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U.S. exports get hit with sanctions AP via Chicago Sun Times / Martin Crutsinger

Savings bonds rules have changed Dallas Morning News / Pamela Yip

Account deficit is too big Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Prices are rising. Your pay isn't Charlotte Observer / Kerry Hall

Policy tussle over US slowdown Scotsman / Bill Jamieson

On the Record: Charles Schwab San Francisco Chronicle

Flipping real estate ... without getting burned Seattle Times via Google News / Jane Hodges

Morgan Stanley Will Keep Purcell as CEO, Board Rules Bloomberg / Margaret Popper

Fed walking on eggshells CBS Marketwatch / Greg Robb

FL: Investments matter more than mansions Ft. Meyers News Press / Roger Williams

US social security is among least generous FT / Chris Giles

Verizon Lets a Deadline Pass for MCI Bid AP via Hartford Courant / Bruce Meyerson

Israel swears in central bank governor AP via Beaufort Gazette / Ravi Nessman

Bond market braces for GM's cut to junk AP via San Antonio Express Courier

CA: California home to four priciest ZIP codes Bloomberg via Mercury News and Inside Bay Area / Heather Burke

Feds Have Gutted Savings Bond Bonus AP via NY Post / Eileen Alt Powell

The Fed Model: Fix It Before You Use It Wall Street Journal / Jonathan Clements

CA: Sharing in the dream LA Times / Diane Wedner

CO: A roof they can call their own Denver Post / Doug McPherson

CA: Housing cost skews Bay Area inflation figures San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

A Way for Seniors to Tap Into Equity LA Times / Kathy M. Kristof

Employment, Factories Show Little Gain: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

CA: The Upside of U.S. Trade With China LA Times / Evelyn Iritani

How Social Security's 'Trust Fund' Works Wall Street Journal / Jackie Calmes

Yen May Advance on Speculation China Will Let Yuan Strengthen Bloomberg / Joshua Krongold

EU: Barriers still exist in larger EU BBC News

Who's the enemy in this price war? CBS Marketwatch / Chuck Jaffe

Future debt in the cards for teens Denver Post / Al Lewis

Fed Seen Making Modest Rate Hike Reuters / Tim Ahmann

Economist: Deficit fear overblown South Florida Sun Sentinel / Doreen Hemlock

With rates rising, avoid long-term bonds Dallas Morning News via Seattle Times / Scott Burns

Broker? Adviser? Difference is important Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Berkshire's Buffett Praises AIG's Greenberg, Keeps Dollar Bet Bloomberg / David Plumb and Jesse Westbrook

Used cars offer better value than buying new Morning Call via Chicago Tribune / Gregory Karp

Small companies fear lack of foreign workers AP via Cincinnati Enquirer / John Seewer

Oil industry boom likely to continue AP via Seattle Times / Michael Liedtke

N.Z. Dollar's 17% Gain Dents Tourist Spending, May Curb Economy Bloomberg / Tracy Withers and Tina Morrison

UK: Beware the big, black hole Guardian – Observer / Heather Stewart

Households Run Record Deficit In Q1 Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Kasriel

The Outer Limits of National Debt NY Times / Anna Bernasek

Listen Closely. Are Those Your Stocks Bouncing Off the Floor? NY Times / Jonathan Fuerbringer

If Dividends Don't Lie, What Are They Saying Now? Global Spin via Safehaven / Wilfred Hahn

Only the Little People Pay for Lawn Care NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson


U.S. Home Prices: Does Bust Always Follow Boom? FDIC

Gates regrets ever using stock options MSNBC / Martin Wolk

Welcome to Miller Time, Loser Slate / Daniel Gross

NY: Condo haven for Harlem NY Daily News / Lore Croghan

Dim and dimmer CBS Marketwatch / Dr. Irwin Kellner

Housing bumps ahead? CBS Marketwatch / Andrea Coombes

The Best Brokerage Analysts Forbes / Andrew T. Gilles

Stupid rich-people tricks CBS Marketwatch / Thomas Kostigen

Neiman Marcus: An Affordable Luxury? Forbes / Dan Ackman

Rate increase likely in effort to fight inflation Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Avrum D. Lank

Fed to Raise Rates, May Drop `Measured,' Survey Shows Bloomberg / Mark Tannenbaum

Crude Futures Down in Asia AP via Forbes

Why gold and gold shares take different paths CBS Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Trapped Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

No time for a Fed reprieve Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Testing Time for the Fed Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

