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TX: Regents expected to hire McTeer Bryan-College Station Eagle via Google News

Is foreign debt a wolf at the door? CBS Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow and Ed Rubenstein

Love That Kool-Aid / Igor Greenwald

Companies put out by hotel rates USA Today / Chris Woodyard

WI: Area factory jobs increase again Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Joel Dresang

BMA Recommends Additional Trading Hours for U.S. Fixed-Income Securities on the Evening of Nov 2 Bond Market Association

Fannie, Freddie to expand low-income lending Washington Business Journal / Jeff Clabaugh

The Election and the Dollar Daily Standard / Irwin Stelzer

UK: Why house-price crash is Labour's greatest fear Scotsman / James Kirkup

Is Laissez-Faire a Threat to Freedom? An Answer to George Soros Ludwig von Mises Institute / George Reisman

Can Gold Stop Wars? Euro vs Dollar Currency War Monitor via Safehaven / Alex Wallenwein

Another Sibling in the Flation Family Sage Capital via Ludwig von Mises Institute / Sean Corrigan

The Moment Of Truth For Productivity? Contrary Investor via Safehaven

MA: Boston's office rents slide as vacancy rate soars Boston Globe / Charles Stein

Bush Has One-Point Lead on Kerry - Reuters Poll Reuters / John Whitesides

In defense of the Electoral College The Slate / Walter Dellinger

Kerry Presidency Could Mean Cheaper Oil—Analysts Reuters / Richard Valdmanis

Argentina's $100 billion debt swap offer Reuters

Economy has its own track Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Our future is looking lonely Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

Bull and bear are apolitical animals Dallas Morning News / Bill Deener

Presidential victor replaces Greenspan Reuters via CNN

Are you better off now? CNN / Chris Isidore

U.S. faces record borrowing requirement AP via Seattle Times / Martin Crutsinger

Bush, Kerry Tied in National Polls a Day Before Vote Bloomberg / Edvard Pettersson and Heather Langan

Bitten by the Gold Bug Daily Reckoning / Paul van Eeden

Higher prices in U.S. have roots in China Knight Ridder via Myrtle Beach Sun News / Karl Schoenberger

NC: Uncle Sam cutting job security Raleigh News and Observer / Karin Rives

SC: Housing Market Keeps Going and Going Myrtle Beach Sun News / Jennifer Burns and Issac J. Bailey

Oil Prices Settle at $50.13 a Barrel AP via Hartford Courant / Brad Foss

Treasuries weaken as oil prices slide FT / Jennifer Hughes, Alex Skorecki and Barney Jopson

Treasury bills climb to highest levels in 3 years AP via Billings Gazette

Argentina Offers $475 Million of Additional Interest Bloomberg / Daniel Helft

Speculation builds over Sears asset sale Chicago Sun Times / Sandra Guy

Ice-free Arctic summers predicted by 2070 FT / Fiona Harvey

Full-Time Online Poker Players Making A Career Of It Chicago Tribune via Hartford Courant / Rob Kaiser

Broker Who Aided U.S. Going on Trial for Fraud NY Times / Eric Dash

Time to Take Your Personal P/E National Review / Victor A. Canto

Bush’s Scary Silences National Review / Larry Kudlow

Bush's Use of Clinton Economic Comparison Flops Bloomberg / Gene Sperling

It's like printing money Boston Globe / Robert Gavin

US Treasuries trim losses on surprisingly low ISM Reuters

Manufacturing growth slows CNN

Dollar bounces as traders cut short positions FT / Steve Johnson

Election Week Daily Reckoning / Chuck Butler

Wailing Sirens and Wet Pants Daily Reckoning / Richard Daughty

Election 2004: Deciding What's Undecided Forbes / Dan Ackman

Fed's Santomero makes no comment on economy, rates Reuters

Consumer spending soared in September AP via Newsday

Mexico: Old News Travels South LA Times / Marla Dickerson

The first economic cut is the deepest AP via Cincinnati Enquirer / Madlen Read

Beat the Consensus Forbes / Andrew T. Gillies

FL: 'Double-dip' acquisition brings Fifth Third Bank to Orlando Orlando Sentinel / Richard Burnett

MI: Ads to build Detroit's image to start next year Detroit Free Press / John Gallagher

Fed May Take a Break After Its Next Increase Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Europe Hopes Election Will End Bush Relationship Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

UK: Consumer boom set to end next year The Scotsman / Nick Bevins

UK: Rates freeze The Scotsman

Gold May Rise for Second Week on Investor Demand, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Claudia Carpenter

Treasury Buyers Are More Bearish Before Jobs Report, Election Bloomberg / Monee Fields-White

UBS Tops Citigroup, Is Biggest Underwriter of Municipal Bonds Bloomberg / Eddie Baeb

When Asia Bests Latin America on Big Debts Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

China May Avoid Sudden Slowdown as Rates Rise, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Philip Lagerkranser

The new rags to riches Christian Science Monitor / Clayton Collins


Minority, low-income households flock to costly, high-risk loans Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Paul Gores

It's time to focus on saving Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Oil Up to $50 as Bush Leads Early Vote Reuters via Google News / Jonathan Leff

EE bonds now looking better than I bonds Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

How investment advisers see impact of presidential vote Sacramento Bee / Jack Sirard

Money worries rock Salvation Army BBC News

WA: Bitter pill for druggists: mail order Seattle Times / Kristina Shevory

CO: Grocers' final offer Rocky Mountain News / Janet Forgrieve

Harry Dent predicts a 'New Millionaire Economy' CBS Marketwatch / Paul B. Farrell

Cosmic Easter Eggs Daily Reckoning / Eric J. Fry

Bush strong in South, Plains CNN

The bullish case for Bush CNN / Yuval Rosenberg

How Hot-Funds Siren Song Keeps Enticing Investors Bloomberg / Chet Currier

PA: Seasonal hiring lifts local job outlook Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Thomas Olson

Does the Fed 'Control' Interest Rates? Market Report / Elliott Wave

FL: A powder keg of political anxiety — Broward County The Hill / Josephine Hearn

Short haircuts all round The Economist

Mexican inflation unlikely to drop before next year FT / John Authers

Prudential trounces estimates Reuters via CNN

Soros Might Not Be What Reformers Had in Mind Bloomberg / Andrew Ferguson

Economics And The Election 2004 Forbes / Dan Ackman

Pick Apart GDP and You’ll See Job Prospects Dim NY Post / John Crudele

PA: Valley's jobless rate continues aimless trend Morning Call / Gregory Karp

Chads not all that hang in balance Akron Beacon Journal / Erika D. Smith

Oil Drop Boosts Economy NY Post / Paul Tharp

U.S. 10-Year Treasury Notes Drop as Oil Holds Near 1-Month Low Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Linking Election, Markets Dubious Wall Street Journal via Hartford Courant / E.S Browning

Fed Advisers Open Wallets for Bush, Republicans, Records Show Bloomberg / Brendan Murray

Decision day—and still too close to call The Economist

The CNN effect Baltimore Sun / Andrea K. Walker

Fall and rise of dividends Boston Globe / Steven Syre

Election rally coming? CNN / Kathleen Hayes

How U.S. Stocks May Behave After the Election Bloomberg / John Dorfman

Ovitz's ride at Disney a costly one Denver Post / Al Lewis

CA: Big supply of homes for sale favors buyers Orange County Register / Hang Nguyen

NE: Energy costs may slow Midwest expansion Omaha World Herald / Jonathan Wegner

Copper Rises in London as Inventories Shrink, Demand Increases Bloomberg / Simon Casey

Bonds inch lower as voters hit polls Reuters via CNN

The Dark Side of Alan Greenspan Texas Hedge Fund Report via Safehaven / T. Stein and S. McIntyre

Hard Choices for Election Day and the Elected Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Dollar Holds Gain; Traders Trim Bets for U.S. Presidential Vote Bloomberg / John Brinsley

Consumerism" Didn't Come About by Accident National Investor via Safehaven / Chris Temple

Who Owns the Key to India's $120 Billion Kitty? Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

Can it really be this close, again? Christian Science Monitor / Liz Marlantes and Linda Feldmann

