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October 16 – October 31


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Business Outlook Survey for October Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Templeton feeling bearish Herald Tribune via Prudent Bear / Michael Braga

Thailand: S&P Upgrades Ratings on Stronger Fiscal Health County Briefings via Institutional Investor / Barry Wheelock

Congress seems set to make a mistake on pension funds St Louis Post / David Nicklaus

California Readies $3B Ran Issue Bond Buyer / Rochelle Williams

Regulators Warn Dealers - Taxable Muni Deals Must Be Reported to MSRB Bond Buyer / Lynn Hume

Deficits, Debts and Growth A Reprieve but not a Pardon Levy Economics Institute / Anwar Shaikh, Dimitri B. Papadimitriou, Claudio H. Dos Santos and Gennaro Zezza

Fannie Mae profits climb Inman News / Jessica Swesey

America Should Be Looking Over Its Shoulder Newsday via RealClear Politics / James Pinkerton

On The Determinants of First-Time Sovereign Bond Issues pdf  International Monetary Fund / David Grigorian

Profits Up 17% At FleetBoston Hartford Courant

Real estate invites banks to the party Inman News / Warren Lutz

China's rising ambitions Washington Times

Cadillacs For Communists Forbes / Robyn Meredith

Snow urges tough mortgage regulator AP via Baltimore Sun / Martin Crutsinger

Inside Mexico: The lost country UPI / Ian Campbell

CA: Gov.-Elect May Seek a Cap on Spending reg LA Times / Jeffrey Rabin

George and Arnie show offers style over substance FT / James Harding and Scott Morrison

Treasuries fall on hopes of recovery FT / Päivi Munter and Barney Jopson

WA: Loyalty to the home team may be waning Seattle Post Intelligencer / Bill Virgin

MI: Michigan jobless rate sits at 7.4% Detroit Free Press / John Gallagher

From third way to Thatcherism The Economist

PA: Pittsburgh credit rating is sent to junk status Bloomberg via Philadelphia Inquirer / Eddie Baeb

The economy's big surprise CNN / Mark Gongloff

US Corp Bonds-Spreads tighten to new 4-year lows Reuters / Dena Aubin

Bonds Extend Slide Amid Signs of Strength AP via Miami Herald

On Wall Street, Bonuses Back in Vogue Newsday / Pradnya Joshi

Poor countries meet for trade talks BBC News / Andrew Walker

Asian Bond Fund II by December Business Day Newspaper / Umesh Pandey

Takenaka says Japan will overcome deflation FT / David Pilling and Daniel Bögler

U.S. October Philadelphia Fed Factory Index Surges Bloomberg

The Forgotten Payroll Tax Ludwig von Mises / Gregory Bresiger

Mortgage rates rise for second week CNN

Still counting the cost The Economist 

A Franco-German beauty contest The Economist

Gold Bears Turn Up the Volume Golden Bar via Safehaven / Edmund J. Bugos

Starting to Overheat Prudent Bear via Safehaven / Chad Hudson

Can Bush End Asia's Escalating Currency War? Bloomberg / William Pesek, Jr.

Sales Feed Optimism On Growth Washington Post / John M. Berry

A cycle of violence and poverty The Economist

Canada: Strong economy keeps rate steady Toronto Star / Steven Theobald

Dollar Strengthens on Speculation U.S. Output Up a Third Month Bloomberg

Damocles report warns of dollar trouble ahead reg UK Telegraph / Simon English

China Foreign-Currency Debt Rating Raised by Moody's Bloomberg

Russia: Is Russia Ready for a Change of Regimes? Moscow Times / Lyuba Pronina

Russia: Khristenko: Euro Switch Is Inevitable Moscow Times

Russia: From Honduras to France, Russians Charge On Moscow Times / Alex Nicholson

Philippines: Gov't to borrow $500M from foreign bond mart Business World

IMF policy chief to lead NY Fed FT / Alan Beattie





Bush's beggar-thy-neighbor policies are damaging to prosperity, here and abroad National Review / Patricia Small

Is a degree worth a million bucks? CNBC / Liz Pullman Weston

Apec summit heads for trade clash BBC News / Steve Schifferes

China space venture could prove profitable BBC News / Tim Bowler 

UK: European pension funds eye commodities – Goldman Investment and Pensions Europe

Netherlands: PGGM investment chief wary of hedge funds Investment and Pensions Europe

Crude futures lower after inventory data show strong builds Arizona Daily Sun

FL: Free trade hosts await U.S. money South Florida Sun Sentinel / Doreen Hemlock

Cleanup crew got little help on big job Denver Post / Al Lewis

When is a tax cut or increase right? Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Rite Aid Ex-Chief Counsel Brown Convicted of Fraud Bloomberg

MA: Recovery of jobs lost in state seen taking years Boston Globe / Robert Gavin

NC: Students describe financial woe Charlotte Observer / Diane Suchetka

First-timers finance to the max Inman News / Marcie Geffner

Why home ownership's rising Inman News

Economy spins wheels in faux recovery Inman News / Lou Barnes

BofA Rings Fannie Prudent Bear via Safehaven / Doug Noland

Oil: Thirty years of turmoil BBC News / Andrew Walker

30 years after OPEC embargo Dallas Morning News via Wichita Eagle / Sudeep Reddy

Canada: Wind power to take off Toronto Star / John Spears

It glitters, but it's volatile, too Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Paul Gores

Don't Hate Them Because They're Rich, Juries Told Bloomberg / Ann Woolner

Europe must change Wall Street Journal via Financial Post / Gordon Brown

Change Fannie Mae regulator now, CEO says Bloomberg via Seattle Post Intelligencer / James Tyson

TX: Foreclosure levels still high in region Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Andrea Jones

Canada: Dollar continues upward journey Globe and Mail / Terry Weber

Fed should set inflation objective-Fed's Bernanke Reuters via Yahoo / Tim Ahmann

Treasuries Rise as Investors See Value After Surge in Yields Bloomberg

A Market Indicator You Can't Ignore Smart Money via Yahoo / Donald Luskin

US consumers remain confident of upturn FT / Jennifer Hughes

An awkward agenda The Economist

Pittsburgh Talks Bankruptcy, Gets Rating Body Slam Bloomberg / Joe Mysak 

Carl Menger: The Nature of Value Ludwig von Mises Institute / Gene Callahan

Long-Term Investing Quietly Gets Vindicated Again Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Japanese Bondholders To Join Europeans In Opposing Argentine Restructure Deal Internet Securities via Institutional Investor

There's life in Germany's economy yet, despite bland forecasts DPA via Taipei Times

TX: S.A. sees increase in joblessness San Antonio Express News / Bonnie Pfister

Issue of New Regulator Unresolved at Hearing Washington Post / David S. Hilzenrath

NYSE Finds Proof Of Trading Abuses Washington Post / Kathleen Day and Ben White

On trade, will U.S. lead or rule? NY Times via International Herald Tribune / Elizabeth Becker

Gold - The Weekly Perspective Gold-Authentic Money via Safehaven / Julian D. W. Phillips

GDP per person The Economist 

Treasuries Head for Third Weekly Loss on Signs of U.S. Growth Bloomberg

Switzerland, Once the Envy of the World, Contracts in Isolation Bloomberg

Russia: Small Business Is 20% of GDP Moscow Times / Simon Ostrovsky

Russia: LUKoil Says Oil Exports Are Up 25% Reuters via Moscow Times

Russia: Moscow Top Target for European Firms Moscow Times / Denis Maternovsky

Social Security Payments To Rise 2.1% Newsday / Tania Padgett




More join ranks of self-employed reg Dallas Morning News / Victor Gomez

Grocery strike spoils market for tomatoes San Diego Union Tribune / Elizabeth Fitzsimons

ND / Canada: The value of a loonie Grand Forks Herald / Lisa Davis

NE: High hopes for the holiday Omaha World Herald / Deborah Alexander

Canada: Fund firms crack down on 'timers' Financial Post / Keith Kalawsky and Steve Maich

CA: More strikes ahead? LA Daily News / Harrison Sheppard

Jobs will return ... someday San Francisco Chronicle / Dave Murphy

Cantor Fitzgerald negotiating return to Lower Manhattan AP via Newsday

Record highs as investors spread exposure FT / Kevin Morrison

Contradictions: The Fed vs. the Bond Market Thoughts From The Frontline via Safehaven / John Mauldin

Heavy lifter for the West's economy? Seattle Times / Alwyn Scott

NYSE's Reed Considers Setting Up Two Boards, N.Y. Times Says Bloomberg

U.S. Treasuries Fall for 3rd Straight Week as Economy Improves Bloomberg

U.S. economy rides 'strong upturn' Financial Post / Jason Chow

Mortgage bankers meet amid uncertainty reg Chicago Tribune / John Handley

Growth in China hits 9.1% in quarter International Herald Tribune / Thomas Crampton

Deutsche Bank chief gets court date but will stay on job NY times via International Herald Tribune / Mark Landler

Netherlands shares WTO experiences Taipei Times / Bill Heaney

Funds at heart of probe suffer outflows of $8bn FT / Deborah Brewster

FBI Agents Raid Philadelphia Departments Linked to Mayor Street Newsmax



SEC casts wary eye on hedge funds Atlanta Journal Constitution / Tom Walker

WTO chief urges effort to revive Doha talks FT / Amy Kazmin

Dallas Fed Boss Finds Reason In Rhyme NY Post / Sheila Mullan

Economists fear Americans will run out of money in retirement LA Times via Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Kathy Kristoff

A System Going Under? Washington Post / Albert Crenshaw

New Problems in A Medicare Solution Washington Post / Stan Hinden

Floor Faze Out NY Post / Andrew Osterland

Sallie Mae policy is misguided Washington Post via Indianapolis Star / Michelle Singletary

Trade deal hurts U.S. textiles Dallas Morning News via The State / Katherine Yung

Earnings may be slightly overstated AP via The State / Rachel Beck

This time, economic recovery has a twist AP via Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Adam Geller

Dollar Diplomacy in Asia Gets Trickier Washington Post

 What Is Bush's Message to Asia on Currency? Bloomberg / David DeRosa

Potential Dollar Scenarios Safehaven / Hans F. Sennholz

Canada: Higher education = higher expenses Toronto Star / Ellen Roseman

Now Taiwan has world's tallest, but not for long AP via Chicago Sun Times / William Foreman

UK: Brown 'right on growth but wrong on spending' reg Money Telegraph / Robert Watts

Iraq begins pumping oil into Turkey; prices drop AP and Reuters via Taipei Times

Leading Economic Indicators Seen Falling: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg

OH: Art of economic analysis Ohio Beacon Journal / John Russell

FL: S. Florida hotel officials are hopeful as economy improves South Florida Sun Sentinel / Tom Stieghorst

If this is a recovery, where are the jobs? Boston Globe / Barbara C. Kasselmann

Add Gold (Just a Pinch) Barron’s via Wall Street Journal via LA Daily News / Sandra Ward

UK: Brown heading for £40bn deficit The Guardian Observer / Faisal Islam

UK: Black cloud over BP oil deal The Guardian Observer

UK: Bear market over? That's just a load of bull The Guardian Observer

Restatements of earnings multiplying reg LA Times via Chicago Tribune / Kathy Kristof

Overcapacity Stalls New Jobs reg NY Times / Louis Uchitelle

The Market Crash of '87 - Rare but Hardly Unique NY Times via IWon / Mark Hulbert

How to Recover From a Bad Economy, and Win reg NY Times / Richard Stevenson

21 Trade Ministers Seek to Revive Global Talks reg NY Times / Jane Perlez

Fawning Analysts Betray Investors reg NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

The Fall of a Wall Street Ward Boss reg NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

Wal-Mart, Driving Workers and Supermarkets Crazy reg NY Times / Steven Greenhouse

An Illusion of Health Insurance reg NY Times / Michelle Andrews



Power outages and the financial system Federal Reserve Board / Mark W. Olson

Crude falls as traders sense output hike Houston Chronicle

U.S. posts record $374.22 bln budget gap in 2003 Reuters via Yahoo via Prudent Bear / Jonathan Nichols

Saving time no longer a tech reality Seattle Times / Paul Andrews

Options recovering their luster with climb of Nasdaq AP via Seattle Times / Michael Liedtke

Has the 'spring sprung?' CNN / Mark Gongloff

Judge Keeps Stewart E-Mail From Trial Newsday / Patricia Hurtado

Economists groping to explain lack of job growth Dallas Morning News / Robert Dodge

Freddie Mac could miss November restatement target Reuters via IWon

US posts record budget gap BBC News

Treasuries up a sliver after cautious Fed speaker Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

Portrait of a corporate debacle Philadelphia Inquirer / Chris Mondics

Richmond Fed's Broaddus-Many job losses permanent Reuters via Yahoo 

The Debtor's Empire Washington Post / Kenneth Rogoff

Different take on the '90s boom Christian Science Monitor / Wayne Yang

Snow remarks spur rate concerns Reuters via CNN

Economy takes slight hit Inman News

Bond Prices Mostly Higher at Midday AP via Tallahassee Democrat

IMF Staff Visit to the Slovak Republic International Monetary Fund

It’s security, stupid The Economist

Mutual recriminations The Economist

An angry people bring down their president The Economist

UK government finances slip further into deficit FT / Anna Fifield, Florian Gimbel and Jean Eaglesham

Dollar Rises as Snow Says U.S. Wasn't Seeking Lower Currency Bloomberg

Hot and Bothered in Bangkok Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

U.S. Economy: Leading Indicators Index Falls 0.2% Bloomberg

Monsieur Trichet Prepares to Run the ECB Bloomberg / David DeRosa

Sentiment, schmentiment CNN / Justin Lahart

Japan: Japan must rethink trade policy Japan Times / Yoshio Nakamura

UK: Brown ponders plans to tax all house sales reg Money Telegraph / Robert Watts

The End of Dollar Supremacy? Ludwig von Mises Institute / Antony P. Mueller

Euro Rises Against Dollar and Japanese Yen for a Second Day Bloomberg

U.S. Sept. Leading Indicators Seen Falling: Bloomberg Survey Bloomberg

Employee stock options again hot commodities AP via Dayton Daily News / Michael Liedtke

The Edge of a Hedge Latin Finance via Institutional Investor

Fresno Searching For Small-Cap Growth; Eyes Junk Money Management Letter via Institutional Investor

Tomorrow's World Global Investor Magazine / Maha Khan Phillips

UK: AllianceBernstein Bulks Up For British Pension Bid Bond Week via Institutional Investor

West Virginia Winnings Bond Buyer / Emily Newman

Demand, productivity and revenue Minnesota Star Tribune / Jeremy Bupp

Sizzling Economy Revitalizes India reg NY Times / Amy Waldman

European Deflation Has Had Its 15 Minutes of Fame Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

Russia: Second Yukos Billionaire Faces Prison Moscow Times / Alex Nicholson

Russia: Europe Presses Russia on Euro Reuters via Moscow Times / Lisa Jucca and Melissa Akin

Are portable mortgages a good deal? Inman News / Jack Guttentag

Business taxes at 20-year low Bloomberg via Arizona Republic / Ryan Donmoyer

Nation Losing More Than Unskilled Work reg LA Times / Peter G. Gosselin

Grocers, Union Still Aren't Talking reg LA Times / Leslie Earnest and Jerry Hirsch

Will sending jobs overseas pay off in the long run? Boston Globe via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Charles Stein

Waiting for that pause CNN / Justin Lahart

Trade reps discuss Western Hemisphere free trade zone AP via Chicago Sun Times/ Harry Weber

Qwest Communications International Inc. finally restated its results for 2000 and 2001, and the revision was not pretty / Stephen Taub

Job cull fears at Sony BBC News

UK: 'Seller's market' sees house prices rise BBC News




Disappearing Doctors ABC News / Catherine Valenti

Retail Economics Daily Standard / Irwin Stelzer

US Treasuries up as traders cover short positions Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

Dispute on the Trading Floor Washington Post / Ben White and Kathleen Day

Freddie’s financial fog to lift soon Inman News / Jessica Swesey

Two Fed Officials Dare to State the Obvious Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Psychology versus Praxeology Ludwig von Mises Institute / Robert Murphy

Even Bond Investors Get Performance-Chasing Blues Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Ending a day in the sun Boston Globe / Steven Syre

What would it take for Treasury Secretary Snow's jobs prediction to come true? CNN / Justin Lahart

Got $672 for the holidays? CNN

UK: Fresh hopes for UK manufacturing BBC News

Oil selling abates ahead of US inventories FT / Gordon Smith

(How to) Follow the Money National Review / Larry Kudlow

`Thaksinomics' -- Asia's Future or Debt End? Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Canada: House-price gains moderating Toronto Star / Tony Wong

NASD may take over regulation of exchange NY Post

After our industries exit, then what? Seattle Post Intelligencer / Bill Virgin

Lower wages may help slow job losses Seattle Post Intelligencer / Marilyn Geewax

Snow Blindne$$ NY Post / Paul Tharp

Why are top execs dumping stocks? Denver Post / Al Lewis

Snow's words boost dollar, interest rates Washington Times  / Patrice Hill

Russia: Putin Keeps China, Japan Guessing Moscow Times / Dmitry Zhdannikov

Treasury Chief Sees a Jobs Boom, but Most Don't reg NY Times / Edmund Andrews

Russia: Yukos Probe Goes to the Top Moscow Times / Catherine Belton

Ruble Hits 30 Barrier, Eases Back Moscow Times

Japan: GM chasing bigger slice of Asia mart Japan Times / Akemi Nakamura




Beijing bond issue dazzles market reg NY Times via Prudent Bear / Enid Tsui

Snow job or Snow's jobs? Financial Post / William Hanley

Poorer by comparison CBS Market Watch / Andrea Coombes

Snow: Markets should set rates Reuters via CNN

Give This Employment Policy The Guillotine  Business Week via Yahoo / John Rossant

The Deficit: No Longer Quite So Scary Business Week via Yahoo / Ryan Brecht

Lawyer Fined Under 6700 For 1st Time Bond Buyer / Susanna Duff Barnett

J.P. Morgan, Ala. School District Subpoenaed in FBI Philly Probe Bond Buyer / Martin Braum and Gillian D’ Ambrosio

Oregon POBs Held Up Bond Buyer

Moody's ups Bear Stearns, Lehman long-term ratings Reuters via Yahoo / Kevin Plumberg

Qwest fund surplus gone Rocky Mountain News / Jeff Smith

Most expensive housing markets CNN / Sarah Max

US mortgage bonds spreads narrow for third session Reuters via Yahoo

Goodyear to restate 5 years of earnings AP via USA Today

Mortgage Lending Seen Plummeting in 2004 Reuters via Washington Post

FL: Mortgage firms adding hundreds of jobs in Broward South Florida Sun Sentinel / Purva Patel

Finding Nemesis The Economist

Testing the Swap Waters Bond Buyer / Yvette Shields

CA: Angelides Warns About Bonding Suits Bond Buyer / Rich Saskal 

Study undermines charge China is stealing U.S. factory jobs Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Taking the wealth of rich men is neither moral nor efficient National Review / Bruce Bartlett

Mortgage purchases inch higher Inman News

S.F. Bay Area home sales lose steam Inman News

Economic freedom, not ideology, is the key to Asian wealth Taipei times / Ronald Meinardus

J.P. Morgan 3rd Quarter Profit Rises; Bad Loans Drop Bloomberg

Four New Jersey Cities Become First to Sell Sewers Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

States try to poach California businesses AP via San Diego Tribune / Gillian Flaccus

Good News! Higher Prices On The Way AP via Hartford Courant / Rachel Beck

Price of NYSE seats plunges FT / Andrei Postelnicu

Market prophet is battening the hatches MSN via Prudent Bear / Jon Markman

Another bear digs in – deep CBS Market Watch via Prudent Bear / Peter Brimelow

Cato's Letters on Liberty and Property Ludwig von Mises Institute / Gary Galles

Freddie Mac may be on the hook to IRS Reuters via USA Today

Economic Malpractice Forbes / Richard Epstein

Report: Decline in Income Taxes Newsmax

Workers Feel Pinch of Rising Health Costs reg NY Times / Milt Freudenheim

32% of uninsured workers at big firms  AP via Arizona Republic

UK: Interest rate rise on the cards BBC News

Former ECB official to head Bank of France AFP and Reuters via International Herald Tribune

China's Boom Adds to Global Warming Problem reg NY Times / Keith Bradsher

Japan: 'Unfair' currency rate hit Japan Times

Canada: Inflation, growth targets lowered but economy still looking good CP via Financial Post

You Get What You Pay for in Treasury Secretaries Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Fed to let some sun in CNN Mark Gongloff 

Dollar weaker in broad-based slide FT / Jennifer Hughes

The Motor City and California: Is It Splitsville? Reg NY Times / Danny Hakim

More big firms' workers are uninsured Detroit Free Press / Kim Norris

Russia: Incomes Are Rising Faster Than Wages Moscow Times / Valeria Korchagina




About those election promises The Economist

Computing the gains The Economist

Germany to breach deficit rules in 2004 FT / Bertrand Benoit and Tobias Buck

Famine in a Land of Plenty Bond Buyer / Amanda Briggs

Professor Bubble Forbes via Yahoo / Michael Maiello

House Panel Deals Blow To Rail Bonds Bond Buyer / Humberto Sanchez

FL: Hike in minimum wage sought Miami Herald / Gregg Fields

FL: Orlando existing-home sales soar reg Orlando Sentinel / Jack Snyder

Canada: Bank cautiously forecasts growth Toronto Star / Les Whittington

Canada:  Foreign markets liking loonie: Bank governor CP via Toronto Star

U.S. mortgage finance agency reform losing steam Reuters via Yahoo / Mark Felsenthal and Richard Leong

US SWAPS-Most spreads suffer in choppy trade Reuters via Yahoo

Mortgage industry predicts plunge reg Chicago Tribune via Orange County Register / John Handley

Mortgage industry boom years fading San Diego Union Tribune / Carl Larsen

Countrywide earnings break records Inman News

CA: Area home buyers still on tear Oakland Tribune / Alan Zibel

Prosperity creates a new market CNBC via MSNBC / Sue Herera

India, China are allies and rivals CNBC via MSNBC / Sue Herera

Goodyear to Lower 5 Years of Earnings AP via Boston Globe

Asymmetric Returns And Optimal Hedge Fund Portfolios Journal of Alternative Investments via Institutional Investor / R. McFall Lamm, Jr.

West Coast Manager Hunts For Underwriter, Investors In Debut CDO Bond Week via Institutional Investor / Scott Goodwin

Freddie Mac's Glenn Pays Fine; Gives Up $13 Million Bloomberg

The Fed, Then and Now Ludwig von Mises Institute / Christopher Mayer

Medicare blimp will spread the word AP via Buffalo News

15-Year Mortgage Rates Edge Up This Week AP via Fox News

The China bubble CNN / Paul R. La Monica

AZ:  Strike issue tearing at grocery workers Arizona Republic / John Stearns and Christine L. Romero

MN: Mortgage buyers beset by rate-lock problems Minnesota Star Tribune / Jim Buchta

NV: Cost of housing at issue Las Vegas Sun / Jennifer Shubinski

Bond prices surge; yield on 10-year falls to 4.25% AP and Dow Jones via Mercury News

Taiwan: Unemployment rate falls to 5.05 percent Taipei Times

Pension strike to paralyze Italy BBC News

Cash-strapped officials weigh sponsorships / Kathleen Murphy

Why the fund probes matter Boston Globe / Steven Syre

TX: Bullish beefeaters bite into restaurants' profits Houston Chronicle / Dai Huynh

Déjà Vu Prudent Bear via Safehaven / Chad Hudson 

Russia: Ignatyev: $9Bln Bank Fraud Moscow Times / Alex Fak

OPEC sets capital needs at $200 billion Bloomberg via Houston Chronicle

U.S. Said to Be Open to Ending Credit Lines of Loan Giants reg NY Times / Stephen Labaton

Despite Public Fears, Quick Fed Rate Hike Unlikely Washington Post / John Berry

U.S. Unemployment Rolls Fall to Lowest in Six Months Bloomberg

One Night in Bangkok Shows the Folly of APEC Bloomberg / William Pesek, Jr.

Other States Poach Businesses From Tax-Crazed California Newsmax

Laid-off take survival jobs to pay the bills USA Today / Stephanie Armour

3.3 million workers have lost pension coverage since '02 Philadelphia Inquirer / Bob Fernandez

For majority of people, penny still makes cents Albany Times Union via The State C.J. Lais Jr.

Sayonara, hot money CNN / Justin Lahart

Investors shunning debt of Ford, DaimlerChrysler Bloomberg via Omaha World Herald

CA: Clash Focuses on Co-Pays, Premiums -- and Risk LA Times / Nancy Cleeland

Social insecurity AP via Washington Times / Eileen Alt Powell

Mortgage refinance index fell by 5.8% Bloomberg via Philadelphia Inquirer / Courtney Schlisserman

Hong Kong craves retail bonds Evening Standard via This Is Money / Bill Condie

Germany reduces growth forecast BBC News

Saddam's evil debts Financial Post / Jeff King

Health costs scare us toward socialism Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Japan's Sept. Trade Surplus Widens to 3-Year High Bloomberg

UK: Crumbling London a 'threat to economy' / Business Telegraph / Helena Keers

UK: King's casting vote signals rate rise on cards Business Telegraph / David Litterick




The right kind of money? The Economist

Jester on MSRB Agenda Bond Buyer / Lynn Hume

Canada: Bank eyes loonie rebound warily Financial Post / Sherry Cooper

Investors shift focus to economy from earnings Reuters via USA Today / Elizabeth Lazarowitz

Washington events for October 27 – 31 CBS.Market Watch

Greenspan losing reins on economy Inman News / Lou Barnes

The Interest-Rate Debate National Review / David Malpass

Italians take to streets over pension reform Investments and Pensions Europe

NV: Foreign visitor drop projected Las Vegas Review Journal / Chris Jones

CA: Home sales hit 15-year high San Francisco Chronicle / Kelly Zito

NY: Prosecutor tackles state of the state Albany Times Union / Kenneth Aaron

Co-creator of the euro offers 'terra' Denver Post / Aldo Svaldi

Fed to let some sun in CNN / Mark Gongloff

The Legacy of Milton and Rose Friedman's Free to Choose Federal Reserve Board / Ben Bernanke

Stricter security harming tourism UPI via Washington Post / Shaun Waterman

The Real Big Board Scandal Forbes

Russia: Banks Will Soon Power GDP Reuters via Moscow Times

Ferguson, Bernanke win new terms at Fed Reuters via USA Today

Anecdotes Auguring Job Revival Are Piling Up Bloomberg / Caroline Baum 

DC: City With A Built-In Broke Factor Washington Post / Steven Pearlstein

U.S. Treasury Notes Surge as Global Stock Indexes Decline Bloomberg

US Corp Bonds-Improve; Junk sector sees more cash Reuters / Nancy Leinfuss

UK: Retail boom points to rate rise BBC News

A note from your faltering Social Security system Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Goodyear's credibility punctured Akron Beacon Journal / John Russell

"Jobless recovery" continues Seattle Times / Stephen Dunphy

Interest Rates, Gold, the Fed and the Markets The Speculative Investor via Safehaven / Steve Saville

Can Poland beat the bears? BBC News / James Arnold

German public deficit is highest since war Business Telegraph / Kate Connolly

Fed Will Wait to Signal Higher Rates, Bond Firms Say Bloomberg

Muni Investors Better Prepare for Bleak Days Ahead Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

External debt The Economist

Total tax revenue The Economist 

Mutual Funds Might Find Sleaze Tough to Scrub Off Bloomberg / Chet Currier

CA: State Budget Briefing Is Grim reg LA Times / Matea Gold, Evan Halper and Nancy Vogel

More red ink forecast for states in coming year / Jason White

Getting irrational? CNN / Justin Lahart

A regional barrier to free trade? International Herald Tribune / Thomas Crampton




MO: Workers caught in grocery strike lean on principle St Louis Post Dispatch / Repps Hudson

MA: Cool rainy weather chills fall tourism Boston Globe / Keith Reed

Strides will keep talks on schedule Houston Chronicle / Bill Hensel, Jr.

Trusting markets, not managers International Herald Tribune / James Glassman

Liar, liar! Whom to hire? San Francisco Chronicle / Dave Murphy

It’s not over, Spitzer and NASD is next NY Post / Chris Nolan

Yukos Executive Khodorkovsky Charged With Fraud, Tax Evasion Bloomberg

Russia's richest tycoon charged in probe many believe is politically rooted CP via via Financial Post / Jim Heintz

Plenty of Oil, Not Enough Pipe Washington Post / Peter Baker

Barron's: Buffett preaches patience CBS Market Watch / Rex Crum

WA: Job seeker hopes to stand out with billboards on Seattle buses Mercury News via Silicone Valley / Kristi Heim

WI: Encourage economics be taught; don't insist Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Avrum D. Lank

Dollar Declines an 8th Week in Nine Against Euro as Stocks Fall Bloomberg

Changing Course Euro vs. dollar War Monitor via Safehaven / Alex Wallenwein

Earnings Deflation Thoughts From The Frontline via Safehaven / John Mauldin

More On "Erroneous" Government Data - So What! Gold-Eagle via Safehaven / Harry J. Clawar

Heeding advice of an elder reg Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

U.S. pension fund deficit continues sharp climb Financial Post / Peter Morton

Wall Street mistrial still sheds light on the 90's NY Times via International Herald Tribune / Floyd Norris

Taiwan: Government budget review postponed again after talks fail Taipei Times / Fiona Lu

Japan: Woo foreign investors, make babies: report Japan Times

Russian company moving to take over bankrupt U.S. steelmaker NY Times via International Herald Tribune / Erin E. Arvedlund

AZ: Dwindling land cause of pricing Arizona Republic / Catherine Burrough and Glen Creno




The Stealth Bush Boom Insight On The News / John Berlau

Nearly 30% of workers yet to save to retire Chicago Tribune via Baltimore Sun / T. Shawn Taylor

Some economists see rates rising sooner than expected USA Today / Barbara Hagenbaugh

What Will the Next Two Months Unfold for Gold? Clif Droke Market Anylsis via Safehaven / Clif Droke

Economic Lessons come by the bagful Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Greenspan Tells G-20 Meeting War Stalled U.S. Growth Bloomberg

U.S. ambassador warns of trouble for Russian economy after tycoon's arrest CP via and Financial Post / Kim Heintz

Russia tycoon arrest concerns US BBC News

Fall in Gas Prices Continues Nationwide AP via Aberdeen News

Earnings come in good but not magical AP via Louisville Kentucky Courier Journal / Meg Richards

Good news: Corporate America is raising prices on consumers AP via Cincinnati Enquirer / Rachel Beck

Russia's risky revolution The Guardian Observer / Conal Walsh

UK: Rates to hit 5.5pc by 2005 The Guardian Observer / Faisal Islam

UK: Old Lady breaks ranks on rates The Guardian Observer / Faisal Islam

Lenders stretch as rates rise reg LA Times / Diane Wedner

A Single Currency but Little Solidarity reg LA Times / Jeffrey Fleishman

Colombian Sovereign Bonds in Crosshairs Reuters / Hugh Bronstein

Korea: Banks Expand Issuance of Hybrid Bonds Korean Times / Kim Jae-kyoung

Snow Pursues Talks on Iraqi Debt, China's Currency Bloomberg

Focus on Fed Meeting, Economic Data, Earnings Reuters via Fox News

Investors refocus on the economy MSNBC / Roland Jones

WA: The big picture Seattle Times / Stephen Dunphy

Penny-pinching on Iraqi peace Philadelphia Inquirer / Trudy Rubin

Bullish on bullion Toronto Star / Lisa Wright

Shoppers, who didn't spend last year, will be looking for bargains Morning Call / Leslie Earnest

Japan Says No to Pressing China on the Yuan Bloomberg / David DeRosa

Fed Policy Makers Meet, Earnings Wrap Up Wall Street Journal via LA Daily News

Not-so-special charges reg Chicago Tribune / Andrew Countryman

Reflections on a journey into the heart of capitalism Minnesota Star Tribune / Steve Lagermeier and Howard Richards

Job fears threaten to sap U.S. economy Reuters via Toronto Star / Andrea Hopkins

Clark on the economy Washington Times

Investors stay calm despite tycoon's troubles BBC News / James Arnold

Canada: Strong loonie good news for snowbirds Toronto Star / Nancy Carr

Snow to Discuss Iraqi Debt, China Currency With G-20 in Mexico Bloomberg

Housing, Factories Signal Stronger Growth: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg

Federal Budget Watch Wall Street Journal via LA Daily News

Job loss in U.S. is worth exploring Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Wal-Mart quietly enters Japanese market AP via Charlotte Observer

Economy is looking happier, but job growth is essential Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Bonds remain a secure, slow way to earn money Knight Ridder via Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Jeff Brown

Pension Ship Listing For Many Near Retirement Washington Post via Hartford Courant

TX: Texas muni funds combine unfulfilled promise and inertia Boston Globe via Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Chuck Jaffe

PA: Nonprofits in a charitable mood Philadelphia Inquirer / Karl Stark

CO: Give mayor no quarter on parking Denver Post / Al Lewis

NC: Economy takes human toll Charlotte Observer / Peter Smolowitz

A Statistic That Tells Only Half the Story reg NY Times / Daniel Gross

Job Creation Math: The Three-Card Monte of Economics reg NY Times / David Leonhardt

No Consensus on Tighter Rules for Hedge Funds reg NY Times / John Kimelman

When Jobs Move Overseas (to South Carolina) reg NY Times / Yilo Zhao

It's a Girl! (Will the Economy Suffer?) reg NY Times / David Leonhardt

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SoCal fires costly aftermath already looms UPI / Hil Anderson

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California wildfires disrupt air travel Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Trebor Banstetter

In steel states, Bush politically damned whatever he does on tariffs AP via Philadelphia Inquirer / Lara Jakes Jordan

Bush to name CSX executive as Treasury's general counsel AP via

DIARY-U.S. Treasuries, Tuesday, Oct 28 Reuters via Yahoo

Buffett buying foreign money on trade deficit fear Reuters via USA Today

OR: 40,000 in Oregon lose health insurance AP via Seattle Times and

NY: More Needy Seeking Help From the State reg NY Times via / Leslie Kaufman

CA: Stretched Thin, State Seeks Help reg LA Times via / Jill Leovy and Julie Cart

French Cigarette Sellers Strike Over Tax Hike reg FT via LA Times / Jo Johnson

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China's insatiable lust for steel to be satiated by 2008 AFP via Taipei Times

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US mortgage shake-up urged FT / Vincent Boland

Bank of America to Buy Fleet AP via Washington Post

U.S. Commerce Chief Chastises China on Tight Trade Policies Washington Post / Peter S. Goodman

Euro debt yields on the rise, but bears cautious  Reuters / Dhara Ranasinghe

Putin appeals for calm as Russian bourses dive FT

PetroChina in 10-year bond issue Evening Standard via This Is Money

Hungary: Corporate bonds stuck in cycle of low liquidity Budapest Business Journal / Matthew Higginson

Yen Rises; Snow May Seek Weaker Dollar Against Asian Currencies Bloomberg

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Tycoon who defied Putin jailed NY Times via International Herald Tribune / Erin E. Arvedlund and Neela Banerjee

From ABB to VW, 1 Trillion-Euro Pension Gap Faces EU Companies Bloomberg

Dollar's Decline Against Euro Encouraged by U.S., Survey Shows Bloomberg

U.S. Fund to Invest $200M in Russia Bloomberg via Moscow Times

Russia: Severstal to Buy No. 5 U.S. Steel Firm NYT, AP, Bloomberg, Reuters via Moscow Times



For inflation, finding `right' level is impossible Toledo Blade / Homer Brickey

CA: Office vacancies at premium in L.A. LA Daily News / Gregory J. Wilcox

N.Y. MTA Faces $1.45B Hole for 2007 Bond Buyer / Martin Z. Braun

Calif. Seeks Better Response to Rest of $1.5B Bond Buyer / Rochelle Williams

CA: Are you fully covered? San Francisco Chronicle / Kelly Zito

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China Climbs To Top Of Asian Debt Tree As Upgrade, Spaceshot Power Demand Euro Week via Institutional Investor

Renaisssance plays down impact of arrest of Yukos chief Investment and Pensions Europe

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CA: Companies decide business can wait San Diego Union Tribune / Penni Crabtree

U.S. Treasuries worried Fed might be too cheerful Reuters / Wayne Cole

US Corp Bonds-Auto sector leads spreads tighter Reuters / Dena Aubin

Treasuries Rise; Fed Reiterates It Will Keep Interest Rates Low  Bloomberg

The Federal Open Market Committee decided today to keep its target for the federal funds rate at 1 percent Federal Reserve Board

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Bear Stearns Creates Hedge Fund Group Private Asset Management via Institutional Investor Mia-Margaret Laabs

Massachusetts Treasurer to Recommend Firing Putnam Bloomberg

CBOT Alters Muni Futures Settlement Bond Buyer / Lynn Hume and Jacob Fine

World Bank chief sees Iraq aid adequate United Press International / Shihoko Goto

Two-income families fall for first time in decade Akron Beacon Journal

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CA: Holiday help in abundant supply Oakland Tribune / Eve Mitchell

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Do as the US says, not as it does The Guardian / Joseph Stiglitz

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NYC mayor: Canada drugs could save state $643 mln Reuters via Forbes / Joan Gralla

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Bonds Find No Comfort in Foreign Demand Reuters via Boston Globe

Treasury may name currency manipulators FT / Alan Beattie

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Pharmacists Cross Strike Lines in Calif. AP via The State / Gary Gentile

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EU cuts 2003 economic forecast to 0.4% AP via Toronto Star

The stars are aligning for a tax increase National Review / Bruce Bartlett

CIA (No, Not That One) Plans Bond Sale for Chefs Bloomberg / Joe Mysak 

Treasuries Decline Amid Sings of Stronger Growth, Added Supply Bloomberg

EU Sees Extended Deficit Breach in Germany, France Bloomberg

Insider trading by ex-Fleet official alleged Boston Globe / Peter J. Howe

After Chad and David Boston Globe / Steven Baily

Traders Wonder if U.S. Will Reverse Weak-Dollar Policy reg NY Times / Jonathan Fuerbringer

An Unlikely Leader Emerges as Europe's Economy Mends reg NY Times / Mark Landler

New home loan applications tumble Reuters via CNN

When will a hike come? CNN / Justin Lahart

Taiwan-China trade rises 22 percent Taipei Times

`Devil winds' fan California forest fires Taipei Times

For Europe's dealmakers, a whiff of better days International Herald Tribune / Eric Pfanner

IMF's Financial Resources and liquidity Position, 2001 – September 2003 International Monetary Fund

Russia: U.S., EU Concerned Over Yukos Reuters via Moscow Times

Buffett hopes he's 'crying wolf' in currency shift Omaha World Herald / Grace Shim

Space Flight May Put China Into New Orbit Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr. 




IL: Cook County’s New Taxes Bond Buyer / Elizabeth Carvlin

Indictment a step toward setting trap for bigger targets Houston Chronicle / Mary Flood

Chicago Fed National Activity Index pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Real Estate Experts Guardedly Optimistic Reuters via ABC News / Ilaina Jonas

CT: There's Plenty To Beef About Hartford Courant / Stacy Wong

World Bank Extends $750 Mln Credit to Argentina Internet Securities via Institutional Investor

ISDA May Reopen Debate On Credit Definitions Derivatives Week via Institutional Investor / Jeremy Carter

A trash heap of cell phones AP via MSNBC

Car dealers do well as automakers struggle USA Today / Earle Eldridge

Real estate to remain a good investment Inman News

Freddie Mac shakes up management Inman News

15% in U.S. uninsured Garnett News via Tucson Citizen / Sandi Wright

Deutsche Bank sees growth at asset arm Investment and Pensions Europe / Daniel Brooksbank

Mortgage rates fall below 6% Inman News

Economic 'stars aligned' Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Avrum D. Lank

Merrill Lynch is off the hook for burst bubble AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer

Snow Resists Calls to Say Chinese Manipulate Yuan Bloomberg

BMO expects 3.3% economic growth CP via Toronto Star / Craig Wong

The other recovery Canadian Business via Toronto Star / Peter Verburg

Europe Is Shooting Itself in the Foot reg NY Times / Jef Madrick

PA: SEC asks Pa. help in review of bonds Philadelphia Inquirer / Joseph N. DiStefano

Still darker days ahead Boston Globe / Steven Syre

CA: More Food Buyers Crossing the Lines reg LA Times / Abigail Goldman and Nancy Rivera Brooks

Heads of U.N., IMF Discuss Wealth Gap AP via Philadelphia Inquirer / Regan Morris

Finland beats US competitiveness BBC News

States give SEC an earful Sacramento Bee / Gilbert Chan

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America's economy roars ahead The Economist

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Reputation, Debt, and Policy Conditionality International Monetary Fund / Rodney Ramcharan

MA: Analysis paints harsher picture of Mass. joblessness Boston Globe / Robert Gavin

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U.S. corporate bond new issues Reuters via Yahoo

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There is a Market Rate of Interest Hans Sennholz via Safehaven / Hans F. Sennholz

The Anti-Gold Camps Last 'Big Guns' The Euro vs Dollar Currency War via Safehaven / Alex Wallenwein

Bonds drop on GDP strength Reuters via CNN

Hevesi Set to Battle New York's Shadow Government Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Henry Ford's Steel Mill May Land in Russian Hands Bloomberg / Doron Levin

US economy grows at fastest rate in 19 years FT / Jennifer Hughes

German teenagers invent a currency Christian Science Monitor / Mariana Schroeder

Overnight interest rates down, benchmark bond up Inman News

New Fannie Mae Error Rattles Market Washington Post / David S. Hilzenrath

California Boosts Size of Bond Deal Bloomberg and LA Times via LA Times

Blood-sucking Leeches Newsmax / Joan Marie Nagy

The "Externalities" Argument Ludwig von Mises Institute / Jacob Halbrooks

GDP growth surges 7.2% CNN

China syndrome CNN / Justin Lahart

NAFTA has yet to deliver Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

The Internet Taxman Cometh CNS News and Newsmax

Yukos Controlling Stake Impounded by Russia Bloomberg

Japan: Widespread risk-hedging seen limiting short-term menace of rising yen Japan Times / Hiroko Nakata

Car bargains good for buyers, not automakers NY Times via Omaha World Herald

Russia: Gryzlov: Natural Resources Never Privatized Moscow Times / Alex Fak

Japan: Wal-Mart infiltrating Japanese market by stealth Japan Times / Yuri Kageyama

Australian Sept. Trade Deficit Widens to $2.28 Bln Bloomberg

Japanese Bonds Fall on Prospects Exports, Economy to Expand Bloomberg

VW profit drops 51% AP and Bloomberg via International Herald Tribune



October Sees Sharp Decline In Volume Rising Yields Rattle Long-Term Issuers Bond Buyer / Susanne Walker

Colorado's Big Smoke Bond Buyer / Elizabeth Albanese

The scariest people in real estate Inman News

CT: Watching Work Walk Away reg Hartford Courant / Dan Haar

UK: Child trust fund BBC News

 Number of UK pensioners set to rise by 40% Investment and Pensions Europe

UK: Fortis moves into High Yield, appoints Lupton Investment and Pensions Europe

Netherlands: ABN Amro's asset management Q3 revenues up Investment and Pensions Europe

Judge OKs $1.4B Settlement With Brokers AP via Morning call / Larry Neumeister

Fed's economic 'jump start' unnerves investors Inman News / Lou Barnes

Fed's Bies says still some doubts over audit firms Reuters via Forbes

Who Had the Right GDP Forecast? National Review / Victor Canto

Fund manager quits in bond dispute Reuters via CNN

Help-Wanted ads hold steady Inman News

Giant GDP National Review / Jerry Bowyer

GDP Barnburner National Review / Larry Kudlow

Fannie and Freddie, we love you but egads! Inman News

Bush names 2 to top Treasury jobs CBS Market Watch / Rex Nutting

More Big Pension Funds Fire Putnam AP via Baltimore Sun / Justin Pope

Central Banker Threatens Stepped-Up Gold Sales, Someday Gary North’s Newsletter via Lew Rockwell / Gary North

More U.S. Families Going Hungry AP via CBS News

Japanese Bank Masterminds Outsourcing For Govie Settlement Operations Management via Settlement Institutional Investor

Consumption - Recovery Leader or Potential Profit-Killer? Daily Reckoning via Safehaven / Kurt Richebächer

Time for caution despite good GDP data Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Opposing forces weigh on dollar strength FT / Jennifer Hughes

Long-Term Mortgage Rates Again Drop Below 6 Percent Hartford Courant

NV: Utilities get OK to sell millions in bonds Las Vegas Review Journal via Prudent Bear / John G. Edwards

MI: U.S. economy speeds off; Michigan left in its dust Detroit Free Press / Jeffrey McCracken

CO: Vacancy rates fall, but landlords pay price Denver Post / Kristi Arellano

China Did Not Violate Trade Law, U.S. Says reg LA Times / Richard Simon

Argentina's Lavagna Asks Trade Groups Back Debt Plan Bloomberg

Eurozone inflation stays above ECB ceiling FT

Straight Talk from Consumate Central Banker Dr. Otmar Issing Prudent Bear via Safehaven / Doug Noland

We're the Fed. We Screwed Up. We'll Change Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Bond rally finally seen 'on the ropes' National - Financial Post / Jason Chow

Bond Prices Up, Traders Wait for Reports AP via Miami Herald

Snow Takes on U.S. Senators Over China's Yuan Bloomberg / David DeRosa

3 Good Months, or Evidence of Real Economic Recovery? reg NY Times / Floyd Norris

Treasury Notes Rise as Spending Falls for First Time in a Year Bloomberg

The Economist poll of forecasters The Economist

US muni bond funds see $32 mln weekly outflows Reuters

Fishing in frothy waters The Economist

Vlad the impaler The Economist

U.S. Economy: Chicago Manufacturing Index Rose to 55 in October Bloomberg

Corporate Policies Feeding U.S. Decline Washington Post / Steven Pearlstein

Are Happy Days Back for the Economy? Bush Hopes So reg NY Times / Floyd Norris

Spitzer Blames the S.E.C. reg NY Times / Patrick McGeehan

Treasury Loosens Pressure on China Over Exchange Rate reg NY Times / Edmund Andrews

Trichet's cachet The Economist

U.S. Economic Growth Surges Washington Post / John Berry

MO: Grocery worker vote could have national impact St Louis Post Dispatch / Thomas Lee and Jack Naudi

Piper pays for bad trades Pioneer Press / Time Huber

Overnight interest rates up, benchmark bond up Inman News

The big candyman The Economist

Reflation in American History Ludwig von Mises Institute / H.A. Scott Trask

It'll Take More Than New Laws to Fix Mutual Funds Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Scary stuff CNN / Justin Lahart

Japan's Bonds Poised for Month's Longest Losing Run on U.S. GDP Bloomberg

'Gangbuster' growth vindicates White House Daily Telegraph / Simon English

Recovery Has Economists Predicting Bush's Re-election Newsmax

Treasuries Set for Weekly Decline; GDP Growth Beats Estimates Bloomberg

UK: The architect of the euro BBC News / Steve Schifferes

Snow makes strong defense of U.S. dollar NY Times via International Herald Tribune / Kenneth N. Gilpin

'Us first': a battle cry over U.S. tax breaks NY Times via International Herald Tribune / Edmund L. Andrews

Russia: Ministry Tells Investors to Watch Out Moscow Times / Alex Fak