Stagflation? No way CNN / Michael Sivy

Bush faces Republican resistance on Social Security Reuters / Adam Entous

US Senate aides say close on GSE regulator bill Reuters

A Traveling Salesman Far From the Treasury LA Times / Warren Vieth

Job background checks surge Cox News via Houston Chronicle / Tammy Joyner

Circulation drops at major newspapers AP via Dallas Morning News

Buyout giant has gone to the next level Dallas Morning News / Katherine Yung

Fidelity announces major management reorganization Reuters / Svea Herbst-Bayliss

State oil giants empowered, majors weakened Reuters / Barbara Lewis

U.S. and European Trade Officials Smile After Months of Sniping NY Times / Paul Meller

April Manufacturing ISM Report On Business Institute for Supply Management

New Residential Construction U. S. Census Bureau

The tragedy of the commons, contd The Economist

Slovakia's economy enjoys EU boom BBC News / Tamsin Smith

Housing GSEs warn on some U.S. Congress proposals Reuters / Kristen Roberts

Shadow Fed sees higher rates; soft spot temporary Reuters

Right said Fed? CNN / Paul R. La Monica

91st Annual Report, 2004 pdf Federal Reserve Board

US Treasury prices fall ahead of FOMC FT / Richard Beales and David Turner

Spreads widen but trade sluggish Reuters

Oil prices rebound from 10-week low Reuters

Qwest Bids Adieu Forbes

U.S. Treasury sees $42 bln debt paydown in Apr-Jun Reuters

FL: Low-paid workers will receive more beginning today Orlando Sentinel via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Harry Wessel

Nevada, Utah, Colorado cities rate high in entrepreneurship Orange County Register / Jan Norman

Just who owns the Federal Reserve? MSNBC

CA: Office Vacancy Falls to 14% in L.A. County LA Times / Roger Vincent

GM May Not Sell Bonds This Year as Investors Demand Junk Yields Bloomberg / John Dooley

Verizon Boosts MCI Bid to $8.5 Billion AP via Chicago Tribune / Bruce Meyerson

Stocks cheer $49ers? CNN

The Fed Will Play Tortoise to the Markets' Hare Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Markets Will Focus on Fed's Words, Not Increase Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Giant Insurer Finds $1 Billion More in Flaws NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

2 Equity Firms Set to Acquire Neiman Marcus NY Times / Andrew Ross Sorkin and Tracie Rozhon

Of Mountains And Molehills Contrary Investor via Safehaven

Japan's Government Bonds May Rise on Expectations Economic Growth to Slow Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane

3 countries begin trial to enter euro zone IHT via Google News / Paul Meller

Barclays bankers' pay dwarfs the board's Evening Standard via This is London – This Is Money

In this recovery, corporations win - workers lose Christian Science Monitor / David R. Francis

Bush takes on still more political risk Christian Science Monitor / Linda Feldmann

Lack of Chinese Slowdown Just Fine by Asia Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Asian Finance Ministers May Press China to Let Yuan Appreciate Bloomberg / Amit Prakash

U.S. Treasuries May Rise as Fed Seen Keeping Rate-Increase Pace Bloomberg / Michael McDonald


Fed is sending mixed messages Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

A Special Relationship Daily Standard / Irwin M. Stelzer

W.House signals flexibility on Social Security Reuters / Adam Entous

The Man Who Wants To Be The Next Fed Chairman NY Post / John Crudele

Wednesday rally post-Fed? CNN / Alexandra Twin

Social Security confusion San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

The End Of Cancer Lew Rockwell / Bill Walker

New situations for bond buyers Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

Number of house-poor families grows CBS Marketwatch via 1st Headlines / Kristen Gerencher

U.S. Real Estate Booms Grow Two-Thirds AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel

Still earning after all these years The Economist

Treasuries rise after Fed revises statement FT / Joanna Chung and Richard Beales

U.S. 10-Year Treasuries Rise After Fed Says It Dropped Language Bloomberg / Michael McDonald

Lehman warms up to airlines, slightly CBS Marketwatch / Susan Lerner

Crude falls below $50 a barrel FT / Darryl Thomson

Fed raises interests rates for eighth time FT / Andrew Balls

Fed Raises Target Rate to 3%, Keeps `Measured Pace' Bloomberg / Alison Fitzgerald and Craig Torres

No End in Sight for Interest Rate Hikes AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Jeannine Aversa

U.S. mortgage rates unchanged Tuesday-BestInfo Reuters

FOMC Statement Federal Reserve Board

Federal Reserve Adds Sentence Dropped From Statement Bloomberg / Vincent Del Giudice

Lead on, Mac-Fed! CNN / Kathleen Hays

Upstream Petroleum Employment in the Current Drilling Cycle Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

The Taxation of Equity, Dividends, and Stock Prices Federal Reserve Bank of Boston / Richard W. Kopcke

Are Higher Prices a Blessing? Ludwig von Mises Institute / Robert P. Murphy

Google: biting the hand that feeds it? CNN / Krysten Crawford

Report on Manufacturers Shipments, Inventories and Orders U.S. Census Bureau

CA: Experts see risk in home prices Orange County Register / Jonathan Lansner

MBIA First-Quarter Profit Falls 3.9 Percent; New Sales Double Bloomberg / David Plumb

US chain store sales rise in the latest week Reuters

Inflation fears may be overblown USA Today via 1st Headlines / Barbara Hagenbaugh

Experts: Sock away money now AP via Clarion Ledger

UBS Posts Record Earnings on Wealth Management Fees Bloomberg / Philipp Goellner

China says taking careful attitude toward currency Reuters

Dollar Trades Near Two-Week High as Interest-Rate Gap to Widen Bloomberg / Steve Rothwell and Joshua Krongold

Dollar firm ahead of Fed Reuters via Google News / Carolyn Cohn

Fed is watching how high energy prices are affecting consumers AP via Orange County Register / Jeannine Aversa

Once again, it's Verizon-MCI Chicago Tribune / Jon Van

Cisco Tightens The Net Forbes / Quentin Hardy

Michigan’s Job Crisis: Granholm: ‘We Must Eat or Be Eaten’ Detroit Free Press / Chris Christoff

CA: Roth Capital starts asset management operation Orange County Register / James B. Kelleher

Some Investing Lessons People Might Never Learn Bloomberg / Chet Currier

States hunt down online cigarette buyers / Kathleen Hunter

Could You, Too, Be Chairman of Morgan Stanley? Bloomberg / Michael Lewis

Morgan Stanley turmoil likely to continue into '06 AP via Minneapolis Star Tribune / Michael J. Martinez

Get Ready for Deflation Ponder This via Safehaven / Steve Moyer

The Public has Yet to Discover Gold Texas Hedge Report via Safehaven / T. Stein and S. McIntyre

What if Greenspan isn't a Hack? Delta Global Advisors via Safehaven / Chip Hanlon

The Fed Is Expected to Raise Rates Again NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

'Sage of Omaha' looks for successor Telegraph / David Litterick

Things Turn Testy at Trial of Kozlowski NY Times / Andrew Ross Sorkin

Oil Prices Little Changed After Rebounding on Supply Concern Bloomberg / Gavin Evans

Europe adapts to globalization and investor unrest Guardian / David Gow



Kerkorian bids for bigger stake in embattled GM Reuters

US corporate profit growth could rise 10 pct-MFS Reuters

Analysts See More Fed Rate Hikes Coming AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Martin Crutsinger

UK: Double hit hints at rates cut The Scotsman / Alastair Reed

ECB sees no signs of build-up of underlying inflation in euro area AFP via EU Business

Statement of FDIC Chairman Don Powell on the House Passage of Deposit Insurance Reform FDIC

Jerry Nice Deal NY Post / Richard Wilner

Why bring back the long bond? Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Senator urges tough Fannie oversight CBS Marketwatch / Robert Schroeder

Risky lending spurs 'bubble' Washington Times / Patrice Hill

Growing the eBay economy Cincinnati Business Journal

Gasoline prices unlikely to hit predicted peak Reuters via Houston Chronicle

Morningstar goes public 21 years after its founding AP via Tacoma News Tribune

U.S. may bring back 30-year bond CBS Marketwatch / Robert Schroeder

Quarterly Survey of Agricultural Credit Conditions Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

The Fed Stays Slow and Steady Business Week / Michael Wallace

Statement by Micah S. Green, President of The Bond Market Association on U.S. Treasury Consideration of 30-Year Bonds Bond Market Association

Bustle in a hedge row CBS Marketwatch / Barbara Kollmeyer

U.S. mortgage applications increase last week-MBA Reuters

Sever the Yuan-Dollar Peg? National Review / William P. Kucewicz

Mocking the Maestro CNN / Paul R. La Monica

U.S. mortgage rates unchanged Wednesday – BestInfo Reuters

Homes: U.K. went cold; U.S. could too CNN / Sarah Max

Retirement Doomsday Forbes / Dan Ackman

Are You Ready to Sign Up for the $100 Oil Club? Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

IBM to cut up to 13,000 jobs, restructure Reuters

States Kept Binge Bonding in 2004, Says Moody's Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Mexican Peso Bonds Find Demand in NY, Toronto Bloomberg /

Long-term debt slides as US mulls new 30-year FT / Joanna Chung

April Non-Manufacturing ISM Report On Business Institute For Supply Management

Bonds sink on possible 30-year sale CNN

Fed increase likely not the last Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Avrum D. Lank

Asian automakers eat into U.S. market AP via Cincinnati Enquirer / Sarah Karush

ECB holds rates at 2% as growth remains weak FT / Steve Johnson

US Treasury says may reintroduce 30-year bond Reuters

Fed Focuses on Inflation More Than Slow Growth Bloomberg / John M. Berry

As the world economy falters, Greenspan, the grand illusionist, faces his Waterloo Independent / Jeremy Warner

The Fed's Failure to Communicate Business Week / Rich Miller

Greenspan or Buffett? Asia Mulls Who's Right Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Destroying the American Dream... Safehaven / David Taffi

U.S. 10-Year Yield Is Near 11-Week Low Before Services Report Bloomberg / Nicholas Reynolds

Bush Elicits Third-Rail Sparks from Left, Right Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

UK: Twin blow for the economy Evening Standard - This Is London

Fed Raises Rates but Bobbles Delivery NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews and Jonathan Fuerbringer

Australia's Central Bank Keeps Interest Rate at 5.5% Bloomberg / Victoria Batchelor

Dollar Falls on Speculation Fed Will Slow Its Rate Increases Bloomberg / Chris Young

Why Can't Wal-Mart, a Retailing Behemoth, Pay More? NY Times / Steven Greenhouse

What comes next in Social Security saga? Christian Science Monitor / Peter Grier

Venezuelan oil output 'still low' BBC News / Iain Bruce


Germany's economic 'miracle' a shambles Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Recovery seems like old times Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Housing bubble starts to hit home Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

Traders ready for stronger-than-expected U.S. payrolls Reuters

Wall Street May Not Welcome Jobs Data NY Post / John Crudele

Hedge funds get Greenspan warning on leverage Reuters

Dollar Appreciated Slightly in April Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Dallas Fed promotes research director to executive VP Dallas Morning News / Angela Shah

Stagflation, the remix The Economist

La Salle Street cheers revival of 'long bond' Chicago Sun Times / David Roeder

Comeback for the 30-Year Treasury Bond? / Stephen Taub

IBM: Struggling towards a world of services The Economist

UK: Post-election blues The Economist

Doha: Progress at last The Economist

Australia: Has he got the ticker? The Economist

E-readiness The Economist

WA: Imitation is flattering, but it also might hurt Seattle Post Intelligencer / Bill Virgin

A pretty sticky first 100 days The Economist

Profiting from obscurity The Economist

Does it work? The Economist

Hiring strength amid weakness? CNN / Chris Isidore

Pixar Earnings Up on 'Incredibles' Sales AP via Forbes

Survey: Most in U.S. deny housing price bubble Orange County Register / Jeff Collins

Save a bundle: Sell it yourself Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

Mexican Peso Rises to 14-Month High on Yield Advantage Outlook Bloomberg / Adriana Arai

General Motors, Ford Debt Ratings Cut to Junk by S&P Bloomberg / Mark Pittman

Hint of 30-year Treasury's return heightens mood Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

30-year bonds revisited San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

A 15-pound burger goes on sale CNN

NJ: Atlantic City Is Dangerous And Depraved Forbes / Dan Ackman

Best Places For Business And Careers Forbes / Kurt Badenhausen

Mortgage rates continue decline CNN

Risk Transfer and Financial Stability Federal Reserve Board / Alan Greenspan

US Treasuries rise as GM, Ford debt cut to junk Reuters

Greenspan sees GSE portfolio risk for swaps market Reuters / Mark Felsenthal

Health savings accounts booming Washington Times / Marguerite Higgins

Welcoming Remarks 41st Annual Conference on Bank Structure and Competition Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago / Michael Moskow

Fed's Moskow says banks face altered landscape Reuters

The yuan and the restless CNN / Chris Isidore

Asian currencies withstand Chinese talk FT / Steve Johnson

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Report U.S. Dept. of Labor

U.S. 1st-Qtr Productivity Rises 2.6%; Labor Costs Up Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Productivity and Costs, First Quarter 2005, Preliminary U.S. Dept. of Labor

Coffee Prices May Rise on Droughts in Vietnam, Brazil Bloomberg / Jason Gale and Claudia Carpenter