GOP ponders rule change in case the Electoral College ends up dead even The Hill / Geoff Earle

NC: Textile Quotas to End Soon, Punishing Carolina Mill Towns NY Times / Elizabeth Becker

Russia: Report: Bush Win Is Better for Russia Moscow Times / Lyuba Pronina

Most large newspapers see drops in circulation AP via Minneapolis Star Tribune / Seth Sutel

Weaker Dollar Causes Toyota's Profit to Slip NY Times / Todd Zaun

Japanese Bonds Decline as Lower Oil Price Eases Growth Concern Bloomberg / Chris Cooper



It's the interest rates, stupid CBS Marketwatch / Steve Kerch

A Short-Lived Bush Rally? Forbes / Ira Carnahan

It's time for global support Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Expect bold proposals on rescuing Social Security and cutting corporate taxes Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

Banking Agencies Finalized Basel II Survey Documents Federal Reserve Board

Change in release date for FOMC minutes of September 21, 2004 Federal Reserve Board

U.S. Voters Decide Myriad Fiscal Matters Bond Buyer / Yvette Shields

Why 2005 Will Be Good for the Stock Market Clif Droke Market Analysis via Safehaven / Clif Droke

Pay raises in 2005 expected to average 3.6 percent Houston Chronicle via Wichita Eagle / L.M. Sixel

Bush Wins, Tax Reform Likely Bond Buyer / Susanna Duff Barnett, Lynn Hume and Humberto Sanchez

After the election: Tax man cometh? CBS Marketwatch / Andrea Coombes

NY: Feds seek Post records NY Daily News / Paul D. Colford

Google tops $200, eBay passes $100 CBS Marketwatch / Bambi Francisco

Canada: Dollar touches 12-year high Globe and Mail / Terry Weber

UK: CBI calls for rates status quo despite sales surge Scotsman / Nick Bevens

German unemployment rises again threatening budget deficit AFP via EU Business

To Be an Austrian: A Primer Ludwig von Mises Institute / Sean Corrigan

AZ: Tucson home sales at record pace Tucson Citizen via Arizona Republic / David Pittman

More borrowers cash out real estate equity Inman News

Real estate loan applications surge Inman News

Election drops shares of Fannie Mae Reuters via CNN

NY: Paper Probe Grows NY Post / Holly M. Sanders and Tim Arango

ATA will cease Nasdaq trading Friday Indianapolis Star / J.K. Wall

Germany 'faces five years of stagnation' Telegraph / Edmund Conway

A clear victory this time The Economist

Close, but no cigar The Economist

U.S. Treasury Notes Decline as Bush Wins Election, Supply Looms Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton and Vivianne C. Rodrigues

Voters Loved Bonds, Tax Cap Fever Still Lives Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Gold futures end with gain of almost 5 usd on Bush win AFX and Interactive Investor via Kitco

General Motors, Ford U.S. Sales Decline in October Bloomberg / Bill Koenig

AOL cuts 700 jobs as customers leave for broadband AP via Cleveland Plain Dealer / Seth Sutel

CO: A possible run from the money Denver Post / Aldo Svaldi

Rising rates and bank stocks CNN / Jacqueline S. Gold

Post Mortem: Kerry Could Have Been Somebody Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Five key economic challenges for Bush CNN / Yuval Rosenberg

CO: Grocery retirees’ benefits at risk Denver Post / Kimberly S. Johnson

Spreading misleading messages San Francisco Chronicle / David Lazarus

America's best tippers live in... Reuters via CNN

Clarity, Fuzziness & Presidents: What Were YOU Thinking? Market Watch / Elliott Wave

EU: When Bad News is... Not So Bad European Market Watch / Elliott Wave

Who’d Want To Be President? Daily Reckoning / Tom Dyson

Here We Go Again? Daily Reckoning / Chuck Butler

U.S. junk bond rally leaves spreads at 6-year low Reuters / Dena Aubin

Scrutiny turns 'hot' TIPS mutual funds to lukewarm Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Shape of future is clearly global Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

UK credit cards 'outnumber people' Guardian / Sandra Haurant

Factory orders tumble in September Reuters via CNN

U.S. mortgage applications rise last week-MBA Reuters

SEC Puts Off Regulation of Bank-Brokerages Bloomberg via Washington Post / Amy Strahan Butler

Oil Companies Resist Investment Washington Post / Justin Blum

US Treasuries left behind as Bush pulls ahead Reuters / Wayne Cole

Prospect of quick result supports dollar FT / Steve Johnson

Mr. President, Have an Economic Reality Check Washington Post / Steven Pearlstein

Kerry failed to connect on economy IHT / Floyd Norris

Treasuries drop as Bush makes headway in key state Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

U.S. Stocks, Dollar Rise, Treasury Notes Fall as Bush Leads Bloomberg / Mark Tannenbaum

Bush Wins Florida, Kerry Looks to Ohio Reuters / John Whitesides

Dollar Gains Against Euro; Bush Leads Kerry in Early Counting Bloomberg / Mark Tannenbaum

Paul Volcker, a Job May Await You in China Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

China and Japan Jockey for Share of Russian Gas NY Times / James Brooke

Crude price fall continues The Scotsman

Dollar Is Near Six-Month Low on Speculation Kerry Leading Bush Bloomberg / John Brinsley

US stocks in sharp reversal on rumours of Kerry lead FT / Dan Roberts, Jennifer Hughes and Andrei Postelnicu



Philadelphia Sees More Indictments Bond Buyer / Adam L. Cataldo

Ports can't keep up with flood of goods Washington Post via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Kimberly Edds

Leading Dealers in Euro Government Securities Markets Form The European Primary Dealers Association Bond Market Association

Our Elected Insider Traders Ludwig von Mises Institute / N. Joseph Pitts

Jobs data coming, sans spin Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Payrolls to recover from hurricanes CBS Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Stalking Pay Dirt Daily Reckoning / Eric J. Fry

All Settled! Daily Reckoning / Chuck Butler

Oil prices plunge more than $2 a barrel AP via Houston Chronicle

NC: As Duke rebounds, earnings up 700% Charlotte Observer / Stan Choe

The Hispanic Vote Elects Bush Newsmax / Dick Morris

One deal MBIA would rather forget CBS Marketwatch / Herb Greenberg

Mortgage rates rise AP via Newsday

Dollar falls to nine-year lows FT / Steve Johnson, Kevin Morrison and Jennifer Hughes

US Treasuries make modest gains, payrolls awaited Reuters / Chris Reese

External debt The Economist

Private pension fund investments The Economist

CSUF forecasters predict economic slowdown Orange County Register / James B. Kelleher

A productivity primer The Economist

Weak jobs no longer about politics CNN / Chris Isidore

Economist: Spending will grow in 2005 Omaha World Herald / Jonathan Wegner

MI: Hey, leaders, time to act like leaders Detroit Free Press / Tom Walsh

Budget deficits limit president's options Orlando Sentinel / Jerry W. Jackson and Christopher Boyd

Deficits loom over national fiscal policy San Francisco Chronicle / Tom Abate

Freddie Mac says re-elected Bush no worse for GSEs Reuters / Mark Felsenthal and Richard Leong

Bush win signals profits, profits, profits! Chicago Sun Times / Mary Wisniewski

Back to basics The Economist

Now, unite us The Economist

Bush touches on plans for economy CNN

Will There Be a Shift at the SEC? LA Times / Jonathan Peterson

Oil Falls on Speculation of Additional U.S. Supply Increases Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

Oil Holds Above $50 Despite Supply Rise AP via Baltimore Sun / George Jahn

UK: How big a threat? The Economist

Target sales up over last year AP via Minneapolis Star Tribune

US Treasuries inch higher, data prove offsetting Reuters / Wayne Cole

Oil traders say prices will soar BBC News

A matter of currency Boston Globe / Steven Syre

Euro Advances; Trichet Declines to Signal Gain May Damp Growth Bloomberg / John Beresford-Peirse

Home sales: The holiday plunge CNN / Sarah Max

UK: Head to head: UK housing market BBC News

On Wall Street, investors pleased to stay the course Boston Globe / Beth Healy

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report Dept. of Labor

US online job ads steady at highs in Oct – survey Reuters

Productivity Rises at Slowest Rate in 2 Years Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

