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China's copper crisis The Economist

The U.S. Senate's Oil Spill Forbes / Peter Tertzakian

Changes in the Federal Reserve's Inflation Target: Causes and Consequences Federal Reserve Bank of Boston / Peter N. Ireland

New England Economic Indicators Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Texas Employment Data Revised Up Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Budget Bills Near Approval Bond Buyer / Alison L. McConnell

Goldman Sachs Debuts New ‘X-Tender’ Bonds Bond Buyer / Elizabeth O'Brien

Who Profits at the Pump? National Review / Scott A. Hodge and Jonathan Williams

Inflation? What Inflation? / Mark Glassman

Home sales shifting into buyer's market USA Today via 1st Headlines / Adam Shell

FL: Housing prices might be at peak, group says St. Petersburg times / Helen Huntley

Metals futures broadly higher Marketwatch / Myra P. Saefong

Santander-Sovereign Deal Gives NYSE A Shot at Proving Its Policing Prowess Wall Street Journal via Marketwatch / Jesse Eisenger

Applied Materials Profit Falls; Orders Disappoint Bloomberg / Ian King

House, Senate split on tax breaks Marketwatch / William L. Watts

Canada: Don't sweat the loonie: analyst Globe and Mail / Angela Barnes

Bernanke may be as tough to read as Greenspan Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

U.S. bond prices end at multi-week highs AP via NJ Post

Foreigners buy record amount of securities AP via Beaufort Gazette

U.S. mortgage rates unchanged Wednesday – BestInfo Reuters

Foreign inflows drive dollar FT / Jennifer Hughes and Scheherazade Daneshkhu

China’s exchange rates are domestic issue $ FT / Paul Cavey and Bill Belchere

Wednesday's commodities roundup AP via Beaufort Gazette

Oil Prices Rise on Cold Weather Concerns AP via Baltimore sun / Brad Foss

Copper volatile as China rumours swirl FT / Maria Silander

Gold Rises Most in 16 Months on Concern Inflation May Increase Bloomberg / Claudia Carpenter

Berkshire Hathaway Ups Home Depot Stake AP via Newsday / Josh Funk

U.S. to retain oversight of Web Washington Times / Dan Caterinicchia

U.S. gives blessing to NYSE-Nasdaq mergers AP via NJ Post / Marcy Gordon

Schwab fined for lax oversight Newsday / Tami Luhby

US fails to break Doha deadlock FT / Victor Mallet and Anna Fifield

Korea: Individual Bankruptcies Soar Korea Times / Na Jeong-ju

Mexico economy grows 3.3 pct in third quarter Reuters / Greg Brosnan

Fed's enemy, inflation, is imaginary Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Pension benefits insurance agency's deficit shrinks Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Len Boselovic

CA: Housing prices slip a bit Orange County Register / Jeff Collins

Is getting a home loan becoming too easy? Wall Street Journal via Pittsburgh Post Gazette / James R. Hagerty and Ruth Simon

The cloud around the silver lining Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Bank Made Errors in Loans to Refco AP via Forbes

NYSE/Archipelago foes dropping suit AP via NY Daily News

Wednesday's Metal Prices AP via NJ Post

Wednesday World Gold Prices AP via NJ Post

How To Fuel The Coming Century Forbes / Paul Maidment

Oil Outlook 2006 Forbes / Paul Maidment and Lacey Rose

Investor: Split up McD Chicago Sun Times / Eric Herman

Penney turnaround is paying off Dallas Morning News / Maria Halkais

The U.S. Senate's Oil Spill Forbes / Peter Tertzakian

Sterling falls sharply on Bank of England report FT / Scheherazade Daneshkhu

They've got those rate-rise, refinanced mortgage blues Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

CA: Southland Housing Market Cools Off LA Times / Annette Haddad

Treasuries Rise as Report Shows Consumer Prices Held in Check Bloomberg / Min Zeng

Dollar Rises as Foreign Buying of U.S. Assets Surges Bloomberg / Deborah Finestone

Oil Futures Trade Below $57 Per Barrel AP via Chicago Tribune

Investors facing sea change when Fed stops hiking Reuters / Jeremy Gaunt

Consumer prices up on housing cost Reuters

Bernanke says his piece Philadelphia Inquirer / Kevin G. Hall

Greenspan Shoes Aren't Too Big to Fill After All Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Senate panel gives nod to Bernanke for Fed AP via Charlotte Observer / Jeannine Aversa

Pennsylvania County Seeks to Stop Bleeding on Swaps Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Greenspan's Legacy Of Debt Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Kasriel

Greenspan - The Guardian of Price Stability? Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Kasriel

How Bernanke would fine-tune the economy Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull

Low Inflation and Rising Wages Can Coexist, Fed Nominee Says NY Times / Edmund L. Andres

More workers fear losing their jobs Boston Herald / Jesse Noyes

U.S. Oct. Consumer Prices Were Probably Unchanged, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Joe Richter

Dollar Advances; Bernanke Vows to Stick With Greenspan Policies Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto

Bank Lending Practices Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis via Safehaven / Mike Shedlock

Most D.C. Property Priced Out Of Reach Washington Post / D'Vera Cohn

MA: Mad rush over for condos Boston Herald / Jerry Kronenberg

Fannie Mae's Repairman Washington Post / Annys Shin

Bush Says China Has `Positive Role' to Play in Asia Bloomberg / William Roberts and Brendan Murray

Senate Panel Approves Special Tax on Oil Profits NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

Germany's Merkel Won't Survive Economic Crisis Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

In Germany, a Puzzling Prescription for Economic Health NY Times / Mark Landler

Treasuries May Advance on Optimism Inflation Is Under Control Bloomberg / David Yong

Copper price soars amid rogue trading fears Guardian / Terry Macalister

Prudential's Yeh, Taiwan's Top Investor, Invests in Solar Power Bloomberg / George Hsu

Japan: Koizumi vs Fukui Trumps Bush vs Greenspan Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

UK: Cheaper oil lowers inflation Guardian / Ashley Seager


Future of GM hangs by Delphi thread Reuters / Dena Aubin

Inflation Brewing and Gold is Shining The Aden Forecast via Safehaven / Mary Anne & Pamela Aden

What I Learned This Week National Review / Larry Kudlow

The Tax Reformers’ Tax Increase National Review / Peter Ferrara

Asset-Backed Issuance on Record Pace Through the Third Quarter Bond Market Association

Update on Novation Protocol Bond Market Association

Mixed Market Reviews For Reconciliation Bill Bond Buyer / Alison L. McConnell

Canada: Bank of Canada Review Bank of Canada

Young Realtors trickle into field dominated by older agents Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

Baby boomers knocking on reverse mortgage door Reuters / Lynn Adler

With metals at record highs, what's a trader to do? Marketwatch / Kevin Kerr

FL: Jobs are plentiful; quality not so much St. Petersburg Times / Kris Hundley

WI: State unemployment rate continues downward trend Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Rick Romell

Retail money funds rise in latest week AP via Beaufort Gazette

Google breaks $400 a share, hits new high MSNBC

Treasury Chief Fights for Investment Tax Breaks Dow Jones via / William Watts

Illinois incomes sinking Chicago Tribune / Barbara Rose

Classified calamity The Economist

Nasdaq hits 4 1/2 year high CNN / Alexandra Twin

Hewlett-Packard Profit Falls; Forecast Tops Estimates Bloomberg / Connie Guglielmo

