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Indexes can carve a strategy reg Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

The Bear's Lair: 4 Horsemen of the Economy United Press International via Fiend’s SuperBear Page / Martin Hutchinson

States vie to stave off military base closings / Eric Kelderman

Schwarzenegger says he has no backup plan if bond deal fails AP via Miami Herald / Jennifer Coleman

European firms not ready for new pension standard Investment and Pensions Europe

Philadelphia Agency Sets $218M Deal Bond Buyer / Gillian D’ Ambrosio

New York Debt Past and Present: A Talk With Gov. Hugh L. Carey Bond Buyer / Gary Larkin

US recession and the fallacy of technological overhang Brookes News / Gerard Jackson

US economy: old names, old fallacies Brookes News / Gerard Jackson

US manufacturing, wages and the lessons of history Brookes News / Gerard Jackson

Making sense of economic indicators Brookes News / Dr Frank Shostak

Help-Wanted ads stand pat Inman News

Ireland one of two most expensive eurozone countries AFP via Yahoo

UK property lending at new record BBC News

Crude falls 46 cents to $29.80 a barrel Reuters via Houston Chronicle

A well deserved exit at Boeing United Press International / Martin Hutchinson

Wal-Mart sees weak spending Motley Fool via Rocky Mountain News

Buzz Charts: Third Quarter Pounder National Review / Jerry Bowyer

Eliot’s Mess National Review / John E. Tanny

Copper Has Biggest Gain in Almost 2 Years; Strike Threat Looms Bloomberg

A Deafening Gobble Of Congressional Turkeys Business Week via Yahoo / Mike McNamee with Lorraine Woellert, John Carey, and Howard Gleckman

Precious Metals Have Been the Place To Be Union Securities via Safehaven / David Chapman

Stay Irrational, Stay Solvent Trendline Trader via Safehaven / Robert H. Helgason

CO: Taking a toll Rocky Mountain News / Jeff Smith

WA: Greater appreciation for regional housing Washington Business Journal / Jeff Clabaugh

WI: Wanted: a smarter work force Green Bay Gazette / Richard Ryman

UK: Brown urged to keep it simple UK Business Telegraph / Richard Tyler
Gold tops $400 again FT / Kevin Morrison

Paper bonds are still doing the job reg Providence Journal via Charlotte Observer

Postal Services expects to handle 20 billion pieces during holiday season AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Elizabeth Wolfe

China to open door to foreign credit cards FT / Richard McGregor and James Kynge

Canada: Swimming against the current National – Financial Post / Jacqueline Thorpe

Boeing, Boeing, gone The Economist

Sony seeks capital via bond issue Japan Times

U.S.-EU trade woes test relations Washington Times / Jeffrey Sparshott

Home prices up 5.6% in 3Q Reuters via CNN

UK property lending at new record BBC News

Home Protection Cost Is Going Through the Roof Bloomberg / John Wasik

Euro periphery may suffer from pact weakening Reuters / Sabrina Ghari

Want to Buy Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank? Queue Up Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

WA: Holiday parties and bonuses yes, raises no Seattle Post Intelligencer

MN: A scramble for tenants Minnesota Star Tribune / Terry Fiedler

TX: Best holiday shopping may be to come reg Dallas Morning News / Maria Halkias and Steve Quinn 

OPEC Likely to Maintain Oil Cutbacks, Officials Say Bloomberg

Bush to End Steel Tariffs, White House Official Says Bloomberg

Dollar Extends Decline, Weakens to Record Low Against Euro Bloomberg

Why Americans Must Keep Spending reg NY Times / Louis Uchitelle

Only One Life to Spend and Spend reg NY Times / Joe Queenan

Selling to 45-Plus Generation: That's Where the Money Is reg NY Times / Kenneth Gilpin

Why America's debt is a risky foreign affair Christian Science Monitor / David R. Francis 

US moves - quietly - toward a flat tax Christian Science Monitor

Dollar, Near Record Low Versus Euro, Poised to Extend Decline Bloomberg

Treasuries May Fall on More Signs of Faster Growth, Survey Says Bloomberg




CA: Better  not count on deep discount LA Daily News / Brent Hopkins

Metal Heads Up Contrary Investor via Safehaven

Argentina Sells Three-Year Bonds, Longest Maturity Bloomberg

Bush avoids steel issue in Pa. appearance United Press International / Richard Tomkins

Trading Favors reg NY Times

CT: Buying Greater Market Share reg Hartford Courant / Diane Levick

Deal with Chrysler was a takeover, not merger, lawyer says Reuters via San Diego Union Tribune / Jon Hurdle

NASD founds foundation for education Washington Business Journal / Jeff Clabaugh

CHRONOLOGY-Key events in mutual fund trading probe Reuters via Yahoo

Ten Things Still Wrong With Accounting Forbes / Elizabeth MacDonald

US chain store sales end Nov. in the red – report Reuters via Yahoo

Though sales increase, retail strength doubted Reuters via Houston Chronicle

Canadian Dollar Rises as Central Bank Leaves Key Rate at 2.75% Bloomberg via America Economies

OH: Bankruptcy cases stay on course to exceed 10,000 Toledo Blade

U.S. Vehicle Sales Rev Higher in November Reuters via Yahoo / Michael Ellis

Bush blinks in steel tariff row Guardian Unlimited / Charlotte Denny

Dollar slide catches market unawares FT / Jennifer Hughes

Financial services in for global shake-up FT / James Politi

EU pact's collapse risks higher interest rates, lower growth: Solbes EU Business

Putin warns EU expansion could hit Russian trade with E. European states EU Business

Pentagon puts Boeing deal on hold FT / Marianne Brun-Rovet

Best thing since sliced bread Mercury News / David A. Sylvester

GM to launch mini-car in China AP via Buffalo News

AK: City enjoys robust economy Anchorage Daily News / Richard Richtrmyer

Beyond bull Guardian / William Keegan

Ex-Boeing CEO's role in turmoil questioned Denver Post / Al Lewis

Oil prices jump ahead of OPEC meeting Reuters and AP via Houston Chronicle

The GOP's new drug benefit is a serious policy error National Review / Bruce Bartlett

Gold Hits New High on Surging Euro reg Reuters via NY Times

Caymans defiant in dispute over tax status reg FT via NY Times / Christopher Adams

PA: Region’s unemployment rate up to 5.2% in October Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Thomas Olson

Freddie Mac: The Next LTCM... or Just a Well-Managed Firm with Some Accounting Issues in Its Past? Financial Engineering News / Jeff Stafford

U.S. jobless benefits to expire CNN / Mark Gongloff

MA: State pension fund is up 21% Boston Globe / Andrew Caffrey

Most populous nation is latest to embrace big-box retail giant reg LA Times via Charlotte Observer / Tyler Marshall

Rank and file: 'We are doomed' Seattle Post Intelligencer / Paul Nyhan

Incentives, economy boost U.S. vehicle sales; trucks lead way AP via USA today

Australia Central Bank Ups Interest Rates AP via Newsday / Peter O’ Conner

High Prices Fan Inflation Fears Bloomberg via Newsday

TX: Shoppers holding out for better buys Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Heather Landy

