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Greenspan, Snow Topple U.K.'s King at G-7 Tennis Bloomberg / Simon Kennedy

G24 demand for greater IMF clout BBC News

NYSE has new trading collar levels UPI via Washington Times

Municipal bonds draw all types of investors Oakland Tribune / David Morrill

Asian Doubts Regarding the Dollar Lew Rockwell / Gary North

The Oil Bubble: Set to Burst? National Review / Frederick P. Leuffer

CEO departures on the rise Globe and Mail / Terry Weber

NY Fed's Geithner warns of large bank, GSE risks Reuters

Changes in the Structure of the U.S. Financial System and Implications for Systemic Risk Federal Reserve Board / Timothy F. Geithner

Merrill: Fed Is Key to Markets. Not Elections Reuters

U.S. Payrolls to Hog Limelight Reuters / Ana Nicolaci da Costa

Jobs report won't be a clean read CBS Marketwatch via 1st Headlines / Rex Nutting

Gold going on five-session streak CBS Marketwatch / Myra P. Saefong

Auto sales rise, but at a price Chicago Tribune / Rick Popely

The Hunt for a Black October / Donald Luskin

NY: Manhattan apts. rising NY Daily News / Lore Croghan

New Swiss asset management firm launched Investment and Pensions Europe

Record week for commodity prices FT / Kevin Morrison

What Stock Analysts Are Good For The Slate / Henry Blodge

Other People's Money Meets Other People's Talent The Slate / Daniel Gross

Greenspan alerts Congress on options Reuters via CNN

Inviting China to dinner The Economist

Savings shame Cox News via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Michael E. Kanell

Traffic up, not revenue Dallas Morning News / Eric Torbenson

Ford Reports Disappointing U.S. Sales AP via Forbes

Corporate bonds enjoy best quarter of year FT / Ivar Simensen

Can Hedge Funds Survive Onslaught of Bureaucrats? Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Commodities: Not such a good refuge Dallas Morning News / Pamela Yip

Crude settles at more than $50 a barrel Reuters via Houston Chronicle

WI: Factories feel rising cost of fuel through surcharges Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Paul Gores

'Elementary' Knowledge, Oblivious Behavior? Market Watch / Elliott Wave

Getting a Grip on Slippery Logic About Oil Futures Focus / Elliott Wave

US Treasuries on the ropes, bears press advantage Reuters / Wayne Cole

Gotta eat? It's not cheap Sacramento Bee via Orange County Register / Deb Kollars

China agrees to move 'steadily' toward flexible currency AP via Houston Chronicle

CA: Governor vetoes more bills that would restrict offshoring Mercury News / Karl Schoenberger

Asian Doubts Regarding the Dollar Lew Rockwell / Gary North

Managing Inflation Expectations The Speculative Investor via Safehaven / Steve Saville

A stormy economic scenario Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

U.S. September ISM Manufacturing Index Falls to 58.5 Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

U.S. Treasuries Remain Lower After ISM Employment Index Rises Bloomberg / Vivianne C. Rodrigues

Citigroup bond trade was "knuckle-headed" –CEO Reuters

China's fixation: Not a bad thing Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Hedge Fund Boss Busted For Fraud NY Post / Jenny Anderson

Can Hedge Funds Survive Onslaught of Bureaucrats? Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Gold, resource funds outperform in Q3 CBS Marketwatch via 1st Headlines / Alistair Barr

Japanese Bonds Fall for Fourth Day, Longest Decline Since June Bloomberg / Chris Cooper

With China at G-7, new leverage Christian Science Monitor / David R. Francis

Russia: World Bank Says Spend Excess Cash Reuters via Moscow Times

Why Africa keeps fighting over oil Christian Science Monitor / Michael Peel

Fannie Mae Said to Be Focus of a Criminal Investigation NY Times / Jennifer 8. Lee

A Vast Arms Buildup, Yet Not Enough for Wars NY Times / Tim Werner


Be wary of creativity LA Daily News / Gregory J. Wilcox

Canada: Good bank merger policy is worth waiting for Toronto Star / David Crane

Juggling act CNN / Mark Gongloff

Banks Don't `See Much Future' in Argentina, IIF Says Bloomberg / Andrew J. Barden

With Fannie Mae's house in disorder, the effects may be felt throughout world's economy NY Times via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Gretchen Morgenson

Falling pay, rising costs have many stretched thin Dallas Morning News / Katherine Yung

Korea: Property Seizures Doubled Korea Times / Lee Hyo-sik

A cold financial reality Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

Senator's Tax Plan May Not Raise All He Expects LA Times / Kathy Kristof

Halliburton vs. the headlines Dallas Morning News / Gregg Jones

Dallas newspaper announces management changes AP via Houston Chronicle

Venezuela official: Economy to rise in '04 AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer

Wal-Mart sales at low end of forecast Reuters via CNN

Fired CEO Conway takes away a bundle Mercury News / Mark Schwanhausser

Lukoil Begins Effort to Build Ties Globally NY Times / Jeff Gerth

U.S. 10-Year Note Falls for 1st Week in 4 on Outlook for Growth Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Dollar Falls for Week on Tame U.S. Inflation, Consumer Spending Bloomberg / Mark Tannenbaum

Washington events for Oct. 4-10 CBS Marketwatch via 1st Headlines

The Outer Limits? Contrary Investor via Safehaven

The Big Picture SBRB Management via Safehaven / Don Delavan

With Interest: A dangerous U.S. dependence IHT / Daniel Altman

UK: Agency predicts 20% drop in house prices Guardian / Rupert Jones and Charlotte Moore

Barclays denies 'fleecing' clients Guardian / Nils Pratley

NY: Saks closure in store Newsday / Lauren Weber



Address by Rodrigo de Rato Managing Director and Chairman of the Executive Board To the Board of Governors of the IMF IMF

Fed's Olson sees some economic damage from oil Reuters

FACTBOX-U.S. Fed policymakers' recent comments Reuters

Cost of food rises at the fastest pace since 1990 Sacramento Bee / Deb Kollars

New corporate bonds a way to beat inflation Wichita Eagle

Jobs Report Could Set Direction of Market AP via Morning Call / Michael J. Martinez

Canada: Crash — what crash? Toronto Star / Tony Wong

Russia: Yukos 'has dented confidence' FT / Chris Giles, Andrew Balls and Christopher Swann

Rebound in Japan leads Asian markets to firmer levels AFP via Taipei Times

Jobs and economic growth forge an uneven relationship Miami Herald / Gregg Fields

Early October gain may be sign of what's to come Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

CITI Slicker NY Post / Jenny Anderson

The ups and downs of stable value funds San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

Cuba’s economy keeps plugging along Knight Ridder via The State /  Nancy San Martin

Uncertainty Translates Into Losses Washington Post / Griff Witte

IMF, G-7 Seek `Bold' Changes to Protect Growth Amid Threats Bloomberg / Julie Ziegler

Finance Leaders Can't Resolve Debt Relief AP via LA Times / Harry Dunphy

Mexico: Border Factories Up and Humming LA Times / Marla Dickerson

Hurricanes Restrained Hiring in September: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Vince Golle

Snow Says High Oil Price Creates `Economic Headwind' to Growth Bloomberg / Simon Kennedy

How much for a lump of coal? Denver Post / A Lewis

A Shackled IRS Washington Post / Albert B. Crenshaw

Why Stocks Could Finish Strong Wall Street Journal via Denver Post / E. S. Browning