Private lives $ The Economist

GM's perfect storm CNN / Chris Isidore

Freddie Mac Hires Bitsberger As Treasurer AP via Newsday

Wagoner says GM not heading for bankruptcy FT / James Mackintosh

Walt Disney Co. 4Q Net Income Down 26 Pct. AP via Forbes

Conrad Black charged with fraud BBC News

Limited, Gap Report Sluggish 3Q Earnings AP via ABC News and 1st Headlines / Anne D’Innocenzio

Senate rejects windfall oil tax Reuters via CNN

Market mania $ The Economist

Federated Fund Outpaces S&P 500 With Telephone Stocks Bloomberg / Edgar Ortega

Doors may slam on homebuilders Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

TX: Tarrant foreclosures at highest levels since 1980s Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Andrea Jares

Deflating the bubble: A good thing CNN / Kathleen Hays

Copper market jitters persist FT / Maria Silander

Oil prices fall; gas inventories rise AP via Houston Chronicle / Madlen Read

Oil prices fall to five-month low BBC News

Talk of pensions crisis is overblown $  FT / Martin Wolf

EU: Seeing Europe the right way up The Economist

China steers clear of western capital markets FT / Francesco Guerrera and Andrei Postelnicu

EU: A president under attack from all sides $ The Economist

China: Gouged The Economist

US: Stop the world, we want to get off The Economist

France: The aftermath The Economist

US 30-year mortgage rates highest since Sept. 2003 Reuters

Treasuries add gains after Nov Philly Fed index Reuters

That sinking feeling The Economist

Business Outlook Survey Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

US Treasuries stagnant, waiting for Philly Fed Reuters / Ros Krasny

Tracking Inflation Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis / William Poole

Poole says Fed will tighten further if needed Reuters

Weekly U.S. Mortgage rate survey Reuters

Fixed-rate mortgages drift, ARMs rise CNN

Housing boom past its peak? CNN / Chris Isidore

U.S. Economy: Production Rises, Housing Starts Drop Bloomberg / Joe Richter and Courtney Schlisserman

Gold glitters at 18-year high Reuters via CNN

Dollar holds near two-year highs FT / Steve Johnson

Bernanke Gives Fed an Explicit Inflation Target Bloomberg / John M. Berry

An Opportunity to Consider if Homeowners Get Too Many Breaks NY Times / Hal R. Varian

U.S. October Industrial Output Probably Rose 1%, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Joe Richter

Inquiry Seen into Firing of Analyst by Wachovia $ NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

U.S. House Leaders Coming to Agreement on Budget Cuts Package Bloomberg / Catherine Dodge

World in the balance Marketwatch / Barbara Kollmeyer

Good Luck Mr. Bernanke! Tomorrow’s Gold via Safehaven / Marc Faber

UK: Inflation report revives rate cut hopes Scotsman / Nick Bevens

UK: Till debt us do part - but can Bank ease a social and economic problem? Independent / Hamish McRae

UK: Governor maintains a hawkish stance even though Inflation Report points to lower rates Independent / Jeremy Warner

Singapore Economy Expands at Annual 7.1% in 3rd Qtr Bloomberg / Shamim Adam

U.S. Flogs Wrong Horse to Get Trade Talks Going Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

Bush, at APEC Summit, Seeks to Break Deadlock in Trade Talks Bloomberg / William Roberts and Brendan Murray


Sky's not falling! Sky's not falling! Philadelphia I:nquirer / Andrew Cassel

Merrill says R.I.P. market-weight' Globe and Mail / Allan Robinson

Corporate America no longer values loyalty, morale, survey shows St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

Discord over ECB widespread in Europe IHT / Carter Dougherty
To M3 or not to M3? Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Housing Bubble Insurance Slate / Daniel Gross

It's not all about the price Raleigh News and Observer / Karen Rives

India: Wooing India's middle class Dallas Morning News / Jim Landers

Retailers stalling on hiring holiday help Chicago Sun Times / Francine Knowles

GM Woes Blow Out Auto Sector CDS Bondweek – Credit Investment News / Kim Moore

LCDS Group Moves Ball Closer To Goal Line Bondweek – Credit Investment News / Kristen Haunss

U.S. Treasury prices record modest losses AP via NJ Post

Louisiana's Lifeline in Manhattan NY Times / Eric Dash

UPS Announces Rate Hikes for 2006 AP via Chicago Tribune

Friday's commodities roundup AP via NJ Post

TX: Dish deal gets static from town founder Denver Post Al Lewis

Where Are the Supply-Side Democrats? National Review / John Tamny

Opec set to lift secrecy about oil production FT / Carola Hoyos

Copper’s man of mystery $ FT / Geoff Dyer and Richard McGregor

Homeowners with ARMs face big bill jump CNN / Les Christie

Real Wage Rigidities and the New Keynesian Model Federal Reserve Bank of Boston / Olivier Blanchard and Jordi Galí

National Update Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas / Alan D. Viard

SUNY Geneseo Wins New York Fed Economics Competition Federal Reserve Bank of New York

MA: Boston's building spree rivals '80s boom Boston Globe / Kimberly Blanton

European Economies: Trichet Signals ECB Rate Increase Bloomberg / Matthew Brockett

Mexico Sells Warrants to Swap $2.5 Billion of Bonds Bloomberg / Adriana Arai

Has Inflation Peaked? Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

Global: The Recession of 2007 Morgan Stanley / Joachim Fels

Asian Complacency Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

US Treasuries grind lower even as stocks fade Reuters / Ros Krasny

Foreigners Feasting on U.S. Corporate Bonds / Stephen Taub

Japan: Update on F06 JGB Issuance Plan: MoF Doing Its Best Morgan Stanley / Takehiro Sato

Spur growth -- dump mortgage deduction Fortune via CNN / Amity Shlaes

Think again about bullish outlook Dallas Morning News Danielle DiMartino

G10: Dollar's Strength Consistent with Global Rebalancing Morgan Stanley / Stephen Jen

Oil prices dip below $56, well below peak AP via Charlotte Observer / Brad Foss

Are we there yet? Prospect of $100 oil Marketwatch / Myra P. Saefong

Index Mutual Funds Get an A in School, C- in Life Bloomberg / Chet Currier

A Few Thoughts On Recently Announced Reporting Changes At The Fed Treasure Chests via Safehaven / Captain Hook

Real Estate Dream or Nightmare? Tactical Investor via Safehaven / Sol Palha

Veni, Vedi, Mutuatus Sum Daily Reckoning via Lew Rockwell / Bill Bonner

US needs to delink Taiwan and China Taipei Times

GM, Delphi, CDO Swings Can't Derail Derivatives Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

Public Officials Aren't Compensated for Swap Risks Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Why are so many newspapers eliminating jobs? AP via Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Seth Sutel

Senate passes $59.6 billion in tax cuts Marketwatch / William L. Watts

Stung over Iraq, White House takes offensive Christian Science Monitor / Linda Feldmann

Canadian lumber subsidies aren't the real problem; Canada is. Daily Standard / James Thayer

In Loss for G.O.P., House Rejects Spending Plan NY Times / Carl Huse

Ben Stein, Good for Laughs, Shuns China Hype Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.