The dogs bark The Economist

China's economy to grow 8.5 percent this year People’s Daily

Canada: Bank stands pat, eyes dollar Globe and Mail / Terry Weber

Many Brokerage Execs Don't Expect Bonuses reg Bloomberg

Gold holds above $400 an ounce FT / Dave Shellock

Job-cut announcements drop CNN

U.S. corporate bond new issues Reuters via Yahoo

U.S. Housing/Mortgage-Backed Securities Data Calendar Reuters via Yahoo

Fed adds $540 mln permanent reserves buying TIPS Reuters via Yahoo

Boom Arriving Late Stop Sorry for Delay Stop Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

France and Germany Trample on EU Budget Pact Bloomberg / David DeRosa

The Dangers of Sinophobia Ludwig von Mises Institute / Jude Blanchette

Too hot for the Fed? CNN / Justin Lahart

Japanese Bonds Drop on 10-Year Sale, U.S. Manufacturing Figure Bloomberg

European Economies: German October Retail Sales Rise Bloomberg

Taiwan: Pundits urge bond market development Taipei Times / Joyce Huang

The answer is dialogue, not the US  Taipei Times / Nat Bellocchi

Powell Opposes Internet Phone Regulation Washington Post / Chrostopher Stern

Bottom of the barrel Guardian / George Monbiot

UK: Treasury to launch property trusts Guardian / Rupert Jones

Koizumi, `High Noon' or `Good, Bad and Ugly' Bloomberg / William Pesek, Jr.

Treasuries May Drop; Surge in Manufacturing Bolsters Rate View Bloomberg

Lee Hsien Loong and Brave-New-Cheap Singapore? Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee



WI: Strong searching out potential buyers Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Kathleen Gallagher

TX: Houston Deal Looks Dead Bond Buyer / Elizabeth Albanese

Calif. Democrats offer up alternate bond plan Reuters

Waiting for payrolls while debt sales keep coming Reuters via Yahoo

Hungarian deficit exposes currency to speculation: analysts AFP via Yahoo

UK: Rate hike fails to stem rise in British house prices AFP via Yahoo

Invesco Knew it Sold Out Clients: Spitzer NY Post / Jenny Anderson

Baseball sells notes for first time to finance debt AP via San Francisco Chronicle / Ronald Blum

Kids’ rude lesson in ways of Wall St. MSNBC / Martin Wolk

Aussie dollar upstages rising euro AAP via Sydney Morning Herald and America Economies

China: Bank chief optimistic about buy-out market Taipei Times / Joyce Huang

Beware of economic hubris Washington Times / Richard W. Rahn

Gold - The Weekly Perspective Gold – Authentic Money via Safehaven / Julian D. W Phillips

A look at December Seattle Times / Stephen Dunphy

FDIC-Insured Institutions Report Record Earnings in the Third Quarter FDIC

Canada: Last thing Canada needs is U.S.-style tax system Toronto Star / David Crane

Three signs gold will keep shining Toronto Star / Ellen Roseman

WI: New economy challenges state Green Bay Press Gazette / Steve Cahalan

Economic data for quarter revised Cox News and The Atlanta Journal Constitution via Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Michael E. Kanell

TX: Shoppers holding out for better buys Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Heather Landy

Oil tops $31 ahead of OPEC meeting Reuters via CNN

Recovery, yes - with reservations Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Bank of America backs away from asset-management goal Boston Globe / Ross Kerber

CA: If tariff's lost, state may gain Sacramento Bee / Michael Doyle

CA: Santa Clara Poised For Multi-Family Housing Boom Mercury News Sue McCallister

CA: Stores' stocks shrinking San Diego Union Tribune / Frank Green and Michael Kinsman

Bush to End Steel Tariffs, Mulls Pension Protection Bloomberg

Chile's Peso Jumps to 30-Month High vs Dollar Bloomberg

Debt sales in Japan will shift to dealers Bloomberg via International Herald Tribune / Kyoko Shimodoi, Lily Nonomiya and Chris Cooper

UK: Union calls on government to dam jobs flow Guardian / Jill Treanor

UK: 50,000 more engineering jobs to go next year Guardian / David Gow

Kyoto’s not dead yet The Economist

Argentine November Inflation Slows on Sluggish Demand Bloomberg

No deflation threat from service outsourcing wave Forbes / Alan Wheatley

MN: Fair or foul? Budget forecast due today AP via Minnesota Star Tribune

Money comes in easy gobs to the truly clairvoyant Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

SEC Curbs After-Hours Trading of Mutual Funds to Fight Abuses AP via Newsmax

Consequences of a Dollar Standard Ludwig von Mises Institute / Christopher Mayer

Tax Cuts Evanesce in One-Off School of Economics Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Russia: Only corporate bonds market yield to exceed inflation in Dec - Interfax CEA Interfax

Dollar falls to new lifetime low against euro FT / Jennifer Hughes

U.S. Third-Quarter Productivity Grows at 9.4% Rate Bloomberg

U.S. November ISM Service Economy Index Falls to 60.1 Bloomberg

European Economies: Services Expand Most Since 2000 Bloomberg

Bonds in holding pattern CNN

Gold glitters as dollar hits fresh lows FT / Kevin Morrison

With U.S. Busy, China Is Romping With Neighbors reg NY Times / Jane Perlez

Strong Quits; Invesco Fights Forbes / Dan Ackman

Don't fear rising rates CNN / Justin Lahart

Bank of China Plans First Time Share Sale in 2005 Bloomberg

Chinese official: Beijing prefers negotiations to trade war AP via New Jersey Times

Move to Revive Merger of Russian Oil Companies reg NY Times / Erin E. Arvedlund

UK: Gold bullion that has the stamp of a pile of paper promises (& other news) reg UK Business Telegraph / Neil Collins

UK: Government is 'milking' home buyers reg UK Business Telegraph / Ian Cowie

U.S. wealthy are shifting their funds Bloomberg via International Herald Tribune

EU backs off threat to go to top court over deficits Bloomberg via International Herald Tribune

Australian Central Bank Raises Interest Rate to 5.25% Bloomberg

Russia: $5Bln Tax Charge Hangs Over Yukos Moscow Times / Catherine Belton

Russia: Putin Slams Brussels on WTO Bid Moscow Times / Alex Nicholson



Federal spending per household is most since WWII Boston Globe / Susan Mulligan

The not-so-mighty dollar The Economist

Blockbuster jobs report? Maybe not CNN / Mark Gongloff

CO: Resort vacancy rates no picnic Rocky Mountain News / John Rebchook

IMF's Financial Resources and Liquidity Position, 2001 – October 2003 International Monetary Fund

Putin May TightenGrip on Russian Politics, Economy Bloomberg

Taiwan: January launch planned for interest-rate futures Bloomberg via Taipei Times

The lure of Wal-Mart's size brings trade unions calling Morning Call / Abigail Goldman

Bush signs identity theft law Inman News

$2B Pulled From Strong-Managed Funds AP via ABC News

Argentina to Pick Advisers for Debt Talks Next Week Bloomberg 

Bush ditches steel import duties BBC News

EU lifts sanctions threat after US scraps steel tariffs AFP via EU Business

U.S. Retailers' Sales Suggest Tight Holiday Spending Bloomberg

A faded green The Economist

Scrapped The Economist

Can oil ever help the poor? The Economist

Crawling back to daylight The Economist

Argentina bond holders form steering committee Reuters

Steelmakers Displeased at End to Tariffs Reuters / Michael Erman

US scraps its tariffs on imports of steel FT / Edward Alden, Guy de Jonquières and Mariko Sanchanta