President faces rocky economy Sacramento Bee / Dale Kasler

White House: Bush to Try to Revive Mideast Road Map Reuters / Adam Entous

UK interest rates remain at 4.75% BBC News

Mexico to Boost Interest Rates, Marcos Yacaman Says Bloomberg / Adriana Arai

US, Taiwan are democratic partners Taipei Times

UK: Services sector spurt surprises City analysts Guardian / Ashley Seager

EU failed to become the world's most competitive economy, report says IHT / Graham Bowley

Stocks Rally as Investors Welcome Election's End NY Times / Jonathan Fuerbringer

Debt cloud looms over GOP plans Newsday / James Toedtman

Sweet enough for Wall Street Sydney Morning Herald / Malcolm Maiden

Deficits and Tax System Changes in Bush's Second-Term Economy NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

Volkswagen Averts Strike by German Workers NY Times / Mark Landler

Chrysler Outpaces Its U.S. Competitors Washington Post / Greg Schneider

China and India Are in a Race Too Close to Call Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

The GOP edge grows wider Christian Science Monitor / Linda Feldmann and Sara B. Miller


Senate Republican Gains Raise Specter Of GSE Clampdown Bondweek

Double deficits and the faith-based dollar CBS Marketwatch / Marshall Loeb

Fed appears certain to raise rates CBS Marketwatch / Gregory Robb

TX: Layoffs make for buyers' market WFAA-TV via Dallas Morning News / Don Wall

SC: Home-based jobs increasing Island Packet / Peter Hull

Canada: Fed meeting, Canadian earnings Globe and Mail / Terry Weber and Roma Luciw

Business anticipates a boost from Bush win Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

U.S. Rate Futures Brace for Diet of Fed Hikes Reuters via Google News / Rob Krasny

Finally! Blueberry Publishing via Kitco / Paul van Eeden

$80 Oil, Here We Come!!! Canadian Energy Viewpoint via Safehaven / Bill Powers

We Picked Our Poison (Inflation over Deflation) via Safehaven / Gary Tanashian

Economic landscape could turn upside down in Bush's second term St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

TX: Realtors say sales to lose some steam Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

Treasuries and the Dollar Index: A 'Pattern' of 'Surprises'? Market Watch / Elliott Wave

Why Do Markets 'Surprise' Economists So Often? European Market Watch / Elliott Wave

Economists see broad-based hires despite oil prices Washington Post via Houston Chronicle / Nell Henderson

SBC plans to cut 10,000 jobs by 2005 Reuters via USA Today / Justin Hyde

Soaring Car Payments Leave Consumers Cash-Strapped / Stacey L. Bradford

A True October Surprise / Monica Rivituso

Holiday spending wishes Arizona Republic / Jonathan J. Higuera

Mixed picture emerges for October sales AP via Philadelphia Inquirer / Anne D'Innocenzio

Jobs Jamboree Friday Daily Pfennig via Daily Reckoning / Chuck Butler

Step into Liquid Strategic Investment via Daily Reckoning / Dan Denning

Cuba: Castro extends time to turn in dollars AP via Washington Times

Business scandals prompt look into personal lives USA today / Jayne O'Donnell and Greg Farrell

Wall Street’s fond dreams of a rally may be realized FT / Andrei Postelnicu

Wall Street on a roll, but some remain cautious AFP via Turkish Press

What the vote was really about Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Bush Wins! Now What? / Donald Luskin

Who Cares About Reforming U.S. Elections Now? Bloomberg / Ann Woolner

Auditing experts warn of more accounting scandals if reform isn't embraced South Florida Sun Sentinel / Rafael Gerena-Morales

October jobs boom may keep US rates rising to the end of 2004 AFP via Turkish Press and Google News

EU's New Members Mustn't Be Rushed Into the Euro Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

Bush Wins; Forecasts Priorities and Faces Hurdle with Deficit Bond Market Association

Dollar hits all-time low against euro FT / Steve Johnson

Canadian Dollar Jumps to 12-Year High; Job Gains Above Forecast Bloomberg / Sangeetha Ramaswamy

Bush Is Spared His Father's Job-Report Anguish Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

How will Bush pay for plans? San Francisco Chronicle / David Lazarus

Oil prices rise, but still below $50 a barrel AP via Houston Chronicle

Job growth soars CNN / Chris Isidore

Emerging-Market Bonds Fall 1st Day in 8 After U.S. Jobs Report Bloomberg / Adriana Arai

Condos hot nationwide Orlando Sentinel / Jack Snyder

Economic forecast has good, bad news Houston Chronicle / L.M. Sixel

Fed says consumers put credit cards back to work in September AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Jeannie Aversa

Bush for president? You bet! BBC News / James Arnold

Tobacco tax an excise in hypocrisy Denver Post / Al Lewis

Bread, Circuses, Tax Cuts, and Debt Ludwig von Mises Institute / Robert P. Murphy

Remarks by FDIC Chairman Don Powell Western Independent Bankers Association FDIC

Financial Supervision Issues Federal Reserve Board / Susan Schmidt Bies

South Jersey Business Survey Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Treasury and Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange Options Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Treasuries Tumble After U.S. Creates More Jobs Than Forecast Bloomberg / Vivianne C. Rodrigues

U.S. Oct. Payrolls Rise 337,000, Exceeding Forecasts Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Oil touches 5-week low Reuters via CNN

Pennsylvania Schools Are Surprised by Investments Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Grantham, Gross Gloomy Over Troubles and Bubbles Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Skeptics are getting Bush-whacked CBS Marketwatch / Mark Hulburt

Hedge Funds' Glitter Fades (but Not for Investors) NY Times / Riva D. Atlas

Oil May Fall as Output Boosts Supplies, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Sri Jegarajah and Mark Shenk

U.S. Added 175,000 Jobs in October, Most Since May, Survey Says Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Dollar Heads for Fourth Weekly Decline Before U.S. Jobs Report Bloomberg / John Brinsley

Some rookie lawmakers take unusual path to power / Kathleen Hunter and Eric Kelderman

Will Bush, Like Reagan, Push for Real Tax Changes? NY Times / Floyd Norris

India's Push to Manufacturing Poses a Risk Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Russia: $3.8Bln Traded as Ruble Strengthens Reuters, MT and Bloomberg via Moscow Times

A Fragrance That by Any Other Name May Sell as Sweet NY Times / Craig S. Smith

Gold soars, dollar dips and oil slides in post-election turmoil Guardian / Larry Elliott

UK: Rates pegged as house prices drop Guardian / Ashley Seager 


EU can become global power in 20 years: Spanish PM AFP via EU Business

More jobs, but more are jobless Knight Ridder via Wichita Eagle / Tony Pugh

NY: Gotham's greatest dreamers NY Daily News

WI: The jobs come back Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Rick Romell

Mutual fund ownership up AP via Minneapolis Star Tribune / Meg Richards

Sharp rise of the euro stirs worry in Europe IHT / Carter Dougherty

Canada: Goodale fears U.S. deficits will slow Canada's growth CP via Toronto Star

The Next Bush Recession Thoughts From The Frontline via Safehaven / John Mauldin

Election Over, Eyes Turn to Rates Reuters / Dan Burns

Social Security Reform a Boon for Funds? Reuters / Herbert Lash

Currency Crisis Ignites Gold Texas Hedge Repoprt via Safehaven / T. Stein /

S. McIntyre

WA: Area homes still selling briskly Seattle Post Intelligencer / Dan Richman

AZ: Governor after Brit business, tourists Tucson Citizen / Teya Vitu

Texans not too fond of high oil prices anymore Houston Chronicle / Nelson Antosh

Economist Sohn to Lead Korean-U.S. Bank AP via Baltimore Sun

$750 million may not cover Qwest's liability Rocky Mountain News / Jeff Smith

Google search for reasons to split its stock comes up empty Tennessean / Michael Liedtke