The fixed rate road is paved with good intentions Telegraph / Samantha Downes

Fares high, but planes full Lansing Business Journal

Coal is putting mining giants solidly in black AP via Houston Chronicle / Christopher Leonard

U.S. Trade Deficit Hangs In a Delicate Imbalance Washington Post / Paul Blustein

Wal-Mart's November Sales Rise Within Forecast, Led by Food Bloomberg / Lauren Coleman-Lochner and Kevin Orland

A very frugal Christmas Minneapolis Star Tribune / Chris Serres

For real estate agents, 7% is no longer the magic number Minneapolis Star Tribune / Terry Fiedler

With Real Estate, This Time it Really is Different Euro Pacific via Safehaven / Peter Schiff

Land of the rising dividend Telegraph / Jenne Mannion

Ready, set, shop! NY Daily News / Elizabeth Lazarowitz

TX: Report says area economy strong San Antonio Express Courier / William Pack

Treasuries Rise for 2nd Week on Slower Inflation, Housing Drop Bloomberg / Michael McDonald

Inflation is either rising ... or on the decline AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Ellen Simon

PA: Real estate industry moves to stop proposal Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Ron DaParma

MA: Bankruptcy filings fall after new law kicks in Boston Globe / Chris Reidy

China agrees to buy 70 Boeing 737s Reuters via CNN

House repeals import payout Washington Times / Jeffrey Sparshott

U.S. Urges China to Move `Further' to Flexible Yuan Bloomberg / Brendan Murray

OPEC Is Unlikely to Cut Supply as Demand Rises, President Says Bloomberg / James Cordahi

Japan Five-Year Notes Gain, Have Biggest Weekly Gain in 2 Years Bloomberg / Chris Cooper

Korean Won Has Second Winning Week; Taiwan Dollar Falls on Week Bloomberg / Christina Soon


UBS chief plans push to catch up with rivals FT / Peter Thal Larsen

Korea to Resume US Beef Imports Korea Times / Kim Yon-se

EU meets again as WTO talks loom BBC News

When it comes to budget numbers, it's hard to dispute the facts Aberdeen News / Alan Guebert

Americans Slammed by Credit Card Debt ABC News

Much interest in lender's layoffs Orange County Register / Jonathan Lansner

Californians gamble on career in real estate Reuters / Pascal Pinck

Events leave retailers uncertain USA Today via 1st Headlines / Lorrie Grant

Bond funds posting losses as rates rise Chicago Tribune via Allentown Morning Call / Gail MarksJarvis

Giving Thanks for Even Minimal Returns AP via Baltimore Sun / Michael J. Martinez

Turning to bibles for divine returns AP via NJ Post

FL: Ouch! Cost squeeze tightens Miami Herald / Beatrice E. Garcia and Niala Boodhoo

Chicago skyscraper would surpass Sears Tower Bloomberg via Journal News

ECB Makes a Risky Bet IHT / Carter Dougherty

Leading Indicators Rebound From Storms: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Wall St. Looks Hard for Sense of Direction LA Times / Tom Petruno

'Tis the critical season for stocks Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

MI: Builders offer handsome upgrades to lure buyers in a slowing market Detroit Free Press / Suzette Hackney

NV: North Strip: Brink of a boom? Las Vegas Sun / Liz Benston

Emirates Airlines to Buy 42 Boeing 777s AP via LA Times / Lara Sukhtian

Now is the time for Britain to reconsider its future in Europe Scotsman / Bill Jamieson

Euro recovers on hint of imminent rate hike AFP via Taipei Times

Hu Commits China `Unswervingly' to Currency Reform Bloomberg / William Roberts and Brendan Murray

Hill vs. Spending: Two 800-Pound Gorillas Washington Post / Shailagh Murray

An Online Calculator That Figures the Real Costs of Mutual Funds Washington Post / Michelle Singletary

As the McMansions Go, So Goes Job Growth NY Times / Daniel Gross

Copper bottom Guardian - Observer / Oliver Morgan

Bernanke: An Early Christmas Gift to Gold, Gold Shares, and Silver Technical Indicator Index via Safehaven / Robert McHugh

The Chancellor doesn't do humility but something will have to give on spending Independent / Hamish McRae

The Manager Is in a Slump (or Maybe It's Just a Phase) Marketwatch via NY Times / Mark Hulbert

Deals and Consequences NY Times / Landon Thomas, Jr.

HSBC seeks to lure new blood with 'super banks' Guardian - Observer / John Naughton

The Bonfire of the Vanities,' 2005 Edition $ NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

The world doesn't get it - no one 'owns'the internet Guardian - Observer / John Naughton


Remarks by David Dodge, Governor of the Bank of Canada Bank of Canada

GM's Other Victim Slate / Daniel Gross

Bernanke should rethink his monetary ‘Maginot Line’ $ FT / Peter Hartcher

The Great Google Wipeout Slate / Jack Shafer

Investors not impressed by GM cost cuts AP via Toronto Star / Aleksandrs Rozens

TD sees gains in commodities Globe and Mail / Roma Luciw

Fixed-rate is way to go NY Daily News / Margaret Price

Commercial mortgage-bond delinquencies up AP via NJ Post

Greed season: Wall Street bonus time Marketwatch / Paul B. Farrell

Berkshire likes beer, Wal-Mart Marketwatch / Ruth Mantell

Magellan Has Lost Its Head Forbes / Martin T. Sosnoff

GM's Bumpy Road Forbes

Missouri's exports may set another record St. Louis Business Journal

MI: GM restructuring takes some by surprise in Michigan Lansing State Journal / Tim Martin

CO: Price of health benefits up 6.9% Denver Post / Marsha Austin

Thanksgiving meal rises this year to $36.78 for 10 St. Petersburg Times

The dragon and the eagle try to get along The Economist

The “bulldozer” sends tremors through Israeli politics The Economist

Consumer spending could suffer in 2006 CNN / Parija Bhatnagar

Gold extends rally; copper dips Marketwatch / Ciara Linnane

Spreads flat to narrower with Treasury rally Reuters

Bond bears bowed but unbeaten Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Emerging debt-Bonds rally, Brazil benchmark hits record high Reuters / Walker Simon

U.S. Treasury currency report still coming in November Reuters

Pension math adds to worries Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

GM's big shakeup CNN / Chris Isidore

Homebuilder ETFs launch into softening market Marketwatch / John Spence

ECB walks tightrope on inflation and jobs IHT / Carter Dougherty

Largest U.S. layoff in nearly three years accounts for more than a quarter of the company's North American workforce. / Stephen Taub

Monday's Metal Prices AP via NJ Post

Yen Drops to 1985 Plaza Accord Low, BOJ Index Shows Bloomberg / Jake Lee

U.S. Treasuries gain in quiet holiday-week trade Reuters / Oliver Ludwig

Brazil's Benchmark Bond Rises to Record; Real Climbs on Trade Bloomberg / Elzio Barreto

US Simply Muddling Through on 'China Policy' Lew Rockwell / Leon Hadar

Bush's Weakness May Strengthen Tax-Reform Hopes Bloomberg / Kevin Hassett

Why People Hate Economics Tech Central Station / Arnold Kling

Economic Trends November 2005 Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Gold glitters at 18-year high Reuters via CNN

Monday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

Cheaper gas: Early stocking stuffer CNN / Kathleen Hays

GM to cut 30,000 jobs Reuters

Beast of the East lives! Fortune via CNN

House OKs protection for restaurant owners LA Times via Chicago Tribune / Molly Selvin