Steel yourself for inflation? CNN / Justin Lahart

Crude inflation CNN / Justin Lahart

UK: Bank leaves interest rates unchanged Guardian / Mark Tran

Is the market's morality too important to be left to philosophers? Taipei Times / Jerry Muller

Mortgage rates break 6% Inman News

Mortgage rates rise again Reuters via CNN

Too much of a cheap thing? CNN / Chris Isidore

Freddie Mac prices $2 Billion seven year syndicated callable notes Freddie Mac

CA: CalSTRS says no to NYSE Sacramento Bee / Gilbert Chan

High-cost drugs, problems of uninsured vex states / Erin Madigan

The Jobfull Recovery Begins National Review / David Malpass

Economists say 2003 overrated, but expect better 2004 Arizona Republic / Jonathan J. Higueria

Who will replace the baby boomers? Knight Ridder via Julie Foster

Bush Can't Say `Mission Accomplished' on Economy Bloomberg / Gene Sperling

10,000 or Bust NY Post / Suzanne McGee

Jobless benefits to expire San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac bill sale calendar Reuters via Yahoo

Is Focusing on Productivity Productive? Prudent Bear via Safehaven / Chad Hudson

MO: Retailers look for a hook St Louis Post Dispatch / Thomas Lee

Fed in a bind over switching the rates message FT / Alan Beattie

Euro at new dollar high as ECB holds rates FT / Jennifer Hughes

Brazil November Inflation Restrained by Weak Economy Bloomberg 

Sweden: Terms of exchanges to new Treasury bond loans The Swedish National Debt Office via Hugin

Breaking the silence on immigration Christian Science Monitor / David R. Francis

Canada: Vehicle sales in Canada fall 10% Globe and Mail / Greg Keenan

Oil price defended Gulf Daily News

Piper disciplines two for late trades Minnesota Star Tribune / Mike Meyers

TX: Texas gets ripped off by fed unemployment tax San Antonio Express News / David Hendricks

Zimbabwe faces expulsion from IMF BBC News

Brussels considers imposing currency controls reg UK Business Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

India's Enemy Within Can Douse Explosive Growth Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

Why Russian business votes with its wallet BBC News / James Arnold

Russia: Industry Pays $3.4Bln in Social Costs Moscow Times / Alex Nicholson




Interest Rates and Oil The Speculative Investor via Safehaven / Steve Saville

Inflationary Manifestations Hit the Farm Belt Prudent Bear via Safehaven / Doug Noland

Europe: Institutions raising hedge allocation - Edhec  Investment and Pensions Europe

California Spending Cap Splits Lawmakers Over Bonds Bloomberg

MO: Snow says more effort is needed to boost job growth St Louis Post Dispatch / Gregory Cancelada

The Bond Market Association Elects 2004 Board of Directors Bond Market Association

Inflation Protection for Fixed-Income Investors Fox News / Gail Buckner

Dollar ends week under strong pressure FT / Ivar Simensen and Jennifer Hughes

Bad time for trading trouble St Paul Pioneer Press / Tim Huber

Star Witness Against Martha Won’t Testify South Florida Sun Sentinel / Patricia Hurtado

Shoppers Mob Foundering FAO Toy Store AP via Aberdeen News / Amy Westfeldt

Transfer problems dog AT&T Wireless Reuters via Boston Globe

Performance-chasing parasites are worse than chiselers National Review / Tom Nugent

Housing market will stay robust Chicago Tribune via Akron Beacon Journal / John Handley

FL: Housing experts see no end in sight or sites Miami Herald / Douglas Hanks III

OH: Tariffs' removal angers workers Akron Beacon Journal / Gloria Irwin and Erika D. Smith

The storm that killed Christmas? CNN / Parija Bhatnagar

The not-quite-so-jobless recovery The Economist

Consumer credit rises at slower pace than expected Reuters via USA Today

U.S. 2-Yr Note Has Biggest Gain Since July 2002 on Jobs Report Bloomberg

Argentine Bondholders Join to Seek Better Terms Bloomberg 

Snow unsure of benefit extension Reuters via CNN

U.S., China Brace for Bra War Newsday / James Toedtman

CA: Giant retailer under siege Sacramento Bee / Dale Kasler

China: Power giant to issue bonds China Daily

Weak Jobs Report? Only Relative to Expectations Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Platinum soars on fears over shortages FT / Kevin Morrison and John Reed

How Bush Is Mortgaging the Future Business Week via Yahoo / Christopher Farrell

Retailers vs. Buyers: Who Will Blink First? Business Week via Yahoo / Robert Berner, Gerry Khermouch, Christopher Palmeri and Ann Therese Palmer

Dynamic Depositor Discipline in U.S. Banks International Monetary Fund / Andrea Maechler and Kathleen McDill

U.S. Treasuries jump as Fed seen on hold Reuters via Yahoo

Fed Watchers Seek Signal on Interest Rates Washington Post / John Berry

From Rags to Riches To Arrests in Booming China Washington Post / Peter S. Goodman

Former NY Fed Head Rebuffs NYSE Overture NY Post / Jenny Anderson

TX: State cashing in with online auctions Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Teresa McUsic

In Defense of Bank Failures Ludwig von Mises Institute / H.A. Scott Trask

Bonds dip as Germany shows signs of recovery FT / Päivi Munter

Hungary: Citigroup: central bank intervention on bond market temporary fix reg Euromoney

Argentina's Bondholders Seek Help in the Courts Bloomberg / David DeRosa

Dollar Falls on Interest-Rate Concern After Employment Report Bloomberg

Don't Spend the Mutual-Fund Restitution Money Yet Bloomberg / Chet Currier

U.S. October Factory Orders Rise 2.2%; Ex-Trans. Climb 1.6% Bloomberg

UK: Brown's spending comes under scrutiny Telegraph

UK: More pain on way from Dr Brown despite cash flow down hospital drains Telegraph

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac bill sale calendar Reuters via Yahoo

Forward Calendar - U.S. corporate bond new issues Reuters via Yahoo

Hug a Japanese Banker? Nah! Lay on the Tough Love reg NY Times / Ken Belson

Bush risks Rust Belt backlash as steel tariffs are ended UK Telegraph / Alec Russell

Sony's Bond-Market Savvy Is a Promising Sign Bloomberg / William Pesek, Jr.