Bush plan: A fund bonanza? Reuters via CNN

What Social Security might look like CNN

FL: Economist says home sales to stay strong Orlando Sentinel / Jack Snyder

WA: Home market seeing eager female buyers Seattle Times / Kristina Shevory

UK: Household debt leads to record bankruptcies Guardian / Patrick Collinson

NT dollar hits six-month high Taipei Times / Lisa Wang

Democrats vow Social Security fight Reuters via CNN

Europe Still Unhappy With U.S. Tax Subsidy NY Times / Elizabeth Becker

Newsday fires circulation executive Newsday / James T. Madore and Mark Harrington




SC: No retirement after S.C.’s biggest bankruptcy AP via The State / Jeffrey Collins

Post-election rally got much of its steam from other events St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

Interest rate rise expected this week USA Today / Barbara Hagenbaugh

Crude Oil Futures Fall Further AP via Orlando Sentinel / Yeoh En-lai

Social Security on front burner Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Hedge Funds Likely in Managed Accounts AP via Philadelphia Inquirer

Upside to a Dollar That's Falling NY Times / Jonathan Fuerbringer

Dollar Retests Record Lows Vs Euro Reuters

Canada: Bank of Canada's Dodge says dlr surge not surprise Reuters / Stella Dawson

Inflation Fear Likely to Boost Key Rate AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Michael J. Martinez

NC: Hot at the Beach Winston Salem Journal / Brian Louis

Oil alternatives coveted as prices surge AP via Beaufort Gazette / Jeff Donn

Cost-cutting investment banks axe research jobs FT / Norma Cohen

Gore to launch new style global fund FT / Sundeep Tucker

Risk managers averse to Marsh FT / Ellen Kelleher

It's time for the big Microsoft payout Seattle Times / Brier Dudley

Pixar's `Incredibles' No. 1 With $70.7 Mln in Sales Bloomberg / Alex Armitage

Investors flock to ride the US rally FT / Andrei Postelnicu

Emerging debt to focus on US Fed, Ecuador Reuters / Manuela Badawy

Lessons of the Past Five Years Reuters / Clint Willis

Interest rate hike nudges China toward market-focused economy Chicago Tribune / Andrew Countryman, James P. Miller, John Schmeltzer and Barbara Rose

Pace of Job Growth Was Never in Bush's Hands LA Times / James Flanigan

Retail Sales Probably Rose at Slower Pace: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Upcoming Fed Minutes Could Tell Where Rates Are Going Wall Street Journal via LA Daily News

Subprime market has boomed in past decade Orange County Register / Holden Lewis

AZ: More Valley apartments going condo Arizona Republic / Erica Sagon

Condo, co-op prices rising LA Times

McTeer credited with raising profile of Dallas Fed AP via Mercury News

Relief Rally Will Hit Reality (Someday) Wall street Journal via LA Daily News / E.S. Browning

Can bulls run for week 3? CNN / Alexandra Twin

Been there, won that Orange County Register / Mary Ann Milbourn

Retirement accounts can't guarantee security San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

Cocoa Prices May Extend Gain on Ivory Coast Fighting Bloomberg / Jason Gale

How to Avoid Living Like a Poor Student at Age 70 NY Times / Ben Stein

Bush's tax plan may aid owners, not earners Cox News via Orange County Register / Marilyn Geewax

Without advertising, our lives would be empty  San Francisco Chronicle / Alan T. Saracevic

Upscale holiday Akron Beacon Journal / Mary Ethridge

Debt crushing young adults Akron Beacon Journal / Betty Lin-Fisher

Taking Interest in W NY Post / Diane Hess

With CD rates inching up, question is when to lock in Baltimore Sun / Eileen Ambrose

Traders raise bets on two rate hikes before year's end Bloomberg via Indianapolis Star

Economy, Election Strain Nonprofits Washington Post / Griff Witte

Street frets about inflation, interest rate may rise AP via Arizona Republic / Michael J. Martinez

The next 4 years: a shift to "ownership society" LA Times via Seattle Times and 1st Headlines / Peter Gosselin

Bush likely to have much to crow about in four years, no thanks to him Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Steve Massey

European markets close higher after good news from US AFP via Taipei Times

Fed to raise US interest rates as dollar heads for 30-year low Guardian / Heather Stewart

Pennies That Aren't From Heaven NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

More consumers are finding the ease of online shopping St. Louis Post Dispatch / Tavina Evans

There Really Is No Business Like Show Business NY Times / Laura Holson

It's Cleanup Time at Citi NY Times / Timothy L. O’Brien and Landon Thomas, Jr.

The Minimum Wage Is Just for Teenagers? Well, Not Exactly NY Times / Hubert B. Herring

Back in the real world ... Guardian / Edward Helmore

Taxes and Consequences: The Second Term Begins NY Times / Daniel Altman

Spend $150 Billion per Year to Cure World Poverty NY Times / Daphne Eviatar


The US Economy in 2005 Korea Times via America Economies / Chang Se-moon

Drivers shift into gas-conservation mode USA Today / Barbara Hagenbaugh

America’s privilege, the world’s worry The Economist

Market gets dose of reality Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Big business to cash in? CNN / Krysten Crawford

Canada: Banks to disappoint: analyst Globe and Mail / Roma Luciw

China's economic reach has Mexico searching for answers Dallas Morning News / Jim Landers

CA: Chapman forecasts economic soft patch Orange County Register / James Kelleher

WA: Region again hears sound of building boom Seattle Times / J. Martin McOmber

Fed's plans debated Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Traders unsure when Merck pain will end Reuters

Bribes and the Balance Sheet / David M. Katz

Stocks for a year-end bounce CNN / Michael Sivy

Marketing for the Third Screen NY Times / Nat Ives

Symbol reports errors Newsday / Mark Harrington

Election tells us Web is growing up Seattle Times / Paul Andrews

Some find their 60s, 70s, even 80s is no time to retire Philadelphia Inquirer / Peter Binzen

There was a time when the president mattered less for markets Dow Jones via Baltimore Sun / Neal Lipschutz

NASD Charges H&R Block on Enron Bonds AP via Newsday

Dollar Selling Eases as Market Eyes Fed Reuters / Chikako Mogi

Fed to Raise U.S. Rates to Underpin Steady Growth Reuters / Glenn Somerville

Gold hits new 16-year high as dollar weakens FT / Kevin Morrison

Texans divided on economy Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Ilene Aleshire

The Big Currency Question: the Buck Stops Where? Reuters / Jeremy Gaunt

Treasuries weaken as auctions begin FT / Jennifer Hughes, Alex Skorecki and Mariko Sanchanta

Economic Perspectives Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Chicago Fed Letter pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

'The Bull's Perfect Week'....? Market Watch / Elliott Wave

A New Record for the Euro! Daily Pfennig  via Daily Reckoning / Chuck Butler

Dollar weakens against euro Guardian / Mark Tran

Euro reaches all-time high against dollar AP via Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram

Agency Update 11/8/2004 Stone and Youngberg

SC: Inflation bites at pay raises The State / Jim DuPlessis

Dollar Down Again In October Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

U.S. Notes Fall on Concern Fed Will Raise Rates Amid Debt Sales Bloomberg / Vivianne C. Rodrigues and Elizabeth Stanton

Bush, With Daschle Out, May Coax Permanent Tax Cuts Bloomberg / Ryan J. Donmoyer

Tax cuts do little to economy AP via Arizona Republic / Rachel Beck

Overhauling IRS code a taxing proposition Dallas Morning News / Pamela Yip

Ten Things That Will Ground Airlines Forbes / Mark Tatge

Pixar Setting Marks For Originality Forbes / Dan Ackman

SEC said to eye broker trading Reuters via CNN

WI: Baird venture capital arm opens office in Shanghai Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Kathleen Gallagher

Fund managers are thinking large via Charlotte Observer / Christopher Davis

Carlyle Increases Its Interest in Debt Deals Washington Post / Terence O'Hara

Focus on pension accounting could change rules of game Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

UK: Banks bow to demands for new code of conduct Telegraph / Teresa Hunter

EU and Turkey: mutual economic attraction IHT / Brian Childs

UK: Future British governments cannot afford to keep our taxes high Telegraph / Ruth Lea
Euro Backs Off Brutal Rally Against Dollar AP via Forbes

