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New year's data on Street CBS Marketwatch / Ciara Linnane

Bankruptcy laws may be tightening Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Laura Litvan

Mighty greenback expected to feel the pressure well into 2005 The Scotsman / Nick Bevins

World's tallest building opens for business in Taiwan The Scotsman

The Envelopes, Please NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

Stock Sales by Insiders Jump 20% in 2004 Bloomberg via LA Times

CA: Political Foes Target Calpers with Pension Reform Reuters / Jim Christie

Colombian Peso Gains the Most Among Latin Currencies in 2004 Bloomberg / Jennifer Coogan

Canada: Dollar ends on high note Reuters via Toronto Star

China Draws In Foreign Retailers LA Times / Don Lee

`Boring' may be 2005's buzzword: Economists want measured growth, no surprises Boston Herald / Jay Fitzgerald

Surreal times are upon us Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

Asian Currencies Seen Rising Again in 2005 Reuters / Rajat Bhattacharya

S Korea to face serious decisions this year Taipei Times / Richard Halloran

This can't go on forever - so it won't Guardian / Joseph Stiglitz

Prospects for the euro after six full years Taipei Times / Wim Duisenberg

U.S. market crash is in the stars Globe and Mail / Carolyn Leitch and Angela Barnes

This mouse needs to roar Guardian / Edmond Warner

MN: Cash-conscious cities team up to save money Pioneer Press / Bob Shaw

Lobbying spending at record pace Chicago Tribune / Peter Wallsten

Washington Calendar CBS Marketwatch and 1st Headlines

Drugstores Fret as Insurers Demand Pills by Mail NY Times / Milt Freudenheim

U.S. 2-Year Note Falls for Week, Capping Worst Year Since 1999 Bloomberg / Joshua Krongold

Japanese Bonds Have Worst 2004 Among 27 Global Debt Indexes Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane

Is Norway's Oil Pool Deep Enough? NY Times / Alan Cowell

The Seller of the Goose That Laid a Golden Egg NY Times / Frank J. Paul



Entering the blue period Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

NY: Average Manhattan apartment priced over $1M South Florida Sun Sentinel / Tami Luhby

Economy spurs some to seek new jobs USA Today / Stephanie Armour

IL: Several firms glad to leave '04 Chicago Tribune / William Sluis

Agricultural Bonds Led Gains in U.S. Corporate Debt in 2004 Bloomberg / David Russell

Man who imported the Yugo to begin bringing Chinese cars to U.S. AP via Philadelphia Inquirer

ROC And Rollover? Contrary Investor via Safehaven

World Bank Chief Wolfensohn Says He Expects to Leave This Year Bloomberg / Paul Basken

Day of reckoning coming for Canadian economy? CP via Toronto Star / Sandra Cordon

Canada: On the 13th day of Christmas, bills, bills, bills CP via Toronto Star / Nancy Carr

2 Factors May Steer Wall St. This Year LA Times / Tom Petruno

Television: the future of phones AP via Miami Herald / Bruce Meyerson

FL: Storms cloud 2005 tourism forecast AP via Tallahassee Democrat / Mike Schneider

Employment Growth Probably Accelerated: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Vince Golle

CT: How Economy Is Like A Toddler Hartford Courant / Dan Haar

U.S. workers making plans to job-hop this year Boston Globe via Arizona Republic / Diane E. Lewis

Another good year, providing the dollar doesn't sink too fast, rates stay reasonable Baltimore Sun / Eileen Ambrose

Looking ahead with nervous optimism Orange County Register / Mary Ann Milbourn

Burning the Market at Both Ends NY Times / Mark A. Stein

Some think stock market will have another average year St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

Revamping Social Security Washington Post / Jonathan Weisman

MD: Friends opt to co-own home Baltimore Sun / Nancy Jones-Bonbrest

Factories caught in price squeeze Gannett News via Arizona Republic / Doug Abrahms

Outlook brightens for wages in new year Charlotte Observer / Mike Drummond

Questions on Jobs May Slow Buying Spree AP via ABC News and 1st Headlines / Michael J. Martinez

Blockbuster's die-off is no tearjerker Denver Post / Al Lewis

Will Kmart go away? Sears too? Gannett News via Cincinnati Enquirer / Barbara Woller

Wall Street's Designs on '05? A Boom in Merger Activity NY Times / Andrew Ross Sorkin

Here's hoping the doomsayers are wrong Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

Insider trading sends mixed-up market signals Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

Last of boomers turn 40 Dallas Morning News / Bob Moos

Deficits a growing danger Chicago Tribune / Michael Oneal

The Meek Shall Inherit the Bill NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

Banks will likely eye more deals in 2005 Charlotte Observer / Rick Rothacker

NY: Economists Criticize N.Y. Wage Hike NY Post / Jennifer Gould Keil

CA: City's Woes Carry Into 2005 LA Times / Tony Perry and Richard Marosi

The year of living dangerously Guardian / Heather Stewart

UK: House of horrors for UK economy? Guardian / Heather Stewart

UK: Retailers slash prices and keep fingers crossed Guardian / Heather Stewart

Australia: It's official: free trade with the US Sun – Herald via  Sydney Morning Herald / Danielle Teutsch

UK: Goldman tops table as bonuses soar Evening Standard via This Is London / James Rossiter

Turning Points Market Turning Points via Safehaven / Andre Gratian

The Penny-Wise Aren't Foolish Anymore NY Times / Daniel Gross

It's not easy being green St. Louis Post Dispatch / Eric Heisler

Risks Cloud a Sunny Forecast Washington Post / Nell Henderson


This Is Not the Time to Panic Out of Gold! Wall Street Window via Safehaven / Michael Swanson

Survey: Economy to Perform Well in 2005 Dow Jones via

New year, two big resolutions Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Strong Financial sale to Wells Fargo completed Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Jason Gertzen

Pfizer's Disappointing Victory Forbes / Matthew Herper

The Lessons of 2004 Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

Medicaid increasingly heavy state budget burden / Erin Madigan

ETFs Rake In Record Investments in 2004 / Aleksandra Todorova

Investors playing foreign markets must navigate currency and other hazards Contra Costa Times / George Avalos

Funds: Love, Hate and Mutual Funds Reuters / Linda Stern

FL: Prices are high -- so are hopes for another boom year Orlando Sentinel / Jack Snyder

Economy expands in Missouri, shrinks in Kansas Kansas City Business Journal

MA: Revenues for first half of fiscal year exceed benchmark AP via Boston Herald

Bond Market Association Suggests Changes for Ginnie Mae MBS and Multiclass Securities Programs Bond Market Association

Bonds mixed in light trading AP via Beaufort Gazette

Canada: Loonie: Coming weeks will set pace for year Ottawa Business Journal

The Economic Outlook for 2005 Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond / Jeffrey M. Lacker