Japan Won't Take Steel Action on U.S., Tanigaki Says Bloomberg

Australia: Dollar still climbing as NZ sits pat AAP via Sydney Morning Herald

Japan: Fiscal 2002 GDP data downgraded Japan Times



Windfall or pittance for health costs? Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Joe Manning

Kmart losses down, but so are its sales Detroit Free Press / Greta Guest

The Problem With Assumptions Thoughts From The Frontline via Safehaven / John Mauldin

U.S., Lumber Firms Settle Dispute AP via Baltimore Sun 

Recovering Canada's oil takes more mining than pumping Houston Chronicle / Nelson Antosh

Hong Kong billionaires buying into China Life AFX, Bloomberg and Reuters via International Herald Tribune

Benefits of Global Corporate Bond Investing Pimco / David Hinman

WA: Home sales cool down in November Seattle Times / Kristina Shevory

Grasping at the Statistics on the Self-Employed reg NY Times / Floyd Norris

Steel verdict 'a double victory' Gulf Daily News

Computer Mishap Sends a Stock on a Wild Ride reg NY Times / Floyd Norris

California Lawmakers Reject Schwarzenegger's $15 Bln Bond Plan Bloomberg

The Era of Fictitious Capitalism Lew Rockwell / Addison Wiggin

South Korean prosecutors raid another conglomerate Reuters via Taipei Times

U.S. upbeat on Japan recovery Japan Times

Banks in Germany ripe for consolidation NY Times via International Herald Tribune / Mark Landler

Wal-Mart Invades, and Mexico Gladly Surrenders reg NY Times / Tim Weiner

Europeans Plan to Press For Tariffs Against U.S. reg NY Times / Alan Cowell



US Economic Outlook and Monetary Policy pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City / Thomas M Hoening

TX: Texans' scores deserve little credit reg Dallas Morning News / Pamela Yip

Economy has the ingredients, but where's inflation? St Louis Post / David Nicklaus

An Ohio Town Is Hard Hit as Leading Industry Moves to China reg NY Times / Joseph Kahn

Dollar Hits 3-Year Lows Vs Yen Reuters via ABC News / Shinichi Kishima

White House sees '04 growth over 4% CBS Market Watch / Corbett B. Daly

Will inflation rise again? Wall Street Journal via The State / Ken Brown

Berlusconi "55 percent" optimistic on EU constitution deal AFP via EU Business

Talk on Taiwan not just bluff United Press International / Martin Sieff

US dollar may face renewed pressure FT / Jennifer Hughes and Jenny Wiggins

Moving pictures Denver Post / Kris Hudson

Joy of soy Omaha World Herald / Mark Kawar

Canada: 'Tis the shopping season Toronto Star / Dana Flavelle

Dollar set to continue its slide BBC News

Deficits Could Make 2004 a Dicey Year for Munis Newsday / Pradnya Joshi

What's in a word? CNN / Justin Lahart 

November Sales Seen Rising, Fed on Hold: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg

Freddie Mac Names Syron Chairman, Chief Executive Bloomberg

China likely next target in pressure for trade barriers AP via Fresno Bee / Martin Crutsinger

Russian Stocks, Bonds May Rise as Putin's Allies Win Bloomberg

Is the BOJ Happy With Quantitative Easing? Bloomberg / David DeRosa

CA: A slowdown is expected if mortgage rates climb and job growth falters Sacramento Bee / Andrew LePage

Greenspan’s Finest Hour? Newsweek via MSNBC / Robert Samuelson

A Lost Retirement Dream for Boomers? Washington Post / Albert B. Crenshaw

Fed Rate Change Now Would Chill The Market Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

Social Security Fix May Have hope in ’04 Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

As the World Turns, See Oil Prices Turn With It reg NY Times / Kenneth N. Gilpin

Oil prices fall as traders react to OPEC's decision AFP via Taipei Times

Mortality Rates Drop With Tech Advances AP via ABC News

Castro not worried by tightening of US restrictions Reuters via Taipei Times

MN: Minnesota / An emerging market? Star Tribune / Steve Young

AZ: Affordability of coverage Arizona Republic / Michelle Bolton

CA: Sale of 5 Historic Pasadena Homes Draws Curious Crowd reg LA Times / Steve Hymon

Global growth hangs in the balance Guardian Observer / William Keegan

Even free markets need help Denver Post / Al Lewis

Going the extra mile Boston Globe / Charles Stein

China PM makes key visit to US BBC News / Louisa Lim

The Tuition Trap Washington Post / Margaret Webb Pressler

New York, Brought to You by . . .  Washington Post / Michelle García

Imports Don't Deserve All That Blame reg NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

Sliding dollar helps exports, works in president's favor Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Who Wins and Who Loses as Jobs Move Overseas? reg NY Times / Erika Kinetz

Economy grows jobs – overseas Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Disappointment Is Relative With Junk Bond Funds reg NY Times / Erika Kinetz

Illegal Immigration: So Harmful and So Beneficial reg NY Times / Daniel Akst

Australia: Dollar on a holiday high Herald Sun / Matthew Horan

UK: Has Gordon's luck run out? Guardian Observer / Faisal Islam

UK: Is it all bad when UK jobs go to India? Guardian Observer / Heather Connon

King of The Street NY Post / Suzanne McGee



MO: Workers are denied unemployment benefits St Louis Post Dispatch / Jack Naudi

Dollar value's slide worries OPEC Reuters via Houston Chronicle

Why America’s recession had 19th century echoes Brookes News / Gerard Jackson

Taiwan: A dragon economy and the abacus Brookes News

California Puts Off $1.5B Sale Treasurer Cites Uncertainties Bond Buyer / Rich Saskal

New Life for Tobacco? Bond Buyer / Michael McDonald

US spending surges to historic level Christian Science Monitor / Gail Russell Chaddock

Freddie Mac's accounting woes greet CEO USA Today / Thomas A. Fogarty

Group says mortgage rates may hit 6.65% by end of 2004 USA Today / Sue Kirchoff

Affluent are buying again reg Charlotte Observer / Leigh Dyer

Manufacturing remains strong in KC Fed district Kansas City Business journal

Snow says U.S. trade partners need to boost growth Reuters via Yahoo

Schwarzenegger may restart California budget talks Reuters via Yahoo

Looking for the Fed to toy with its statement Reuters via Yahoo

Snowstorm stalls holiday business at stores, but online sales continue momentum AP via New Jersey Times

Gasoline Pump Price Hits 6-Month Low Reuters via Washington Post / Tom Doggett

Car deals delightful in December reg Charlotte Observer / Andrew Shain

Big leap for 12 days a-spendin' CNN

Bush Signs $400 Billion Expansion of Medicare Newsmax

November Jobs: What the Street Missed Business Week via Yahoo / Michael Englund

Brazil October Output Growth Indicates Slow Recovery Bloomberg

UK: House prices are still growing strongly, the latest government figures show BBC News

UK: French leave flourishes on fixed rates BBC News / Megan Rowling

PA: Office lessors expect a slow rebound Philadelphia Inquirer / Henry J. Holcomb

The Fed: two little words CNN / Mark Gongloff

Russian elections branded as distorted FT / Andrew Jack and Guy Dinmore

Bush signs Medicare overhaul AP via Baltimore Sun

Crude rises $1.32 to $32.05 a barrel Reuters via Houston Chronicle

Vlad the Victorious The Economist

Gold, platinum and nickel up as dollar falls FT / Kevin Morrison

No sign of sun on dollar horizon FT / Ivar Simensen and Jennifer Hughes

Give us a break: Americans work longer, harder Des Moines Register / Chad Graham

Don't pop those corks just yet CNN / Eric Hellweg

Survey: No Relief In Health Care Costs Newsday / Randi F. Marshall

Japan wants yen to be the anchor of Asia Guardian / Larry Elliott

The Fed Can Afford to Be "Patient" Business Week via Yahoo / Rich Miller

NY: Construction Jacks Up Big Apple’s Job Figures  NY Post / Suzanne Kapner

Weak dollar: How worried should you be? CNN / Walter Updegrave

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac bill sale calendar Reuters via Yahoo