America's Unsustainable Boom Ludwig von Mises Institute / Stefan M.I. Karlsson

Philadelphia Federal Reserve Reappoints Board Chairman, Deputy Chairman Federal Reserve Board of Philadelphia

Oct. global junk bond default rate rises - Moody's Reuters

Goliath's Newest David LA Times / Joseph Menn

Nagging dollar worries offset economic optimism Reuters / William Kemble-Diaz

Dollar improves as Trichet speaks out Business World via Google News

Special charges cast 3rd-quarter shadow USA Today / Matt Krantz

Malkiel Says Hedge Fund Index Returns Are Inflated Bloomberg / John Wasik

Fed Expected to Stay the Course for Now NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

Arizona as the new canvas for exurban mega growth Christian Science Monitor / Daniel B. Wood

DC: Region's Affluence Yields Stable Returns Washington Post / Dana Hedgpeth

Suspension of Disbelief via Safehaven / Captain Hook

China lets in a little more light Guardian / Ashley Seager

Privatization -- A Spark That Went Out in India Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

China Said to Cut Spending, Trim Deficit AP via Forbes and Google News

UK: Spending slump makes retailers jittery Guardian / Julia Finch

Japan's Bond Futures Fall; U.S. Jobs Gain Spurs Export Optimism Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane

Australian Central Bank Says `No Pressing Need' For Rate Rise Bloomberg / Victoria Batchelor

Australia: Reserve statement to give clue on rates Sydney Morning Herald / Rebecca Urban

U.K.'s Brown Must Freeze Taxes, Cut Regulation, Businesses Say Bloomberg / Sam Fleming

Red states won - now the red ink Christian Science Monitor / David R. Francis

Crude Oil Falls on Speculation U.S. Supply Will Meet Demand Bloomberg / Gavin Evans

Dollar May Drop to Record Low as Bush Seen Increasing Deficits Bloomberg / Monee Fields-White

Australia: Gold rush in bull market Herald Sun

Treasury Buyers Are Most Bearish in Six Weeks Before Debt Sales Bloomberg / Vivianne C. Rodrigues


Do Bank Mergers Affect Federal Reserve Check Volume? Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Farmers are losing customers Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Jobs lag in new economy Seattle Times / Alwyn Scott

U.S. Treasuries barely budge ahead of Fed Reuters

Thoughts on Interest Rates Speculative Investor via Safehaven / Steve Saville

Ingrassia Talks About G-38 Bond Buyer / Lynn Hume

Moody's Upgrades New York Bond Buyer / Michael McDonald

IMF Managing Director Rodrigo de Rato's Statement at the Conclusion of His Visit to Mexico IMF

France seeks Britain's help to transform Europe's economy AFP via EU Business

Market Commentary Prospector Asset Management via Safehaven / Leonard Kaplan

Added planes multiply airline woes Dallas Morning News / Eric Torbenson

Big trouble for Merck The Economist

Markets mixed ahead of Fed rate decision CP via Toronto Star / Malcolm Morrison

Call for hedge funds to adopt code of conduct Investment and Pensions Europe

China, the Dollar, and Taxes Daily Standard / Irwin Stelzer

Ashcroft, Evans resign from Cabinet CBS Marketwatch / Rex Nutting & Corbett B. Daly

How Can U.S. Democrats Win? Muzzle the Wackos Bloomberg / Andrew Ferguson

Won-Dollar Rate Falls to 7-Year Low Korea Times / Kim Yon-se

Fed expected to raise rates CBS Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Bumpy road seen for next Fed chief Globe and Mail / Terry Weber

What the Fed Has to Consider at Wednesday's FOMC Reuters / Victoria Thiebrerger

Fed likely to raise rates another quarter-point MSNBC via 1st Headlines / Martin Wolk

Fed to give dollar scant relief as deficits deepen Reuters / John Parry

Fed pause gone? CNN / Chris Isidore

Dollar heads for dramatic decline Guardian / William Keegan

Merck loses AAA debt rating FT / Christopher Bowe and Jenny Wiggins

Emerging Debt: Spreads a Tad Tighter Ahead of FOMC Reuters / Greg Brosnan

Confidence in winter supply sends oil below $48 AP via Houston Chronicle

Boeing investigation widens Reuters via Orange County Register

Euro Disney losses deepen AP via Orange County Register

Cisco earnings jump Globe and Mail / Roma Luciw

Mexico's October Inflation Jumps to 19-Month High Bloomberg / Adriana Arai

US attorney-general John Ashcroft resigns FT / Holly Yeager and Edward Alden

Must the Dollar 'Inevitably Decline'? Market Watch / Elliott Wave

IT Unemployment Now Exceeds Overall Jobless Rate Washington Post / Greg Schneider

WA: Fed to move Seattle branch to Renton, buy Boeing land Seattle Times / J. Martin McOmber and Mike Lindblom

Treasuries rise after auction, Fed fears restrain Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

Social Security: House of Cards Lew Rockwell / Rep. Ron Paul, MD

401(k) card a sure way to more debt Denver Post / Al Lewis

Regulators probe fund trades at Bank of NY AP via Seattle Times

U.S. mortgage rates unchanged Tuesday – BestInfo Reuters

Dollar's decline is kept in check FT / Steve Johnson

Why People Trade Ludwig von Mises Institute / Carl Menger

Marsh to lay off 3,000 in wake of insurance probe AP via Newsday

EchoStar earnings triple AP via Denver Post

Down at the dog pound The Economist

US Treasuries count on foreign demand at auction Reuters / Wayne Cole

Ireland: Elan to Sell Junk Bonds as Borrowing Costs Decline Bloomberg / John Dooley

Argentina debt swap sets stage for big legal battle Reuters / Damian Wroclavsky

Fed to Raise Benchmark Rate Tomorrow, Survey Says Bloomberg / Alison Fitzgerald

Déjà Vu for the Euro? Daily Pfennig via Daily Reckoning / Chuck Butler

Monthly Wholesale Trade: Sale and Inventories U.S. Census Bureau

Oil prices dip, but market-watchers say it won't last AP via Houston Chronicle

Be Very Afraid Apogee Research via Daily Reckoning / Eric J. Fry

CA: High-end housing prices may cool down Orange County Register / Hang Nguyen

CA: Facing economic reality San Francisco Chronicle / Pia Sarkar

Up to 12 brokerages may be target of SEC probe in improper trading AP via Orlando Sentinel / Marcy Gordon

Major Brokerages' Trades Investigated Washington Post / Ben White

Treasury bill rates hit three-year high AP via Baltimore Sun

Bush Has a Narrow Window to Spend His Capital Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Missed the Equity Rally? How About Bonds... fx Money Trends via Safehaven / Jes Black

U.S. Notes May Fall on Forecasts for Fed Rate Increase Tomorrow Bloomberg / Shamim Adam

Moody's May Cut Philippine Ratings on Budget Deficit Bloomberg / Jun Ebias

Gold Price Action: What Comes Next Euro Pacific Capital via Safehaven / Chip Hanlon

Can Asia Dump Bretton Woods II as Dollar Falls? Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

China totters on the brink of chaos Taipei Times

The long decline of Western Europe? Taipei Times / Alberto Alesina and Francesco Giavazzi

Insurers should've put their houses in order Minneapolis Star Tribune / Neal St. Anthony

Sohn to leave Wells Fargo Minneapolis Star Tribune / Chris Serres

Informal Lenders in China Pose Risks to Banking System NY Times / Keith Bradsher

Russia: Rising October Inflation Helps Strengthen Ruble Reuters via Moscow Times

Justice Dept. And S.E.C. Investigating Merck Drug NY Times / Andrew Pollack

UK: High oil prices threaten to stoke inflation Guardian / Ashley Seager



Colorado Gov. Recommends Tobacco Debt Bond Buyer / Elizabeth Albanese

OR: Portland’s Pipe Reality Bond Buyer / Rich Saskal

New 'Indicator Dujour'? European Market Watch / Elliott Wave

Executives find new ways to gild 'golden parachutes' Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Canaries and Coal Mines Safehaven / Rob Kirby

FOMC raises interest rates to 2% CBS Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

