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The Changing Pattern of Payments in the United States Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia / Anthony M. Santomero

Peru says must do planned bond rate swaps 'soon' Reuters

Economic risks shift to families' shoulders LA Times via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Peter G. Gosselin

EU's Almunia says eurozone economy faces "clouds on the horizon" in 2005 AFP via EU Business

Couch potato's TV guide Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

Wal-Mart Finds Union at Its Back Door AP via Baltimore Sun / Adam Geller

Airlines in a precarious spot Houston Chronicle / Bill Hensel Jr.

Wachovia Earnings Rise 14% AP via Hartford Courant

Study: 406,000 jobs going offshore Mercury News via and 1st Headlines / Karl Schoenberger

Bush Leads Kerry in Newsweek Poll Results, Ties in Time Survey Bloomberg

TX: There's no rest for the retired Dallas Morning News / Bob Moos

Mortgage fraud menacing lenders, buyers Washington Post via Minneapolis Star Tribune

U.S. 10-Year Treasury Rises for Fifth Week in Six as Oil Surges Bloomberg / Mark Tannenbaum

CA: Record number of new home loans are ARMs Orange County Register / Mary Ann Milbourn

UK: What a difference 40 years makes Guardian / Rupert Jones

Bear Stearns Bond Unit Is Under S.E.C. Investigation NY Times / Constance L. Hays

SC: Asia interested in AgFirst’s bonds The State / Ben Werner

Crucial Florida Vote May Hinge On Burgeoning Latino Population Washington Post via Drudge Report / Dan Balz and Richard Morin

Schwab posts loss in quarter San Francisco Chronicle / Jenny Strasburg

CA: Business in county is picking up, reports say Orange County Register / James B. Kelleher and Hang Nguyen

Greenspan Minimizes Impact of Costly Oil Washington Post / Nell Henderson

China's Industrial Boom Is Inflating Commodity Prices NY Times / Keith Bradsher

A bursting bubble blew U.S. jobs away NY Times via IHT / Floyd Norris

UK: Winter of economic discontent looms The Scotsman / Donald MacKay

Japan may ease U.S. beef ban AP and Kyodo via Japan Times


Bankruptcy reform: Is cure worse than disease? Chicago Tribune via Spartanburg Herald Journal / Bill Barnhart

When your neighbor is in foreclosure, you can lose, too Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Short-term interest rate is economic throttle Wichita Eagle

Hedge funds go mainstream Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Susan Morris

Analysts warn on insurer bonds FT / Ellen Kelleher and Jenny Wiggins

Canada comes calling CBS Marketwatch / David Weidner

The question is: Just how mutual, just how beneficial? FT / Deborah Brewster

Medical Alert: Your Health Benefits Are Changing Washington Post / Albert B. Crenshaw

WA: College debt rising faster than tuition, fee Increases Seattle Times / Sharon Pian Chan

The debates are over. Now, as for the deficit . . . Miami Herald / Gregg Fields

Can Kerry really pay for those promises? San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

What is pushing oil prices higher? Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

CA: Trapped in Debt Modesto Bee / Todd Milbourne

PA: Why pace of hiring is slow Philadelphia Inquirer / Porus P. Cooper and Harold Brubaker

Hedge funds check into Hub ‘hotels’: Big banks rent space to firms catering to rich Boston Herald / John Strahinich

Mutual fund's high-risk investments yielding generous returns Bloomberg via Philadelphia Inquirer / Matthew Keenan

Wal-Mart rattled as Quebec store says `oui' to union AP via Boston Herald

Deluge of Big Earnings to Dominate Reuters / Anna Driver

Premise #2: The Muddle Through Era Thoughts From The Frontline via Safehaven / John Mauldin

Acts of the Apostles Safehaven / John Mackenzie

Before and After The Macroeconomic Newsletter via Safehaven / Warren Pollock

Canada: A strategy for riding the housing bubble Toronto Star / Ellen Roseman

Canada: Stats review: a look at economic statistics this week CP via National Post and

UK: Why the Bank is trying to have it both ways The Scotsman

N.Y. Times `Enthusiastically' Endorses John Kerry Bloomberg / Jay Newton-Small

Kerry: Bush 'January Surprise' for Social Security Reuters / Mark Egan

Chicago Board of Trade's Dan Says Oil May Rise to $75 a Barrel Bloomberg / Miriam Steffens

Cattle-trading pro knows where the beef is Chicago Sun Times / David Roeder

Job scene paints clearest picture of holiday sales Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

More tough sledding? CNN / Alexandra Twin

Consumer Prices Rise, Growth May Slow: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Boomer health goes bust Tallahassee Democrat / Rocky Scott

Municipal Bond Funds: Expect No Guarantees Hartford Courant / Matthew Lubanko

Bad memories stirred as campaign hits Florida FT / James Harding

Bush, Kerry Tied in 3 U.S. Polls; Bush Leads in 4th Bloomberg / Jay Newton-Small

Americans assess the economic future AP via Tallahassee Democrat / Sharon Cohen

Slow China Growth Sparks Selloff AP via Hartford Courant / Meg Richards

Organizations shine spotlight on the financial workings of charities Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

UK: 'Treasury mandarins are the thickest' Telegraph / David James and Robert Watts

CA: Governments borrowing heavily to cover growing pension shortfalls AP via The State / Bob Porterfield

U.S. Over A Barrel NY Post / Diane Hess

Election Jitters Strangling Market NY Post / Terry Keenan

Boeing's chief spearheads U.S. complaint against Airbus St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

2 seats on NYSE sell for less than recent price level Dow Jones via Indianapolis Star

New Route to China Opens Up Wall Street Journal via LA Daily News / Craig Karmin

Harvard's$12 billion man Boston Globe / Charles Stein

UK: Erm, there's a danger in paradise Guardian - Observer / William Keegan

UK: Even estate agents say boom is over Guardian - Observer / Maria Scott

Britain's high taxes lead to smaller cars AP via Arizona Republic / Thomas Wagner

CA: The no-down lowdown LA Times / Morris Newman

The Dollar Is Defying Both Expectations and Gravity NY times / Jonathan Fuerbringer

What if a Sales Tax Were the Only Tax? NY Times / Daniel Altman

Who won? Market really doesn't care Minneapolis Star Tribune / Susan Feyder

Flailing market could use some traction Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

Terrorbusters Inc. NY Times / Louis Uchitelle and John Markoff

The Incredible Shrinking Investment Bank NY Times / Landon Thomas, Jr.