Europe Gold Soars on Weak Dollar Reuters via ABC News / Veronica Brown

Nymex Natural Gas Jumps to 6-Month High as More Cold Forecast Bloomberg

European bond market struggles to advance FT / Alex Skorecki

Kill `Considerable' Clause Before It Kills Us Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

A US$550b reason why the dollar stays weak Business Times via Prudent Bear / Larry Wee

Dollar Drops to Record Against Euro, 11-Year Low Versus Pound Bloomberg

Will the Fed Stick to Its Plan on Low Rates? reg NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

Investors Look To Raise Corporate Exposure Even As Rally Continues Bond Week via Institutional Investor

Learning Lessons About Overseas Support reg NY Times / Laurie J. Flynn

California's New Governor Is Fighting a Familiar Battle reg NY Times via / John M. Broder

Dollar dither CNN / Kathleen Hays

Britain Misses Out on Europe's Bull Market Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

Brazil's Real Falls 4th Day in 5 on Banco do Brasil Speculation Bloomberg

Schoolhouses, statehouses reel from federal mandates / Pamela M. Prah

Australia: Curious clash of the economic titans Sydney Morning Herald

Ruble Pushed to a 25-Month High Reuters via Moscow Times

India: Canada’s fiscal model may be adopted Business Standard / Mamata Singh

Dollar May Extend Drop to Record Low Against Euro, Survey Shows Bloomberg




US sees red over China trade BBC News / Mary Hennock

Housing prices test teachers Christian Science Monitor / Lisa Leigh Connors

The Dollar Crisis Ludwig von Mises Institute / Robert Blumen

UK: Business leaders lose faith in Labour's policies FT / Anna Fifield

More borrowers make mortgage payments on time Inman News

FDIC says recent volatility in long term interest rates may continue / FDIC

Rifts between rich and poor nations loom over U.N. summit AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Anick Jesdanun

California Gets Another Downgrade Bond Buyer / Rochelle Williams

Getting Creative in Ohio Bond Buyer / Elizabeth Carvlin

Bond Market Association to Expand Forward Settlement Dates Bond Market Association

Millions of flu vaccine doses overlooked United Press International / Steve Mitchell

Private Accounts Are on the Level National Review / William G. Shipman

The Bear's Lair: Can they be dumb again? United Press International / Martin Hutchinson

WA: Someone, somewhere must be doing better than here Seattle Times / Stephen Dunphy

CT: Employee Health Benefit Costs Still Painful reg Hartford Courant

Countrywide Sees Drop in Mortgages reg Bloomberg via AP News

IA: Boom in high-interest payday loans Des Moines Register / Olivia Gonzalez Howe

SC: Economist says S.C. to be fully recovered by 2006 reg AP via Charlotte Observer

CA: The dollar sinks anew reg Bloomberg and Orange County Register / Mary Ann Milbourn

GOP to stop aid for jobless AP via Fresno Bee

Dollar's plunge lifts gold to eight-year high UK Business Telegraph / Edmund Conway

Steel industry in a predicament reg Dallas Morning News / Jim Landers

China's Taiwan card Washington Times / Harvey Feldman

New Freddie Mac Chief Lauded by Wall Street Washington Post / Kathleen Day

China Lobbies U.S. on the Cheap, Aided by Boeing, AIG Bloomberg

UK: Brown's 'golden rule' gamble Guardian

Fed message boils down to one word National - Financial Post / Peter Morton

Sibneft and Yukos to unwind merger FT / Arkady Ostrovsky and Carola Hoyos

UK: Pre-budget report: what business wants Guardian

UK: New view of taxes may boost chancellor FT / Ed Crooks and James Blitz

UK trade figures disappoint Guardian / Mark Tran

Fed seen content to let inflation rise Knight Ridder via Boston Globe

Accounting scandals continue, adjusted for inflation Seattle Post Intelligencer / Bill Virgin

Consumer confidence steadies CNN

Dollar extends downward spiral before Fed verdict Reuters via USA Today

No Shades of Grey in Global Imbalances Debate Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

A rise in ARMs CNN / Sarah Max

Dollar drops to lowest level in years AP and Bloomberg via Chicago Sun Times

After the Fed: Still not good enough CNN / Adam Lashinsky

Fed Holds Rate at 1%, Keeps `Considerable Period' Bloomberg

FOMC Statement Federal Reserve Board

TX: Existing home sales slow Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Andrea Jones

A Brownie Christmas The Economist

Girding for a rise in rates CNN / Justin Lahart

The Treasury and Fed can team up for the dollar National Review / Larry Kudlow

Canadian housing starts plunge Toronto Star

Australian Dollar at More Than Six-Year High as Yields Attract Bloomberg

All’s fair in economic development Washington Business Journal

CA: Talks in grocery strike break off AP via Fresno Bee

WI: Jobless benefits to dry up AP and Green Bay Press Gazette / Brian Tumulty

Treasuries Tense as Fed Plays Word Games Reuters via ABC News

Commodity Prices Fail to Ring Fed Inflation Alarm Bloomberg

Treasuries Hold Fed Vigil Reuters via Boston Globe

Some Subtler Arguments for Tariffs Ludwig von Mises Institute / Robert P. Murphy

The Kind of Year That Could Make a Defeatist Weep Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Sterling at 11-yr high as dollar extends slide FT / Jennifer Hughes

Buyers treasure gold again Knight Ridder via Akron Beacon Journal / David A. Sylvester

Singapore GDP expected to grow 5.2% in 2004 FT / Sumathi Bala

Eurozone government bond prices rise FT / Alex Skorecki

Malaysia: Why a Thriving Capital Market Matters International Monetary Fund / Kuala Lumpur

Russia: Putin Axes Oil Export Duty Caps Reuters via Moscow Times

Australia: China boom `boosts Australia' Herald Sun

Australia: Reserve Bank chief sorry for rate pain Herald Sun / Fleur Anderson, Kate Uebergang and Kate Jones

Russia: Mall Space Set to Double by '05 Moscow Times / Denis Maternovsky

China has serious job-loss problems, too NY Times via International Herald Tribune / Jim Yardley

Indonesia Gets Investors' Attention, Not Money Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

French deficit widens by 14% Bloomberg via International Herald Tribune

Chinese premier plays down talk of trade war FT / Edward Alden

Korea's Hyundai Gains U.S. Sales; Bonds Rise on Rating Outlook Bloomberg



KS: Where's Santa? Check the antacid aisle Wichita Eagle / Annie Calovich

Look for Dow 11,000 in 2004 CBS Market Watch / David Callaway

US SWAPS-Spreads contract again, debt sales dominate Reuters via Yahoo

Foreclosures climb Washington Business Journal

SEC to tackle bond fund mispricing FT / Deborah Brewster

Democracy an alien concept for Wen Taipei Times

UK: Take or leave it threat to UK pensions industry FT / Nicholas Timmins

Canada: 3% growth predicted for 2004 CP via Toronto Star

Canada: Consumer bankruptcies in Ottawa continue to climb Ottawa Business Journal / Leo Valiquette