MO: KC-based UMB has big plans for St. Louis St Louis Post Dispatch / Jack Naudi

Bear Stearns' Ryding wins in Oct. CBS Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Starbucks posts strong fourth-quarter earnings AP via MSNBC

CO: Foreclosure rate 'scary' Rocky Mountain News / John Rebchook

Deals Are Hot and Heavy but the Talk Is of a Bubble NY Times / Terry Pristin

Beardsley Ruml's Road to Ruin Tocqueville via Safehaven / John Hathaway

So Long, Don Evans Forbes / Dan Ackman

Bush taps Gonzales to head Justice CBS Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

If America Is Richer, Why Are Its Families So Much Less Secure? LA Times / Peter G. Gosselin

Is the Fed keeping score? Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Nicely Taylored? The Economist

Fed Lifts Rates for Fourth Time This Year Reuters / Glenn Somerville

Fed raises rates Globe and Mail / Terry Weber

Money-changing frontier is tricky Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Oil prices rise above $48 a barrel AP via Houston Chronicle

PC crash time? Dallas Morning News / Crayton Harrison

PA: Area consumers are likely to underspend U.S. average Philadelphia Inquirer / Wendy Tanaka

TX: North Texas home resales decline 4% in October Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

Pay $1.48 for a 'free quarter' San Francisco Chronicle / David Lazarus

Treasuries lower as Fed raises rates FT / Jennifer Hughes, Päivi Munter and Mariko Sanchanta

Fed raises again, but what's next? CNN / Yuval Rosenberg

Treasuries Erase Declines; Fed Says Inflation `Relatively Low' Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

US Treasuries cut losses, no surprises from Fed Reuters

FOMC Statement Federal Reserve Board

U.S. Fed policymakers' recent comments Reuters

Fed Raises Target Rate to 2%, Keeps `Measured' Plan Bloomberg / Alison Fitzgerald

U.S. Dollar Drops to New All-Time Low AP via Newsday / David Rising

Dollar's decline Cox News via Orange County Register / Michael E. Kanell

Dollar dodging at the Fed CNN / Kathleen Hays

Hubbard for Fed chair. Laffer for CEA National Review / Larry Kudlow

Bush’s domestic-policy picks loom large National Review / Bruce Bartlett

Intervention Before Bankruptcy Washington Post / Steven Pearlstein

CalPERS asks Shell to audit reserves Sacramento Bee / Gilbert Chan

US Treasuries subdued into auction, Fed decision Reuters / Wayne Cole

Interest rate hike likely Wednesday, but in December too? Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report U.S. Dept of Labor

U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services U.S. Census Bureau

Trade Gap Narrows on Record Exports AP via Washington Post / Jeannine Aversa

CA: Economic outlook in Bay Area sinks Mercury News / Chris O’Brien

Yen Falls Versus Dollar, Euro on Concern Japan to Sell Currency Bloomberg / Monee Fields-White and Joshua Krongold

FOMC Day! Daily Reckoning / Chuck Butler

The Secret of the Turtles Daily Reckoning / Tom Dyson

Oil prices hover near $47 a barrel AP via Houston Chronicle

The dog that didn't bark CBS Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Check Is in the Mail for Palm Springs Bondholders Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Greenspan, Fed Governors Warn on Spending as Succession Looms Bloomberg / Craig Torres and  Alison Fitzgerald

ME: The long haul: struggles of a lobster town Christian Science Monitor / Sara B. Miller

U.S. September Trade Gap Seen at $54 Billion, BN Survey Shows Bloomberg / Joe Richter

India's Communists Want Farmers to Be Taxed Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

South Korean Won Falls as Central Bank Says It Is Poised to Act Bloomberg / Beth Thomas

Bankless lending in China sends out a global tremor NY Times via IHT / Keith Bradsher

East Asian economies head for a soft landing Reuters via IHT


Research Quarterly November 2004 pdf Bond Market Association

What a Difference a Decade Makes Schaeffer Research via Fiends Super Bear Page / Bernie Schaeffer

Bombardier cut to junk CP via Globe and Mail

RBC slowing its U.S. expansion Globe and Mail / Sinclair Stewart

A Stolen Election? CBS News / David Corn

Musical Chairs in the White House Village Voice / James Ridgeway

China CPI rises 4.3% in October CBS Marketwatch / Osamu Tsukimori

US shouldn't brush off Asia UPI / Hil Anderson

Euro-area experts see inflation at 1.9 pct in 2005, 2006: ECB poll AFP via EU Business

A yellow flag on jobs data Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Nightmare before Christmas AP via Washington Post / Anne D' Innocenzio

Low rise retail sales? CBS Marketwatch / Corbett B. Daly

Fed rate hike draws -- uh, little interest Indianapolis Star / Norm Heikens

Fed's rate hike mirrors confidence in economy Boston Herald / Jay Fitzgerald

Housing facing change Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

Rates rise for second week in a row CBS Marketwatch / Rachel Koning

Mortgage rates edge higher CNN

Survey: Seniors are still surviving on Social Security Boston Herald / Brett Arends

FL: State economists see benefit from hurricanes AP via Orlando Sentinel

Pawn Shops Serve a Public Function Ludwig von Mises Institute / Glen Tenney

Interest Rates & Accommodations Market Watch / Elliott Wave

Elliott Wave Financial Forecast: Tricks or Treats To Come? Market Report / Elliott Wave

Demands to stem rise of euro intensify FT / Ralph Atkins and Bertrand Benoit

What's hot, what's not with dollar's rise and fall Chicago Sun Times / David Roeder

Inflation Worriers, Dollar Pessimists National Review / Larry Kudlow

Fed Raises Key Rate for Fourth Time LA Times / Bill Sang

Party's over for low interest rates Chicago Sun Times / Mary Wisniewski

Oil prices close below $48 a barrel Reuters via Houston Chronicle

Blockbuster makes offer for Hollywood Entertainment AP via Dallas Morning News

Microsoft targets Google search market Guardian / Owen Gibson

IRS investigating Bank of America's pension plan Spartanburg Herald Journal

When Fed Says Jump, Investors Ask 'How High?' Reuters / Jeremy Gaunt

The paranoia of Rupert Murdoch The Economist

Nasdaq Chief Sees Improving Business Climate Reuters / Jonathan Saul

The Bush bounce The Economist

Financial Pole-Dancing Apogee Research via Daily Reckoning / Eric J. Fry

Eurozone bond prices rise on GDP data FT / Alex Skorecki and Mariko Sanchanta

Sterling falls to 10-month low against euro FT / Steve Johnson

The Economist poll of forecasters The Economist

Steady at the Wheel... Daily Pfennig via Daily Reckoning / Chris Gaffney

MD: Average home price in area rose a record 23.4% in Oct. Baltimore Sun / Jamie Smith Hopkins and Lorraine Mirabella

After Ashcroft The Economist

Global housing boom CNN / Sarah Max

Mortgage rates climb amid encouraging signs of economic traction AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Jeannine Aversa

Monopolies of the mind The Economist

Fannie Regulator's Budget Loses Key Backer, for Now Washington Post / David S. Hilzenrath

Greenspan Has Made a Mess of Rates NY Post / John Crudele

Is the dollar's day done? CBS Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Rougher Times Amid Higher Costs at JetBlue NY Times / Jeremy W. Peters

German Third-Quarter Growth Slowed as Exports Fell Bloomberg / Christian Baumgaertel

December Fed Rate Increase Still Depends on Data Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Cost of borrowing goes up in US Guardian / Larry Elliott

Fed Raises Interest Rate A 4th Time, To 2 Percent NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

Where now for the Fed? The Scotsman / Susan Nelson

Federal Reserve Bumps Up Key Rate Washington Post / Nell Henderson

Asset-backed bonds hit record FT / Jennifer Hughes and David Wells

Moody's, S&P Derivatives Ratings Leave Sour Taste Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

Can a Tax on Income and Sales Be Flat and Fair? Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