Double-digit returns go the way of dodo bird St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

Keep presidential politics out of your portfolio St. Louis Post Dispatch / Gregory Cancelada

How to Ride the Yield Curve (Without Losing Your Balance) NY Times / Jonathan Fuerbringer

UK: Cantor sings a new tune Guardian / Frank Kane

Thou Shalt Not Increase G.D.P. NY Times / Daniel Gross

Which Version of Jobs Data Do You Want NY Times / Jonathan Fuerbringer

A Seismic Shift Under the House of Fannie Mae NY Times / Timothy L. O’Brien and Jennifer 8. Lee

UK: Bank fear on house prices Guardian / Heather Stewart

Fannie woes played down Newsday via Baltimore Sun / Randi F. Marshall

'Helpful' politicians unneeded by markets Dallas Morning News via Arizona Republic / Bill Deener

Democratic presidents? Wall Street has fared well Cincinnati Enquirer / John Byczkowski

Brokers' motivation becoming more clear Wall Street Journal via Minneapolis Star Tribune / Tom Lauricella

UK high street banks in Citigroup's sights Guardian / Richard Wachman

MD: Millennium's erratic figures bring a closer look from SEC Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

India's Ballooning Public Debt Gets a Breather Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee




Remarks by Anne O. Krueger at the Lunch for African Governors of the IMF IMF / Anne O. Krueger

The hungry, hungry herd The Warsaw Business Journal via Fiend’s SuperBear Page / Zbigniew Piekarski

Mixing it up in Miami The Economist

China holds firm over yuan reform BBC News

Economic ups and downs Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Another way you can diversify Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

Economists predict solid US economy under Bush or Kerry AFP via Political Gateway and America Economies

The FASB Express / Tim Reason

IRS Closed 400 Audits In FY 2004 Bond Buyer / Susanna Duff Barnett

U.S. Treasury near debt ceiling limit Reuters / Glenn Somerville

U.S. Treasury prices flat before Greenspan speech Reuters

Treasury prices mixed amid firmer equities FT / Charles Batchelor and Barney Jopson

Spreads come under more tightening pressure Reuters

Long bonds gain; dollar rallies CNN

World Population Trends and Challenges Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis / William Poole

Candidates' policy differences and their affect on finances CBS Marketwatch via 1st Headlines / Thomas Kostigen

Government Accounting Worse Than Private Sector Reuters / Lisa Jucca

FDIC, Federal Banking Agencies and Treasury Enter Agreement to Strengthen BSA Compliance FDIC

Oil Prices Back Off High of $50 a Barrel AP via Morning Call / Brad Foss

Commodity Markets Bulge as Investors Gorge Reuters / Alden Bentley

Canadians pulled $350M out of mutual funds in September, IFIC estimates CP via / David Paddon

Remarks by FDIC Chairman Don Powell ABA Annual Convention New York, New York FDIC

UK: Higher growth will still leave Brown short The Scotsman / Nick Bevens

Canada: Greenback gains as oil fears ease Ottawa Business Journal

Where Did the Dollar Go... & Where WILL It Go Next? Market Watch / Elliott Wave

Freddie Mac Announces Changes in Division AP via Newsday

Restructuring of Mortgage Securities Operations Unit Announced Freddie Mac

Most and least expensive markets CNN / Sarah Max

ETF Assets On the Rise Dow Jones via / Tara Siegel Bernard

Hitting the Bull's-eye in Lean Hogs Futures Focus / Elliott Wave

As Deadlines Hit, Rolls of Voters Show Big Surge NY Times via / Kate Zernike and Ford Fessenden

How U.S. Income Tax Cuts Are Really Tax Increases Bloomberg / John Wasik

IL: Trading fulfills mutual needs Chicago Tribune / Rob Kaiser

Fed's Santomero Speaks: Inflation Targeting Proposal audio Bloomberg

Fed's Poole says favors raising US retirement age Reuters

U.S. economy coming out of soft spot-Fed's Bies Reuters

Raise Fannie capital requirements-Fed economists Reuters

Finding bargains in bond funds Reuters

Mutual funds emerge from dry summer AP via Washington Times

'World Bank' for sale on eBay CNN

Fannie Mae Stock Ratings Warrant Their Own Analysis Washington Post / Jerry Knight

Office Depot chief quits Reuters via FT

Top-tier auditors dumping smaller clients Seattle Times / Drew DeSilver

Dollar gains after G-7 meeting; Currency market awaits U.S. payrolls report CBS Marketwatch via Google News / Rachel Koning & Osamu Tsukimori

Factory Orders Show Consumers Maintain Demand Bloomberg / Joe Richter

Gold geezers pleased but patient CBS Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Monetary Policy and Inflation Targeting in the United States Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia / Anthony M. Santomero

Waiting six months before you buy could save your home Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Untapped home-loan market: immigrants Denver Post / Macario Juarez Jr.

Fed's Santomero sees low inflation Reuters via CNN

The Implementation of Basel II: Some Issues for Cross-Border Banking Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

Predictable talking heads CNN / Kathleen Hayes

U.S. Treasuries Fall as Drop in Oil Prices Eases Growth Concern Bloomberg / Richard Blackden and Vivianne C. Rodrigues

Chinese, Oil Woes Squeeze Economy NY Post / Paul Tharp

Yahoo CFO makes huge gains Mercury News / Mark Schwanhausser and Jack Davis

Brown's plan to foil eastern challenge Guardian / Larry Elliott

IMF must learn the golden rule Guardian / Larry Elliott

Hedge funds to come under closer scrutiny Guardian / Larry Elliott

At IMF, U.S. bows to pressure to forgive debt NY Times via IHT / Elizabeth Becker

A rate rebound for cash investors Christian Science Monitor / Thomas Watterson

Stuck in a soft patch Christian Science Monitor / Thomas Watterson

A break for investors: lower fees on index offerings Christian Science Monitor / Thomas Watterson

Why Asia Doesn't Have a Greenspan or Trichet Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Dollar Rises After China Offers No Timetable on Yuan Change Bloomberg / John Brinsley

Crude Oil Futures Decline After Peace Accord Holds in Nigeria Bloomberg / Gavin Evans and Shigeru Fujimoto

Japanese Bonds Slide Ahead of 1.9 Trillion Yen Sale Tomorrow Bloomberg

ECB May Keep Rate at 2% as Growth Prospects Cool, Survey Shows Bloomberg / John Fraher

Bank of England May Keep Benchmark Rate Unchanged, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Duncan Hooper

Hedge funds threaten world growth, says IMF Telegraph / Edmund Conway

The End of Denial: Trouble for the Global Economy via Safehaven / Michael Hampton

Dollar Poised to Drop; Record Oil Prices May Slow U.S. Economy Bloomberg / Joshua Krongold


Space invaders The Economist

All eyes on the jobs number US News / Paul J. Lim

Changes in Pricing Policies Bond Buyer / Lynn Hume

2 differing views on job market Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Fannie Mae chief is ready for a fight FT / Jenny Wiggins

WI: Resin prices are too plastic Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Rick Barrett

Recovery fails to cut EU jobless rate FT / George Parker and Bertrand Benoit

Candidates avoid debt problem USA Today via Detroit News and America Economies / Dennis Cauchon and John Waggoner