FL: Developer to Build World's Tallest Condo AP via Chicago Tribune

Tax Receipts Exceed Treasury Predictions Washington Post / Jonathan Weisman

Treasury to Re-Issue 30 year Bonds, Any Takers? Euro Pacific Capital via Safehaven / Peter Schiff

Treasury Says 30-Year Bond May Be Revived NY Times / Jonathan Fuerbringer

UT: Oil driller claims big strike in Utah AP via Minneapolis Star Tribune / Paul Foy

U.S. First-Quarter Productivity Probably Rose 1.8%, BN Survey Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Citibank official sees greenback's decline Taipei Times / Jessie Ho

Fannie Mae Bans Workers From Trading In Its Stock Washington Post / Carrie Johnson and Terence O'Hara

Report to German Ruling Party Faults Overseas Investors NY Times / Mark Landler

EU: Lower rates in euro zone ruled out by Trichet IHT / Carter Dougherty

Taiwan: Central bank expected to follow Fed's lead next month Taipei Times / Jessie Ho

UK: Blair's boom is going bust Evening Standard / Jane Padgham

Fed's Blunder Should Make Asia Green With Envy Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

Rising call: Cut US oil imports Christian Science Monitor / Mark Clayton


Ghost of ’70s stagflation pays economy a visit St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

Roadmap for the Rebound Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

China Needs a New Anchor Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

EU: GDP Forecast Cut, Risk of Recession Morgan Stanley / Eric Chaney

Japan: Peeling an Onion Again Morgan Stanley / Takehiro Sato

China's yuan under fresh pressure BBC News

Consumer credit increases in March at slow pace AP via USA Today

Qwest down but not out Denver Post / Ross Wehner

MI: Home sellers realize auctions are a great way to get it done Detroit Free Press / Suzette Hackney

The U.S. Economy Is Bigger and Stronger Than GM Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Fed won't hit the pause button CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Consumer Credit Outstanding Federal Reserve Board

U.S. Treasuries Tumble on Jobs Report: World's Biggest Mover Bloomberg / Michael McDonald and Elizabeth Stanton

Risk Worries Climb in Junk Bond Market LA Times / Tom Petruno

What seemed to have surprised the bond markets was not the downgrades themselves, but the timing / Stephen Taub

Junk rank may not cause wreck Dallas Morning News / Pamela Yip

Jobs Up, Real Wages Down Forbes / Dan Ackman

Dollar Rises Most in Six Weeks Versus Euro After Jobs Report Bloomberg / Joshua Krongold and Vivianne C. Rodrigues

WA: Home market boils but doesn't bubble Seattle Times / Elizabeth Rhodes

Mortgage rates take a dip Orange County Register / Hang Nguyen

Calpine's losses mount in quarter San Francisco Chronicle / David R. Baker

Treasuries slide, job revival to keep rates rising Reuters / Wayne Cole

US mortgage bond prepayments fell in April Reuters / Julie Haviv

Poll: Consumers dour on U.S. economy UPI via Washington Times

US's Snow says he thinks China will loosen yuan Reuters

GM, Ford downgrade will test confidence Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

Still Think Ford, General Motors Can't Go Bust? Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

Holding Hands Ludwig von Mises Institute / Christopher Westley

Buffett's Talk of Dividend Sends Daunting Message Bloomberg / Chet Currier

UK: Bankruptcies reach another record BBC News

Oil prices spike above $51 per barrel AP via Houston Chronicle / George Jahn

Treasuries Fall After Economy Added More Jobs Than Forecast Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

TX: Economist frets over bubble Houston Chronicle / L.M. Sixel

Soft-patch 2005 unlikely to be quicksand Reuters / Mike Dolan

Employees on nonfarm payrolls US Dept. of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics

Jobs growth surprisingly robust in April Reuters / Glenn Somerville

Junk Ratings Make a Big Splash, Ripples to Follow NY Times / Jonthan Fuerbringer

GM and Ford plunge to junk status Guardian / David Teather and Mark Milner

Crude Oil Trades Above $51 as Producers Struggle to Meet Demand Bloomberg via 1st Headlines / Gavin Evans

IBM restructuring its European division IHT / Kevin J. O'Brien

World Should Shake the `Hot Potato Syndrome' Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.



Bearish Investor To Shed Credit Exposure For Treasuries Bondweek

Auto Downgrades Could Boost High-Yield Sales, Trading Bondweek / Caroline Salas

Growth casts doubt on 'soft patch' Washington Times / Patrice Hill

The hangover just grows for Fidelity Boston Herald / Brett Arends

Buyers not discounting the value of Mexican real estate LA Daily News / Gregory J. Wilcox

CA: A woman's castle LA Daily News / Candice Choi

Can GM's leaders salvage its future? AP via Orlando Sentinel / John Porretto

TX: When insiders are getting out Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Home is a savings shelter Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

WI: Home valuations jump Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Michele Derus

Job growth robust in April, Labor Dept. reports San Francisco Chronicle / Tom Abate

The natural gas dilemma Newsday / Henry Gilgoff

Most Democrats Opt Against Social Security Brainstorming LA Times / Joel Havemann

Most Dangerous Destinations 2005 Forbes

China Braces for a More Valuable Yuan NY Times / Keith Bradsher

Dollar Rises for Week Versus Euro as U.S. Job Growth Increases Bloomberg / Joshua Krongold

AZ: No 'boom' in Ariz. Housing Arizona Republic / Russ Wiles

Mexicans abroad send over $4 billion home in 1st quarter AP via Orange County Register

UK: Personal bankruptcy hits record Guardian / Charlotte Moore

Russia's Billionaires Club Now Totals 27 Members NY Times / Erin E. Arvedlund

GE restates financial result AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel / John Christoffersen

FL: Morgan Stanley sued in Florida Dow Jones via South Florida Sun Sentinel / David Enrich

TX: Gas prices head lower here Houston Chronicle / David Kaplan

Creation of Jobs Surged in April, and Income Rose NY Times / Louise Uchitelle

Selling in May may be unwise AP via Cincinnati Enquirer / Rachel Beck

More jobs spark Wall St. inflation fear AP via Chicago Sun Times / Michael J. Martinez

Japan's Bonds Gain for Fourth Week as Yen Spurs Export Concern Bloomberg / Chris Cooper

India Bonds May Drop on Concern About Higher Interest Rates Bloomberg / Bharat Ahluwalia


Germany: Looking For Scapegoats Business Week via MSNBC / Jack Ewing and Rachel Tiplady

Fallout is likely from excess debt Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Reviving 30-year T-bond an overdue remedy for deficit-prone government and investors Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Calm your Social Security concerns Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Strong earnings haven't quelled concerns of slowdown later in year Dallas Morning News / Will Deener

Sleepless in Silicon Valley AP via MSNBC

On The Record: Larry Ellison San Francisco Chronicle

Older investors can't afford to ride market's tide Bradenton Herald / Larry Rubenstein

Mortgages minus add-ons set to make a big splash Baltimore Sun / Kenneth Harney

Long-term rates buck expectation, stay low San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

Real Estate: Can You Handle the Truth? Wall Street Journal / Jonathan Clements

American icons reduced to 'junk' Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

How GM and Ford Bonds Became 'Junk' Wall Street Journal / Gregory Zuckerman

Citigroup seeks deal with UK regulators over bond trade probe – report AFX via Forbes

Finally, Lower Fees On Mutual Funds Wall Street Journal / Tom Lauricella

Service gets lost in America’s self-service economy Chicago Tribune via The South Carolina State / Stevenson Swanson

US moves to ease friction with Russia FT / Neil Buckley and Caroline Daniel

Odd couple are making merger work Orlando Sentinel / Richard Verrier and Claudia Eller

Detroit ponders fast-food tax for extra cash AP via USA Today

BOJ head: Zero rate policy stays Reuters via CNN / Natsuko Waki

U.S. officials ditch quiet diplomacy for tougher stance on China's currency CP via / Martin Crutsinger

WA: Home-loan bank steered billions into an unorthodox strategy Seattle Times / Melissa Allison

The latest development in U.S. borrowing binge Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

GM, Ford downgrades signaling caution for junk-bond investors LA Times via Chicago Tribunes / Tom Petruno

Maybe Gates' best option is to keep quiet Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

Small-caps get into a little trouble Chicago Tribune / Andrew Leckey

Keep Watching Dollar, No Matter What China Does LA Times / James Flanigan

Now Everybody Is Paying for Everything With Home Equity Washington Post / Margaret Webb Pressler

CA: Affordability gap continues to widen LA Times

Deposited items not kept safe by bank Cleveland Plain Dealer / Sheryl Harris

Retail Sales Rebound, Trade Gap Widens: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Joe Richter

US Mint To Lainch Investment Coin NY Post

Golden Opportunity NY Post / Roberta C. Yafie

Fidelity's future may include sale or merger CBS Market Watch via Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram Charles A. Jaffe

Beat the Drums if You Want a Roth Washington Post / Albert B. Crenshaw

Figuring pros and cons of recent immigration Philadelphia inquirer / Andrew Cassel

U. of C. economist looks for the freakin' deal AP via Chicago Sun Times / Sharon Cohen

UK: Third term opens with retail crash Guardian – Observer / Heather Stewart

Monitoring a Double Dose of Reports NY Times / Jonathan Fuerbringer

China's Yuan Little Changed in Post-Holiday Trading Bloomberg / Allen Cheng

The Stock Market Is Still Pressing the Reset Button NY Times / Paul J. Lim

Teaching Wal-Mart New Tricks NY Times / Tracie Rozhon

All That Missing E-Mail ... It's Baaack NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

If the I.R.S. Gets Less, Does Charity Get More? NY Times / Daniel Altman


US economy: is another recession on the way? Brookes News via Fiend’s SuperBear Page / Gerard Jackson

Can Cisco and Dell save tech? CNN / Paul R. La Monica

City, state cell phone taxes on the rise USA Today via / Dennis Cauchon

Russia: The Curse Of $50 A Barrel Business Week via MSNBC / Jason Bush

IMF: Debts, poverty bog down Colombia UPI via Washington Times

Kohn a longshot as bets placed on Greenspan's heir Reuters / Tim Ahmann

Low long-term yields point to recession risk CBS Marketwatch / Dr. Irwin Kellner

Don't be fooled by jobs data Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Banks report higher loan demand: Fed Reuters via CNN

Retirees are finding new worth as temps in worker-hungry world San Francisco Chronicle via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Carolyn Said

‘Homeshoring’ means that call center might be in someone's bedroom AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Adam Geller

It's time to check out I Savings Bonds Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

Treasuries lower as market looks to auctions FT / Jennifer Hughes, Joanna Chung and David Turner

South Jersey Business Survey Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

WI: Doyle pushes budget as fix for economy Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / John Schmid

California Leavin' Forbes / Rich Karlgaard

Retirees use reverse mortgage to pay bills Boston Globe via The State / Tatsha Robertson

Oil rises $1, worries linger over demand Reuters via Google News

N.Y. Oil Rises as OPEC May Fail to Meet Demand Later This Year Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

Who Might Get Rich at NYSE Forbes / Liz Moyer

Disney Dissidents Sue Company, Board AP via Forbes

Former Philadelphia Treasurer Kemp Found Guilty of Conspiracy Bloomberg / Andrew Pratt

U.K. Manufacturing Output Slumps Bloomberg / Sam Fleming

Wall Street Awash With Money Forbes / Liz Moyer

US Treasuries bend beneath $51 bln paper pile Reuters

Keep a close eye on bonds for changes Detroit Free Press / Susan Tompor

U.S. 2nd-Qtr Growth Forecast Reduced, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Carlos Torres and Kristy McKeaney

Welcome shift in a credit trap Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Gelles

Economy's signs of life may spell doom for stocks USA Today / Adam Shell

Reports: E-Trade Makes Ameritrade Offer AP via Forbes

Overvalued! Christian Science Monitor / Randy Dotinga

Immigration can't save Social Security Christian Science Monitor / David R. Francis

Bush May Destroy Social Security, Not Fix It Bloomberg / John M. Berry

State Street executive sees change, opportunity in ETFs CBS Marketwatch via 1st Headlines / John Spence

Derivatives Can Protect You From Big Stock Losses Bloomberg / John Wasik

After April's wild ride, investors should use caution Christian Science Monitor / Martin Skala

At last, job market gives a good signal Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

Japan's Bonds Fall; Government May Set Lowest Coupon in 2 Years Bloomberg / Chris Cooper

No New Refineries in 29 Years? There Might Well Be a Reason NY Times / Jad Mouawad

Abroad, The Wall Street Journal Will Be a Tabloid NY Times / Milt Freudenheim

UK: Brown needs some third-term magic Guardian – Observer / Larry Elliott

Central banks have more to fret about than a temporary pick-up in inflation Independent / Stephen King

Treasury Notes May Fall on U.S. Jobs Growth, Auctions Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Barclays sweetens South Africa offer Telegraph / James Moore

Economists warn of coming Chinese meltdown The Age via Google News / Hamish McDonald

UK: Bank to set tone of fiscal policy with signals on rates and inflation Independent / Philip Thornton

UK: Sixty years ago, we were bankrupt. Then riches replaced rations and we're still dining out Independent / Hamish McRae

ECB Rate Protests Cut No Ice in Futures Market Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

EU: G-10's Trichet May Say Global Growth Is Slowing on Oil Burden Bloomberg / Christian Baumgaertel

Dollar May Strengthen for Third Week Against Euro, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Vivianne Rodrigues



CA: Buffett finds parable in sale Orange County Register / Jonathan Lansner

Korea: National Debt Exceeds W200 Tril. for 1st Time Korea Times / Kim Jae-kyoung

Social Security Fix A Warm-Up Hartford Courant / John M. Moran

Still jostling after all these years The Economist

Statement error a "doggone mistake" - Fed's Hoenig Reuters

March US data may have been distorted -Fed's Fisher Reuters

Poole upbeat on U.S. growth, inflation CBS Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Dollar falls in Asian trading AP via NJ Post

Canada: Banks top global rankings Globe and Mail / Sinclair Stewart

Downgrade of GM, Ford Debt Also Hit $753M in Municipals Bond Buyer / Jacob Fine

Fraud Charge For Ex-Bear Banker Bloomberg via NY Post

What's Bugging Gold-Bugs? Euro vs Dollar Currency War Monitor  via Safehaven / Alex Wallenwein

The Whistleblowing Industry National Review / Stephen Moore and Phil Kerpen

Dallas Fed's new leader discusses trade Dallas Morning News / Angela Shah

A delicate question of policy Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

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US Treasury yields at 3-mth low, consumers moody Reuters / Wayne Cole

U.S. consumer moods sour in early May Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

Fed's Gramlich questions Social Security actuaries Reuters

Federal Home Loan Bank directors resign, deny wrongdoing Seattle Times / Melissa Allison

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Relative Stability Ahead For Dollar Forbes / Oxford Analytica

Gates says iPod success won't last AP via Seattle Times

Oil pulls back from 3-month low FT / Peter Garnham

Falling Oil Prices May Offer Relief LA Times / John O’ Dell

U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services - Current, Prior and Compressed U.S. Census Bureau

U.S. March Inventories Rise 0.4%; Sales Increase 0.7% Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Virginia Sells Unfiltered Municipal Tobacco Bonds Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Who's in Charge of Determining U.S. Interest Rates? It May Be Beijing NY Times / Floyd Norris

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Don't always believe what you read about personal finance Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Humberto Cruz

ECB's Trichet Says Interest Rates Support Growth, Convergence Bloomberg / Brian Swint

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UK: IOUs come back into fashion with low inflation on their side Telegraph / Ian Cowie

Australian Dollar Has Second Weekly Loss as Metals Prices Drop Bloomberg / Chris Young

The Tax World Gets Flat & Happy Forbes / Jack Anderson

Khodorkovsky to face fresh set of charges Guardian / Nick Paton


Inflation debate brewing at mall Wall Street Journal via Myrtle Beach Sun / Timothy Aeppel

Investors still bailing U.S. out Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Baby boomers must relearn lessons of history Arizona Republic / Jon Talton

Economic worries from '70s return AP via Morning Call / Rachel Beck

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Fed's Yellen sounds off on state of economy Contra Costa Times / George Avalos

Someday, someone will have to pay Uncle Sam's debts Wichita Eagle

Pensions and hedge fund fears make Americans do the splits Scotsman / Bill Jamieson

Life thaws somewhat in Europe's frozen north Guardian via Taipei Times

Yuan speculation rocks world markets DPA via Taipei Times

UK: The days of heady growth are over but how gently will Britain come back down to earth? Independent / Hamish McRae

A winning move? New 30-year bonds would help pension funds, not taxpayers Boston Herald / Chuck Jaffe

Emerging debt market to eye U.S. inflation Reuters / Greg Brosnan

Greenspan Urges Wharton Grads to Be Honest Newsday / Patrick Walters

Greenspan to grads: I need a job, too Reuters via CNN

Commencement address at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Federal Reserve Board / Alan Greenspan

Brokerage numbers reflect shift in client relationship St. Louis Post Dispatch / Jack Naudi

Salesmanship needs to be applied to savings message St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

MN: Single women buyers drive housing trends Minneapolis Star Tribune / Jim Buchta

Counterfeit drugs leave real casualties Boston Globe / Christopher Rowland

Bond action has buy-and-holds looking for help Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

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Wall Street’s Grandpa Raiders NY Post / Terry Keenan

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Corporate America Pulling Back Pension Safety Net LA Times / Peter G. Gosselin

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Morgan Stanley’s Game of Chicken NY Post / Roddy Boyd

Consumer, Producer Prices Rose in April: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

OPEC: We're keeping the oil pumping Reuters via CNN

Retirement demands individual thrift, plans Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Mortgage fraud soars, FBI reports LA Times

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CA: Pssst! It's no secret LA Times / Jeff Bertolucci

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