NY: Condo Pandemonium Washington Post / David Segal

UK: Bank predicts fall in property prices Telegraph / Malcolm Moore

UK: BOE says house prices may fall Guardian / Ashley Seager and Larry Elliott

Rise and Fall of Oil Prices Result in a Mixed Forecast NY Times / Jad Mouoawad

South Korean Central Bank Unexpectedly Cuts Key Rate Bloomberg / Seyoon Kim

Australian Jobless Rate Falls to Lowest in 26 Years Bloomberg / Victoria Batchelor


Tech Pulse Index Federal Reserve Bank of New York

France's economic growth slowing BBC News

FOMC saw rate hikes keyed to data CBS Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Fixed-income fixes CBS Marketwatch / Jackie Cohen

Microsoft Launches Dividend Surge / Stephen Taub

AP's leader says Internet represents the future of news AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Robert Jablon

The Heretic Daily Reckoning / Tom Dyson

UK Sets New Record in Bankruptcies European Market Watch / Elliott Wave

Supernovas, Science, and the Stock Market Market Watch / Elliott Wave

Another Fed move this year? Globe and Mail / Terry Weber

Is the US Killing the Euro? Euro vs Dollar Currency War Monitor via Safehaven / Alex Wallenwein

US Dollar Bear Notoriety Zeal via Safehaven / Adam Hamilton

DC: Private Financing Of D.C. Ballpark Just a Tax Shelter Washington Post / Steven Pearlstein

Gold at 16-year high CNN

Strong euro tough on EU UPI / Donna Borak

Details of Fed's discussions in September made public AP via Minneapolis Star Tribune / Martin Crutsinger

MN: Experts perdict soybean rust will hit Minnesota in a year or two Minneapolis Star Tribune / Joy Powell

MA: Harvard vs. Kmart Boston Globe / Thomas C. Palmer Jr.

CA: County's median price up $102,000 from a year ago San Diego Union Tribune / Roger M. Showley

Weak economy won't stifle interest-rate hikes Inman News / Lou Barnes

Boston condo sales hot; suburb housing cooling Boston Globe / Chris Reidy

The changing real estate industry Inman News / Bradley Inman

Spitzer widens insurance probe BBC News

Windows XP SP2: A fix that derails some computers Seattle Post Intelligencer / Dan Richman

Intel Names 30-Year Veteran as Its First Non-Engineer CEO Bloomberg via Washington Post / Jason Kelly and Ian King

AOL telling broadband customers in Florida, 8 other Southern states to find a new carrier AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel

Korea: Effect of Rate Cut Said to Be Marginal Korea Times / Cho Hyung-kwon

Chinese whispers send Asian currencies higher FT / Steve Johnson

CO: Votes benefit bond issuers Denver Post / Aldo Svaldi

Ford, Lloyd's Sell Bonds in Europe as Yields Hold Near Low Bloomberg / Jon Laycock

US Treasuries deflated as consumption holds up Reuters

U.S. 10-Year Treasury Note Rises as Yields Attract Investors Bloomberg / Vivianne C. Rodrigues and Elizabeth Stanton

Junk bond mutual funds see biggest inflows of year Reuters

Advance Monthly Sales for Retail and Food Services U.S. Census Bureau

Retail Sales Rise, but Auto Sales Drop AP via Forbes

Revenue growth lifts profit 78% at Target AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Joshua Freed

Soap-opera couple too cozy to claw Denver Post / Al Lewis

America's Largest Private Companies Forbes

Competition up? Blame computer Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Coke Warns of Slack Sales for a Year or So NY Times / Melanie Warner

EU: Tracking those buyers CNN / Kathleen Hays

UK: Manufacturers 'could cut 22,000' BBC News

European Economies: Growth Slows in Third Quarter Bloomberg / Christian Baumgaertel

France's economic growth slowing BBC News

Gonzales's Top Selling Point: He Isn't Ashcroft Bloomberg / Ann Woolner

Four NYSE traders are laid off before regulatory action Dow Jones via Newsday / Jed Horowitz

CA: Hispanic spending to grow rapidly Orange County Register / James B. Kelleher

CA: Port gridlock easing Orange County Register

FL: Hurricanes lead State Farm to request 5 percent hike in home rates South Florida Sun Sentinel / Kathy Bushouse

Real Time Muni Prices to Put Pressure on Dealers Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Pessimists will have to wait, as housing boom rolls on Christian Science Monitor / Alexandra Marks

As Baby Boom Ages, Era of Guaranteed Retirement Income Fades NY Times / Floyd Norris

Yes, the U.S. Can Have a Better Income Tax System Bloomberg / Chet Currier

How big a voter surge? Most states joined the party / Kathleen Murphy

U.S. Retail Sales Probably Grew 0.1% in October, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Weakness in Demand Shrivels Japan's Output NY Times / Todd Zaun

Ohio Retirement System Searches For Data, Accounting Software Institutional Investor / Matt Strickberger

Japan's Economy Grew at 0.3% Pace in Third Quarter Bloomberg / Lily Nonomiya

Oil May Fall as Output Rises, Demand Growth Slows, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

US Economy Can Manage a Rise in Rates, Say Economists Business Report via Google News

South Korea's Rate Cut Had a Signaling Problem Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee



Michigan lags U.S. in economic recovery Detroit Free Press / Alejandro Bodipo-Memba

German official criticizes U.S. deficit AP via Beaufort Gazette

Dollar Falls for a Seventh Week; Treasury Seen Tolerating Slide Bloomberg / Monee Fields-White

Fed's Gramlich Says U.S. Must Cut Deficit to Boost Savings Bloomberg / Andrew Ward

WI: As season prepares for opening bells, some shoppers plan to economize Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Doris Hajewski

Treasuries Fall for 3rd Week After Fed Increases Target Rate Bloomberg / Vivianne C. Rodrigues and Elizabeth Stanton

Election Over, Traders Look Ahead to '05 AP via Newsday / Meg Richards

Mexico sees housing boom Dallas Morning News / Angel Gonzalez and Al Día

Stronger Canadian dollar spurs cross-border shopping resurgence CP via Financial Post / Steve Mertl

Fed gov: Little hope to reduce deficit Reuters via CNN

A what-if on Social Security Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

Consumers resume optimistic spending Washington Times / Patrice Hill

Shoppers Good Cheer Brightens Outlook NY Post / Paul Tharp

The Toy War Begins Washington Post / Michael Barbaro

Sometimes They Do Ring A Bell Thoughts From The Frontline via Safehaven / John Mauldin

Little Guys Too NY Post / Paul Tharp

High prices hit gold demand; silver surges 45 pc in 12 months New India Press via Kitco /

Who Really Won the 2004 Presidential Election? via Safehaven / Edward Gofsky

Circulation group tightening controls AP via Chicago Sun Times / Seth Sutel

Taken for a ride over an old ticket Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Gelles

Political and Monetary Reform Institutional Advisors via Safehaven / Bob Hoye

Bubbles in Real Estate Safehaven / Hans F. Sennholz

UK: Overstaffed, overpaid and over here Guardian / Edmond Warner

UK: Revenue initiates baby bond Guardian / Rupert Jones

Pentagon Envisioning a Costly Internet for War NY Times / Tim Weiner


Federal Reserve doesn't say so, but big mortgages might become troublesome Philadelphia Inquirer via Detroit Free Press

Job one: Cut federal debt Wisconsin State Journal

Rates will catch up to deficit in time Orange County Register / Holden Lewis

Canada: To fix or float, that's the mortgage question AP via Toronto Star / Malcolm Morrison

More unmarried couples buying homes AP via Charlotte Observer

NC: Why the Fed acts as it does Raleigh News & Observer / Karen Rives

NC: Falling Dollar Charlotte Observer / Kerry Hall

Thanks to ARMs, mortgage holders are in double trouble Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Dow Jones to buy MarketWatch for $520M CBS Marketwatch

Oil gushing with deal potential Dallas Morning News / Sudeep Reddy

NY: Pricey produce the result of storms Buffalo News / Matt Glynn

Help Wanted (for a Better Way to Count Jobs) NY Times / Harry Hurt III

Banks slow to follow Fed's interest rate increase Wall Street journal via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Ruth Simon

Rally to rage for week 4? CNN / Alexandra Twin

D-Day for Dollar-Dummies Euro vs Dollar Currency War Monitor via Safehaven / Alex Wallenwein