Gold, silver futures close near six-month highs AFN via Kitco

Inflation Lurks / Scott Patterson

UK gilt prices up as rate pressures ease FT / Päivi Munter and Barney Jopson

Treasury Bond Market at a Glance AP via ABC News and 1st Headlines

ECB chief won't give Fed advice on transparency CBS Marketwatch /  Gregory Robb

Oil prices settle above $51 a barrel Reuters via Houston Chronicle

Billionaire aims to burst Bush's bubble Denver Post / Al Lewis

Bush, Kerry in Statistical Tie in 2 Nationwide Polls Bloomberg / Michael Forsythe

President signs law to extend tax cuts AP via Orange County Register / Deb Riechmann

NV: Currency, counterfeiters continuing evolution Las Vegas Sun / Liz Benston

Banknorth deal in-cents-es investors Boston Herald / Brett Arends

Fannie chief to testify before House panel Wednesday CBS Marketwatch /  Robert Schroeder

Starbucks vs. Its Addicts The Slate / Daniel Gross

EU: Brussels maintains forecast of 'timid' recovery AFP via EU Business

The taming of the shrewd The Economist

The 'Negative Trends That Follow' Market Watch / Elliott Wave

Three Rules Every Coffee Drinker Needs To Know Futures Focus / Elliott Wave

Monetary Explanations of the Great Depression: A Selective Survey of Empirical Evidence pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Modeling the Term Structure of Interest Rates: An Introduction pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta / Mark Fisher

The World at $50 per Barrel Daily Standard / Irwin Stelzer

Soybeans Decline, Beef Futures Mixed AP via Miami Herlad

FL: Demand for home equity surges Orlando Sentinel via Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel / Richard Burnett

Zero-down mortgage initiative by Bush is hit Boston Globe / Chris Reidy

White House expects upward revision to jobs data Reuters / Tim Ahmann

Japan's Bond Auction Draws Second-Highest Demand Ever Bloomberg / Chris Cooper and Keiko Ujikane

Medicaid is fastest-growing squeeze on state budgets / Erin Madigan

Greenspan says better banking rules benefit economy Reuters

And oil, Mr. Greenspan? CNN / Kathleen Hayes

Why Fannie Mae’s Boss Wants Kerry To Win NY Post / John Crudele

Job-cut plans jump in September CNN

Charge that to my house CNN / Sarah Max

Soros Hands Control of Hedge Fund Firm to His Sons Bloomberg / Katherine Burton

Suspense is building at Blockbuster Dallas Morning News / Maria Halkias

Remarks by Chairman Alan Greenspan on Banking Federal Reserve Board / Alan Greenspan

September Non-Manufacturing ISM Report on Business ISM

Crude Oil Prices Surge to All-Time High AP via Forbes

The X Prize And The Wrights Forbes / Dan Ackman

From clicks to bricks and mortar Orange County Register / Mary Ann Milbourn

Wasserstein in Bidding for Thomson Media NY Post / Eric Copulsky and Keith Kelly

$500M Jacko-Pot NY Post / Tim Arango

Japan's Regulators Looking Tougher NY Times / Todd Zain

Pension Failures Foil 6-Figure Retirements, Too NY Times / John Leland and Mary Williams Walsh

Wall Street Bonus Increases May Be Limited by Revenue Decline Bloomberg / George Stein

U.S. to Rein in Holiday Spending Reuters

Central Bank Gold Sales to Cease? Gold-Authentic Money via Safehaven / Julian D. W. Phillips

Moneyization, Part One Value View Gold Report via Safehaven / Ned W. Schmidt

IMF warns hedge funds over commodity speculation Sydney Morning Herald / Edmund Conway

Stocks' Rally, at Age Two, Still Just a Baby Bull Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Japan Sets 1.5 Percent Coupon on 10-Year Bonds for Sale Today Bloomberg / Chris Cooper

Funds: U.S. economy tops list of Asia funds' concerns AFX and Reuters via IHT

Fed, Not G-7, May Decide China's Move on Yuan Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

Yen May Strengthen After Two Quarterly Declines, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Steve Rothwell

Russian boom lifts BP profit Guardian / Terry Macalister

Russia: As City Prices Stagnate, Western Suburbs Soar Moscow Times / Denis Maternovsky

Russia: Paper: Putin Aide Took Iraqi Oil Cash Moscow Times / Greg Walters



San Diego Council OKs Pension Plan Bond Buyer / Rich Saskal

Corning to take nearly $3 billion in charges, cites gloomy telecom outlook AP via Newsday and Google News

Were more jobs created? Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

BMA to Honor Peter R. Fisher with its 2004 Distinguished Service Award Bond Market Association

Interest rates rattle Swiss funds, report says Investment and Pensions Europe

Remarks Prepared for Delivery by FDIC Chairman Don Powell to The National Bankers Association 77th Annual Convention Nashville FDIC

UK: Third fall in a row for UK factory output The Scotsman

Canada: Royal nudges up its mortgage rates CP via Toronto Star

Canada: Ontario economy needs new strategy for growth Toronto Star / David Crane

Short-term changes may not show new trend St. Louis Post Dispatch / Eric Heisler

Halliburton Hot Air National Review / Jerry Bowyer

Lost job is familiar story in key state of Ohio St. Louis Post Dispatch / Bill Lambrecht

Fed's Hoenig - impact from oil on US growth modest Reuters

FOMC Transparency Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis / William Poole

Stock-option expensing likelier with Greenspan's support CBS Marketwatch / Heather Wilson

Merrill Lynch's Rosenberg: U.S. Economy, Jobs, Bond Market audio Bloomberg

Capital Group Loses Client LA Times / Tom Petruno

Canada: August data still points to another bumper year for bankruptcies Ottawa Business Journal / Leo Valiquette

Canada: RBC sees steady gains for Ontario economy Ottawa Business Journal / Leo Valiquette

Jobs report could be central to campaign Reuters via CNN

Money fund yields rise CBS Marketwatch via 1st Headlines / Jonathan Burton

Bonds Finish Lower Dow Jones via / Ramez Mikdashi

S.C. market unlikely to burst The State / James D. McWilliams

NC: Pay raises lose to insurance News Observer / Karen Rives

A Blind Date with a Hot Commodity Futures Focus / Elliott Wave

Nigeria strike worries push oil prices over $52 AP via Dallas Morning News

Presidential candidates seek jobs boost BBC / Stephen Evans

Misconduct? It's Only Half the Story.... Market Watch / Elliott Wave

Blockbuster split-off a done deal Dallas Morning News / Maria Kalkias

A Slight Fall Chill / Monica Rivituso

After the gold rush CNN / Mark Gongloff

Questions and Reflections on the Personal Saving Rate Federal Reserve Board / Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.