Yield Curve Angst Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

Review and Preview Morgan Stanley / Ted Wieseman and David Greenlaw

U.S. 10-Year Notes Rise on Speculation Inflation Is Contained Bloomberg / Kabir Chibber and Deborah Finestone

Treasury Investors See Rally as Fed Rates Slow Growth Bloomberg / Al Yoon

Global: Hardly a Flat World Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

EU: Sorry, Mr Rato, It is not Export Driven Morgan Stanley / Eric Chaney

Global: FraItalia: Baldarrassi Meets Trichet Morgan Stanley / Joachim Fels

UK: Pre-Budget Approaching Morgan Stanley / David Miles, Melanie Baker and Vladimir Pillonca

Trichet re-affirms ECB rate rise BBC News

Oil's 2-Month Fall Leaves Traders With Worthless Bets Bloomberg / Alejandro Barbajosa

Black betrayed by best among friends The Australian / Dominic Rushe

Where Is Wal-Mart's Fancy Stuff? Try Online NY Times / Bob Tedeschi

Employee loyalty reaches six-year high Washington Times / Kara Rowland

Our Money Madness Lew Rockwell via Ludwig von Mises / Lew Rockwell

Americans look to the next Baja boom town Christian Science Monitor / Danna Harman

Bankruptcy stalks world's largest carmaker as it reels under cost of healthcare and pensions Guardian / David Teather

UK: Inflation watchdogs should beware a penalty of the Maradona effect Independent / Stephen King

Crude Oil Rises as Cold Weather Approaches, Gulf Output Slows Bloomberg / William Kennedy and Gavin Evans

The 50 largest US charities Christian Science Monitor

Asian Debt Markets Are `Where the Action Is' Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Treasury Investors See Rally by June as Fed Rates Slow Growth Bloomberg / Al Yoon



Baird expands global role with 6th city outside U.S. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Kathleen Gallagher

What’s The Fed Up To NY Post via Fiend’s SuperBear Page / John Crudele

Gold's Global Gleam Forbes / Carlton Delfeld

CA: Real-estate agents without borders Orange County Register / Jeff Collins

Bank and Thrift Earnings Return to Record Level in the Third Quarter FDIC

Deficits Are Back; So Are 30-Year Bonds Washington Post / Allan


What Determines Bilateral Trade Flows? Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago / Marianne Baxter and Michael Kouparitsas

The Faces of Texas Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Waiting for the Sky to Fall? KWR International / Keith W. Rabin and Scott B. MacDonald

Accounting board is ready to rumble Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Is the bubble back? Globe and Mail / Mathew Ingram

The end of constructive ambiguity, Mr Trichet? The Economist

Own your home? Then be thankful Orange County Register / Jonathan Lansner

MI: Workers angry, sad, not surprised Lansing State Journal / Kevin Grasha and Nicole Geary

Bernanke urges limits on mortgage holdings AP via NJ Post / Jeannine Aversa

Giving thanks to the Fed CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Minutes of Federal Open Market Committee Federal Reserve Board

Property tax relief on the way CNN / Les Christie

Real estate speculators desperate for buyers Bloomberg via Charlotte Observer / Kathleen M. Howley and Andrew Ward

PA: Pittsburgh rockets up online shopping ranks to 10th Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Teresa F. Lindeman

Sovereign Wins NYSE Approval for Revised Stake Sale Bloomberg / George Stein

Treasuries rally sharply on Fed minutes FT / Jennifer Hughes, Joanna Chung and David Turner

US Treasuries up, see light at end of Fed tunnel Reuters / Ros Krasny

Moody's may cut Ford ratings deeper Reuters / Dena Aubin

Fed hints it may be near end of rate rising cycle FT / Christopher Swann

Fed Minutes Say Rate Outlook May Change `Before Long' Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Euro slips on dovish ECB comment FT / Steve Johnson

Targeting Inflation Forbes / Oxford Analytica

MA: Brokers get creative in hunt for home buyers Boston Globe / Kimberly Blanton

MD: Sudden relief at the gas pump Baltimore Sun / Paul Adams

MI: Humbled Detroit: 'We're all worried' Detroit Free Press via Arizona Republic / Sarah A. Webster

Busy Airbus not fazed by Boeing: CEO Reuters / Jason Neely

Calpine Barred From Using $400 Million to Buy Gas Bloomberg / Jef Feeley

'$500 an ounce gold is now looking very close' Telegraph

Gold Surges to 18-Year High as Funds Buy as Inflation Hedge Bloomberg / Chia-Peck Wong

Open Books Daily Standard / Irwin M. Stelzer

Bernanke Might Make Fed-Watching a Different Game Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Europeans, Conspiracy Theorists Lead M3 Mourners Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

The Trouble With Deposit Insurance Lew Rockwell / Ron Paul

U.S. Farm Subsidy Offer Deserves Quiet Burial Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

No Social Security Number? No Problem! Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis via Safehaven / Mike Shedlock

NYMEX Gets Saddled With Bankrupt Refco’s Baggage NY Post / Roddy Boyd

Dollar May Gain After Fed's Moskow Signals More Rate Increases Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane and Kosuke Goto

U.S. Core Inflation Seen Higher Next Year, NABE Survey Shows Bloomberg / Joe Richter

Retail Group Raises Forecast for Holiday Shopping Season NY Times / Michael Barbaro

Let's give thanks... for Google Marketwatch / Bambi Francisco

Mix of Shock and Resignation on G.M. Shop Floors Set to Close NY Times / Jeremy W. Peters

A Hedge Fund for Anyone With $10,000 NY Times / Riva D. Atlas

Putin Promises Oil Pipeline for Japan NY Times / James Brooke

Trichet - inflation requires an ECB rate rise Scotsman / Nick Bevens

GM cutbacks portend tougher road ahead Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull

Is General Motors going broke? Sydney Morning Herald / David Teather


2005 Global Bond Summit Highlights Bond Market Association

What's Happened to M3? Union Securities via Safehaven / David Chapman

Researchers list risky corporate bonds Marketwatch / Rachel Koning

FL: Housing inventory balloons Orlando Sentinel / Jack Snyder

Rev. Billy says: Stop shopping CNN / Katie Brenner

The 200 Largest U.S. Charities Forbes / William P. Barrett

Government fritters away resources Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Treasuries Fall; Traders Say Yields Don't Reflect Fed's Path Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

How we can screw OPEC? Slate / Daniel Gross

Hotel rooms to cost more in '06 Dallas Morning News / Suzanne Marta

Time to spend? Dallas Morning News / Maria Halkias

Hurricanes blamed for big jump in jobless rate AP via Houston Chronicle

Monetarists cry wolf on eurozone inflation $ FT / Paul de Grauwe

Brazil central bank cuts interest rates AP via NJ Post

Treasurys dip on mixed economic data Marketwatch / Rachel Koning

Pricing power gap is cause for worry Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

U.S. Economy: Confidence Rebounds as Fuel Prices Drop Bloomberg / Joe Richter

Mortgage rates end 13-week rise CNN

Wednesday's Metal Prices AP via NJ Post

Wednesday World Gold Prices AP via NJ Post

FL: Hotel rooms at a premium in S. Florida due to storm-damaged units South Florida Sun Sentinel / Tom Stieghorst

FL: State Farm to raise rates average 8.6% Orlando Sentinel / Kathy Bushouse

S,C,.’s jobless rate soars to 6.9 percent The State / Jim DuPlessis and Chris Roberts