CA: Recovery moves in fits, starts San Francisco Chronicle / Tom Abate

Nevada or bust Mercury News via 1st Headlines / Sam Diaz

Fair or not, Wilbur Ross played the capitalist game Boston Globe / Charles Stein

GOLD - has it or hasn't it broken out? via Safehaven / Clive Maund

As Snow kicks of EU tour, US seeks to blunt deficit criticism AFP via Turkish Press

Inflation data scary, but outdated CBS Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Md. economy is outpacing nation, thanks to U.S. outlay Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

CA: Sought: middle ground LA Times / Michelle Hoffman

Concern over huge US current account deficit hurts dollar AFP via Taipei Times

Speculation surrounds Sears' fate Chicago Tribune / Michael Oneal and Thomas A. Corfman

Still plenty of up-side room for stocks Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

U.S. stocks seen extending rally CBS Marketwatch / Christopher Noble

Treasury, IRS propose to let people retire gradually Baltimore Sun / Eileen Ambrose

Feds calm despite possible dollar crisis AP via San Antonio Express News / Martin Crutsinger

ETF expected to launch with metal hitting highs CBS Marketwatch / John Spence

Nigerian fuel strike to go ahead BBC News

Asia undaunted by bad news from Japan AFP via Taipei Times

U.S. Buys more than it sells to China U.S. Dept. of Commerce via Cleveland Plain Dealer

Bonds Grapple With Good News Wall Street Journal via Denver Post / Aaron Lucchetti

No Gifts for Uncle Sam This Year Wall Street Journal via Denver Post / Jonathan Clements

Wall St. Outlook: Bull Market with Legs? Reuters via Google News / Brendan Intindola

Korea: Listed Firms Lack Currency Management Korea Times / Cho Hyung-kwon

China Barrels Ahead in Oil Market LA Times / Don Lee

No boom, no bust, just blah Chicago Tribune / William Neikirk

Energy Probably Boosted Price Measures: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Vince Golle

Wanted: Sorcerer for U.S. tax laws Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Savings accounts raise questions Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

Credit gains momentum in Southeast Asia NY Times via IHT / Wayne Arnold

A Bond Strategy Once Thought Foolish Now Looks Smart NY Times / Jonathan Fuerbringer

Help Wanted (for a Better Way to Count Jobs) NY Times /

Sometimes It Takes a Sherlock NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

UK: Seasonal fears hit high street Guardian – Observer / Sarah Ryle

'Old Age' Security? 'Golden Years'? How About 'Social'? NY Times / Hubert B. Herring

Bush's man in European charm offensive Guardian – Observer / Heather Stewart



Canada: Dollar at its ideal value, pleased CEOs say Financial Post / Paul Brent

FDIC Board Votes to Maintain Premium Rates for Banks and Thrifts FDIC

Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on Bank Lending Practices Federal Reserve Board

A new kind of risk, and it's your fault MSN / CNBC / Bill Fleckenstein

U.S. Fed policymakers' recent comments Reuters

Dallas a buyers' market Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

Warnings fall on deaf ears Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Has social investing lost its way? Christian Science Monitor / G. Jeffrey MacDonald

CalPERS votes to toughen merger policies AP via Beaufort Gazette / Jim Wasserman

Protest filed to Banknorth-TD Bank merger AP via Globe and Mail

Money market mutual funds more attractive Oakland Tribune / Cliff Pletschet

Rising, falling with hedge funds Guerrilla Investing via NY Daily News

NY: Chasing customers in banking biz blitz NY Daily News / Daniel Dunaief

Mexico Sells EU750 Million of Bonds to Refinance Debt Bloomberg / Adriana Arai

Incoming EU chief hopes for strong ties with new US secretary of state AFP via EU Business

Charter to sell $750 million in bonds St. Louis Business Journal

2004 elections set up year of legislative stalemate Pamela M. Prah

Fireworks on Capitol Hill? CNN / Krysten Crawford

Farewell to Powell and his doctrine The Economist

Bush can’t do it all in his second term National Review / Bruce Bartlett

Oil falls below $46 AP via Globe and Mail

Fed Governor Olson: Work not done CBS Marketwatch / Gregory Robb

Markets Report Gold Insider via Kitco / John Lee

IMF Managing Director Rodrigo de Rato to Visit Russia, Germany, Poland, and Spain IMF

US Treasury: Debt limit must be raised this week Reuters / Laura MacInnis and Anna Willard

Dollar falls to fresh low against the yen FT / Steve Johnson

Germany's Tacke Says Euro-Dollar Rate `Not a Cause for Worry' Bloomberg / Rainer Buergin

US Treasuries flat in Asia, market awaits US CPI Reuters

UK gilt yields hit seven-month low FT / Päivi Munter, Jenny Wiggins and Mariko Sanchanta

Japan: Wages Defy Recovery LA Times / David Pilling

Big-Name Wall St. Analysts Emerge From Scandal to Tout the Market NY Times / Landon Thomas, Jr.

Lines should be shorter for holidays Chicago Sun Times / Francine Knowles

Holiday forecast has retailers full of cheer Orlando Sentinel / Sarah Hale Meitner

Thanksgiving feast will cost a bit more Big News Network

Tapping an Arsenal of Retirees LA Times / Peter Pae

Tools for detecting the next Enron Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Avrum D. Lank

U.S. Pension Insurer Says Its Deficit Doubled NY Times / Mary Williams Walsh

Teamsters Find Pensions at Risk NY Times / Mary Williams Walsh

Bush's Trade Plan Stalled LA Times / Evelyn Iritani

Recent Economic Experience and Outlook Federal Reserve Board / Mark W. Olson

Fannie Mae Weekly Yield Fannie Mae

Municipal Update Stone and Youngberg

Lost in a World of Stupidity Mogambo Guru via Daily Reckoning / Richard Daughty

Lip service over China's peg CNN / Kathleen Hays

Urge to merge. Again CNN / Chris Isidore

Cargo backup to affect holidays AP via Chicago Tribune / Anne D'Innocenzio

Low-Price Stock Takes Wild Ride On Internet Buzz Washington Post / Jerry Knight

Wrigley to Buy Candy Brands From Kraft AP via Newsday / Dave Carpenter

Political Pollsters Don't Live on Elections Alone Washington Post / Jeffrey H. Birnbaum

CA: October jobless figures due Orange County Register

MI: Shaky economy may take jingle out of holidays Detroit News / Tenisha Mercer

Gold US$ Dance on Again Union Securities via Safehaven / David Chapman

Of Inflation, Greed and Gurus' Gurus via Safehaven / Gary Tanashian

Snow Likes His Strong Dollar Weaker Forbes / Dan Ackman

A Debt Maelstrom! Daily Reckoning / Chuck Butler

China to See More Energy Shortages AP via Philadelphia Inquirer / Elaine Kurtenbach

TX: Fewer consumers using credit to make holiday purchases Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Teresa McUsic

N.Y. Fed's Factory Index Rises Less Than Forecast Bloomberg / Joe Richter

CO: ICG rises again, this time to focus on core business Denver Post / Tom McGhee

SC: The price of convenience The State / Noelle Phillips

US Treasuries adrift before Fed talk, CPI data Reuters

Colin Powell resigns CNN

Dollar will continue to weaken, experts say AP via Tennessean / Martin Crutsinger

Strong dollar' call halts slide BBC News

Empire State Manufacturing Survey Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Bond Market Should Fear $43 Trillion Retirement Tab Bloomberg / John Wasik

Yen Strengthens to Seven-Month High as Japanese Stocks Advance Bloomberg / John Brinsley

UK: House price scaremongers' numbers simply don't add up Guardian / Bridget Rosewell

UK: Brown signs deal to import American enterprise culture for young Brits Guardian / Ashley Seager

Dollar Weakens on Speculation U.S. Unconcerned With Decline Bloomberg / John Brinsley

When Spitzer comes knocking ... Minneapolis Star Tribune / Terry Larkin

U.S. Treasuries May Extend Declines After Fed Rate Increase Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

India's Banks Are Solvent. Are They Healthy? Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

Dollar May Drop to Record for Third Straight Week, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Joshua Krongold