Dollar Down In October Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Brazil Plans to Sell $750 Million of 15-Year Bonds Bloomberg / Jeb Blount

Knight Trading Group Warns of Loss Reuters

Australian Central Bank Keeps Rate Unchanged at 5.25% Bloomberg / Victoria Batchelor

U.S. Files WTO Case Against Europe Over Airbus Aid Bloomberg / Mark Drajem

Bank of Taiwan increases interest rates Taipei Times / Joyce Huang

Former Fed Governor Meyer: Fed, U.S. Economic Outlook audio Bloomberg

On Fannie's Board, Many Bonds Washington Post / David A. Vise and Jeffrey H. Birnbaum

Companies keep assets liquid Dallas Morning News / Bill Deener

Toys R Us has a lot riding on the holidays AP via Indianapolis Star / Anne D'Innocenzio

From boom to bust, eventually Taipei Times / Robert Shiller

Treasurys decline on jobs worries CBS Marketwatch via 1st Headlines / Kate Gibson

BondWorks Institutional Advisors via Safehaven / Levente Mady

FL: Four storms later, port bottlenecked Miami Herald / Jane Bussey

Government Contractors versus Real Business Ludwig von Mises Institute / Lew Rockwell

Government Economic Reports: Things You've Suspected but Were Afraid to Ask! -- GDP Gillespie Research via Safehaven / Douglas R. Gillespie

Gold may be the best investment option today Ame Info via Fiends SuperBear Page

US Treasuries back away before five-year auction Reuters

Moody's may upgrade Slovakia's credit rating Reuters

Sterling grounded by soft industrial data FT / Steve Johnson

CBOT adds gold, silver contracts Chicago Tribune

A bird in the hand is worth a skeptical look Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Gelles

Taking refi heart CNN / Kathleen Hayes

Fannie, Freddie And Free Markets Forbes / Ira Carnahan

UK: House prices show renewed vigour BBC News

120% rate for Wells' advances San Francisco Chronicle / David Lazarus

Fannie Mae's Regulator Sees `Prolonged' Accounting Failures Bloomberg / Al Yoon

Snow, Clement Miss Mark on Oil-Price Speculation Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

Bill Gross's `Con Job' Was Inaccurate and Flawed Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Standard & Poor's to Evaluate Muni Swaps Exposure Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Only `Shock' Is 4 Percent U.S. Economic Growth Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

UK: House prices 'to mark time for six years' Telegraph / Nina Montagu-Smith

A Clash of Goals in Bush's Efforts on the Income Tax NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

Long Insulated, Fannie Mae Feels Political Heat NY Times / Jennifer 8. Lee and Eric Dash

Eurozone jobs claim Guardian / David Gow

Russia: IT Industry Lags Behind Talent Moscow Times / Maria Levitov

Oil Prices and the Stock Market: The Missing Link Elliott Wave via Safehaven / Robert Folsom

Money Knockers John Mackenzie via Safehaven / John Mackenzie

German banks clean up as bad debt becomes good business IHT / Carter Dougherty

Is Your Job Coming to India? Get Used to It Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Japanese Bonds Gain as Gain in Oil Prices Drags Stocks Lower Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane



Don't blame him for the mortgage giant's scandal … yet The Slate / Henry Blodgett

The real scandal at Fannie Mae The Slate / Daniel Gross

Millionaires behind bars BBC News / Myles Neligan

Bank layoffs growing as mergers continue Dallas Morning News / Ieva M. Augstums

Betting on the Presidency / Scott Patterson

Job data unlikely to help Bush, say economists Baltimore Sun / Jamie Smith Hopkins

US's Taylor sees $80 billion Iraq debt write-off Reuters

Kerry, Bush Deadlocked in Ohio, Florida, Polls Say Bloomberg / James Rowley

Fed policy-makers warn on U.S. trade, job growth Reuters / Glenn Somerville

Weak economic data could make Fed pause-McTeer Reuters

Bond prices finish lower AP via Clarion Ledger

Commodity currencies take the spotlight FT / Steve Johnson

Oppenheimer's Gheit: Crude Oil Prices, Economy and Outlook audio Bloomberg

Mexico September Consumer Prices Rise 0.83 Percent Bloomberg / Andrew J. Barden

Parmalat to sue Bank of America BBC News

The Economist metals index The Economist

The dismal science bites back The Economist

How to pick a president The Economist

Mexico: Safe haven The Economist

G-force The Economist

UK: Out of Africa The Economist

One grid to rule them all The Economist

Monetary policy twenty-five years after October 1979 Federal Reserve Board / Alan Greenspan

Central Bank Talk and Monetary Policy Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

China’s Economy Is Cooling Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas / Dong Fu and Jahyeong Koo

OH: Fifth Third gains entree to Missouri Cincinnati Enquirer / Jeff McKinney

AT&T Cuts 7,400 Jobs, Asset Value by $11B AP via Newsday / Bruce Meyerson

The attraction of Minot, N.D. Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

Oil tops $53 as Gulf of Mexico output lags AP via Dallas Morning News

A wallet wind down? CNN / Kathleen Hayes

Jobless Claims Decline Sharply Last Week AP via Forbes

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Report U.S. Dept. of Labor

U.S. Fed policymakers' recent comments Reuters

WA: House prices keep on climbing Seattle Post Intelligencer / Brad Wong

CA: Home prices forecast to rise 15% in state Orange County Register / Alex Veiga

CA: Housing sales to slow a bit San Francisco Chronicle / Kelly Zito

Mortgage rates jump CNN

Social Security fix remains elusive Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Corporate tax bill heads to Senate, House AP via USA Today / Martin Crutsinger

Hotel operator Marriott's earnings up 45 per cent at US$133 million CP via / Stephen Manning

Commodities Index Rises to 23-Year High, Led by Oil and Metals Bloomberg / Stuart Wallace

New York Crude Oil Soars to Record $53 on Winter Supply Concern Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

Free Trade: What Do Economists Really Know? Federal Reserve Board / Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.

Fed's Ferguson-Protectionism won't help US trade gap Reuters

Ah, the beauty of imprecision Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

CO: Old Mutual revives funds scene Rocky Mountain News / James Paton

Freddie Mac's US note issuance may rise in 4th qtr Reuters

MI: Employer insurance rates' rise to ease up Detroit Free Press / Kim Norris

Bank of America Cutting 4,500 Jobs in Reorganization Bloomberg / Scott Silvestri

Yen helped by China revaluation talk FT / Steve Johnson

ECB keeps rates steady despite surging oil prices Expatica via Google News

Just Another Day in the Pit as Oil Tops $52 NY Times / Jonathan Fuerbringer

NY: Deal for Cigna Bond Unit Reuters via NY Times

An Inflationary Blow-Off Clif Droke Market Analysis via Safehaven / Clif Droke

U.S. Jobless Claims Probably Fell Last Week, Survey Finds Bloomberg / Joe Richter

The outsourcing of journalism Guardian / Randeep Ramesh

Chief Says Fannie Mae Did Nothing Wrong NY Times / Stephen Labaton

Negotiators Approve Big Tax Cuts for Business NY times / Edmund L. Andrews

UK: 3.6m now work for themselves Guardian / Ashley Seager

Bush's four years of failure Taipei Times / Joseph Stiglitz

Japanese Bonds May Rise as Record Oil Prices May Slow Growth Bloomberg / Chris Cooper

Yen Trades Near One-Week Low as Oil Prices Stoke Growth Concern Bloomberg / Taizo Hirose

Warming signs: thinner glaciers and saltier oceans Christian Science Monitor / Robert C. Owen

Inflation Lurks in the Dregs of My Starbucks Brew Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert


Job numbers disappoint US News / Paul J. Lim

Spitzer's new target: bathrooms Reuters via CNN

Tax Break Inc. Washington Post / Steven Pearlstein

US jobs report once again the key for bonds  FT / Jennifer Hughes

Debates whack TV networks CNN / Krysten Crawford

Obscure Economic Indicators, Part 5: Mexican Mortgages The Slate / Daniel Gross

Canada: Autumn Business Outlook Survey Bank of Canada

Adding Insult to the Lady's Misfortune? Market Watch / Elliott Wave

Number of tech workers plunges Contra Costa Times / Deborah Lohse and Mark Schwanhausser

Snow says not campaigning, pays Ohio 7th visit Reuters / Laura MacInnis

Solid Jobs. Solid GDP. National Review / Larry Kudlow

Govs’ 527 groups gain greenbacks, influence / Eric Kelderman

Tax Breaks For Luxembourg And Cleveland Forbes / Dan Ackman

CA: Loan demand hits the brakes Orange County Register / Mary Ann Milbourn

See the Forest AND the Trees with Futures Junctures Futures Focus / Elliott Wave

Recovery may falter on slow jobs growth Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Panel discussion: Safeguarding Good Policy Practice through Maintaining Flexibility Federal Reserve Board / Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.

U.S. Presidential Debate: Bush vs Kerry II audio Bloomberg

Bush, Kerry Race Deadlocked in National, State Polls Bloomberg / Jesse Westbrook

Air fare hike likely to finally stick, analyst says Reuters via USA Today

Cops crack 'forged' euro mystery BBC News

Comment Letter Issued on the SEC's Proposed Broker Rules for Banks FDIC

Jobs won't change Fed tack: Stern Reuters via CNN

New England Economic Update – 3rd Quarter pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Changing gears at the Fed? CNN / Kathleen Hayes

CT: Area Housing Market Still Robust Hartford Courant / Kenneth R. Gosselin

Argentina Reaches Debt Agreement With Pension Funds Bloomberg / Daniel Helft

September job growth weaker CNN / Chris Isidore

U.S. Treasury's Snow: Jobs Report, Economy, Deficit audio Bloomberg

Panel discussion: What Have We Learned Since October 1979? Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

U.S. mortgage rates fall Friday – BestInfo Reuters

Thomson to Sell Media Unit to Investcorp for $350 Mln Bloomberg / Catherine McLean

Treasuries Gain Most in Two Months on Below-Forecast Job Growth Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton and Vivianne C. Rodrigues

Emerging debt-Weak jobs report sparks strong rally Reuters / Greg Brosnan

Dollar falls as US appears to talk down greenback FT / Steve Johnson

Monthly Mutual Fund Report pdf Federal Reserve Board of Boston

Raiders of the Taxpayer's Money Ludwig von Mises Institute / Grant M. Nülle

Sovereign Bank economist: Recovery's on solid footing Morning Call / Kurt Blumenau

Municipal Auction Sale Nears Extinction in 17 States Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Win or Lose, Bush's `Ownership Society' Rolls on Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Canada's Dollar Is Up a Lot. That's Also the Bad News. NY Times / Ian Austen

U.S. Payrolls May Rise by 148,000 in September, Survey Finds Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

A New Morality Makes Old Deceptions Expensive for Wall Street NY Times / Floyd Norris

$50-plus oil drags on economy Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

Dollar Pares Gains; McTeer Says Current Account Hurts Currency Bloomberg / John Brinsley

UK: 'Mother of all bubbles' warning on house prices Guardian / Ashley Seager

UK: Gap between directors and workers widens Guardian / Julia Finch

Russia: 2nd Yukos Unit Hit With Tax Bill Moscow Times / Alex Nicholson

With Oil Prices Up, It Could Be a Long Winter NY Times / Jad Mouawad

Crude Oil May Rise From Record on Supply Concern, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Mark Shenk and Manash Goswami

Opec pledges to raise production as oil hits $53 Guardian / Larry Elliott and David Gow in Brussels

Japanese 20-Year Bonds Drop on View Report to Signal Growth Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane

India May Have a Bill Gross Before China Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.


Cross off variable annuities Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

Reprogrammed: Blazing productivity gains means some jobs no longer needed Dallas Morning News / Vikas Bajaj

Elections, Recessions and the Economy Thoughts From The Frontline via Safehaven / John Mauldin

With Interest: On rates, how much and how fast? IHT / Daniel Altman

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Job cuts at AT&T seen as 'matter of survival' Bloomberg via Buffalo News / Dana Cimilluca and Chris Johnson

NE: Rising oil prices hitting plastics Omaha World Herald / Jonathan Wegner

A tiger's growing thirst for oil Boston Globe / Jehangir Pocha

Australia: Strike while the copper is red-hot Sydney Morning Herald / james Chessell

Factory jobs decline again Bloomberg via Arizona Republic / Carlos Torres

Congress Approves $447B Defense Bill AP via Chicago Tribune and 1st Headlines

U.S. Textile Makers File Petition LA Times / Evelyn Iritani

Weak jobs growth dings Dubya Boston Herald / Jay Fitzgerald

FL: Hundreds of Florida eateries can't reopen Billings Gazette

New Tax Breaks Build the Deficit Ledger via Google News

Democrats, GOP spin numbers in September jobs report Toledo Blade via Google News / James Drew

U.S. Job Growth Slows, Raising New Concerns LA Times / Bill Sing

Report: U.S. firms bought oil from Iraq NY Times via Houston Chronicle / Judith Miller, Eric Lipton and Scott Shane

Australian government sweeps to victory FT / Virginia Marsh

Most U.S. workers satisfied San Francisco Chronicle / Dave Murphy

Big banks look to hedge funds to hold onto their high rollers AP via Omaha World Herald

Last Job Count Before Election: Always a Political Number NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

EU economists look in vain for benefits of euro Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Britain Feeling Pressed for Power NY Times / Alan Cowell




On trade, Bush is on offense, Kerry plays defense Dallas Morning News / Jim Landers

Economic Clarity Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

Variable annuities Spitzer's next stop Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Senate resolves passage of corporate tax, spending bills AP via USA today

Getting a measure of the impact of rising oil FT / Chris Flood

UK: JPMorgan to buy 50% stake in Cazenove FT / Charles Pretzlik and David Wighton

How to gauge fund manager changes CBS Marketwatch / Chuck Jaffe

CA: In sprawling suburbs, 'nowhere to go but up' AP via Baltimore Sun

Candidates Mum On Possible Housing Bubble NY Post / Terry Keenan

Bonds take off, besting stocks Baltimore Sun / Bill Atkinson

La. Senator Stalls Corporate Tax Bill AP via Orlando Sentinel / Martin Hutchinson

U.S. Treasury's Snow Cites `Headwinds' From Oil Price Bloomberg / Jim Efstathiou

Treasury secretary says oil prices to go down AP via Houston Chronicle / William C. Mann

Election Futures Gauge Investor Opinion Wall Street Journal via LA Daily News / Andrew Blackman

What Could Ease Sting of Health Costs Wall Street Journal via LA Daily News / Sarah Lueck

Political jabs miss the real job issue Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Rich Get Lost In Space NY Post / Diane Hess

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Monthly Bill Fatigue Washington Post / Christopher Stern

Bankruptcy fix could do more damage Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

Economic advisers to Bush, Kerry seem stuck in the past St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

Route to profits flying overseas Chicago Tribune / Susan Chandler and Mark Skertic

Ever-rising oil prices may raise Fed rates Miami Herald / Harriet Johnson Brackey

Retail Sales, Factory Production Rise: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Equity Office, U.S. Bancorp Led Borrowers of $6 Bln Last Week Bloomberg / David Russell

A Holiday to Buy For Washington Post / Kathy Lally

Bull market in oil poised for correction Toronto Star / Bill Carrigan

True roots of job losses San Antonio Express Courier / Bonnie Pfister

"Apprentice" contestant big on bosses Denver Post / Al Lewis

Investment strategies must shift with realities Boston Globe / Charles Stein

Book Review: Bush wagers on U.S. economy San Antonio Express Courier / Bill Day

Technically speaking, market looks weak to analyst Bloomberg via Omaha World Herald

