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MN: Sorry, we're closed St. Paul Pioneer Press via / Patrick Sweeney, Rachel E. Stassen-Berger and Bill Salisbury

What's Behind the Trade Deficit Numbers? Ludwig von Mises Institute / Antony P. Mueller

Mood in Mid-America Christian Science Monitor / Mark Sappenfield

The Fed's Measure of Consistency Business Week via MSNBC / Michael Wallace

CA: Realtors see solid housing market Sacramento Bee / Rachel Osterman

Economic Trends pdf Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Fed hike is likely to twist ARMs Orange County Register / Andrew Galvin

Upset by what Fed didn't say Chicago Tribune via Baltimore Sun William Neikirk

How high will the Fed go? MSN

Fed signals intention to continue raising rates AP via The State / Jeannine Aversa

AZ: State's quality jobs decline, survey says Arizona Republic / Jonathan J. Higuera

Housing may sting more than bust Reuters via CNN

Wall Street gift limits a worry for merchants Reuters / Scott Malone

Hedge Fund Growth: Good News Or Bad? Forbes via Wharton

Hedge funds: a wild quarter CNN / Amanda Cantrell

Bank of America, MBNA merger called bad for consumers AP via Baltimore Sun

Shareholders feeling like pallbearers Denver Post / Al Lewis

Treasuries Tumble After ISM Index Rises: World's Biggest Mover Bloomberg / Michael McDonald

10-year Treasury yield pops above 4% CNN

U.S. buyers' mood lifted in June Reuters / Ellen Freilich

Crude ends week strong after heating oil surge FT / Kevin Morrison and Emma Winberg

After O'Connor Forbes / Daniel Fisher

Continental Drift Forbes / Dennis Kneale

Ignore the biz-babble -- follow the money San Francisco Chronicle / David Lazarus

Dangers Abound In Hedge Fund Trading Forbes / Robert Lenzner

Microsoft to Pay IBM $775 Mln to End Antitrust Claims Bloomberg / Cesca Antonelli

Donaldson: The Last Agenda / Stephen Taub

Treasuries ease on day after Fed, ISM awaited Reuters

House Asks Bush to Review China Unocal Bid AP via Forbes

Fed Is Only Central Bank Raising Rates Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Muni Guide Gives Some Straight Talk on Public Debt Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Stronger eurozone manufacturing lifts bond yields FT / Joanna Chung

MetLife, Citigroup close $11.8B deal AP via NJ Post

Elder Statesman Wanger Pounds Table for Dividends Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Capital One Gains on speculation After MBNA Takeover Bloomberg / Will Edwards

Mortgage rates drop to 5.53% AP via Minneapolis Star Tribune

Political Economic Reasons Why The Fed Is On The Cusp Of Pausing Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Kasriel

The June 30 FOMC Statement and How it Differs from the May 3 Statement via Safehaven / Ashraf Laidi

Foreign direct investment The Economist

The Euro: Why the Tortoise Could Yet Beat the Hare Global Spin via Safehaven / Wilfred Hahn

Yen Erases Gains Against Dollar, Extends Weekly Decline on Fed Bloomberg / John Brinsley

UK: Official figures reveal UK economy in deep trouble Telegraph / Malcolm Moore

UK: Risk to small businesses after Lords ruling on bankruptcy Guardian / Jill Treanor

UK: Economic storm clouds are gathering The Scotsman / David Black

Foreign Suitors Nothing New in U.S. Oil Patch NY Times / Alexei Barrionuevo

NY: Manhattan apartment prices continue to rise Newsday / Tomoeh Murakami Tse

China as World Finance Maverick -- Deal With It Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

Yen Rises After BOJ's Sentiment Index Is Higher Than Expected Bloomberg / John Brinsley


Roaring Government Bond Market Union Securities via Safehaven / David Chapman

Thoughts on the Housing Bubble Thought’s From The Frontline via Safehaven / John Mauldin

Double-Digit Earnings Growth About to End AP via LA Times / Ellen Simon

Wachovia -- outfoxed, or foxy? Charlotte Observer / Rick Rothacker

Dollar Rises for a 4th Week in 5 Versus Euro to 13-Month High Bloomberg / Mark Tannenbaum

Housing boom's side effect: rising property taxes AP via Charlotte Observer / John Pain

CA: O.C. is taking housing prices to a new level Orange County Register

Treasuries Have Biggest Weekly Decline Since March as ISM Rises Bloomberg / Michael McDonald

Sears stock rated `buy' Chicago Tribune

A Bond Maven Consults His Crystal Ball NY Times / Riva D. Atlas

Schools That Train Real Estate Agents Are Booming, Too NY Times / Gregg Matthews

To cut oil dependence, look to the Skies IHT / Daniel Altman

MBNA Merger Would Leave Capital One in Unique Position Washington Post / Dean Starkman

The Next Heavyweight Champion of Banks NY Times / Julie Creswell



Oil 'will hit $100 by winter' Guardian – Observer / Heather Stewart

G8 has got the lowdown on everything but the slowdown Scotsman / Bill Jamieson

MA: Renting out is rough: Small landlords feel property price pinch Boston Herald / Scott Van Voorhis

Restricted stock is new heavy in CEO pay Chicago Tribune via Orlando Sentinel / Andrew Countryman

Economic cycles are repeating Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Gauging Two Booms Washington Post / Ben White

1st-time buyers, two-unit housing Cincinnati Enquirer / Michelle R. Smith

For novices, investing in foreclosures is a gamble via Ornage County Register / Mike Gusti

Is it a housing bubble? Act as if it is Wichita Eagle

An unexpected signing bonus LA Times / Chuck Green

MO: Reverse mortgages can be a godsend or a curse to the elderly St. Louis Post Dispatch / Jack Naudi

Philip Morris using a smoke screen? Denver Post / Al Lewis

Tough Crowd NY Post / Terry Keenan

Immigrants Benefit U.S. Economy Now as Ever LA Times / James Flanigan

Bush administration wants more small businesses to get federal work St. Louis Post Dispatch / Hector V. Barreto

Could a Few Hedge Funds Spoil the Party? NY Times / Anna Bernasek

Hedge funds' impact outpace their growth Chicago Tribune / Andrew Leckey

Real estate investment trusts offer opportunity Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Susan Morris

Credit-card users may be paying nearly double by end of the year Baltimore Sun / Eileen Ambrose

MD: Investors heat up housing market Baltimore Sun / Jamie Smith Hopkins

Jobs Rebounded, Services Grew in June: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Joe Richter

Were the Good Old Days That Good? NY Times / Louis Uchitelle

U.S. fate is mixed to Spirit of '76 Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Treasurys dive as ISM data cloud slow-growth sentiment AFX via Forbes

Profits, Not Jobs, on the Rebound in Silicon Valley NY Times / John Markoff and Matt Richtel

Dow cuts its losses in the second quarter Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

Pinning down the big bucks Orlando Sentinel / Harry Wessel

Some People Pick the Stock. Others Choose the Moment. AP via Chicago Tribune / Conrad De Aenlle