Revised GDP Data Show Americans Don't Save Enough Dow Jones via Yahoo and Prudent Bear / Elizabeth Price

Oklahoma Garvees Get High Court OK Bond Buyer / Richard Williamson

DIARY-U.S. Treasuries, Thursday, Dec. 11 Reuters via Forbes

FACTBOX - Freddie Mac, No. 2 U.S. mortgage giant Reuters via Forbes

UBS Pulls CDO Of CDOs, Liquidates Portfolio Securitization News via Institutional Investor

Hedge Funds Continue To Post Positive Returns Institutional Investor

Treasury Throws Haymaker In First B/D Laundering Case Compliance Reporter via Institutional Investor / Grant Catton

Bush Imitates Reagan’s Economic Policy Lew Rockwell / Gary North

Crude rises 12 cents to $31.88 a barrel Houston Chronicle

U.S. Pushing for Trade Pact Washington Post / Jonathan Weisman

The Euro Zone: There Go The Brakes Business week via Yahoo

UK’s Brown mulls real estate investment trusts Investment and Pensions Europe

Welcome to Wal-Mart Realty Inman News

Christmas In China = $$$ reg Washington Post via Hartford Courant / Peter S. Goodman

Rates rise; refinancings drop; companies cut workforce Denver Post / Kristi Arellano

NY: 'Big Boxes' Duke It Out on LI Newsday / Jamie Herzlich

CO: Beef prices surge, but profits elude drought-stricken Colorado ranchers Denver Post / Nancy Lofholm

Goodyear reveals more accounting woes AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer

Argentina's Lavagna Spurs Growth as He Alienates Bondholders Bloomberg

U.K: Brown's Economic Record May Boost Hopes of Replacing Blair Bloomberg

EU Says It May Take U.S. to WTO Over Iraq Work Limits Bloomberg

NY: Vacancy rate drops to 9% for local industrial space Buffalo News / Matt Glynn

It's 1973, not 1929 United Press International / Martin Hutchinson

Treasuries Wobble After 5-Year Auction Reuters via Boston Globe / Ros Krasny

Junk bond funds may be next focus of scandal probe Reuters

UK: Analysis: The budget shortfall BBC News / Steve Schifferes

Washington Mutual to cut jobs reg AP via Charlotte Observer

Restaurant Hiring May Lead the Way to Wider Job Gains reg NY Times / Sherri Day

In This Case, a Two-China Policy for U.S. reg NY Times / Louis Uchitelle

U.S. tweaks economic history AP via MSNBC

T. Rowe Price likely reaping the rewards of honesty Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Postal Service posts surplus of $3.9 billion for fiscal 2003 AP via Baltimore Sun

Freddie Mac to Pay $125 Million Fine, Regulator Says Bloomberg

Fed Indicates Boost In Rates Is Unlikely Washington Post / John Berry

Schwarzenegger Bonds Rejected, Business as Usual Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

News Flash! Fed Only a Little Pregnant Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

U.S. Treasury Notes Advance After the Bank of Japan Sells Yen Bloomberg

US Corp Bonds - Spreads a bit wider as new supply swells Reuters via Yahoo

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac bill sale calendar Reuters via Yahoo

U.S. corporate bond new issues Reuters via Yahoo 

Mr Wen goes to Washington The Economist

Federal Reserve: 1 percent and holding Minnesota Star Tribune / Mike Blahnik

Dollar Socked By Rate Move NY Post / Suzanne McGee

Rate differences still hurting dollar Bloomberg via International Herald Tribune

Japan: GDP growth revised downward to 0.3% Japan Times

China Repatriating Billions of Bucks Bloomberg and Reuters via Moscow Times



IMF, World Bank Heads Call for Trade Talks Revival Reuters

UK: Borrowers are warned against banking on big pay rises Guardian / Larry Elliott

Canada: Housing forecast: Cooler, not cold Toronto Star / Tony Wong

Greenspan: We'd pay price for protecting jobs reg Dallas Morning News / Angela Shah

Greenspan champions free trade Knight Ridder via Houston Chronicle

Refinance boom may have run its course CBS Market Watch / Steve Kerch

MO: Off-price but on the money St. Louis Post Dispatch / Thomas Lee

SEC Charges Heartland Bond Buyer / Jacob Fine

California Deficit Bond Debate Continues; Court Rejects POBs Bond Buyer / Rich Saskal

The Integrity of the Process National Review / Patricia A. Small

Canada: Christmas shoppers spending large CP via Toronto Star / Nancy Carr

China: Money-market funds to be launched in China FT / Shen Yiming

Top immigrant magnets Inman News

Fewer Californians can afford homes Inman News

Joint Statement From the Securities Industry Association and The Bond Market Association Bond Market Association

MN: Home sales slow down Pioneer Press / Mike Hughlett

UK funds return 14.1% in 10 months – HSBC Investment and Pensions Europe

Russia: Lack of Aircraft Curbs Growth Moscow Times / Lyuba Pronina

Canada: Loonie finally breaks Ottawa Business Journal

Brazil's Rating Outlook Raised to Positive by S&P Bloomberg

China and U.S. symbiosis United Press International / Ian Campbell

NC: Charlotte's income on the rise Charlotte Observer / Charles Lunan

WA: Spuds to South Korea Seattle Times / Stephen Dunphy

Shaking Steady Freddie Forbes / Ari Weinberg

Current-account balance The Economist

Mr Wen's red carpet The Economist

UK: Can Gordon fix it? The Economist

Better times may not dent jobless rate AP via Fresno Bee / Alex Veiga

Gross inflation CNN / Justin Lahart

Greenspan plays down China impact on US jobs FT / Alan Beattie

A global tightening CNN / Justin Lahart

Bonds Surge After Surprising FOMC Minutes Reuters via ABC News / Ros Krasny

Big trade raises eyebrows in US corp bond market Reuters

MD: Home prices hit average of $207,098 Baltimore Sun / Trif Alatzas

Remarks by Chairman Alan Greenspan Federal Reserve Board / Alan Greenspan

Timers Favor Global, Junk-Bond Sectors Washington Post / Brooke A. Masters

Report Says Freddie Mac's Lax Oversight Led to Scandal reg NY Times / Jonathan D. Glater

Report Calls Freddie Board Complacent Washington Post / David S. Hilzenrath and Kathleen Day

Car wreck coming? CNN / Justin Lahart

Treasuries Soft, Trade Hesitant Reuters

SEC Set to Charge Bond Fund NY Post / Jenny Anderson

Rate Change Widens Pool of Credit in China reg NY Times / Keith Bradsher

What price confidence? CNN / Kathleen Hayes

NE: Snow didn't chill all retailers Omaha World Herald / Deborah Alexander

MI: It's payday for Metro bonds Detroit Free Press / Rajiv Yvas

Schwarzenegger, California Lawmakers Near $15 Bln Bond Accord Bloomberg

Mortgage giant is still in trouble AP via Detroit Times / Marcy Gordon

China Life May Raise as Much as $3 Billion in IPO Bloomberg

UK: Revamp for unemployment New Deal Guardian / David Gow

Imagine Pimco / Bill Gross

2004 Holiday Recommendations Bond Market Association

UK: Brown decides red is the new black Business Telegraph / George Trefgarne

Unlike S. Korea, India's Credit Boom Won't Fade Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