Fed's Lacker says no change in rate hike outlook Reuters / Gene Cherry

U.S. Fed policymakers' recent comments Reuters

I'm Going to Turn This Spaceship Around! Mogambo Guru via Daily Reckoning / Richard Daughty

Investment Quarterly: End of the line? Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Walgreen Co. reports 31 percent earnings increase AP via Chicago Sun Times / Dave Carpenter

Web holiday shopping up 25% in 2004 Reuters via USA Today and Google News

Beyond Amtrak Washington Post / James Coston

Businesses see signs of a recovery to pre-9/11 levels, but they’re not sure if gains will continue Newsday / Randi F. Marshall

FL: Shortages, growth will spur real estate Ft. Meyers News Press / Frank D'Alessandro

Forecast brightens for real estate rates, economy Inman News / Lou Barnes

Gas prices decline for ninth straight week AP via USA Today and 1st Headlines

Wall St. Faces Skeptics LA Times / Tom Petruno

Where To Outsource Now Forbes / Lisa DiCarlo

CA: It's a mouthful: Angels change name AP via LA Daily News

A Fork In The Road Daily Pfennig via Daily Reckoning / Chuck Butler

Historian on pension systems puts current crisis in perspective Newhouse News via Cleveland Plain Dealer Rebecca Goldsmith

Dollar Rises Against Euro, Other Currencies AP via Forbes

Crude Oil Prices Fall Below $42 a Barrel AP via Forbes

US Treasuries mixed, job softness mutes ISM gains Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

Short-dated US bonds fade after year-end boost FT / Jennifer Hughes and Alex Skorecki

US Treasuries trim losses on hint of job shortfall Reuters

Construction Spending US Census Bureau

Reacting to a Dollar With No Muscle NY Times / Floyd Norris

Eurozone breaks the chain Guardian / Ashley Seager

From Simple to Complex, Hedge Funds Gain Ground NY Times / Kevin Maler

With Geopolitics, Cheap Oil Recedes Into Past NY Times / Jad Mouawad

Why metals are now a precious commodity Guardian / Charlotte Moore

Last Year's Worries Wane NY Times / Jenny Anderson

Year ends quietly -- except for gold CBS Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Corn Prices May Fall as U.S. Farmers Step Up Sales, Survey Says Bloomberg / Daniel Goldstein

Forget Resolutions, Start Trashing Financial Myths Bloomberg / John Wasik

Gold May Rise in First Week of 2005 on Dollar, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Laura Humble

U.S. Treasury Investors Less Bearish Before Employment Report Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

U.S. Can't Be `Stingy' With Its Tsunami Aid Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Dollar May Drop to Record at Start of 2005, Survey Indicates Bloomberg / Vivianne C. Rodrigues



Preview 2005:  Make My Day, and I’ll Pay You Back Tomorrow Fall Street via Fiends Super Bear Page / Brady Willett

End game is long away for the Fed CBS Marketwatch / Dr. Irwin Kellner

Has Greenspan Over-Pumped the Real Estate Bubble? ChronWatch via Fiends Super Bear Page / Noel Sheppard

Don’t Bet Against America National Review / Larry Kudlow

Why Should the Dollar Rally? Speculative Investor via Safehaven / Steve Saville

Deflation: Great for Gold Texas Hedge Fund Report via Safehaven / T. Stein / S. McIntyre

A Rally for the Buck? Institutional Advisors via Safehaven / Bob Hoye

Germany nears 1990 jobless level BBC News

Social Security and Unsecured Debt Federal Reserve Bank of Boston / Paul Willen

Weak Dollar May Boost U.S. Companies' Pricing Power Reuters / Reshma Kapadia

I Believe... Daily Pfennig via Daily Reckoning / Chuck Butler

Steel Costs May Hit Car Prices Ananova News

Slow season prompts airlines to offer cut-rate fares Ft. Meyers News Press / Anne Mitchell

Stocks are not cheap CBS Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Fannie Mae chooses Deloitte & Touche AP via Beaufort Gazette

Rockefeller Leverages Name in Markets Reuters / Javier E. David

Fed split on inflation at Dec. meeting CBS Marketwatch / Gregory Robb

U.S. mortgage rates unchanged Tuesday – BestInfo Reuters

The Delights of Debasement Rude Awakening via Daily Reckoning / Eric J. Fry

Irish reserve fund avoids bonds in tactical move Investment and Pensions Europe

Illogically low rates might linger Orange County Register / Jonathan Lansner

NY: Luxe Is In Flux NY Post / Braden Keil

TN: Expanding? Relocating? Nashville draws raves Tennessean / Richard Lawson

NY: Some experts say the increase from $5.15 in '97 to $7.15 by 2007 may hurt small businesses Newsday / Carrie Mason – Draffen

GM, Ford sales down in 2004; Chrysler up AP via Seattle Times / John Porretto

The Stock Market’s Rally Could Be Winding Down NY Post / John Crudele

Post-Christmas retail sales jump 4.6% at U.S. stores Bloomberg via Washington Post / Greg Wiles

Living (and dying?) on doughnuts CNN / Aaron Smith

Social Security benefits may change CNN

System fails the Rotary 4-way test Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

Bush Soc. Sec. Plan to Allow Tax Diversion AP via Newsday / Leigh Strope

Treasuries slide as Fed report implies rate rises FT / Jennifer Hughes, Charles Batchelor and Mariko Sanchanta

Fed Minutes Say Rate Too Low to Keep Inflation Stable (text & audio) Bloomberg / Craig Torres

FOMC Minutes: Fed Officials Voice Concerns Dow Jones via / Joseph Rebello and Campion Walsh

Fed: Rates Too Low to Curb Inflation Reuters / Glenn Somerville

Fed minutes reflect inflation concerns FT / Christopher Swann

All's not well in survey of sick days Denver Post / Al Lewis

Crude Prices Jump on Supply Concerns AP via Forbes

Relief Slow in Coming for the Great Yield Drought Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Big Three automakers retain U.S. positions MSNBC via 1st Headlines

Shopping Spree That Wasn't as Markdowns Hurt Retailers NY Times / Tracie Rozhon

CO: '04 foreclosures climb Denver Post / Christine Tatum

CO: Mountain home sales sizzle in '04 Denver Post / Jason Blevins

CA: Homes drive construction LA Daily News / Gregory J. Wilcox

Stopping the Bum's Rush NY Times / Paul Krugman

Congressional Zeal for Bush Goals Tempered by Deficit Bloomberg / Laura Litvan and Ryan J. Donmoyer

U.S. Treasuries on defensive before Fed minutes Reuters / Wayne Cole

Washington & The World Forbes

More Companies Increase Dividends LA Times / Tom Petruno

Homing in on securities linked to house market Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Bruce is mouse that roars San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

IL: Wage rises; debate continues Chicago Tribune / Barbara Rose and John Chase

MA: Let's play hedge fund Boston Globe / Steven Syre

US Treasuries cautious in countdown to Fed minutes Reuters

eSpeed system change may hit revenues short-term Reuters

Krispy Kreme: Too fat too fast Philadelphia Inquirer / Porus P. Cooper

Fresher Fed minutes CNN / Kathleen Hays

The Long Arm of the Dollar Washington Post / Paul Blustein

UK: Brown pushes tsunami debt relief BBC News

Factory Orders U.S. Census Bureau

Manufacturers in US benefit from falling dollar FT / Christopher Swann

Some Disasters Fuel Growth; Asian Tsunami Won't Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

Japanese Bonds Gain After U.S. Report Spurs Concern Over Growth Bloomberg / Chris Cooper


Falling gas prices expected to stay below $2 for weeks Washington Times / Brendan Armbruster

Foreclosures grow as refinancing increases MSNBC / Kevin Tibbles

The Trouble With Fannie Mae Washington Post / Robert J. Samuelson

White House Memo Says Benefit Cuts Needed for Social Security Bloomberg / Heidi Przybyla

OH: Improvement seen in Cincinnati real estate market Cincinnati Business Courier

Tiff over tab starts a brawl Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

FDIC State Profiles - Winter 2004 FDIC

Can Edward Jones keep taking money from mutual fund firms? St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

Spread widening likely temporary Reuters

Bonds mostly unchanged AP via Beaufort Gazette

TIPS Issuance, Trading Jumps Bondweek via Institutional Investor

0 for 3 in 2005 CNN

Consumer Spending Charges Back Business Week via MSNBC / Amey Stone

Mergers a cloud for silver lining News and Observer / Karen Rives and Jack Hagel

Inflation settling in with improving economy AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Marc Levy

The 7-Year Slide Rude Awakening via Daily Reckoning / Tom Dyson

Little Black Boxes Daily Pfennig via Daily Reckoning / Chuck Butler

Dollar rally peters out despite hawkish Fed FT / Steve Johnson

Colombia's Peso Falls on Speculation Bank Will Sell Currency Bloomberg / Jennifer Coogan

IMF Sees Strong Vietnamese Economy In 2005 Dow Jones via Morning Star and Big News Network

Fed minutes ... don't freak out CNN / Kathleen Hays

Fed Reserve Minutes Can Move Markets AP via Mercury News / Michael J. Martinez

The hard hat blues Fed Gazette / Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Help Wanted Again Fed Gazette / Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Ready, set, dance Fed Gazette / Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Track hiring demand Fed Gazette / Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

The Policy Challenge of Managing Success Pimco / Mohamed A. El-Erian

A Guide to Global Inflation-Linked Bonds Pimco

The Medicare Mess National Review / Bruce Bartlett

Delta's Fanfare For The Businessman Forbes / Dan Ackman

Hourly pay keeps falling Chicago Tribune via Houston Chronicle / Barbara Rose

Statement by IMF Managing Director Rodrigo de Rato Ahead of Jakarta Meeting International Monetary Fund

Pimco Bets on TIPS, Bunds in 2005 Bloomberg / Shamim Adam

Wan economy needs infusion of good jobs Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

December job cuts top 100K CNN

CA: Split decision on '05 housing Orange County Register / Hang Nguyen

NY: Office vacancy rate declines Newsday / Alan J. Wax

What privatization alone can't do CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

Social Security Battle Likely LA Times / Ronald Brownstein

Circuit City's Dec. Sales Disappointing AP via Mercury News

OfficeMax Retail Chief Peterson Resigns AP via Mercury News

Bears, let loose by Fed, chase the Santa Claus rally away Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

Are we spent on buying yet? AP via Seattle Times / Rachel Beck

Canada: 2005 'going to feel a lot like last year,' Canada's big-bank economists say CP via Financial Post / Gary Norris

US Treasuries nurse wounds after Fed rate warning Reuters / Wayne Cole

Global junk bond default rate falls in December Reuters

Crude Oil Futures Fall Ahead of Report AP via Forbes

December Non-Manufacturing ISM Report on business ISM

U.S. mortgage applications fall, rates ease Reuters / Julie Haviv

Delta takes off with cuts in domestic fares of up to 50 percent AP via South Florida Sin Sentinel / Bernard McGee
For Muni Voyeurs, `Full Value Per Capita' Is Key Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

UBS Unseats Citigroup as Top Municipal Bond Underwriter in 2004 Bloomberg / Eddie Baeb

U.S. Treasuries May Fall as Fed Minutes Spur Inflation Concerns Bloomberg / Shamim Adam

The engines of Europe limp into ’05 IHT / Carter Dougherty

France and Germany likely to miss growth targets Guardian / David Gow

UK: Retailers suffer bleak Christmas sales Guardian / Jill Treanor

UK: Three years of house-price woe Daily Mail via This Is London / Sean Poulter

UK: Home lending hits 10-year low This Is Money via This Is London / Michael Clarke

Fed Minutes Hold More for the Markets to Ponder Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Fed Minutes Reveal More Worry About Inflation Threat Washington Post / Nell Henderson

Holiday Sales Don't Conform to Analysts' Angst Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Dollar Near Two-Week High as Fed May Accelerate Rate Increases Bloomberg / John Brinsley

Just a Singer in a Rock & Roll Band Pimco / Bill Gross

The future of homes and housing Christian Science Monitor / Kim Campbell, Clayton Collins, Marilyn Gardner, and Elizabeth Lund

The future of retirement and the elderly Christian Science Monitor / Kim Campbell, Clayton Collins, Marilyn Gardner, and Elizabeth Lund

The future of jobs and employment Christian Science Monitor / Kim Campbell, Clayton Collins, Marilyn Gardner, and Elizabeth Lund

The future of love and marriage Christian Science Monitor / Kim Campbell, Clayton Collins, Marilyn Gardner, and Elizabeth Lund

Deliver us from our credit cards Christian Science Monitor / G. Jeffrey MacDonald

Hedge Funds in Asia -- Mania or Mere Trend? Bloomberg / William Pesek


Asian success stories wary of China BBC News / Jonathan Kent

DVD sales worth billions Long Beach Press Telegram / Greg Hernandez

What privatization alone can't do CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

Hooray for Delta's fare cut Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Capital Ideas: Unsightly Cash Buildup? / Marie Leone

More cars, not trucks, forecast to sell worldwide in '05 USA Today via 1st Headlines / James R. Healey

Astral-Angst Rude Awakening via Daily Reckoning / Eric J. Fry

U.S. trade gap will reverse itself-Fed economist Reuters via Google News

The Fed's Muddled Minutes Business Week via MSNBC / Rich Miller

Interest rates likely to climb San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

BondWorks Institutional Advisors via Safehaven / Levente Mady

Steady payroll growth expected CBS Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

U.S. transportation index gains again UPI / Dan Haddix

U.S jobs could disappoint Globe and Mail / Terry Weber

The "Flation" Debate Safehaven / Dr. Manoj Pratim Samanta

Setting the Trap Daily Pfennig via Daily Reckoning / Chuck Butler

Canada: Loonie drops half a cent CP via Toronto Star

Most affordable U.S. real estate found in Ohio Inman News

Housing sector shows few signs of slowing MSNBC via Newsmax / Martin Wolk

Mortgage rates start the year with a decline AP via USA Today

Real estate market to slow in 2005 Inman News

Retail money funds rise in latest week AP via Beaufort Gazette

Hedge Funds Posted Modest Returns in 2004-Experts Reuters / Svea Herbst-Bayliss

Data cast doubt on eurozone recovery FT / Ralph Atkins

Eurozone business, consumer confidence weaken in December AFP via EU Business

UT: Construction paces Utah's job growth Salt Lake Tribune / Jordan Burke

Looks are everything for many as they age Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Army Reserve a 'broken force'? Christian Science Monitor / Tom Regan

Congress In Bonus Hunt At Fannie Mae NY Post / Richard Wilner

Oil prices shoot above $45 AP via Dallas Morning News

Unhappy staff busting humps for new jobs Boston Herald / John Strahinich

Jobs Report Could Be Bad News For Stock Investors NY Post / John Crudele

Doctoral Thesis Says Rich People Spend More on Conspicuous Things NY Times / Alan Krueger

Budget deficit may hurt U.S. aid effort Washington Times / Jeffrey Sparshott

MA: FDIC: High rates may hurt Mass. Boston Herald / Brett Arends

Bond bubble, American-style Financial Express via Fiends Super Bear Page / Jack Crooks

KC Fed chief upbeat about 2005 CBS Marketwatch / Gregory Robb

Fed policymakers' recent comments Reuters

Fed's red flag on inflation risks masks optimism Reuters / Glenn Somerville

Over-reacting to the Fed warning? Reuters via CNN

The route to real pensions reform The Economist

Trouble and strife The Economist

DC: Area's Economy to Fly, But Not as High Washington Post / Neil Irwin

American matching Delta’s fare cutbacks AP via Newsday

Mergers and acquisitions The Economist

Stockmarkets The Economist

China: The struggle of the champions The Economist

Delivering on Doha's promise The Economist

Now spend it sensibly The Economist

Treasuries edge up as pre-payrolls jitters set in Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

Mexico's Foreign Debt Rating Raised by Moody's Bloomberg / Thomas Black

Dollar Declines Slightly In December Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Crude Futures Fall After Inventory Report AP and Forbes via Google News

China's quest to sell cars in the U.S. IHT / Chris Buckley

Jobless Claims Climb, Shows Uneven Recovery AP via Baltimore Sun / Jeannine Aversa

Starbucks posts 8% growth in sales for month Seattle Post Intelligencer / Kristen Millares Bolt

Simpler Airfares Are on the Horizon LA Times / James F. Peltz

NYSE seat sells for $1.025 million; down from last sale Dow Jones and AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel

CBOE, biggest rival plan to list Spiders Chicago Tribune

Lobby group exec blasts Spitzer probes Newsday / Pradnya Joshi

CA: Ports expect import surge Orange County Register / Jeff Collins

CA: O.C. office-vacancy rate at four-year low Orange County Register / Hang Nguyen

Call for Adjustable Mortgages Jumps Bloomberg via LA Times

Crisis Management: The Known, the Unknown, and the Unknowable Federal Reserve Board / Donald L. Kohn

3 ...2 ...1 ... jobs report! CNN / Kathleen Hays

US Treasuries get lift from volatile jobs data Reuters / Wayne Cole

Dollar Gains for Fifth Day in Longest Rally in More Than a Year Bloomberg / Joshua Krongold and Mark Tannenbaum

A Foreign Aid Disaster in the Making Ludwig von Mises Institute / Thomas J. DiLorenzo

House not for sale CNN

UK: Penniless if they lost their jobs Daily Mail via This Is London

Rushed Fed Minutes Could Use a Good Rewrite Man Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Greenspan will prove a hard act to follow The Scotsman / Susan Nelson

Funds Increase Use Of Naked Default Swaps Alternative Investment News via Institutional Investor / Emma Trincal



Where the big money is going CBS Marketwatch / Marshall Loeb

Interpreting Labor Market Statistics in the Context of Monetary Policy Federal Reserve Board / Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.

Copper climbs out of the pits Salt Lake Tribune / Steven Oberbeck

CA: Rain, rain, here to stay? A drenched California copes Christian Science Monitor / Mark Sappenfield

CA: Housing squeeze hits area Sacramento Bee / Andrew LePage

Junk Defaults at Low, Low Levels / Stephen Taub

Bush's tax plan: Do a study Dallas Morning News / David Jackson

Mankiw’s Magic National Review / Larry Kudlow

Airlines’ troubles mount AP via The State / Matthew Barakat

Non-Fictitious Finance Rude Awakening via Daily Reckoning / Eric J. Fry

A Jobs Jamboree Friday Daily Pfennig via Daily Reckoning / Chuck Butler

The economic data prove just how good a year it was National Review / Greg Kaza

Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers! Mogambo Guru via Daily Reckoning / Richard Daughty

CA: County 2nd-worst in U.S. for affording to buy home San Diego Union Tribune / Roger M. Showley

Canada: Bank profits to slow Globe and Mail / Sinclair Stewart

Bond Issuance Expected To Decline 15% in 2005 Bond Market Association

Structuring Fund-linked Notes & Derivatives Products Derivatives Week via Institutional Investor / Matthew Kerfoot

Dollar Rises After Snow Stresses Need to Cut Budget Deficit Bloomberg / Joshua Krongold and Mark Tannenbaum

Consumer Credit Federal Reserve Board

Trading places The Economist

Brazil May Grow Up to 4% in 2005, S&P's Nunes Says Bloomberg / Charles Penty and Camila Dias

BofA To Court Foreign Central Banks Bondweek / Olivia Thetgyi

Yield Envy – Goldman Equity Staff Mocks Itself Bondweek

Fed minutes prompt lively week for Treasuries FT / Jennifer Hughes

WI: State pensions are likely to rise after solid 12.7% return for funds Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Avrum D. Lank

Deutsche Bank Says Commodities Prices to Rise in 2005 Bloomberg / Laura Humble

Unemployment benefits more likely to go to higher wage workers Chicago Sun Times / Francine Knowles

Consumer debt drops sharply in Nov. Reuters via CNN

Politics infects Social Security Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Gonzales, an Enabler as the President's Lawyer Bloomberg / Ann Woolner

Ex-senators to head Bush tax panel Reuters via CNN

CA: State's retirees prosper San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

Fed's Santomero urges caution on expectations Reuters

The wage crunch CNN / Kathleen Hays

WorldCom payout scary for directors Denver Post / Al Lewis

Canada: Personal and business bankruptcies rose in November from October CP via Financial Post

Panel Discussion: The Transition from Academic to Policymaker Federal Reserve Board Ben S. Bernanke

World On Brink Of Ruin Forbes / Dan Ackman

Employment Situation Bureau of Labor Statistics

U.S. payrolls grow as unemployment sits tight AP via Houston Chronicle

US mortgage bond prepayments increase in December Reuters

U.S. 2-Year Treasury Note Falls After Job Growth Accelerates Bloomberg / Al Yoon

People’s Republic of China – Downgrade of Long Term Credit Rating AFN via BradyNet

Short-term Treasury yields rise, Fed seen hiking Reuters / Wayne Cole

US wants to support strong dollar, cut deficit-Snow Reuters

WA: Fewer houses on market, but sales are brisk Seattle Times / Elizabeth Rhodes

GOP Is Divided on Social Security Push Washington Post / Jonathan Weisman and Jim VandeHei

Princess' tale has a happy ending The Age / Mark Maremont

Record Amount of Muni Bonds Were Insured in 2004 Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Japan's Bonds May Decline on Speculation Export Demand to Rise Bloomberg / Chris Cooper

U.S. Payrolls Probably Rose 175,000 in December, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Joe Richter

Chief Executive Was Paid Millions, and He Never Noticed the Fraud? NY Times / Floyd Norris

Two Big Reasons to Stay Bullish on Stocks in 2005 Bloomberg / Chet Currier

ABN AMRO shares surge 3.6% on takeover speculation Reuters via IHT

A golden wall of worry CBS Marketwatch via Kitco / Mark Hulbert

Oil Price Jumps 5% in One Day Bloomberg via NY Times

Fears for US deficit as dollar races on Telegraph / Neil Collins

Brazil's currency falls for 4th day Big News Network

Dollar May Snap Three-Year Drop Versus Euro in '05, Survey Says Bloomberg / Richard Blackden

Will Bono Be There for Asia If World Forgets? Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Dollar Heads for Biggest Weekly Gain Against Euro Since July Bloomberg / John Brinsley


Crystal ball: Rising rates could slow buying frenzy Mercury News via / Sue McAllister

Forecast 2005: The See-Saw Economy Thoughts From The Frontline via Safehaven / John Mauldin

Reading between the minutes Guardian / Edmund Warner

Social Security Isn't in Crisis, U.S. Congressman Rangel Says Bloomberg / William McQuillen

IL: Chicago Credit: Merrill says rating should be raised Bloomberg via Chicago Tribune

U.K. Gilts Gain for Fourth Week in Five on View Rate Has Peaked Bloomberg / Richard Blackden

Fare cuts might signal end to airlines as we know them St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

2004 hiring ‘beefy but docile’ AP via The State / Leigh Strope

Fare War Doesn't Bode Well for Airlines AP via The State / Meg Richards

Who Says Auto Industry Always Makes Sense? Chicago Tribune via Hartford Courant / Jim Mateja

CA: Sales of new O.C. homes tumble Orange County Register / Hang Nguyen

CA: Homebuilder predicts a 'more typical' market Orange County Register / Jeff Collins

Japanese Bonds Have Weekly Advance as Rally in Equities Falters Bloomberg / Chris Cooper

Number of new jobs a letdown Chicago Tribune / James P. Miller

Social Security reform: A guide CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

Live long and risk prosperity Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

Taking on the Wal-Mart bear Harvard Review via Dallas Morning News / Darrell K. Rigby and Dan Haas

Canada: Some cracks in hot housing market Toronto Star / Tony Wong

UK: Cars sales to fall by 100,000 this year Guardian / Mark Milner

Some Gains, Some Losses, but What's Up With the Dollar? NY Times / Jonathan Fuerbringer

Federal agencies' advantages questioned Bloomberg via Houston Chronicle / Michael Mckee and James Tyson

Jobs Picture Shows Some Signs of Life NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

The Real Social Security Issue Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Kasriel

Entrepreneur Buying Polaroid for $426M AP via NY Post

KS: Wichita broker found guilty of duping investors Wichita Eagle / Molly McMillin


Wage growth is falling short for your average American Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Forecast calls for a rising U.S. dollar Toronto Star / Bill Carrigan

Fed working slowly to be more open CBS Marketwatch / Gregory Robb

US must resolve "truly excessive" deficit-IMF chief Reuters

UK: Keep interest rates on hold, say economists The Scotsman / David Black

Alabama pension fund, Bear Stearns settle AP via San Antonio Express News

Bank stocks made a splash Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Paul Gores

When buying stocks, sometimes it pays to jump off the bandwagon Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Kathleen Gallagher

What Will Kill the Current Commodity Boom? via Safehaven / David Perch

Moscow On the Hudson Safehaven / Rob Kirby

The Coming Deflation Scare The Speculative Investor via Safehaven / Steve Saville

Let the good times roll -- for now Boston Globe / Charles Stein

With luck, 2005 will mirror 2004 Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Foreign investors reduce U.S. share LA Times

CA: Given up hope in a hot market? There are deals LA Times / Liz Pulliam Weston

Check those 4th-quarter earnings for plumping Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

US pensions pain ‘to get worse' FT / Dan Roberts

Selloff, week 2? CNN / Alexandra Twin

Investors Shouldn't Always Be Cool to an Already Hot Stock Sector LA Times / Tom Petruno

32% are bearish, compared with 55% in 2003 Universal Press Syndicate via Orange County Register / Brendan Boyd

Wall Street Turns Into Heartburn Alley Wall Street Journal / E.S. Browning

SEC Chief Bent On Reform LA Times / Jonathan Peterson

Corporate boards aid, abet CEOs' scandalous behavior Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

Retirees' funds safe for decades Orange County Register / Mary Deibel

Blair and Brown try to paper over cracks FT / James Blitz

Retail Sales, Production Probably Rose: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Citigroup's Fischer to Head Israel's Central Bank Bloomberg / Jonathan Ferziger

Central Bank Communication Federal Reserve Board / Edward L. Kohn

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UK: Bank catches housing jitters Guardian - Observer / Heather Stewart

UK: Retailers on the ropes after 'toughest Christmas for years' Guardian - Observer / Sarah Ryle

For Unemployed, Wait for New Work Grows Longer NY Times / John Leland




US Treasuries flat in Asia on hawkish Fed remarks Reuters

Bonds, CDs may rival stocks Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

Treasury bills rise to highest levels in more than 3 years AP via Billings Gazette