If America Is Richer, Why Are Its Families So Much Less Secure? LA Times / Peter G. Gosselin

Economic recovery affected by all the steel in China Cleveland Plain Dealer / Steve Talbott

Waiting for Job Data Is a Waste LA Times / Tom Petruno

Saudi Arabia, Gulf States Plan to Boost Oil Capacity Bloomberg / Sean Evers

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Erase Debt Now. (Lose Your House Later.) NY Times / Michael Moss

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Lies and the Lying C.E.O.'s Who Tell Them NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

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Edward C. Prescott Awarded 2004 Nobel Prize in Economics Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Is tide of debt turning? Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

US Struggles in Global Jobs Race; Dollar to Suffer Reuters / Jamie McGeever

$17 an hour : Rise of the Temp Washington Post / Jonathan Weisman

Oil Prices Seen Lowering U.S. Discounters' Forecasts Reuters / Belinda Goldsmith

Institutional Flows Won't Dull Hedge Fund Spirit Reuters / Pratima Desai

EU: US elections seen affecting asset managers Investment and Pensions Europe

India's struggle to befriend investors BBC News / Mark Tully

John Dessauer's dollar dance CBS Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Sellers Take Day Off / Igor Greenwald

The Trouble with 'Inevitable Possibilities' Futures Focus / Elliott Wave

A Stunning Case of 'Serendipity' European Market Watch / Elliott Wave

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Fannie Mae Under the Gun Alyx Funds via Safehaven / Ram Seshadri

Fannie Mae Salaries Rile Hill Washington Post / David S. Hilzenrath

Putting Some Numbers to the Dollar's Decline Technical Take via Safehaven / Guy Lerner

Some companies outsource on shore Dallas Morning News via St. Louis Post Dispatch / Crayton Harris

40-year mortgages offered in test to widen ownership Chicago Tribune / Mary Umberger

SC: High-end homes push local market Myrtle Beach Sun News / Dawn Bryant

S.C. home prices will not collapse, economists say Knight Ridder via Myrtle Beach Sun News / James D. McWilliams

Fed debates morphing a consensus into policy Philadelphia Inquirer / Joseph N. DiStefano

Soybeans Jump Higher; Grain Futures Mixed AP via Tuscaloosa News and Google News

Oil futures prices rise toward $54 a barrel as nationwide strike begins in Nigeria CP via Financial Post / Brad Foss

NY: The housing problem in our backyard Newsday / A.J. Carter

More hikes coming CNN / Kathleen Hayes

IL: 'Leg the spread' is woman's view of Chicago's trading pits Chicago Sun Times / Jonathan Hoenig

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US gas average hits $2.02, and it's likely to rise AP via Boston Globe

American, Norwegian Share Nobel Award AP via Newsday / Matt Moore

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America, The Casino Nation Forbes / Dan Ackman

SunTrust Will Restate First and Second Quarter Earnings AP via NY Times

SEC opens probe into fee accounts Wall Street Journal via Baltimore Sun / Ruth Simon

Forecasting is defunct as a means of shaping monetary policy Guardian / Wynne Godley

401(k) Ownership Should Be a U.S. Election Issue Bloomberg / John Wasik

Japan Plans Biggest Bond Sale This Week; Germany to Sell Debt Bloomberg / Richard Blackden

Russia: Pipeline Capacity to Rise 16% in '05 Reuters and Bloomberg via Moscow Times

UK: The pensions crisis will not be solved by forcing us to save Telegraph / David Willets

Gold May Climb on Higher Oil Costs, Lower Dollar, Survey Says Bloomberg / Choy Leng Yeong

Singapore's GDP Shrinks Annual 2.3% in 3rd Quarter Bloomberg / Amit Prakash

UK: Millions face pensions misery Guardian / Larry Elliott and Sarah Hall

Treasury Notes May Continue to Rise After Job Growth Slows Bloomberg

Survey: Dollar May Decline for Third Week Against Yen Bloomberg



Something for everyone The Economist

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ECB head rules out weakening "corrective arm" in stability pact AFP via EU Business

Get ready for 'the checkless society' Tallahassee Democrat / Juana Jordan

U.S. Treasuries edge down after Intel Reuters

Circular 230 Violators Now Face Fines Bond Buyer / Susanna Duff Barnett

Treasurys Close Higher as Concerns Persist Dow Jones via Smartmoney / Michael Mackenzie

A return to gas lines and rationing? CNN / Chris Isidore

Oil drops after topping $54 AP via Dallas Morning News

WI: Metro-area home sales likely to surpass last year Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Tom Daykin

TX: Home resales down again Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

The Most Wasteful Medicare States Forbes / Matthew Herper

GM plans to slash up to 12,000 jobs in Europe USA Today / Noelle Knox

Fannie Mae told not to destroy documents AP via USA Today

Intel: Could've been worse CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Yahoo nets sharp surge in profits BBC News

Yahoo's Decker: 3rd-Qtr Earnings and Acquisition Strategy audio Bloomberg

DreamWorks sets IPO at 29M shares, $23-$25 per share AP via USA Today

Higher oil and job worries lift Treasuries FT / Jennifer Hughes, Päivi Munter and Mariko Sanchanta

Argentina's Mendoza to Move Ahead on Debt Talks Bloomberg / Andrew J. Barden

When All Else Fails in Stocks, Try Income Growth Bloomberg / Chet Currier

In Search Of $80 Billion Forbes / Dan Ackman

White House race: Reno cashes in CNN / Krysten Crawford

Serious times require re-election Seattle Post Intelligencer / Bill Virgin

Many jobs pay too little, study says AP via Detroit Free Press / Genaro C. Armas

Health costs to rise 11.3%, group says Detroit Free Press / Kim Norris

Your phone could become a 'virtual wallet' Chicago Tribune via 1st Headlines / Stephen Rynkiewicz

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What Were They Thinking? Nobel Goes to Porn-Writing Phobic Bloomberg / Manuela Hoelterhoff

Kerry Threatens Bush in Colorado as Democrats See Gain in West Bloomberg / Michael Forsythe

CA: a bubble just waiting to burst Orange County Register / Jonathan Lansner

CA: State Dominates Subprime Mortgage Lending in U.S. LA Times / Annette Haddad

Fed policymakers' recent comments Reuters

1 in 4 working families is low income, study finds Chicago Tribune / Barbara Rose

Krispy Kreme sweetening its books? Denver Post / Al Lewis

Beating index funds takes rare luck or genius Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

State Street to Cut Jobs After Profit Dip AP via Kansas City Star

Nobel laureate calls for steeper tax cuts in US AFP via Yahoo and Drudge

EU tackles euro spelling AP via The Australian

First National Bank of Bedrock doesn't stand on solid ground LA Times via Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel / Kathy Kristof

Boise Cascade, Citgo to Sell Debt as Profit Reports Slow Sales Bloomberg

US Treasuries rise as oil spikes to fresh record Reuters

Donaldson Expects Rule Changes on Executive Pay Washington Post / Ben White

Merrill Lynch shares dip as profit falls 8% Reuters via FT

KPMG Pays $115 Million to Settle Suit / Stephen Taub

IL: Home-foreclosures in Chicago area dip for first time in a decade Chicago Tribune / Mary Wisniewski

Oil Rises to Record for 6th Day; Demand Keeps Growing, IEA Says Bloomberg / Alejandro Barbajosa

Oil jumps past $54 Reuters via CNN

UK: House prices may fall 20% over the next three years Guardian / Ashley Seager

ABN Amro, CSFB to Start China Derivatives This Month Bloomberg / Joel Baglole

India's mutual funds keep on rolling up gains Reuters via IHT

Britain could be heading for a mild dose of stagflation Guardian / Larry Elliott

'Enron of Kansas' Trial Begins Washington Post / Carrie Johnson

Britain's bounty is running dry Guardian / Ashley Seager

Higher Fuel Costs Starting to Hit Consumers NY Times / Eduardo Porter

Japanese Bonds Gain on Export-Led Recovery Concern, Stocks Drop Bloomberg / Chris Cooper

Retail spending dips, crimping the economy Christian Science monitor / Ron Scherer

Japan's Falling Wages Slow Consumer Spending, Economy's Engine Bloomberg / Lindsay Whipp

Russia: Central Bank Lets Ruble Rise Moscow Times / Guy Faulconbridge

Chart Readers Say $70 Just Around the Corner Reuters via Moscow Times / Colin Wooster



A 100-year bear market? CBS Marketwatch / Paul B. Farrell

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A lot of policy fiddling yields a truth worthy of Nobel prize Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

EU not ready to lift sanctions against US FT / Raphael Minder

Airlines' numbers don't fly Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Twenty-five years after the Great Inflation, the Fed fights on St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

Canada: Budget surplus hits $9.1-billion Globe and Mail / Terry Weber

Remarks by Governor David Dodge Bank of Canada

Canada: Debt worries Canadians: poll CP via Globe and Mail / Gary Norris

Reducing Poverty by Reducing Government Ludwig von Mises Institute / George Reisman

Oil Prices Surge Past $53 After Pipeline Blast in Mexico Newsmax

Bush and Kerry sit on opposite sides of minimum-pay debate Detroit Free Press / Jeffrey McCracken

Tainted `Tax Soup' Hartford Courant / Dan Haar

Experts say job plans too little AP via Arizona Republic / Leigh Strope

CA: San Diegans are taking longer to buy, experts say San Diego Union Tribune / Roger M. Showley

Apple Profit Doubles; Outlook Tops Views Reuters via NY Times

Fitch downgrades GM debt ratings Reuters

Foreign Investors Cooler on Brazil, Mexico—Survey Reuters / Angus MacSwan

Tech Pulse Index Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Fed Official Finalist for Texas A&M Spot AP via Washington Times / Pam Easton

McTeer: Lonesome Dove to be an Aggie CNN / Kathleen Hayes

Snow: Jobs comments misconstrued CBS Marketwatch via 1st Headlines / William L. Watts

Bank of America's Focus on Job Cuts Irks Politicians Bloomberg / Scott Silvestri

E-Voting Machine Crash Deepens Concerns AP via Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

Copper Near 4-Week Low After Slump on Chinese Demand Concern Bloomberg / Claudia Carpenter

Con Job Finger-Pointing Liberty Whistle / Dan Spillane

U.S. 10-Year Notes Rise as Crude Oil Climbs and Stocks Fall Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

SEC investigates newspaper circulation claims AP via Dallas Morning News

UK: Australians do it with compulsion BBC News / Stephanie Flanders

Oil and Bonds – A Crude Connection Elliott Wave

Does the Money Reflect the Value of the Achievement? Market Watch / Elliott Wave

Adelphia Claims Top $3 Trillion / Stephen Taub

McDonalds serves up 42% rise in earnings Reuters via FT

FASB delays new options expensing rule by 6 months Reuters

NZ bond liquidity worryingly thin Australian Financial Review

Copper, Base Metals Plunge on Concern China's Usage Slowed Bloomberg / Claudia Carpenter

It's the economy CNN / Paul R. La Monica         

Election boils down to jobs Dallas Morning News / Robert Dodge

Bush, Kerry and your wallet CNN

How will vote affect your finances? Dallas Morning News / Pamela Yip

Fixed-rate mortgages still a good deal Philadelphia Inquirer via Orange County Register / Jeff Brown

Lord Abbett's Brown: Fed Rates, Economy and Bond Strategy audio Bloomberg

Treasury bond prices are little changed AP via New Jersey star Ledger

Turkey Needs Economic Policies, Not EU Membership Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

US Treasuries slip as lower oil spurs profit-taking Reuters / Ellen Freilich

US Treasury's Snow confident of low interest rates Reuters

The Most Competitive Countries Forbes

Mortgage applications fall Reuters via CNN

Our Puzzling Tolerance for Oil-Price Fixing Washington Post / Steven Pealstein

New Jersey Cigarette Tax Bonds `Oversubscribed' Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Con Job Redux Pimco / Bill Gross

How Tax Bill Gave Business More and More NY times / Edmund L. Andrews

MN: Twin Cities home sales slow down Minneapolis Star Tribune / Jim Buchta

NY: Prices dip but demand remains high Newsday / David H. Ellis

Dollar regains ground on the euro and yen Reuters via IHT

Bank of Japan Keeps Policy Unchanged to End Deflation Bloomberg / Mayumi Otsuma

NZ: Double rate rise on way New Zealand Herald / Brian Fallow

UK: Bank signals pause in rising interest rates Guardian / Larry Elliott

Oil drops to $52.51 a barrel AP via Winston Salem Journal

Citigroup's Prince to Report Lower Earnings Gains Than Peers Bloomberg / Eric Moskowitz

$3,000,000 for a Cup of Coffee? via Safehaven / Ceri Shepherd

UK: Prosperity era may be over, warns Governor Telegraph / Malcolm Moore

Is India Facing Argentina-Like Debt Crisis? Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

The Hundredth Monkey Safehaven / John Mackenzie

UK: Time to yield to equity income Telegraph / Jenne Mannion

Goldman, Sumitomo Mitsui Seek Control of Takefuji, People Say Bloomberg / Takahiko Hyuga

CEOs ‘guardedly optimistic’ about economy FT / Jonathan Birchall

Pivotal Events Institutional Advisor via Safehaven / Bob Hoye


GM's problems run deep Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Economy to avoid oil-led recession CP via Toronto Star

SLGS Sales Temporarily On Hold Bond Buyer / Susanna Duff Barnett

N.J.’s Conflict Resolution Bond Buyer / Adam L. Cataldo

EU: Betting on the House Pimco / Andrew Bosomworth

Transcript of the 3rd debate Globe and Mail

On Throwing Away Your Vote Lew Rockwell / Gary North

OH: Fifth Third net income rises CBS Marketwatch / Steve Gelsi

MO: Conflict-of-interest rule on funds could hurt A.G. Edwards St. Louis Post dispatch / Jack Naudi

Spitzer move to cost brokers millions CBS Marketwatch / Alistair Barr

Street Giants Face Suits Over Rigged IPOS NY Post

Challenges Facing the Global Payments System Federal Reserve Bank of New York / Timothy F. Geithner

Request for comment on proposal for Reserve Banks to withdraw from non cash collection service Federal Reserve Board

International Monetary Reform and Capital Freedom Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

KS: Missouri, Kansas aid likely record yields Kansas City Star / Bill Graham

Pimco's Gross again calls U.S. inflation statistics a 'con' Bloomberg via Orange County Register / Chris Cooper

Junk Default Rate Continues Decline / Stephen Taub

Treasurys Close Higher as 10-Year Yield Nears 4% Dow Jones via / Shayna Stoyko

Spitzer takes on ‘corrupt’ insurers FT / Ellen Kelleher

Gold Rises for 1st Day in Four in London on Higher Oil Prices Bloomberg / Stephen Farr

Elections will bring five freshmen governors / Pamela M. Prah

CA: A slow month for O.C. home sales Orange County Register

CO: 10,000 more jobs Rocky Mountain News / David Milstead

Newspapers see choppy ad climate AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Seth Sutel

Germany hit by job losses as companies restructure FT / Ralph Atkins, Bettina Wassener and Bertrand Benoit

Ripe The Economist

Kerry surges and Wall Street shrugs CNN / Yuval Rosenberg

The facts on job losses CNN

Trend: More mega-mergers Dallas Morning News / Bill Deener

Big Mac's makeover The Economist

Oil prices rise yet again in US BBC News

Oil prices rocket toward $55 a barrel AP via Houston Chronicle

MI: Big prices hit beyond pump Detroit Free Press / Alejandro Bodipo-Memba

IL: Gov's drug plan could taint relations with Canada Chicago Sun Times / Sandra Guy

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Official reserves The Economist

UK: Harsh choices The Economist

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EU: Confused by the Economic News? European Market Watch / Elliott Wave

What Do 'Double Inside Days' Mean for Cocoa? Futures Focus via Elliott Wave

30-, 15-year mortgage rates fell in latest week Reuters

U.S. Treasury acts to avoid piercing debt limit Reuters / Laura MacInnis

PA: State lacks drive to seek new industry Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Dow's Decline Points to Possible Kerry Victory Bloomberg / John Dorfman

S&P cuts GM's debt ratings to one step above junk Reuters

Treasuries dip as traders look past jobs, trade Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

CT: Where Are The Jobs? Hartford Courant / Kenneth R. Gosselin

Fed's Bernanke says China should aim for free yuan Reuters

GM CFO expects debt ratings downgrades Reuters

Boxed in and clogged up The Economist

Economy suffers under high oil prices, slower hiring Bloomberg via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Carlos Torres and Alex Tanzi

Oil Prices Push U.S. Trade Deficit to Near-Record Level AP via Washington Post / Martin Crutsinger

The Wheels Come Off At GM Forbes

Citigroup's 3Q Earnings Hit Record $5.31B AP via Forbes

FL: Borrowing tougher for minorities, but less so in S. Florida Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel / Kathy Bushouse

WA: Anti-WTO "reunion" flops Seattle Times / Alwyn Scott

Crude Oil Rises for a Second Day on U.S. Inventory Concern Bloomberg / Gavin Evans

U.S. 10-Year Notes May Advance as Oil Prices Trade Near Record Bloomberg / Shamim Adam

Forget the Wrong War. Now It's the Wrong Tax Cut Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

A Hard-to-Swallow Lesson on Pensions NY Times / Mary Williams Walsh

UK: Weak pound re-opens rate rise fears The Scotsman / David Black

UK: Record fall in jobless total may spark wage inflation Guardian / Ashley Seager

Iraq makes formal bid for WTO Gulf Daily News

Japanese 10-Year Bonds Gain as Oil Price Increases, Stocks Drop Bloomberg / Chris Cooper

Russia: China-Bound Putin Is Coy on Energy Moscow Times

Survey: Russia a World Leader in Corruption Moscow Times / Valeria Korchagina

Stocks and the Coming Electoral Chaos Gillespie Research via Safehaven / Douglas R. Gillespie


FOMC Members Split With Upbeat Greenspan Bondweek / Olivia Thetgyi

Under-the-table economy Globe and Mail / Roma Luciw

All the candidates' toys CNN / Gordon T. Anderson

Americans' debt becomes open pit Gannett News via Tucson Citizen / Raju Chebum

L.A. port traffic starts to look like freeways AP via Oakland Tribune / Alex Viega

Greenspan plays down oil burden BBC News

Hedge fund managers seek safety in corporate arms Reuters / Svea Herbst-Bayliss

CBOT seat price hits $1 million for first time Reuters

Branson vs. Trump The Slate / Daniel Gross

'Fiscal timebomb' for US airlines BBC News

Thinking Outside the Box to Forecast Holiday Sales Reuters / Matthew Verrinder

High Oil Price Set to Boost Exploration Reuters / Chen Aizhu

Bush Opens 4-Point Lead on Kerry After Debate in Zogby Survey Bloomberg / Catherine Dodge

US Senator wants Justice review of Snow investment Reuters / Anna Willard

Are Commodities at a Turning Point? Futures Focus / Elliott Wave

The Newest C.S.I. Spinoff: Copper Scene Investigation Market Watch / Elliott Wave

Treasury chief: Little room left Newsday / James Toedtman

Oil takes centre stage again in Treasuries FT / Jennifer Hughes

Mexican Peso Drops for Fourth Day as Traders Exit `Long' Bets Bloomberg / Jennifer Coogan

Speech by Chairman Greenspan on oil Federal Reserve Board / Alan Greenspan

Fed's Greenspan Speaks: Oil Prices, Impact on U.S. Economy audio Bloomberg

Greenspan upbeat despite surging oil price FT / Andrew Balls

Fed chief: higher energy prices will have limited effect on economy AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Martin Crutsinger

What we're learning about economy from e-commerce Chicago Sun Times / B. G. Yovovich's Zandi: Retail Sales, Economy, Fed Policy audio Bloomberg

CA: Home prices up 25% in year LA Daily News / Gregory J. Wilcox

CA: Home prices still sizzling San Francisco Chronicle / Kelly Zito

CA: Housing market continues to cool Orange County Register / Hang Nguyen

CA: Housing affordability still at record low here San Diego Union Tribune

Bush plays his deficit shell game San Francisco Chronicle / David Lazarus

The Ethics and Economics of Private Property Ludwig von Mises Institute / Hans-Hermann Hoppe

On Street, Faster Buck Can Be Made In A Taxi NY Post / Paul Tharp

Wal-Mart carts away the spoils Denver Post / Al Lewis

Wall St flat ahead of Greenspan speech FT / Andrei Postelnicu

Michigan confidence plunges CNN

Empire State Manufacturing pdf Federal Reserve Bank of New York

How Should Policymakers Deal with Low-Probability, High-Impact Events? Federal Reserve Board / Donald L. Kohn

US Treasuries lower as retail sales gain momentum Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

US Treasury calls 11-3/4 pct bonds issued in 1980 Reuters

Shoppers return in Sept., but factory gains are slight AP via CNN

The 'Everybody Knew' Defense Forbes / Dan Ackman

Will Fed Keep Inflation Low When Greenspan Exits? Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Ford's Bonds Skidding Toward Junkyard Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

General Motors and Ford Won't Survive as Bankers Bloomberg / David Pauly

People Stopped Picking Their Own Mutual Funds Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Crude Oil May Rise From Record on Supply Concern Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

Multinational Companies Get a Tax Break, as Do Foreign Gamblers NY Times / Floyd Norris

Russia: Yukos Value Slashed for Fire Sale Moscow Times / Guy Faulconbridge, Valeria Korchagina and Catherine Belton

Why the rude oil prices? Christian Science Monitor / Kris Axtman

The Disastrous History of Money : English Wooden Sticks via Safehaven / Paul Tustain

Japanese Bonds Rise on Slump in Equities, Head for Weekly Gain Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane

Dollar Halts Decline on Speculation U.S. Retail Sales Increased Bloomberg / John Brinsley