Russia renews North Korean ties NY Times via International Herald Tribune / James Brooke

Dollar Rises; Snow Says Strong Currency in National Interest Bloomberg




Beware a Fall From So High On the Hog Washington Post / Steven Pearlstein

Turkey on Hot Seat With Cyprus Election Bloomberg / David DeRosa

We can trade up to a better world International Monetary Fund / Horst Köhler and James Wolfensohn

CA: A first: State asks U.S. for loan to pay jobless Sacramento Bee / Melanie Payne

FL: Orange crop may shatter harvest records South Florida Sun Sentinel / Jerry W. Jackson

Bad news hammers Goodyear shares Akron Beacon Journal / John Russel

Economy and incumbency favor Bush MSNBC - CNBC / Martin Wolk

Labor market bust? Washington Times / Paul Craig Roberts

Snow in toy land Reuters via CNN

Dollar Falls to Record Against Euro as Snow Sees `Orderly' Drop Bloomberg

Snow calls dollar decline 'orderly' Reuters via CNN

Calif. officials see market backing for record bond Reuters via Forbes

Schwarzenegger signs bond, balanced budget amendment package AP via Philadelphia Inquirer / Tom Chorneau

Calif. revenue recovery in 2005? United Press International / Hil Anderson

U.S. trade deficit continues to widen United Press International / Shihoko Goto

Oil prices rise on U.S. cold forecast Reuters via Houston Chronicle

CA: Only 16 percent of county's residents can buy the median-priced house San Diego Union Tribune / Roger M. Showley

WI: Despite November dip, home sales still on record-setting pace Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Michele Derus

Poland and Spain under pressure over EU treaty FT / George Parker, Judy Dempsey, James Blitz and Stefan Wagstyl

Price rises add to fears for China's economy FT / James Kynge

How can CBO miss its projections so quickly? National Review / Rep. Mark Steven Kirk (R., Ill.)

Dollar Falls Against Euro, Yen as Consumer Confidence Declines Bloomberg

German 2004 Debt to Exceed Italy's, Frankfurter Allgemeine Says Bloomberg

Canada: Weak exports stall growth CP via Toronto Star

PPI drop won't faze bond vigilantes CNN / Mark Gongloff

MN: Minnesota exports bound Pioneer Press / Jennifer Bjorhus

Bond yields hit 6-week lows CNN

Overnight interest rates down, benchmark bond down Inman News

The Secretive Muni Market Is Due Its Whistleblower Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Bond Market Hangs on Fed's Words, New and Old Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Euro - Toast? Euro vs. Dollar Currency War Monitor via Safehaven / Alex Wallenwein

Treasuries Rise After Unexpected Drop in Consumer Confidence Bloomberg

The Global Perspective: An Interview with Sudha Shenoy by Ludwig von Mises Institute

Platinum hits a record 23-year high FT / Kevin Morrison

Hurting hedges CNN / Justin Lahart

Bond prices rise on 'dovish' minutes from Fed FT / Paivi Munter

The Fed on slack CNN / Kathleen Hayes

Martha, Kmart too unreal for Christmas Denver Post / Al Lewis

U.S. trade deficit continues to climb AP via Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Martin Crutsinger 

Taiwan's debt rating not hurt by row Bloomberg and AFP via Taipei Times

Japan: Yield cuts expected to incite most policyholders Japan Times

Japan: Local governments to get 420 billion yen tax windfall Japan Times

China Life Sells $3 Billion of Shares in Biggest IPO of Year Bloomberg

China Life IPO seen raising US$3.04b on intense demand People’s Daily

US leaves Taiwan to tango alone Taipei Times

Heartland Charged NY Post / Stephen Lynch

Greenspan Casts Doubt on Impact Of China Actions Washington Post / John M. Berry

US economy in 'twilight zone' Business Day via America Economies

UK: Hedge Fund Manager Steps Into CDOs Bond Week via Institutional Investor / Rachel Wolcott

Australian Dollar, Once a Laggard, Reaches 6-Yr High Bloomberg

Australia: Greenback surge dents dollar Sydney Morning Herald

U.S. November Producer Prices Seen Rising 0.1%: BN Survey Bloomberg

Deja Vu Moment On Wall Street as Dow Hits 10,000 Washington Post / Ben White

Bahrain bonds rating upgraded by Moody's Gulf Daily News

Heartland Insiders, Friends Sold as Funds Failed, SEC Alleges Bloomberg

Fed Rate Hike Still Far Off, Minutes Hint Washington Post / John Berry

Halliburton May Have Overcharged Millions Newsmax

China Names Its Price – Taiwan Bloomberg / William Pesek, Jr.

Investor Money Still Flowing Into Russia reg NY Times / Erin Arvedlund

U.S. considers new protection for steel makers Bloomberg via International Herald Tribune

Fed Minutes Suggest Rates Could Stay Low Until 2005 reg NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews



CA: Local unemployment rate jumps to 7.6 percent Santa Cruz Sentinel / Karen A. Davis

Competition Fierce in New Space Race Newsday / Earl Lane

FL: Big chill may threaten citrus Knight Ridder via Tallahassee Democrat / Jeff Libbry

Some see market rigging in natural gas price jump San Diego Union Tribune / Craig D. Rose

The Fed Said What? Thoughts From The Frontline via Safehaven / John Mauldin

Jobless Rate Drops, but so Do Payrolls reg LA Times / Marla Dickerson

OH: Home foreclosures rise in 2003 Akron Beacon Journal / Gloria Irwin

EU in crisis as constitution summit collapses EU Business

Stock-market rally eases U.S. pension crisis Bloomberg via Philadelphia Inquirer / Peter Robinson

Two-Year Treasury Note Gains on Week as Fed May Delay Rate Rise Bloomberg

NE: Joyless days for jobless Omaha World Herald / Virgil Larson

Stock market's track record shows it's too soon to be giddy Boston Globe via International Herald Tribune / Charles Stein

No massive job losses; trade pact unpopular Detroit Free Press / Kevin G. Hall

GAO hits car donation disparity Washington Times / Joyce Howard Price

Dollar continues downward slide BBC News

Opec rules out euro pricing Gulf Daily News

Freddie hits back at restriction by regulator FT / Francesco Guerrera



Outsourcing: The Rush Overseas reg Charlotte Observer / Stella M. Hopkins and Sarah Jane Tribble

Oil Drops on Saddam Arrest Reuters via ABC News

Bonds and Saddam Reuters via CNN

German government, opposition agree on huge tax cuts after marathon talks AFP via Yahoo

Squeezed by health costs USA Today / Julie Appleby

Saddam stops dollar slide? Nah Reuters via CNN

Ten U.S. Treasuries down over half point on Saddam Reuters

Economic fundamentals still in the ascendant FT / Chris Flood

UK: Price-fixing suspects risk extradition to US for trial FT / Jean Eaglesham and Bob Sherwood

MD: Fairy tales are a drag if the prince carries off jobs Baltimore Sun Jay Hancock

