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Fed chief: right or wrong? NY Daily News / Lore Croghan

The Katrina Premium Slate / Daniel Gross

So Much Money, So Much Talent Tech Central Station / Dominic Basulto

Market Falls Into Malaise NY Post via Fiend’s SuperBear Page / John Crudele

U.S. Credit Perspectives Pimco / Mark Kiesel

Chicago Fed Midwest Manufacturing Index pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

What’s Up With The Decline in Female Labor Force Participation pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta / Julie L. Hotchkiss

Investors know oil will peak, the problem is where? Reuters / Nick Edwards

China's Banking Revolution Real Clear Politics via Bondhead Referral / David Hale

Alan Greenspan changes key The Economist

Will Katrina make Greenspan pause? CNN / Paul R. La Monica

No one to blame but ourselves Dallas Morning News /. Danielle DiMartino

Treasury yields hit two-month lows FT / Jennifer Hughes, Joanna Chung and David Turner

Trade in goods and services The Economist

Industrial production The Economist

Slowing flow of oil may stall nation's growth for rest of year Houston Chronicle / Jessica Holzer and Alexis Grant

IL: Grease for the meat The Economist

Bush Will Ask Congress for $10.5 Bln in Katrina Aid Bloomberg / Richard Keil and Roger Runningen

Talent in tech lagging in U.S. Washington Times

Science fiction? The Economist

Starting Over Forbes / David A. Andelman

Sisters under the skin The Economist

...and statistics The Economist

Something else at work on bonds Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Futures markets pare bets for September Fed hike Marketwatch / Rachel Koning

Gasoline Supplies Tighten, Prices Rise AP via Baltimore Sun / Brad Foss

New Orleans out of the game Angela Shah and Brendan M. Case

Mack carries on Purcell agenda Marketwatch / David Weidner

Chinese cookie crumbling? Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Bush Immigration Plan Loses Republican Support on U.S. Border Bloomberg / Nicholas Johnston

Bush to discuss hurricane with Greenspan MSNBC via 1st Headlines

Google branches out with print ads Mercury News / Matt Marshall

Taking the battle online The Economist

Thursday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

Soybeans, grain increase AP via Philadelphia Inquirer

Bank of America Says Sell Peso Bloomberg / Prashant Rao

Dollar Declines as U.S. Factory Index Suggests Slower Growth Bloomberg / Joshua Krongold and Mark Tannenbaum

OH: Gas hikes don't deter travel Cincinnati Enquirer / Marla Matzer Rose and James Pilcher

NC: Long lines as prices rise before their eyes Charlotte Observer

10-year climbs on economic data CNN

Consumer Spending Rises, Savings Rate Dips AP via Newsday / Martin Crutsinger

'A lose/lose' for economy Newsday / Randi F. Marshall, Tom Incantalupo, Tami Luhby and Lauren Weber

Factories lose some momentum in August Reuters / Chris Reese

Construction spending in July stalls Reuters via CNN

White House: Gas costs to rise further Reuters

European Central Bank holds rates steady AP via NJ Post / Friederike Marx

JPMorgan to buy credit card unit of Sears Canada Bloomberg via Chicago Tribune

Economists Get Supply Shock They Once Imagined Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

A Heretic On The FOMC? Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Kasriel

Katrina could tip U.S. toward recession Minneapolis Star Tribune / Mike Meyers

No one knows where the oil price is heading, but a speculative bubble this is not Independent / Jeremy Warner

For some, time for appraisal after Katrina Christian Science Monitor / Kris Axman

A Distribution System Brought to Its Knees NY Times / Alexei Barrionuevo and Claudia Deutsch

MasterCard Pursuing Plan to Offer Shares to Public NY Times / Julie Creswell and Eric Dash

The Opportunity Cost of Economics Education NY Times / Robert H. Frank

U.S. Notes Decline as Investors Deem Price to Be Too Expensive Bloomberg / Shamim Adam and Nicholas Reynolds

UK: Retail investors flock to corporate bond funds Independent


Policymaking on the FOMC: Transparency and Continuity Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

The “Maestro” Problem National Review / John Tamny

Greenspan the “Risk Manager” National Review / Victor A. Canto

Municipal bonds feeling storm pressures USA Today / Elliot Blair Smith

Korea: Oil Developers Riding High on Surging Prices Korea Times / Na Jeong-ju

LA: A warning sent but left unheeded LA Times via Orlando Sentinel / Tim Rutten

Katrina's fallout for retailers Marketwatch / Jennifer Waters

Maryland home prices rose 23% June to June Baltimore Sun / Lorraine Mirabella

WI: Manufacturers navigating world market Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Rick Barrett

A chasm grows in 'flat' world Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull

Bush, Congress tread carefully in Gulf Coast disaster Christian Science Monitor / Linda Feldmann and Gail Russell Chaddock

A 6% Fed Funds Rate? NY Sun / Dan Dorfman

Investing After Enron Tech Central Station / James K. Glassman

7-Eleven intends to go private AP via Cincinnati Enquirer

For airlines, 'hedging' on commodity pricing can be a risky strategy Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Dan Fitzpatrick

Three Cheers for "Price Gougers" Tech Central Station / Rand Simberg

Energy equation is recast Dallas Morning News / Jim Landers

Feeding the Oil Monster with a Dixie Cup Business Week via MSNBC / Mike McNamee and Lorraine Woellert

Mortgage rates continue to fall AP via Detroit Free Press / Martin Crutsinger

FL: Housing costs likely to jump Bradenton Herald / Melissa Followell

Fears of Economic Slowdown Grow LA Times / Peter G. Gosselin and James F. Peltz

Those high heating bills? They're about to get higher Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Elwin Green

Gulf crisis threatens economic ripple effect Washington Times / Patrice Hill

Fed must find way in storm Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Fed expert doubts Katrina will cause recession The State / C. Grant Jackson

Katrina's growing economic impact CNN / Chris Isidore

Katrina May Cut Payrolls by 500,000 This Month Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

U.S. August Payrolls Rise 169,000; Jobless Rate Falls Bloomberg / Joe Richter

Oil and troubled waters The Economist

The Train They Call The City of New Orleans (Part 1) Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis via Safehaven / Mike Shedlock

Las Vegas plummets in housing appreciation for second quarter Las Vegas Sun / Jennifer Shubinski

Home Prices: Average jumps 13.4%, sharpest since '79 Chicago Tribune

Treasurys hold steady, brush off jobs data AP via NJ Post

New Orleans Awaits Arrival of Muni Bond Superheroes Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Boeing Machinists Strike, Halting Plane Production Bloomberg / James Gunsalus

Albertson's May Sell After Struggle With Wal-Mart Bloomberg / Josh Fineman and Chris Burritt

CBOT estimated futures/options volume - Sep 2 Reuters

Conservation? It's Such a 70's Idea NY Times / Floyd Norris

Deeply difficult times for the Big Easy The Economist

The Value of Information with Heterogeneous Agents and Partially Revealing Prices pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond / Juan Carlos Hatchondo

Crude falls $2 as IEA says it will release supplies FT / Chris Flood

U.S. Jobless Rate At Four-Year Low Forbes / Tara Murphy

Corporate job cuts fall by 32% Marketwatch via 1st Headlines / Rex Nutting

Batter up, Mr. Greenspan CNN / Kathleen Hays

Mortgage interest rates fall San Diego Union Tribune

Dollar May Fall as Traders Pare Bets on Interest-Rate Increases Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto

Oil Price Rise Leads to C-Word Use in Asia Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.


CO: Labor market sluggish Rocky Mountain News / James Paton

Congress considering tax and retirement overhauls Newsday / Tami Luhby

In the volatile petroleum world, it's always back to the futures San Antonio Express News / David Hendricks

Weekend Travelers Pay the Price Washington Post / Daniel de Vise

Oil Moves Ease Supply Pressures LA Times / James F. Peltz and James S. Granelli

Time to Call an Audible Thoughts From The Frontline via Safehaven / John Mauldin

China's emerging power is on center stage Seattle Post Intelligencer / Brad Wong, Todd Bishop and Kristen Millares Bolt

An Economy Raised on Pork NY Times via Real Clear Politics / Robert B. Reich

LA: Storm Clouds NY Post / Sam Gustin

PA: High gasoline prices aren't always gouging Philadelphia Inquirer / Harold Brubaker

DC: Rumors Send Panicked Residents To the Pump Washington Post / Sara Kehaulani Goo and Ylan Q. Mui

What's missing is reality Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

Michigan gas highest Detroit Free Press / Alejandro Bodipo-Memba and Caron Alarab

Boeing fears possible long-term effects of strike IHT / Don Phillips

After the long weekend CNN / Alexandra Twin

Ex-staffer tells how CEO lost it San Francisco Chronicle / Verne Kopytoff

Strategist predicts early rally for U.S. tech stocks Bloomberg via Chicago Sun Times

Job gains to wash away Chicago Tribune / James P. Miller

Gulf Coast Jobless Rate Could Be 25 Pct. AP via LA Times / Jeannine Aversa

Global growth at risk from oil price-IMF Reuters / Mia Shanley and Dhara Ranasinghe

Dollar Falls Eighth Week in Nine Against Euro on Fed Rate View Bloomberg / Joshua Krongold and Mark Tannenbaum

Treasuries Rise on Hurricane Impact; 2-Year Notes Lead Gains Bloomberg / Michael McDonald and Mary Jane Credeur

CA: State gets squeezed by Gulf gas shortage Sacramento Bee / Dale Kasler

LA: Prayers, rumors, evil everywhere in crippled city AP via Denver Post / Allen G. Breed

LA: Devastated city has become land of zombies and killers Orlando Sentinel / Kevin Spear

First Estimate Puts Storm's Economic Toll at $100 Billion NY Times / Jennifer Bayot

Led Into Temptation? Who Wasn't? NY Times / Joseph Nocera

The drop zone: Katrina turmoil Australian / Alan Wood




Costs of buying vacation home extend beyond purchase price Boston Herald / Rick Schaffer

MS: Tax revenue crisis Clarion Ledger / Nell Luther Floyd

WI: Bankruptcy changes trigger filings Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Paul Gores

More workers are choosing to hold down multiple jobs Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Interest rate rise is putting savers in a better mood AP via Houston Chronicle / Meg Richards

Citigroup offers Y230 bln in samurai bonds Reuters

GM, Ford junk downgrades dominate Q2 in credit-BIS Reuters

Emerging debt to take cue from US bonds, oil Reuters / Manuela Badawy

Is it time to revisit choice of brokers? St. Petersburg Times / Helen Huntley

FL: Jobless rates are dropping, but higher-paying positions are tough to find South Florida Sun Sentinel / Niala Boodhoo

FL: She moved for a job that went away South Florida Sun Sentinel / Niala Boodhoo

13 states make push for online sales tax AP via Myrtle Beach Sun / Robert Tanner

CO: Condo prices on a roll Denver Post / Margaret Jackson

Katrina's economic toll may be felt well into '06 AP via MSNBC

Hitting The Economy Newsweek via MSNBC and Real Clear Politics / Robert J. Samuelson

Gas Prices Will Top Agenda Wall Street Journal

Chief Justice Rehnquist dies of thyroid cancer Chicago Tribune via Denver Post / Jan Crawford Greenburg

The Post-Katrina Jump at the Pump -- Unavoidable? Tech Central Station / Ben Lieberman

Independent Gas Stations Expect Losses AP via Hartford Courant / Harry R. Weber

Oil extends losses as stockpiles open Reuters

Kuwait donates $500 million in oil to U.S. Reuters via MSNBC

Korea to Release Oil Reserve Korea Times

UK: Insurers face $40bn claims after Katrina Guardian – Observer / Richard Wachman and Oliver Morgan

EU-China seek trade deals in wake of textiles spat Reuters / Katherine Baldwin

Katrina might slow Fed's rising interest Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

Wall St. queried on new Fed chair Hearst News via Arizona Republic / Stewart M. Powell

Bond-Index Funds Wall Street Journal / Jonathan  Clements

UBS to Take Over Julius Baer LA Times

Hedge funds' lesson: Do your homework Chicago Sun Times / David Roeder

For stock investors, it may be time to live large Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Len Boselovic

Tire Prices Rising Along With Oil Spike AP via Chicago Tribune / Catherine Tsai

P/Es Show the Bubble's Not in Stocks Wall Street Journal / Paul B. Farrell

For Stocks, Two Paths After the Storm Wall Street Journal / Mohammed Hadi and Karen Talley

Is Target too upscale? Minneapolis Star Tribune / Chris Serres

Made in America Boston Globe / Royal Ford

Hot, and rare, tech commodity: customer loyalty Boston Globe / Robert Weisman

Mortgages take a bigger bite LA Times / Chuck Green and Diane Wedner

Homeowners opt to 'cash out' equity USA Today via Arizona Republic / Sandra Block

Southern exposure reflects a weakness Houston Chronicle / David Ivanovich

AZ: Copper industry boom enriches state's economy Arizona Republic / Max Jarman

TX: In the New Houston, Oil Is No Longer King LA Times / Dana Calvo

CA: Workers' wages still going down Mercury News / Tim Summers

SC: Foreign competition taking jobs from S.C. The State / Noelle Phillips and Chris Roberts

Services Growth Strong Before Katrina: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Vince Golle

On Labor Day, lead, follow or step aside Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Outlook for holiday season grows more uncertain in aftermath of Katrina AP via Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Anne D'Innocenzio

Italy bank chief urged to resign BBC News

Is Germany's economy recovering? BBC News / Tim Weber

Europe upbeat on end to quota row BBC News

New barometer of Thai economy: Noodles AP via NJ Post

Australia: Reserve tipped to hold for 2005 Australian

Mexico Losing Its Luster for Foreign Investors LA Times / Marla Dickerson

Debt load could make Americans vulnerable AP via St. Louis Post Dispatch / Eileen Alt Powell

Analysts expect fuel prices to revive car sales Bloomberg via Taipei Times

FundAlarm's Weitz skewers the fund business Marketwatch

Bad deeds go unpunished Marketwatch / Chuck Jaffe

Googzilla Toronto Star / David Olive

UK: Oil at $70 a barrel? It's no big deal – yet Guardian / Richard Wachman

As Rates Climb, the Short-Term C.D. Is Standing Taller NY Times / Norm Alster

Is a Hedge Fund Shakeout Coming Soon? This Insider Thinks So NY Times / Mark Gimein

Can't Find a Sure Bet? It May Be Time to Spread the Risk NY Times / Paul J. Lim

Connect The Dots. Find the Fees NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

Katrina's Shock to the System NY Times / Jad Mouawad

If You Can Make It Here ... NY Times / Louis Uchitelle


A retreat at the pump? Don't bet the farm Houston Chronicle / Lynn J. Cook

Half of Damaged Refineries Near Restarting AP via Chicago Tribune / Steve Quinn

Holiday travel slows as gas prices level AP via NJ Post

The week ahead US News / Paul J. Lim

Storm evacuees begin looking for new jobs AP via Indianapolis Star / David B. Caruso

MS: Uncertainty and fear to rebuild CNN / Parija Bhatnagar

FL: Job rate high, but pay is low Miami Herald / Jim Wyss

TN: Wages just not keeping up with rising prices Tennessean / Bush Bernard

Running In Place NY Post / Suzanne McGee

Mac's Gains a Boon to Microsoft LA Times / Terril Yue Jones

Canada: Katrina blows away rate expectations Globe and Mail / Omar El Akkad

PA: Labor Day 2005: These people work hard at jobs that are particularly hard Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Alana Semuels

Summertime, and the Christmas shopping's easy USA Today via 1st Headlines / Lorrie Grant

Brazil Treasury to buy back remaining C-bonds Reuters

Buzzards are swarming: Cities scrap for convention biz Boston Herald / Scott Van Voorhis

Back to bearishness Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

State Street to raise ETF ante Marketwatch / John Spence

Unemployment, recession and inflation Brookes News / Gerard Jackson

Debt and deflation Brookes News / Dr Frank Shostak

US economy and the stock market boom Brookes News / Gerard Jackson

Germany: Schröder has a nose for recovery Scotsman / Bill Jamieson

Arizona employers face labor shortage Arizona Republic

It's a man's world in the race for the Nobel prize Guardian / Howard Vane and Chris Mulhearn

Katrina could prompt new black "great migration" Reuters / Adam Turner

The blame game The Economist

After Rehnquist The Economist

Economics and Politics Safehaven / Hans F. Sennholz

Housing slowdown could spell trouble AP via NJ Post / Martin Crutsinger

Monday World Gold Prices AP via NJ Post

US$100 a barrel is not a pipe dream AFP via Taipei Times

U.S. dollar gains on euro AP via NJ Post

France raises public deficit forecast AP via NJ Post

Economy showed strain before crisis Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Boomers seen leading next wave of start-ups Journal News / David Schepp

U.S. Borrowing Costs May Fall as Foreign Demand for Notes Rises Bloomberg / Jake Lee

South Korea to Sell $1 Bln of Bonds by November Bloomberg / William Sim and Netty Ismail

U.S. Marks Labor Day With Whole Lot of Work to Do Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Insurers reassess financing of huge risks Dallas Morning News / Pamela Yip

IL: New look in market for condos Chicago Tribune / John Handley

TX: Real estate agents await renter wave Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

Housing Boom May Continue After Storm, Experts Say NY Times / Motoko Rich

J.C. Penney is back 'on the money' Journal News / Barbara Woller

Yen gains as oil prices recede FT / Steve Johnson

Derivatives Trades on Exchanges Rose 11% Last Quarter Bloomberg / Ann Saphir

How to Protect Yourself Against New Energy Crisis Bloomberg / John Wasik

Oil Falls as U.S. Rigs, Refineries Start, IEA Pledges Supplies Bloomberg / Alejandro Barbajosa

China's Dueling Risks -- Oil and Americans Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

EU and China reach textile deal BBC News

EU: Services Growth Slowed in August Bloomberg / Fergal O'Brien

Hurricane Katrina shows that America's free market does not have all the answers Independent / Stephen King

China: Overseas investment almost doubles Xinhua Online via Shenzhen Daily

UK: Millions of savers lose out as banks take advantage of interest rate cut Independent / David Prosser

Traders Forecast Dollar Decline, Say Fed Won't Raise Rates Bloomberg / Steve Rothwell


Housing foundations on air? Washington Times via Fiend’s SuperBear Page / Bruce Bartlett

Dollar marginally higher against the yen AP via San Luis Obispo Tribune

Long Live the Consumer / Igor Greenwald

Not That ’70s Show National Review / Larry Kudlow

PA: Rendell: Lift minimum wage by $2 Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Joe Fahy

LA: Hurricane wrecks emergency systems Chicago Tribune / Michael Hughlett

Exodus From Legg Mason Continues Bond Buyer / Yvette Shields

BMA Finds Proposed Amendments to Rules on Political Contributions Vague and in Need of Clarification; Reiterates Support For Principles Behind Rule G-37 Bond Market Association

The perfect storm The Economist

Double-beta bounty Marketwatch / Bill Donoghue

Korea: Citibank Probed for Lending Practices Korea Times / Kim Yon-se

Canadian economy could be buffeted by damage from hurricane Katrina CP via National Post / Sandra Cordon

EU: A temporary truce on textiles The Economist

Why New Orleans Cell Phones Aren't Working Slate / Daniel Engber

Monthly Mutual Fund Report Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Bank Of Japan Confirms Greenspan Visit Forbes / Chris Noon

CBOT estimated futures/options volume - Sep 6 Reuters

Dollar rises against euro AP via NJ Post

“Lunch” Time Pimco / Bill Gross

PIMCO sees value in short-dated Treasuries – Gross Reuters

Katrina pain for US consumer may cap oil price Reuters / Peg Mackey and Barbara Lewis

Katrina won't pack knockout punch Marketwatch / Greg Robb

The Big Difficult Forbes / David A. Andelman

Consumer Confidence Lowest in Months ABC News via 1st Headlines / Jon Cohen

No Shame Forbes / Steve Forbes

Katrina could slow US GDP growth by 0.5 pct-Snow Reuters

Katrina economic impact may top $100B AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Jeannine Aversa

Doubts dogging traders Dallas Morning News / Will Deener

Cutting gas prices could cut revenue AP via NJ Post / JR Ross

CA: It's unsettling when O.C. settles Orange County Register / Jonathan Lansner

Fed May Pause for Political Reasons Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Oil falls almost 2 bucks, below $66 CNN

Brazil Sells $1 Billion of 20-Year Bonds at 8.52% Bloomberg / Elzio Barreto

Bonds down with oil declines CNN

A limited time only ... Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Less volatile oil prices, corporate upgrades move stock markets higher CP via National Post / Malcolm Morrison

Dollar recovers as energy fears subside FT / Steve Johnson

Dollar falls vs euro on Katrina worries AP via NJ Post

Sen. Grassley: Fed should not raise rates Bloomberg via Dallas Morning News

Katrina boon to builders Boston Herald / Scott Van Voorhis

Katrina's Rebuilding Boost Won't Come Quickly Bloomberg / Kevin Hassett

Ill Wind Watch NY Post / John Crudele

Counting Katrina's Costs Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

Global: The Endogenous Oil Shock Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

U.S. August Service Growth Unexpectedly Accelerated Bloomberg / Joe Richter

Tuesday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

OECD warns of ‘economic shock’ from oil prices FT / John Thornhill

AZ: State slips, but forecast is bright Arizona Republic / Jon Talton

China: The Hard Road to Balanced Growth Morgan Stanley / Andy Xie

Turkey: If You Want to Create Jobs, Get Rid of Distortions Morgan Stanley / Serhan Cevik

Japan: How Well Can Japan Weather High Oil Prices? Morgan Stanley / Takehiro Sato

EU and China in 'bra wars' deal Guardian / Michael White and David Gow

Fed May Raise Rates Even After Hurricane Katrina Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Fed May See Katrina Inflation Risks Outweighing Slowdown Fears Bloomberg / Craig Torres

Wall Street is hoping for a late-year rally Providence Journal via Google News / David McPherson

Taking stock of first eight months Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

US braced for pain from crippled oil production Guardian / Ashley Seager

TX: Houston Finds Business Boon After Katrina NY Times / Simon Romero

Bush's Approach to Government at Turning Point After Katrina Bloomberg / Holly Rosenkrantz and Richard Keil

To Know John Roberts Jr., Think Ronald Reagan Bloomberg / Andrew Ferguson

Asia: Treasuries Drop; Decline in Oil Prices Tempers Economic Concern Bloomberg / Shamim Adam and Nicholas Reynolds

Hedge Fund Managers Tried to Get Into Movie Business NY Times / Jenny Anderson

When Auditors Go Astray, What Director Dares Say So? NY Times / Floyd Norris

Dollar Gains Against Euro on View Two-Week Slide Was Excessive Bloomberg / Yumi Kuramitsu

The End to Fed Tightening Campaign Is Near FX Money Trends via Safehaven / Jes Black

Australia's Economy Probably Expanded 1% in 2nd Qtr Bloomberg / Victoria Batchelor

For Bush, a test of political skill Christian Science Monitor / Linda Feldman



Gouging? Think of it as an oily incentive Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Smaller Stocks Still Rockin' Forbes / Richard Moroney

Beige Book Federal Reserve Board

Dollar Depreciated in August Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Dallas Beige Book Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Analysts differ over interest rates Contra Costa Times / George Avalos

NABL Issues Debt Plan For Katrina Bond Buyer / Alison L. McConnell, Craig T. Ferris and Lynn Hume

Long-Term Impact Depends on Consumers Washington Post / Margaret Webb Pressler and Paul Blustein

Hurricane Katrina is no match for a thriving economy St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

Dollar gains against the yen and euro AP via Biloxi Sun Herald

CO: Most Colorado Mervyn's stores to close AP via Denver Post

Senators urge boost in standards of fuel economy Washington Times / Patrice Hill

An inveterate bear turns bullish Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Craigslist: Stopping the Presses? / Will Swarts

Traders Hungry for Fast Food / Igor Greenwald

Bank of Canada raises overnight rate target by 1/4 percentage point to 2 3/4 per cent Bank of Canada

EU: Discounting Higher Oil Prices Morgan Stanley / Eric Chaney, Elga Bartsch and Vincenzo Guzzo

Asia: Cutting Growth Forecasts on Oil Morgan Stanley / Andy Xie

Asia: GDP Growth: Borrowing From Future Morgan Stanley / Chetan Ahya

UK: Bank poised to leave rates steady BBC News

The Economics of Self-Ownership Ludwig von Mises Institute / Michael Rozeff

LA: Officials confounded by hurricane victims who don't want to move Knight Ridder / Chris Adams, Gary Estwick and Martin Merzer

Empire of Debt Lew Rockwell / Doug French

Gasoline, Taxes, and Middle East Policy Lew Rockwell via Real Clear Politics / Rep. Ron Paul, MD

U.S. to give $2,000 debit cards to Katrina victims AP via USA Today and 1st Headlines

Why we shouldn't aid Katrina's victims too much Slate / Steven E. Landsburg

Bush to seek another 51.8 bln usd for Katrina AFX via Forbes

Road Map To Disaster Forbes / Matthew Swibel

Chief Accountant to Leave SEC / Stephen Taub

Cash Is Trash Forbes / Megan Johnson

Fees drop for funds Newsday / Tami Luhby

Lifting the curtains on hedge-fund window dressing Wall Street Journal via Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Jesse Eisinger

PNC to buy mergers-acquisitions firm Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Dan Fitzpatrick

Is Kodak a Takeover Target? NY Sun / Dan Dorfman

Don't worry about price gouging now. Worry later. Slate / Austan Goolsbee

$3 gas -- is it here to stay? CNN / Chris Isidore

Crude Oil, Gasoline Fall as Stockpiles Released, Output Gains Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

Katrina deals blow to U.S. jobs, but will it last? Reuters / Andrea Hopkins

U.S. Economy: Labor Costs Rise, Productivity Slows Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

PA: Renting hourly for thrifty motoring Philadelphia Inquirer / Akweli Parker

FL: Gas prices in S. Florida level off; Gov. Bush is pressured to suspend gas tax South Florida Sun Sentinel / Joseph Mann & Mark Hollis

Arizona has highest gas prices in West Arizona Republic / Max Jarman

US Treasuries slip along with oil, inflation nags Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

Treasuries ease as inflation fears creep in FT / Richard Beales, Jennifer Hughes, Joanna Chung and David Turner

Muni Central Post Office,, Celebrates One Year Anniversary Bond Market Association

U.S. Economic Outlook Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago / Michael H. Moskow

Fed's Moskow sees solid U.S. productivity growth Reuters

The long and short of interest rates Reuters / Linda Stern

Survey: economy expanding well before storm AP via NJ Post

Insurance firms adjust upward Chicago Tribune / Ameet Sachdev

Wednesday's Metal Prices AP via NJ Post

Oil Back at Pre-Storm Levels LA Times / James F. Peltz and Dana Calvo

United Airlines Files Reorganization Plan AP via Chicago Tribune / Dave Carpenter

Pimco's Gross: End of bubble is nigh Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Lessons learned from our T-shirts Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

U.S. 10-, 30-Year Treasuries Fall After Labor Costs Increase Bloomberg / Joshua Krongold and Elizabeth Stanton

Giving the economy a checkup Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Katrina could cost 400,000 jobs – CBO CNN

U.S. 2nd-Quarter Productivity Rises at a 1.8% Rate Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

TN: Local job market able to absorb evacuee workers Tennessean / Bush Bernard

Not In My Backyard Forbes / Tom Van Riper

Oil prices cool as storm recovery continues AP via Houston Chronicle George Jahn

Canada Raises Rate, Drops Phrase on `Near Term' Move Bloomberg / Greg Quinn

Katrina Spells Armageddon for Muni Bond Investors Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Airlines fly out thousands of evacuees for free USA Today via 1st Headlines / Roger Yu

Katrina pushes zinc to an eight-year high Australian / Kevin Andrusiak

Oil's not well for BHP after Katrina Australian / Nigel Wilson

Gouging? No Such Thing Tech Central Station / Iain Murray

Morgan Director Resigns, a Sign That a Reorganization Is Likely NY Times / Landon Thomas, Jr.

Lehman Says Buy Japan's Inflation-Linked Debt Bloomberg / Chris Cooper

Canada: Tiptoeing Across the Border NY Times / Steve Payne

UK: OECD pours scorn on Brown's growth forecast Independent / Philip Thornton

U.K. Interest Rates Are Heading for a Decline Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

U.S. to Widen Inquiry of KPMG Tax Shelters NY Times / Jonathan D. Glater

Failed State Tech Central Station / Gregory Scoblete

Fools Rush In Tech Central Station / Veronique de Rugy

EU: Retailers not thrilled by China textile deal IHT / Graham Bowley


Economic and financial indicators $ The Economist

Stockmarkets The Economist

Management Consultants: From big business to big government The Economist

Global Car industry: Extinction of the predator The Economist

LA: The way of Babylon? The Economist

Emerging-market indicators $ The Economist

Mexico: A mixed record The Economist

India: Busy signals The Economist

ECB pulls no punches on wider bond spreads FT

Fed to keep raising rates despite Katrina Reuters / Glenn Somerville and Alister Bull

Views on the Economy and Implications for Monetary Policy Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco / Janet Yellen

Money funds rose in latest week AP via Beaufort Gazette

New warning over hedge fund capacity report Investment and Pensions Europe

Foreign ETFs Continue To Outperform FX Money Trends via Safehaven / Jes Black

HI: 59 Hawaii Small Businesses Got 9/11 Loans AP via Newsday

Republicans eye expanding US offshore drilling Reuters / Chris Baltimore

The U.S. is approaching a jobs milestone — but will anybody know? National Review / Jerry Bowyer

Our Achilles' Heel / Lisa Scherzer

30-year rates unchanged over past week AP via MSNBC

Your Home is Your Cottage Ludwig von Mises Institute / Adam B. Summers

FL: He keeps the condos coming St. Petersburg Times / Scott Barancik and Sharon Bond

DC: Most expensive gasoline in nation? It's D.C. Washington Times / Jen Haberkorn

MN: Gas prices inflict pain St. Paul Pioneer Press / Jennifer Bjorhus

NC: Small stations gas-starved News and Observer / Dudley Price

States reopen their disaster playbooks / Kathleen Hunter and Mark K. Matthews

BondWorks Institutional Advisor via Safehaven / Levente Mady

Hedging against recession NY Daily News / Lore Croghan

Moody's Puts Gulf Coast Debt on Alert Bond Buyer / Tedra DeSue

MD: Seeing hope in abandoned housing Baltimore Sun / Eric Siegel

'A significantly slower recovery' USA Today via 1st Headlines / David J. Lynch

Treasuries yield highest since Katrina struck FT / Jennifer Hughes, Joanna Chung and David Turner

A pause? Don't be so quick Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Psst, Wanna Buy Some Oil? Forbes / Scott Reeves

Citigroup-Legg deal runs into some snags Baltimore Sun / Laura Smitherman

Who you should really hate when you fill your tank Slate / Daniel Gross

Energy Profits Likely to Keep Rising LA Times / James F. Peltz

Americans Give Bush Poor Marks on Handling Katrina, Polls Show Bloomberg / Richard Keil and Brendan Murray

Canada: Goodale to announce much smaller federal surplus than expected CP via Financial Post / Sandra Cordon

Germany: Waiting for the East to flourish BBC News / Tim Weber

EU: Further from the Euro Morgan Stanley / Oliver Weeks

Korea: Rate Kept Low As Sentiment Is Still Weak Morgan Stanley / Sharon Lam

Japan: After the Election Morgan Stanley / Robert Alan Feldman

9/11 recovery loans loosely managed AP via NJ Post / Dirk Lammers and Frank Bass

Oil prices fall as inventories shrink AP via NJ Post

Justice Department files antitrust lawsuit against Realtors over Internet listings AP via Seattle Times

Intel Predicts 3rd-Qtr Sales of $9.8 Bln to $10 Bln Bloomberg / Ian King

Will Katrina lead to higher prices? CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Small Businesses Charging Ahead Forbes / Brett Nelson

Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 Federal Reserve Board

Ebbers to Remain Free on Appeal / Stephen Taub

Home styles get simpler Detroit Free Press / Tom Walsh

Storm flags for economy are up Arizona Republic / Jon Talton

U.S. Wholesale Inventories Fell 0.1% in July; Sales Rose 0.5% Bloomberg / Joe Richter

The wrong way to cut gas prices San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

The wrong answer for high gas prices Chicago Tribune / Steve Chapman

We're All to Blame for Pump Prices LA Times / Michael Hiltzik

Economy to face high winter energy costs-Bodman Reuters

Higher Commodity Prices Already Fading LA Times / Jerry Hirsch

Cuts may be first steps into Delta bankruptcy Cincinnati Enquirer / James Pilcher

The Wolf Is At The Door Forbes / Jerry Flint

Sears Holdings replaces CEO, posts profit AP via NJ Post / Dave Carpenter

Brand on the run Boston Globe / Jenn Abelson

ABN AMRO targets affluent masses in Asia Reuters / Doreen Siow

Hurricanes Become More Frequent? Forbes / Oxford Analytica

Dollar buoyed by support from Moskow FT / Steve Johnson

Russia and Germany sign gas deal BBC News

Oil Rises First Day in Four on Expected Decline in Inventories Bloomberg / Gavin Evans and Will Kennedy

A penny a share for New Orleans Marketwatch / David Weidner

French flunk labour reforms Guardian / Ashley Seager

UK: House prices rise at fastest rate for a year Guardian / Charlotte Moore

UK: Jump in property prices rules out interest rate cut Independent / Philip Thornton

Taiwan: Slowdown in world trade will be felt by Taiwan: economist Taipei Times

BOJ Keeps Zero Rates, Reserve Target Before Elections Bloomberg / Mayumi Otsuma

Can Gaza now create a viable economy? Christian Science Monitor / Ilene R. Prusher

Australian August Employment Unexpectedly Increases Bloomberg / Victoria Batchelor

Oil, Housing Worries Threaten the American Dream Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

Companies find value in hedging China bet IHT / Donald Greenlees

Treasuries May Rise; Japanese Investors Buy More Overseas Debt Bloomberg / Shamim Adam


When banks bulk up on risk IHT / Daniel Altman

'Growth scare' is possible Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Australia: 'Economic threat' in foreign debt Australian

Cisco's Options-Expensing Plan Set Back by U.S. SEC Bloomberg / Laurence Arnold

The Aristobureaucrats Slate / John Dickerson

IEA warns on impact of record oil price FT / Javier Blas, Carola Hoyos and George Parker

Insurance Adjusters Walk An Emotional Line Hartford Courant / Diane Levick

German brews world's strongest beer Reuters via MSNBC

Friday's Money Rates AP via NJ Post

Katrina will drive up housing costs CNN / Les Christie

Federal Reserve Events Reuters

Dollar nudges upward on rate rise talk FT / Darryl Thomson and Jennifer Hughes

The Dollar's Iron Ceiling Euro vs Dollar Currency War Monitor via Safehaven / Alex Wallenwein

Snow sees US cutting budget gap despite hurricane Reuters

Emerging debt-Bonds hold ground at historic lows Reuters / Tomas Sarmiento

US Treasuries up as inflation worries ease slightly Reuters

Taiwan: FSC touts offshore bond market Taipei Times / Amber Chung

Tax Cuts in the Age of Katrina National Review / John Tamny

The Shoestring Economy Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

Business Conditions - Pre-Katrina Reversal Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner and Shital Patel

Consumer Confidence Sinks in September AP via Chicago Tribune / Jeannine Aversa

Jobs may be Katrina casualty Newsday / Randi F. Marshall

Friday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

Demand for Fuel Seems to Be Falling LA Times / James F. Peltz and Claire Hoffman

Currency Impact of High Oil Prices and Katrina Morgan Stanley / Stephen L Jen

LA: Speculators circle New Orleans for real estate deals Boston Globe / Kimberly Blanton

Fed hints Greenspan to retire as planned on Jan 31 Reuters

Yellen offers preview of Fed meet San Diego Union Tribune / Dean Calbreath

Do-nothing Fed is dangerously disengaged MSN / Jim Jubak

US Fed shortens first 2006 FOMC meeting to one day Reuters

US Treasuries rise as long end yields move lower Reuters

U.S. Treasuries Increase as Economists Lower Growth Forecasts Bloomberg / Joshua Krongold and Elizabeth Stanton

NV: Landry's plans new downtown hotel tower at Golden Nugget Las Vegas Sun / Richard N. Velotta

That used car might be a Katrina survivor Chicago Tribune / Jim Mateja

Katrina rings alarms on climate change: World Bank Reuters / Laura MacInnis

UK: Forecast Changes: Higher Inflation Ahead Morgan Stanley / Melanie Baker, David Miles and Vladimir Pillonca

Mexico's central bank holds monetary policy steady Reuters

China: CNY: Regime Shift to Lead to Monetary Orthodoxy Morgan Stanley / Stephen L Jen

Japan: Flexibility is a Mark of Wisdom Morgan Stanley / Takehiro Sato

If the Fed Stops Pushing, Might Bond Yields Rise? Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Merrill, JPMorgan Push Bond Ideas as Louisiana Looks to Rebuild Bloomberg / Darrell Preston

Rating Agency Eyes La., Miss. Debt AP via Morning Call / Aleksandrs Rozens

The Real Lesson from Katrina Euro Pacific Capital via Safehaven / Peter Schiff

Willing Workers but With the Wrong Job Skills NY Times / David Leonhardt and Louis Uchitelle

How to Assure the Very Rich Stay That Way NY Times / Floyd Norris

Countering Cramer on Sears Marketwatch / Herb Greenberg

Google Slights Goldman Again NY Post / Roddy Boyd

From UBS's Suite of Power to the Sweat of a Hedge Fund NY Times / Jenny Anderson

UK: Bank of England keeps interest rates on hold, for now Guardian / Ashley Seager

U.S., EU Will Try for Agriculture Agreement to Spur Trade Talks Bloomberg / Mark Drajem

Oil to hit $100 U.S. a barrel, bank says CP via Toronto Star / James Stevenson

Gas Inventories at a 5-Year Low NY Times / Vikas Bajaj

Oil prices jump above $65 a barrel AP via Myrtle Beach Sun En-Lai Yeoh

Partisan bickering over Katrina escalates - to peril of both sides Christian Science Monitor / Linda Feldmann

Bush’s leadership skills questioned, polls show FT / Caroline Daniel

Where do gas prices go next? Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull

Oil May Rise as Storm Repairs Could Take Months, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

Germany: Dragging economy pushes Germans to polls Christian Science Monitor

China's Rise. Blessing or Curse for Russia? Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.



Is Katrina a budget buster? US News / Matthew Benjamin

Are disasters really good for the economy? MSNBC / Martin Wolk

Wal-Mart redeems itself, but what's next CNN / Parija Bhatnagar

UK: Fidelity star causes stir with plan to split fund in two Telegraph / Ian Cowie

World economies weather soaring oil: bankers Reuters / Jeffrey Jones

EU demands more and cheaper oil Reuters / Sumeet Desai and Paul Carrel

Inflation Raising its Ugly Head Specialty Finance Group via Safehaven / Richard Benson

Canada: Global disparity economic threat CP via London Free Press

Oil Aids Venezuelan Leader's Influence AP via Baltimore Sun / Peter Prengaman

In wake of Katrina, airlines ask feds to suspend jet fuel tax AP via Tacoma News Tribune

Cash flows in Gulf Washington Times / Tom Ramstack

The Evolution of Payments in the U.S.: Paper vs. Electronic Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia / Anthony M. Santomero

Fed official: Plastic rules Reuters via CNN

New Orleans levee bonds pulled as MBIA won't insure Bloomberg via Journal News / Eddie Baeb

Setup for a flameout? Chicago Tribune / David Greising

LA: Treasurer: Bankruptcy not an option for Louisiana AP via Houston Chronicle

Katrina's Costs Could Approach That of War AP via LA Times / Donna Cassata

Katrina's impact on economy grows AP via Des Moines Register / Brad Foss

Mileage deduction jumps by 20% Bloomberg via Houston Chronicle / Ryan J. Donmoyer

Alternative fuel stocks skyrocketing AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Ellen Simon

ECB's Trichet Presses Fazio to Account for Bank Takeover Moves Bloomberg / Flavia Krause-Jackson

Dollar Gains for First Week in Three Versus Euro on Fed View Bloomberg / Mark Tannenbaum

Japan Bonds Fall 1st Week in Four Amid Stock Gain, BOJ Report Bloomberg / Issei Morita

Economic freedom The Economist

Asia's lust for gold soaring Australian / Peter Klinger

Amtrak to raise fares, cut incentives Washington Times / William Glanz

On Oil Supply, Opinions Aren't Scarce NY Times / Joseph Nocera

Looking Beyond Floodwaters and Seeing Red Ink NY Times / Mark Stein

MA: Real estate market sees storm surge Boston Herald / Brett Arends

Grim business suddenly growing: Body bags Minneapolis Star Tribune / John Reinan


Riskier Brand of CD Has a Foreign Flavor LA Times / Kathy Kristof

First home can be a debt trap for unwary South Florida Sun Sentinel / Carolyn Bigda

Stagflation is economy's worst threat Being Street Smart via Foster’s Online and Fiend’s SuperBear Page / Sy Harding

Junk bonds, like junk food, can give you restless nights San Diego Union Tribune / Lynn O'Shaughnessy

ETFs diversify your holdings Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Kathleen Gallagher

MS: Buyers displaced by storm settling in Clarion Ledger / Sylvain Metz and Nell Luter Floyd

MS: Will Coast casinos come ashore? Clarion Ledger / Scott Waller

Closed shop or open market? BBC News / Greg Neale

Bankruptcy law could hit before storm victims can file USA Today / Kathy Chu

MO: Accountants blew through red flags, the judge says St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

FL: Housing crunch squeezes evacuees Orlando Sentinel / April Hunt

Why oil prices will drop Toronto Star / David Olive

Bond Investors Kept On Their Toes Hartford Courant / Andrew Leckey

CA: Woeful lack of insurance San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

Vacation homes: They're luxuries Boston Herald / Rick Shaffer

Katrina Pushes Gas Price to All-Time High AP via Newsday / Jeremiah Marquez

Gas stations complain of 'credit card cabal' Orange County Register / Jonathan Lansner

Are hedge funds a crisis waiting to happen? Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Susan Morris

Stock market might make breakthrough gain in next few months Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

Retail Sales Fell on Autos, Higher Prices: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Joe Richter

Reckless spending is no relief San Francisco Chronicle / David Lazarus

Europe seeks unity as fuel protests loom $ FT / George Parker, Martin Arnold, James Boxell and Carola Hoyos

Katrina good for the economy? Not exactly Charlotte Observer / Walter E. Williams

CA: Still slim pickings LA Times / Darrell Satzman

Wall Street Journal makes big bet on Saturday Reuters

America West, US Airways set to combine AP via Charlotte Observer / Beth DeFalco

Picking up post-Katrina CNN / Alexandra Twin

Hedge Fund Fraud Cases Drawing Scrutiny AP via Forbes

For NYSE Unit, It's Get Tough or Get Out LA Times / Walter Hamilton

LA: Katrina survivors face insurers Reuters via CNN

WTO negotiators start last dash for deal Reuters / Richard Waddington

Economy key election issue in Germany AP via NJ Post

All eyes on Halliburton as contacts turn into contracts Guardian – Observer / Oliver Morgan

Benefit specialists' role is expanding Dallas Morning News / Ieva G. Augstums

Auto prices, production up to replace washouts Dallas Morning News / Terry Box

If only Kodak had phased out celluloid sooner ... AP via Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Ben Dobbin

Retailing Stocks Face Slippery Slope Wall Street Journal / Gregory Zuckerman

US Airways doubters eat their words Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Dan Fitzpatrick

The High Priest of Monetization New Era Investor via Safehaven / Roland Watson

Low costs luring workers to towns AP via Myrtle Beach Sun / Michael J. Martinez

Good times lull us into vulnerability Boston Globe / Charles Stein

Surviving the Endgame of Retroflation Clif Droke Market Analysis via Safehaven / Clif Droke

Why Worry? Well, Here Are Four Reasons Wall Street Journal / Jonathan Clements

U.S. must start now readying for next threat Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

The Crime: Slow Job Growth. A Suspect: Enron NY Times / Daniel Gross

After Katrina, Invest in Oil, but Shut Off the A.C. NY Times / Ben Stein

MA: No doomsaying state's real estate market Boston Globe

FL: Rate hikes insure that many will leave Fla. St. Petersburg Times / Jeff Harrington

FL: Home sellers report good, bad experiences South Florida Sun Sentinel / Ian Katz

Storm Stretches Refiners Past a Perilous Point NY Times / Jad Mouawad

Global player puts down investment banking roots Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Joyce Gannon

Sector Funds Aren't Just for Traders Marketwatch via Wall Street Journal / Paul B. Farrell

LA: A City on the Brink LA Times / Bill Sing and Thomas S. Mulligan

UK: Treasury: flat tax would leave 30m poorer Guardian – Observer / Heather Stewart

Want a Hedge Fund? Here's Your Homework NY Times / Geraldine Fabrikant

The Chinese, Too, May Be Worth Copying NY Times / William J. Holstein

Laughing All the Way From the Bank NY Times / Timothy L. O’ Brien and Julie Creswell

He Naps. He Sings. And He Isn't Michael Dell NY Times / Gary Rivlin

Has a zeal for budget cuts undermined public safety? NY Times / Louis Uchitelle


Building materials, costs soaring in Katrina's wake San Jose Business Journal / Kent Bernhard Jr.

The great Katrina migration Christian Science Monitor / Peter Grier

Is the US Economy Shock-Resistant? Merk via Safehaven / Axel Merk

Does Yuan Revaluation Mark Formal Coming-Out of Asian Consumer? KWR International / Keith W. Rabin

Gold price approaches 17-year high FT / Kevin Morrison and Chris Flood

Why Oil Prices Will Stay High KWR International / Scott B. MacDonald

Search for oil stepped up as price rises FT / Carola Hoyos and Javier Blas

David Greenlaw wins two in a row Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

CO: Money leaving Colo. Funds Denver Post / Will Shanley and Aldo Svaldi

FEMA Should Be Shut Down Ludwig von Mises Institute / Christopher Westley

Hurricane postpones Senate vote on estate tax San Jose Business Journal / Kent Hoover

Oracle to buy Siebel for $5.85 billion AP via MSNBC

Korea: Gov’t Opposes Rate Hike Korea Times / Kim Jae-kyoung

Freddie Mac settles, targets former executives AP via USA Today

Dealmakers are back in business USA Today via 1st Headlines / Matt Krantz

Nasdaq Rises to 5-Week High on Deals; S&P 500 Is Little Changed Bloomberg / Ari Levy

Ford sells Hertz for $5.6B AP via USA Today

Bush Approval Rating Hits Career Low in Post/ABC News Poll Bloomberg / Holly Rosenkrantz

WA: Home sales jump over 14 percent in King County Seattle Post Intelligencer

CA: Worker's mistake kills power in LA CNN

Oil sinks back near $63 Reuters via CNN

Gold Prices May Reach 17-Year High on Jewelry Demand Bloomberg / Pham-Duy Nguyen

Broker who worked until age 97 is dead Reuters via CNN

Picking up the pieces The Economist

Mideast firms putting oil money into emerging markets Reuters / Sujata Rao

Global majors must dance to producers' tune for oil Reuters / Maryelle Demongeot

Peru Bonds Outperform Mexican Debt on Economic Growth Bloomberg / Alex Emery and Adriana Arai

MD: Report sees crisis in housing for city's poor Baltimore Sun / Eric Siegel

Bond prices are lower at midday AP via NJ Post

Commerce Bancorp sees earnings below view AP via NJ Post

Dollar rises against other currencies AP via San Diego Union Tribune / David Rising

Monday's Metal Prices AP via NJ Post

DC: Zooming off the lot Washington Times / Jen Haberkorn

Campbell Soup 4th-quarter profits surge 35 percent Philadelphia Inquirer / Bob Fernandez

IL: 40 years of trims, cuts come to an end Chicago Tribune / Joseph Sjostrom

Treasuries Fall on Concern Reports May Show Faster Inflation Bloomberg / Steve Rothwell

Last Hurrah for Bonds Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

Mortgage mysteries abound Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

The Risk Is Inflation, Not Stagflation Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

Oil prices slip as demand growth slows Reuters

Refiners are feasting on higher gas prices Dallas Morning News / Elizabeth Souder

Electronic derivatives trading begins FT / Richard Beales

Oracle to buy Siebel in $5.85 bln deal Reuters

Office Depot sets consolidation moves Marketwatch / Jennifer Waters

Marketing's Big Problem: Wall Street Forbes / Jack Trout

Delta may file for bankruptcy this week Reuters via CNN

Wachovia to buy two auto lenders Reuters

Trichet Says `No Doubt' Oil Prices Will Slow Growth Bloomberg / Simone Meier

Euro Declines as Merkel May Fail to Get Majority in German Vote Bloomberg / Rodrigo Davies

Let Katrina revive the war on poverty Christian Science Monitor / David R. Francis

Does the U.S. Residential Boom Have Legs to Last? Bloomberg / John Wasik

MI: How GM and Ford's Hometown Slid Into an Abyss: Motown Memoir Bloomberg / James Pressley

High oil prices put brakes on China's soaring economy AFP via Taipei Times

Flawed Policies Play a Part in Katrina Tragedy Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

China's Posts Third-Highest Trade Surplus on Record Bloomberg / Nerys Avery

Gold reaches nine-month high Australian

How America rides the storms Guardian / Larry Elliott

Free trade is not perfect, but it's all we've got Independent / Stephen King

European Merger Wave Looms as the Next Big Bubble Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

Japan's Economy Grew Three Times Faster Than Estimate Bloomberg / Lily Nonomiya

Germany: Kicking off a new image in Germany IHT / Eric Pfanner

Treasuries May Extend Gains as Fed Sticks to `Measured' Pace Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

A Letter and To-Do List for Japan's Koizumi Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Yen Gains Against Dollar After Koizumi Wins Japanese Election Bloomberg / Chris Cooper

Dollar May Gain as Fed Is Likely to Raise Rates, Investors Say Bloomberg / Steve Rothwell and Mike McDonald



Bubble, Bubble, Froth and Trouble Moneyweb via Fiend’s SuperBear Page / Barry Sergant

US Federal Reserve set to raise rates again FT / Andrew Balls

St. Onge Talks Munis: Next NABL Head: 230 the ‘Elephant in the Room’ Bond Buyer / Lynne Hume and Allison McConnell

Rising rates kept bond managers defensive AP via Tallahassee Democrat / Meg Richards

Dollar rises against 12-nation euro AP via NJ Post

Competition is Killing Subprime Margins as Risk Skyrockets Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis / Mike Shedlock

'Downright scary' oil future likely Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Katherine M. Skiba

Workers will pay more in health costs in 2006 AP via USA Today

Hot Stats—Maquiladora Employment Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Skip the TIPS / Aleksandra Todorova

Narrowing US trade deficit boosts dollar FT / Darryl Thomson

WA: Home prices rise 21 percent Tacoma News Tribune / Barbara Clements

IA: Gas prices expected to keep dropping Des Moines Register

CA: Prices at pump may soar again San Diego Union Tribune / Craig D. Rose

Don't Believe the Skype / James B. Stewart

Ten Years on the Web Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

Korea: Two-Thirds of Fund Managers in Their 30s Korea Times / Choi Kyong-ae

Stamford Hedge Fund's Transfers Set Off Alarms Wall Street Journal via Hartford Courant / Ian McDonald, John R. Emshwiller and Ianthe Jeanne Dugan

Latin America: Crisis-Free Slowdown Morgan Stanley / Gray Newman

India: IIP Growth: Running Out of (Hair) Oil? Morgan Stanley / Daniel Lian

Failure to Communicate Tech Central Station / Duane D. Freese

Pump panic, gold glee The Economist

Selling your home without a broker CNN / Les Christie

CA: O.C. housing price hits $617,000 Orange County Register / Jonathan Lansner

NY: Median home prices on Long Island rise again Newsday / Tomoeh Murakami Tse

Defying odds, Virgin's Branson plans oil refinery Reuters / Deepa Babington

On a roll The Economist

Best Buy Stock Slumps on Weak Outlook AP via South Florida Sun sentinel / Chris Williams

IL: American, United face off at O'Hare Dallas Morning News / Eric Torbenson

Bush Says Katrina Exposed Flaws in U.S. Capabilities Bloomberg / Holly Rosenkrantz and Nicholas Johnston

US poor families need more energy help –Senator Reuters / Julie Vorman

Katrina may change face of insurance: GE exec Reuters / Simon Challis

Opportunities seen amid Fed's derivatives concern Reuters

Better times for Citigroup CNN / Michael Sivy

US senators eye relief from Katrina bond defaults Reuters

Mexico debt yields tumble as more rate cuts seen Reuters / Greg Brosnan

China to work with U.S. on trade gap Reuters via CNN

Venezuela's Economy to Grow Up to 10%, Maza Says Bloomberg / Alex Kennedy

IMF sees no reason for ECB to cut interest rates Reuters

Treasuries Rise as Producer Prices Increase Less Than Forecast Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

More Treasuries investors bearish in week – poll Reuters

Raising prices may be difficult Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

US trade deficit falls to $57.9bn in July FT / Jennifer Hughes

Wholesale prices in check CNN

Realtors' system due for overhaul Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

Real estate agents under fire...again CNN / Les Christie

Airline industry expects losses to go even higher San Francisco Chronicle / David Armstrong

Microsoft's Midlife Crisis Forbes / Victoria Murphy

Copper edges lower as inventories rise FT / Neil Dennis

Oil prices up after 2 days of declines AP via NJ Post / George Jahn

When government fails The Economist

US's Snow sees post-Katrina economic lift in 2006 Reuters

Bursting talk of a bubble Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Pamela Gaynor

MN: Twin Cities housing market still hot Minneapolis Star Tribune / K\Jim Buchta

UK: City says homeowners should be braced for period of falling prices Guardian / Larry Elliott and Charlotte Moore

Gas station holdup Boston Herald / Jay Fitzgerald

CEO Confidence Falls to 2-Year Low After Katrina, Survey Finds Bloomberg / Steve Matthews

Employers cautious about hiring Marketwatch / Andrea Coombes

U.S. August Producer Prices Probably Rose 0.7%, BN Survey Shows Bloomberg / Joe Richter

Gold Poised to Head Higher Aden Forecast via Safehaven / Mary Anne & Pamela Aden

Congress Unleashes Money With Hurricane Force Bloomberg / Andrew Ferguson

A good story doesn't make a good stock Marketwatch via Boston Herald / Chuck Jaffe

In Stocks, a Year That Rewards the Worldly-Wise Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Ex-Chairman of S.E.C. Set to Start Hedge Fund NY Times / Jenny Anderson

Does your fund have an exit strategy? Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Lehman May Say Profit Rose 37%, Led by IPO Fees, Bond Trading Bloomberg / Adrian Cox

UK: Face down the protests Guardian / Larry Elliott

Anger in Europe's streets over fuel IHT / James Kanter

China: Private sector 'in control' of China economy, survey says FT / Richard McGregor

Taiwan: NT dollar rising too much: central bank Taipei Times / Jackie Lin

China Is Under Pressure to Revalue Yuan Again Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

UK: British productivity still lagging behind output of American and French workers Guardian / Ashley Seager

Treasuries May Advance as Yields at Two-Week High Spur Demand Bloomberg / Shamim Adam and Nicholas Reynolds

Yen outlook murky despite Koizumi win Dow Jones and Reuters via The Standard

German Factory Workers Say Election Won't  Deter Wage, Job Loss Bloomberg / Benedikt Kammel and Andreas Cremer

Apple Misses a Beat by Outsourcing ITunes Phone Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert


CA: Home prices up, up, up LA Daily News / Gregory J. Wilcox

Only leadership can defuse US fiscal time-bomb $ FT / Jagadeesh Gokhale

GSE bill vote seen next week, Greenspan weighs in Reuters / Kristin Roberts

On the Alert for a Category-1 Recession Lew Rockwell / Gary North

Sears axes costs as parent cleans house Globe and Mail / Marina Strauss

UT: Skilled Workers in Short Supply Salt Lake Tribune / Lesley Mitchell

Government reports slight improvement in U.S. trade deficit AP via Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Martin Crutsinger

The Mississippi flood of 1927, and its lessons for 2005 National Review / John Tamny

House Democrats unveil plan to pursue price gougers Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Maria Recio

Canada: Banks may jump on income trust wave Toronto Star / Stuart Laidlaw

Car claims likely to deluge insurers Marketwatch / Andrea Coombes

An Entrepreneur of Ideas National Review / Bruce Bartlett

Canada: Bankruptcy trend expected to continue Ottawa Business Journal

Hardly radical, but it’s a start The Economist

New WTO chief calls on EU, US for compromise AFP via EU Business

ECB chief cites risk of inflation from oil IHT / Carter Dougherty

Mixed data keep Treasury traders quiet FT / Jennifer Hughes, Joanna Chung and David Turner

Stagflation Reloaded Morgan Stanley / Joachim Fels

Katrina may fan fires of inflation Knight Ridder via Seattle Times / Kevin G. Hall

Ten largest bankruptcies since1980 AP via NJ Post

Google Raises $4.18 Bln in Stock Sale to Fuel Growth Bloomberg / Jonathan Thaw

Home Mortgages AP via NJ Post

Wednesday's Money Rates AP via NJ Post

FDIC Makes Public July Enforcement Actions; No Administrative Hearings Scheduled FDIC

Corporate Governance at Community Banks pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Stock Market Report pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

On Reserve Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Bush call to end trade barriers BBC News

CA: Prices at pump may soar again San Diego Union Tribune / Craig D. Rose

MD: Job-growth audit shows more smoke than fire Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

US pays less for oil than Europe FT / Javier Blas

Wednesday's Commodities Roundup AP via NJ Post

Oil spikes to above $65 CNN

Bank of Italy 'must be changed' BBC News

US Treasury calls for reports on 10-year note Reuters

CalSTRS backs more bonds Sacramento Bee / Gilbert Chan

CO: Economist: Recession on its way Rocky Mountain News / David Milstead

US mortgage applications off last week as rates up Reuters / Julie Haviv

Crude Oil Futures Rise After Report of Falling U.S. Inventories Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

House eyes GSE affordable housing tie to Katrina Reuters

Market threats abound, but where are all the bears? Reuters / Jeremy Gaunt

Greenspan, the Wizard of Bubbleland Asia Times via Fiend’s SuperBear Page / Henry C K Liu

Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization Federal Reserve Board

Wednesday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

It's funny how high prices stick Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Energy costs fuel wholesale inflation AP via Washington Times / Martin Crutsinger

U.S. Economy: August Non-Auto Sales Jump, Manufacturing Rises Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Slowdown? Real estate still going strong CNN / Les Christie

U.S. Data Reveal Loan Rate Disparity LA Times / Jonathan Peterson

You See an Office Tower. Investors See a Condo NY Times / John Holusha

Let's rethink how nation manages risk after the New Orleans debacle Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

New Orleans Starts Out on the Road to Recovery LA Times / Thomas Mulligan and David Streitfeld

Deficit? What Deficit? Forbes / Janet Novack

Brag More, Mr. Bush Forbes / Rich Karlgaard

Government sells reserve oil for Katrina aid AP via MSNBC

Lehman Brothers profit rises 74 percent Reuters

Cheap Chinese cars rattle industry giants' nerves Reuters / Jane Barrett

Sales slump in August as car buying dives Reuters / Alister Bull

Muni Analysts Brave the Hinterlands in Site Visits Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Gasoline Prices Send Common Sense Out the Window Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Cost of Katrina to hit budget hard Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull

A Just in the Nick of Time Downgrade Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis via Safehaven / Mike Shedlock

Airline business flying on empty Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Google to Raise $4.4 Bln in Biggest Secondary Sale in 10 Years Bloomberg / Jonathan Thaw

Microsoft may issue a larger dividend Bloomberg via Dallas Morning News

MN: High land costs put some buyers on hold Minneapolis Star Tribune / Jim Buchta

Bear Stearns 3rd-Qtr Profit May Rise 16%, Buoyed by Mortgages Bloomberg / Bradley Keoun

What is the VIX really telling us? Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Higher lows lead to higher highs Marketwatch / David Nassar

Asia: Katrina Is Felt From New Orleans to Jakarta Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Dollar Boosted by Trade, Fed Forex News via Safehaven / Ashraf Laidi

UK: Fears grow of return to '70s-style stagflation Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Russia: CB Sees Inflation Slowing Reuters and Bloomberg via Moscow Times

UK: Oil lifts inflation to highest level for nine years Guardian / Charlotte Moore and Larry Elliott

UK: Bank's ability to cut rates limited by oil price, even though it is also dampening growth Independent / Jeremy Warner

When to Sell a Stock? Tech Central Station / James K. Glassman

Australia: Investors keen on alternatives The Australian / Robert Clow



Treasury Weighs Help to Katrina-Area Debt, Aide Says Bloomberg / James Tyson and Eddie Baeb

Bankruptcies Jolt Weary Airline Sector Bond Buyer / Yvette Shields

Bond bear speaks Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Sears Canada lowered to 'junk' CP via Toronto Star / Romina Maurino

Don't get caught up in chase Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

What Happened to the Large-Cap Rebound? / Lisa Scherzer

Canada: Mutual funds sales soar Globe and Mail / Roma Luciw

China poised to open the bank door wider for foreign investors Scotsman

Baidu shares gyrate on analyst notes Marketwatch / John Shinal

Soaring fuel costs break school budgets Kavan Peterson

Bush announces massive recovery program Knight Ridder / Ron Hutcheson and Erika Bolstad

Changing gear The Economist

Red Hat up to high for a year Raleigh News and Observer / Jonathan B. Cox

The laws of gravity don't apply Business Week via MSNBC / James Ellis

Boeing behind on plane deliveries AP via Raleigh News and Observer

CT: Banks' Move May Bring Hundreds Of Jobs To State Hartford Courant / Ritu Kalra

CA: O.C. inflation rate surges Orange County Register

A Tough Decision for Greenspan / Mark Glassman

Canada's debt to foreigners hits 20-year low CP via Toronto Star

Indonesia: Tapping Energy Potential Morgan Stanley / Daniel Lian

Korea: Economic Woes Force Customers to Settle for Smaller Gifts Korea Times

Germany: Flat Tax Frenzy Tech Central Station / Nico Wirtz

Japan: Time to Stay Calm Morgan Stanley / Takehiro Sato

NY: Here comes TD Banknorth Journal News / Allan Drury

Thursday's Money Rates AP via NJ Post

CBOE board approves plan to become for-profit entity Chicago Tribune / Susan Diesenhouse

NY gold rallies to finish at 17-year peak AP via NJ Post

When will oil start running out? Experts argue: now or 30 years away AP via San Diego Union Tribune / George Jahn

Oil prices fall amid signs of less demand AP via NJ Post

Treasury yield curve steepens after data FT / Jennifer Hughes, Joanna Chung and David Turner

Jobless claims surge from Katrina with more bad economic news to come AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Martin Crutsinger

Adobe profit surges 39 percent Reuters via CNN

Why Do Airlines Go Bankrupt? Slate / Daniel Engber

Billions in losses snare older airlines Detroit Free Press / Kortney Stringer

Expect a smaller airline with fewer high-pay jobs Cincinnati Enquirer / James Pilcher

Deep Hatred At The Airlines Forbes / Mark Tatge

Sears chief authorizes stock buyback Chicago Sun Times / Sandra Guy

Home owners swim against rising rate tide AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Aleksandrs Rozens

Germany: How Much for a Half-Percent? Daily Standard / Victorino Matus

EU trade chief dismisses Bush trade claim FT

Human Development Index The Economist

Emerging-market indicators $ The Economist

Economic and financial indicators $ The Economist

U.S. Treasuries Fall on Concern Inflation Poised to Accelerate Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Will the Fed shrug off Katrina? CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Business Outlook Survey Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Freshman Learning Communities, College Performance, and Retention Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta /  Julie L. Hotchkiss, Robert E. Moore, and M. Melinda Pitts

New England Economic Indicators Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Data Show Continued Improvement in Credit Quality, Slight Increase in Credit1 Commitment Volume FDIC

Dutch courage pays off The Economist

Storm surge The Economist

The Economist food index The Economist

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