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Snow urges feds to relax on Sarbanes-Oxley rules Bloomberg via Houston Chronicle / Kevin Carmichael and Simon Kennedy

Bullish haves, bearish have-nots St. Petersburg Times / Robert Trigaux

Americans increasingly fretful about economic future, Pew poll finds CP via / Will Lester

Wanted: Tough SEC chairman CBS Marketwatch / David Callaway

Hedging Against Hedge Funds / Will Swarts

Fannie Mae names new CEO CBS Marketwatch / Steve Gelsi

Impact of Yuan’s Revaluation Korea Times / Chang Se-moon

Eurozone economic recovery running out of steam AFP via EU Business

GM offers big vehicle discounts UPI via Washington Times

Bush to Nominate Rep. Cox for SEC Chairman AP via Newsday / Martin Crutsinger

Bush's skewed outlook San Francisco Chronicle / David Lazarus

Crude oil prices surge above $54 a barrel AP via Houston Chronicle / Brad Foss

Is Google a flash? Think cash Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Does the SEC Need ''New Blood''? / Stephen Taub

Staggered Start for Options Expensing / Stephen Taub

FL: Property values soar in Broward, Palm Beach County South Florida Sun Sentinel / Anthony Man

May 2005 U.S. Auto Sales AP via Forbes

Bad Days On Bond Street Forbes / Liz Moyer

Be careful when comparing TIPS, I Savings bonds Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

Argentine Credit Rating Boosted 6 Levels to B- by S&P Bloomberg / Andrew J. Barden

Whither A United Europe? Forbes / Paul Maidment

Treasuries rally, data suggest fewer Fed rate hikes Reuters

GM, Ford to stir up junk bond market Detroit Free Press / Susan Tompor

Fed's Fisher speaks, and markets listen Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Slowdown may not slow Fed CNN

Dallas Fed head: 8th inning on hikes Reuters via CNN

U.S. mortgage rates fell Wednesday-BestInfo Reuters

Housing prices soar another 12.5 percent Reuters via CNN

Where your dollar buys more Boston Globe / Keith Reed

SEC Chairman Donaldson Plans to Step Down June 30 Bloomberg / Robert Schmidt and Otis Bilodeau

SEC chairman to step down in June BBC News

JPMorgan sees poor Q2 trading results Reuters

UK is 'top spot for EU migration' BBC News

Chicago Fed Letter Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Bush Private Accounts Are Dead Shark Bloomberg / Gene Sperling

US Treasuries rally after ISM report comes in soft Reuters

Greenspan speaks out but markets ignore him Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Homes more affordable now Bloomberg via Arizona Republic / Alison Fitzgerald

Is the housing bubble about to burst? MSNBC / Anne Thompson

Recognizing a bubble in housingmarket Knight Ridder via Orange County Register / Jeff Brown

U.S. ISM Factory Index Falls to 51.4 in May From 53.3 in April Bloomberg / Joe Richter

Chain store sales rise in third week of May Reuters

Construction spending hits record level AP via Philadelphia Inquirer / Martin Crutsinger

Oil Rises to 3-Week High as Shell Refinery Cuts Gasoline Output Bloomberg / Alejandro Barbajosa

Oil prices move above $52 mark AP via MSNBC

10-Yr yield dips amid EU worries CBS Marketwatch / Leslie Wines

AZ: Monster job service moves into Tempe Arizona Republic / Catherine Reagor

European Economies: EU Cuts Economic Growth Forecast Bloomberg / Meera Louis

Connecticut Bucks Bond Trend, Opts for Auction Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Bonds over troubled water CBS Marketwatch / Jonathan Burton

Yukos Strikes Back With $11.5Bln Suit Moscow Times / Alex Fak

Europe, There but for the Grace of Foreigners Goes America Euro Pacific Capital via Safehaven / Peter Schiff

EU: Towards a More Perfect Union? Tech Central Station / Pejman Yousefzadeh

Yen Advances on Speculation Japan's Growth Will Outpace Europe Bloomberg / Yumi Kuramitsu

The euro is killing our economy, say Dutch Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Why Japan `Boxes' Below Its Weight Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Grievances cast chill over US-China ties Christian Science Monitor / Robert Marquand

Australia's Economy Grew Slower-Than-Expected 0.7% Bloomberg / Victoria Batchelor and Gemma Daley

The US Trade Deficit is Unsustainable Safehaven / Bud Conrad

What hedge funds have to say CBS Marketwatch / Robert Folsom

Old Lions of Banking Go It Alone NY Times / Landon Thomas Jr.

CO: New Urbanism in Denver NY Times / Terry Pristin

U.S. 10-Year Treasuries May Fall as Yields Below 4% Curb Demand Bloomberg / Shamim Adam

The euro was never likely to be a casualty of the battle over the European constitution Independent / Jeremy Warner

South Korean May Consumer Prices Unexpectedly Drop Bloomberg / Seyoon Kim


Firms' "kiss" smacks of desperation Denver Post / Al Lewis

Qwest ordered to turn over documents to shareholders Denver Post / Greg Griffin

Attention returns to jobs data Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Four countries agree to global trade pact AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer

Ex-Qwest CFO to plead guilty Reuters

Enjoy It While It Lasts / Lisa Scherzer

Mortgage muddle Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

Californians dreaming about D-FW Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

Yuan to Dance? / Will Swarts

Job Picture Looks Lackluster / Stephen Taub

CFO Optimism at a Three-Year Low

EU: Love across the Alps The Economist

It's Chirac, stupid The Economist

The frog and the ox The Economist

Microsoft: Schizophrenia The Economist

Sears sees $60M Kmart restructure charge AP via Bradenton Herald

Natural genius? The Economist

The end of one-stop financial shops? CBS Marketwatch via 1st Headlines / Jonathan Burton

NY: State Sales Tax Falls and Rises, and M.T.A. Is Beneficiary NY Times / Al Baker

Economics and Politics – Getting the Balance Right Pimco / Mohamed A. El-Erian

Monthly Mutual Fund Report Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

EU: From Amsterdam, the Coup de Grace Morgan Stanley / Eric Chaney

UK: Time for the UK Government To Be Bold on its Fiscal Rules Morgan Stanley / David Miles

Credit quality, speculation raise US housing worry Reuters / Kristin Roberts

Don't believe the Fed 'pause' hype CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Rates on 30-year mortgages at 5.62%, lowest in 4 months AP via USA Today

Treasuries ease, market plays down inflation signs Reuters / Oliver Ludwig

At The SEC: Backlash Without The Lash Forbes / Dan Ackman

Retailers' May Sales Rise 2.9%; Fashion Stores Lead Bloomberg / Cotten Timberlake and Greg Wiles

Labor Costs Rise More Than Forecast Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

CA: Home figures go both ways Orange County Register / Jeff Collins

NY: Morgan Stanley to return downtown AP via Newsday

'No' votes harmful to euro, good news for U.S. dollar Washington Times / Patrice Hill

Bush’s Quick Pick NY Post / Roddy Boyd

Helping The Prez Explain NY Post / John Crudele

A conundrum story... worry, worry, worry CNN / Kathleen Hays

Making a case for buying bonds Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

Retailers From Target to Nordstrom Post Sales Gains Bloomberg / Cotten Timberlake and Greg Wiles

Productivity Increase Beats Expectations AP via Forbes

Milton Friedman: Legalize It! Forbes / Quentin Hardy

FL: With soaring property values, companies need to pay more to keep workers South Florida Sun Sentinel / Marcia Heroux Pounds

Dollar shows some muscle aainst the still-strong euro AP via Cleveland Plain Dealer / Matt Moore

ECB ignores warnings and holds rates at 2% FT / Steve Johnson

Dutch, French Votes Spell End of EU Integration Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

BoJ signals monetary policy shift FT / David Pilling

U.S. Bond Forecasters, Wrong on Yields in 2004, Blow It Again Bloomberg / Al Yoon

Bond skepticism bodes well CBS Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

U.S. Fed Worries About Increasing Global Risks Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Low Mortgage Rates Defy Expectations Washington Post / Nell Henderson

DC: Area Gets An All-Day Bank Fight  Washington Post / Terence O'Hara

UK: Manufacturing woe raises rate pressure Guardian / Larry Elliott

EU: Sun shines on Dutch but the economic shadows lengthen Independent / Hamish McRae

Fancy math takes on je ne sais quoi Christian Science Monitor / Gregory Lamb

US commerce secretary arrives in Beijing AFX via Forbes and Google News

The Economy: On One Hand, but Then . . . NY Times / Eduardo Porter

Euro falls after magazine airs Berlin's secret doubts Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Starbucks Tiptoes Into Russia Moscow Times / Greg Walters

When Betting on Russia, Kremlin Is the Wild Card NY Times / Erin E. Arvedlund

Sale Talks for Citigroup Asset Unit NY Times / Landon Thomas, Jr.

'Big Sugar' blamed for assortment of evils NY Times via IHT / Alexei Barrionuevo and Elizabeth Becker

Putting a White House Annual Report to a Test NY Times / Hal R. Varian

Europe in turmoil as the Dutch vote No FT / George Parker, Ian Bickerton and Ralph Atkins

Citigroup May Be Excluded From $5 Billion China IPO, People Say Bloomberg / Cathy Chan


The Health of the Banking Industry Federal Reserve Board / Mark W. Olson

Transparency Pains Bondweek / Olivia Thetgyi

UBS Grows Securitized Research Bondweek

Psychology, not use, driving oil price Houston Chronicle / Lynn J. Cook

NV: Cost of living in Southern Nevada not as Affordable Las Vegas Sun / Kevin Rademacher

Is Europe's passion for the euro fading? BBC News / Jon Cronin

Gain may depend on riding out pain USA Today / John Waggoner

Soft and flat? Danger! CNN / Chris Isidore

Greenspan's turn to talk CBS Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

China Does Not Determine U.S. Interest Rates Ludwig von Mises Institute / Frank Shostak

FRBSF Economic Letter Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Are State R&D Tax Credits Constitutional? An Economic Perspective Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

DIARY-Federal Reserve Events Reuters

Survey sounds like an act of desperation Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Oil price goes up and down, ends day with 97-cent decline AP via Baltimore Sun

Real Estate Vulnerability Index Forbes / Sara Clemence

Bubble watch 2005 CNN

Homes lost in 'rescue' ruses Baltimore Sun / Eileen Ambrose

Calif. home equity up $1 trillion since 2000-report Reuters / Jim Christie

Ariz. leads nation in housing price rise Arizona Republic / Catherine Reagor

Sliding bond yields leaves investors guessing FT / Jennifer Hughes

CBOT debt traders edge toward neutral – CFTC Reuters

U.S. 10-Year Treasury Note Tumbles the Most in Almost a Month Bloomberg / Michael McDonald and Al Yoon

Google May Follow Buffett, Shun Split: Taking Stock Bloomberg / Edgar Ortega and Ari Levy

A Free Market SEC--But Seriously Forbes / Dan Ackman

Remarks by Chairman Donald E. Powell Before the Conference of State Bank Supervisors Annual Convention San Antonio, Texas June 3, 2005 FDIC

U.S. Treasuries Surge as Economy Adds Fewer Jobs Than Forecast Bloomberg / Michael McDonald

ISM Non Manufacturing for May Institute for Supply Management

Employees on nonfarm payrolls by industry sector and selected industry detail Bureau of Labor Statistics

U.S. May Payrolls Rise 78,000; Jobless Rate at 5.1% Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Job growth surprisingly weak in May Reuters / Tim Ahmann

As US rate conundrum deepens, Wall St has answers Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

Oil prices decline after crossing $55-a-barrel mark Detroit Free Press / Alejandro Bodipo-Memba

Advice to Issuers: Beware Metaphysical Certitude Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Trichet pours scorn on 'demise of the euro' Scotsman / David Black

EU: Economic fallout from No votes Scotsman / David Black

You Wanna Be a Central Banker? Think Again Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

European Union's woes a storm in a teacup? Christian Science Monitor / Peter Ford

European bank chief rejects rate cut plea Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

A cautious ECB stands pat on rates IHT / Carter Dougherty

Oil May Rise on Concern Demand May Outpace Supply, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

MN: Pay Dirt: Home is where the debt is Minneapolis Star Tribune / Kara McGuire

A Maverick Becomes the Man NY Times / Jeff Bailey

Fund Investors Swept Up in Mad Rush to the Middle Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Commerce Secretary Warns China on Patent Violations NY Times / Chris Buckley

Who Killed Andersen? It Was Suicide NY Times / Floyd Norris

Euro's survival in doubt, claims Brussels adviser Independent / Philip Thornton

Output, trade and population The Economist

Dollar Falls Versus Yen Before Jobs Data: World's Biggest Mover Bloomberg / John Brinsley

Top tourism destinations The Economist

Greenspan's Bond Conundrum Ripens Into an Enigma Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

UK: House price growth slows to 10-year low Independent / Philip Thornton



MO: What bubble? The local housing market is unlikely to burst St. Louis Post Dispatch / Tavia Evans and Eric Heisler

NY: Will the housing bubble burst? NY Daily News / Lore Croghan

Beginning of the end for the euro? Scotsman / Colin Donald

Euthanasia Lew Rockwell / Gary North

Rates home in on lows Boston Herald / Brett Arends

Wal-Mart, get ready for your close-up Denver Post / Al Lewis

Feinstein says China must stop piracy, revalue yuan San Francisco Chronicle / David Armstrong

Bulls eye bonds, baseball? CNN / Alexandra Twin

Euro's Slide Good News for U.S. Market Baltimore Sun / Meg Richards

Bush says economic growth on track Reuters

40-year mortgages about to become another option via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Holden Lewis

Weak U.S. Job Growth in May Renews Fears LA Times / Joel Havemann

CA: Titan would be latest firm to move HQ from S.D. San Diego Union Tribune / Dean Calbreath

WA: Real estate services for sale by owner Washington Times / Tom Ramstack

TX: Is there a housing bubble in Dallas? Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino and Steve Brown

Week Ahead: Stocks to heed Greenspan Reuters / Anupama Chandrasekaran

U.S. 10-Year Note Rises for Third Week in Four; Yield Below 4% Bloomberg / Michael McDonald and Al Yoon

Japan's Bonds Have Third Weekly Gain on Concern Export to Slow Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane

TX: Unknown hits offshore jackpot Houston Chronicle / David Ivanovich

Time to straighten up and fly right Boston Globe / Keith Reed

Wal-Mart's June Sales Are Rising Within Forecast on Groceries Bloomberg / Lauren Coleman-Lochner and Dan Hart

Laptops outsell desktops for first time AP via Seattle Times / Greg Sandoval

Missing a couple trillion Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

Seniors use creativity to get by on Social Security Dallas Morning News / Bob Moos

Crude oil clears $55 a barrel AP via Cleveland Plain Dealer / Brad Foss


Troubled GM plans major tuneup USA Today / James R. Healey, Sharon Silke Carty and Chris Wodyard

Benefiting From the Rise in Rates LA Times / Kathy Kristof

A bullish scenario indicated for gold Toronto Star / Bill Carrigan

Bond yields send mixed message Scotsman / Bill Jamieson

TX: Jobs, wealth could land in Dallas area Dallas Morning News / Jim Landers

KS: Sale to Onex dampens economic rebound Wichita Eagle / Dan Voorhis

Making sense of money: From 'spend, spend, spend' to proper management Tennessean / Keith Russell

Stay alert if you think it's a housing bubble Wichita Eagle

Street awaits clarity Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Effects of uptick in uncertainty Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Accountants are kings among U.S. 2005 graduates Reuters / Andrea Hopkins

Striking while oil is hot Dallas Morning News / Sudeep Reddy

Southern California Home Prices Surge, Driving Up Rental Rates Bloomberg / Daniel Taub

TX: Houston's final frontier: How far out will we live? Houston Chronicle / Nancy Sarnoff

Dollar down vs. yen, up vs. euro in Asia AP via Philadelphia Inquirer

`Soft patch' returns to haunt Wall Street AFP via Taipei Times

IA: Workers at Maytag and across U.S. face closings Des Moines Register

$29.95 one-time-use video cameras ready USA Today via 1st Headlines / Jefferson Graham

All that Euro-Hullabaloo ... Euro vs Dollar Currency War Monitor via Safehaven / Alex Wallenwein

Korea: Won Is Lone Winner Against US Dollar Korea Times / Kim Jae-kyoung

EU: We can make the single currency a scapegoat but we can't make a death wish come true Independent / Hamish McRae

Oil, natural gas price rise is felt by nearly everyone Baltimore Sun / Jamie Smith Hopkins

Greenspan Talks; Wider Trade Gap Expected: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Another Bubble Set to Blow Up? CBS Marketwatch via Wall Street Journal / Paul B. Farrell

Grieve not for demise of financial supermarket Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Gear Up for the Market's Climb (Or Fall) Wall Street Journal / Gregory Zuckerman

It is still the deficit, stupid! Political Gateway via Google News / Bud Beck

Greenspan's Shoes Will Be Tough to Fill AP via Newsday / Jeannine Aversaq

MA: Number crunchers agree: Mass. is no bargain for employers Boston Globe / Charles Stein

AZ: Valley currency traders trying to give small companies an edge Arizona Republic / Russ Wiles

Putting Tax Advisers On the Line Washington Post / Albert B. Crenshaw

Selling house at a loss could have nasty tax implications San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

FL: Should home buyers offer more than the appraisal? Many do South Florida Sun Sentinel / Alexandra Navarro Clifton

CA: Life in the Bubble LA Times / Kim Christensen

AZ: Green house? Arizona Republic / Russ Wiles

Benefiting From the Rise in Rates LA Times / Kathy Kristoff

Dump these funds – fast CBS Marketwatch via Minneapolis Star Tribune Chuck Jaffe

Teeter-totter job growth Washington Times

Very richest are breed apart NY Times via Orange County Register

Sarbanes-Oxley mandates send corporate audit expenses soaring Chicago Tribune / Andrew Countryman

A New Game: Pin the Tail on the Economic Expansion NY Times / Paul J. Lim

Red Ink? Yes. But Not as Much NY Times / Jonathan Fuerbringer

How long can the euro last? Guardian – Observer / Heather Stewart

Out of the red and into the pink Guardian – Observer / James Robinson

Crunch talks on China trade Guardian – Observer / Heather Stewart

What's Good for Business, If No One Else NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

When Stock Tips Go Bad, Is the Broker to Blame? NY Times / Mark Gimein

Another Drink? Sure. China Is Paying NY Times / Eduardo Porter

Jobs data rekindle fear of slowdown in U.S. NY Times via IHT / Edmund L. Andrews

The Man With the Golden Slingshot NY Times / Timothy L. O’Brien

What eBay Could Learn From Craigslist NY Times / Randall Stross


New funds mine profit in demand for commodities USA Today / John Waggoner

US mortgages could set off vicious cycle FT / Richard Beales

Greenspan: Long-term rate puzzler CBS Marketwatch / Greg Robb

New York City Newsday cuts newsstand prices in half South Florida Sun Sentinel / James T. Madore

Not So Fast, FAS 133 / Ed Zwirn

New rage in mortgages is a roll of the dice St. Petersburg Time / Robert Trigaux

Merging Out Of Trouble Forbes / Liz Moyer

A portfolio manager we all should emulate National Review / Tom Nugent

China Is Not The Problem Forbes / Dan Ackman

Central Bank panel discussion Federal Reserve Board / Alan Greenspan

Fed pause unlikely to lift stocks Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Greenspan: trouble ahead for hedge funds Reuters / Tim Ahmann

Greenspan Says Low Bond Yields Remain Unsolved Puzzle Bloomberg / Craig Torres

The Message in the Yield Curve Morgan Stanley / Richard Bremer

Review and Preview Morgan Stanley / Ted Wieseman and David Greenlaw

Treasuries steady after last week’s price rally FT / Jennifer Hughes and Païvi Munter

How interest-only mortgages differ AP via Seattle Times

The New Macro of Globalization Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

Taking care of its core The Economist

Ameritrade shares rise on E-Trade report AP via Omaha World Herald

My Thoughts on the European Referendums Morgan Stanley / Stephen L Jen

Japan: What if the Current Account Balance Stays below Y30tn? Morgan Stanley / Takehiro Sato                                              

EU: Can this union be saved? The Economist

U.S. money market funds struggle to draw investors Reuters / Richard Leong

Identity theft now part of American life Dallas Morning News / Crayton Harrison

U.S. mortgage rates unchanged Monday-BestInfo Reuters

CA: Demand for Home Rentals Pushing Up Rates Bloomberg via LA Times

Is the boom over? CNN / Michael Sivy

Consumer costs skyrocket while inflation falls flat Washington Times / Patrice Hill

Democrats Are Seeking Reshuffle in Tax Game LA Times / Michael Hiltzik

IMF reviews its work on global financial sectors Reuters

Trade Tension May Be Rising LA Times / Evelyn Iritani

US 'can avoid a trade war with the Chinese' FT via Google News / Alexandra Harney

Finance ministers defend euro BBC News

UK: Banking's long revolution BBC News / Peter Day

US lobby says world not ready for GMO wheat Reuters / Sambit Mohanty

Calm after the storm CNN

SEC Budget Crisis Means Less Hiring, L.A. Chief Says Bloomberg / Robert Schmidt

Facing attack on euro, ECB says rate cut an option Reuters / Stella Dawson and Krista Hughes

Washington Mutual to buy Providian CNN

Oil Rises to 6-Week High as Fuel Demand Strains Refinery Output Bloomberg / Alejandro Barbajosa

Euro firms vs dollar as politicians unite FT / Steve Johnson

Simon Property Increase Bond Sales With Yields at Year's Low Bloomberg / David Russell

Confidence in economy slides Orange County Register / Jan Norman

How to Avoid Losses in the U.S. Home-Price Bubble Bloomberg / John Wasik

UK: Weight of debt threatens to crack the foundations of our economic edifice Independent / Stephen King

China's Unyielding Banking Crisis Washington Post / Peter S. Goodman

Can big business clean up corrupt governments in the developing world? Christian Science Monitor

Confusion over bond yield slide The Standard via Google News / Mike Dolan

An Asian `Economic 9/11' for U.S. Economy? Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Anothr Mortgage Refinancing Wave? Clif Droke Market Analysis via Safehaven / Clif Droke

Heavy-hitting ETFs could be the industry's ticket CBS Marketwatch / Jim Wiandt

Summer dilemma: Get the experience - or the cash? Christian Science Monitor / Annette Varnier

Through The Roof US News and World Report / Kim Clark

EU: The week the monster turned on its creators Guardian / Larry Elliott

UK: Bleak sentiment raises pressure on Bank Guardian / Terry Macalister and Charlotte Moore

Japan's 1st-Qtr Capital Spending Growth Accelerated Bloomberg / Lily Nonomiya

The Curious Case of the Dollar Rally New Era Investor via  Safehaven / Roland Watson

Rally in U.S. Treasuries May Stall Ahead of Greenspan Testimony Bloomberg / Al Yoon and Michael McDonald

Euro May Extend Decline as Pressure Mounts on ECB to Cut Rate Bloomberg / Jake Lee



WA: With home prices hot, buyers can get burned Seattle Post Intelligencer / Kristen Millares Bolt

Bankers scratch their heads—and worry The Economist

Death of the Carry Trade Benson's Economic & Market Trends via Safehaven / Richard Benson

Bond Attorneys Exhale as IRS Issues Circular 230 Clarifications Bond Buyer / Alison L. McConnell

Inverted curve ahead? Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Fed's Gramlich-Housing froth in some U.S. areas Reuters

Maestro Mystified Blog / Ronald Fink

New bond issues signal renewed appetite FT / Jennifer Hughes and Richard Beales

Some see pall on horizon in form of summer stall Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

Bondholders like Ford's bond market foray AP via Beaufort Gazette

Mexico Sells 750 Million Euros of 10-Year Bonds Bloomberg / Sebastian Boyd and Adriana Arai

No housing bubble, Toll CFO says CBS Marketwatch / John Spence

NV: Median price of LV homes reaches $300,000 Las Vegas Sun / Kevin Rademacher

Speculation on houses echoes late-’90s Net boom AP via Tacoma News Tribune

Why IBM Should Buy Electronic Arts Forbes / Rich Karlgaard

Is Google Overpriced? / James B. Stewart

SEC official defends agency actions AP via Beaufort Gazette / Marcy Gordon

Consumer credit rises in April at slowest pace in 5 months AP via USA Today

BOK to Hold Call Rate Steady Korea Times / Kim Yon-se

Italy's heavyweights set for euro fight BBC News

UK: Retailers feel the winds of recession but the Bank is not yet in interest rate cutting mood Independent / Jeremy Warner

Community Banks: A Regulatory Update Federal Reserve Board / Susan Schmidt Bies

Dallas Fed president learns lesson on Fed-speak AP via Houston Chronicle

U.S. 10-Year Treasuries Increase Following Greenspan Remarks Bloomberg / Vivianne C. Rodrigues

Wealthy or midde-class, worries are similar AP via Houston Chronicle

Old media shout to be heard CNN / Krysten Crawford

GM Cost-Cutting: Just Eyewash? Forbes / Dan Lienert

Greenspan's comments on economy boost stocks; Dow up 107 AP via Boston Herald

Jobs Report Hints at Weakening Economy NY Post / John Crudele

Europe urged to welcome weak euro BBC News

Greenspan and other central bankers give U.S. campaign to change China currency less than rave reviews San Diego Union Tribune / Martin Crutsinger

MO: Lambert's debt rating is cut amid service concerns St. Louis Post Dispatch / Tim McLaughlin

Greenspan's bet on a boom CNN / Kathleen Hays

Greenspan urges China currency flexibility MSNBC via 1st Headlines / Stephanie Hoo

Return of The Barbarians Forbes / Jack Gage and Michael K. Ozanian

Pimco names Schmider president of bond-fund unit Orange County Register

Treasurys higher after Greenspan CBS Marketwatch / Leslie Wines

GM to cut 25,000 jobs by '08 CNN

Crude prices fall as Opec renews output pledge FT / Kevin Morrison

Shape of budget deal emerging as EU needs success Reuters / Paul Taylor, European Affairs Editor

Saudis scramble for stake in stock market boom Reuters / Laith Abou-Ragheb

Greenspan's Real Conundrum Isn't Long-Term Rates Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

False Sales Make a Better Bottom Line, but Only for a While NY Times / Stephanie Saul

Price Fund Managers See Growth as a Moving Target Bloomberg / Chet Currier

States try to ease property-tax rise Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

Can the Net cut your real estate fees? CBS Marketwatch / Bambi Francisco

The savings habit CBS Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

The $1.4 Trillion Mistake Tech Central Station / Dominic Basulto

Bush and Congress Ride Highway Bill to Heaven Bloomberg / Andrew Ferguson

Hot spots of US population growth Christian Science monitor / Christopher Leonard

The Trading Blues Daily Standard / Irwin Stelzer

Alaska Oil Field's Falling Production Reflects U.S. Trend Washington Post / Justin Blum

UK: Rates to be cut - but not this time Scotsman / David Black

U.S. Notes Gain; Greenspan Doesn't Expect Change in Yields Soon Bloomberg / Shamim Adam

The Alpha and Omega of Social Security Reform Newsmax / James Atticus Bowden

China's New Growth Challenger Is Pakistan Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

Russia: Central Bank Fudges on Ruble Moscow Times / Alex Fak

Australian Dollar Rises to 3-Week High as Metals Prices Rally Bloomberg / Chris Young

EU's Referendum Failure Leaves ECB as Scapegoat Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

Oil Little Changed After Falling Amid Speculation Supplies Rose Bloomberg / Gavin Evans


Discounters set sights on traditional real estate market USA Today / Jayne O'Donnell and Sue Kirchhoff

MO: Economic model's job numbers could make us a boomtown St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

TX: Home sales hit another bump Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

Greenspan wrestling with rate 'conundrum' MSNBC / Martin Wolk

Ohio agency blames city investment firm for loss of millions Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Steve Massey

What if the end isn't nigh? Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Is Texas Tea the new tech? CNN / Paul R. La Monica

TN: Tourism dollars blast toward record levels Nashville Tennessean / Richard Lawson

EU: It's the economy, stupide! IHT / Robert A. Levine

Canada: Monetary Policy and the Exchange Rate in Canada Bank of Canada / David Dodge

The IMF in a Changing World IMF / Rodrigo de Rato

EU warned against 'paralysis' as budget row hots up AFP via EU Business

The Rich & the Government, Friends Forever National Review / Larry Kudlow

GM's new job cuts echo recent trend Knight Ridder via Seattle Times / Michael Ellis and Jeffrey McCracken

Craigslist web site worries newspapers Miami Herald / Peggy Rogers

Traders try, try, try to figure out Greenspan Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnahrt

The Euro, a Convenient Scapegoat Morgan Stanley / Eric Chaney

Graying Global Cities Forbes / Michael Noer

Do it Make it Yourself Tech Central Station / Glenn Harlan Reynolds

Treasuries lower as markets awaits Greenspan FT / Jennifer Hughes and Païvi Munter

The Dangers Of Full Disclosure Forbes / Dan Ackman

FL: Building boom causes shortage, price hike St. Petersburg Time / Robert Trigaux

Canadian homebuilders face rising cost pressures, keeping prices high CP via / Tara Perkins

NC: Auctions up for real estate Raleigh News and Observer / Jack Hagel

Connecticut Restores Estate Tax in Move to Balance Budget NY Times via / William Yardley

Florida economy bucks U.S. trend Knight Ridder via Bradenton Journal / Marcia Heroux Pounds

White House upbeat on growth CBS Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Agreeing on Africa, up to a point The Economist

Revealed: how oil giant influenced Bush Guardian / John Vidal

Opposition to trade pact growing Boston Globe / Rick Klein

India: Well Running Dry AP via Hartford Courant / S. Srinivasan

Greenspan faces rough waters Reuters

Fed's Gramlich says growth alone won't cut deficits Reuters

Tech Pulse Index Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Small Business Credit Scoring and Credit Availability Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

U.S. taxable money funds report $19 bln inflow Reuters

White House says economic growth is steady, strong AP via Chicago Sun Times  / Terence Hunt

HealthSouth Will Pay $100 Mln to Settle SEC Lawsuit, People Say Bloomberg / Otis Bilodeau

Moody's drops America West to 'negative' Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Thomas Olson

The European Dis-union Newsmax / Phil Brennan

The perfect level of 'rich' CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

CA: Hotels Are Making Room for Condominiums LA Times / Mike Schneider

Greenspan doubts relief from rising yuan Washington Times / Patrice Hill

Economy seen improving in 2nd half '05 Reuters

Oil jumps on surprise crude stocks fall Reuters

U.S. watches China's oil demand with concern Reuters / Chris Baltimore

Enhancing Risk Management under Basel II Federal  Reserve Board / Susan Schmidt Bies

Union-bash or bust? The Economist

Boomers move into retirement San Francisco Chronicle / Carolyn Said

Monthly Wholesale Trade U.S. Census Bureau

U.S. April Wholesale Inventories Rise 0.8%; Sales Up 1.5% Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Dollar soft as Greenspan comments weigh FT / Steve Johnson

Costs of health care drag America down San Francisco Chronicle / David Lazarus

Red Light/Green Light for Tech Spending / Russ Banham

GM chief is no car person, offers little but bromides Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

WI: Big state businesses confident about economy Milwaukee Journal  Sentinel / Thomas Content

Junk Default Rate at Eight-Year Low / Stephen Taub

Bond Strategists: BBVA's Perez Sees Mexican Rate Cut Bloomberg / Adriana Arai

Fed Officials Warn on Real Estate Values, Interest-Only Loans Bloomberg / Craig Torres and Amy Strahan

Houses Are Consumer Durables, Not Investments Lew Rockwell / Eric Englund

Return of the Weird, as Space Museum Taps Market Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Hedge funds face tougher times, says Greenspan Telegraph / Malcolm Moore

A Relief: Some Gains for Hedges NY Times / Riva D. Atlas

Yen Falls as Some Companies May Pull Out: World's Biggest Mover Bloomberg / John Brinsley

A new villain emerges in Europe: the euro NY Times via IHT / Floy Norris

EU: The Politicians Will Whine, But the ECB is Not About to Ease Northern Trust via Safehaven / Victoria Marklew

The problem with Europe Guardian via Taipei Times / Will Hutton

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TX: Commercial market takes a different path Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

NC: Triangle home sales rise Charlotte News and Observer / Dudley Price

TX: Home prices rose in May Dallas Star Telegram

Report: OPEC output last month strong UPI via Washington Times

White House: Energy to clip economic growth Bloomberg via Orlando Sentinel / Brendan Murray and Holly Rosenkrantz

CO: Foreclosures climb Rocky Mountain News / John Rebchook

CA: Greenspan warns of housing risks Orange County Register / Jonathan Lansner

Long-term mortgage rate falls to 5.56% CNN

Providian-WaMu merger has $225M breakup fee CBS Marketwatch

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Mutual suspicion: MassMutual execs had CEO investigated Boston Herald / Brett Arends, Jay Fitzgerald and Jesse Noyes

Number of U.S. Home Sales Expected to Beat 2004 Record Reuters via LA Times

Delphi Treasurer Geller Resigns, Is Replaced by Arle Bloomberg / Bill Koenig

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Japan's Current-Account Gap Widens Less Than Expected Bloomberg / Tim Kelly

N.Z. Keeps Benchmark Rate Unchanged, Flags Increase Bloomberg / Tracy Withers



No fireworks, no alarms - but details are worrisome Pittsburgh Tribune Review via Fiend’s SuperBear Page / Andrew Cassel

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Fiscal and Monetary Policy Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

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DIARY-Federal Reserve Events Reuters

CBOT debt traders tripped by 30-year drop – CFTC Reuters / Ros Krasny

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10-year yield jumps back above 4 percent CNN

Eurozone yields near record lows FT / Joanna Chung

Dollar Climbs to 9-Month High Against Euro on Trade-Gap Relief Bloomberg / Mark Tannenbaum

Euro hits 9-month low against dollar FT / Steve Johnson

Rosen steps down as Bush's economics adviser Reuters via USA Today

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U.S. 10-Year Note Falls for 3rd Day, Longest Slump Since March Bloomberg / Vivianne C. Rodrigues

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Citigroup to Pay $2 Billion to Settle Enron Lawsuit Bloomberg / Jef Feeley and Gregory Cresci

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Dollar Climbs to 9-Month High Against Euro on Trade-Gap Relief Bloomberg / Mark Tannenbaum

U.S. trade deficit rose 12% in April AP via Baltimore Sun / Martin Crutsinger

U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services U.S. Census Bureau

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Economic Outlook and the Role of Bank Directors Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia / Anthony M. Santomero

Santomero Says Rates May Rise at a `Measured Pace' Bloomberg / Andrew Ward and Victor Epstein

GDP should grow 3.5 to 4% in 2005 CBS Marketwatch / Dan Burrows

Snow upbeat on deficit Reuters / Glenn Somerville

Bond Market Baffles Many Observers AP via Baltimore Sun / Rachel Beck

OH: 2 more 'flippers' admit charges Cincinnati Enquirer / Mike Boyer

FL: Apartment shortages on state's horizon Orlando Sentinel / Jack Snyder

MD: Housing prices in region rose 16.4% in May Baltimore Sun / Lorraine Mirabella

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Get Ready for a Housing Slowdown / Stacey L. Bradford

Fed considering revisions to credit card term disclosures Knight Ridder / Tony Pugh

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Statement by IMF Managing Director Rodrigo de Rato at the Conclusion of His Visit to Georgia IMF

Review and Preview Morgan Stanley / Ted Wieseman/David Greenlaw

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Turkey: There's No Conundrum Here Morgan Stanley / Serhan Cevik

Americans increase charitable giving AP via MSNBC

Sell-off in Treasuries continues FT / Jennifer Hughes, Joanna Chung and David Turner

Venezuela May Sell First 10-Year Domestic Bonds Bloomberg / Alex Kennedy

Treasuries retreat, fearing surprises from data Reuters

Oil soars $2 a barrel Reuters via CNN

Housing market boom seen continuing CNN

MN: Home buyers find rising prices, risky loans Minneapolis Star Tribune /  Jim Buchta

CA:  Californians taking big risks to buy homes, report warns San Diego Union Tribune / Emmet Pierce

US investors still look abroad as dollar rebounds Reuters / John Parry

EU: Schroeder Seeks Uniform Global Hedge-Fund Standards Bloomberg / Andreas Cremer

Greenspan's last months critical AP via Morning Call / Meg Richards

United has outside buyer interest AP via Wichita Eagle

Economy calls for cautious approach AP via Morning Call / Joyce M. Rosenberg

U.S. 10-Year Notes Fall for 4th Day; Longest Drop in 4 Months Bloomberg / Jake Lee and Mark Tannenbaum

Prudential, Exelon Issue 30-Year Bond as Yields Drop Bloomberg / Walden Siew

Higher output may not dent $50 oil –OPEC Reuters / Barbara Lewis and Yara Bayoumy

CA: Cost of Moving Up Keeps Many From Selling Homes LA Times / Annette Haddad

Bankruptcy change affects small business Knight Ridder via Orange County Register / Jennifer Bjorhus

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Look what's beating stocks Christian Science Monitor / Evan Pondel

Gold Falls From 1-Month High as Japanese Sell on Weaker Yen Bloomberg / Chia-Peck Wong

Home, very costly home NY Times via IHT / Steve Lohr

Lifecycle funds let you do the retirement 'one-step' Christian Science Monitor / Martin Skala

EU: Cross-Border Bank Deal to Be Largest In Europe NY Times / Heather Timmons

The euro is unlikely to disappear, but its benefits are increasingly difficult to spot Independent / Stephen King

Euro to Drop as Traders Most Bearish Since 2003, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Rodrigo Davies

Blair's Attack on Financial Watchdog Rings True Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

Treasury Rally May Continue as Dollar's Surge Draws Investors Bloomberg / Al Yoon

Gold May Fall for 1st Week in Four as Dollar Gains, Survey Says Bloomberg / Choy Leng Yeong


Built By Bonds Coalition Introduces New Website Bond Market Association

Bubble debate turns frothy Orange County Register / Jonathan Lansner

What's Behind the Interest Rate Conundrum? Ludwig von Mises Institute / Frank Shostak

Fed officials suggest not yet done raising rates Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

FL: Website brings condo boom online Miami Herald / Elaine Walker

Countrywide's `Mozilo Math' Simply Defies Logic Bloomberg / Graef Crystal

All Currencies Beginning To Sink? Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Kasriel

EU: After "Non," Delight Daily Standard / Irwin Stelzer

OPEC says it will try to lower oil prices AP via St. Louis Post Dispatch / William J. Kole

From Communism to Terrorism Lew Rockwell / Jacob G. Hornberger

Profiting From the Conundrum / James B. Stewart

Does GM have room to run? Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Yahoo! buys Internet phone provider AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Rachel Konrad

Fast Times at Best Buy / Igor Greenwald

SC: Oil prices cause paving costs to rise Beaufort Gazette / David Gram

Korea: Export Prices Fall Steepest in 40 Months Korea Times / Lee Hyo-sik

Stronger dollar's mixed bag Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Mexico May Sell Bonds in Canada to Raise $600 Million Bloomberg / Adriana Arai

CA: Healthy signs at CalPERS San Francisco Chronicle / Victoria Colliver

President Discusses Social Security with Future Farmers of America White House

We can save Social Security. Here's how Dallas Morning News / William McKenzie

Fed's Poole says low long rates no puzzle Reuters

Understanding the Term Structure of Interest Rates Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis / William Poole

Fed not done yet raising rates Reuters / Alister Bull

U.S. Treasuries ease, next inflation hurdle looms Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

Snow hits out at EU antipathy to business FT / Tobias Buck and George Parker

OH: Gas prices jump 10-15 cents over weekend Cincinnati Enquirer / John Eckberg

Good old 30-year mortgages are back in style USA Today / Sandra Block

Dollar profits by euro’s woes FT / Steve Johnson

America's generous aid to Africa BBC News / Stephen Evans

Current Regulatory Issues Federal Reserve Board / Susan Schmidt Bies

Fed's Bies-real estate markets worry regulators Reuters

Retail Financial Innovation Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond / Jeffrey M. Lacker

EU: An odd time to be rising The Economist

Grains, soybeans increase AP via NJ Post

Dollar dips from nine-month high FT / Steve Johnson

Small Scottish town braces for G8 juggernaut Reuters / Andrew Gray

U.S. May Retail Sales Fall 0.5%; Down 0.2% Ex-Autos Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Wholesale prices tumble CNN

US chain store sales rise in June 11 week-Redbook Reuters

Treasuries ease, retail sales decline and PPI mild Reuters

He had little fun with `inverse bond funds' Boston Herald / Chuck Jaffe

Lehman Profit Rises 12% on Fixed-Income Trading Gain Bloomberg / Adrian Cox

Best Buy 1st-Qtr Profit Rises on MP3, Computer Sales Bloomberg / Greg Wiles

Greenspan Needs To  Get His  Interest Rate Story Straight NY Post / John Crudele

What Now, Morgan Stanley? Forbes / Liz Moyer

Walking yuan's thin line San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

UK: Most companies will last much longer than a bond. So why are they thought high risk? Independent / Jeremy Warner

The Attorney General Who Would Be King Tech Central Station / Dominic Basulto

Rich-poor gap gaining attention Christian Science Monitor / Peter Grier

Russian capital flight rises Guardian / Mark Milner

Yen Rises After Tanigaki Says He Expects China Move Before Long Bloomberg / Yumi Kuramitsu

ECB's Issing Breaks the Taboo on Euro Rate Cuts Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

W.T.O. Talks Moving Slowly, Chief Says NY Times / Keith Bradsher

BOJ to Keep Rates at Zero, Cash Target Unchanged, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Mayumi Otsuma

Morgan Stanley's Choices: New Direction or Better Execution? NY Times / Jenny Anderson


Housing Bubble Overblown Tech Central Station / James K. Glassman

Europe’s painful summit The Economist

Fed keeps nerve over tighter monetary policy FT / Andrew Balls

Weak Retail Sales - Blame It On The Weather Or The Fed? Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Kasriel

Your Zip Code Portfolio Lew Rockwell / Gary North

Real estate values might drop in resort areas AP via The State

Adjusting to Change Bank of Canada / David Dodge

NASD Tops Salary Survey Bond Buyer / Lynn Hume

Prices data fail to halt Treasury sell-off FT / Jennifer Hughes, Joanna Chung and David Turner

Bill could drop Alaska drilling Rocky Mountain News / Gargi Chakrabarty

The Tax Structure Needs Repair National Review / Bruce Bartlett

Social Security plan struggles for momentum CBS Marketwatch / William L. Watts

Deficit's not so reduced Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

TX: Fed exec to address gathering Dallas Morning News / Robert Miller

Debtors rush to beat new bankruptcy law Orlando Sentinel / Richard Burnett

Cell phone mergers have dark side USA Today / Leslie Cauley

Minnesota hedge fund to push for defeat of Verizon-MCI merger AP via Bradenton Journal / Sandy Shore

TX: Record housing demand expected Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

Senators want to boost retirement age to 69 AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel

Bush pushes energy legislation UPI via Insight On The News / Richard Tomkins

Senate approves Bernanke for W.House post Reuters

US data back Fed policy on rate increases FT via MSN

U.S. mortgage rates unchanged Wednesday-BestInfo Reuters

Southern, Calif. home mortgage payments rise in May Reuters

Housing is hot spot for economy Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Michele Derus

Beige Book Federal Reserve Board

OPEC’s symbolic move The Economist

Oil Rises on U.S. Supply Fall as OPEC Boosts Quotas Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

Throw GM out of the Dow? CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Enron's Banker Makes A Deal Forbes / Dan Ackman

China heeding foreign currency pressure AP via Washington Times

Bush's business support grows wary Baltimore Sun / Julie Hirschfeld Davis

Tighter leash on Freddie, Fannie urged CNN

Bush warns Congress that gasoline buyers fed up AP via Houston Chronicle

Fact check: Britain's EU Rebate BBC News

Managing Risk in a Changing Economic and Financial Landscape Federal  Reserve Board / Donald L. Kohn

Empire State Manufacturing Survey Federal Reserve Bank of New York

U.S. Industrial Production Rose 0.4% in May, More Than Expected Bloomberg / Victor Epstein

Chicago, New York Fight Losing Convention Battle Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

CA: Annual appreciation rate under 10% for first time since December 1999 San Diego Union Tribune / Roger M. Showley

CA: Pricey homes may spark tax audit Sacramento Bee / Andrew McIntosh

Reasons To Worry About U.S. Economic Growth video Forbes

Las Vegas Sun to be folded into rival Las Vegas Review-Journal AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Roger M. Showley

OPEC Raises Quotas a Fifth Time as Oil Price Surges Bloomberg / Stephen Voss

Dollar Declines; Foreigners Bought Fewer Assets Than Forecast Bloomberg / Vivianne C. Rodrigues and Michael McDonald

Consumer Price Index Summary US Bureau of Labor Statistics

U.S. Consumer Prices Fall for First Time Since July Bloomberg / Bob Willis

Bear Stearns profits up 5% second quarter FT  / Peter John

On China's Currency, Ignore Investment Banks Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Where Oil Is Mined, Not Pumped Washington Post / Justin Blum

Freddie Discloses Executive Pay in '04 Washington Post / Terence O'Hara

How the Real Estate Bubble is Keeping the Economy Afloat Clif Droke Market Analysis / Clif Droke

UK: Pound soars as City hopes fade for early rate cut Guardian / Larry Elliott

UK: Inflation dents prospects of interest rate cut Scotsman / Nick Bevens

Blair's EU cash ultimatum Guardian / Larry Elliott

Swiss National Bank Faces a Low Rate Dilemma Bloomberg / John M. Berry

China Is Said to Consider $15 Billion Bailout of Stock Market NY Times / David Barboza

China's May Industrial Output Rises 16.6% to a Record Bloomberg / Nerys Avery

EU, Its Constitution Dead, Battles Over Budget With New Members Bloomberg / Bryan Bradley

Candidates Emerging as Morgan Seeks Chief NY Times / Landon Thomas, Jr.

The Everything REITs Forbes / Stephane Fitch