For '03, a few well-deserved Lumps of Coal CBS Market Watch via Boston Globe / Chuck Jaffe

Echoes of roaring '90s as Dow hits 10,000 FT / Deborah Hargreaves

WTO meeting restarts this week Press Trust via The Statesman

At Recovery's Dawn Washington Post / David Finkel

Next Step: Drug Price Controls Washington Post / Jonathan Oberlander and Jim Jaffe

Decline in dollar has serious effects Seattle Times / Stephen Dunphy

IL: High-stakes shelf games reg Chicago Tribune / Delroy Alexander

Dissidents find support to challenge NASD, again NY Post / Suzanne Miller

Dow 10,000: Once burned, twice shy NY Post / Meg Richards

Decade of NAFTA has brought little change to Mexico AP via Seattle Times / Mark Stevenson

Have 'soft dollars' met their match? Miami Herald / Harriet Johnson Brackey

Former U.S. Sen. William Roth, creator of Roth IRA, dies AP via Dallas Morning News

Stocks Worldwide, Dollar May Gain on Hussein Capture; Oil, Bonds May Drop Bloomberg

Saddam's capture seen boosting shares, U.S. dollar Reuters via Forbes / William Kemble-Diaz

UK: Don't you know there's a war on? Guardian Observer / William Keegan

IMF Board Approves New Loan Accord for Brazil, Ministry Says Bloomberg

Steady Greenspan is economy’s MVP Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

Emerging into the limelight Guardian Observer / Faisal Islam 

UK: Brown invests less than Tories Guardian Observer / Faisal Islam

Seeds of anger take root Guardian Observer / Nick Mathiason

Fighting the BIG Traders Newsday / Tami Luhby

Icon of U.S. pop culture to be made in America no more Fort Worth Star Telegram via Omaha World Herald

Dow Average's Rise Above 10,000 Means Little to Some Pessimists Bloomberg

Homebuilding, Manufacturing Boost Growth: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg

Coming in 2004: Strong growth, few jobs Minnesota Star Tribune / Mike Meyers

IL: Illinois, brought to you by . . . Chicago Sun Times / Dave McKinney

Where the economy runs hot CNN / Justin Lahart

Thriving at helm of a troubled company Philadelphia Inquirer / Joseph N. DiStefano

China's economy is rotting within Taipei Times / Sushil Seth

World oil prices climb as demand in China grows AFP via Taipei Times

Crude shortage ruled out by Opec members Gulf Daily News

Bahrain: $50 million Islamic bonds issue a success Gulf Daily News

UK: The P-word takes on a whole new meaning Guardian / Edmond Warner

AZ: Arizonans crushed by debt Arizona Republic / Yvette Armendariz

Who's Afraid of Eliot Spitzer? reg NY Times / Landon Thomas, Jr. 

And You Thought Pension Funds Were Scary reg NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

EU surveys the damage after constitution Fiasco EU Business

Has Irrational Exuberance Hit China? reg NY Times / Keith Bradsher




Japanese Phantom Growth Daily Reckoning via Safehaven / Kurt Richebächer

CDR Named N.J.'s Swap Consultant Bond Buyer / Gillian D’ Ambrosio

Schwarzenegger Now Must Take His Case to the People Bond Buyer / Rochelle Williams

Cruisin’ the Black Sea Lew Rockwell / Paul Cantor

Keynesian stupidity and Asian woes Brookes News / Peter Zhang

George Soros, markets and democracy Brookes News / Gerard Jackson

The Economics of Wile E. Coyote Lew Rockwell / Charley Hardman

Fannie Mae's regulatory affairs chief leaves Reuters via Yahoo

Ways for Trichet to Talk Down the Euro Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

Interest rates on CDs may start to creep back up in 2004 South Florida Sun Sentinel / Robert K Heady

Foreign buying of US corporate bonds nears record Reuters / Dena Aubin

Oil prices boost Saudi economy Gulf Daily News

Alliance Kept as Manager of $1.4 Billion for Calpers Bloomberg

DC: Fannie fancies Waterside Washington Business Journal / Suzanne White

Housing will rock in 2004 Inman News / Marcie Geffner

San Francisco to tax hotel parking to plug budget Reuters via Forbes

Brother, don't spare a dime US News / Jodie T. Allen

SEC Sweeps Fair Valuation Compliance Reporter via Institutional Investor

Shoppers were out there last weekend CBS market Watch / Jennifer Waters

Wal-Mart gives chillier December sales outlook Reuters via USA Today

Canada: Average price of existing homes in 25 major cities sets record in November CP via

Canada: Leading index jumps again CP via Toronto Star

Netherlands Pension Giant Set For Hedge Fund Push Investment and Pensions Europe

New NYSE Rules Add Requirements For Closed-End Funds Fund Directions via Institutional Investor

Too soon to worry on U.S. inflation-Fed's Broaddus Reuters / Alister Bull

Alliance in $250M Deal, Sources Say NY Post / Jenny Anderson

IMF Approves 15-Month Extension, and US$6.6 Billion Augmentation of Brazil's Stand-By Credit International Monetary Fund

Brazil Pledges to Cut Debt, Lower Rates in IMF Accord Bloomberg

Tech: Where are the jobs? CNN / Paul R. La Monica

GMAC unit plans $1.76 bln home equity bond issue Reuters

Avoid the home equity hangover CNN / Sarah Max

Shoppers Waiting for Holiday Bargains AP via Newsday / Anne D’innocenzio

Weakening Dollar Means Buying Power for Foreign Tourists Newsmax

Oil erases losses Reuters via CNN

EU failure sets stage for trade roadshow Guardian / Larry Elliott

UK: Gordonomics means yet more debt and even less achievement / Oliver Letwin

Dollar reverses gains, hits new low Reuters via CNN

Fed's Broaddus-US economy not totally out of woods Reuters via Yahoo

U.S. mortgage bond prices weaker, spreads narrow Reuters via Yahoo / Aleksandrs Rozens

A constitution in tatters The Economist

IN: Economy is healthier, yet weakness lingers Indianapolis Star / Norm Henkin

The Fundamentals of a Falling Dollar Ludwig von Mises Institute / Richard C. B. Johnsson 

Australia: Bonds close weaker on Saddam arrest AAP via The Age

Russia: Gold, Hard Currency Reserves Top $70Bln Reuters via Moscow Times

Canada: Lumber duties a double-edged sword National – Financial Post / John Greenwood

Jobless Fund Crisis to Hit Employers reg LA Times / Nancy Vogel

Dollar's Saddam-based gains short-lived FT / Jennifer Hughes

Republicans Shift Focus to Helping the Uninsured reg NY Times / Robert Pea

AZ: The American dream has failed U.S. workers Arizona Republic / Linda Valdez

MN: Looking for the perfect fit Minnesota Star Tribune / Gwendolyn Freed

Ten Things to Do With Tokyo's Yen War Chest Bloomberg / William Pesek, Jr.

Schröder faces tight deadline on early tax cut International Herald Tribune / Eric Pfanner

Brazil Real, Peru Sol, Chile Peso: Latin Currency Preview Bloomberg

Healthcare costs are up. Here are the culprits Christian Science monitor // David R. Francis

Dollar May Drop This Week After `Bit of Euphoria' on Monday Bloomberg