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Gross: Short-term rates near peak Marketwatch / Jonathan Burton

FOMC meeting: Too close to call Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Can mega-mergers fix America's broke airline industry? Marketwatch / Jim Jelter

TX: Area housing market feeling storm's effects Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

A New Fund With Old Principles NY Sun / Dan Dorfman

Germany: Will 'locusts' trigger a German recovery? BBC News / Jorn Madslien

Crazy loans: Is this how the boom ends? CNN / Cybele Weisser

Lifting the Lid: Blaming it all on Katrina Reuters / Anupama Chandrasekaran

Scrooge-like spending predicted San Diego Union Tribune / Frank Green

Foreign investors in swoon over new Japan Reuters / Jeremy Gaunt

Gold: the next big thing? CNN / Katie Benner

Colombia Unexpectedly Cuts Overnight Lending Rate Bloomberg / Helen Murphy and Andrea Jaramillo

Gold smoke, economic fire? CNN / Katie Benner

Corporate Bonds: Are Investors Getting Paid for the Risk? Pimco / Charles Wyman

Business Trends and Management Challenges for the Banking Industry Federal Reserve Board / Mark Olson

Fed's Olson Urges Care With `Novel' Home Mortgages Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

SC: Real estate jobs luring thousands The State / Delawese Fulton

Statement Regarding Meeting on Credit Derivatives Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Why Has Output Become Less Volatile? Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Fincad News Fincad

Bush drafts new immigration reform plan FT / Edward Alden

Rebuilding the Gulf, but at what cost? CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Gold hits 17-year high amid inflation concerns FT / Kevin Morrison

Most Expensive Rental Markets In America 2005 Forbes / Sara Clemence

TX: Foreclosures spike in Collin, Rockwall Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

FL: Condo flippers walk a lucrative tightrope amid predictions of downturn South Florida Sun Sentinel / Alexandra Navarro Clifton

Home equity borrowing losing some of its luster Rocky Mountain News / Aleksandrs Rozens

Mortgage rates up slightly before Fed Board meets AP via Detroit Free Press / Martin Crutsinger

U.S. Treasuries Fall on Outlook for Faster Inflation, Deficit Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Financing US Imbalances: A Bumpier Road Ahead Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

Asymmetrical Risks of Global Rebalancing Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

Consumer sentiment plummets in September Reuters

Current account gap shrinks Reuters / Alister Bull

Seeking a cure for the hurricane hangover The Economist

Auto limbo: Price bar lowered Wall Street Journal via Denver Post / Jennifer Saranow

USD to Remain Supported for the Rest of 2005 Morgan Stanley / Stephen L Jen

USD: Is Reserve Diversification Negative for the Dollar? Morgan Stanley / Stephen L Jen

German election nerves drive euro lower FT / Chris Flood

Playing hardball on softwood Dallas Morning News / Jim Landers

Fight 'gouging'? Don't go there Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

MD: Jobless rate lowest since 2001 in state Boston Globe / Robert Gavin

Copper Heads for a 2nd Weekly Drop in London as Stockpiles Rise Bloomberg / Simon Casey

Friday Gold Coin Prices AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer

Crude Oil Falls as Fuel Price Hikes Slow Global Demand Growth Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

Ex-brokerage execs indicted Newsday / Susan Harrigan

Taiwan: CBC Cautiously Raises Rates Again Morgan Stanley / Denise Yam

German unemployment weighs on voters BBC News / Tim Weber

Chinese economy continues to boom BBC News / Quentin Sommerville

China set to become world’s biggest exporter by 2010 FT / Richard McGregor

Japan: Euphoria in Tokyo Morgan Stanley / Andy Xie

Fannie Mae Dissolving Grass-Roots Lobbying Network Washington Post / Jeffrey H. Birnbaum and Annys Shin

Invasion of the Reluctant Renters NY Times / Eric Dash and David Leonhardt

ARMs' Against a Sea of Troubles Best Minds via Safehaven

Winter heating prices scare states / Eric Kelderman

Storm Might Be a Factor as Fed Ponders a Rate Rise NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

Time for the Great Debate on Katrina Bond Bailout Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Trying to Put Some Reins on Derivatives NY Times / Riva D. Atlas

SC: County home sales shoot up in August Island Packet / Peter Hull

Bush's buffeted leadership Christian Science Monitor / Linda Feldman

Thoughts on Savings - Part 2 Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis via Safehaven / Mike Shedlock

Textiles ask U.S. to keep quotas Bloomberg via Winston Salem Journal News

Less than Zero M2 via Safehaven / John Mackenzie

Oil May Rise on Slow Hurricane Repairs, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

Energy costs are biggest US economy threat—survey Reuters

UK: Rate cut expected as cricket love affair and terrorism fears prolong decline Guardian / Larry Elliott

Dollar Set for Winning Week; U.S. Bond Yields Attract Investors Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto

Derivatives traders agree to ‘concrete steps’ $ FT / Jennifer Hughes and Gillian Tett

NV: Damn the Bubble, Let's Build a City! Forbes / Dorothy Pomerantz

Morgan Stanley Names Petitgas, Schuettler European Bank Heads Bloomberg / Gregory Cresci

OPEC May Raise Output as Oil, Gasoline Trade Near Records Bloomberg / Stephen Voss and James Cordahi

Japan's Recovery Looking Better to Europeans Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.


The Coming Category 5 Financial Hurricane Lew Rockwell / Dr. Ron Paul

Law students at free clinics help investors fight for money they entrusted to brokers and lost Newsday via Hartford Courant / Susan Harrigan

FL: Florida unemployment rates hit historical lows Miami Herald / Jim Wyss

Dwindling supermarkets draw concern AP via Houston Chronicle / Joann Loviglio

Wall St Week Ahead - Eyes on Fed meeting Reuters / Caroline Valetkevitch

The highs! The lows! You're buying a house Philadelphia Inquirer via Houston Chronicle / Alan J. Heavens

CO: Airlines' bankruptcies leave smaller firms out on a limb Denver Post / Kelly Yamanouchi

CA: Fading out San Diego Union Tribune / Frank Green

When inflation rears, a haven is found in gold Australian

Taking a shine to the fund-amentals Australian / Anna Fenech

OPEC says hands are tied AP via Raleigh News and Observer

A Bright Spot in Germany's Economy Seems to Be Fading NY Times / Floyd Norris

Rice: Lower trade barriers Marketwatch / Robert Schroeder

McDonald's hits 52-week high Chicago Tribune

T-Mobile won't be put up for sale AP via Seattle Times

Overseas markets are on a roll these days AP via Myrtle Beach Sun / Ellen Simon

Dollar Has Weekly Gain After Reports Suggest Faster Inflation Bloomberg / Michael McDonald

Clues to a Hedge Fund's Collapse NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

Pentagon May Slash Boeing Contract LA Times / Peter Pae

Gulf Coast rebuilding may top $200 billion LA Times via Baltimore Sun / Emma Vaughn and Johanna Neuman

The envy of Europe IHT / Thomas Fuller and Ivar Ekman

Saudi Arabia, U.A.E. Say OPEC Should Increase Production Bloomberg / Stephen Voss and James Cordahi

Fed's dilemma after disaster Mercury News / Kevin G. Hall

Storm decimated shrimp fleet, oyster beds Clarion Ledger / Ana Radelat



Mexico considers extending debt curve with 30-year bond AP via Houston Chronicle / Tom Barkley

Get ready to pay more for plastic products Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Rick Barrett

A steely outlook for metal products Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Rick Barrett

World-first for 50-year bond linked to inflation FT / Joanna Chung

Disaster planning straps hospitals Marketwatch / Kristen Gerencher

UK: Rate cuts predicted if growth in UK falls short FT / Chris Giles and Scheherazade Daneshkhu

UK: How to stop stagflation Scotsman / Allister Heath

The game of life expectancy Marketwatch / Andrea Coombes

The Disaster Behind the Disaster: Poverty NY Times / Daniel Altman

Greenspan must be sensitive to growth uncertainty $ FT / Stephen Cecchetti

How Much Do You Make? (Breaking Down The Hourly Wage) Wall Street Journal via Myrtle Beach Sun / Jessica E. Vascellaro

A savvy consumer? Pass this test on rising rates Allentown Morning Call / Gregory Karp

Desperate evacuees turn to credit cards AP via Indianapolis Star / David Koenig

TN: Fuel costs chomp into bottom line Tennessean / Getahn Ward

MD: Finding work away from assembly line Baltimore Sun / Stacey Hirsh

NY: With Nod To Katrina, Local Charities Remind, “We’re Still Here!” NY Post / Richard Wilner

IL: My condo town Chicago Tribune / John Handley

US dollar trades higher on inflows data; euro rises AFP via Taipei Times

President sounds the death knell for small government St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

There’s $ To Be Made From Airline Turbulence NY Post / Terry Kennan

OPEC May Offer Every Barrel of Oil Members Can Pump Bloomberg / Stephen Voss and James Cordahi

OPEC hesitates over more oil Reuters / Janet McBride and Barbara Lewis

When it's time for fund owners to call it quits Boston Herald / Rick Shaffer

Ediie’s Money NY Post / Catherine Curan

ISO: An Adviser To Trust Washington Post / Dean Starkman

Taiwan: Foreign investors appear muddled Taipei Times / Huang Tien-lin

Obsolete luxury liners set sail Miami Herald

UK: With 1.7 billion people after our jobs, the cost of oil is the last thing we should worry about Independent / Hamish McRae

UK: Chancellor is looking down a barrel as growth hopes take a knock Independent / Ben Schneiders

If Fed raises interest rates this week, blame Bush Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

A cliffhanger for the Street? CNN / Alexandra Twin

Decline in index a message to Fed Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

Fed seen raising rates despite Katrina Reuters / Glenn Somerville

Don't believe doomsday forecasts Denver Post / Al Lewis

The oro years LA Times / Walter Russell Mead

Katrina impact reaches deep into area economy Arizona Republic / Russ Wiles

Housing Holding Up Even as Growth Slows: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Cheap Loans Are Under Fire LA Times / Tom Petruno

CA: Average mortgage rates and indexes LA Times

Mortgage rates in black and white Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

Searching for value Journal News / Jay Loomis

What zooms up, comes down slowly Baltimore Sun / Paul Adams

Even the rich face financial issues from time to time Baltimore Sun / Eileen Ambrose

Out of bankruptcy, out of trouble? Charlotte Observer / Tony Mecia

Judges don't make laws, Congress does that Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

LA: Bourbon Street's neon powers up Marketwatch via 1st Headlines / August Cole

AZ: In Phoenix, old ways of doing business pose new risks Arizona Republic / Jon Talton

PA: A $4 billion growth spurt Philadelphia Inquirer / Josh Goldstein

MD: A famous son of Baltimore re-emerges Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Pop Goes the Bubble? Maybe It's Time to Cheer NY Times / Daniel Akst

Don't Jump to Conclusions (Especially After Hurricanes) US News via NY Times / Paul J. Lim

Face It, You're Spending, Not Investing Wall Street Journal / Jonathan Clements

Important economic indicators Boston Herald / Gail Liberman & Alan Lavine

Investors have tough time parting with bad funds Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Len Boselovic

A Fib Here, a Scandal There NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

It's Fourth and Long for Stocks Wall Street Journal / Craig Karmin

Whoops! There Goes Another Pension Plan NY Times / Mary Williams Walsh

UK: Pouring oil on a troubled Chancellor Guardian – Observer / William Keegan

UK: Soaring oil costs will hit UK's growth Guardian – Observer / Heather Stewart

Rising Japan follows its leader Guardian – Observer / Heather Stewart



NM: Treasurers in Extortion Rap Bond Buyer / Jim Watts

Why the Fed shouldn't raise rates Marketwatch / Peter Morici

US economy, stock market mania and economic ghosts Brookes News / Gerard Jackson

Debt, deflation and the US economy Brookes News / Frank Shostak

FL: Home price spike expected Ft. Meyers News – Press / Paul Fleming

Fund reform hits the courts Marketwatch / Paul B. Farrell

Loonie hits 13-year high Globe and Mail / Tavia Grant

German asset managers still bullish despite vote Investment and Pensions Europe

Can Government Build Cities? Ludwig von Mises Institute / Clifford F. Thies

Don't Worry About Post-Greenspan Era Wall Street Journal via Marketwatch / Greg Ip

Fed May Raise Rate At Meeting NY Sun / Dan Dorfman

Fed's rate decision takes on added importance AP via Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Christopher Wang

What the Fed is considering Washington Post / Victoria Thieberger

U.S. Fed seen likely to raise interest rate Globe and Mail / Haris Anwar

Financial planners' plans for you Marketwatch / Thomas Kostigen

Soft landing or crash? Marketwatch / John Spence

Climbing a wall of hope Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

MS: Wages for day laborers rise along Gulf Coast in Katrina's wake Knight Ridder / Scott Cannon

Paul McCartney? Is That You? Slate / Seth Stevenson

Monday's World Gold Prices AP via NJ Post

What the Fed should do next Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Will Fed finally cut rates some slack? AP via Chicago Sun Times / Jeannine Aversa

What's next for housing: A national wrap-up Cincinnati Business Journal / Kent Bernhard Jr.

N.Y. Times exacts online fee for its star columnists Chicago Tribune / Steve Johnson

Rising cost of debt much more dangerous Chicago Sun Times / Terry Savage

States put Katrina evacuees to work AP via MSNBC

MI: Know who pays brokers Detroit Free Press / Susan Tompor

Bush's Speech on Hurricane Recovery Fails to Halt Slide in Poll Bloomberg / Holly Rosenkrantz

'Whatever It Costs' Washington Post via Real Clear Politics / Sebastian Mallaby

NY: In raising pay, counties find critics of 'living wages' Journal News / David Schepp

TX: Hurricane's effects may boost Texas Dallas Morning News / Angela Shah

Real estate: When booms go bust... CNN / Les Christie

US homes not overvalued, bubble unlikely-economists Reuters / Mark Felsenthal

Rita fuels energy spike CNN

US Treasuries up; keep one eye on crude, one on Fed Reuters / Ros Krasny

Eurozone bond yields fall on German reform fears FT / Joanna Chung and Kevin Allison

Is OPEC becoming irrelevant? CNN / Chris Isidore

The global change in economic power BBC News / Peter Day

New Challenges for the Fed Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

Review and Preview Morgan Stanley / Ted Wieseman

UK: Risk and Asset Prices: Part I Morgan Stanley / David Miles, Vladimir Pillonca and Melanie Baker

Timing the Rebalancing Call Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

FL: Renters will feel squeeze as tight market gets tighter South Florida Sun Sentinel / Jack Snyder

Wealthy investors putting more into mutual funds Dow Jones via South Florida Sun Sentinel

TX: Poll shows concern on economy for Texans Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Jim Fuquay

Brazil Economists Raise GDP Growth Forecast to 3.26 Percent Bloomberg / Carlos Caminada

Fed Will Raise Rates and Indicate More to Come Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Seeding The Hedge Fund Universe Forbes / Liz Moyer

Goldman Sachs May Post Record Third-Quarter Profit Bloomberg / Adrian Cox

Scary movie: Blockbuster CEO frets Reuters via CNN

Political factor in Opec deliberations BBC News / Andrew Walker

Crude Oil, Gasoline Jump With Storm Headed for Gulf of Mexico Bloomberg / Alejandro Barbajosa

China metals banquet attracts unexpected guests Reuters / Robin Paxton

Germany: A surprise that leaves Germany in limbo The Economist

Will Katrina Impoverish the Nation? Tech Central Station / Duane D. Freese

Bell Bottom Blues Tech Central Station / Nick Schulz

Dealers Try to Keep Up With the Joneses Washington Post / Margaret Webb Pressler and Anjali Athavaley

Fathoming the Fed's Next Moves Business Week via Google News

OPEC Shows Willingness to Increase Daily Oil Quota by 500,000 Barrels NY Times / Jad Mouawad

Oil investment too low to reduce prices $ FT / Carola Hoyos and Javier Blas

Germans Opt for Worst Possible Election Result Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

German Chancellor must push for reform to sustain export-led recovery Independent / Stephen King

Why interest rates may rise again - despite Katrina Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull

For investors with a conscience, options grow Christian Science Monitor / G. Jeffrey MacDonald

China's Bonding Experience Gains Some Speed Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

U.S. Bond Dealers Cut 10-Year Yield Forecast, Disagree on Fed Bloomberg / Mark Tannenbaum

Euro Drops as Merkel and Schroeder Both Claim Election Victory Bloomberg / Rodrigo Davies

Dollar May Gain for Third Week on Fed Rate Outlook Bloomberg / Rodrigo Davies

N.Z. Dollar Falls as Poll Raises Risk of Unstable Government Bloomberg / Tracy Withers


Dollar little changed in Asian trading AP via NJ Post

Where is the Wealth of Nations? Tech Central Station / Tim Worstall

`Old age' keeps getting older AP via Boston Herald

TX: Want insurance for home? It's late Houston Chronicle / Purva Patel

Do not put off imbalances correction $ FT / Martin Wolf

Pity the Poor Fiscal Conservative Slate / John Dickerson

Futures Traders Boost Bets on More Fed Rate Increases Bloomberg / Ann Saphir

Greenspan Doesn't Blink / Mark Glassman

Do No Harm National Review / Lawrence Kudlow & William P. Kucewicz

Inflation Is Inevitable / James B. Stewart

SEC to mull "soft dollar" payments Marketwatch / Robert Schroeder

EU: Consultants ‘block schemes in commodities boom’ Investment and Pensions Europe

European funds taking less risk – State Street Investment and Pensions Europe

NY Times Cutting 500 Jobs to Reduce Costs AP via Forbes

The Big, Bad Asian Wolf Is Coming Forbes / Jerry Flint

Beyond bling The Economist

Circuit City Posts Surprise Profit Dow Jones via / Jennifer Waters

Storm Clouds Thicken / Igor Greenwald

NV: Apartment demand seen outstripping supply Las Vegas Review Journal / Hubble Smith

MBAS Doubt Real Estate NY Post / Paul Tharp

FL: Hot housing market may be cooling Orlando Sentinel / Tim Barker

U.S. 2-Year Notes Fall as Fed Raises Rates; Yield Curve Narrows Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Treasury bonds take front-end hit AP via NJ Post

NASD Fines J.P. Morgan $100,000 For Late G-36 Filings With MSRB Bond Buyer / Lynn Hume

Korea: Fitch to Up Korea’s Credit Rating Korea Times / Kim Jae-kyoung

The Other Energy Crisis / Will Swarts

Bush to Press Congress for Guest-Worker Program, Tancredo Says Bloomberg / Nicholas Johnston

MO: Sales of fuel-conscious scooters take off St. Louis Post Dispatch / Gail Appleson

FL: One storm affects other Miami Herald / Noah Bierman, Matthew Haggman and Elaine Devalle

Canada: Are good times about to end? Toronto Star / Steven Theobald  and Sharda Prashad

UK: Budget deficit shrinks in August BBC News

Bond market starts to grapple with Katrina funding Reuters / Oliver Ludwig

Treasuries end mixed after rate rise FT / Kevin Allison, Joanna Chung and Mariko Sanchanta

Dollar consolidates gains as Fed lifts rates FT / Chris Flood and Steve Johnson

Did the Fed do the right thing? Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Fed Raises Rate, Says Katrina Effect Is `Near-Term' Bloomberg / Craig Torres

US rates rise despite oil crisis FT / Carola Hoyos and Sheila McNulty

FOMC Statement Federal Reserve Board

Katrina clean-up will ‘hurt Bush agenda’ FT / Caroline Daniel

Fed raises U.S. rates, one voter dissents Reuters / Glenn Somerville

Katrina's biggest impact will be higher prices Marketwatch / Dr. Irwin Kellner

Awaiting Fed vote that matters most Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Fed faces pressure to delay rate hike Chicago Tribune / William Neikirk

Analysts query need for Fed rate increase Globe and Mail / Haris Anwar

Boeing Expects to Sell 500 Planes in China in Next Five Years Bloomberg / Tian Ying

Verizon Wireless 'Continues To Take Share' Forbes / Maya Roney

Bankruptcy attorneys cleaning up Chicago Sun Times / Harry R. Weber and Joshua Freed

Housing task is massive Dallas Morning News / Angela Shah

CA: Bubble won't burst San Francisco Chronicle / Kelly Zito

Housing construction fell 1.3% in August, 2nd drop AP via USA Today / Martin Crutsinger

Home-price drop could spark recession Bloomberg via Orange County Register

Gold's future draws nigh Marketwatch / Jack Adamo

OPEC offers 2 million extra barrels of oil a day AP via Houston Chronicle

Mortgage REITs cut dividends San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

Fed seen raising rates despite Katrina Reuters / Glenn Somerville

Bush tax agenda may weather Katrina CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

Ford COO sees difficult time for industry Reuters

Gold's Gleam Gets Brighter Forbes / John Dobosz

Oil Prices Fall More Than $1 a Barrel AP via Forbes

Goldman Sachs posts record earnings $ FT

NY: Who's making what in New York City CNN

Flying the Bankrupt Skies Daily Standard / Irwin Stelzer

Fed, After Katrina, Will Rely More on Anecdotes at Rate Meeting Bloomberg / Vivien Lou Chen and Steve Matthews

Fed-Laced Fairytales FX Money Trends via Safehaven / Jes Black

MA: Realtors lonely as shoppers stay home Boston Herald / Jerry Kronenberg

Third-World Empire Daily Reckoning via Lew Rockwell / Bill Bonner

International, domestic economists divided over US' future Taipei Times / J. Bradford DeLong

Narrow Interest Rate Gap Is Squeezing Retail Banks NY Times / Julie Creswell

Health, Wealth Proved a Potent Pair for Investors Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Fighting to Get in on the Next Little Thing NY Times / Gary Rivlin

Step right up, folks Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Before the oil runs out: How will this era end? Christian Science Monitor / John Dillin

OPEC Set to Open Oil Taps Full Blast NY Times / Jad Mouawad

Gold Surges to Record Multi Year Highs in All Currencies Gold Investments via Safehaven / Mark O’Byrne

Cost of Katrina relief splits Republican ranks Christian Science Monitor / Gail Russell Chaddock

Deficit Spending for Katrina Lew Rockwell / Ron Paul

Katrina Lets Bush Define His Presidency Again Bloomberg / Andrew Ferguson

Bush Official Arrested in Corruption Probe Washington Post / R. Jeffrey Smith and Susan Schmidt

German Election: The Worst Possible Outcome Northern Trust via Safehaven / Victoria Marklew

Fed set to raise again despite ill wind Australian / Gary Duncan

UK: Opec deaf to chancellor's pleas for cartel to pump more oil Guardian / Larry Elliott

Oil Trades Above $67 as Storm Heads for the U.S. Gulf of Mexico Bloomberg / Gavin Evans

Dollar Falls as Traders Reduce Bets Before Fed Policy Meeting Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto

Yen Rises on View Funds Abroad Increase Buying as Stocks Gain Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto

Eggheads and Bookies: How `Scientific' Wagers Beat Wall Street Bloomberg / James Pressley

Euro plunges amid fears of policy paralysis Guardian / Charlotte Moore and Catherine Maddox

Treasuries May Rise on Concern Higher Oil Costs to Slow Growth Bloomberg / Shamim Adam and Nicholas Reynolds


Economist says the U.S. should be rethinking its past St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

Transcript of the World Economic Outlook Press Briefing IMF

Waiting for Disclosure Bond Buyer / Shelly Sigo

Global pension assts rise 27% - Watson Wyatt Investment and Pensions Europe

Morgan Stanley IM seeks leaders as profits fall Investment and Pensions Europe

Rita strengthens to Category 5 Hurricane Reuters / Mark Babineck

Rita, Katrina hit deep, warm spots that fueled hurricanes Knight Ridder / Seth Borenstein

Wednesday's Commodities Roundup AP and Dow Jones via NJ Post

Summertime blues for funds Marketwatch / Jonathan Burton

UK: Risk and Asset Prices - Part III Morgan Stanley / David Miles, Vladimir Pillonca and Melanie Baker

Yields on certificates of deposit improve AP via Beaufort Gazette / Eileen Alt Powell

BoA strategist: caution on stocks Reuters via CNN

Starbucks splitting stock 2-for-1 Marketwatch / Jennifer Waters

Qwest accuses SBC of impeding competition AP via Beaufort Gazette

Oracle Buys Yet another Company Oakland Tribune / Barbara Grady

Katrina and the Housing Market / Stephen Taub

Anxiety as newsletters assess Fed hike Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Argentina Cancels Bond Sale, Won't Pay 8.8% Yield Bloomberg / Daniel Helft

Japan 1, Europe 0, Game not Over Morgan Stanley / Eric Chaney

China: Attack of the Tentacle Lady! Slate / Daniel Gross

Japan: Tankan Preview: With Measured but Steady Pace Morgan Stanley / Takehiro Sato

Canada: Critics cry foul as late spending leaves budget surplus of just $1.6 billion CP via National Post / Sandra Cordon

EU: Warnings of decline in growth within EU IHT / Graham Bowley

ECB's storm warning for euro raises fears IHT / Carter Dougherty

Republicans confront Bush on Katrina cost FT / Holly Yeager

US shouldn't add to deficit to pay for Katrina, says IMF Reuters

G7 likely to keep pressure on China over yuan Reuters / Sumeet Desai

IMF's Rajan says oil now greater threat to growth Reuters

MS: Casinos want to rebuild bigger, better Clarion Ledger / Nell Luter Floyd

Houston-area refineries say they're prepared Houston Chronicle / Tom Fowler

Field's name dropped Chicago Sun Times / Sandra Guy

Government bonds higher as hurricane nears FT / Kevin Allison, Joanna Chung and Mariko Sanchanta

Mortgage rates rise, but people still refinancing Reuters via USA Today

Realtors cry foul CNN / Les Christie

Rita could equal $5 gas CNN / Chris Isidore

Bets fall flat on lumber, coffee futures USA Today / John Waggoner

Will the Fed go too far? CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Inflation remains the Fed's big fear Detroit Free Press / Susan Tompor

Re-armed Japan Threatens the Dollar Texas Hedge Report via Safehaven / T. Stein / S. McIntyre

Is Brand America In Trouble? Forbes / Paul Maidment

MI: Tax breaks help firms expand in Detroit area Detroit Free Press / John Gallagher

PA: Politicians' designs clearly not intelligent Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Rita brings weakness to dollar FT / Chris Flood

McDonald's plans to sell stock in Chipotle AP via USA Today

 U.S. Treasuries Gain on Speculation Oil Gains Will Slow Growth Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Microsoft, Google Millionaires Bulldoze a New Aspen in Montana Bloomberg / Hui-yong Yu

Fed's Ferguson says markets may underprice risk Reuters

An expected rate hike comes with some surprises Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Reluctant party-poopers The Economist

This may be end of Fed's economic therapy Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Unity fades CNN / Kathleen Hays

Fed's Rate Hike Program Doesn't Pause for Katrina LA Times / Bill Sing

Fed May Sacrifice Growth to Prevent Inflation Bloomberg / Craig Torres

Is it 2005 or 1965? How can you tell? Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Holiday Cash May Not All Go to Presents LA Times / Leslie Earnest

FedEx 1Q Profit Rises on Shipping Growth AP via Newsday

Mortgage applications up 1.5 percent Reuters via CNN

Morgan Stanley 3Q Profit Sinks 83 Percent AP via Forbes

Dollar still dominant in global FX reserves Reuters / Natsuko Waki

Oil, Gasoline Jump as Platforms in Path of Hurricane Rita Shut Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

Is Fiscal Policy Inflationary? Just Ask the Fed Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

NJ: Corzine Makes Muni Market Theme in Governor's Race Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

U.S. Steel latest to cite impact on outlook Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Len Boselovic

German economy is hit by political doubt IHT / Carter Dougherty

Europe's Workers Widen the Region's Growth Divide Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

UK: Weak dollar has dazzling effect on gold miners Independent / Stephen Foley

What Europe Could Learn From Japan's Koizumi Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Bank of America builds beachhead in Europe NY Times via IHT / Heather Timmons

Before the oil runs out: How US can cope when gas prices surge Christian Science Monitor / Marilyn Gardner

Crude Oil Rises as Hurricane Rita Shuts Production Platforms Bloomberg / Gavin Evans

Congress, Administration Grapple With Repayment Options Washington Post / Jonathan Weisman

Hurricane Katrina changes the pace and face of giving Christian Science Monitor / Marilyn Gardner



The great thrift shift The Economist

Care to place a bet on oil? Boston Globe / Steven Syre

Regulatory relief Federal Reserve Board / Mark Olson

Greenspan and Bubble Mania Marco Island Times via Fiend’s SuperBear Page / William F. Hague

Hard choices for Gulf homeowners CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

TX: Dallas housing among cheapest Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

KS: Squeezed out, another pump bites the dust Wichita Eagle

IL: 25,000-worker shortage seen for area's hospitals by 2020 Chicago Tribune / Bruce Jaspen

Canada: Financial System Efficiency: Getting the Regulatory Framework Right Bank of Canada / David Dodge

Canada: Inflation heading past 3%, Dodge says CP via Toronto Star

Calpine blocked from escrow account funds AP via St. Louis Post Dispatch / Michael Liedtke

Car buyers to receive fewer incentives – maybe Marketwatch / Andrea Coombes

Rita's long-term impact on US oil unknown Reuters / Janet McGurty

Treasury chief optimistic about IMF, Iraq Miami Herald via 1st Headlines / Harry Dunphy

Bush's political woes stretch beyond Katrina Reuters / John Whitesides

Emergency! Declarations help states cope / Daniel C. Vock

Thursday's Commodities Roundup AP via Beaufort Gazette

Germany: So Much for That Blitzkrieg / Will Swarts

U.S. entrepreneurial spirit remains steady, study finds USA Today / Jim Hopkins

The 400 Richest Americans Forbes / Matthew Miller and Peter Newcomb

US Treasuries turn lower as Rita abates slightly Reuters

Hitting the 'sweet spot' of profit in property flipping Marketwatch / Lew Sichelman

Calif. men charged in mortgage 'elimination' scam Reuters

CA: Analyst: Home prices to rise in '06 Orange County Register / Jeff Collins

CA: Realtors say sales, price growth to slow San Francisco Chronicle / Kelly Zito

Encourage Supply: A Cure for the Public's Anger Tech Central Station / James K. Glassman

Refiners rule? Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Fears that Katrina has blown deep hole in deficit FT / Christopher Swann

The Conservative War on Poverty Slate / Jacob Weisberg

ICI weekly U.S. money market mutual fund assets Reuters

7-Eleven takeover offer rejected Dallas Morning News / Karen Robinson – Jacobs

CA: Border Policy Is Pinching Farmers LA Times / Michael Hiltzik

Korea vs. Taiwan Morgan Stanley / Andy Xie

TX: Loaded gasoline trucks leave city for safety Houston Chronicle / John Roper

Thursday's World Gold Prices AP via NJ Post

Saudi minister predicts drop in oil prices AP via NJ Post / H. Josef Herbert

Grains, soybeans advance on Board of Trade AP via NJ Post

Treasuries choppy in anxious wait for Rita FT / Jennifer Hughes, Joanna Chung and Mariko Sanchanta

Emerging-market indicators $ The Economist

Economic and financial indicators $ The Economist

Capital markets The Economist

Mexico The Economist

A nasty whiff of inflation The Economist

The World Development Report $ The Economist

Derivatives: Popular, risky, scrutinized CNN / Amanda Cantrell

Technology's Mr Predictable The Economist

Swamped The Economist

Hype over experience The Economist

US jobless claims hit two year high FT

Citigroup, Banco Bilbao Place Opposite Bets on Mexican Bonds Bloomberg / Adriana Arai

CO: Counties swamped as requests for aid soar Denver Post / Ann Schrader

In The Wild West Of Energy Trading Forbes / Liz Moyer

Investor jitters hit Wachovia Charlotte Observer / Rick Rothacker

Avoid tax bomb: Consider ETFs Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

CA: Economist: 'Things are getting worse by the day' in state San Diego Union Tribune / Emmet Pierce

The nation's fastest-growing areas CNN / Les Christie

Most expensive markets CNN / Les Christie

Katrina Upends Fiscal Policy Forbes / Oxford Analytica

Fannie, Freddie Bill Gets Another Push Washington Post / Annys Shin

SEC Proposes New Filing Deadlines / Stephen Taub

Sony to Eliminate 10,000 Jobs Globally AP via NY Times

Delta Air Lines to cut up to 9,000 jobs $ FT / Doug Cameron

Oil crisis 'very dangerous', lack of refining capacity to blame - Saudi minister AFX via Forbes

Oil leaps above $68 as Rita rages Reuters / Barbara Lewis and Janet McBride

Supply Chains in Katrina's Wake / David M. Katz

Storm warning for businesses Dallas Morning News / Angela Shah

Consumer sentiment erodes economic index AP via Dallas Morning News

U.S. Leading Index Fell for Second Month in August Bloomberg / Bob Willis

In Break With Tradition, Casinos May Get Tax Breaks, Too Washington Post / Jonathan Weisman

Economists see continued US rate hikes Taipei Times / Jackie Lin

BondWorks Institutional Advisors via Safehaven / Levente Mady

U.S. Treasuries Rise as Hurricane Rita Increases Growth Concern Bloomberg / Shamim Adam and Nicholas Reynolds

At Morgan, a Sense of Inertia NY Times / Landon Thomas Jr.

Rita takes predictable track on Street Marketwatch / David Callaway

Vonage weighs up possible sale $ FT

Yen Drops Against Dollar, Euro as Japan's Trade Surplus Narrows Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto

Efforts to boost crude output hit by soaring costs Guardian / Terry Macalister

UK: Brown gets his knuckles rapped for budget deficit Telegraph / Malcolm Moore

Germany and France are the new sick men of Europe Guardian / Timothy Garton Ash

Brussels tells Brown to raise taxes or cut spending Guardian / Larry Elliott and David Gow

UK: Woolworths slashes costs as slow Christmas looms Independent / Susie Mesure

Russia: Yukos Creditors Come to Town Reuters via Moscow Times

Australia: Banking outlook fading Australian / Richard Gluyas

Japan's Aug. Trade Surplus Shrank More Than Expected Bloomberg / Lily Nonomiya


$500 gold -- get used to it again Marketwatch / Tomi Kilgore

Who's Blaming Whom? Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

High Noon for Pension Reform Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

The Fed to Prevent USD/Asia from Trading Lower Morgan Stanley / Stephen L Jen

Many say West is better prepared for latest boom AP via Houston Chronicle / Sandy Shore

Banking rebirth -- tough for investors CNN / Shaheen Pasha

Bankruptcy: The Next Chapter. Law changes spur surge in filings AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Dave Carpenter

Friday's Money Rates AP via NJ Post

SEC gives Fidelity 2d notice in inquiry Boston Globe / Andrew Caffrey

Isuzu pulls out of Detroit auto show as U.S. sales plummet AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Dee-Ann Durbin

U.S. Treasuries Tumble as Hurricane Shifts, Fuel Prices Decline Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

China's Zhou Says No Connection Between Yuan Move and Dollar Bloomberg / Lu Wang

Mexico's Central Bank Reduces Rates to Boost Economy Bloomberg / Thomas Black and Adriana Arai

G-7 Says Oil Prices Are Risk, Backs Flexible Currency Bloomberg / Kevin Carmichael and Simon Kennedy

Fed needs to reconsider economic damage of storm Houston Chronicle / Loren Steffy

Trading in uncertainty NY Times via IHT / Edmund Andrews

Employers might need old boomers Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

US wants bigger IMF role for emerging economies Reuters / Glenn Somerville

Euro zone struggles with uncertainty IHT / Patrick Blum

China Currency Move Signals Cautious Policy NY Times / Keith Bradsher

FL: Increased foreclosures expected in S. Florida as housing market cools South Florida Sun Sentinel / Robin Benedick

TX: Bubble may go fairly easy on Texas Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

Fed's New Leader to Face Even More Global Issues Than Greenspan Bloomberg / Simon Kennedy and Alison Fitzgerald

Prosecutors Tackle Pay-to-Play in Public Investing Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Just When Airlines Thought Things Couldn't Get Worse NY Times / Micheline Maynard

U.S. Stock Bull Market Staggers Toward a Milepost Bloomberg / Chet Currier

TX: Houston, You Have a Problem NY Times / Vikas Bajaj and Claudia Deutsch

Merrill, Goldman Boost Hiring in Wall Street's `War for Talent' Bloomberg / Christine Harper

Bush Relies on Corporate Lobbyists to Help Him Push U.S. Agenda Bloomberg

Houston Has Liftoff, at Last-Minute Prices Washington Post / Keith L. Alexander

Houses and Commodities The Speculative Investor via Safehaven / Steve Saville

UK: It's Unanimous: UK's Monetary Policy Committee Doesn't Know Which Way the Economy is Headed Northern Trust via Safehaven / Victoria Marklew

Germany: The Oktoberfest Hangover Comes Early Forex News via Safehaven / Ezechiel Copic

Gasoline, Oil Fall as Hurricane Rita Weakens, Shifts Eastwards Bloomberg / Angela Macdonald-Smith

Double Bound M2 via Safehaven / John Mackenzie

EU: Central Bank rate fears Scotsman

UK: Manufacturing hit by export collapse Independent / Susie Mesure

UK: Exporters forced to cut prices despite oil rise Guardian / Ashley seager

UK: Worst trading conditions in 15 years, says John Lewis Independent / Susie Mesure

Lloyd's fears Rita may bring $60bn stress test to life Guardian / Jill Treanor


NC: Jobless figures are a puzzle Charlotte News and Observer / Karin Rives

Time to decide who should steer world economy Reuters / Mike Dolan

China in no rush on forex-Zhou Reuters / Tim Ahmann and Paul Eckert

Deal to Erase $40B in Debt Gains Momentum AP via Chicago Tribune / Martin Crutsinger

Farewell party planned for Greenspan AP via NJ Post

Signs encouraging from Texas oil patch AP via NJ Post / Brad Foss

Insurers' risk models think the seemingly unthinkable Reuters / Simon Challis

TX: Rita fears cause shortages at gas stations Dallas Morning News / Dianne Solis

TX: Hunkered down, with hospitality Houston Chronicle / Nancy Sarnoff and Jenalia Moreno

An interview with Gates and Ballmer, who look back and ahead Seattle Times / Brier Dudley

Net phones vulnerable to sabotage Boston Globe / Hiawatha Bray

Wreck in Calif. raises questions about ID theft, payments to IRS Arizona Republic / Russ Wiles

Are microcap ETFS late to the party? Marketwatch / John Spence

Rita Will Pack Punch At The Pump Forbes / Scott Reeves

Price of gold near 17-year high, but what does it mean? AP via Charlotte Observer / Ellen Simon

China's new stars San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen E. McLaughlin

U.S. Two-Year Notes Fall for a Third Week as Fed Raises Rates Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Euro Falls for Week on China's Yuan Change, German Election Bloomberg / Rodrigo Davies and Joshua Krongold

Australian Dollar Posts Weekly Drop as Interest-Rate Gap Ebbs Bloomberg / Chris Young



An anemic Yuan revaluation Marketwatch / Sage Brennan

Long waits, higher prices for metals Wichita Eagle / Molly McMillin

For U.S., a penny saved is a good idea Boston Herald / Gail Liberman and Alan Lavine

Fed’s Reality Check NY Post / Terry Keenan

One-Two Inflation Punch - Are You Listening? Market Listener via Safehaven / Greg Miller

OH: Million-dollar houses just take longer to sell Akron Beacon Journal / Gloria Irwin

Venezuela creating state iron producer AP via Bradenton Journal

VW's unlikely white knight: Porsche NY Times via IHT / Mark Landler

SC: Hurricanes don't slow home sales Myrtle Beach Sun / Jenny Burns

The Analysts vs. the Insiders Marketwatch via NY Times / Mark Hulbert

Boeing, Striking Workers Reach Tentative Three-Year Agreement Bloomberg / Vivek Shankar

Relief rally on Wall Street? Maybe CNN / Alexandra Twin

Don't Blink. You'll Miss the 258th-Richest American NY Times / Nina Munk

U.S.'s Bernanke Is `Pretty Optimistic' About the Economy Bloomberg / Kevin Carmichael

Economy can handle 'body blows' Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Bankruptcy changes mostly favor creditors South Bend Tribune / Carol Elliott

Confidence Slumps, Home Sales Near Record: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Experts gauge the gauges Chicago Tribune / Janet Kidd Stewart

Investors wonder, is there still gas in energy's tank? Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Len Boselovic

Crude Futures Fall in Rare Sunday Trading AP via Newsday / Michael J. Martinez

Big oil gets most of gas price hike Washington Post via Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Globe-Trotting Investors Reap the Payoff Wall Street Journal / Craig Karmin

There's Income in Stock Funds Too Wall Street Journal / Jonathan Burton

Inflation Has a Silver Lining Wall Street Journal / Tom Herman

UK: Hedging for a rainy day Guardian / Richard Wachman

Soaring home prices leaving many behind Baltimore Sun

Stake your claim Cincinnati Enquirer / Jeff McKinney

Hold on or let go? LA Times / Ann Perry

MI: Vacation home sales declining in northern Michigan, real estate agents say AP via Charlotte Observer

Most owners are paying loans on time, avoiding foreclosures Washington Post via LA Times / Kenneth R. Harney

Greenspan to French finmin: US lost deficit control Reuters / Paul Carrel

Take a close look at emergency fund Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

Deficit disaster looms San Francisco Chronicle / Tom Abate

Deficit Outlook Taken in Stride LA Times / Tom Petruno

Tax-break system needs close review, GAO tells White House AP via Baltimore Sun / Mary Dalrymple

Instead of listening to grandma, we're listening to Scarlett O'Hara Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

Gulf victims deluged by bad advice Philadelphia Inquirer / Jay Hancock

BofA merger has nerves on edge Charlotte Observer / Rick Rothacker

Exchange traded funds opening up Baltimore Sun / Eileen Ambrose

Mutual funds are looking better Marketwatch via San Francisco Chronicle / Chuck Jaffe

'Gouging': In the eye of the buyer Philadelphia / Andrew Cassel

Oil Drops as Texas Refining Center Escapes Damage From Rita Bloomberg / Alejandro Barbajosa

Even 2 rich guys deserve to be safe in prison Charlotte Observer / Ann Woolner


"Katrina ate my earnings." USA Today / Matt Krantz

China's futile Web clampdown UPI via Insight On The News / Edward Lanfranco

Beware the fall, goldbugs Globe and Mail / Roma Luciw

Monday's commodities roundup AP via NJ Post

Economy will slow in '06, according to experts in survey Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Avrum D. Lank

The real reasons you're working so hard... Business Week via MSNBC

Fitch Ratings cuts GM deeper into junk status AP via USA Today

WI: Bankers follow growing trend Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Paul Gores

Monday's Money Rates AP via NJ Post

Analyst ups Bear, Goldman, Lehman Marketwatch / Lisa Sanders

This Hedge Bet is No Winner Tech Central Station / Stephen Bainbridge

China’s new economy $ FT / Guy de Jonquières

NJ sues big oil for price gouging Reuters via CNN

Bush: Gov't May Tap Petroleum Reserve AP via Forbes

Fed's Hoenig says be wary of inflation Reuters

Fed's Moskow: room for more rate hikes Reuters via CNN

Reflections on Monetary Policy: Flexibility, Transparency, and Inflation Guidelines Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago / Michael Moskow

Greenspan Says Speculation Adds to Home-Price Surge Bloomberg / Craig Torres

The Global Economy pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City / Tom Hoenig

Greenspan: Most Homeowners in Good Shape AP via LA Times / Jeannine Aversa

FDIC Chairman Says Action at Federal Level Needed to Preserve Healthy Dual Banking System FDIC

UBS set to buy Chinese brokerage $ FT / Francesco Guerrera and Geoff Dyer

Basel II Developments in the United States Federal Reserve Board / Susan Schmidt Bies

Mortgage banking Federal Reserve Board / Alan Greenspan

Greenspan Says Speculation Adds to Home-Price Surge Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Bond prices fall as hurricane trades unwind FT / Jennifer Hughes, Mariko Sanchanta and Gillian Tett

Oil bubble set to burst? CNN / Chris Isidore

Financial cushion is frayed Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Italy: Fazio, humiliated, still fails to take the hint The Economist

Germany: An economic tale of two countries Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

U.S. Aug. Home Resales Surge; Prices Soar to Record Bloomberg / Bob Willis

Bush Looks at Rita's Hit on Oil Industry AP via Baltimore Sun / Lara Jakes Jordan

Post-Rita Risk Reassessment Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

Review and Preview Morgan Stanley / Ted Wieseman and David Greenlaw

Bond managers' risks are rewarded in a tough year AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel

Deutsche Bank Ousts Citigroup as Euro Bond Issues Near Record Bloomberg / Steve Rothwell

Moody's Puts Sony Corp. on Review AP via Forbes

U.S. Treasury Notes Decline for a Third Day as Oil Price Drops Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Walgreen's sees fourth quarter profit edge higher AP via Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram

Overgrown Hedges NY Post / Christopher Byron

Globalization of the Political Economy Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

Global Steepening Morgan Stanley / Joachim Fels

Unlocking the Growth Behind R&D Morgan Stanley / Jeffrey Matsu

Thailand: Looking Deeper into the Oil Dependency Morgan Stanley / Deyi Tan and Daniel Lian

Israel: The Coming Tightening Cycle Morgan Stanley / Serhan Cevik

Calpine Bondholders Irked By Investments / Stephen Taub

Those Clinton Years Are Looking Better Every Day Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Bankruptcy May Be a Smart Move Before Law Changes Bloomberg / John Wasik

Worries on debt and deflation $ FT / John Plender

How Not to Help the Hurricane Regions -- Tax Oil Bloomberg / Kevin Hassett

Korea Is Hot in Shadow of Spotlight on China Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

American fury over Greenspan leak Independent / Philip Thornton

Greenspan and the Rate of Interest Safehaven / Douglas V. Gnazzo

Why monetary fallacies destabilise economies Brookes News / Gerard Jackson

Money supply and the velocity myth Brookes News / Dr Frank Shostak

Costs rising on Bush's plans Christian Science Monitor / Linda Feldmann

Oil price surge has avoided inflation but it's not all good news for Western workers Independent / Stephen King

'Kids, I'd like you to meet your money...' Christian Science Monitor / Steve Dinnen

Consumption and economic growth: the economic fallacy that wont die Brookes News / Gerard Jackson

American Express will spin off its mutual-fund unit Minneapolis Star Tribune / Thomas Lee

Oil, Gasoline Fall as Most Refineries Escape Hurricane Damage Bloomberg / Angela Macdonald-Smith and Bernard Lo

UK: Weak growth of economy 'could bring stealth taxes' Scotsman

UK:  More gloom expected from retailers' updates Independent / Stephen Foley

Japan Manufacturers Become Optimistic in the 3rd Qtr Bloomberg / Lily Nonomiya

Treasuries Head for Biggest Quarterly Loss in More Than a Year Bloomberg / Michael McDonald


China luxury industry prepares for boom BBC News / Charlotte Windle

Something Corporate in Goldman Deal Bond Buyer / Elizabeth O'Brien

How Will America Pay for Katrina? National Review / Tom Nugent

MR. Jones M2 via Safehaven / John Mackenzie

Penny-Wise Pelosi Wall Street Journal via Real Clear Politics / Brendan Winiter

Muscular Move NY Post / Roddy Boyd

Musings on Fekete and Rothbard Americans for a Free Republic via Safehaven / Nelson Hultberg

Flattening yield curve may hurt stocks AP via Tallahassee Democrat / Rachel Beck

Frist's Real HCA Scandal Slate / Daniel Gross

SEC Ratchets Up Probe of Frist's HCA Stock Sale, People Say Bloomberg / Otis Bilodeau

Bush still plans to halve deficit, aide says MSNBC / Martin Wolk

US must worry about its own actions $ FT / Martin Wolf

Fed focused on anti-inflation mission-Fed's Hoenig Reuters

Greenspan Pleases Market For Second Day Forbes / Greg Levine

Fed talks tough Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Greenspan trumpets U.S. economic flexibility Marketwatch / Greg Robb

$3 a gallon may stay awhile Charlotte AP via News and Observer / David Koenig

Canada's Dollar Falls the Most in Two Weeks as Oil Prices Slide Bloomberg / Dawn Desjardins

TD Bank says 'energy shock' should wane next year as U.S. economy slows CP via / James Stevenson

MA: Condos face a cooldown: Long-hot sector may be slowing Boston Herald / / Scott Van Voorhis

CA: Median home prices up 20% Long Beach Press / Don Jergler

FL: Elevated home prices show no sign of decline St. Petersburg Times / Scott Barancik

Sales of million dollar homes soar in New York and around the nation AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel / David B. Caruso

Breakaway unions target Wal-Mart workers AP via MSNBC

Losing Energy / James B. Stewart

Private equity demands only the best $ FT / Ian Armitage

Strike looms for Canadian auto workers AP via Seattle Times / Beth Duff-Brown

A Skeptic Under Pressure LA Times / Peter Pae

BOJ's Suda says nearing end of super-loose policy Reuters

Korea: National Debt Rises to 32% of 2006 GDP Korea Times / Lee Hyo-sik

Greenspan Says Asset Prices May Fall After `Euphoria' Bloomberg / 

Economic flexibility Federal Reserve Board / Alan Greenspan

Crude oil prices ease on product concern AP via Houston Chronicle / Madlen Read

Oil industry swamped San Francisco Chronicle / David R. Baker

FL: Region's high rent eating up income Orlando Sentinel / Joe Newman

OH: Fifth Third Bancorp CFO plans to leave Cincinnati Enquirer / Mike Boyer

Campaign Finance Rules Draw Review: U.S. High Court Overview Bloomberg / Greg Stohr

This little piggy bank stays home Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Morgan Stanley brokerage key to firm's revival Reuters / Joseph A. Giannone

Morgan Stanley’s Wien to join hedge fund $ FT / David Wells

The U.S Economy and Monetary Policy Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco / Janet L. Yellen

Fed's Yellen hints more rate hikes ahead Reuters / Ros Krasny

Bond prices are lower at midday AP via NJ Post

Tuesday's Metal Prices AP via NJ Post

Tuesday World Gold Prices AP via NJ Post

Qwest Says It Decided Against Renewing Takeover Bid for MCI Bloomberg / Dana Cimilluca

EU: Knickers in a Bind Ludwig von Mises Institute / Grant Nülle

He's just waiting for bubble to burst Orange County Register / Jonathan Lansner

CO: Foreclosures up 15% Rocky Mountain News / John Rebchook

Confidence near two-year low CNN

GM's Dinosaurs Forbes / Jerry Flint

Dollar driven by hawkish Fed comments FT / Darryl Thomson

Certain Uncertainty Daily Standard / Irwin M. Stelzer

We can do this the nice way ... or the nasty way Guardian / Larry Elliott

U.S. Consumer Confidence Probably Plunged in Wake of Katrina Bloomberg / Joe Richter

Higher House Prices Is Higher Prices Lew Rockwell / Stefan M.I. Karlsson

Concerns Raised as Home Sales, Prices Rise Again Washington Post / Nell Henderson

The Big Real Estate Riddle -- Is Now a Good Time? Bloomberg / Chet Currier

US Airways-America West merger buildup ends with low-key kickoff Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Dan Fitzpatrick

A bullish straw in the wind? Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

China Construction Bank Drops Credit Suisse Sale, People Say Bloomberg / Cathy Chan

PA: Local jobless rate decline misleading Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Jim McKay

Nothing personal, it's just business Marketwatch / Dr. Irwin Kellner

High gas prices raise questions of gouging Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull

Italy Should Leave a Horse's Head on Fazio's Bed Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

The European Descent Tech Central Station / Ilya Shapiro

UK: Brown may have to weather a storm if his forecasts fail Guardian / Robert Chote

Brazil's Real May Extend Gains on Optimism Over Trade, Finance Bloomberg / Elzio Barreto

Dollar Gains Against Yen, Euro; Fed Official Signals Rate Hikes Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto and Chris Cooper

Hardships of the Rentier Class Forbes / William Baldwin

Oil Rises on Concern Refineries to Shut Longer Than Expected Bloomberg / Angela Macdonald-Smith and Matthew Leising

Shanghai Copper Rises to Record as Chinese Demand Increases Bloomberg / Chia-Peck Wong

Russian Economy, Boosted by Oil, Fails to Convince Investors Bloomberg / Torrey Clark



CA: State economy on slow track Sacramento Bee / Andrew McIntosh

TX: Flood insurance becomes hot topic Houston Chronicle / Purva Patel

Assumption Function Tech Central Station / Nima Sanandaji

Mortgages go unpaid in storm-hit areas USA Today / John Waggoner

Many reduce gasoline usage USA Today via 1st Headlines / James R. Healey

One-two punch to the Gulf Coast puts spotlight on refineries OR OR OR St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

Red Hat shares surge on higher profits Marketwatch / Gabriel Madway

Newspapers weather dwindling readership and advertising St. Louis Post Dispatch / Tim McLaughlin

U.S. keeps minting millionaires Marketwatch / Greg Morcroft

Mortgage rates rise; 30-year at 5.85% Reuters via USA Today

TX: 18,000 apartments rented locally in wake of Katrina Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Andrea Jares

PA: Prices surge for new homes Allentown Morning Call

Low yield on Treasury notes alarms some analysts AP via Winston Salem Journal News / Rachel Beck

Money, the markets and the facts Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Greenspan via Safehaven / Ed Bugos

Backdoor Price Controls Ludwig von Mises Institute / William Anderson

Pork-Barrel Republicans National Review / Bruce Bartlett

Rough Road Daily Standard / Fred Barnes

Canada up on competitiveness index Toronto Star / Steven Theobald

U.S.: Japan needs to open markets UPI

San Diego Seeks Lenience Bond Buyer / Lynn Hume

Market Closing Recommendations for U.S. Columbus Day Holiday and Japanese Sports Day Holiday Bond Market Association

Demand Destruction M2 via Safehaven / John Mackenzie

Risk of rebuilding New Orleans in deluge of debt $ FT / Clyde Prestowitz

Treasurys mount robust long-end rally AP via Beaufort Gazette

Fannie Mae shares plunge on accounting report Reuters

Credit-card delinquencies hit record CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

Forecasters thinking recession could be coming Knight Ridder / Kevin G. Hall

The Inequality Imperative Forbes / Dan Seligman

Wednesday's commodities roundup AP via Beaufort Gazette

Big oil reaps windfall predating big storms Denver Post / Steve Raabe

California housing at 'tipping point' Reuters via CNN

To rent or own? It depends on location Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

CO: Home sales cool below '04 levels Denver Post / Margaret Jackson

CA: Families Strain to Make Do, Study Finds LA Times / Bill Sing

Extent of MBNA job cuts unknown Philadelphia Inquirer / Joseph N. DiStefano

French oil workers strike with precision timing Reuters / Marguerita Choy

Europe 'losing competitive edge' BBC News

Trade, Gravity, and Sudden Stops: On How Commercial Trade Can Increase the Stability of Capital Flows Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta / Eduardo A. Cavallo

Chicago Fed Midwest Manufacturing Index Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

US yield curve flattens as short end weakens FT / Jennifer Hughes, Joanna Chung and Mariko Sanchanta

Oil climbs above $66 after EIA report CNN

Weather changing business climate, too Dallas Morning News / Brendan M. Case

High home prices hide market risks Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

OH: Proposal aims to protect home buyers Cincinnati Enquirer / Alexander Coolidge

Mexico: The Slow Ease Morgan Stanley / Gray Newman

New Orleans's French Quarter Comes Alive as Power Is Restored Bloomberg / J. Kyle Foster

Greenspan successor has to talk the talk Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Explaining Settlement Fails Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Tenth District of Manufacturers Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

U.S. currency Federal Reserve Board / Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.

KC Fed manufacturing index 30 in Sept vs 15 in Aug Reuters

Durable goods orders jump Reuters / Mark Felsenthal

Number of millionaires hits record CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

Winter may bring chill to economy Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / John Schmid

SC: Housing market continue to boom in South Carolina The State / Delawese Fulton

CA: Peak for Housing Said to Be Near LA Times / Bill Sing

Help for people - or for places? Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Big Oil Bush is running out of cheap gas Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

AZ: Economists bullish on Ariz. Arizona Republic / Jonathan J. Higuera

EU: Credit where credit is due The Economist

Fannie Mae's retained portfolio shrinks in August Reuters / Julie Haviv

U.S. Treasuries Fall as Fed Policy Makers Signal Rate Increases Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Slowest UK GDP growth in 12 years BBC News

China Turf Grab Forbes / Liz Moyer

Euro holds above $1.20 despite dollar strength FT / Darryl Thomson

Russia: Ruble to Rise Up to 9.5 Percent AP via Newsday

Snow says U.S. is pleased with China yuan moves Reuters

Katrina Bailout Means Big Deficits, Higher Taxes Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Delphi Seeks $6 Billion From GM to Avoid Bankruptcy, People Say Bloomberg / John Lippert and Jeff Bennett

Don't Blame Oil for Europe's Economic Slowdown Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

Texas Tea From a Russian Sea NY Times / James Brooke

Hurricanes Give Lobbyists Hope Washington Post / Jeffrey H. Birnbaum

Supreme Court to Determine Fate of Business Tax Credits NY Times / Linda Greenhouse

Cleveland Pulls Back From the Edge NY Times / Lisa Chamberlain

Consumers turning wary Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

How Italy became the sick man of Europe Guardian / John Hooper Montebello Vicentino

Italy: On eve of Parmalat trial, little has changed IHT / Eric Sylvers

Oil reserves are double previous estimates, says Saudi Independent / Saeed Shah

Should union dues back political causes? Christian Science Monitor / Daniel B. Wood

Sony's Stringer Needs Lessons From Koizumi Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.


Inflation Modeling: A Policymaker’s Perspective Federal Reserve Board / Donald L. Kohn

"Stroke-of-the-Pen" Risks are a Potential Concern for Banks FDIC

An Aging Workforce's Effect On U.S. Employers Forbes / Scott Reeves

Japanese banks rebound after years of bad loans AP via Houston Chronicle / Hans Greimel

San Diego Eyes Chapter 9 Bond Buyer / Rich Saskal

Don't Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide / Lisa Scherzer

Investors get new Net spot San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

Bush poll numbers improve in Rita aftermath Reuters

U.S. Economy: Consumers Aid 2nd-Qtr GDP, Claims Fall Bloomberg / Joe Richter

AZ: Delay in getting new homes wearing on buyers Arizona Republic / Glen Cero and Catherine Reagor

NY: Prices Sky-High in Hamptons NY Post / Braden Keil

FL: Job incentives could be in peril St. Petersburg Times / Scott Barancik

Currency competition The Economist

The yuan $ The Economist

The great jobs switch The Economist

The 1960s revisited $ The Economist

Manufacturing employment $ The Economist

Boeing workers OK contract, end strike AP via NJ Post / Elizabeth M. Gillespie

Regulators Clueless on Big Four Failure / Stephen Taub

Stringing along The Economist

Online advertising $ The Economist

Microsoft stock: Poised for takeoff? Tacoma News Tribune / Robert D. Hershey Jr.

Trade-credit Insurance: Balm for Bankers / Marie Leone

Credit Derivatives Soaring in Popularity / Stephen Taub

How much trouble is the GOP really in? Slate / John Dickerson

America's conservatives take another blow The Economist

UK: Juddering The Economist

Emerging-market indicators $ The Economist

Crunch talks over Italian budget BBC News

France: Budget 2006: A Serious Tax Reform ... in 2007 Morgan Stanley / Eric Chaney

Argentina's changing economy $ The Economist

Too soon for Turkish delight The Economist

The Fund, the Bank and debt relief $ The Economist

Economic and financial indicators $ The Economist

Dubai's financial exchange The Economist

CBO downgrades economic hit Marketwatch / William L. Watts

WebMD stock rises rapidly after IPO AP via Seattle Times

Bankruptcy Bill May Not Produce Payoff AP via Newsday / Eileen Alt Powell

Fool's gold Marketwatch

Clash looming over credit derivatives backlog FT / Richard Beales

What happened at Bayou CNN / Amanda Cantrell

Analysts: Katrina not as nasty as Rita to rigs AP via Clarion Ledger

Ah, the great fuel shock of 2011: It seems like oil times Arizona Republic / Jon Talton

BP refinery delays reopening after storm Houston Chronicle / Tom Fowler

Treasuries weaker amid robust US data FT / Jennifer Hughes, Joanna Chung and Mariko Sanchanta

China's exports challenge Mexico Washington Times / Anupama Narayanswamy

Companies look to more flexible work force Reuters / Emily Chasan

Yen flounders despite positive news Marketwatch / Rachel Koning

Forecasts Say Major Hurricane Likely in October LA Times via Orlando Sentinel / Usha Lee McFarling

CA: Racial Gap in Loans Is High in State LA Times / Jonathan Peterson

Get ready for the demise of pensions Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

New Accounting Questions for Fannie Mae / Stephen Taub

Are airlines ready to fly? Boston Globe / Steven Syre

Ford Will Pare Down Number of Suppliers AP via Forbes

"Why would we ever go there?" Denver Post / Kelly Yamanouchi

Industries look for federal help after hurricanes San Francisco Chronicle / Jeffrey H. Birnbaum

U.S. Senate Confirms Roberts to Be 17th Chief Justice Bloomberg / James Rowley

Don't Sweat Gas Prices Forbes / David A. Andelman

New Blow For Banks Forbes / Bernard Condon

What BrownCo Can Do For E-Trade Forbes via Google News / Liz Moyer

Bayou Finance Chief Marino Pleads Guilty to Fraud Bloomberg / Christopher Mumma

Tip on improper gifts led to CEO's exit Boston Globe / Sasha Talcott and Chris Reidy

Google May Be Bad for You; Battelle's `The Search' Explains Why Bloomberg / Jonathan Thaw

Manure vs. Machine Tech Central Station / Tomas Brandberg

NASD fines Edward D. Jones over muni yields Reuters

Philadelphia Stock Exchange to list Treasury options Philadelphia Inquirer / Joseph N. DiStefano

U.S. Treasuries fall on strength in jobless claims Reuters

Thursday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

Copper shines as crude oil steadies FT / Chris Flood

Is risk-taking in the cards? Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

Help-wanted ads in U.S. newspapers fall in August Reuters

Japan Central Bank Chief Hints at Change AP via Newsday

E*Trade to Buy BrownCo in Online Brokerage Merger NY Times / Vikas Bajaj

Alaskans want bigger piece of oil boom Christian Science Monitor / Yereth Rosen

Supply Concerns Elevate Futures Washington Post / Justin Blum

Jobs recover, but labor force still shrinks Minneapolis Star Tribune / H. J. Cummins

What Did Bill Frist Know and How? $ NY Times / Floyd Norris

In Japan, Merrill to Form a Joint Venture in Private Banking NY Times / Martin Fackler

IMF Chief Pressured On Trade Imbalances Washington Post / Paul Blustein

Accurate Delusions About Current Risks Global Spin via Safehaven / Wilfred Hahn

UK: Blood on the shop floor as retailers report sales falling at the fastest rate since records began Guardian / Julia Finch, Ashley Seager and Charlotte Moore

Morocco's biggest European export: people Christian Science Monitor / Lisa Abend and Geoff Pingree

Japan's Retail Sales Rise 1.5% on Higher Wages Bloomberg / Lindsay Whipp


Race is on at the Fed US News / James Pethokoukis

Three-decade wait for new facilities only growing Marketwatch / Myra P. Saefong

The Spirit of St. Louis: Labor Rising in America Tech Central Station / Bryan O'Keefe

Bond investors reap reward from risk FT / Ivar Simensen and Richard Beales

The hidden risk of a housing slowdown MSNBC / Martin Wolk

Hedge funds handy place to hide fraud Denver Post / Al Lewis

Employee discount program over at GM AP via NJ Post / Dee-Ann Durbin

UK: Gordon must be figuring on a miracle Scotsman / Scott Reid

FDIC Outlook pdf FDIC

Banking Agencies Announce Revised Plan for Implementation of Basel II Framework FDIC

It's Mealtime in Washington; the Congressman's Buying Bloomberg / Joe Winski

Who won? Who lost? CNN / Alexandra Twin

Mortgage interest rates jump San Diego Union Tribune

Will Bubbles Spoil Fed's Reputation? $ NY Times / Floyd Norris

Batonless Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

Unclear on the homebuying concept Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Friday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

Hawkish chorus supports dollar FT / Darryl Thomson

USD Now a High-Yield, No Longer a Funding, Currency Morgan Stanley / Stephen L. Jen

Asia/Pacific: Coping with a Strong Dollar Morgan Stanley / Andy Xie

Personal spending, incomes fall Reuters via CNN

U.S. Sept. Chicago Purchasers Index Rises to 60.5 Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Jobless claims tumble, but.. Reuters via CNN

Last Days of The Lion King Forbes / Brett Pulley

UK: Those Hoping for More Rate Cuts May be Disappointed Morgan Stanley / Melanie Baker, Vladimir Pillonca and David Miles

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