GAO Criticizes SEC Internal Controls / Stephen Taub

Bondholders blast $488m Delphi executive bonuses FT / James Mackintosh

Daddy Warbucks Banking Forbes / Richard C. Morais

Money's Moving To Emerging Markets Forbes / Oxford Analytica

Jobless claims higher than expected Reuters

Sears investors get little talk, less action Reuters / Emily Kaiser

Dollar slips on “dovish” Fed talk FT / Steve Johnson

Refinery bottleneck to ease Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

MD: Slowdown in building increases concern Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Government fritters away resources Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Asian Values Daily Standard Duncan Currie

Fed Printing Press Fueling Gold $500 Wall Street Window via Safehaven / Michael Swanson

Should a Financial Adviser Be Your Underwriter Too? Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Fed Doesn't Have Much Power to Fix Trade Deficit Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Fed May Change Language to Prepare `Clean Slate' for Bernanke Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Dollar May Drop After Fed Suggests Rate Increases to End Soon Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane and Yumi Kuramitsu

Delphi Chief Fights Battle of Detroit NY Times / Micheline Maynard

Back to Basics at Wal-Mart: Spare No Rivals NY Times / Michael Barbaro

The Deal That Even Awed Them in Houston NY Times / Simon Romero

UK: Brown to face down critics over economy Guardian / Larry Elliott

Shanghai Copper Drops as China Reschedules Deliveries Bloomberg / Helen Yuan

Give Thanks for Incentives Along With the Feast: Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Dollar May Weaken After Fed Signals Rate Increases to End Soon Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane

Google Is Really About Money, Money and More Money: Book Review Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert


Brazil resents image of economic failure BBC News / Robert Plummer

High-end real estate market still sizzling USA Today / Jim Hopkins

The Chinese Yuan Revaluation - The real, long-term consequences! Gold-Authentic Money via Safehaven / Julian D. W. Phillips

Currency Conundrums Kirby Analytics via Safehaven / Rob Kirby

Innovative securities $ The Economist

Marking the dealer's cards The Economist

Australian Dollar's Drop May Point to Slowing Economy Bloomberg / Chris Young

Euro slips against dollar AP via NJ Post / Matt Moore

Giving thanks, despite the monetary murk The Economist

Can oil production satisfy rising demand? USA Today / David J, Lynch

Just what can GM do to please Wall Street? Detroit Free Press / Michael Ellis and Joe Guy Collier

Auto sales likely to remain slow Detroit Free Press / Sarah A. Webster

Too many turkeys The Economist

God's media mogul The Economist

Rebound foreseen in U.S. job market AP via Lansing State Journal / Jeannine Aversa

Staff Issues Hampering Morgan's Recovery NY Times / Landon Thomas, Jr.

LA: Insurance hinders New Orleans recovery Reuters / Janet Guttsman

Millions spend the holiday at restaurants Orlando Sentinel / Scott Joseph

On the mat The Economist

Trade Spat Ferments Over Spicy Cabbage LA Times / Don Lee

Europe looks south $ The Economist

East, west and the gap between The Economist

Bankers scramble to tap into Russia's boom Bloomberg via IHT / Michael Rothschild

Why Dick Cheney is out of the bunker The Economist

Funds Buy Copper on Speculation China to Cover Bets Bloomberg / Claudia Carpenter

Thursday World Gold Prices AP via NJ Post

Eurozone bonds jump as German confidence falls FT / Joanna Chung

European Economies: German Ifo Business Confidence Deteriorates Bloomberg / Brian Swint

Dresdner's Pisker Quits in Merger of Banking Units Bloomberg / Oliver Suess and Christine Harper

Small banks nip at heels of big guys Seattle Post Intelligencer / Bill Virgin

CA: County home-loan rates hovering below 6% Orange County Register / Jeff Collins

An ARM, now a leg AP via Denver Post / Sandy Shore

The countdown to Black Friday CNN

A German Auto Supplier Delphi Might Envy NY Times / Mark Landler

Big hopes for small Christmas presents Wall Street Journal via The State / Jon Weinbach

Fla. home insurer gets OK to raise rates up to 40% AP via Baltimore Sun

MA: Bay State economy slowing Boston Globe / Robert Gavin

The Trade Deficit: An Austrian Perspective Ludwig von Mises Institute / Thorsten Polleit

Sometimes, a Tax Cut for the Wealthy Can Hurt the Wealthy NY Times / Robert H. Frank

Bernanke for Asia? Mundell Seems to Think So Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

NYSE members ‘treated fairly’ in Archipelago deal FT / John Authers and David Wighton

Japan's Surplus Narrows as Imports Outpace Exports Bloomberg / Mayumi Otsuma



FRBSF Economic Letter Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Chicago Fed National Activity Index Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Testing Economic Hypotheses with State-Level Data: A Comment on Donohue and Levitt Federal Reserve Bank of Boston / Christopher L. Foote and Christopher F. Goetz

Lower mortgage rates help buyers AP via Detroit Free Press / Jeannine Aversa

In the Black Daily Standard / Irwin Stelzer

Canada: Black wants citizenship back Toronto Star / Rick Westhead

$500 Gold and Interest Rates Euro Pacific via Safehaven / Peter Schiff

Phony Wealth = Phony Power The Euro vs Dollar Currency War Monitor via Safehaven / Alex Wallenwein

Demand high for workers in trades AP via Baltimore Sun

NV: Las Vegas housing prices slip Las Vegas Review Journal / Hubble Smith

Canada: Housing market set for record Globe and Mail / Tavia Grant

EU: The real problem with statistics IHT

Washington events for Nov. 28 - Dec. 2 Marketwatch

Bonds gain as interest rate chatter dominates FT / Jennifer Hughes

Treasurys gain on Fed outlook Marketwatch / Rachel Koning

Beware bears coming out of hibernation CNN / Paul R. La Monica

U.S. Stocks Climb for 7th Day on Holiday Sales; Best Buy Gains Bloomberg / Dune Lawrence

Bankruptcy could open new chapter for GM $ FT / Dan Roberts

Real Estate Weekly CBS Marketwatch

Going with the grains Marketwatch / Kevin Kerr

Banks renew focus on branches Philadelphia Inquirer / Rick Rothacker

UBS's Novelli says hedge funds to fuel M&A Reuters / Siobhan Kennedy

Pakistan: Seeking opportunity in economic tragedy Dallas Morning News / Jim Landers

Slovakia Ties Currency to Euro AP via ABC News and 1st Headlines / Paul Ames

Most Charitable States Forbes / Leah Hoffman

Precious metal's elusive value Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Speculation surrounds oil peak Washington Times / Patrice Hill

Reluctant to have a ball on the Street Bloomberg via Chicago Tribune

Higher energy costs a wildcard for retailers MSNBC / John W. Schoen

What's next for GM workers? CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

Land of plenty — to do Washington Times / William Glanz

Behind Sovereign's growth: CEO plays hardball Wall Street Journal / Carrick Mollenkamp, Jesse Eisinger and Clint Riley

UK: Business anger at Blair reaches the 'tipping point' - CBI chief Independent / Michael Harrison

Mexico Cuts Interest Rate a 4th Month to Spur Economy Bloomberg / Adriana Arai

Housing hopes rise for some AP via Orange County Register / Alex Viega

Follow the money stocks Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

U.S. Notes Head for Third Weekly Advance as Rate Concerns Ease Bloomberg / Shamim Adam and Rodrigo Davies

NYSE Could Change Radically LA Times / Walter Hamilton

Gold prices touch 18-year high Reuters via CNN

New, existing home sales probably fell, survey finds Bloomberg via Dallas Morning News

Yen vs. Yuan, Redux Morgan Stanley / Andy Xie

G10: The Dollar Has Not Peaked Morgan Stanley / Stephen L. Jen

Dollar Gains Against Yen as Tanigaki Says Deflation `Persists' Bloomberg / Jake Lee and Joshua Krongold

Dollar strengthens on positive rate expectations FT / Maria Silander

Retailers Use Giveaways and Gimmicks on Black Friday Bloomberg / Lauren Coleman-Lochner and Rachel Katz

Japan: Too Close to Call Morgan Stanley / Takehiro Sato

M3 mutterers refuse to give thanks Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

When It Comes to Katrina Bonds, It's What, Me Worry? Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Boring May Be Beautiful When Money's on the Line Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Lenders taking chances with risky borrowers AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Aleksandrs Rozens

W.T.O. Chief Won't Count on Consensus NY Times / Keith Bradsher

China's Copper Crisis Tells a Bigger Story Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Rate Rise Is Opposed in Europe NY Times / Mark Landler

Japan's Consumer Prices Unchanged, 1st Time in 5 Mths Bloomberg / Mayumi Otsuma

Risk Management, for the Highest Stakes NY Times / Jenny Anderson


Less risk, more return Marketwatch / Rachel Koning

WI: Companies making stand in central-city factory corridor Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Tom Daykin

How Powerful Is the Federal Reserve? AP via Newsday / Ellen Simon

Holiday shopping season has flat start Reuters via CNN

Thanksgiving Day also big for online shopping, Visa says Marketwatch / Padraic Cassidy

U.S. Retail Sales Little Changed Friday, Close to '04 Record Bloomberg / Alan Mirabella and Rachel Katz

Lofty prices foster split decisions Chicago Tribune / Susan Diesenhouse

CEO: GM overseas sales will exceed those in U.S. AP via Lansing State Journal

Retailers increasingly rely on cutthroat after-Thanksgiving sales NY Times via Tacoma News Tribune / Melanie Warner

Dollar Gains This Week; ECB Won't Have `Series' of Increases Bloomberg / Joshua Krongold and Jake Lee

Currency swaps hint at China exchange reform AP via Chicago Tribune

TX: The year of the bargain hunter Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Heather Landy

CA: Despite economic fears, shoppers in spending spirit Sacramento Bee / Jon Ortiz

Finding and using a corn or multi-use pellet stove Minneapolis Star Tribune

Slow sales intensify pressure on struggling GM AP via The State / Dee-Ann Durbin

Firms' Profits Keep Rising LA Times / Tom Petruno

Mideast trade pacts fare well Washington Times / Jeffrey Sparshott

WTO May Fail to Agree in Hong Kong; Blair Says Talks `Critical' Bloomberg / Jennifer M. Freedman

U.S. Treasuries Rise for a Third Week as Fed Signals Rate Shift Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

To See How Gold Is Doing, Check the Rest of the Market NY Times / Floyd Norris

Maybe Let This Big Fish Off the Hook $ NY Times / Joseph Nocera

Dawn Rush Hints at Strong Start to Holiday Sales NY Times / Michael Barbaro

As Corporate Ad Money Flows Their Way, Bloggers Risk Their Rebel Reputation NY Times / Louise Story

Japan's 10-Year Debt Has Third Weekly Gain; Longest in 5 Months Bloomberg / Issei Morita

Korean Won Has Weekly Loss on Stocks; Philippines Peso Rises Bloomberg / Kim Kyoungwha and Yu-huay Sun


Gold forecast to rise above $1,000 per ounce Finfacts via Fiend’s SuperBear Page

Cooling bodes well for homebuyers AP via Tallahassee Democrat / Alex Veiga

Is gold ready to shine? Signals are a bit unclear Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Tom Saler

Falling Pump Prices Prove the Market Works After All Real Clear Politics / Ben Lieberman

Inflation fears keep hanging around USA Today / Sue Kirchhoff

WI: Landmark moment for local credit union Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Paul Gores

Going private $ FT / Lex

Hedge funds help investment banks soar $ FT / Peter Thal Larsen

Dollar Rally May Have Peaked For Year Yahoo via Dow Jones and Google News

MO: As city again attracts residents, jobs slip away St. Luis Post Dispatch / Eric Heisler

China: Spill's poisonous shadow Marketwatch / Sage Brennan

China’s response to disasters impeded by secrecy $ FT / Richard McGregor

EU: Inflation fears expected to prompt ECB rate rise FT / Chris Flood

Shoppers crowd stores but spend modestly AP via Beaufort Gazette / Anne D’Innocenzio

Holiday sales dip, then they dazzle AP via USA Today / Lorrie Grant

You Can Sell IT NY Post / Gregory Bresiger

Wag’N A Dog NY Post / Terry Keenan

CA: Computer expert will hack voting device to test security AP via Contra Costa Times

Fuel-sucking 4x4s popular — in Persian Gulf AP via Oakland Tribune / Jim Krane

US dollar reaches 27-month high against yen AP via Taipei Times

Global work force helps Fed on inflation AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Martin Crutsinger

Wealth transfers confound the experts Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Sales and hiring are both up, survey finds Dallas Morning News / Victor Godinez

Employment Rebounds, Manufacturing Gains: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Weekend Sales Jump 22% to $27.8 Billion, NRF Says Bloomberg / Cotten Timberlake

The Week Ahead Wall Street Journal

Property tax payback CNN / Les Christie

IL: Hotel condos' value hard to figure at ground floor Chicago Tribune / Kathy Bergen

NC: No real estate bubble here Charlotte Observer / Doug Smith

FL: Orlando's changing skyline Orlando Sentinel / Mark Schlueb

Debate rages about fate of housing boom in 2006 AP via Charlotte Observer / Rachel Beck

And now for the second half of the rally AP via NJ Post

Hungary Giving Savings Bonds to '06 Babies AP via Forbes

Venezuela Boosts Domestic Bond Sale to $3 Billion Bloomberg / Peter Wilson

3 pluses of a U.S. sales tax Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

Escaping the trap of the alternative minimum tax AP via Orlando Sentinel / Gail Marksjarvis

India's biggest economic summit opens AP via NJ Post

Japan Is Back: It Looks Real This Time Wall Street Journal / Craig Karmin

Math + science = innovation, but US lags in the equation Boston Globe / Robert Weisman

One in six online Americans use Internet to sell AP via Chicago Sun Times

After the Debt Feast Comes the Heartburn $ NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

Rosy Reports May Not Last Long NY Times / Conrad De Aenlle

As Profits Surge, Workers Still Wait LA Times / Tom Petruno

Can US carmakers get back on the road? Guardian – Observer / Edward Helmore

Who's in the Corner Office? NY Times / David Leonhardt

AZ: New-home lull shifts the rules Arizona Republic / Glen Cero

When home buyers lie to get a loan Boston Herald / Kenneth R. Harney

Pension Officers Putting Billions Into Hedge Funds NY Times / Riva D. Atlas and Mary Williams Walsh

Six questions help you figure your fund's future Marketwatch / Chuck Jaffe

How to Balance the Scales Between Bankers and Clients NY Times / Andrew Ross Sorkin

Hedge Funds Work for Yale, but Will They Work for You? NY Times / Geraldine Fabrikant

ECB set to anger eurozone with rise in rates Guardian – Observer / Heather Stewart

EUK; Migrant workers: don't we love them? Guardian – Observer / Heather Stewart

UK: Pre-Budget Report is Brown Preparing to Beat the Retreat The Scotsman / Bill Jamieson

UK: Business angry at Labour policies, says CBI's Jones The Scotsman / Allister Heath

Help Wanted: Academic Economists, Pro-Bush NY Times / Daniel Altman



Steelmakers on a roll, until the next glut The Economist

Lamy keeps composure at trade talks BBC News / Nigel Cassidy

Can the Jews Save Christmas? Slate / Daniel Gross

Sellers put their homes on the 'range' USA Today via 1st Headlines / Adam Shell

Gold above $500: It's about time Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Gold above $500 in Asia, platinum $1,000 Reuters / Lewa Pardomuan

Have crude bears started their turn? Marketwatch / Tom Kilgore

Energy: The Bottomless Well Lew Rockwell / Bill Walker

Gold: The Sky Is Falling Maison Placements via Safehaven / John Ing

Negative Savings and Extremely Cheap Gold Wisdom Financial via Safehaven / Emanuel Balarie

David vs. Goliath -- bet on the underdog! Marketwatch / Paul B. Farrell

Monday's commodities roundup AP via Beaufort Gazette

Report on China frustrates critics USA Today via 1st Headlines / David J. Lynch

Venezuela sells $3 billion worth of bonds AP via Beaufort Gazette

Canada: Investing in Productivity Bank of Canada / David Didge

Australia's not hiding it in the mattress IHT / Wayne Arnold

Monday was shopping day at work Newsday / Richard J. Dalton, Jr.

Treasury market eyes data-heavy weak FT / Jennifer Hughes, Joanna Chung and David Turner

Texas Manufacturing Outlook Survey Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Janus managers planning buyout Fortune via CNN / Bethany McLean

The 70 percent solution Business 2.0 via CNN

Merck $ FT / Lex

Falling after the run CNN / Alexandra Twin

Should Merck Raise Its Dividend? Forbes / Matthew Harper

Gold nears $500 an ounce FT / Kevin Morrison

IL: Few opt to lock in gas rate Chicago Sun Times / Mary Wisniewski

Home sales slow CNN / Chris Isidore

MA: Realtors get their hands on technology Boston Globe / Kimberly Blanton

Decadent America must give up imperial ambitions $ FT / Anatol Lieven

GAO Criticizes SEC Internal Controls / Stephen Taub

Argentina ousts economy minister Lavagna FT / Adam Thomson and Richard Lapper

Greenspan's Gift Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

Fed's power ever waning Financial Post / Jacqueline Thorpe

Review and Preview Morgan Stanley / Ted Wieseman and David Greenlaw

Debating the Yield Curve Morgan Stanley / Joachim Fels

Home is no longer a refuge for the economy Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Economic optimism means more goodies for clients Arizona Republic / Yvette Armendariz

Many who spend could be saving Dallas Morning News / Pamela Yip

Defeasing Legacy Costs Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner and Michael Peskin

U.S. Stocks Fall From Four-Year High on Holiday Sales Concern Bloomberg / Sophie Hayward

Bank of Montreal's Comper Finding No U.S. Takeovers Bloomberg / Sean B. Pasternak

Rush to gold pushes prices higher BBC News

The Case of the Missing Petro-Dollars Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

Forecast of warm weather pulls down oil prices AP via Houston Chronicle

China’s reluctance to come clean The Economist

China: Growth Beats Expectations in 3Q05; Forecasts Update Morgan Stanley / Denise Yam

Treasuries mixed, housing froth starts to overflow Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

Dollar Declines After U.S. Home Sales Fall More Than Forecast Bloomberg / Michael McDonald and Deborah Finestone

Strong Dollar Is Here To Stay Forbes / Oxford Analytica

Yen hits new lows on weak retail sales FT / Steve Johnson

U.S. Oct. Existing Home Sales Fall to 7.09 Mln Rate Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Paging Ms. Goldilocks ... CNN / Kathleen Hays

Preacher Green to step up to HSBC top job Reuters / Steve Slater

Merck to Cut 7,000 Jobs, Close 5 Manufacturing Plants Bloomberg / Angela Zimm and Nicole Ostrow

Fisher, Fed's `Weakest Member,' Speaks Mind, Shaking Markets Bloomberg / Vivien Lou Chen

Change in Fed Statement Is Coming (Either Way) Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

How the Fed Should Steer the Bernanke Transition Bloomberg / Kevin Hassett

Courting the Commercial Customer Washington Post / Terence O'Hara

Federated Settles Fund Probe for at Least $80 Mln, People Say Bloomberg / Gregory Cresci

Regulators May Never Police Hedge Fund Conflicts Bloomberg / John Wasik

The Skillful Professor Rothbard Ludwig von Mises Institute / F.A. Hayek

DC: Germans Change From Buyers to Sellers Washington Post / Dana Hedgpeth

Dollar Strengthens as Reports May Show Reinvigorated Growth Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto and Chris Cooper

Trichet's Stance on ECB Rates Is Yes, No, Maybe Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

Japan's Retail Sales Fall as Consumers Curb Spending Bloomberg / Mayumi Otsuma

UK: This debate is about politics, not economics Independent Stephen King

Outsourcing moves closer to home Christian Science Monitor / Danna Harman

Throw some cold water on free trade Christian Science Monitor / David R. Francis

Russia: No More Cheap Gas, Russia Tells Neighbors AP via Moscow Times / Maria Danilova

UK: Brown pledges to cut red tape in drive to woo industry Guardian / Larry Elliott and Ashley Seager

Morgan Stanley, BNP Secret Codes Give Edge in Treasury Trades Bloomberg / Michael McDonald

Bank on It Forbes / Daniel Kruger

Euro Likely to Decline as ECB Signals Limit to Rate Increases Bloomberg / Jake Lee and Michael McDonald


Fannie, Freddie raise limit on mortgages AP via Beaufort Gazette

Unsold house inventory highest since April 1986 Newsday / Tami Luhby

FL: Bay area home prices defy trend St. Petersburg Times / Scott Barancik

Betting on the bubble Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Smaller carriers coast above trouble AP via Myrtle Beach Sun / Bob Christie

U.S. Bancorp to acquire Wachovia's trust division Minneapolis Star Tribune / Thomas Lee

How to Hit the Curve / James B. Stewart

Multimillion mutual refund Newsday / Pradnya Joshi

Crude prices close near 6-month low Marketwatch / Myra P. Saefong

Exit Iraq, But How? Tech Central Station / Max Borders

Waiting for That $100 Laptop? Slate / Cyrus Farivar

The Coming $100 Laptop Tragedy Tech Central Station / David Henderson

Who Controls the Internet? Slate / Adam L. Penenberg

OECD: ECB should leave rates 'unchanged' AP via Beaufort Gazette

EU: Central Bank Blues Tech Central Station / Constantin Gurdgiev

A major face-lift for OECD? IHT / James Kanter

Exit strategy? Marketwatch / Dr. Irwin Kellner

Why M3 No Longer Matters Clif Droke Market Analysis via Safehaven / Clif Droke

Rate Hikes, Gold, and Greenbacks National Review / John Tamny

The Federal Reserve: Fractional Reserve Lending Safehaven / Douglas V. Gnazzo

U.S. Treasury prices sink on bullish data AP via NJ Post

When yield curve talks, economists listen Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

Gold below $500 in Asia Reuters

Prescriptions For Gold Fever Forbes / Carlton Delfeld

Auto suppliers face a bleak 2006: S&P Reuters

US automakers may be hit by rising platinum prices Reuters / Poornima Gupta

Canada: The Forbes 40 Canada Forbes / Scott DeCarlo and Dan Bigman

Google takes biggest dive in a year Reuters via CNN

New home sales soar CNN / Chris Isidore

Big raises just aren't happening LA Times via Houston Chronicle / Molly Selvin

EU: Corporate Europe ignores diversity at its peril $ FT / Marta Dassu and Daniel Franklin

CA: Rep. Cunningham Pleads Guilty to Bribery, Resigns LA Times / Tony Perry

EU: Caution would endanger a recovery $ FT / Martin Wolf

Canada: No confidence, no alternative? The Economist

Treasuries Fall After Consumer Confidence and Home Sales Rise Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton and Joshua Krongold

U.S. Nov. Consumer Confidence Rose By Most Since 2003 Bloomberg / Bob Willis

For Many, Inflation to Outpace '06 Raises LA Times / Molly Selvin

New home sales soar CNN

CA: Is there pent-up demand for rural life? Orange County Register / Jonathan Lansner

CA: A view to a trend Orange County Register / Jonathan Lansner

FL: Condo craze is headed for crash and burn Orlando Sentinel / Mike Thomas

AZ: Median price of Valley home 20% above U.S. Arizona Republic / Jonathan J. Higuera

Hot Stats—Texas State & Metro Economic Indicators Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Wal-Mart: Determined discounting CNN / Michael Sivy

US Airways to buy 20 jets from Airbus Philadelphia Inquirer / Tom Bolden

Kmart, employees settle for $11 million Detroit Free Press / David Ashenfelter

OECD upbeat on world growth prospects FT / Scheherazade Daneshkhu

Oil rebounds after optimistic weather views AP via Seattle Times / Gillian Wong

Tuesday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

Gold surges to highest since 1983 BBC News

Gold tops $500 for first time since 1980s FT / Chris Flood

LA: Jobs abound, if you have a place to sleep AP via Boston Globe / John Seewer

Japan: The Bank of Japan discomfited The Economist

EU: Why a rate rise may put eurozone recovery at risk $ FT / Ralph Atkins and Chris Giles

EU: Money supply bolsters case for ECB rate rise Reuters via FT

A Trendy Mortgage Falls From Favor Wall Street Journal via Marketwatch / Ruth Simon

Home sweet second home Taipei Times / Robert Shiller

Schumpeter Gone Wild Daily Standard / Irwin Stelzer

U.S. Durable Goods Orders, Confidence Seen Rising, Surveys Show Bloomberg / Joe Richter

If winter is bitter, brace for a natural-gas crunch Christian Science Monitor / Mark Clayton

Gold-Man, Sachs of It! – This Year-End NY Post / Roddy Boyd

Funds' Year-End Payouts Put Investors in a Bind Bloomberg / Chet Currier

SEC Investigates Bankruptcy Committees for Hedge-Fund Fraud Bloomberg / Otis Bilodeau

HSBC cocks a snook at Higgs in opting for management continuity instead of the rules Independent / Jeremy Warner

Bond leaves HSBC in rude health Independent / Gary Parkinson

State Street, Invesco Bet on Latin America to Lead Europe Funds Bloomberg / David Clarke

Colorado Portfolio Wins the Battle of the States Bloomberg / John Dorfman

Hold the CPR: Qwest Shows Signs of Life NY Times / Ken Belson

Getting a Feel For Another End Of Year Stock Rally NY Post / John Crudele

Tax-cut momentum waning Christian Science Monitor / Gail Russell Chaddock

U.S. Declines a Chance to Criticize Yuan Policy NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

Katrina evacuees struggle to exit hotels Christian Science Monitor / Kris Axtman

Money Is There to Aid Rural Internet, but Loans Are Hard to Get NY Times / Vikas Bajaj

Congressman Admits Taking Bribes, Resigns Washington Post / Charles R. Babcock and Jonathan Weisman

Reflexive Disintermediation: Say What? - Learning To Live With It Pimco / Paul McCulley

Yuan Is Still Pegged to the Dollar Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

US says China did not manipulate currency FT / Edward Alden

China Trader Liu May Be Scapegoat for Weak Controls Bloomberg / Le-Min Lim

Japan's Factory Production, Household Spending Gain in October Bloomberg / Lindsay Whipp


Red Meat For Beltway Regulators Forbes / Mallory Factor and James P. Pinkerton

Uncertainty and Monetary Policy Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

The Bond Market Association Files Comment Letter on Elimination of TRACE Delays Bond Market Association

Securities Lending and Repo Workshop Highlights Bond Market Association

Smart, or Stupid? National Review / Larry Kudlow

Europe’s muddled message FT / Quentin Peel

S&P downgrades Louisiana's credit rating AP via Beaufort Gazette / Melinda Deslatte

Treasuries hit by strong US data FT / Jennifer Hughes, Maria Silander and David Turner

Private investors crowded out as hedge funds grow Reuters / Douwe Miedema

Base metals extend record run FT / Kevin Morrison

Economy growing but rate varies across U.S., Fed says Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Airlines trimming weight to curb appetite for fuel South Florida Sun Sentinel / Mark Skertic

Back in Black / Mark Glassman

Yahoo's valuation a growing concern Marketwatch / Dan Gallagher

Recent Developments in Regulatory Capital Federal Reserve Board / Susan Schmidt Bies

The Beige Book Federal Reserve Board

Mortgage applications drop to 16-month low Reuters via USA Today / Julie Haviv

Wednesday's commodities roundup AP Beaufort Gazette

States misdirect tobacco money, study shows AP via MSNBC

Gold closes above $500 Chicago Tribune

Wednesday's World Gold Prices AP via NJ Post

Treasuries derailed as US economic growth on track Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

U.S. mortgage rates unchanged Wednesday – BestInfo Reuters

Secrets Pimco / Bill Gross

Economic Research and the Role of the Federal Reserve in Payments Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis / Gary H. Stern

Fed beige book: economic activity up Reuters / Mark Felsenthal

Chicago Fed Midwest Manufacturing Index Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Interview with Edward Green Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

The Untouchables Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Douglas Clement

Partying like it's 1999 -- into 2006 CNN Chris Isidore

Hedge Fund Bankruptcy Role Seen Probed / Stephen Taub

Dell, U.S. Companies Prefer Buybacks: Taking Stock Bloomberg / Sophie Hayward

Inverted curve may yield recession Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Volatility telling us something? Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

U.S. Economy Expanded at a 4.3% Pace in Third Quarter Bloomberg / Joe Richter

Intergenerational Economic Mobility PDF Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Daniel Aaronson and Bhashkar Mazumder

PA: Gas heat set to cost 27% more Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Gelles

U.S. dollar strengthens against the euro AP via NJ Post

Money market yields post surprising gains AP via NJ Post / