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Housing froth still bubbling Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Desperate house buyers increase foreclosure risk USA Today / Adam Shell

Economy looking strong despite inflation AP via NJ Post / Martin Crutsinger

Is the economy low on fuel? Dallas Morning News / Brendan M. Case

For Washington, It's Asia in the Balance Tech Central Station / Rowan Callick

Guaranteed Retirement Income Lew Rockwell / Michael S. Rozeff

Candidates To Fill Greenspan’s Shoes (None to Soon) NY Post / John Crudele

Sentiment reflects summer doldrums Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Hedge funds step up reporting Marketwatch / Alistair Barr

Fund managers down on U.S. Globe and Mail / Omar El Akkad

Bribes for Tips NY Post / Eric Moskowitz

Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization Federal Reserve Board

The Great Oil Mystery / Mark Glassman

Cost of health benefits to rise average of 12.6% Bloomberg via Rocky Mountain News / Kristen Hallam

S.C. low-cost home for business Island Packet / Peter Hull

Market Closing Recommendations for U.K. Summer Bank Holiday and U.S. Labor Day Holiday Bond Market Association

Fraud in San Diego? Bond Buyer / Lynn Hume and Rich Saskal

Moody's Upgrades Nevada GOs Bond Buyer / Rich Saskal

The not-so-incredible shrinking deficit The Economist

Excluding everything, there is no inflation at all Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

US corporate bond supply may rise as rally stalls Reuters / Dean Aubin

U.S. Treasuries, Wednesday, Aug 17 Reuters

August 2005 12L Economic Trends pdf Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Home buyers pay less down, increase risk CNN / Les Christie

A Bust in the Housing Market? Real Clear Politics / Bruce Bartlett

NY: Median home price climbs to record level Buffalo Business Journal

CBOT estimated futures/options volume - Aug 16 Reuters

Oil still a safe investment haven at record highs Reuters / Barbara Lewis and Peg Mackey

Why Oil Prices Will Stay High KWR International / Scott B. MacDonald

Morgan Stanley Leads New Investors in Philly Exchange Bloomberg

Airline Mergers To Watch Forbes / Mark Tatge

Home-improvement boom CNN / Michael Sivy

The Icahn Effect Forbes / David A. Andelman

Hewlett-Packard's Profit Falls; Sales Beat Estimates Bloomberg / Connie Guglielmo

Can Goodyear keep rolling? Wall Street Journal via Pittsburgh Post Gazette

San Francisco moves forward on citywide Wi-Fi plan AP via Philadelphia Inquirer

'Mr Housing Bubble' shirt makes a splash Reuters via CNN

Is deficit switching course? Tacoma News Tribune / Andrew Taylor

Big Rise in Corporate Taxes Is Predicted to Reduce Deficit NY Times via Google News / Robert Pear

Mexico's GDP Grew Less-Than Expected 3.1% in 2nd Qtr Bloomberg / Patrick Harrington

U.S. Treasuries Rise After Consumer Price, Production Reports Bloomberg / Michael McDonald

Futures raise odds for year-end Fed rate pause Reuters

The July 2005 Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on Bank Lending Practices Federal Reserve Board

Tuesday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

Crude oil prices ease on profit-taking AP via NJ Post

Most overpriced home markets CNN / Les Christie

US inflation up 0.5% as energy costs rise FT / Christopher Swann

JPMorgan, TD Settle 'Megaclaims' Suit LA Times

SEC Warns Goodyear of Possible Action AP via Newsday

Wal-Mart's Gain Sluggish; Home Depot, Penney Raise Forecasts Bloomberg / Lauren Coleman-Lochner and Mark Clothier

At pump, drivers are 'mad as hell' Detroit Free Press / Alejandro Bodipo-Memba

UK: Crisis looms for Britain's borrowers UK Telegraph / Paul Farrow

Federal Budget Making Is `Let's Pretend' Farce Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Oil's Push and Pull Daily Standard / Irwin M. Stelzer

China's Fixed-Asset Investment Growth Quickens Bloomberg / Nerys Avery

Lunch and Learn on Buyside Best Execution Bond Market Association

Fields of Bio-Engineered Dreams NY Times / Alexei Barrionuevo

Russia: Putin Wants More for Russian Oil Moscow Times

UK: London retail sales plunged in aftermath of bombings Independent / Julia Kollewe

India Discovers $3-a-Day Back-Office Workers Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

Wall Street Seeks Stakes in New Spots for Trading NY Times / Jenny Anderson

Some Funds Taking Role Far Beyond Just Investor NY Times / Riva D. Atlas

Bush makes history - a five-year streak without saying 'no' Christian Science Monitor / Josh Burek

As gasoline prices rise, businesses get creative Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

Singapore's Exports Probably Rose Adjusted 4.2 Percent in July Bloomberg / Sara Webb


Greenspan’s Role in the Housing Bubble Dissident Voice via Fiend’s SuperBear Page / Mike Whitney

Japan: From Bug to Butterfly Morgan Stanley / Takehiro Sato and Robert Feldman

The Silence of the Bush Boom National Review / Larry Kudlow

Chairman Alan Greenspan names Governor Donald L. Kohn as chairman of four federal loan guarantee boards Federal Reserve Board

Doing away with the tip CNN / Steve Hargreaves

Corporate cash isn't so kingly Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Buyback Surge Is Stoking Debate LA Times / Tom Petruno

Long-term bond funds have a secret Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

IRS Turns Its Attention to Swap Fees Bond Buyer / Alison L. McConnell

Internet's days as tax-free sales venue are numbered Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

NY: Inflation soars on rent hikes NY Daily News / Tom Van Riper

CT: Home Sales Keep Falling Hartford Courant / Kenneth R. Gosselin

Return of the inflation dragon? CNN / Chris Isidore

Always Low Tactics. Alwys Tech Central Station / Ryan Sager

Mack Refuses To Attack Forbes / Liz Moyer

So Many Greek Shipping Magnates … Slate / Daniel Engber

Loonie falls more than a cent CP via Toronto Star/ Malcolm Morrison

Dollar Rises Versus Yen on Speculation Manufacturing Increased Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto

A Currency Affair / Kelli B. Grant

CA: County continues to outpace nation with prices up 3.3 percent in past year San Diego Union Tribune /  Dean Calbreath

U.S. imposes penalty tariffs on imports of Brazilian orange juice AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Martin Crutsinger

When an Ounce of Prevention Is Not Worth a Pound of Cure Tech Central Station / John Luik

Wall Street Mixed on Buyback Mania / Stephen Taub

Mortgage rates dip for first time since June Reuters via USA Today

IL: Downtown homes could set record Chicago Tribune / Thomas A. Coffman

CBOT turns away offers, opts for IPO Chicago Sun Times / David Roeder

Grasso Deal is Near NY Post / Sam Gustin

Circus time makes August, as usual, less than august Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

Federal Reserve Events Reuters

Copper Prices Tumble From Record on Comex as Inventories Surge Bloomberg / Pham-Duy Nguyen

67% of Americans plan to work past retirement age AP via Orange County Register

Public hospitals decline swiftly Washington Times / Marguerite Higgins

US Treasuries sink, producer prices looking frothy Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

Atlantic Chief to Exit Amid Rumored Tensions NY Post / Tim Arango

Time To Go Solar? Forbes / Ashlea Ebeling

Gurus Snap Up Steel And Dive For Pearls Forbes / John Dobosz

IL: Soaring pump price driving point home Chicago Tribune / John Schmeltzer and Brendan McCarthy

WI: Prices in city slow to rise Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Avrum D. Lank

Va. laptop sale turns into a stampede South Florida Sun Sentinel / Kristen Gelineau

Are gasoline shortages in China real or man-made? NY Times / Keith Bradsher

World Bank Sees China's Economy Slowing AP via Forbes

British jobless claims rise in July AP via Philadelphia Inquirer

Philippine Credit Default Swaps Show Debt's Strain Bloomberg / William Mellor

U.S. Treasuries Fall as Producer Prices Rise More Than Forecast Bloomberg / Michael McDonald and Rodrigo Davies

July producer prices jump on energy costs Reuters

Mortgage refinancing rises Reuters

NASD Probes Wall Street for Abusive Hedge Fund Sales Practices Bloomberg / Otis Bilodeau

MA: Fidelity, local exchange near deal Boston Globe / Andrew Caffrey

Forecasters Rely on Today to Predict Tomorrow Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Court Tells New Jersey Borrowed Money Isn't Income Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

UK: Bank governor's problems are numbered on the petrol Pumps Telegraph / Kate Rankine

Dollar Rises Against Euro as International Investors Seek Yield Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto

Gold's Honest Discipline Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis via Safehaven / Mike Shedlock

Gold Slaughter, Dead Ahead Safehaven / Mark Taylor

Economy Shows Signs of Strain From Oil Prices NY Times / Jad Mouawad and David Leonhardt

Look who's handy now: female homebuyers Christian Science Monitor / Marilyn Gardner

Outlook on Fed rate supports the dollar Bloomberg via IHT

Why major airlines aren't bouncing back Christian Science Monitor / Alexandra Marks

Go-Getter at Merrill Signs on at Morgan NY Times / Landon Thomas, Jr.

UK: Inflation surge casts doubt on Bank decision to cut rates Independent / Julia Kollewe

UK: Inflation jumps to highest in eight years Scotsman / Colin Donald

Pricking a Housing Bubble, Australian Style Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Those Who Don't Learn From History... / Gary Tanashian

Federal deficits: a brighter picture for now Christian Science Monitor / David Cook

Taiwan's Economic Growth Probably Accelerated to 3% in 2nd Qtr Bloomberg / Theresa Tang


Russia And China Play Army Forbes / Alex Storozynski

Smart shopping, circa 2005 Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Asset-Backed Issuance Soars In Second Quarter Bond Market Association

FL: From coke to cubists The Economist

TX: Are forced home sales near peak? Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

CA: 20% of recent home buyers spend half of pay on mortgages San Diego Union Tribune / Mike Freeman

A Tight Squeeze? National Review / Bruce Bartlett

The Scots go a-hunting The Economist

Morgan changes institutional business Marketwatch / Alistair Barr

Hedge-fund performance The Economist

Money market mania returns Marketwatch / Bill Donoghue

For Banks, Better-run Means Better-rated / Stephen Taub

JDSWho? Some S&P stocks have got to go CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Boom and bust at sea The Economist

Always Low Tactics. Always Tech Central Station / Ryan Sager

Oil hasn't spurred us to act Dallas Morning News / Jim Landers

Hands off our homes The Economist

Consumers may have to gamble on complex new hybrid tax credit San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

MN: A strike is a rarity these days St. Paul Pioneer Press / Edward Lotterman

Bank of Canada Review Bank of Canada

The Economist poll of forecasters The Economist

A New World Economy Business Week via MSNBC / Pete Engardio

China: Hu's in charge The Economist

Traffic lights on the blink? The Economist

Searching for a miracle solution The Economist

Money funds rise in latest week AP via NJ Post

IRS Investigates Municipal Swap Advisers Over Fees Bloomberg / Martin Z. Braun

Treasuries firm despite strong US data FT / Jennifer Hughes, Joanna Chung and David Turner

BondWorks Institutional Advisor via Safehaven / Levente Mady

Die, die, monster home! Die! CNN / Les Christie

Business Outlook Survey Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Financial Update Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

TX: Regional Update Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Globalization and Monetary Policy Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Natural Gas Pricing: Do Oil Prices Still Matter? Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

European Economic Integration: A Conflict of Visions Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Foreign Exchange Policy and Banking Reform in China Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Gold futures end with a modest loss near 445 usd AFX via Forbes

Goldman Sachs sees oil above $60 for five years FT / Kevin Morrison

CNOOC and U.S. Foreign Investment Rules: Today’s “Screen” May Be Tomorrow’s Wall KWR International / Russell L. Smith

Stark reality of the American dream BBC News / Humphrey Hawksley

Today's spin on rent vs. own Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

Home alone: Singles households take over first place in U.S. LA Times via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Steven Bodzin

Re/Max Site to Show All U.S. Listings LA Times / Annette Haddad

Leading Indicators The Conference Board

Jobless Claims Rise by 6,000 AP via Baltimore Sun / Martin Crutsinger

Costly Gasoline: Inflation Foe? LA Times / Bill Sing

Google plans to sell $4 billion of stock Reuters

Michigan economy is flat, but outlook is promising Detroit Free Press / Chris Christoff

Bank of England's Rate Schism Is Poised to Widen Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

Royal Bank, Investors to Buy 10% Bank of China Stake Bloomberg / Jonathan Rosenthal

Banks offer Russia billions in loans despite fears Reuters / Elif Kaban

Morgan Stanley Brokers May Face Cuts as Gorman Seeks Turnaround Bloomberg / Gregory Cresci

Most liberal and conservative cities Baltimore Sun

Oil Little Changed After Falling on Lower Demand for Gasoline Bloomberg / Gavin Evans

Dollar Gains Versus Yen on Speculation Manufacturing Increased Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto

UK: Bank governor voted against cut in rates Guardian / Larry Elliott

UK: Jobless figures show the most sustained growth since 1990s recession Guardian / Heather Lonmg

The great mystery: Oil prices are soaring, so why is inflation so low? Independent / Hamish McRae

The Fed Misses an Opportunity Delta via Safehaven / Chip Hanlon

Russian Markets Keep Breaking New Records Moscow Times / Alex Fak

Gasoline prices hang over U.S. economy Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Treasuries May Rise; Japanese Investors Double Overseas Buying Bloomberg / Nicholas Reynolds

Madison Avenue Seems Calm in August. It's Not NY Times /. Stuart Elliott

Fair? Balanced? A Study Finds It Does Not Matter NY Times / Alan B. Krueger



How Oil Prices Are Affecting Business / Stephen Taub

Investor charges Pimco with manipulation CNN / Amanda Cantrell

Credit Union Failures and Insurance Fund Losses: 1971-2004 Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Some call for the return of dividends AP via Houston Chronicle / Ellen Simon

Pessimist doesn’t put much stock in booming economy St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

U.S. Home Market Nears Peak as Prices Stretch Buyers Bloomberg / Joe Richter

Housing hasn't stumbled yet CBS Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Dollar Caps Biggest Weekly Advance Against Euro Since June Bloomberg / Jake Lee and Joshua Krongold

California July jobless rate declines 1.1 percent San Jose Business Journal

North Carolina jobless rate rises to 5.7 percent in July Raleigh News and Observer / David Ranii

Canada: Personal bankruptcies rise Globe and Mail / Omar El Akkad

Dunce Glut Forbes / Richard Karlgaard

US Treasuries settle down after rollercoaster week Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

PA: Cabbies, deliverymen really feel the misery per gallon Philadelphia Inquirer / Stacey Burling and Jane M. Von Bergen

Gas prices around the globe CNN

Friday's Commodities Roundup Dow Jones via Seattle Post Intelligencer

More big U.S. energy deals? Don't hold your breath Reuters / Deepa Babington

Wall Street giants see oil rising BBC News

Busy Summer For Insider Trading Forbes / William P. Barrett

August worst month for airliner losses in 3 yrs Reuters / Simon Challis

U.S. Stocks Close Little Changed as Oil, Merck Spark Selloff Bloomberg / Daniel Hauck

Funny Money Forbes / Peter Lattman

Conference Board corrects leading index Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

The Myth of the Magical Multiplier Ludwig von Mises Institute / Frank Shostak

A Global Inventory Pop? Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

U.S. Treasuries dip in profit taking, thin volume Reuters / Chris Reese

US junk bond funds report $197 mln weekly outflow Reuters

Treasuries Fall as Investors Shun Lowest Yields of This Month Bloomberg / Michael McDonald and Rodrigo Davies

Convention Center Glut Makes Landfall in Nebraska Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Sallie Mae to buy mortgage company GRP Financial Reuters

Currencies: CNY: Currency Basket versus Reserve Composition Morgan Stanley / Stephen L Jen

Crude oil rallies as Middle East tensions grow FT / Kevin Morrison

Mortgage interest rates dip Reuters via San Diego Union Tribune

8 more accused in Reebok trades Boston Globe via Chicago Tribune / Jenn Abelson

S.F. WiFi proposal out on a tech limb Mercury News / Mike Langberg

Bright Future Is Now for Emerging-Markets Funds Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Japan: General Election & Fiscal Policy - Reform Inevitable Morgan Stanley / Takehiro Sato

UK: MPC rate decision and the future course of UK monetary policy Morgan Stanley / David Miles

Indonesia: More Cautious than the Government and the Street Morgan Stanley / Daniel Lian

A World Where Down Means Up NY Times / Riva D. Atlas

In the Long Run, Sleep at Home and Invest in the Stock Market NY Times / Motoko Rich and David Leonhardt

Wall St. Agrees G.M. Is Troubled but Not Bound for Bankruptcy Soon NY Times / Danny Hakim

Janus, State Street Buy Emerging Markets at Records Bloomberg / Michael Tsang

RBoS buys £900m ticket to play the Chinese game Telegraph / Stephen Seawright

Oil May Fall as Record Fuel Prices Reduce Demand, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

Is China Japan all over again? Christian Science Monitor / Amelia Newcomb

Croatia places bets on a future in EU IHT / Carter Dougherty

UK: Relief as Sir Fred's gamble on the great Chinese takeaway is confined to modest bet Independent / Jeremy Warner

Fed May Not Stop Inflation Merk via Safehaven / Axel Merk

"Your House is an ATM" -- Savings has Been Replaced by Reliance on House Price Inflation DebtBubble via Safehaven / Michael Hampton


Japan 10-Year Government Bonds Have First Weekly Gain in Four Bloomberg / Chris Cooper

CA: July jobs rise stirs cautious optimism San Diego Union Tribune / David Washburn

What Will Cause the Next Recession? Thoughts From The Frontline via Safehaven / John Mauldin

MI: Some folks weather gas prices easily Detroit Free Press / Alejandro Bodipo-Memba

Md. jobs up, so is jobless rate Baltimore Sun / Jamie Smith Hopkins

GOLD: Is It Really All In The Name Safehaven / Douglas V. Gnazzo

Costly oil rewards traders Detroit Free Press / Susan Tompor

Montana governor: USDA 'bunch of stooges' Reuters / Adam Tanner

There's a high cost of living as a family Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

U.S. Treasuries Rise for a Second Week on Foreign Demand, Oil Bloomberg / Michael McDonald

What if housing bubble bursts? San Francisco Chronicle / Tom Abate

MA: Modestly priced condos grow rare Boston Globe / Kimberly Blanton

MBIA Says It May Face Suit From S.E.C. Over Insurance Deal NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

Ruling spotlights mortgage markups Washington Post via Minneapolis Star Tribune / Kenneth Harney

Second coming of the boom as Murdoch rediscovers the joys of the internet Independent / Jeremy Warner

This Bear Is Running (To the Bank) NY Times / Conrad de Aenlle

At Dow Jones, It's All About Family NY Times / Joseph Nocera

UK: Service industries twice as valuable as factories Independent / Susie Mesure

IMF report to warn of oil price threat to global economy Guardian / Heather Long





NY: Making the right moves NY Daily News / Judith Schoolman

Housing Boom May End Quietly Wall Street Journal via Hartford Courant / James R. Hagerty

Investors opting for comfort can get solid returns Dallas Morning News / Will Deener

No cushion for soaring oil prices Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Factories rebound, but jobs may not USA Today / Sue Kirchhoff

Industry has more turbulence Dallas Morning News / Eric Torbenson

Real Test for Northwest Comes This Week AP via La Times / Joshua Freed

Emerging debt to firm on US bonds, Brazil Reuters / Manuela Badawy

Ditching the dorm LA Times / Dianne Klein

Wall St. Waits to See What Will Be Repaid LA Times / Tom Petruno

WA: Condo sales 'hot,' homes steady Seattle Post Intelligencer / Brad Wong

CA: Home buyers beware: L.A.'s housing market overvalued LA Daily News / Gregory J. Wilcox

WI: $300,000 buys address with prestige Detroit Free Press / Suzette Hackney

The three myths of condo investing CNN

Adam Smith might have his hand on the gas pump Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

To gain share of a new market, Vanguard befriends brokerages Philadelphia Inquirer / Todd Mason

Wall St Wk Ahead: Stocks to track oil and durable goods Reuters / Jennifer Coogan

Baby boomers set to revolutionize retirement Houston Chronicle / David Kaplan

We're saving far too little South Florida Sun Sentinel / William E. Gibson

Merchants grow cautious about second half AP via Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Anne D'Innocenzio

Goods Orders Fall, Home Sales Near Record: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Worst month to invest? You may be surprised Sacramento Bee / Jack Sirard

From Nielsen to Wal-Mart Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

5 years after the bust, a sober, new reality Seattle Times / Shirleen Holt and Kristi Heim

Northwest: How long can it go on? CNN / Chris Isidore

Big 3's Woes Migrate LA Times / Marla Dickerson

CA: Healthcare Is Migrating South of the Border LA Times / Richard Marosi

China's show will be clearer as plot unfolds Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

China is wasteful user of power Washington Post via Orlando Sentinel / Peter S. Goodman

Waiting for the call: four hopefuls but no seers yet Guardian / Edward Helmore

Does the maestro sign off in credit? Guardian / Heather Stewart

An Investor Gingerly Returns to Treasuries NY Times / Jonathan Fuerbringer

Productivity Is Up. Or Down. Pick Your Statistic. NY Times / Daniel Gross

Be Warned: Mr. Bubble's Worried Again NY Times / David Leonhardt

Ideas aim to end April 15 misery Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

And They Call This Advice? NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

Exile From Wall Street NY Times / Landon Thomas Jr.

Northwest Weathers First Day Of Strike Washington Post / Keith L. Alexander and Amy Joyce

Too many calculations can cloud an investors view of market Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak



The US economy in the ‘90s was never what it seemed under Greenspan Brookes News / Gerard Jackson

FASB Proposes a Few Touch-ups / Ed Zwirn

Banks vs. money funds Marketwatch / Gail Liberman and Alan Lavine

Kill or cure for the drug business? The Economist

Extreme Makeover: America's Image Forbes / Jack Trout

How China Delays a Plunge in U.S. Treasuries Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Why Mutual Fund First Impressions Should Be Ignored Bloomberg / John Wasik

Aren't there alternatives to oil? MSNBC / John W. Schoen

Democrats on attack over gasoline Knight Ridder via Morning Call / Steven Thomma

Why a booming economy feels flat Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull

Three generations, one home Christian Science Monitor / Sara B. Miller

Good deeds, real estate, and you Christian Science Monitor / G. Jeffrey MacDonald

Oil prices wipe out large gains on NYSE AP via NJ Post / Christopher Wang

Bond insurer trying to resolve finite reinsurance charges Marketwatch / Alistair Barr

Weak sales squeeze Heinz profits BBC News

Banks' rainy-day funds shrink Wall Street Journal via Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Valerie Bauerlein

CT: No End To Boom For Shore Homes Hartford Courant / Robin Stansbury

Monday's Commodities Roundup Dow Jones and AP via NJ Post

No rest for the gold stalwarts Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Coal's price is rising, but can it clean up? Guardian / Samira Sohail

China: Vision Impaired Tech Central Station / Alan Oxley

Why otherwise good investors cling to lousy mutual funds Wall Street Journal via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Jonathan Clements

Eurozone's diverging economies are likely to cause a chaotic break-up of the system Independent / Christopher Smallwood

A New Balance on Counterfeit Goods Tech Central Station / Martin Krause

Uncle Sam Wants Your Parents ... to let you enlist Slate / Seth Stevenson

Energy Risks and the Economy Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

Home prices pushes more buyers to 40-yr loans Reuters / Julie Haviv

Second home sales are booming CNN / Les Christie

CA: Consumers demand real estate agents who embrace innovation Mercury News / Therese Poletti

Treasuries rally as speculators retreat FT / Jennifer Hughes, Joanna Chung and David Turner

Northwest strike body blow for unions? CNN / Chris Isidore

Whirlpool in pact to acquire Maytag Reuters / Karen Jacobs

Citigroup Consumer Bank Head Magner to Leave Company Bloomberg / George Stein

Rebalancing Broadens Out Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

Economic Trends August 2005 Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

FHLB-Dallas to restate 4 yrs of financial results Reuters

Big debt imperils economy AP via Arizona Republic / Robert Tanner

NV: Rising Stars on the Strip LA Times / Jerry Hirsch

Online Bettors Find a New Love: Real Estate NY Times / David Leonhardt

Exxon, Dell, Pfizer, Under Pressure to Spend, May Spur Economy Bloomberg / Art Pine and Simon Kennedy

Well-Laid Plan Kept Northwest Flying in Strike NY Times / Micheline Maynard

Why gasoline prices are soaring Knight Ridder via The State / Kevin G. Hall

Maytag Can End Ripplewood Accord, Leaving Whirlpool Bloomberg / Mark Clothier

Where to Spend $4 Billion? Google Has Plenty of Projects in Mind NY Times / John Markoff

Brazil Bonds May Gain After Palocci Says He'll Stay in Office Bloomberg / Romina Nicaretta

Don’t assume all S&P 500 funds are alike AP via The State / Meg Richards

Dollar to Rally Against Euro on Rising U.S. Rates, Survey Says Bloomberg / Jake Lee and Mark Tannenbaum

U.S. Treasuries Benefit From Rising Dollar and Foreign Demand Bloomberg / Al Yoon


Different this time? The Economist

Dollar’s Fate Tied to Housing and Oil DailyFX via Fiend’s SuperBear Page / Kathy Lien

Slow Boat to China or Junk Tales to Debunk? - The Sequel Kirby Analytics via Safehaven / Rob Kirby

Housing: Consolidation or Potential Crash? Tactical Investor via Safehaven / Sol Palha

Borrowing, Spending, Counterfeiting Lew Rockwell / Rep. Ron Paul, MD

Mortgage banks dispell housing bubble notion Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Latest loan skeptic a shock Orange County Register / Jonathan Lansner

Real Estate Bubble Blather National Review / John Tamny

Firms Settle In Holmes Harbor Case Bond Buyer / Lynn Hume

Treasury yields hit 1-month low as home sales drop Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

Spreads tighten with Treasuries gains Reuters

Junk bond hangover on the horizon Reuters via CNN

Why you may soon own Google Slate / Daniel Gross

Detroit Discounts Drive CarMax Profits Dow Jones via

Northwest flight cancellations up USA Today via 1st Headlines / Marilyn Adams

Eurozone economy holds single currency steady FT / Steve Johnson

Condo market slows in July Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

U.S. mortgage rates unchanged Tuesday – BestInfo Reuters

Tuesday's Commodities Roundup AP via Newsday

Oil: The higher it goes, the more likely it will fall Marketwatch / Dr. Irwin Kellner

CBOT estimated futures/options volume - Aug 23 Reuters

Crude price recovers in late trade FT / Neil Dennis

Dow drops 50 as existing home sales slide AP via San Luis Obispo Tribune / Ellen Simon

Buoyant investors fuel hopes of German comeback Reuters / Dave Graham

Canada may retaliate with tariffs in softwood battle CBC News

We're not safe from oil's spike Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

The boom may be cooling CNN

Gas prices soaring before holiday Boston Globe / Peter J. Howe

Rising dividends CNN / Michael Sivy

Treasuries Rise as Home Sales Fall; 10-Year Yield Below 4.20% Bloomberg / Mark Tannenbaum

Brazil: Behind Politics, Good Growth Morgan Stanley / Gray Newman

Turkey: Unleashing the Power of Globalisation Morgan Stanley / Serhan Cevik

US Treasuries hit 2-week highs on housing data Reuters

US home sales dip but prices still rising FT

Yen slips as investors cash in FT / Peter Garnham

Ex-Kmart Officers Accused of Fraud by U.S. Regulator Bloomberg / Demian McLean

Pier 1 warns for at least 12th time since last August AP via USA Today

Oil prices hold above $65 as storm sets course for Gulf of Mexico AP via San Diego Union Tribune / George Jahn

Gasoline Prices Soar; Heating Oil Set for Winter Hike Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

The New England-China Relationship in 2005 Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Greenspan's Interesting Rates Daily Standard / Irwin Stelzer

Glory Days Fade for the One-Stop Investment Shop Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Winning Dollar Forecaster Gains Insights Drinking Dutch Beer Bloomberg / Jake Lee

Winter forecast for heating homes: costly Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

Medicare Law Prompts a Rush for Lobbyists NY Times / Robert Pear

China Ups the Ante in Its Bid for Oil NY Times / Keith Bradsher and Christopher Pala

UK: 'Secretive and sloppy' Euro Bank attacked Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

UK: Bank fires 20 staff who monitor risks in the financial world Telegraph / Malcolm Moore

Japan's June Service Demand Rises on Higher Spending Bloomberg / Lindsay Whipp

Europeans are seeking safety in bonds IHT / Barbara Wall

UK: Man Group to examine sale or float of brokerage division Independent / Damian Reece

UK: Hedge fund activity nudges Jarvis upwards Independent / Michael Jivkov


The bond U-turn Telegraph / Jenne Mannion

Ciao, Italia Tech Central Station / Constantin Gurdgiev

Drains on wallet include more than just gas prices South Florida Sun Sentinel / Humberto Cruz

The sick cope best with labour pains The Economist

DTCC and Auction Rate Securities Rule Filing Bond Market Association

NASACT to Launch Effort Urging Issuers to Pay Voluntary Bond Fee Bond Buyer / Lynn Hume

Looking Around Der Invest Informant via Safehaven / Randolph Buss

Peek Into Naked Shorts NY Post / Roddy Boyd

Wednesday's commodities roundup AP and Dow Jones via Charlotte Observer

How Brits live with $6 a gallon Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

70% In Poll To Work Beyond Retirement Age Hartford Courant / Ritu Kalra

Credible credit counseling - Steer clear of rip-off artists NY Daily News / Jean Chatzky

Bankruptcies in U.S. surge to record high AP via Beaufort Gazette / Jeannine Aversa

Mortgage story isn't complete Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

FL: Home prices still climbing in South Florida South Florida Sun Sentinel / Alexandra Navarro Clifton and Robin Benedick

Guzzling the order of the day San Francisco Chronicle / David Lazarus

Reality-Based Tax Policy Tech Central Station / Amity Shlaes

MI: More inspectors to check gas pumps Detroit Free Press via / Chris Christoff

Some good news amid Medicaid troubles / Daniel C. Vock

Fed Summons 14 Banks to Discuss Credit-Derivatives Controls Bloomberg / Hamish Risk and Justin Baer

Wednesday's Money Rates AP via NJ Post

U.S. Economic Outlook Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago / Michael H. Moskow

Risk Overhang and Loan Portfolio Decisions Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago / Robert DeYoung, Anne Gron and Andrew Winton

Mortgage products not hurting banks-Fed's Moskow Reuters 

Life after Greenspan? Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Greenspan banks on his legacy Reuters via CNN

Fed's Moskow: higher rates "appropriate" Reuters via CNN

Moody's cuts General Motors, Ford debt AP via USA Today

Strong auction leaves Treasuries higher FT / Richard Beales, Joanna Chung and David Turner

The Mortgage Maven Forbes / Stephane Fitch

MA: House sales slip again; condos surge Boston Globe / Kimberly Blanton

Housing bubble downplayed Sacramento Bee / Andrew LePage

Oil price surges despite US crude stocks rise FT / Carola Hoyos

New home sales surge even as existing homes dip Marketwatch / Andrea Coombes

Finance: Dollars and sense Reuters / Linda Stern

Dishing Out A Major Deal via Forbes / John Dempsey

No white collar treament for Ebbers? Reuters via CNN

No Bank Holiday for FHLBs / Stephen Taub

Google diversifies to challenge telecoms rivals FT / Richard Waters

Oil above $66 as storm gathers Reuters / Janet McBride

House of Cards NY Post / Sam Gustin

lesson on housing booms Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Bankruptcies jump as deadline looms Reuters via CNN

U.S. Economy: New Home Sales Rose to a Record in July Bloomberg / Bob Willis

Inflation and The Economy Marco Island Sun Times via Fiend’s SuperBear Page / William F. Hauge

US durable goods orders tumble 4.9% FT

Mortgage rates tread water Reuters via USA Today

Three-way race seen to replace Greenspan Marketwatch / Greg Robb

New-Home Sales Hit Record High in July AP via LA Times / Jeannine Aversa

Wednesday World Gold Prices AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer

Ready for the Greenspan Hosannas? Here's Mine Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Are You Missing the Real Estate Boom? (part 2) Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis via Safehaven / Mike Shedlock

Fallen Idol -- Will Morgan Stanley Ever Recover? Bloomberg / David Pauly

From bankruptcy to oil riches NY Times via IHT / Ian Austen

Costco-Wal-Mart Pay -- Don't Discount Difference Bloomberg / Graef Crystal

U.S. Treasury to Tighten Rules on Offshore Patents, Licenses Bloomberg / Ryan J. Donmoyer

U.S. July Durables Orders Probably Fell 1.5%, BN Survey Shows Bloomberg / Bob Willis

The work-life balance for 'nation's CEO' Christian Science Monitor / Josh Burek

Relax, Bill Gates; It's Google's Turn as the Villain NY Times / Gary Rivlin

When the Pentagon Wants to Cut NY Times / Terry Pristin

July Slowing of Home Sales Stirs Talk of Market Peak NY Times / Vikas Bajaj

Yen Drops on Speculation Japan's Trade Surplus Shrank in July Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto

EU's Mandelson Takes Europe Back to Last Century Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

France's Generous Benefits Foil Chirac's Aim to Cut Joblessness Bloomberg / Sandrine Rastello



Emerging markets on rise, but look into their history USA Today / John Waggoner

CA: Feds Disclose Interest in Congressman Home AP via Washington Post / Elliot Spagat

Boomers to lead start-up charge, report says Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Dollar falls against euro AP via NJ Post

Long-dated U.S. Treasurys rise AP via NJ Post

Six Flags Puts Itself Up for Sale AP via Chicago Tribune / Jeff Latzke

Quarterly Banking Profile FDIC

Strong Second-Quarter Bank and Thrift Earnings are Just Short of the Record FDIC

China-EU talks to continue Friday BBC News

Oil at record $68 as demand soars BBC News

It's Only The Beginning Forbes / David A. Andelman

Bets are on for $100 a barrel oil Reuters / Peg Mackey

Greenspan: Hero? Or goat? CNN / Kathleen Hays

Building permits plummet Arizona Republic / Glen Creno

Wal-Mart's biggest threat - rising costs Reuters / Emily Kaiser

Dow Ends Up 16 Despite Record Oil AP via Newsday / Michael J. Martinez

Petsmart aims to stay on top Arizona Republic / Erica Sagon

Plus Ca Change... Tech Central Station / Xavier Mera

Après Moi Le Bull Market Slate / Daniel Gross

Money manager's fees draw sharp rebuke from SEC Wall Street Journal via Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Tom Lauricella

Regulators may free up Qwest a bit Arizona Republic / Ken Alltucker

U.K. Pound Declines on Speculation BOE May Lower Rates Again Bloomberg / Yunlin Li

Treasuries fall amid hawkish Fed comments FT / Joanna Chung

Soybeans slip; Grains close mixed AP via Philadelphia Inquirer

Thursday's Money Rates AP via NJ Post

Mortgage rates slip for second straight week Reuters via MSNBC

Fleecing Seniors NY Post / John Crudele

OH: FHL Bank asks SEC to pull registration application Cincinnati Business Journal

Hot sector funds: Nerves of steel CNN / Amanda Cantrell

Hit for Boston NY Post / Roddy Boyd

GOP fears pinch at pump may cause pain at ballot box LA Times via Baltimore Sun

Mexico Central Bank Rejects Bids for Loans Below 9.75% Bloomberg / Adriana Arai

America's border troubles, north and south The Economist

Short-dated treasuries off on Fed rate hike signal Reuters

FHLB-Pittsburgh to restate financial results Reuters

Earnings may slip on oil Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

GM extends employee discount period Bloomberg via Dallas Morning News

Greenspan lauded for sanity in chaos Houston Chronicle / Jessica Holzer

Wanna Bet? Hedging for Dummies CNN / Grace Wong

You're entitled to be baffled by 'benefit' Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Help-wanted ads posted in US newspapers rose in July Reuters

U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Fell to 315,000 Last Week Bloomberg / Victor Epstein

PA: Downtown attracts a crowd Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Ron DaParma

Providian takeover contested  San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

Blow for Schröder as business confidence slips FT / Sarah Witt

Behind rosy home data, signs of worry Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

Rocky Mountain High Finance Washington Post / Nell Henderson

Asset Bubbles or Bust -- What's the Fed to Do? Bloomberg / Gene Sperling

Commodity companies 'are the new dotcoms' Telegraph / George Trefgarne

Connecticut Investigates Hedge Fund for Solvency NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

Hey, It Worked For Auto Companies, Right?!? Ashton Analytics via Safehaven / Michael Ashton

A pivotal moment for 'axis of evil' Christian Science Monitor / Peter Grier

For Africa, a godsend in cellphones NY Times via IHT / Sharon LaFraniere

Digging for 'tainted gold' in Congo Christian Science Monitor / Abraham McLaughlin

EU backpedals on textile quotas IHT / Thomas Fuller

UK: Relative decline of manufacturing does not spell economic doom Independent / Diane Coyle

Thirty Years of Reasons to Fear Housing Market Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

Japan's Trade Surplus Shrinks for Fourth Month on Oil Bloomberg / Lily Nonomiya

Crude Oil Reaches $68 as Storm Threatens Gulf of Mexico Output Bloomberg / Gavin Evans


Greenspan's tenure: From bust to bust? US News / Paul J. Lim

It’s no joke: Google will overtake Microsoft St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Sheets

Bond market won't sway Fed Marketwatch / Rachel Koning

Housing Markets and Demographics Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Oil Prices and the Rule of Bigness Tech Central Station / James K. Glassman

Obscure Economic Indicator: Port of Los Angeles container counts Slate / Daniel Gross

Falling Down on the Jobs Tech Central Station / Jerry Bowyer

Don't Count the U.S. Consumer Out Business Week via MSNBC / Joseph Lisanti

Why most real-estate agents aren't getting rich Slate / Austan Goolsbee

Struggling to produce affordable housing Baltimore Sun / Larry Carson

CA: Home Buyers Catch Lottery Fever Dow Jones via / Andrea Coombes

The Fed Targets Your Home Thoughts From The Frontline via Safehaven / John Mauldin

UK: The Puzzle of Gilt Yields Morgan Stanley / David Miles

Arthur Andersen casts long shadow in audit firm deal St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

Lehman Broker Ran Drug Money: Feds Bloomberg via NY Post

Calculated risks now a reflection of time Scotsman / Alistair McArthur

Worry About the Fed, Not Oil National Review / Larry Kudlow

Greenspan warns on impact of asset prices FT / Andrew Balls

Understanding the Greenspan Standard Washington Post

How Economists Really View Health Insurance Tech Central Station / Arnold King

Who'll mind the mainframes? Boston Globe / Hiawatha Bray

Globalization's First Oil Shock Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

Increasing optimism buoys euro FT / Steve Johnson

Oil slides back to $66 Reuters via CNN

Economy in good shape – Hubbard Marketwatch via 1st Headlines / Greg Robb

New players overshadow old markets Marketwatch / Russ Britt

Taxation, taxation, taxation crucial part of real estate business Washington Post / Michelle Singletary

Tax-Haven Changes Proposed / Craig Schneider

Few U.S. companies tempted by low long-term rates Reuters / Dena Aubin

10-year yields are nothing to sing about FT / Richard Beales

Fed will stop at 4%, Alexander says Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Greenspan cites warning signs Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Wall Street/Fed at odds on effect of dollar crash Reuters / Nick Olivari

UK: Economic growth revised upwards BBC News

Airlines' Woes May Erode Unions' Clout LA Times / James F. Peltz

Bond prices are lower at midday AP via NJ Post

Argentina's Corsiglia Says Bank to Keep `Low' Rates Bloomberg / Eliana Raszewski

Mexico Central Bank Cuts Rates as Inflation Slows Bloomberg / Adriana Arai

Oil prices near $68 amid hurricane fears AP via NJ Post / Madlen Read

Reflections on central banking Federal Reserve Board / Alan Greenspan

Fed eyes asset-price rises closely-Greenspan Reuters / Glenn Somerville

If 'Bubble' Bursts, Legacy of Greenspan May Deflate LA Times / Bill Sing

Russia looks for way to become an oil superpower Reuters / Andrew Hurst

Pixar shares fall after report of informal SEC inquiry AP via Philadelphia Inquirer

Salvation may lie overseas Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Overseas job exodus could be overstated Dallas Morning News / Jim Landers

Friday World Gold Prices AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer

CA: Overseas job exodus could be overstated Reuters via Orange County Register

U.S. is oil-shockproof -- for now CNN / Parija Bhatnagar

Oil-rich Arab nations booming AP via The State / Jim Krane

Oil prices slide, but stay above $67 mark AP via Houston Chronicle / George Jahn

Filling up on retrograde price controls Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

U.S. Michigan Sentiment Index Fell to 89.1 in August Bloomberg / Victor Epstein

Don't Put Too Much Stock in Bond Maturity Payoffs Bloomberg / Chet Currier

U.S. August Consumer Sentiment Probably Fell, BN Survey Shows Bloomberg / Victor Epstein

Forget Deferred Oil Futures. Check Out the Road Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Murdoch heir quit with £9m payout Guardian / Dan Milmo

The Doctrine Was Not to Have One NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

Greenspan Era: Lessons From The Past Ashton Analytics via Safehaven / Michael Ashton

Easy Credit in Mortgages May Backfire NY Times / Floyd Norris

Home Equity is Not Savings Euro Pacific Capital via Safehaven / Peter Schiff

Pittsburgh ranked high in affordable housing Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Elwin Green

Energy Prices Hit Americans on All Fronts NY Times / Jad Mouawad

China's new commodity diplomacy Marketwatch / Marshall Loeb

UK: Asian bird flu outbreak 'could trigger 1930s-style collapse' Telegraph / Malcolm Moore

Gas prices too high? Try Europe Christian Science Monitor / Peter Ford

BondWorks Institutional Advisors via Safehaven / Levente Mady

Sony Sells 120 Bln Yen of Debt, First Sale in 4 Years Bloomberg / Junko Fujita

Goldman Hired to Prepare Bank of China's $5 Bln IPO, People Say Bloomberg / Cathy Chan

Yes, He's Swiss, but Not Neutral NY Times / Mark Landler

Update of the US Dollar Index Safehaven / David Petch

Will base closings sap support for military? Christian Science Monitor / Mark Sappenfield and Sara Miller

Changes in Revealed Preference: Past, Present and Future Pimco / Mohamed A. El-Erian

How to Short Junk Bonds Forbes / Marilyn Cohen

Bizarre 'asset rentals' scheme Newsday / Kenneth Harney

U.K. Economic Growth Likely to Be Revised Higher, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Sam Fleming

China Complicates Japan's Deflation Fight Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Japan's Core Consumer Prices Fell 0.2 Percent in July Bloomberg / Mayumi Otsuma


Ghost of repos past... Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

Aging baby boomers outpace trained doctors Dallas Morning News / Bob Moos

Out with paper Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Avrum D. Lank

A new view of trains Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Larry Sandler

FL: Insurers gear up for thousands of expected claims South Florida Sun Sentinel / Kathy Bushouse

N.C. joblessness rises in spite of growth in jobs Charlotte Observer / Kerry Hall

Does the dollar matter? Fed says no Reuters via CNN

Experts warn debt may threaten economy AP via Beaufort Gazette / Robert Tanner

Panel discussion: Financial Markets, Financial Fragility, and Central Banking Federal Reserve Board / Donald L. Kohn

Closing remarks Federal Reserve Board / Alan Greenspan

Greenspan warns end of US housing boom inevitable Reuters / Glenn Somerville

Fed's Kohn Defends Communicating Interest Rate Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Greenspan confident about his successor AP via NJ Post / Jeannine Aversa

Crisis management is Greenspan's specialty AP via NJ Post / Jeannine Aversa

Wal-Mart Says August Sales Rose About 3.3%, Led by Groceries Bloomberg / Rachel Katz and Dan Hart

Expert `traders' get second shot at shifty Katrina South Florida Sun Sentinel / Ian Katz

WiMax: Wireless pie in sky or the next tech revolution? AP via Philadelphia Inquirer / Matthew Fordahl

Rubin Praises Stance Of Greenspan on Deficits Washington Post / Nell Henderson

Reflections on Central Banking Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis via Safehaven / Mike Shedlock

The Anatomy of a Fictional Hedge Fund Collapse: The Next Chapter Kirby Analytics via Safehaven / Rob Kirby

Jobs and taxes: No easy choices in Germany IHT / Daniel Altman

UK: Households rein in their spending Guardian / Charlotte Moore



FL: 70,000 homes? Not so fast, say activist groups Orlando Sentinel / Kevin Spear

Drivers using plastic to delay the pain Reuters via Houston Chronicle / Janet McGurty

Soybean rust risk continues in South AP via Clarion Ledger

Yield curve on US Treasuries close to inverting FT / Jennifer Hughes

Greenspan takes a bow, no replacement yet in sight Reuters / Glenn Somerville

The Line Who Succeeds Alan Greenspan NY Post / Terry Keenan

Flat week expected as investors monitor hurricane CBC News

Crude oil crunch Toronto Star / David Olive

Record gas prices could keep climbing AP via Contra Costa Times / Gary Gentile

China today isn't like Japan of '80s AP via St. Paul Pioneer Press / Rachel Beck

Royal Bank's third-quarter profit jumps 32% to $979M; dividend boosted CP via Financial Post - / Rita Trichur

Beautiful vistas, downbeat mood Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Six tips for putting idle cash to better use Marketwatch / Paul B. Farrell

Gas prices not affecting car buyers' choices, yet AP via Cincinnati Enquirer / Dee-Ann Durbin

What politicians won't tell you about future oil prices Arizona Republic / Jon Talton

OPEC president concerned about high prices AP via NJ Post

Luxury still hot, but aspiring wealthy may pull back Reuters via San Diego Union Tribune / Elizabeth Lazarowitz

American consumers living high life, lapping up luxury goods Boston Herald / Donna Goddison

The $1,151.68 freshman ST. Petersburg Times / Mark Albright and Donna Winchester

All The Talk Could Help Us Avoid A Housing Bubble Hartford Courant / Dan Haar

NY: Highs and lows of home boom NY Daily News / Tracy Connor

Equity Is Altering Spending Habits and View of Debt LA Times / David Streitfeld

SC: Buyers leaping at ever-rising prices Myrtle Beach Sun News / Jenny Burns

Bay Area mortgage broker sees possible leveling-off of soaring market Mercury News / Eve Mitchell

Pensions' empty promise Denver Post / Colleen O'Connor and Kelly Yamanouchi

Tax-free bonds have appeal Boston Herald / Gail Liberman and Alan Lavine

CO: One job: The hire Denver Post / Aldo Svaldi

TX: Disturbing wake-up call in American dream Houston Chronicle / Nancy Sarnoff

IL: Bubble talk bursts housing euphoria Chicago Tribune / Mary Umberger

Oil, Gas May Soar as Storm Shuts U.S. Gulf Production Bloomberg / Gene Laverty

U.S. economy keeps footing on oily ladder Chicago Tribune / Susan Chandler

Seeking secret of Alan Greenspan's success Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

New Orleans Evacuates as Hurricane Katrina Approaches Bloomberg / Alex Morales and Margot Habiby

Hostile wind to float golden parachutes at Six Flags Baltimore sun / Jay Hancock

How an Accounting Firm Went From Resistance to Resignation NY Times / Lynnley Browning

FDIC made its bed and can lie in it Houston Chronicle / Loren Steffy

Employment Grows, Manufacturing Picks Up: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

One Alan Greenspan, there's only one Alan Greenspan Independent / Christopher Walker

How much cash on sidelines is really there to pump up stocks? AP via Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Ellen Simon

Damned if they do, damned if they don't: the love-in is over for hi-tech's hippies Independent / Abigail Townsend and Ben Schneiders

What's wrong with Google? Search me... Guardian - Observer / Richard Wachman

Here's talking to you, kid Guardian - Observer / John Naughton

September Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

Will Merck's courtroom drama hit big screen? Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

TX: Locally owned, but not for long Dallas Morning News / Ieva M. Augstums

Squeezing More Yield From Your Cash Marketwatch via Wall Street Journal / Paul B. Farrell

A Hedge Fund Falls Off the Face of the Earth NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

Cold truth: time to move on Marketwatch via Minneapolis Star Tribune / Chuck Jaffe

The Long-Term Lesson: It Pays to Diversify NY Times / Jonathan Fuerbringer

Sorry, but it's time to burst the housing bubble talk Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Jerry Howard

Good News, Bad News: Your Loan's Approved NY Times / Eduardo Porter

Old Savings Bonds May Yield Treasure LA Times / Kathy Kristof

An Uneven Fight Against Inflation NY Times / Daniel Altman

Market Will Digest GDP, Auto-Sales Figures Wall Street Journal

If Your Home Utility Bill Is Zero, Is It Still a Bill? NY Times / Barry Rehfeld

A healthy bottom line: Companies push wellness programs Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Christopher Snowbeck

Memo to U.S.: Pay Attention to Canada NY Times / Joseph Nocera


Hot Stats—Texas State & Metro Employment, Seasonally Adjusted Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Crunch time for UN reform The Economist

Two countries drunk on oil The Economist via Minneapolis Star Tribune

FL: Affordability drives rush to buy condos, broker says Orlando Sentinel / Jack Snyder

WI: Storm brings sales surge Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Rick Romell

US economy, commodities and China Brookes News / Gerard Jackson

Katrina's Wrath Still Unassessed Bond Buyer / Tedra DeSue and Shelly Sigo

Economic confidence slips, but firms like own prospects Washington Business Journal / Kent Hoover

Social security insolvency: The impossible challenge and the easy solution Brookes News / John P. Meehan

Greenspan and the Bubble NY Times / Paul Krugman

Japan's Unemployment Up 4.4 Pct. in July AP via Newsday

Most Japanese reluctant to borrow AP via Beaufort Gazette / Yuri Kageyama

It's Not Just the Spending Tech Central Station / Susan E. Dudley

Can't the government help with gas prices? MSNBC / John W. Schoen

Canada's ambassador to United States warns trade rules could be unraveling CP via / Dene Moore

Boomers downsize Washington Times / Tom Ramstack

Real estate boom includes number of book titles St. Petersburg Times / Helen Huntley

Housing prices at risk of falling AP via South Bend Tribune / Barks Hoffman

Will Katrina Sink the Economy? / Mark Glassman

Why oil's surge hasn't damped growth, so far Wall Street Journal via Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Bhushan Bahree

Providian shareholders to vote on acquisition by WaMu AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Allison Linn

Bond bears looming Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow and Edwin S. Rubenstein

Why Big Labor hasn't aided striking machinists Christian Science Monitor / Alexandra Marks

Monday's Money Rates AP via NJ Post

Gold futures close lower, but inflation concerns linger AFX via Forbes

Monday's Commodities Roundup Dow Jones and AP via NJ Post

Is economy growing or in danger? Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

How low can PC prices go? CNN / Amanda Cantrell

US Treasuries benefit from surge in oil prices Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

US FHLBs undergoing financial restatements Reuters

Investment firm to debut Detroit Free Press / Susan Tompor

President weighs opening strategic petroleum reserve to help refiners AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Jennifer Loven

Hurricane, oil spike a double whammy for airlines AP via Houston Chronicle

Mexico: Slim Says Peso `A Little Strong,' Hurts Competition Bloomberg / Adriana Arai and Yamila Constantino

Real estate funds show big exposure to capital gains Morningstar via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Kunal Kapoor

Crude awakening for the Fed? CNN / Paul R. La Monica

The Message from Jackson Hole Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

Globalization's First Oil Shock, Part II Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

UnitedHealth, Quest May Lead Bond Surge for Takeovers Bloomberg / David Russell

Review and Preview Morgan Stanley / Ted Wieseman and David Greenlaw

Treasuries rise as oil fuels economy fears FT / Richard Beales and David Turner

Rates increase at weekly Treasury auction AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer

NV: Creativity needed to make housing attainable Las Vegas Sun / Jennifer Shubinski

NYSE member arrested for alleged threat AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Michael J. Martinez

EU: Sifting Through the Surveys Morgan Stanley / Elga Bartsch

Hong Kong: Growth Surprises on the Upside in 2Q05 Morgan Stanley / Denise Yam

Income Inequality Threatens Growth Forbes / Oxford Analytica

Greenspan's Legacy -- `Greatest Central Banker' Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Decision Time Nears on Greenspan's Replacement Dow Jones via and Google News / Joseph Rebello

Aftermath may include higher oil prices AP via Boston Globe / Justin Bachman

High-rate lenders fill void Charlotte Observer / Binyamin Appelbaum, Rick Rothacker and Ted Mellnik

Settlement Splurge Forbes / Liz Moyer

Money pouring into exchange traded funds AP via The State / Meg Richards

FASB Reexamines GAAP Hierarchy / Craig Schneider

Northwest Air Walkout Offers a Year to Survive Bloomberg / Doron Levin

The Misguided Assault on the U.S. Drug Industry Bloomberg / Kevin Hassett

Chapter 7 Filings Rise Before Law Takes Effect LA Times / Kathy Kristof

Measuring the Economy May Not Be as Simple as 1, 2, 3 Washington Post / Jonathan Weisman

At Defunct Fund, Close Ties to Auditor NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

States tackle gas cost Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

Small companies ask, 'How about a raise instead of a medical plan?' Christian Science Monitor / Gregory M. Lamb

Treasury Bond Volatility May Rise as Greenspan Nears Retirement Bloomberg / Al Yoon and Mark Tannenbaum

Oil Soars to Record as Hurricane Shuts U.S. Gulf Production Bloomberg / Gavin Evans

Gold loses shine as investors drift away Australian / Robin Bromby

UK: Inflation may run out of control – King Independent / Julia Kollewe

UK: 14th month of house price falls Guardian / Charlotte Moore

Dollar May Drop for Second Week Against Euro, Yen, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Jake Lee

Is Australia's Economy as Good as It Gets? Bloomberg / William Pesek, Jr.


Truckers, trains will rebound, but airlines? St. Louis Post Dispatch / Tim McLaughlin

Distressed and underserved nonmetropolitan middle-income geographies pdf FFIEC via FDIC

Dollar mixed in Asian trading AP via NJ Post

Soaring oil even has oil patch worried Globe and Mail / Patrick Brethour and Dave Ebner

FL: It's not a pleasant topic, but disasters can still be profitable Ft. Meyers News Press / David Kamm

Northern Virginia close to worker shortage Washington Business Journal / Jeff Clabaugh

Gulf Coast Issuers Put on Negative Watch Bond Buyer / Tedra DeSue and Shelly Sigo

MA: Bonds Bought Over Holder's Objection Bond Buyer / Lynn Hume

U.S. has balanced trade with only 2 countries Tucson Citizen / Lawrence Koslow

Canada: Trade surplus grows Globe and Mail / Tavia Grant

Fed minutes: What a difference three weeks can make Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Listen to Greenspan / James B. Stewart

Gas prices expected to storm past $3 per gallon Dallas Morning News / Sudeep Reddy and Elizabeth Souder

Fill up now! Gas may hit $3 a gallon Boston Herald / Jay Fitzgerald

How Katrina may hurt hedge funds CNN / Amanda Cantrell

The Consumer-Dependent Economy Daily Reckoning / Bill Bonner

Impending Financial Strains Daily Reckoning / Gary Shilling

U.S. incomes treading water Reuters / Rex Nutting

SC: Agents face fines for out-of-date MLS listings Island Packet / Peter Hull

IRS' eye is on poker winnings Washington Post via Myrtle Beach Sun / Albert B. Crenshaw

Citigroup in German hedge fund move Investment and Pensions Europe

Canada: Sales of existing homes should set a record this year, real estate agents say CP via

House Daily Standard / Irwin Stelzer            

$100-A-Barrel Crude? Painful For Everyone Hartford Courant / Ritu Kalra

Is Dell Dying? Slate / Daniel Gross

Optimism on Hedge Funds New York Sun / Elizabeth Peek

Suicide Note May Implicate Three In Hedge Fund Fraud Hartford Courant

$101M Seized in Ariz. Hedge Fund Probe Newsday / Michelle Roberts

Emerging debt-Prices slightly higher following bonds Reuters / Manueala Badawy

Treasuries push higher on Katrina impact FT / Jennifer Hughes, Joanna Chung and David Turner

Treasuries Surge on Oil; 2-Year Note Has Biggest Gain This Year Bloomberg / Michael McDonald and Mary Jane Credeur

The damage that Katrina could still wreak The Economist

Measure for measure The Economist

Treasury's Adams sees more flexible yuan Reuters / Glenn Somerville

OPEC seen powerless to tame record high oil Reuters / Peg Mackey

Economic Quarterly Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee 08/09 Federal Reserve Board

Fed in August saw inflation risks rising AP via USA Today and 1st Headlines

Workers say they're falling behind-survey Reuters

Global: Bubbles All Around Us Morgan Stanley / Andy Xie

NZ: Interest rates tipped to be cut by year end New Zealand Herald

India: Industrial Growth Pickup: How Sustainable Is It? Morgan Stanley / Chetan Ahya and Mihir Sheth

SEC may fine Morgan Stanley over e-mail Reuters via MSNBC

MD: Star fund manager makes a Fuss over stagflation Boston Globe / Brett Arends

Mortgage industry outgrows regulations Charlotte Observer / Binyamin Appelbaum

FL: A spur for a national fund? St. Petersburg Times / Jeff Harrington

Oil hits record near $71 Reuters via CNN

Farce Majeure M2 via Safehaven / John Mackenzie

U.S. dollar rises against euro AP via Charlotte Observer

Stranded passengers pile up in airports in Southeast Orlando Sentinel / Beth Kassab

Built-in advertising becoming a staple of TV Chicago Sun Times / Tara Weiss

CBOT raises fees for US Treasuries trades FT / Andrei Postelnicu

Poverty Rate Rises to 12.7 Percent AP via Chicago Tribune / Jennifer C. Kerr

Insurance, gas, housing to feel effect Knight Ridder via Philadelphia Inquirer / Kevin G. Hall

The $100 Billion Hurricane Forbes / Matthew Herper

U.S. Treasuries Rise as Crude Oil Prices Surge, Stocks Fall Bloomberg / Jake Lee and Shamim Adam

Good For America: Higher Prices And Great Cars Forbes / Jerry Flint

Heated Exchange NY Post / Roddy Boyd

Factory orders fell in July AP via MSNBC and 1st Headlines

Chain store sales fall –Redbook Reuters

Consumer confidence rises unexpectedly Reuters / Victoria Thieberger

Oil climbs back above $68 Reuters via CNN

EU Budget Delays May Hurt New Bloc Members AP via Newsday / Pablo Gorondi

Oil clouds Europe's consumer-led economy rebound Reuters / Brian Love and Nick Edwards

The Fed treads a narrowing path Taipei Times / J. Bradford Delong

Greenspan's replacement will face another test Marketwatch / Dr. Irwin Kellner

Money Separates European Central Bank From Fed Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

What's up with gold? Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

As Bear Funds Show, a Short Seller's Life Is Hard Bloomberg / Chet Currier

UK: High street gloom is worst since 1983 Guardian / Richard Wray

GM, Hit by $3 Billion Loss, Leans on Daewoo's Engineering Skill Bloomberg / John Lippert

Russia: Starbucks Seen Seeking Asylum Moscow Times / Anna Smolchenko

Japan's Household Spending Falls, Jobless Rate Rises Bloomberg / Lindsay Whipp

Thailand Likely Posts First Current Account Surplus in 5 Months Bloomberg / Anuchit Nguyen



Administration floats names for Fed chairman Houston Chronicle / Stewart M. Powell

Shake-up looms for Italy's central bank FT / Tony Barber

Gas prices soar; answers scarce Dallas Morning News / Elizabeth Souder, Sudeep Reddy and Jim Landers

Katrina threatens cost of cup of java Knight Ridder via Indianapolis Star / Kevin G. Hall

TX: Hotels try to handle influx Dallas Morning News / Suzanne Marta

FL: Housing costs strain budgets Miami Herald / Tim Henderson, Samuel P. Nitze and Lisa Arthur

WI: Realtors can keep listings exclusive Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Michele Derus

Yuan won't resolve trade friction AP via Contra Costa Times / Elaine Kurtenbach

Arizona lashes out at illegal immigration / Mark K. Matthews

Canada: HSBC fined $1.16-million Globe and Mail

Hedge Funds for All / Lisa Scherzer

Laborious Labor Day Marketwatch / Andrea Coombes

EU: Hopes dimming for strong eurozone growth in 2005 AFP via EU Business

Canada: Economy growing at 3.2% rate Globe and Mail / Tavia Grant

August Saw $31.34B in Issuance Bond Buyer / Maxwell Meyers

Global government bond yields tumble FT / Richard Beales, Jennifer Hughes and David Turner

Katrina Rattles the Bond Market / Mark Glassman

Freddie Mac's earns down nearly 60 percent AP via NJ Post

The Washington Consensus Gives Way to a Keynesian Consensus Tech Central Station / Christopher Lingle

Text of Bush statement on Katrina Marketwatch via 1st Headlines

IL: ComEd seeks 6 percent rate increase Chicago Tribune / Mike Colias

LA: Looters Gunning For Wal-Mart Forbes / Tom Van Riper

N.Y. Drivers May Soon Pay $4 a Gallon NY Sun / Dan Dorfman

Ignoring ominous symptoms Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Storm may be costliest ever in U.S. San Francisco Chronicle Tom Abate

Airlines cancel more flights, prepare for possible fuel shortages AP via Boston Herald

CA: Home values high, but so are mortgages AP via Orange County Register

Study urges careful oil shale development AP via Tacoma News Tribune / Jennifer Talhelm

Russian market celebrates 10th birthday BBC News / Alexander Koliandre

Gas: Can consumers bear more pain? CNN / Parija Bhatnagar

US Treasury yield curve moves towards inversion FT / Jennifer Hughes

Fed's Olson says too early to judge Katrina impact Reuters

Economic Outlook Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia / Anthony M. Santomero

Greenspan on mission to bust bubble in housing Baltimore sun / Jay Hancock

U.S. Jobs Gained and Lost through Trade: A Net Measure Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Gouging? Look in the mirror CNN / Kathleen Hays

AZ: Home buyers feel crunch as appraisals lag prices Arizona Republic / Catherine Reagor

Dependent on unstable region Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Boeing's 'final offer' ridiculed Seattle Post Intelligencer / James Wallace

Janus debt rating nears junk levels Bloomberg via Rocky Mountain News

Wednesday World Gold Prices AP via NJ Post

Soybeans rise, grains mixed AP via NJ Post

Katrina Whips Up Energy Prices, Darkens Economy NY Post / Suzanne McGee

Chicago-area manufacturing declines Chicago Tribune / James P. Miller

Treasuries Surge; Manufacturing Index Falls More Than Forecast Bloomberg / Michael McDonald and Mary Jane Credeur

FL: Competition heats up for foreign tourists Orlando Sentinel / Beth Kassab

WA: Hedge-fund firm could feel fallout from KPMG investigation Seattle Times / Drew DeSilver

US-China textile trade talks fail BBC News

Catastrophe Bonds Forbes / Liz Moyer

U.S. Treasuries jump on contraction in Chicago PMI Reuters

Dollar Drops After Chicago Manufacturing Unexpectedly Shrinks Bloomberg / Joshua Krongold

White House to Release Oil From Reserves AP via LA Times / Eileen Putman

Bernanke: Katrina economic impact likely limited Reuters

Survey of Tenth District Manufacturers Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Economic growth revised down Reuters via CNN

Fuel For Thought Forbes / Robert Malone

Tiffany's profit surges 53 percent Reuters via CNN

For Maestro Greenspan, the song remains the same Houston Chronicle / Loren Steffy

Katrina cripples 95% of gulf's oil production USA Today / Elliot Blair Smith

Hawaii Costs Public Millions by Shunning Competitive Bond Bids Bloomberg / William Selway

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