Is Spitzer Preparing Marsh, Act II? NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

Asian Central Banks Should Follow South Korea Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee


A flaw in inflation figures? Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Treasuries inch up, Fed sees oil effect on growth Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

US Treasury:Must gauge household,payroll data on jobs Reuters / Jonathan Nicholson

Publication of the Debt Strategy 2005/06 Bank of Canada

Reuters Poll: Bush, Kerry Tied in White House Race Reuters / John Whitesides

Is there more sanity in the federal budget than people think? National Review / Larry Kudlow

MA: Condo crash contemplated Boston Herald / Scott Van Voorhis

Fed's Olson Says Economy Still Improving Reuters

Lackluster holidays expected Raleigh News and Observer / Samantha Smith

Weakening US inflows raise dollar concerns FT / Jennifer Hughes and Steve Johnson

Economic Trends October 2004 Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

WI: Report ties trade, 16,000 job losses Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Joel Dresang

Running joke as trade chiefs trade parting gifts AFP via EU Business

U.K. House-Price Index Falls to Lowest in Nine Years Bloomberg / Sam Fleming

Poland: Ranking shocker Warsaw Business Journal / John Todd

The Unthinkable? Pimco / Mohamed A. El-Erian

Who Cares If Markets Are 'Efficient'? Market Watch / Elliott Wave

Two Commodities That Pack A Punch Futures Focus / Elliott Wave

U.S. Treasuries trim losses as Fed sees oil impact Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

U.S. tax overhaul could aggravate Airbus-Boeing spat USA Today via Google News / James Cox

Frozen by oil-price fears The Economist

Oil Falls From Record as High Prices Expected to Reduce Demand Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

Greenspan's oil prayer CNN / Kathleen Hayes

U.S. home builder optimism matches Oct '03 high Reuters / Richard Leong

U.S. companies timid about spending Wall Street Journal via Baltimore Sun / Timothy Aeppel

Middle class trading up for luxury Seattle Times via The State / Jolayne Houtz

Post Election Years - The Historical Record Chart Store via Safehaven / Ron Geiss

SEC Investigates Thomson Financial E-Commerce Times via Google News

WI: Manufacturers remain wary of adding jobs Green Bay Gazette / Richard Ryman

Remarks by Donald E. Powell Chairman FDIC

Banks go back to freebies Wall Street Journal via Arizona Republic

Federal agency sets loan record, double 2001 total Chicago Tribune / Ron Kaiser

Treasury Bond Prices Mostly Fall AP via Philadelphia Inquirer

A new gold standard? The Economist

Economists differ on effect of oil prices Taipei Times / Amber Chung

Oil Hits $55 Alarm; Greenspan Hits Snooze Forbes / Dan Ackman

Flu season could cost $20B CNN

More sunny skies forecast for Latin American trade Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel / Doreen Hemlock

Wealth Gap Widens For Blacks, Hispanics Washington Post / Griff Witte and Nell Henderson

Treasuries ease slightly as investors watch oil Reuters / Chris Reese

Rite Aid Exec, 76, Gets 10 Years in Prison / Stephen Taub

Martha: Everyone in prison is `nice' AP via Orlando Sentinel / April Vitello

Canada deals blow to cheap US drug imports FT / Bernard Simon

Citigroup, JPMorgan Cut Fees as Emerging Market Debt Booms Bloomberg / Gavin Serkin

Dollar languishes near seven-month low FT / Steve Johnson

Crude tops $55 a barrel Newsday

Harmony makes $8.1bn bid for Gold Fields FT / John Reed, Arkady Ostrovsky and Lucy Killgren

3M 3rd-Qtr Profit Rises on Sales of Film for Displays Bloomberg / Carol Wolf

Why India Needs Stronger Currency. Asia, Too Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Russia: President Leaves Chinese Guessing Moscow Times / Lyuba Pronina

Russia: U.S. Says WTO Deal With Russia Not Even Close Reuters via Moscow Times / Doug Palmer

Russia: Banks Ache for Quality Ruble Bonds Reuters via Moscow Times

Crude Oil Rises to a Record Above $55 on U.S. Supply Concern Bloomberg / Sri Jegarajah and Angela Macdonald-Smith

World Polls: U.S. Reputation Falls AP via Newsmax

U.S. Treasury Investors Most Bullish in Six Weeks as Oil Surges Bloomberg / Mark Tannenbaum

Dollar May Weaken From Seven-Month Low as U.S. Expansion Slows Bloomberg / Joshua Krongold



Media coverage of the economy can affect it: Fed paper Silicon Valley Business Journal / Howard Dicus

TX: New-car sales in a skid Dallas Morning News / Terry Box

Bank of Canada raises overnight rate target by 1/4 percentage point to 2 1/2 per cent Bank of Canada

Exit-poll truths on Social Security you'll never hear CBS Marketwatch / Paul B. Farrell

Wells Fargo: Banking on mortgages Minneapolis Star Tribune / Chris Serres

GOP Has Financial Edge Roll Call

CalPERS targets subpar returns Sacramento Bee / Gilbert Chan

Tuition, student loans increase again / Eric Kelderman

NY: Clothing in on inflation NY Daily News / Tom Van Riper  

Boom times with brakes AP via Raleigh News and Observer

The simple rules for transforming Social Security National Review / Edward H. Crane

Forget Bush vs. Kerry. The big debate: "Bubble or not." Orange County Register / Jonathan Lansner

Housing's slide not a surprise Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Economic outlook weakens CNN

US poll chaos of 2000 ‘may be repeated’ FT / Holly Yeager

Bitter foes, investment bedfellows Boston Globe / Beth Healy

Managing It Forward Pimco / Paul McCulley

U.S. inflation not ringing alarm bells-Fed's Poole Reuters / Laura Houston

Are Home Prices the Next "Bubble"? Federal Reserve Bank of New York / Jonathan McCarthy and Richard W. Peach

Social Security Reform and Demographic Reality Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis / William Poole

The Historical and Recent Behavior of Goods and Services Inflation Federal Reserve Bank of New York / Richard W. Peach, Robert Rich, and Alexis Antoniades

Hans Sennholz: Misesian for Life Ludwig von Mises institute / Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Finding My Way Ludwig von Mises institute / Hans F. Sennholz

Funds Have Ringside Seats at the Big Pharma Fight Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Banknorth reports earnings increase Portland Press Herald

Wells Fargo, U.S. Bancorp Profit Rise 12% on Consumer Lending Bloomberg / Scott Silvestri

BB&T chief still looking to ‘digest’ acquisitions The State / Ben Werner

Cover note The Economist

Is Oil Heading For $100? Forbes / Dan Ackman

NY: Area home sales increased in September Buffalo News / Matt Glynn

CA: California's job growth slow, steady San Diego Union Tribune / Dean Calbreath

Money flows for security NY Times via  Charlotte Observer / Louis Uchitelle and John Markoff

US consumer prices up 0.2% FT / Christopher Swann

EU: Thousands protest at GM job cuts BBC News

The mortgage market and consumer debt Federal Reserve Board / Alan Greenspan

Greenspan says household debt, home prices, not hurting U.S. economy AP via Newsday

Housing starts slow CNN

Bearish on Uncle Sam? Washington Post / Jonathan Weisman and Ben White

Treasuries extend losses on core inflation gains Reuters

Google Shows Banks Low-Balled IPO, Hambrecht Says Bloomberg / Brett Cole

Nobelist Prescott lauds Bush policies Arizona Republic / Russ Wiles

Social Security Benefits to Increase 2.7% Washington Post / Fred Barbash and Stephen Barr

CA: Job gains in state sluggish San Francisco Chronicle / Tom Abate

Greenspan's 2010 Space Odyssey With Oil Futures Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

What Those Debates Changed and Didn't Change Bloomberg / Andrew Ferguson

Brokers Are Jittery; Spitzer Seeks Data NY Times / Alex Berenson

Private Investors Abroad Cut Their Investments in the U.S. NY Times / Eduardo Porter

The Man Who Bought the Oil From Iraq NY Times / Simon Romero and Eric Lipton

China Sets Target Yields on $1.7 Billion Bond Sales Bloomberg / Netty Ismail

UK: House price falls 'steepest for nine years' Independent / Philip Thornton

UK: Red tape 'will swallow Brown's £61bn spend' Telegraph / Malcolm Moore

EU: Citigroup buys ABN Amro units Reuters via Guardian

Insurance scandal spreads to Britain Independent / James Daley and Katherine Griffiths

Beach brouhaha: As coastlines erode, who pays for new sand? Christian Science Monitor / Patrik Jonsson


TN: Rising cost of natural gas hurting factories Tennessean / Bush Bernard

Foreign investors pull back Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Businesses appear ready to spend more on travel San Antonio Express News / Melissa S. Monroe

Study shows Baby Boomers need a stint in savings 101 Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel / Humberto Cruz

Qwest to pay $250 million to settle SEC allegations AP via Google News

Bush and Kerry Statistically Tied in Four National Surveys Bloomberg / Nicholas Johnston

My Realistic Dream for November 2 Lew Rockwell / Anthony Gregory

The FDA Makes You Sick National Review / Rich Lowry

Transcript of a Press Briefing by Thomas C. Dawson International Monetary Fund

U.S. wavers, Canada rises Globe and Mail / Terry Weber

Motivated to Prosecute Washington Post / Carrie Johnson

GM Cutting 900 Jobs at Michigan Plant Reuters via Washington Post

Economists mirror polarized country St. Petersburg Times / Robert Trigaux

New investor worry: No winner Nov. 2 CNN / Chris Isidore

Big Doings in ETF Land / Monica Rivituso

Paying the piper CBS Marketwatch / Chuck Jaffe

10-year Treasury yield hits three-week low FT / Jennifer Hughes, Charles Batchelor and Mariko Sanchanta

Treasury chief seeks stronger dollar FT / Jennifer Hughes and Steve Johnson

One-Day Wonder / Lawrence Carrel

EBay sales up 52%; profit view lifted CBS Marketwatch / Bambi Francisco

KPMG to Pay $10M to Settle SEC Charges AP via Newsday

U.N.: Robot use to surge sevenfold by 2007 AP via Orlando Sentinel / Jonathan Fowler

Treasuries rise on weak outlook, technical break Reuters / Chris Reese

Oil prices perched above $55 a barrel Reuters via Houston Chronicle

The New Divining Rod Forbes / Michael Maiello

JPMorgan Chase earnings plummet FT / David Wighton

B of A Pro Quits For Hedge Fund NY Post / Paul Tharp and Erica Copulsky

Rigged bids: How common a practice? Christian Science Monitor / Clayton Collins

White-Collar Police Blotter Forbes / Dan Ackman

You want it? You got it - instantly. Christian Science Monitor / Clayton Collins

$3 Trillion = 50%! ...Solution Goldenbar via Safehaven / Ed Bugos

Dollar Falls to 8-Month Low as Foreign Investment in U.S. Slows Bloomberg / Richard Blackden and Vivianne C. Rodrigues

Canada: Dollar breaks 80 cent U.S. barrier CP via Toronto Star

Bush houses vs. Kerry houses CNN / Sarah Max

Fannie Mae duration at -2 months, portfolio grows Reuters

More Middlemen Feel Belt Tighten Around Them Washington Post / Steven Pearlstein

Anti-Kerry Film Won't Be Aired Washington Post / Frank Ahrens and Howard Kurtz

Bank of England's MPC Voted 9-0 for Unchanged Rates Bloomberg / Sam Fleming

Canada: Rate rise sends a signal Toronto Star / Ellen Roseman

U.S. mortgage applications climb last week-MBA Reuters

High five? CBS Marketwatch / Mark Hulburt

Fannie Mae reveals formal SEC probe CBS Marketwatch / August Cole & William L. Watts

Sinclair's problems go beyond anti-Kerry telecast Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Sluggish growth projected for Germany IHT / Carter Dougherty

NZ: Reserve Bank says financial system sound but household debt high New Zealand Herald

Reuters Poll: Bush and Kerry Still in Dead Heat Reuters / John Whitesides

CA: Heavy debt? No sweat Orange County Register / Hang Nguyen

Rating Companies Lifting Veil on Muni Swap Risks Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Oil wealth 'can cause corruption' BBC News

Not a Ship to Spare NY Times / Jad Mouawad

Oil's price a mix of fact, friction Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Internal Rate of Return: A Cautionary Tale / McKinsey & Co

IL: Towns Hand Out Tax Breaks, Then Cry Foul as Jobs Leave NY Times / Timothy Egan

Japan: Consumer sentiment seen at highest level in eight years Japan Times

Brazil to Raise Lending Rates for Second Month, Survey Shows Bloomberg Carlos Caminada

Fed chief fearless on debt Chicago Tribune / Ameet Sachdev

Rising prices may bring higher interest rate AP via Arizona Republic

Bumper Crop of Corporate Probes / Stephen Taub

Shoppers to boost holiday spending CNN

Fuel prices, low fares crush airlines' hopes Philadelphia Inquirer / Tom Belden

Solid third quarter for AT&T Wireless Seattle Times / Tricia Duryee

FCC Chief Outlines Plans for VOIP LA Times / James S. Granelli

Congress Should Abolish the Federal Debt Limit Bloomberg / John M. Berry

ECB Says New EU Members `Too Slow' in Deficit-Cutting Efforts Bloomberg / Christian Baumgaertel



Enterprise Perspectives in Financial Institution Supervision Federal Reserve Board / Susan Schmidt Bies

It's Social Security, not national security Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Another outlook on debt Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Big Issuers, Small Investors / Marie Leone

Canada: Monetary Policy Report Bank of Canada

Canada: Interest rates headed higher as economy shows strong growth: Bank of Canada CP via / Sandra Cordon

Raymond James has a banner year St. Petersburg Times / Helen Huntley

Amazon Says 3Q Profits More Than Triple AP via Baltimore Sun / Melanthia Mitchell

Quiet Period May Get Noisier / Stephen Taub

Outgoing Kmart chief gets $90 million in stock options AP via Dallas Morning News

E&Y Warns of Independence Conflict / Stephen Taub

TX: State jobless rate falls Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Andrea Ahles

NC: Jobs lost in N.C. in September Raleigh News and Observer / Amy Martinez

Kerry's offshoring plan being questioned Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Barry Shlachter

Bondedge’s Market Flash – Capital Markets Update pdf Bondedge

Mexico May Sell More Than $700 Mln Bonds by Year End Bloomberg / Adriana Arai

Thursday's World Gold Prices AP via New Jersey Star Ledger

IL: Young adults shy away from mutual funds Chicago Tribune / Andrew Countryman

Bullish on the Economy, but Only Cautiously So NY Times / Ellen L. Rose

California sales of million-dollar homes decline Mercury News / Sue McAllister

CA: O.C. sees highest rent hike in 3 years Orange County Register / Hang Nguyen

Just how rotten? The Economist

Cheques cancelled The Economist

Why Taxes Have to Go Up NY Times

US Airways pilots ratify new contract Charlotte Observer / Tony Mecia

Microsoft Beats Street on Strong PC Demand Dow Jones via / Mark Boslet

Google's Profit and Sales More Than Doubled Dow Jones via

Don't let latest 'bubble' pop you Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

Thursday's Commodities Roundup AP via New Jersey Star Ledger

Greenback falls on signs of peaking growth FT / Steve Johnson

Treasury yields recover after hitting six-month low FT / Jennifer Hughes, Ivar Simensen and Mariko Sanchanta

PA: City's debt-rate downgrade fuels debate over tax cuts Philadelphia Inquirer / Marcia Gelbart

CO: Dish, Frontier lead job flurry Denver Post / Kelly Yamanouchi

Witness Faults Disney Board in Ovitz Case LA Times / Richard Verrier

A Time-Honored Privilege Falls to Black Magic Market Watch / Elliott Wave

Get the Straight Story on Oil, Inflation and Recession Futures Focus / Elliott Wave

Oil and the Economy Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

Business Outlook Survey Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Alfred E. Greenspan: What Me Worry? Forbes / Dan Ackman

Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index Rises to 28.5 in October Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Mortgage rates hit 6-month low CNN

Wall Street Gives Bush a B Rating, but He Tops Kerry LA Times / Tom Petruno

Treasuries mostly steady after jobless claims fall Reuters / Chris Reese

Washington Mutual profit falls 34 percent Seattle Times / Drew DeSilver

Countrywide's Earnings Fall 47% as Refis Drop LA Times / E. Scott Reckard

Mich. jobless rate up to 6.8% Detroit Free Press / John Gallagher

MN: More choosing to work at home Minneapolis Star Tribune / H. J. Cummins

Dollar down, gold up as economy risks weigh Reuters / Keiron Henderson

EBay earnings jump 77% Bloomberg via Dallas Morning News

AT&T reports $7.1bn loss amid restructuring Reuters via FT

Sears posts $61 million loss AP via Chicago Tribune

UPS reports 20 percent jump in profit, misses expectations AP via Kansas City Star / Harry R. Weber

Economic indicator sinks for 4th month CNN

Jobless claims fall to lowest level since early September AP via Dallas Morning News

Insurance probe widens San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

Canada: Retail sales soar to record Globe and Mail / Terry Weber

UK: High street rings up shock sales rise PA via Guardian

Stagflation Forcing Korea to Face Reality Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Japanese Exports Rose 12.5% to a Record in September Bloomberg / Lily Nonomiya

Politics invade the cinema Christian Science Monitor / Harry Bruinius

The Real Consequences of Pension Projections NY Times / Danny Hakim and Mary Williams Walsh

Breaking free Christian Science Monitor / Mark Clayton

Coming Soon to Your Pocket: High-Definition TV Phones NY Times / Matt Richtel

Russia: Oil Fund Lures as Budget Passes Moscow Times / Guy Faulconbridge

Russia: Berlin Urged Not to Sell Russian Debt Reuters via Moscow Times

UK: Family sells Glenmorangie to cognac maker Guardian / Charlotte Moore

Pound falls on hints that interest rates have peaked Guardian / Charlotte Moore

Europe's Watchdogs May Expose Bond-Price Secrets Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

Korea Electric, SK Bonds Rally as Credit Ratings May Get Lift Bloomberg / Shamim Adam

Court rejects FT damage claim IHT / Eric Pfanner



U.S. GDP stronger, but hold the bubbly CBS Marketwatch / Gregory Robb

America's search for leaders CBS Marketwatch / Marshall Loeb

Under Spitzer's microscope CBS Marketwatch / Alistair Barr

Marsh CEO to step down Reuters via USA Today

Japan ready to intervene if yen keeps rising FT / Barney Jopson

Bush, Approval Ratings Below 50%, Is Tied With Kerry Bloomberg / Jesse Westbrook

Google shares go crazy Mercury News / Michael Bazeley

Doting on dot-coms CNN / Yuval Rosenberg

Europe May Face Knockout Blow From Dollar Decline Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

Dow plunges to lowest point of '04 AP via Dallas Morning News

Crazed To Lunacy Smith Consultant Group via Daily Reckoning Richard Daughty

The Rude Awakening Apogee Research via Daily Reckoning / Eric J. Fry

Halloween fave: 'Martha in prison' CNN / Parija Bhatnagar

TX: Housing stays on a roll Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

FL: Hurricanes cost Florida 9,500 jobs in September Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel / Niala Boodhoo

Will 'Range Bound' Describe 2005? Market Watch / Elliott Wave

'Turmoil is a thing of the past?' European Market Watch / Elliott Wave

Growth in China barely less blistering NY Times via IHT / Chris Buckley

China's economy still sizzling, but prices steady; GDP 9.1 per cent CP via National Post and / Ellen Kurtenbach

Mexico's Central Bank Raises Interest Rates 7th Time This Year Bloomberg / Inti Landauro

U.K. Economic Expansion Slows Bloomberg / Sam Fleming

Treasuries ease slightly on oil impact uncertainty Reuters / Chris Reese

US muni funds report $33 mln weekly inflows—AMG Reuters

U.S. junk bond funds see $898,000 weekly outflow Reuters

Fitch assigns Hungary's eurobond "A-" rating Reuters

Concerns Lurk in Muni Market's Third-Busiest Year Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Stock Slump Made Losers of Bulls and Bears Alike Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Would You Rather? Safehaven / John Mackenzie

Meltdown Dead Ahead? Union Securities via Safehaven / David Chapman

The Real Estate Boom and the Magic Mid-Point Clif Droke Market Analysis via Safehaven / Clif Droke

NY: Jobs grow but salaries slide Newsday / Randi F. Marshall

Japan: Import, export trade reaches record highs Japan Times

Crude Oil May Rise for 7th Week on Supply Concern, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

Is it time for dollar to fall in Asia? IHT / Floyd Norris

UBS Uses $1.78 Trillion in Assets to Boost Investment Banking Bloomberg / Stephanie Baker-Said

Thaksin's Tiff With the Thai Bank Governor Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

The uncorrupt The Economist

Total tax revenue The Economist

Russia: Reserves Hit Record $100.1Bln Bloomberg via Moscow Times / Halia Pavliva and Todd Prince

US$140m for a year's work? The New Paper via Google News

Crude Oil Rises for a Third Day on Heating Oil Supply Concern Bloomberg / Angela Macdonald-Smith


It's the economy, my dear voter Minneapolis Star Tribune / Bob Potter

American may cut 1,100 jobs Dallas Morning News / Eric Torbenson

UK: Rates have peaked, says City Guardian / Charlotte Moore

TX: Home buyers have more options as builders try to maintain boom Houston Chronicle / Nancy Sarnoff

IL: Illinois jobless rate dips Chicago Tribune

WI: Steel costs bring pain for auto suppliers Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Thomas Content

The Federal Reserve System and the Economy Federal Reserve Board / Susan Schmidt Bies

The spooky week ahead CNN / Alexandra Twin

Airlines on approach to even leaner months Dallas Morning News / Eric Torbenson

MD: Maryland's net loss of 2,400 jobs puzzles experts Baltimore Sun / Jamie Smith Hopkins

Japanese Bonds Have Weekly Loss on Outlook for Growing Exports Bloomberg / Chris Cooper

China companies buying foreign firms, resources AP via Chicago Tribune

NC: State's jobless rate declines Raleigh News Observer / Amy Martinez

Crude Shows No Mercy AP via Hartford Courant / Brad Foss

UK: Nudge-nudge wink-wink ways are hard to give up Guardian / Edmond Warner

UK: Brown toughs it out on strike and spending Guardian / Michael White

Cloud over mortgage meeting Chicago Tribune / John Handley

Companies keep low profiles in forecasts AP via Seattle Times / Michael J. Martinez

For Google investors, a taste of '90s Boston Globe / Robert Weisman

Immortality to die for Orange County Register / Michele Himmelberg

In Swing States, Growth of Jobs Has Faltered NY Times / Eduardo Porter

Momentum Builds for U.S. Role in Paying Highest Health Costs NY Times / Milt Freudenheim and Robert Pear

Bush Signs $136B Corporate Tax Cut Bill AP via Newsday / Pete Yost

S.E.C. Warns It May Act On Ex-Officer Of Citigroup NY Times / Landon Thomas, Jr.

Fed's Bies Says U.S. Growth `Solid,' Oil Not Fanning Inflation Bloomberg / Brendan Murray

MA: State jobless rate falls to 4.6% in September Boston Globe / Robert Gavin



Fed chair: Don't worry, be happy Nashua Telegraph via Fiends SuperBear

`Managed accounts' have been slow to catch on Mercury News / Mark Schwanhausser

SEC drags feet on key rules to fix fund abuses St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

San Diego now 'Enron by the Sea' USA Today via Newsmax / John Ritter

All aboard as rail freight grows Baltimore Sun via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Stacey Hirsch

Is election really to blame for stock fall? USA Today / Adam Shell

Bush Has Two-Point Lead on Kerry -Reuters Poll Reuters / John Whitesides

Beleaguered dollar off against rivals CBS Marketwatch / Kate Gibson & Osamu Tsukimori

Still blowing bubbles - 75 years on from Great Crash The Scotsman / Bill Jameson

TX: A bigger slice of the pie Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Maria M. Perotin

Tiny Citigroup fund couldn't mask money flow CBS Marketwatch / Chuck Jaffe

Election Scorecard The Slate / William Saletan, David Kenner, and Louisa Herron Thomas

Move to take Social Security private raises fears Raleigh News and Observer / Amy Martinez

Tapping your equity Bradenton Herald / Ray Joseph

NC: Expanding Empires Charlotte Observer / Rick Rothacker

Can the Buck Stop at the Directors' Table? NY Times / Patrick McGeehan

Regional funds can be risky AP via Minneapolis Star Tribune / Meg Richards

Oil, Economy Hot Topics on Wall Street AP via Newsday / Michael J. Martinez

Poll: Money Managers Bullish on Stocks Reuters via Google News

Chirac's Popularity Sinks on Turkey and Economy Reuters via Google News / Mary Kelleher

Seven Places to Get Decent Yields Wall Street Journal via Denver Post / Jonathan Clements

Weaker Buck Has Broad Appeal LA Times / Tom Petruno

Wages of Sin Are Profits Wall Street Journal via Denver Post / Beverly Goodman

Mortgages main topic of meeting San Francisco Chronicle / Kelly Zito

Vanguard gurus' outlooks San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

FL: Banks bulk up Orlando Sentinel / Richard Burnett

FL: Proposal will test promises for economy Orlando Sentinel / Susan Strother Clarke

Mrs. Kerry Needs To Reveal All NY Post / Terry Keenan

Growth May Slow After Third-Qtr. Rebound: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

UK: An end to golden Brown? Guardian – Observer / Heather Stewart

CO: Tycoons take cues from Torah Denver Post / Al Lewis

Why Bush wishes they all could be California firms Guardian – Observer / Nick Mathiason

Counting the Hidden Costs of War NY Times / Anna Bernasek

Handle hot Google stock with care Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

EBay Merchants Trust Their Eyes, and the Bubble Wrap NY Times / Kate Murphy

Pixar's Mr. Incredible May Yet Rewrite the Apple Story NY Times / Randall Stross

Profits bonanza for BP and Shell Guardian – Observer / James Robinson

Who Loses the Most at Marsh? Its Workers NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

Economist gets ready to celebrate its first million Guardian – Observer / James Robinson

British historian provokes thought Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

The see-through Fed Washington Times via Google News / Alfred Tella

Fed's Bies Criticizes Lawmakers' Lack of Spending Discipline Bloomberg / Brendan Murray

'It's the economy, dammit' Guardian - Observer / Edward Helmore

Washington Post Endorses John Kerry in Election for President Bloomberg / Paul Tighe

How Capricious Commodities May Calm a Portfolio NY Times / Paul J. Lim

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Justice Deptartment Clears Cingular Acquisition of AT&T Wireless AP via NY Times

EU lifts trade rules against U.S. Chicago Sun Times / Paul Geitner

Japan: New bank notes could draw underground cash into the light Japan Times / Stanley White

China sees $10B trade surplus in 2004 Reuters via CNN and Google News

WTO: World trade set to grow this year, despite record oil prices AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Jonathan Fowler

Dutch steelmaker buying Ohio-based ISG in deal to create one of world's Biggest steel maker AP via San Diego Union Tribune

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Gold May Rise Near 15-Year High as Dollar Falls, Survey Says Bloomberg / Choy Leng Yeong

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U.S. 10-Year Treasury Note Yield May Hold Near 4%, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Bank of Japan Won't Raise Interest Rate Next Year, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Mayumi Otsuma


Stability fears rise as oil reliance grows BBC News / Jorn Madslien

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Money Smart News - Fall 2004 FDIC

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Energy Futures Tumble as U.S. Reserves Rise Dow Jones via Smartmoney  

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Comments Requested on Proposed Retail Credit Risk Guidance Federal Reserve Board

Federal Reserve Bank chairmen and deputy chairmen appointed for 2005 Federal Reserve Board

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UK: Taxpayers shoulder rising burden Telegraph / Nina Montagu-Smith

Yen Falls Versus Dollar After Magnitude 6 Earthquake in Japan Bloomberg / John Brinsley

Hedge funds face new scrutiny Guardian / David Teather

Advertising 'set for tougher year' Guardian / Dan Milmo



Eurozone inflation picks up in October AFP via EU Business

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The Kind of Circular Logic You Can Skip During FreeWeek Futures Focus / Elliott Wave

Spitzer Denies Wall Street Journal Report Reuters via Google News / Joseph A. Giannone

Home loans unlikely to rise San Francisco Chronicle / Kelly Zito

A sampling of early voting AP via CNN

Bonds slide on China move and weaker oil FT / Jennifer Hughes, Païvi Munter and Mariko Sanchanta

NY Fed-Slower cenbank buying would hit dlr, rates Reuters / Victoria Thieberger

Treasuries steady, regain nerve after China scare Reuters / Wayne Cole

Junk bond funds still find ways to shine IHT / Judith Rehak

Truth is, economy guides the president Seattle Post Intelligencer / Bill Virgin

S.C. homes sales up sharply The State / Noelle Phillips

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Jobless claims jump by 20,000 last week AP via Newsday

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MO: Economy builds steam in KC Fed district Kansas City Business Journal via Google News

Thornburg's Kinkelaar Buys Chinese Port Operators for Dividends Bloomberg / Danielle Kost

UK: Finding the Future in an Old Industry NY Times / Heather Timmons

UK: Mortgage approvals slump by 30% as repossessions rise Guardian / Ashley Seager

UK: After the credit splurge, a savings surge Guardian / Ashley Seager

Latest Battleground State Polls Newsmax

Disney cut me out like a cancer, says Ovitz Guardian / David Teather

Tipping Over Pimco / Bill Gross

Chicago Fed Letter pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Who Won India's Tug of War on Interest Rates? Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee


ETF assets top $180 billion CBS Marketwatch / John Spence

Jobs to dominate data after election CBS Marketwatch / Corbett B. Daly

TBMA and ASF Comment on FASB ‘Other-Than-Temporary Impairment’ Interpretation Bond Market Association

Dow points to Kerry? CNN / Jacqueline S. Gold

Stock Market Tea Leaves National Review / Larry Kudlow

They can choose Tuesday's victor Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Bush-Kerry Race Revives Charges of Fraud v. Bias Bloomberg / Ann Woolner

Dollar May Rally Fleetingly if U.S. Election Swift Reuters / John Parry

Crude oil prices 'will keep falling' This Is London via Google News

U.S. Fed policymakers' recent comments Reuters

Ferguson says Fed to stay flexible on policy moves Reuters

Insurers Doing Internal Exams Hartford Courant / Kenneth R. Gosselin and Diane Levick

Agencies ask if brokers overcharged Philadelphia Inquirer / Mark Fazlollah

CA: O.C. housing sales still slow Orange County Register / Hang Nguyen

The 'Sanity Has Returned' Stage in THIS Market? Market Watch / Elliott Wave

Japan: Recognizing the Long-Term Nature of Japan's Economic Recovery JETRO with KWR International

Equilibrium Real Interest Rate: Theory and Application Federal Reserve Board / Roger Ferguson

Crude rises back above $51 a barrel AP via Houston Chronicle

Oil's cost could make life more miserable for airlines Houston Chronicle / Bill Hensel, Jr.

Greenspan: Playing the Fool Or the Scoundrel? Washington Post / Steven Pearlstein

US junk bond funds see $56.5 mln weekly inflow-AMG Reuters

US muni funds report $312 mln weekly outflows—AMG Reuters

Treasuries Fall After Chicago Manufacturing Index Increases Bloomberg / Monee Fields-White

Pimco's Gross recommends inflation-linked securities Bloomberg via Orange County Register / Chris Cooper

Spitzer says Marsh & McLennan penalty may top $500 million AP via Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel / Pat Milton

FBI Widens Probe of Halliburton Washington Post / Robert O’Harrow Jr.

Not exactly what they seem to be The Economist

IL: How LaSalle Street bore the shock Chicago Sun Times / David Roeder

Consumer guides published regarding Check 21 and check-processing technology Federal Reserve Board

US GDP growth of 3.7% falls below forecasts FT / Christopher Swann

Taste for luxury is trickling down Seattle Times via Orange County Register / Jolayne Houtz

Is It the Economy? Washington Post / Jonathan Weisman

Pondering the presidency CNN / Kathleen Hayes

CO: Apartment vacancies continue to drop Denver Post / Christine Tatum

Foreign-exchange reserves The Economist

Turkey The Economist

Russia: Reserves Soar $5.1Bln in a Week Reuters and Bloomberg via Moscow Times

Band aid The Economist

Tax Initiatives Target Maine, St. Louis Bonds Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

By the numbers: Gold's link to dollar CBS Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Cheer Up, Investors, U.S. Election Is Almost Over Bloomberg / Chet Currier

A Libertarian Surprise? Daily Standard / Rachel DiCarlo

Republican House Likely in U.S. Election With Few Close Races Bloomberg / Laura Litvan

A Statistical Supermodel Daily Reckoning / Eric J. Fry

First Boston Said to Weigh Name Change and Layoffs NY Times / Jenny Anderson and Andrew Ross Sorkin

UK: Fears growing for big drops in house prices Guardian / Ashley Seager

UK: Economists warn of big tax rise Guardian / Ashley Seager

A Chinese Surprise! Daily Reckoning / Chuck Butler

China's Bank, in Transition, Raises Rates NY Times / Keith Bradsher

$200 Oil? It Could Be Asia's Gift to World Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.


Stocks to hang on election outcome CBS Marketwatch / Christopher Noble

European Government Bonds Post Weekly Drop; Oil Price Falls Bloomberg / Jake Lee

Holidays stress economic divide Orange County Register / Tiffany Montgomery

$510 ambulance bill tells a larger story Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Gelles

Buffett targets Calif. worker's comp CBS Marketwatch / Alistair Barr

U.S. 10-Year Note Falls for First Week in Four as Oil Plunges Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Bush Gains in Poll After Bin Laden Tape; 3 Polls Tied Bloomberg / Tony Capaccio

Canada: Economic growth surprisingly good Reuters via Toronto Star

China: 13 keywords of economic reform Peoples Daily

Japan: Jobless ranks edge down to 3.09 million Japan Times

Betting future on a home Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

Small drillers rush to tap oil while crude prices are high Bloomberg via Seattle Times Jim Kennett

Fuel Cost May Stay Up There Till 2007 Hartford Courant / Brad Foss

Oil prices rise, but more declines expected AP via Boston globe

FL: Unions rally behind $2.9B bond Miami Herald / Matthew Haggman

Leagues may be fantasy, but revenue isn't IHT / Eric Pfanner

Can't buy me love AP via Arizona Republic / Peter Svensson

Citigroup admits it crippled a fund CBS Marketwatch via Minneapolis Star Tribune / Chick Jaffe

Hedge Funds: Deposits double from 2nd to 3rd quarter Bloomberg via Chicago Tribune

Japanese Bond Futures Have Winning Week on Stock Decline, Quake Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane

Japan's Long Run of Deflation Is Expected to End Next Year NY Times / Todd Zaun

Growth Rate of Economy Edged Higher Over Summer NY Times / Eduardo Porter

U.S. Economy Posts 3.7% Growth Rate LA Times / Joel Havemann And David Streitfeld

Survival of Fittest and Leanest Becomes Strategy for the Airlines NY Times / Micheline Maynard

KS: This Kansan Made Good, Maybe Too Good, Some Say NY Times / Simon Romero




Economics may not be bottom line in this year's election Chicago Tribune via Spartanburg Herald Journal / Janet Kidd Steward

Are we experiencing a 'bubble' in housing? Philadelphia Inquirer via Wichita Eagle / Jeff Brown

CA: Long Beach's gushing profits Long Beach Press Telegram / Eric Johnson

Recession-bound? BBC News / Jorn Madslien

Job losses linger in toss-up states on election eve Cox News via The State / Marilyn Geewax

Crude vaults above $52 on news of a possible strike in Nigeria; traders guessing on U.S. vote AP via Augusta Chronicle / Yeoh En-Lai

Jobs, but Few Workers LA Times / David Streitfeld

Dollar gets pessimistic prognosis Bloomberg via Dallas Morning News

Nikkei falls; weak dollar hits exporters CBS Marketwatch / Osamu Tsukimori

Phone companies prepare to enter cable TV's turf Chicago Tribune via Mercury News Jon Van

More Corporate Crime, or Just Prosecutions? NY Times / Eduardo Porter

Big Board expands ETF business CBS Marketwatch / John Spence

Dot-com funds grow older, wiser Dallas Morning News / Bill Deener

Out of the Fire, Into Advising NY Times / Robert Johnson

Numbers now show mostly spin potential Chicago Tribune / Susan Chandler

Employment Growth Accelerated in October: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Vince Golle

A tap on the brakes: Surging oil prices likely won't shock economy Seattle Times / Drew DeSilver

The payoff is coming at last for investors in China Knight Ridder via Seattle Times / Matt Marshall

Pouring money down the bio-hole Denver Post / Al Lewis

SEC's harness might help hedge funds more than it hurts St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

The smart money is going into hedge funds, but how smart is it? Boston Globe / Charles Stein

Presidential vote: 2000 all over again? CBS Marketwatch / Padraic Cassidy

Flat tax not flat, but may be more fair Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Economics 101: The experts grade the candidates Chicago Tribune / Michael Oneal

Winner Will Alter Judicial Outlook For Business NY Post / Teri Karush Roger

Both Candidates Avoid Tough Economic Issues NY Post / Terry Keenan

Election comes at time when market historically does well Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

Not Very Taxing Fortune / David Stires

Jackpot Du Jour: It Pays to Quit NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

G.M. vs. Toyota: This Time, the Hare May Win NY Times / Conrad De Aenlle

Russia: Can we do business in the 'Wild East'? Guardian - Observer / Conal Walsh

UK: Fear and loathing of Las Vegas Guardian - Observer / Heather Stewart

UK: Labour faces gloomy outlook Guardian - Observer / Bob Worcester

No Way to Switch Off Energy Woes Wall Street Journal via Denver Post / John J. Fialka

Pimco fund chief flexes muscles over other nations' bond issues Wall Street Journal via Orange County Register / Craig Karmin

UK: Economics guru warns of end to spending spree Guardian - Observer / Heather Stewart

For Economy, Jobs May Be Tie Breaker NY Times / Jonathan Fuerbringer

Analysts expect similar impacts from Bush, Kerry AP via Arizona Republic / Martin Crutsinger

Dear President ( _____ ) ... NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

Wall Street's nightmare: a hung presidency Guardian / Heather Stewart

China's Interest Rate Move Will Shake Yuan Peg Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

MO: Companies can call the shots on office space St. Louis Post Dispatch / Eric Heisler