Jobs Data Disappoints Daily Pfennig via Daily Reckoning / Chuck Butler

For execs, 2004 was time to sell Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Critics eye timing of stock options Boston Globe / Steven Syre

Survey of Tenth District Manufacturing Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City / Chad R. Wilkerson

KC Fed district sees manufacturing uptick Kansas City Business Journal

Social Security Shift Might Boost Borrowing Costs Reuters / Tim Ahmann

UK: ICI scheme puts E100m into emerging bonds Investment and Pensions Europe

Thieves ride the coattails of eBay's success San Francisco Chronicle / Ariana Eunjung

TX: Existing home sales climb 9 percent Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Maria M. Perotin

Number of minority home buyers increases Boston Herald / Jerry Kronenberg

Crossed borders CBS Marketwatch / John Spence

Real estate investment trusts build 5-year record of gains Tennessean / Richard Lawson

Can China maintain the economic miracle? United Press International / Dar Haddix

UK: Worst Christmas for 10 years The Scotsman / Rob Griffin

Dollar drifts as market debates Snow remarks FT / Steve Johnson

Treasuries up as Fed official stirs price fears FT / Päivi Munter and Jennifer Hughes

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Look Both Ways: Everything in Moderation / Ed Zwirn

The Jobs Report: What Weakness? Business Week via MSNBC / Michael Englund

Wal-Mart lumbers towards $500B in sales CNN / Parija Bhatnagar

Blockbuster loses bid for Hollywood Video Dallas Morning News / Maria Halkias

State Farm to Pay $40M Settlement AP via Chicago Tribune / Michael Gormley

Bush names Hubbard as key adviser BBC News

Mexico's economic boom fails workers Arizona Republic / Chris Hawley

UK: 0% credit card deals 'to disappear' Press Association via Guardian

Rebalancing the Economy for Long-Term Growth Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta / Jack Guynn

How Nobelist Prescott Wants to Save Social Security Bloomberg / John Wasik

Trade-deficit obsessives just don’t get it National Review / John E. Tanny

Fed's Gramlich-U.S. needs foreign help on fiscal issues Reuters

US Treasury's Abernathy leaving government Reuters

Treasury Bond Prices Are Mixed at Midday AP via The State

Murdoch Buys Rest of Fox Shares in $6 Billion Deal NY Times / Andrew Ross Sorkin and Geraldine Fabrikant

Save your quarters: States build more toll roads / Kathleen Murphy

FL: Central Florida should sizzle Orlando Sentinel / Christopher Boyd and Sean Mussenden

Gold funds may shine in '05 Globe and Mail / Keith Damsell

Snared by Their Shelters LA Times / Evan Halper

America's most overweight city Reuters via CNN

Inventories rise more than expected Reuters via CNN

Can A Company Be Corrupt? Forbes / Dan Ackman

Doom For The Dollar--And Everything Else Forbes / Dan Ackman

US Treasuries steady before Fed speak, supply Reuters

Crude Oil Rises to 6-Week High as Storms Cut North Sea Output Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

That Taco Bell Brouhaha Ludwig von Mises Institute / William Art Carden

UK: Blair must use his political capital wisely Guardian / Larry Elliott

UK: Standard close to Korean bank win Guardian / Neil Hume and Jill Treanor

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Many cheery returns Christian Science Monitor / Thomas Watterson

For better returns, look abroad Christian Science Monitor / Thomas Watterson

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The Dollar Outlook for Q1 2005 Clif Droke Market Analysis via Safehaven / Clif Droke

Bankers alarmed for dollar Reuters via IHT 


Will trade gap shrink this year? Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

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UPS lowers fourth-quarter outlook AP via St. Louis Post Dispatch Harry R. Weber

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I’m Worried About My Retirement; You Should Be Too NY Post / John Crudele

The Social Security crisis begins in just 5 years. National Review / Donald Luskin

A crisis or no for Social Security? UPI / Marie Horrigan

NV: Gambling revenue hits highest November level Las Vegas Sun / Cy Ryan

San Francisco, Los Angeles are vulnerable to catastrophic losses AP via Miami Herald / David McHugh

The Association Responds to the Bank of England's Proposed Reforms in Sterling Money Market Operations Bond Market Association

SEC Uncovers Auction-Rate Problems Bond Buyer / Lynn Hume

Social Security Reform Means Big Money for Wall St. Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

Morgan Stanley Expecting a `War of Interventions': Chart of Day Bloomberg / Thomas R. Keene

ICAP Unit Asks Judge to Rule in Part of ESpeed Patent Case Bloomberg / Phil Milford

Looking offshore can get you lost Boston Herald / Chuck Jaffe

CA: County home prices near record San Mateo County Times via / Tim Simmers

Microsoft CFO resigns Reuters via CNN

Is the Herd Right This Time? / James B. Stewart

America's culture of entertainment CBS Marketwatch via 1st Headlines / Jackie Cohen

It's difficult feeling sorry: Money burdening millionaires, survey finds Boston Herald / Jennifer Heldt Powell

7-year climb eases for health spending Chicago Tribune / Bruce Japsen

U.S. Lost 1.5 Mln Jobs to China in 1989-2003, Report Says Reuters via Newsmax

Snow Sorts Out the Mess Daily Pfennig via Daily Reckoning / Chuck Butler

Dollar Schmollar Forbes / Robyn Meredith

Granular Profits Rude Awakening via Daily Reckoning / Eric J. Fry

Forex trade volumes hit record levels FT / Jennifer Hughes

Big Blue becomes bountiful The Economist

GM to cut U.S. jobs in '05 as trend continues AP via Arizona Republic

TX: Top lobbyists expect booming business Dallas Morning News / Vikas Bajaj

Chinese exports rise 25% in 2004 BBC News

Wall Street consigns the 'star analyst' to history Telegraph / Simon English

Misconstrued rumblings? CNN / Kathleen Hays

Bond default rates set to rise in 2005 – analysts Reuters / Gerard Wynn

Longer-dated US Treasuries outperform yet again Reuters

Japanese Bond Futures Near 3-Week High; Index Signals Slowdown Bloomberg / Chris Cooper

Dollar Drops After Snow Suggests U.S. Won't Try to Halt Decline Bloomberg / Mark Tannenbaum and Rodrigo Davies

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US chain store sales rise in Jan 8 week Reuters

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Wall Street Hears Pitch for Social Security Plan NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

Overhaul Plan for Pensions Is Outlined NY Times / Mary Williams Walsh

Russia: Putin Demotes Adviser Illarionov Moscow Times / Catherine Benton

China's Exports Rise 33% to Record; Trade Gap Widens Bloomberg

China: Foreign trade may hit US$1.1 trillion China Daily via

Oil Find Hints at a Less Dependent Cuba NY Times / Simon Romero

Dollar Drops on Report Snow Wants `Market Forces' to Set Rates Bloomberg / John Brinsley


The Myth of "Peak Oil" Ludwig von Mises Institute / Charles Featherstone

Fed chief's legacy gets bad review Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

U.S. Treasuries unmoved after Fed's Ferguson Reuters

Knowing GNMA fund risks Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

JMPF Issues European Recommendations on Handling of Material Nonpublic Credit Information Bond Market Association

Argentina gives debtholders ultimatum: Now or never Reuters / Louise Egan

Moody’s Upgrades Florida GOs Bond Buyer / Shelly Sigo

BondWorks Institutional Advisors via Safehaven / Levente Mady

TX: With factory jobs waning, Texas workers regroup Dallas Morning News / Katherine Yung

PA: Opportunities won't climb much here Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Thomas Olson

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Treasuries rise on weaker US economic outlook FT / Jennifer Hughes, Päivi Munter and Mariko Sanchanta

Buyers Have `Faith' Home Prices Outpace Stock Market Bloomberg / Alison Fitzgerald

MN: Housing market stays hot St. Paul Pioneer Press / Jennifer Bjorhus

Snow wants G7 help on trade Reuters via CNN

Brazil's Rating Outlook Raised to Positive by Moody's Bloomberg / Carlos Caminada and Charles Penty

Korea: Personal Bankruptcy Filings Hit Record High Korea Times / Lee Jin-woo

UK: Bankruptcy rate on rise The Scotsman

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Fed's rate-raising is aimed at a ghost of 1970s inflation Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

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SunTrust: SEC probe now formal CBS Marketwatch via 1st Headlines / Jennifer Inez Ward

Barclays seen in merger talks with Wells Fargo AP via MSNBC

US Treasury Budget US Treasury

December budget deficit shrinks to $3.44 billion AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Martin Crutsinger

The halo effect The Economist

Apple's 1st-Qtr Net Jumps to $295 Mln on IPod Sales Bloomberg / Connie Guglielmo

Top automakers pledge U.S. sales growth AP via Seattle Times / John Porretto

Six Stocks Fit For A Dealmaker Forbes / Andrew T. Gillies

OfficeMax CFO resigns, earnings delayed, employees fired AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Dave Carpenter

Beating on China Again! Daily Pfennig via Daily Reckoning / Chuck Butler

Mexico's Peso Rises for Fourth Day After Factory Output Gains Bloomberg / Jennifer Coogan

US Treasuries draw profit-taking on data, Fed talk Reuters / Wayne Cole

The U.S. Economy: 2005 and Beyond Federal Reserve Bank of Boston / Cathy E. Minehan

Fed's Minehan sees strong growth, low inflation Reuters / Andrea Ricci

Fed's Gramlich plays down idea of U.S. housing 'bubble' Reuters

US Treasury's Snow-Social Security fix needed soon Reuters

Trade deficit reaches record $60B CNN

The economy from three angles Chicago Sun Times

Dollar Drops Against Euro, Yen After Trade Gap Widens to Record Bloomberg / Mark Tannenbaum and Joshua Krongold

Argentine Investors to Reject Government Debt Plan Bloomberg / Daniel Helft

NYSE Cheap Seats NY Post / Paul Tharp

CBOE: Considers joining rivals in stock sale Bloomberg via Chicago Tribune

CA: New job report might explain housing market Orange County Register / Hang Nguyen

FL: Citrus forecast takes another hit South Florida Sun Sentinel / Jerry W. Jackson

Erie Canal Marked Birth of U.S. Public Finance Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Argentina's debt plan on tour NY Times via IHT / Todd Benson

Russia: Economic Growth Falls to 5-Year Low Reuters and MT via Moscow Times

China's Trade Surplus May Stir Currency Debate NY Times / Keith Bradsher and Elizabeth Becker

Evans Says China's Policies May Risk U.S. Backlash Bloomberg / Mark Drajem

Social Security's battle over values Christian Science Monitor / Peter Grier

MN: Home is where bucks are Minneapolis Star Tribune / Jim Buchta

Judge Finds Pricewaterhouse Withheld Data NY Times / Jonathan D. Glater

It's a Dollar-Eat-Dollar World Here in Asia Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Yen Near One-Week High; Issing Urges Stronger Asian Currencies Bloomberg / Taizo Hirose

On Subsidies, the Sky Wasn't the Limit NY Times / Elizabeth Becker and Paul Meller

The Coming Oil Crisis Forbes / Dan Ackman

OPEC 'could decide to cut production' AAP via The Age and Google News

Bush's Social Security plan may still leave retirees short Newsday / Tami Luhby



Housing gears down CBS Marketwatch / Steve Kerch

Fed chief may leave problems Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Why Europeans hate American Express and Wal-Mart, but like Master Card and Colgate Slate / Daniel Gross up for sale? Globe and Mail / Roma Luciw

Bouncing Along: Dollar Headed off a Cliff? via Kitco

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CA: 'Let's do lunch' is back Orange County Register / Nancy Luna

TX: News about improvement travels slowly Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

Profit Motives NY Post / Richard Wilner

Mainstream lag in responsible investing? UPI / Dan Haddix

Long-term care on states’ short list of priorities / Pamela M. Prah

CBOE considers for-profit status, boosts technology Chicago Sun Times / David Roeder

Crude Prices Settle Above $48 a Barrel AP via Newsday / Brad Foss

Brand new The Economist

Trade deficit a `black hole' AP via Charlotte Observer / Martin Crutsinger

The revolution comes home The Economist

WA: Kiev by the Pacific The Economist

Can't buy it? The Economist

Mind games The Economist

The state of denial we're in The Economist

GSE Risks Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis / William Poole

St.Louis Fed's Poole-Privatize Fannie, Freddie Reuters

St. Louis Fed's Poole-GSEs need capital buffer Reuters

Argentina president says debt offer "won't change" Reuters via Google News

U.S. powerless to dollar's plunge? CNN / Aaron Smith

Giant fund manager cuts bank commission FT / Peter Thal Larsen, David Wighton and David Wells

Commerce Bancorp net rises 33% CBS Marketwatch / David Weidner

U.S. Sets Rules for Funds Repatriated at Low Tax Rate Bloomberg / Ryan J. Donmoyer

Even a weak dollar can't stop the deficit UPI via World Peace Herald and Google News / Shihoko Goto

Airlines seen losing more than $2 billion in 4Q AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel

TX: Foreclosures up in Tarrant County Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Maria M. Perotin

Mortgage rates continue downward swing Reuters via MSNBC

UK: Interest rates stay unchanged Guardian / Mark Tran

EU: ECB holds rates amid growth fears BBC News

Sudan peace paves way for oil deals BBC News / Orla Ryan

Key Challenges in Risk Management Federal Reserve Bank of New York / Timothy F. Geithner

The Fed's bargain buddy CNN / Kathleen Hays

Treasuries make gains on retail sales, jobs Reuters

SEC Wants to Settle Auction-Rate Bond Investigation Bloomberg / Otis Bilodeau

Advance Monthly Sales for Retail and Food Services: December 2004 Release U. S. Census Bureau

U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services Highlights U. S. Census Bureau

U.S. Dec. Retail Sales Rise 1.2%; Ex-Autos Up 0.3% Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

My three houses CNN / Sarah Max

CO: Affordable homes put in perspective Denver Post / Christine Tatum

A $233 billion fixer-upper Reuters via CNN

White-hot no more Boston Globe / Steven Syre

Have investors learned their lesson from the bubble? Maybe not AP via Seattle Times / Michael J. Martinez

Reuters forecasts better times ahead Guardian / Chris Tryhorn

Big News On Fat Front Forbes / Dan Ackman

Is Bond Market Still Too Complacent on Ford, GM? Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

ECB official criticizes Asian currencies Bloomberg via Taipei Times

Does It Matter Who Saves, You or the Government? Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Can a Lower Dollar Really Improve the Trade Deficit? Safehaven / Albert P. SantaLuca, Ph.D.

It Certainly Feels Like 1929 Texas Hedge Fund Report via Safehaven / T. Stein / S. McIntyre

Australian Jobless Rate Drops to 28-Year-Low 5.1% Bloomberg / Victoria Batchelor

Bush plans to slash 2006 budget Big News Network

UK: 2004 trade deficit was record, ONS says, despite exports rise Guardian / Ashley Seager

UK: Borrowing boom coming to an end This Is Money / Michael Clarke

China's `Long Landing' Looks Deceptively Soft Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

Bank of England May Leave Benchmark Rate on Hold, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Sam Fleming

Crude Oil Rises in New York on Bigger-Than-Expected Supply Drop Bloomberg via Google News / Sri Jegarajah, Mark Shenk and Angela Macdonald-Smith


Apocalypse Soon? Corporate Financing Week / Matt Craft

Prepared Remarks for Richard F. Syron Chairman & CEO, Freddie Mac Freddie Mac

Consumer inflation to be tame in Dec. CBS Marketwatch / Gregory Robb

UK: London on bankruptcy red alert Evening Standard

UK: Rates held - but February cut is likely The Scotsman / David Black

Happy days are here -- now head for the exits Globe and Mail via Fiend’s Super Bear Page

Slow housing market could hamper economy, builders' economist says San Diego Union Tribune / Roger M. Showley

Cooling trend for housing Orlando Sentinel / Jack Snyder

Ohio granted lead plaintiff in Fannie Mae suit Cincinnati Business Journal

Korea: State Bond Turnover Rate Hits High Korea Times / Kim Jae-kyoung

Asia turns to the 'other' liquid currency FT / Päivi Munter

Emerging debt-Rally on hold, Argentina opens swap Reuters

A cautionary tale about earnings CBS Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

True Blue and Yahoo! Too CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Beyond low prices: Wal-Mart touts its value as employer AP via Chicago Sun Times / Chuck Bartels

New Year's rally falling flat Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

Tough road for auto makers CNN / Kathleen Hays

Verizon sinks on rivalry concerns Bloomberg via Dallas Morning News

Voter Turnout for 2004 Highest Since 1968 AP via Charlotte Observer / Laurie Kellman

Bush's Achilles' heel? CBS Marketwatch / Gregory Robb

Social Security won't spell more debt CBS Marketwatch / William L. Watts

Myths, half-truths and exaggerations CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

Fed not 'wedded' to patterned rate hikes CBS Marketwatch / Gregory Robb

CA: Bay Area less in love with long commutes San Francisco Chronicle / Kelly Zito

WA: Seattle bruised but wiser five years after the tech boom Seattle Post Intelligencer / Vanessa Ho and Dan Richman

Firm kicked out of NASD Newsday / Susan Harrigan

NYSE considers opening earlier FT / Andrei Postelnicu

NYSE May Accept Outside Monitor in SEC Settlement, People Say Bloomberg / Otis Bilodeau

NASD Fines Analyst for Rumor-Mongering AP via Mercury News

Econ 101 Crib Sheet for Dollar, U.S. Trade Deficit Reuters / Jamie McGeever

Mexican Peso Declines on Concern Yield Gap With U.S. May Narrow Bloomberg / Jennifer Coogan

Traders split on reaching $50 price level AP via Chicago Tribune

CalPERS program gets high rating Sacramento Bee / Gilbert Chan

US Treasuries slide as industrial production jumps Reuters / Ros Krasny

Q&A: Argentine debt swap BBC News

U.S. trade deficit: Truths amid spin Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Thrift is a foreign concept The Economist

A Chinese Revaluation May Not Help U.S. NY Times / Keith Bradsher

Trials and errors The Economist

Grains, Soybeans Retreat AP via Philadelphia Inquirer

U.S. Dec. Producer Prices Fall Most Since April 2003 Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

2005 Mutual Fund Guide Forbes / Fei Mei Chan and John Chamberlain

In Europe, a Shift: Euro Crisis? What Euro Crisis? NY Times / Mark Landler

Three years on, many Europeans still struggle with new currency AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Raf Casert

Champagne Corks Not Popping Over Molson Deal Forbes / Dan Ackman

G.M. Forecasts a Decline in Its Earnings for 2005 NY times / Danny Hakim

Most Affordable Real Estate Is in -- New York? Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

U.S. Treasuries edge down after rally Reuters

Taiwan: S&P rating to remain unchanged Taipei Times / Lisa Wang

Ace Bond-Fund Manager Patel Likes Stocks Nowadays Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Government Gives US Airways Room to Operate Washington Post / Keith L. Alexander

Loving America's deficits Taipei Times / Kenneth Rogoff

A lesson in 'crash test' economics Taipei Times / J. Bradford DeLong

Can State Department rise again? Christian Science Monitor / Howard LaFranchi

Medicare's Problems May Prove Tougher Than Social Security's Bloomberg / Kristen Hallam

An Empire of Wealth: The Economic History of the United States Lone Star Growth Investor via Safehaven / Joe Dancy

Shades of Irrational Exuberance Pimco / Paul McCulley

U.S. dollar roars back to life on Asian markets Big News Network

Dollar Rises After Poole Says Fed to Drop `Measured' Language Bloomberg / Taizo Hirose

Russia: Plunging Crude Prices Not Seen at the Pump Bloomberg via Moscow Times / Michael Teagarden

China: Shanghai Auto sales rise 7.8% / China View

Malaysia May Scrap Dollar Peg Before China Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Oil May Rise on OPEC Output Cuts and Iraq Attacks, Survey Finds Bloomberg / Mark Shenk