A Stock Market Riddle May Have an Easy Answer NY Times / Mark Hulbert

Awakening Economic Powerhouses Eye G-8 AP via Chicago Tribune / Tom Raum



Alan Greenspan and the US current account deficit Brookes News via Fiend’s SuperBear Page / Gerard Jackson

Multifamily houses catching on AP via St. Paul Pioneer Press / Michelle R. Smith

WI: Striking the right balance Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Joel Dresang

Canada: Business Outlook Survey Bank of Canada

IMF's Rato says no need for ECB rate cut at moment Reuters

Fees put squeeze on credit cards Washington Times / Tom Ramstack

Review and Preview Morgan Stanley / Ted Wieseman and David Greenlaw

Pension Guard shields from inflation's creep Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

Mutual fund industry mounting attack against reform movement Chicago Tribune via Hartford Courant / Michael Oneal

Risk of a USD Overshoot Morgan Stanley / Stephen L Jen

Dollar's surprising rally may not be sustained CBS Marketwatch

Some firms rehire recent layoffs Orange County Register

UK: Forecast Update: Subdued Consumer, Higher Inflation Morgan Stanley / Melanie Baker, Vladimir Pillonca and David Miles

Euroland: Good Deflation, Soft Recovery Morgan Stanley / Eric Chaney

The Plaza Accord, Japan, and Lessons for China Morgan Stanley / Stephen L Jen

Asia Pacific: All About US Jobs Morgan Stanley / Malcolm Wood

Japan: Tankan: A Satisfying Rebound Morgan Stanley / Takehiro Sato

Former adviser to Bush interviewed for Fed post FT / Andrew Balls

The Fallout from O'Connor's Resignation NY Times / Claudia H. Deutsch

'Three Billion New Capitalists': Consider the Outsource NY Times / Henry Blodget

Depressed bond yields confound trends FT

Eurozone bond yields rise FT / Joanna Chung and Mariko Sanchanta

How to really read those earnings reports Reuters / Linda Stern

Growing seniors segment an elixir Westchester Journal News via Cincinnati Enquirer / Jay Loomis

Deutsche Telekom may sell T-Mobile USA Reuters / Boris Groendahl

It takes more than poor returns to be a Morningstar dog AP via Chicago Sun Times / Meg Richards

Amtrak president lobbies for funds Philadelphia Inquirer / Henry J. Holcomb

Investing in China Is Worthwhile Though Perilous BBC News / John Wasik

G8: a jaded formula in a high-octane world? Reuters / Brian Love

Dollar gains on rate rise hopes BBC News

Euro Hits 13 Month Low Against Dollar AP via Newsday / Matt Moore

Traders Increase Bets on $80 Oil on Supply Concerns Bloomberg / Alejandro Barbajosa

Dollar Rises to 13-Month High as Factory Orders Probably Gained Bloomberg / John Brinsley

Treasuries May Gain as Foreigners Seek Higher Yields Bloomberg / Al Yoon


CA: Santa Ana's hot housing Orange County Register / Jonathan Lansner

After the Barbecue Daily Standard / Irwin Stelzer

Deficit needs real solution Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

A Friend of the Market Bond Buyer / Mathew Vadum

The Case for (Carve-Out) Personal Accounts Tech Central Station / Jagadeesh Gokhale

Housing Speculation is More Rampant Than You Think Euro Pacific Capital via Safehaven / Peter Schiff

Canada: RBC predicts healthy growth CP via Toronto Star

Germany: Land of the Lost Tech Central Station / Nico Wirtz

Morgan Stanley to pay Mack $25M per year AP via Akron Beacon Journal

White House to give budget update next week Reuters

Bonds fall as investors book profits FT / Jennifer Hughes, Joanna Chung and Mariko Sanchanta

Emerging debt-Prices follow Treasuries lower Reuters

U.S. state and metro-area housing data Reuters

Made in China, felt in America Newsday / Randi F. Marshall and Lauren Weber

Oil prices hit $60 as storms stoke fears Reuters

In gauging living standards, GDP often misses mark Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

IL: What's driving retail boom Chicago Sun Times / Sandra Guy

Calif. governor says budget agreement reached Reuters

Money and happiness: How tight the bond? CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

Dow, Nasdaq End Up on Economic Optimism AP via Baltimore / Ellen Simon

Ford matches GM, Chrysler discounts Bloomberg via Dallas Morning News

Thousands to march as G8 leaders meet in Scotland Reuters / Andrew Gray

Japan: Victory for Koizumi, but delivery is delayed The Economist

EU: First-mover disadvantage The Economist

Taking Stock Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

FASB Wipes Clean a "Tainted" Provision / Ed Zwirn

Rely on basics, not guesswork Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

Bank regulators dismiss housing bubble Philadelphia Inquirer / Kevin G. Hall

Oil prices not yet hurting economy San Francisco Chronicle / David R. Baker

Asia Pacific: It's Still About Oil Morgan Stanley / Andy Xie

Japan's Bond Dealers, Stung by Oil Gain, Temper Yield Outlook Bloomberg / Chris Cooper and Keiko Ujikane

Asia Pacific: Trade Momentum Rebounded from April Lows Morgan Stanley / Deyi Tan and Daniel Lian

What Global Saving Glut? Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

Oil prices near $60 per barrel mark AP via Houston Chronicle / Brad Foss

Ameritrade-TD Waterhouse merger took a long time San Francisco  Chronicle / Jenny Strasburg

Getting Ready For Gold's Run To $500 Forbes / John Dobosz

The Creditors' Ball? Forbes / Peter Lattman

U.S. May Factory Orders Rise on Aircraft Demand Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

U.S. Treasuries Decline as Factory Orders for May Increase Bloomberg / Michael McDonald and Steve Rothwell

Hole in the Housing Bubble NY Times / Raymond Bonner

In Germany, the Jobless Work to Keep Their Benefits NY Times / Kevin J. O’Brien

Mr. Greenspan's dilemma CBS Marketwatch / Walter S. Frank

Political factors for Bush as he picks a nominee Christian Science Monitor / Linda Feldmann

UK: Confidence in economy 'falls again' This is London – Evening Standard

Australia Probably Will Keep Interest Rate at 5.5% Bloomberg /                 Victoria Batchelor

Oil Rises on Speculation U.S. Refiners May Increase Purchases Bloomberg / Hector Forster and Gavin Evans

Dollar Is Close to 14-Month High on Yields, Economic Outlook Bloomberg / John Brinsley

Unocal, Maytag Bids May Buoy U.S., Refuting Anti-China Outcry Bloomberg / Art Pine


Home sales may have tapped the brakes USA Today / Edward Iwata

First-time buyers' wild ride CBS Marketwatch / Steve Kerch

Cities that rely on indexes are betting on bogus information St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Niklaus

BondWorks Institutional Advisor via Safehaven / Levente Mady

Firms eye European property derivatives trading Investment & Pensions Europe

Germany piles into derivatives Investment & Pensions Europe

S&P: Hedge-fund growth raises risks CBS Marketwatch / Alistair Barr

Canada: Exporters aren't afraid of lofty loonie Globe and Mail / John Partridge

Era of bargain airfare deals already may have left town Indianapolis Star / Catherine Rentz Pernot

Hard to stomach this logic Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Retailers' Outlook Suddenly Sunny AP via Hartford Courant / Anne DInnocenzio

Single-Sector Mutual Funds Reap Rich Returns Wall Street Journal via Hartford Courant / Laura Saunders Egodigwe

Japan: Land of the Falling Sun Tech Central Station / Christopher Lingle

Cantor predicts yield curve could invert CNN

Treasuries rise, but caught in pre-payrolls limbo Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

Bonds rise, reversing two days of losses AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer

Post-Greenspan Fed will face credibility test-Poole Reuters / Alister Bull

Panel on "After Greenspan: Whither Fed Policy?" Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Bowling Appointed Assistant Vice President Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

CA: Economist sees Calif. housing defying 'bubble' talk Reuters

Flat markets of 1st half `mystifying,' `a struggle' Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

Debate raging over oil CNN / Paul R. La Monica

A Chinese currency revaluation could raises prices in the United States Newsday / Randi F. Marshall and Lauren Weber

Colo. home appreciation lags U.S. Denver Post / Aldo Svaldi

US's Snow sees momentum on Social Security revamp Reuters / Mark Felsenthal

Army gives $5 billion more in work to Halliburton Reuters via Houston Chronicle / Sue Pleming

Are you making more money? CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Asia Pacific: Hot Money Leaving? Morgan Stanley / Andy Xie

ECB set to stand firm over calls for rate cut FT / Ralph Atkins

UK manufacturing sector stagnates Guardian / Mark Tran

Europe: Corporate Europe: Ready for the Recovery Morgan Stanley / Eric Chaney

London pips Paris at the finishing line The Economist

Man charged with stealing Wi-Fi signal AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer

Treasuries tick down on ISM jump, but then rebound Reuters

June Non-Manufacturing ISM Report On Business Institute for Supply Management

U.S. June ISM Services Index Rises to 62.2 From 58.5 in May Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Pending home sales off 0.2% in May CBS Marketwatch / Robert Schroeder

Economic Review Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

June job cuts highest since Jan. '04 CNN

Stock Exchange Will Come Clean Forbes / Liz Moyer

Plan to buy MBNA may deliver a big blow to tiny Delaware Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Deephaven among funds in SEC investigation Minneapolis Star Tribune / Neal St.Anthony

MBNA Chief Looking at $125M Payday / Stephen Taub

Zions Bancorp to Buy Amegy in $1.7B Deal AP via Baltimore Sun

U.S. 10-Year Notes Rise on Speculation Inflation to Stay Tame Bloomberg / Steve Rothwell

Dingell opposes currency manipulation Detroit Free Press / Kim Norris

CBOT buy could boost Merc 20%, analyst says Chicago Sun Times / Ann Saphir

Unreal Estate NY Post / Richard Wilner

White House Seeks Repeal of a Cotton Subsidy Program LA Times / Jerry Hirsch

Hey, N.Y., look at the bright side CNN / Gordon T. Anderson

AZ: Commerce official resigns Arizona Republic / Erica Sagon

U.S. Muni Market May Top $400 Billion This Year Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

State salary, hiring freezes start to thaw / Eric Kelderman

Putnam whistle-blower demands his fair share Boston Herald / Brett Arends

Where 25 Million Is Merely Average NY Times / Eric Dash

As oil prices rise, shrugs at the gas pump Christian Science Monitor / Kris Axtman

Why U.S., Europe Fail to Notice Asian Consumers Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

Mid-Year Review Pimco / Mohamed A. El-Erian

Mack's Credit Suisse Record Belies Miracle Myth Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

Australia's Central Bank Keeps Rate Unchanged at 5.5% Bloomberg / Victoria Batchelor



Benefits of Hazard Play Bond Buyer / Jacob Fine and Matthew Johnson

CA: Housing affordability continues fall Long Beach Press Telegram

So, you want to sell real estate? CNN / Les Christie

Martha needs an ethics makeover Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Accurate but eerie analysis Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Connecting The Dots Harvest Advisors via Safehaven / Tony Sagami

Money Tight Yet? Meek Market Models via Safehaven / Charles Meek

Jobs: Expect a Hot Summer Business Week via MSNBC / Michael Englund and Rick MacDonald

Matter Of Interest Business Week via MSNBC / Suzanne McGee

Stores may not follow Detroit's discount strategy AP via Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Anne D’Innocenzio

Omaha, Capital of Investor Nation Tech Central Station / Dominic Basulto

Hispanics' financial guru NY Daily News / Phyllis Furman

Europe: Ready for the Recovery Morgan Stanley / Eric Chaney

WA: A slowdown on home prices? Tacoma News Tribune / Barbara Clements

Soaring numbers of rentals go condo USA Today / Charisse Jones

Some Link, Others Manipulate National Review / Tom Nugent

Bush says end of farm support possible Reuters via CNN

Texas is a big spender in the tourism world San Antonio Express News / Melissa S. Monroe

International Investing Forbes

NV: LV housing prices flat for June Las Vegas Sun / Alana Roberts

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report U. S. Dept. of Labor

Storm sliced output by 12% Houston Chronicle / Tom Fowler

Banking Agencies Issue Host State Loan-to-Deposit Ratios Federal Reserve Board via FDIC

New York City Immigrants: The 1990s Wave Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Oil Falls From Record as London Blasts Threaten Economic Growth Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

The corporate savings glut The Economist

Managers bet against travel, retail CNN / Amanda Cantrell

Mortgage rates move up slightly AP via USA Today

Retrial Set in Alleged Mutual Funds Scam AP via  Forbes

Mexican Consumer Prices Fell 0.1% in June, 2nd Monthly Decline Bloomberg / Adriana Arai

The shape of things to come? The Economist

Treasuries pare post-attack gains ahead of jobs Reuters

US junk bond funds report $80.7 mln weekly inflow Reuters

Moody's considering cut of GM bonds to junk status, GMAC also eyed AP via Philadelphia Inquirer

A hard seat to fill The Economist

Rush-hour attack on London The  Economist

Bombings Will Put Focus Back On Terror Forbes / Oxford Analytica

Saudis warn of shortfalls as oil hits $61 FT / Carola Hoyos and Neil Dennis

Dollar Appreciated Slightly Again In June Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

When Going Public Can Spawn a Merger / Helen Shaw

Some 'preapprovals' worthless Newsday / Kenneth Harney

MD: Census figures stir angst, speculation Baltimore Sun / Eric Siegel

Study says horses are a $39 billion industry that supports 1.4 million jobs AP  via Westchester Journal News / David Koenig

Cash sent to Mexico overstated, study finds NY Times via IHT / Elisabeth Malkin

U.S. Treasuries Surge After London Is Rocked by Terror Attack Bloomberg / Steve Rothwell and Michael McDonald

Implementing the Check 21 Act: Potential risks facing banks Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Blame Cindy but watch for jobs gust Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

CA: Bearish look at bubble San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

Bank of England holds rates at 4.75% Reuters via CNN

For New York, Victory In Defeat Forbes / Michael K. Ozanian

Russia: To decipher Russia's riddle, watch its oil Christian Science Monitor / David R. Francis

Russia's fate is tied to China Taipei Times / Mike Pazaratz

New York's Real Estate Stars Reap Millions Amid Record Prices Bloomberg / Kathleen M. Howley

MA: Condomania: Hub can't build enough high-end housing Boston Herald / Scott Van Voorhis

Canadian mortgage debt soars CP via Toronto Star / Tara Perkins

Money crunch hits hard: Many fearful about retirement Boston Herald / Jay Fitzgerald

Crunch Time For Jobs Data NY Post / John Crudele

U.S. Jobless Claims Probably Rose to 320,000, BN Survey Shows Bloomberg / Bob Willis

Dollar Holds Close to 11-Month High Versus Yen on Oil Concern Bloomberg / John Brinsley

Nymex Spreading 100G’s of Joy Bloomberg via NY Post

Schwab’s Trading Puts Pros On Alert NY Post / Roddy Boyd

When Entrepreneurs Risk It All and Lose NY Times / Louise Witt

Do Tax Cuts for the Wealthy Stimulate Employment? NY Times / Robert H. Frank

UK: Pressure grows for rate cut Guardian / Charlotte Moore

Trying to save consumers from themselves NY Times via IHT / Melanie Warner

Oil Surges to Record as Hurricane Dennis Threatens U.S. Supply Bloomberg / Gavin Evans

Russia: Leaked G8 Paper Is Open to Interpretation Moscow Times / Alex Fak

UK: Economic gains may be way in future IHT / Eric Pfanner

Russia: Moody Hints at Upgrade in Russia's Rating Reuters via Moscow Times


Beat the dealer Marketwatch / Jonathan Burton

Western Europe Is Cursed By Philosophy of Economy Washington Post / Steven Pearlstein

Another Mediocre Jobs Report / Mark Glassman

Who Cares About Inflation? NY Times / Floyd Norris

Snow says tax helping budget deficit Reuters / Mark Felsenthal

Mexico: Cash sent back to Mexico goes fast, study says AP via Houston Chronicle / E. Eduardo Castillo

WI: Rushing to go bankrupt Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Paul Gores

For U.S. newspapers, paper prices add to problems Reuters / Paul Thomasch

U.S. Stocks Rise on Job Growth; S&P 500 Almost Erases 2005 Drop Bloomberg

U.S. Treasury Notes Decline After Monthly Employment Report Bloomberg / Michael McDonald and Matthew Walter

OH: Summit, Stark set foreclosure records Akron Beacon Journal / Gloria Irwin

Oil Prices Slip Below $60 Per Barrel AP via  NY Post / Brad Foss

Amateurs get in on newsgathering domain AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer

WTO chief: global trade talks in trouble AP via NJ  Post / Sam Cage

Worldwide: Insight into how strong, and fragile, global economies are Philadelphia Inquirer /Andrew Cassel

Bond Strategists: JPMorgan, UBS Cut Philippine Bonds Bloomberg / Shamim Adam

US mortgage bond prepayments rise in June-analysts Reuters

OH: Investor indicted in 'flip' inquiry Cincinnati Enquirer / Mike Boyer

Oil near record $62 on hurricane, economy Reuters

Let It Go, Eliot Forbes / David A. Andelman

Mortgage interest rates rise AP via San Diego Union Tribune

Bad Data, Bad Bankruptcy Law? / Stephen Taub

Fed Can Deal With Any Fallout From London Bombs Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Transparency Must Catch Up to Issuers' Swaps Use Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Treasurys left treading water after data CBS Marketwatch / Rachel Koning

U.S. June Payrolls Rise 146,000, Jobless Rate Falls Bloomberg

Nonfarm Payrolls U.S. Dept. of Labor

Employment Situation Summary U.S. Dept. of Labor

U.S. May Wholesale Inventories Rise 0.1%; Sales Unchanged Bloomberg / Victor Epstein

World economic crisis looming Toronto Star / David Crane

UK: Rate cut clamour mounts as homeowners cut borrowing Independent / Philip Thornton

UK: The terrorists can try their damnedest, but the Bank of England, for one, won't be moved Independent / Jeremy Warner

UK: Pound and leading shares left reeling Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Eastern Europe Considers More Trade With Russia NY Times / Judy Dempsey

With Eye to China, Malaysians Ponder Revaluation NY Times / Wayne Arnold

FL: Condo crazy at the heart of a boom Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

Goodbye Middle Class; Hello House Poor Safehaven / Richard Benson

New Jersey Shore Home Prices Surge as Boomers Head to the Beach Bloomberg / Heather Burke

Honing Its Image as a Little Investment Bank That Can NY Times / Riva D. Atlas

Shell signs asset swap with Russian gas giant Telegraph / Christopher Hope

Retail Sales Increased Last Month NY Times / Tracie Rozhon

Bombings rattle U.S. markets only briefly Boston Herald / Jay Fitzgerald

Wall Street’s Security Gets Turned Up A Notch NY Post / Roddy Boyd and Paul Tharp

Dollar Trades Near One-Year High Versus Yen on Jobs Outlook Bloomberg / Chris Young

Cost of living index The Economist

Commercial property prices The Economist

The Plaza Accord Nightmare China Must Avoid Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.


Falling Bond Yields Are A Sign Of Easier Monetary Conditions? Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Kasriel

Share Prices Defy an Oil Spike and the London Bombings NY Times / Jonathan Fuerbringer

Are There Too Many Hedge Funds? Thoughts From The Frontline via Safehaven / John Mauldin

Two Tales of Inflation New Era Investor via Safehaven / Roland Watson

A Single Global Currency? Euro vs. Dollar Currency war Monitor via Safehaven / Alex Wallenwein

Wal-Mart keeps July forecast Reuters

No consensus on U.S. stock valuation AP via Myrtle Beach Sun / Ellen Simon

Job Numbers Fire Up Stock Market NY Post / Paul Tharp

Oil? Surprise is the only certainty Dallas Morning News / Sudeep Reddy

CO: Real estate experts burst bubble Rocky Mountain News / John Rebchook

Rough year so far for convertibles, but some pros think it's time to hop in AP via Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Meg Richards

PNC workers expect job cuts as part of company's cost-cutting initiative Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Dan Fitzpatrick and Len Boselovic

China Oil Giants Crave Respectability and Power NY Times / Keith Bradsher and Jad Mouawad

US jobless rate at lowest since '01 attacks Boston Globe / Robert Gavin

Debt of U.S. consumers declined $3 bil in May Bloomberg via Arizona Republic / Bob Willis

CA: Homes break $600,000 mark Orange County Register / Andrew Galvin

CA: O.C. property values up $30.6 billion in year Orange County Register

Dollar Rallies for a Third Week Versus Yen on Signs of Growth Bloomberg / Mark Tannenbaum

U.K. pound falls further after bombings AP via MSNBC

UK: Secret internet link kept City on track after blasts Scotsman / Martin Flanagan

Boom in Jobs, Not Just Houses, as Real Estate Drives Economy NY Times / David Leonhardt




Trade gap should be alarming Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Mid-year outlook shows energy prices starting to bite Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Stuart Hoffman

Gas prices surge to record CNN

CT: Solid Construction Hartford Courant / Kenneth R. Gosselin

What Stocks' Slow Trading Really Means Wall Street Journal

Bubble may just be bogus San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

FL: The 6% solution; brokering deals can be a tough sale South Florida Sun Sentinel / Robyn A. Friedman

FL: Panning for true gold Orlando Sentinel / Jack Snyder

Housing prices escalate AP via Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Jill Barton

SC: Hotel-condo conversions hot investment trend Myrtle Beach Sun / Jenny Burns

Quarter of Americans live check to check Marketwatch via Myrtle Beach Sun / Marshall Loeb

Consumer, Producer Prices Rose in June: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Joe Richter

Lowballing of projected earnings is a downer Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Buyers take a swing at Nasdaq's wall of resistance Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

Insulated directors still reward error Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

Too much of a good thing? South Bend Tribune / Andrew Soukup

Avoid the Pitfalls of Portfolio Inertia LA Times / Tom Petruno

No-load funds can be an excellent way to go USA Today via Arizona Republic / John Wagoneer

Guided by the Koran, fund does heavenly Bloomberg via Philadelphia Inquirer / Ludwig Marek

SEC moves slowly in returning billions to duped Investors Wall Street Journal via Orange County Regsiter

Why oil-price volatility is most likely here to stay Knight Ridder via Philadelphia Inquirer / Kevin G. Hall

Alternative tax is a complex matter San Francisco Chronicle / Arthur M. Louis

Bankruptcy law ensnares businesses AP via St. Petersburg Times  / Helen Huntley

Who Bears the Risks of Terror? NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

Rules of the road for bond prices and interest rates Boston Herald / Gail Liberman & Alan Lavine

Market Stares Down Second-Half Curse Wall Street Journal / Gaston F. Ceron

UK: Citigroup ponders shelling out £1 billion for Egg Guardian – Observer / Richard Wachman

UK: A warning from history Guardian – Observer / Richard Wachman

UK: Total City shutdown was minutes away Guardian – Observer / Richard Wachman and Heather Stewart

UK: The economy will not be bowed by bombs in London Independent / Jason Nissé

This Inflation Hedge Can Be a Bit Volatile NY Times / J. Alex Tarquino

The Market's Up. Why Do We Feel Blue? NY Times / Paul J. Lim

A Place for Commodities in Mainstream Portfolios NY Times / Anna Bernasek

An Ex-Champ Is a Restless Contender NY Times / Riva D. Atlas

Exchange-Traded Funds, in a Rainbow of Choices NY Times / Carla Fried

Is It Time to Follow the Pack Overseas? NY Times / Amy Feldman

MN: Things are looking up for Minnesota mutual funds Minneapolis Star Tribune / Susan Feyder

When 'one size fits all' doesn't CBS MarketWatch via Minneapolis Star Tribune / Chuck Jaffe

You Can Call It a Fairness Opinion, but That Wouldn't Be Fair NY Times / Andrew Ross Sorkin


Ukraine investors wary as progress is slow BBC News / Helen Fawkes

New England Economic Indicators Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Monthly Mutual Fund Report Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

KC Fed to speed up release of manufacturing index Reuters via Google News

Hooked on foreign funding Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Oil driving economy downhill: Fuel costs far-reaching Boston Herald / Jay Fitzgerald

The art of living below your means Washington Post via Contra Costa Times / Michelle Singletary

Gasoline jumps to record USA Today via 1st Headlines / James R. Healey


Gas drilling boosts state revenues / Eric Kelderman

NV: Condo-mania Lew Rockwell / Doug French

Taxes, spending rise with housing boom Reuters via Yahoo News / David Lawder

U.S. calls on China for full market access AP via Charlotte Observer / Audra Ang

Bush prepared for more Supreme Court vacancies Reuters / Steve

Budget passage boosts California's bond rating San Jose Business Journal / Robert Mullins

Canada: Economy shows signs of further strengthening but won't lead to rate hike CP via Financial Post and

Canada: A signal from Bank of Canada Toronto Star / Steven Theobald

Cranks in the Gold Community Americans for a Free Republic via Safehaven / Nelson Hultberg

The copper conundrum CBS Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

The downside of a rising dollar CNN / Chris Isidore

Oil prices drop below $59 a barrel AP via Houston Chronicle / Edith Balazs

US IRS recovers $3.7 bln from shelter settlement Reuters / Mark Felsenthal

$88 Million, And Counting Forbes / Liz Moyer

CBOT extending electronic trading hours Reuters

U.K. Raw Material Costs Surge on Record Oil Prices Bloomberg / Laura Humble

Concert ticket prices sinking Chicago Tribune / Charles Duhigg

'Temps' called vital to economy Sacramento Bee / Rachel Osterman

Fed publishes code for deciphering minutes Reuters

Treasuries dip as stocks rise, sentiment bearish Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

Fed Focus: Keeping the Rabbit at Home and the Dog at the Office Pimco / Paul McCulley

U.S. interest rates higher in latest week Reuters

Peru Debt Outlook Raised to Positive by S&P on Growth Bloomberg / Alex Kennedy and Alex Emery

Fidelity Equity Trading Chief DeSano Reassigned Bloomberg / Matthew Keenan

Concern for KPMG Extends to E.U. / Craig Schneider

Teens face job bust by boomers' hands LA Daily News via Denver Post / Evan Pondel

PA: 50-somethings deal with down-sizing Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Josie Roberts

Best Places To Live CNN

MD: Average home sale price in area passes $300,000 Baltimore Sun / Lorraine Mirabella

MD: Housing shortage slows plan to help homeless Baltimore Sun / Lynn Anderson

Bond prices are lower at midday AP via NJ Post

Review and Preview Morgan Stanley / Ted Wieseman

U.S. Two-Year Notes May Decline Amid Housing `Froth' Bloomberg / John Dooley

Hedging by Equity Investors Could 'Turbo-Charge' USD Morgan Stanley / Stephen Jen

Gold In The Sink Morgan Stanley / Chetan Ahya

Global: Resilience in a Vulnerable World Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

Japan: Will Modest Splurges by Households End Deflation? Morgan Stanley / Takehiro Sato

United States: Poised for Stronger Growth Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

Inflation Pressure Builds on rising Oil Prices NY Post / Holly M. Sanders

U.S. workers admit to wasting over 2 hours a day Reuters via Houston Chronicle

Time to buy the big boys? Reuters / Linda Stern

W.House may want business experience for Fed chair Reuters / Tim Ahmann

Fed's Lacker-too early to foresee Fed pause Reuters

Russian, Mexican, Ecuador Bonds May Offer More Yield Bloomberg / Marta Srnic

Posh homes getting posher CNN / Les Christie

Morgan Stanley co-president Crawford quits Reuters

Deals On Loan Forbes / Liz Moyer

Gold May Not Be the Best Hedge in Terrifying Times Bloomberg / John Wasik

Real estate: too hot to handle? Christian Science Monitor / Martin Skala

Terror's long-term cost to the economy Independent / Stephen King

Small markets. Big profits. Christian Science Monitor / Martin Skala

Why socially responsible funds are behind this month Christian Science Monitor

Another China Bank Is Courted by the West NY Times / David Barboza and Keith Bradsher

Crude Oil Falls as Hurricane Dennis Strikes Coast of Florida Bloomberg / Gavin Evans

Dollar May Advance on Expectations Yields to Attract Investors Bloomberg / John Brinsley

Dollar May Resume Four-Month Rally Against Euro, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Richard Blackden

Internet Banner Ads Look to Get More Interesting (and Thus Less Easy to Ignore) NY Times / Bob Tedeschi

The home run era keeps going... going... Christian Science Monitor / Erik Spanberg

MN: Exporting tax break: An edge or a dodge? Minneapolis Star Tribune / Terry Fielder

China: Thaksinomics Takes the Bang Out of Bangkok Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Singapore's Economy Returned to Growth in Second Qtr Bloomberg / Amit Prakash

UK's economic growth 'slowing down' Evening Standard – This is London

South Korea's Borrowing Costs May Rise at 5-Year Sale Bloomberg / Nicholas Reynolds

Japan's Bonds Fall as U.S. Jobs Report Spurs Export Optimism Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane

China's currency trade thriving without yuan IHT / Chris Buckley


Association Position on Reduced Servicing Pools Bond Market Association

Bank of Canada keeps target for the overnight rate at 2 1/2 per cent Bank of Canada

China: Rural Poor Aren't Sharing In Spoils of China's Changes Washington Post / Peter S. Goodman

Deficit projection expected to slip CBS Marketwatch / William L. Watts

The Bush Vote, by the Numbers National Review / Tom Nugent

NV: Fuel costs won't back down Las Vegas Review Journal / Jennifer Robison

VA: Apartment living is popular Roanoke Times / Jenny Kincaid

Long-Term Yields Fall as Industrial Output Decelerates Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas / Evan F. Koenig

Greenspan's Mysterious Conundrum Ludwig von Mises Institute / Stefan M.I. Karlsson

TD's new man in U.S. acts fast on expansion Globe and Mail via Google News / Gordon Pitts

I Read the News Today, Online / Will Swarts

EU: Debating the Liquidity Trap Hypothesis Morgan Stanley / Eric Chaney and Stephen Li Jen

Italy: A Difficult Policy Exercise Morgan Stanley / Vincenzo Guzzo

NY: Rockland home prices surge 14 percent Westchester Journal News / David Schepp

Next Fed chief must alter focus Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Gulf hurricane hits new BP rig FT / Thomas Catan

Texas firm hired by Chinese oil company Houston Chronicle / Bennett Roth

Former seatholder sues NYSE and Thain Reuters

Judge denies new trial for Bernard Ebbers AP via NJ Post / Erin McClam

Spreads tighten, few shorts come in Reuters

U.S. dollar strength rests on private demand – CBO Reuters

TX: SEC Charges Texas Fund With Fraud AP via Forbes

Here Come The Canadians Forbes / Liz Moyer

Intel in Europe anti-trust raids BBC News

Ebbers forfeiting $45 mil AP via Arizona Republic / Erin McClan

Bigger Problems For DreamWorks, Other Studios via Forbes / Jill Goldsmith

P&G/Gillette deal moves ahead AP via Denver Post / Dan Sewell

AMT reform now a priority – Bernanke Reuters  via CNN

Stronger housing market seen CNN

Oil jumps nearly $2 as new storm brews Reuters

Britain's first suicide-bombing? The Economist

Eurozone growth warning from OECD BBC News

Colorado economy perking up Denver Post / Aldo Svaldi

Confidence in US economy slips in July-report Reuters

Job openings drop, hirings rise in May Reuters

TX: A Perspective on the Houston Economy Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

MN: State ends fiscal year with $286 million cushion AP via Minneapolis Star  Tribune

SC: Standard & Poor’s cuts S.C.’s credit rating The State / Jeff Stensland

Consumer group opposes BofA-MBNA merger Charlotte Observer /  Rick Rothacker

Whither equities? The Economist

Colgate selling U.S. laundry soap business Reuters

Group predicts record residential mortgage market Tampa Bay Business Journal

Too Good To Be True Forbes / William P. Barrett

Ameritrade quarterly profit jumps 21 percent Reuters

Hu$h Money NY Post / Paul Tharp

$47M Golden Boy NY Post / Paul Tharp

Baby boomers coming to age of bond buying Sacramento Bee / Jack Sirard

Inside the bubble Tampa Bay Business Journal via MSNBC / Margie Manning

Toronto-Dominion to Buy Hudson United for $1.9 Bln Bloomberg / Sean B. Pasternak

Racing to file for bankruptcy? CNN

Oil-rich central bank buying could revitalize euro Reuters / Natsuko Waki

Dollar Falls to 2-Week Low Versus Euro on Trade-Deficit Concern Bloomberg / Richard Blackden and Joshua Krongold

Hedge funds eye rich pickings in Germany Reuters / Pratima Desai

Unstoppable? Daily Standard / Irwin M. Stelzer

Economists Boost U.S. Growth, Fed Rate Forecasts, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Carlos Torres and Alex Tanzi

Flipping for real estate Kansas City Business Journal

How to Detect a Bubble? Try the Original-Use Test Bloomberg / Chet Currier

China, US need to avoid conflict as global resources dwindle Guardian via Taipei Times / Will Hutton

'No UK factories' in 25 years Guardian / Ashley Seager

UK: Soaring factory costs fuel talk of rate cut Independent / Philip Thornton

VW speaks of 'unbearable' damage as scandal escalates Independent

Japan's Producer Prices Rose for 16th Month in June Bloomberg / Mayumi Otsuma

Chinese expansion merely sends a hollow boom around the world Telegraph / Neil Collins

IRS Audit Crackdown on Companies Increases U.S. Tax Receipts Bloomberg / Ryan J. Donmoyer

Chinese currency trading thrives without yuan IHT / Chris Buckley

Crude Oil Rises on Speculation Gasoline Supplies Probably Fell Bloomberg via Google News / Gavin Evans

The Oil Uproar That Isn't NY Times / Jad Mouawad and Matthew L. Wald

Russia: Kudrin: Output Will Reach Soviet-Era Levels in 2 Years Moscow Times / Alex Fak

U.K. Inflation Probably Accelerated in June, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Laura Humble

Is Wachovia Deal-Averse or Is It Just Picky? NY Times / Julie Creswell



Grade-A Homes / Stacey L. Bradford

WI: More homes hit market in 2005 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Michele Derus

Home Prices Put Squeeze On Families Washington Post / Anjali Athavaley

Real estate talk through the roof USA Today / Maria Puente

Monthly Treasury Statement U.S. Treasury

IRS Planning To Examine 501(c)(3) Debt Bond Buyer / Allison McConnell

CA: L.A. Schools’ Big Request Bond Buyer / Rich Saskal

Mixed up looking forward Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Misleading Leading Indicators? Morgan Stanley / Shital Patel

The Markets Strike Back National Review / Larry Kudlow

Fed's Pianalto - US economy must change to keep up Reuters

Fed's Yellen says makes sense to push rates higher Reuters

Housing boom not worrying president AP via Myrtle Beach Sun / Jeannine Aversa

End Game: Hyperinflation Lew Rockwell / Robert Blumen

The House Poor Daily Reckoning via Lew Rockwell / Bill Bonner

Vanguard to limit fund trades CBS Marketwatch / Jonathan Burton

Merger Extends Bank's Reach Hartford Courant / Kenneth R. Gosselin

Extra leverage in hedge-fund industry CBS Marketwatch / Alistair Barr

Global fund managers shop for 'best in class' AP via Contra Costa Times / Meg Richards

High-speed Internet service war sparks AP via Myrtle Beach Sun / Deborah Yao

House delay means Social Security overhaul not likely this year Knight Ridder / James Kuhnhenn

Senate Increases Anti-Terrorism Funding for All States LA Times via / Cynthia H. Cho

Asian Oil Demand Declining Morgan Stanley / Andy Xie

Additional Slack in the Economy Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Option prices imply a big earnings move for Google Reuters

Advanced Micro Has 2nd-Qtr Profit on Processor Sales Bloomberg / Ian King

Brazil to Pay $5.1 Billion to IMF Ahead of Schedule Bloomberg / Charles Penty

NV: Housing market likely to flatten, experts say Las Vegas Sun / Kevin Rademacher

New Trump Tower to rise in Las Vegas AP via Cincinnati Enquirer / Ken Ritter

The Implications of a Consumer-Driven Expansion Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia / Anthony M. Santomero

Fed's measured pace likely to continue –Santomero Reuters

Dallas Fed plans new monthly manufacturing survey Reuters

A Faustian Pact Forbes / David A. Andelman

EBay Hampered By Slowing Growth In Mature Markets Forbes via 1st Headlines

CBS eyes broadband 'broadcasts' of news Newsday / Monty Phan

Ebbers gets 25 years CNN

U.S. mortgage applications decrease last week-MBA Reuters / Julie Haviv

White House slashes deficit forecast Reuters via CNN

BP hopes to level off platform soon Houston Chronicle / Tom Fowler

Dollar Gains for First Day in 7 as U.S. Trade Deficit Narrows Bloomberg / Joshua Krongold and Michael McDonald

Tech Pulse Index Federal Reserve Bank of New York

High prices start to quicken search for oil Reuters

CO: Licensing for mortgage brokers eyed Denver Post / Margaret Jackson

IL: Record set for condo conversions Chicago Tribune / Thomas A. Coffman

Bubblesome, troublesome home markets Chicago Tribune / John Handley

State governments reaping caches of unclaimed money AP via The State / Doug Simpson

Reliance on global savings could be hazardous for U.S. Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services U.S. Census Bureau

Trade gap unexpectedly shrinks 2.7 pct Reuters / Doug Palmer

BoJ upbeat on recovery in domestic demand FT / David Ibison

TD Banknorth acquires bigger Northeast presence Boston Globe / Sasha Talcott

Baltimore Pauses, Mulls Muni Bond Merry-Go-Round Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

U.S. May Trade Gap Seen Holding at $57 Bln, Bloomberg Survey Bloomberg / Joe Richter

Estate tax fight hinges on money, morality Christian Science Monitor / David R. Francis

Speculation Plays Major Role in Higher Oil Prices Bloomberg / John Berry

The Wave of the Future Aden Forecast via Safehaven / Mary Anne & Pamela Aden

Sharp Increase in Tax Revenue Will Pare U.S. Deficit NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

Peru: With money sent from US, Peruvians buy homes Christian Science Monitor / Lucien O. Chauvin

Enough About the Loans. What About the Lenders? Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

MN: Buyers again scrambling for area's starter homes Minneapolis Star Tribune / Jim Buchta

Doing Deals While Wary of Bubbles NY Times / Terry Pristin

Judges Cite Concerns Over Trial of Banker NY Times / Andrew Ross Sorkin

Morgan Stanley's Cruz Does It the `Zoe Way' Bloomberg / Graef Crystal

Marshall Field's name fading Minneapolis Star Tribune / Chris Serres

Bad Citizens: Galvin probe targets bank's deleted e-mails Boston Herald / Brett Arends

Businessman gets 6 years for unpaid taxes AP via Beaufort Gazette / Jim Wasserman

U.K. Jobless Claims May Have Risen for 5th Month, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Laura Humble

Japan's Current Account Surplus Unexpectedly Rises Bloomberg / Lily Nonomiya

UK: Inflation rises to seven-year high Independent / Phillip Thornton

Euro Decline Is No Excuse for ECB to Hold Rates Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

Japan's Current Account Surplus Unexpectedly Rises Bloomberg / Lily Nonomiya

Russia: New Airline Appears on Horizon Moscow Times / Lyuba Pronina

Meet the Man With the Toughest Job in Asia Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

U.S. 10-Year Yield Is Near Four-Week High on Inflation Concern Bloomberg / Shamim Adam and Nicholas Reynolds


Degrees of separation The Economist

Oil prices up to $58 a barrel in Asia AP via Beaufort Gazette / En-Lai Yeoh

Dollar firm as traders look to Greenspan Reuters / David McMahon

Job trend really isn't that good Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Say Hello to Goldilocks / Mark Glassman

What Is a Stock ‘Worth’? Sage Capital Zürich AG via Lew Rockwell / Sean Corrigan

Prices hold steady as consumers keep spending Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Avrum D. Lank

Rates creep higher CBS Marketwatch via Google News / Steve Kerch

TX: Foreclosure listings are holding steady Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

S. Florida housing markets at risk for price plunge, magazine says South Florida Sun Sentinel / Alexandra Navarro Clifton

Housing gets even less affordable Wall Street Journal via Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Ruth Simon

Social Security Legislation Delayed in House Newsmax

Foreign cenbanks net buyers of US debt – Fed Reuters via Google News

American Companies Embrace 11 Million Illegals Newsmax / Jim Meyers

What Is a Stock ‘Worth’? Sage Capital Zürich AG via Lew Rockwell /Sean Corrigan

Department Stores Merger Advances Hartford Courant / Paul Marks

S&P reaches 4-year high as earnings, inflation data spurs buying AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Michael J. Martinez

The Six-Month Reading Forbes / Jerry Flint

Good Vibrations / Igor Greenwald

Letter to Stakeholders FDIC / Don Powell

Franklin Resources co-CEO leaving AP via Tacoma News Tribune / Michael Liedtke

Ruling Sheds Light on NYSE NY Post / Roddy Boyd

Money funds fall in latest week AP via Tacoma News Tribune

SC:  Wednesday’s gas prices set S.C. records The State

UK: Rising unemployment recalls recession Telegraph / Malcolm Moore

Canada: Central bank signals interest rates about to increase Ottawa Business Journal

Canada: Rates rising soon, says central bank CP via Toronto Star

Canada: Trade surplus falls by more than $1B CP via London Free Press

Housing is hot, but types of loans seen cooling Reuters / Julie Haviv

Pricing power beyond reach of many companies Reuters / Anupama Chandrasekaran

Misleading economic indicators Reuters / Mike Dolan

Southwest profit up 41% despite fuel prices AP via Houston Chronicle

Citigroup's Willumstad Quits, Wants to Become a CEO Bloomberg / Justin Baer

Japan: More mountains to climb The Economist

Kremlin tightens grip on Russian oil Reuters / Elif Kaban and Dmitry Zhdannikov

Stockmarket capitalization The Economist

The world's biggest banks The Economist

Fed President Recognized as Global Citizen Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Former Qwest CFO admits insider trading AP via  US Today and 1st Headlines

Dark days for Volkswagen The Economist

Fund selling sends tin to 17-month low FT / Andrei Postelnicu

China's Money Supply Surges as Foreign Reserves Swell Bloomberg / Nerys Avery

EU: Haughty indifference, or masterly inactivity? The Economist

N.Y. Oil Plunges as Hurricane Emily Forecast to Miss Gulf Rigs Bloomberg / Gene Laverty

Stones into Bread: The Keynesian Miracle Ludwig von Mises Institute

The missing rungs in the ladder The Economist

Lower energy prices damp down US inflation FT / Christopher Swann

Chicago Fed Letter Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Old conundrum, new twist CNN / Katie Benner

US rate futures still see Fed hikes after CPI Reuters via Google News

MD: Once burned, this pair is twice as shy Boston Herald / Scott Van Voorhis

Commerce Bancorp profit up 20 pct, adding branches Reuters / Jonathan Stempel

REIT Reversal Forbes / Stephane Fitch

Canada: Monetary Policy Report Update pdf Bank of Canada

Opening statement by David Dodge Bank of Canada

Bank of Canada sees strong economy adjusting to C$ Reuters

Google back above $300 Reuters via CNN

Equity-linked CDs are tricky Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

Report warns of housing declines Chicago Tribune via South Florida Sun Sentinel / John Handley

Consumer Price Index U.S. Dept of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics

U.S. Retail Sales Rose 1.7% in June; Up 0.7% Ex-Autos Bloomberg / Bob Willis

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report U.S. Dept. of Labor

Advance Monthly Sales for Retail and Food Services U.S. Census Bureau

Consumer Inflation Absent Again in June AP via Newsday / Martin Crutsinger

How Long Can Workers Tread Water? NY Times / Eduardo Porter

Dollar drifts lower against euro AP via Philadelphia Inquirer

PA: Pay hike should make '06 vote easy Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Countrywide sees 2nd-qtr profit below estimates Reuters

Fifth Third profit falls 7 pct, shares drop Reuters / Jonathan Stempel

Try This Quiz on Supply-Side Economics Bloomberg / Gene Sperling

China tilts to Russia to counter Uncle Sam Taipei Times / Wang Kun-yi

BondWorks Institutional Advisors via Safehaven / Levente Mady

Peak Credit? Institutional Advisors via Safehaven / Bob Hoye

Trade Deficit Puts Dollar Back in The Spot Light Euro Pacific Capital via Safehaven / Peter Schiff

UK: Job market figures point to rate cut Phillip Thornton


TD economist likes U.S. long term Globe and Mail / Angela Barnes

Legg Mason's broker king key piece of deal with Citi Baltimore Sun / Bill Atkinson

Trade Group Targets Rating Agency Reform Bill Bondweek

Greenspan to offer no hints on policy Reuters / Greg Robb

Harry Potter and the Fed's Conundrum CNN / Allan Wastler

The Fed Needs To Do A Little More Fiddling Business Week via MSNBC / James C. Cooper & Kathleen Madigan

MN: Local hedge funds are getting clipped Minneapolis Star Tribune / Neal St. Anthony

This Would Be A Very Painful Divorce Business Week via MSNBC / Aaron Bernstein

U.S. 10-Year Treasuries Fall, Head for Longest Slump Since 2004 Bloomberg / John Dooley and Heather Burke

Job growth fails to explain soaring home prices MSNBC / Martin Wolk

Real estate investment clubs are thriving MSNBC / Roland Jones

NV: SBA leader: Loans in 2005 likely to set a record for Nevada, U.S. Las Vegas Sun / Michelle Swafford

Age and Education Effects on the Unemployment Rate Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

FedViews Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Bigger pool of investors helps push oil higher AP via Houston Chronicle / George Jahn

Most Overpriced Places In The U.S. 2005 Forbes / Sara Clemence

Dollar shakes off a five-day losing streak FT / Andrei Postelnicu and Steve Johnson

Non-English domain names likely delayed AP via Philadelphia Inquirer / Anick Jesdanun

GE posts double-digit growth in all units AP via USA Today

Treasurys lower in afternoon trade Marketwatch via 1st Headlines / Leslie Wines

Too fast, too soft... investor beware CNN / Katie Benner

CO: Resort sales set scorching '05 pace Denver Post / Margaret Jackson

A tale of two search engines CNN / Paul R. La Monica

A Low Cost, No Frills Weekend At Bernie’s NY Post / Richard Wilner

July 2005 : Empire State Manufacturing Survey Federal Reserve Bank of New  York

Bush Faces Hostile Lawmakers on Cafta in Carolinas Bloomberg / Mark Drajem

Peso Nears Two-Year High Against Dollar LA Times / Marla Dickerson

Suit Bites Ron NY Post / Paul Tharp

Citigroup’s $50M ‘Fire’ Wall NY Post / Paul Tharp

Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization Federal Reserve Board

Dollar Rises Against Euro After Fed Manufacturing Index Climbs Bloomberg / Joshua Krongold and Michael McDonald

U.S. Economy Continues To Expand--For Now Forbes / Oxford Analytica

Producer prices steady as NY factories up Reuters / Tim Ahmann

Business Conditions -- Improving Trend? Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

Inflation Phobia Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

Consumer sentiment perks to one-year high Reuters

Treasuries fall, industrial output beats forecasts Reuters

NY: Holes in LI's housing bubble? Newsday / Tomoeh Murakami Tse

New 'Dutch disease' has lessons for U.S. housing Reuters / Niclas Mika

FL: More home sellers going it alone Orlando Sentinel via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Steve J. Collins

How Ebbers Lucked Out With a 25-Year Sentence Bloomberg / Ann Woolner

Energy and the Industrial Structure Morgan Stanley / Robert Feldman

MD: State tax revenues outdo expectations Baltimore Sun /  Andrew A. Green

UK: Services and Manufacturing in the UK: A Two Speed Story Morgan Stanley / Vladimir Pillonca and David Miles

Hot Game in MuniLand -- Predicting Interest Rates Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Forbidden Fruit Der Invest Informant via Safehaven / Randolph Buss

House not home: Foreigners buy up American real estate Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

Up Next for GM and Ford -- Buy One, Get One Free? Bloomberg / Doron Levin

Greenspan back at Capitol Hill Minneapolis Star Tribune / John J. Oslund

A Hands-Off Policy on Mortgage Loans NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

Assessing the Donaldson Era Tech Central Station / Peter J. Wallison

A Modern Robber Baron? Tech Central Station / Edward Renehan

Big Stocks Burdened by Problem That Won't Go Away Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Upbeat Reports Send S.& P. to Highest Close in 4 Years NY Times / Jonathan Fuerbringer

Bob Geldof Should Be Looking Asia's Way, Too Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

UK: How bad can it get? One forecaster thinks rates may fall to as low as 2 per cent Independent / Jeremy Warner

Australia: Oil price flows to economy Herald and Weekly Times / Scott Murdoch

ECB's Answer to Rate-Cut Prayers Is a Loud `No' Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert