Asia is poised for economic rebound: investment bank DPA via Taipei News

Making The Best Of A Bad Bond Market Forbes / David Simmons

UK: Hilton turns to bonds to tackle debt Evening Standard via This Is Money

It pays to be different in market Bloomberg via Omaha World Herald / Chet Currier

The Deficit, the Dollar and the Major Trends The Speculative Investor via Safehaven / Steve Saville

Back draft from EU expansion NY Times via International Herald Tribune / Mark Landler

Production in Europe looking up as euro falls Bloomberg via International Herald Tribune




Identity theft hits 1 in 4 U.S. households USA Today / Christine Dugas

Med school applicants fall 22% since 1997 Boston globe / Stephen Smith

A Manufactured Crisis Washington Post / Steven Pearlstein

Housing to ease off in 2004 Inman News

CT: Higher Gas Prices: Who Is Hurt Most? Hartford Courant / Stacy Wong

August 2003 U.S. auto sales AP via

CA: State reports 4,200 fewer central coast jobs Santa Cruz Sentinel / Karen Davis

“What, WE Worry?” Pimco / Bill Gross

Gold portfolios shine among mutual funds in August Reuters via IWon

Bush and Greenspan Part Ways on Manufacturing Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Trade deficit with China just a small part of U.S. woes Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Why gold's glittering CNN / Justin Lahart

Energy Department launches inquiry into soaring gas prices AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel / H. Josef Hebert

Bank of Canada trims interest rates, but not all consumers will benefit Canadian Press via / Sandra Cordon

Job Czar for the Jobless reg NY Times

NY: Beige Book: Local Economy Improving Newsday

Gold gains but volatility worries persist FT / Neil Dennis

Mortgage lenders brace for layoffs Boston Business Journal via MSNBC / Edward Mason

Fed gives upbeat verdict on US economy FT / John Labate and Michael Morgan

The Beige Book Federal Reserve Board

Where are the Hawks, Goldilocks, and Deflation? Goldenbar via Safehaven / Edmund J. Bugos

To Fit the Thread go to the GAP Market Letters Digest via Safehaven / David Petch

Treasuries Teeter on Cliff's Edge Reuters via Boston Globe / Amanda Cooper

Policy-makers bring focus to loss of factory jobs AP via Morning Call / Leigh Strope

UK: 'Action unlikely' on UK rates BBC News

Freddie Mac plans 2-yr global floating rate notes Reuters via Yahoo

FERC's Failure to Fix Blackouts Tied to States' Control of Grid Bloomberg

Regulators Know What Bond Dealers Did Last Summer Bloomberg Joe Mysak

A media giant is born The Ecomnoist

The Failure of State-Designed Markets Ludwig von Mises Institute / Casey Khan

U.S. States, Forced to Curb Expenses, Start Firing Employees Bloomberg

33 million people in U.S. not born here Washington Times / Stephen Dinan 

Junk Bond Yields on the Decline Again LA Times and Bloomberg

Chain store sales rise Reuters via CNN

Spitzer in hedge fund settlement Reuters via CNN

TX: State Farm speaks against rate rollbacks Dallas Forth Worth Star Telegram / R.A. Dyer

China Also Is Feeling Labor Pains LA Times / James Flanigan

Japan's 10-Year Bonds Gain; Highest Yields in 2 1/2 Years Lure Bloomberg

Keeping the faith on recovery International Herald Tribune / Barbara Wall

Richard Grasso: the NYSE paymasters FT

U.S. farm policies felt here & abroad Seattle Post Intelligencer / Bill Virgin



JFK used audits to silence his critics Insight On The News / John Berlau

Costa coffee The Economist

Bonus Babies: The Best-Paid CFOs / David Katz

Good to Rate Tim Reason

Gold-plated Grasso The Economist

Some lost jobs may never return MSNBC / Mary Thompson and John Metaxas

How scandal may bilk Mom & Pop CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

Fears Over Free Trade Ahead of WTO Event AP via Seattle Times / Mark Stevenson

Stolen identity US News / Paul Lim

Study: Boomers Still Prefer Printed Pages AP via Silicon Valley / Anick Jesdanunu

Qwest erases $1B Rocky Mountain News / Jeff smith

'Duchess of Doom' no more? Rocky Mountain News / David Milstead

House and Bubble Daily Standard / Hugh Hewitt

The No-Frills Middle Class reg NY Times / Jeff Madrick

Fed's Poole sees rising bond rates as a signal of growth ST Louis Post Dispatch / Christopher Carey

Foreign investment dries up BBC News

Canada: Economics for sheep: profits are baaad Financial Post / Karen Selick

Fund Founder Has Familiar Name Newsday / Elizabeth Sanger

Mortgage Rates Hit Year Highs Newsday

Sunshine Is A Great Disinfectant Pimco Bonds / Paul McCulley

Bond Markets: Fool Me Once... Business Week / Michael Wallace

Global investment flows 'to recover next year' FT / Frances Williams

Turning junk into profit by exporting Philadelphia Inquirer / Harold Baker

NYSE chief's salary can't be justified Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

Freddie Mac Regulator Wants Ex-CEO Denied Severance Bloomberg

What's the Word on Andrew Fastow? / Stephen Taub

Troubled Federal Pension's Deficit Soars AP via The Morning Call / Leigh Strope

Planning for the asteroid CNN / Allen Wastler

Goldman to Pay $9.3 Million to Settle SEC Charges Bloomberg

Investors seeing Sears' bonds as riskier Chicago Sun Times / Sandra Guy

Treasury prices rise on Fed governor comments FT / Jenny Wiggins, Alex Skorecki and Barney Jopson

Prospects and Risks in the Bond Market Federal Reserve Board / William Poole

The Economic Outlook Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

Georgia Summit on Economic and Financial Education Federal Reserve Board / Edward M. Gramlich

Grass-Oh! FT

The New Economic Reality National Review / Larry Kudlow

Stealing Spectrum National Review / Al Cors, Jr.

Facts Are Facts  National Review / Timothy Penny

Spitzer's Charges Hit Mutual Funds Where It Hurts Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Hedge fund hottie NY Post / Christopher Byron

Birdseed Heir is Hedge-Fund Warbler NY Post / Paul Tharp

Economic reports paint bleak picture of job market Kansa City Star / Diane Stafford

Bush's Latest Blarney Ludwig von Mises Institute / Sean Corrigan

U.S. corporate bond new issues Reuters via Yahoo

US Corp Bonds-Spreads flat, new issues do well Reuters via Yahoo

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac bill sale calendar Reuters via Yahoo

The Canary Sings Prudent Bear via Safehaven / Chad Hudson

Marking Time Safehaven / Captain Hook

Congress Still Loves Trains Forbes / Andrew T. Gillies

The yolk's on Arnold after being pelted by protester  LA Daily News / Ian Hanigan

Economic Worries in China as Companies Take On Debt reg NY times / Keith Bradsher

U.S. identity theft costs billions NY Times via International Herald Tribune / Kenneth Gilpin

Exchange members plan Grasso legal action FT / Andrei Postelnicu and John Dizard

Japan's Bonds Rise; BOJ's Fukui Signals Rate on Hold for Longer Bloomberg

Russia: City Wants to Borrow From the Middle Class Moscow Times / Alex Fak

Russia: Pension Fund's Billions Ready for Management Moscow Times / Lyuba Pronina



8 Minutes, $317M NY Post / John Lehmann

US talks tough on Asian currencies BBC News

Paper Money and Tyranny Lew Rockwell / Rep. Ron Paul

SC: Recovery revving up The State

CA: Mary Carey Does Recall Daily Standard / Bill Whalen

FL: Florida allows State Farm to strip mold coverage from policies South Florida Sun Sentinel / Purva Patel

Canada: British Columbia on brink of recession: economists Financial Post / John Greenwood

Americans deep-six desserts at dinner USA Today / Bruce Horovitz

Corporate scandals caused by greed, Volcker says Canadian Press via Toronto Star / James Stevenson

Gold in Euros and Yen Zeal via Safehaven / Adam Hamilton

Canada: U.S. fiscal responsibility 'seems to have disappeared,' central bankers fret Canadian Press via Financial Post / James Stevenson

Canadian unemployment rate up to 8% Canadian Press via Toronto Star

For ordinary investors, timing is risky business Boston Globe / Andrew Caffrey

Believe it, growth will pick up steam, Fed official says Seattle Times / Stephen H. Dunphy

House backs 2.2% raise for members of Congress AP via Baltimore Sun

Leaner venture funds set trend San Francisco Chronicle / John Shinal

Wall Street Fine Tracker Forbes / Ari Weinberg

Experts: Power Grid Attack Would Collapse U.S. Newsmax

Economy gets good, bad news Rocky Mountain News / David Milstead

August Jobs Report Would Make Karl Marx Shudder Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Bonds and drugs BBC News

Bondholders favor auto paper despite numbers Reuters / Richard Bravo

Tech execs seem confident that business is improving, but very few insiders are buying CNN / Paul La Monica

US mortgage bond prepayments seen coming off highs Reuters / Richard Leong

The Fed's jobs dilemma CNN Mark Gongloff

U.S. 2-Year Note Has Biggest Gain Since July 2002 as Jobs Fall Bloomberg

Argentina and the IMF -- Showdown Time Again Bloomberg / David DeRosa

Sumner's Forgotten Classic Ludwig von Mises Institute / Christopher Mayer

Gross doesn't like it CNN / Justin Lahart

Anatomy of a tricky trading scheme USA Today / Adam Shell

Economy has Bush's attention Kansas City Star / Jerry Heaster

Mark Cuban's Said Brokers Move To UBS Corporate Financing Week via Institutional Investor

CSFB Prop Traders Depart, Help Cargill Launch Bond Fund Bond Week via Institutional Investor

`Nobody Buys Bonds With Negative Return.' Really? Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

RISKING the house Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Teresa McUsic

Japan's economic stability in the hands of the policy-makers AFP via Taipei Times

Gold - The Weekly Perspective Safehaven / Julian Phillips

US employment situation worsens FT / John Labate

Casualties Of the Recovery Washington Post / Jonathan Weisman

Bad loans looming as a big cloud over China NY Times via International Herald Tribune / Keith Bradsher

Former Economist at Goldman Is Indicted reg NY Times / Jonathan Fuerbringer

Regulator and Business: Can the Big Board Have It Both Ways? reg NY Times / Floyd Norris

Russia: CPI Falls for First Time Since 1997 Moscow Times

Russia: UN Sees Decline in Investment Moscow Times / Alex Fak




Market Timers or Market Cheaters?  John Mauldin’s Thought From The Frontline via Safehaven / John Mauldin

European bemoans soaring U.S. deficits Canadian Press Toronto Star / James Stevenson

Average investors have little defense against dishonesty on Wall Street Milwaukee Journal / Kathleen Gallagher

Analyst predicts breakup of HP Mercury News / Therese Poletti

Canada: Canada's job loss surprises observers Toronto Star / Madhavi Acharya-Tom Yew

Canada: U.S. productivity gap poses puzzling problem Toronto Star / David Crane

FL: Housing is ... hot, hot, hot Miami Herald / Douglas Hanks III

Amtrak subsidy of $1.8B not likely Garnett News via Clarion Ledger / Ledyard King

The role of women in the labor pool will expand as the economy improves  CBS Market Watch via St. Louis Post / Kristen Gretchen

WTC firm bonds to heal wounds Globe and Mail / Shawn McCarty

Gates Foundation hedges its holdings Bloomberg via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Miles Weiss
Job loss trend worries analysts Washington Post via Beacon Journal / John Berry

Defying Forecast, Job Losses Mount for a 22nd Month reg NY Times / Louis Uchitelle

Consumers' wallets nearly tapped out reg Chicago Tribune / Michael Oneal

Job woes persist even as economy begins recovery reg Chicago Tribune / William Neikirk

Reviving Federal Regulation Washington Post / Steven Pearlstein

CO: Fallout for Janus and Qwest likely will linger Rocky Mountain News / Rob Reuteman

MA: Job cuts reflect sluggish rebound Baltimore Sun / Jamie Smith Hopkins

500 billion yen spent on latest spree Japan Times

The Hashimoto Factor Fall via Safehaven / Willett and Always

Jobs Report Leads Bush to Defend Reliance on Tax Cuts reg NY times / Richard Stevenson

IMF sees nagging issues for Japan Bloomberg via International Herald Tribune




GDP numbers will show eurozone in recession FT / Chris Flood

IMF warns of deflation threat to Japan's recovery FT / Michiyo Nakamoto

Beware of angry, jobless men USA Today / Alan Webber

U.S. bonds face gloomy future FT via MSNBC / Jenny Wiggins

Government's Hobbled Giant Washington Post / John Mintz

Quirky recovery leaves room for wiggle USA Today Sue Kirchhoff

Emerging debt seen up, Venezuela swap anticipated Reuters via Yahoo

Paying cash to avoid contrition San Francisco Chronicle / David Lazarus

CA: Where the chips are falling San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

Bear-market bottom may be behind us reg UPI via Orange County Register / Brendan Boyd

Global rift on trade too wide to patch? San Diego Union Tribune / Diane Lindquist

Lehman system could warn of financial crises Reuters via San Diego Union Tribune

CT: Defying Fears Of Deflation, Home Values Steadily Rising Hartford Courant / Kenneth Harney

CA: Valley economy showing signs of erratic recovery Mercury News / David Sylvester

Canada wants floating currency, no deflation Pakistan News International

Asia Rejects Snow and Flexible Exchange Rates Bloomberg / David DeRosa

Insiders' advice -- Sell tech stocks Sacramento Bee / Jack Sirard

PA: Small business starts are up in a downturn economy Morning Call / Jeanne Bonner

Bracing for winter Philadelphia Inquirer / Akweli Parker

Job loss imperils recovery Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Retail Sales Seen Rising for Fourth Month: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg

Inventory controls prove to be recession busters Boston Globe / Robert Weisman

CO: Janus made wrong turn, right move Denver Post / Al Lewis

Feds face new war between the states over power grid Newhouse News Minnesota Star Tribune / Stephen Koff

UK: Europe's too slow, but America is acting fast and loose The Observer / William Keegan 

Subsidies sow seeds of ruin The Observer

Democracy loses to private deals The Observer / Nick Mathiason

Look Underground, and Unemployment Is Low reg NY Times / Daniel Akst

Be Patient, the work rosters will fill again one day soon Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory Drahuschak

Debt Trouble Could Be Piling Up Overseas reg NY Times / Edmund Andrews

Pension Funds Weighing the Risks of Emerging Markets reg NY Times / Jonathan Fuerbringer



NY: Buffalo, N.Y., Schools to Sell $185M Bond Buyer / Michael McDonald

Is a 'jobless recovery' a good thing? Globe and Mail / Matthew Ingram

A blackout casts spotlight on power deregulation Christian Science Monitor / David Francis

Money markets: from steady to skimpy Christian Science Monitor / David Francis

Wealth effect fallacy is resurrected — again Brookes News / Gerard Jackson

U.S. I Bond's good rate could disappear Detroit Free Press / Susan Tompor

WTO trade talks waste of time, critics say Financial Post / Ian Jack

Canadian Bonds Rise Third Day as Spending ndex Falls Short Bloomberg

Plastic continues to fuel spending Chicago Tribune via Albany Times Union / William Sluis

The Market That Won't Die! Union Securities LTD via Safehaven / David Chapman

Golden Guillotine Obscene Prophets via Safehaven / Rodney Cook

A money-smuggling pipeline keeps Iraq in business Wall Street Journal via Miami Herald / Michael Phillips

Profits soar with gasoline price spike, attorney general says AP via San Diego Union Tribune

Has Big Government Won? National Review / Bruce Bartlett

 Mexico Loses Jobs to China Newsmax

U.S. consumer debt expanded in July – Fed Reuters via Forbes

 Study: Rent up about one-third since 1999 AP via USA today

NYSE stands by Grasso pay package FT / Andrei Postelnicu

Iraq Aid Will Dwarf U.S. Foreign Aid Budget Forbes / Dan Ackman

Hyundai's Unwanted Export reg LA Times / John O’ Dell

CA: Looking Up the Coast for Hollywood Backing reg LA Times / Claudia Eller and Michael Cieply

 CA: Good Intentions Go Astray in State Budget Initiative reg LA Times / Michael Hilzik

High gas costs seen through fall Reuters via CNBC-MSNBC

Bonds issue a possibility for Hong Kong FT / Alexander Harney

Iraq’s rising price tag The Economist

Profits vs. jobs CNN / Justin Lahart

Canada: Building permits issued at near record pace in July, says StatsCan CP via

WA: State Jobs: 9/11 fallout lingers Seattle Post Intelligencer / Paul Nyhan

World job market still depressed as layoffs outpace hiring Bloomberg via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Art Pine

Banks and Hedge Funds -- Trading Places Bloomberg / Matthe Lynn

What's the Deal with Oil Prices? Ludwig von Mises Institute / William Anderson

On the Job: Weak job market might hold back economy overall Seattle Post Intelligencer

Housing burden grows for the poor AP via Baltimore Sun / Genaro Armas

DC: D.C. office market is nation's best Washington Times / Time Lemke

Bank of America to Make Restitution, Review Funds Bloomberg

MI: Unemployment, bankruptcies continue hammering away at state's economy AP via Philadelphia Inquirer / James Prichard

U.S. Notes Decline on Concern Treasury Will  Increase Borrowing Bloomberg

Russian Boom Lures Merrill, Goldman After '98 Default Bloomberg

Study indicates most not committed to job Boston Globe via Omaha World Herald

Bond Underwriter Keeps Stress In His Rear-View Mirror Hartford Courant / Sujata Srinivasan

Job losses at 4.1 million Chicago Tribune via Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram

Brazil's Currency Rises for 5th Day on Outlook for Bond Sale Bloomberg

Why are Republicans raising taxes? Philadelphia Inquirer / Michael New

Older Workers Are Thriving Despite Recent Hard Times reg NY Times / Louis Uchitelle

Yen Declines as Traders Speculate Japan Sold Its Currency Bloomberg

Japan: Taking the blue pill in a deflationary world Japan Times / Noriko Hama

Treasury Debt Buyers Most Bullish Since February, Survey Shows Bloomberg

G-10 Central Bankers May Signal Optimism About Global Recovery Bloomberg

UK: 'UK economy will be bigger than Germany's,' minister predicts reg Money Telegraph / Edward Simpkins and Robert Watts

Russia: 55 Earn Right to Handle Pension Funds Moscow Times / Lyuba Pronina and Alex Fak

Dollar May End Two-Week Decline Against Euro, Survey Suggests Bloomberg




Ferguson, Bernanke get nod for new terms Reuters via CNN

The Clintons’ Glass House National Review / Greg Kaza

Odd Jobs? National Review / David Malpass

 Court Holds Up $30M of Okla. Bonds Bond Buyer / Richard Williamson

'140 Million Dollar Man' should go Toronto Star / Jennifer Wells

Canada counts at the WTO Financial Post / Patrick Grady and Kathleen Macmillan

Japan's rock bottom The Economist

When Rates Rise Forbes / Richard Lehman

Argentina Misses $2.9 Billion Loan Payment to IMF Bloomberg

CDOs Could Be In Line For Upgrades Loan Market Week via Institutional Investor

It's rich vs. poor at summit Knight Ridder via Charlotte Observer / Jane Bussey

Oil prices rise over $29 a barrell Reuters via Houston Chronicle

Bankers network to beat $100,000 FDIC limit for CDs, bank accounts LA times via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Kathy Kristof

With Oversupply On Wane, Hiring May Begin Again Wall Street Journal via Hartford Courant / Greg Ip

NY: Study: NY Economy Needs New Agenda Newsday / Randi Marshall

Argentina 'in new debt default' BBC News

Time to delist Qwest? Rocky Mountain News / Jeff Smith

Up, up and...down CNN / Bethany McLean

MA: Mass. apartment rents tops in US Boston Globe / Thomas Grillo

Treasury Policy an Issue in Case of an Accused Inside Trader reg NY Times / Jonathan Fuerbringer

New York’s Spitzer calls Black Rock, Federated Pittsburgh Tribune Review

DC: D.C. condo, house prices still rising Washington Business Journal / Jeff Clabaugh

China: Taiwan won't take sides at WTO Taipei Times / Jessie Ho

China: Taiwan supports bond initiative Taipei Times / Joyce Huang

Foreigners still seek Treasuries despite deficit Reuters via Yahoo / Simon Johnson

Bernanke Points Way to Thinking Outside the Cycle Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Gold Rises to Highest in Almost 7 Years in London as Euro Gains Bloomberg

CIBC to pay $52 mln fine to bond buyers-WSJ report Reuters

Accounting tricks remain widespread, exec says Rocky Mountain News

AZ: Your property tax bill, gasp, is on the way Arizona Republic / Mike Finea

New Fall Season for M&A: Fueled by Junk? / Stephen Taub

Weak Economy Hurts Even Death Reuters via Washington Post

Survey Says Health Insurance Premiums Rose in Past Year Washington Post / Bill Brubaker

 WI: Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings in area have doubled this year Milwaukee Journal / Paul Gores

WA: Purchasing managers optimistic Seattle Times / Stephen H. Dunphy

Mortgage demand loses steam Reuters via CNBC – MSNBC

 In What Could Become a Trend, Texas Borrows for Jobless Fund Bond Buyer / Elizabeth Albanese

Treasuries Gain as Investors Pare Bets for Interest Rate Rise Bloomberg

CA: Fewer can pay O.C. rent Orange County Register / Hang Nguyen

CA: Gas profit margin soars 152% in state Bloomberg via Orange County Register

Why $87 billion fight in Iraq is worth every cent Chicago Sun Times

Preparing for a Mexican marathon The Economist

Spitzer's Extortion Racket Shakes Down the Wrong Target Fall Street via Safehaven / Willett and Alway 

Texas-Sized Tomfoolery Ludwig von Mises Institute / Tim Swanson 

Some Funds Allow Traders to Frequently Move Money NY Times via IWon / Riva Atlas

Boost for UK economy as trade gap shrinks FT / Anna Fifield

The Corporate Bond Market could hold the key for stocks CNN / Justin Lahart

How The Government Is Using A Shell Game To Fool You NY Post / John Crudele

Target: Grasso NY Post / Jenny Anderson

New Issue-Freddie Mac sells $8 billion of bills Reuters via Yahoo

Freddie Mac to sell $4 bln 5-year notes Wednesday Reuters via Yahoo

The Real Cancun Daily Standard / Irwin Stelzer

Buy-Side MBS Chief Departs Bond Week via Institutional Investor

EU is split on deficits of Germany and France AP and Bloomberg via International Herald Tribune

Russia: Giant Crisis-Burned Banks Tiptoe Back Bloomberg via Moscow Times / Guy Faulconbridge and Christine Harper

Russia: City Unveils $12Bln Budget for 2004 Moscow Times / Anatoly Medetsky




Canada: The Excessive 80s Canadian Business via Toronto Star / Denis Seguin

Buy my house, please! CNN / Sarah Max

Ex-Treasurer of Enron Is Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison NY Times / Kenneth Gilpin

NY: $200M lifts plan to run electricity cables to NYC Albany Times Union / Kenneth Aaron

A Testimony to Parabolic Analysis Clif Droke Market Analysis via Safehaven / Clif Droke

A world of risk CNN / Justin Lahart

J.P. Morgan, Barrick gold conspiracy to get day in court Financial Post / Ian Karleff

Kirchner closes the kitty The Economist

Requests to refinance home loans jumps 45.5% Reuters via CNN

Trade And Trade-Offs Washington Post / Steven Pearlstein

NYSE's Pay Board Should Quit, Not Dick Grasso Bloomberg / Graef Crystal

Treasury to Stop Issuing HH Savings Bonds AP via Miami Herald / Eileen Alt Powell

Moon Shot  Daily Standard / Erin Montgomery

IMF-Led Lenders Pledge Argentina $21 Bln in Loans Bloomberg

NV: Vegas economy rebounds after Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, recession Las Vegas Sun / Adam Goldman

Canadian Bonds Rise as 2nd-Qtr Capacity Utilization Declines Bloomberg

Argentina 'agrees new IMF deal' BBC News

Canada: Inflation to continue falling, says Bank of Canada governor CP via / Emily Yearwood-Lee

The price of health US News / Paul Lim 

Health-plan premiums spike 14 pct. in one year Philadelphia Inquirer / Tony Pugh

US mortgage lenders issue warnings FT / Gary Silverman, Jenny Wiggins and Charles Pretzlik

Snow Seeks New Agency to Regulate Freddie, Fannie Bloomberg

DLJ Junk Bonds Jilt Credit Suisse Forbes / Nathan Vardi

Raises in 2003 were smallest in 27 years: survey Chicago Sun Times / Francine Knowles

Smokestack Smoke National Review / Bruce Bartlett

 House OKs plans to ease Cuban sanctions; White House vows to veto South Florida Sun Sentinel / Rafael Lorente

Mortgage foreclosures fall Reuters via CNBC - MSNBC

 New regulator sought for Freddie, Fannie CBS Market Watch / Matt Andrejczak

Grasso's brass neck The Economist

Exporting U.S. Jobs New American / William Norman Grigg

Russia: Oil Engine Running Too Hot for the IMF Moscow Times

Bush asks Fed vice chairman to stay on for another term AP via Indianapolis Star

Bush Amtrak Plan Stirs Concern In States Stateline / Erin Madigan

Gold soars on global tensions BBC News

Four Things to Worry About in the Muni Bond Market Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Business-Cycle Dynamics Come Under Microscope Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Italy Economy Contracts in Second Quarter AP via Biloxi Sun Herald  

What is Interventionism? Ludwig von Mises Institute / George Reisman

Snow to Offer Treasury Oversight of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Bloomberg

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac bill sale calendar Reuters via Yahoo

TN: Higher mortgage rates help spur increase in home sales Tennessean / Kathy Carlson

KC Federal Reserve Bank announces appointments Kansas City Star / Dan Margolies

MO: Think twice before razing affordable housing Kansas City Star / Rick Babson

U.S. Treasuries May Rise on Concerns Stalled Job Growth Will Hurt Spending Bloomberg

Japan's 2nd-Qtr GDP Growth Revised to 1% From 0.6% Bloomberg




What's real story on plywood price jump? Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

Wasting a Good Opportunity National Review / Brian Riedl

NY: Power Line Co. Seeks Liberty Bonds Bond Buyer / Michael McDonald

Protesters try to derail global trade talks Washington Times / Jeffrey Sparshott

Canada: Car buyers won't pay much more in 2004 Toronto Star / Tony Van Alphen

Counting Grasso’s ‘Blessings’ Newsday / Susan Harrigan

WI: Area sales of existing homes hit a sizzling pace in August Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Europe Weighs Hedge Fund Regulation Compliance Reporter via Institutional Investor / Simon Kennedy

Most Economists Say Argentina Should Have Paid IMF Internet Securities via Institutional Investor

Mortgage rates plunge in latest week Reuters via USA Today

Isabel threatens U.S., insurers CNN / Chris Isidore

Big Board Chief Gave Up Millions Only After Nudge reg NY Times / Landon Thomas Jr. and Floyd Norris

This time's different CNN / Justin Lahart

Bond Sales, A Lifeblood For Italians, Face Problems reg NY Times / Eric Silvers

Qwest Bonds Gain; Directories Unit Sale Seen as Boon Bloomberg

CA: University writes off hedge fund investment Financial Post / Sean Silcoff

The score: $48 million gone, $139.5 million kept Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

Krugman the Keynesian Ludwig von Mises Institute / William Anderson

Now You See It, Now You Don’t  NY Post / Paul Tharp

U.S. corporate bond new issues Reuters via Yahoo

Unrealistic Expectations? Prudent Bear via Safehaven / Chad Hudson 

Bank traders get the word Charlotte Observer / Sarah Jane Tribble and Rick Rothacker

FL: State owes U.S. $267 million, feds say Miami Herald / Joni James

NC: Lobbying groups cut back Raleigh News and Observer / Chris Serres

Trade deficit widens to $40.3 billion in July AP via USA Today

Many workers ready to quit once job market heals USA Today / Stephanie Armour

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TX: Existing-home sales rise in N. Texas for August Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Andrea Jares

 CA: Foreclosures may rise if job losses continue San Francisco Chronicle / Kelly Zito

Home Mortgage Foreclosures Fall but Delinquencies Rise in Second Quarter reg AP via LA Times

Japan: April-June GDP up a real 1% Japan Times

Brokerage's survival gives comfort, purpose to 'Cantor families' Newhouse News via Minneapolis St Paul Star Tribune / Sam Ali

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Dollar Rises Versus Euro; Report May Show Rise in U.S. Spending Bloomberg

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Calif. Sets Sept. 23 for Tobacco Bond Sale Reuters and LA Times via LA Times

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NYSE to review Grasso's future pay FT / Andrei Postelnicu and Vincent Boland

Dollar Gains Against Euro as U.S. Spending, Confidence May Rise Bloomberg




CA: State's figure is at 6.6% in August, U.S. at 6.1%; economy still 'sluggish' San Diego Union Tribune / Michael Kinsman

U.S. Auto Sales Strength Difficult to Gauge Amid Incentives Reuters via Fox News

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Brazil seeking stronger ties Miami Herald / Andrew Downie

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Cost of war could make mortgage rates climb Miami Herald / Douglas Hanks III

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SEC and states try to repair relations FT / Adrian Mitchell

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Treasury's modernizing program spells an end to popular HH Savings Bonds AP via Omaha World Herald



N.Y.C. to Restructure Tobacco Debt Bond Buyer / Michael McDonald

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U.S. corporate bond new issues Reuters via Yahoo

U.S. August Production Rises 0.1%; Plant-Use 74.6% Bloomberg

U.S. Treasuries Fall as Reports Shows Gains in Manufacturing Bloomberg

NYSE still not leading by example AP via Kansas City Star / Rachel Beck

Middle class barely treads water USA Today / Christine Dugas

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Longer life spans may lead to cheaper life insurance policies Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Teresa McUsic 

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UK: House price index at odds with estate agents FT / Anna Fifield

Euro rallies against krona as Swedes vote "no" FT

FUND VIEW-U.S. REITs attractive as yields beat bonds-Janus Reuters / Sabyasachi Mitra

Focus on future of euro now turns to Britain International Herald Tribune / Eric Pfanner

China's Consumer Prices Rise Fastest in Four Months Bloomberg

Swedes Reject Euro in Setback for Exporters, Prime Minister Bloomberg

Treasuries Poised for Longest Rally in a Year, Survey Shows Bloomberg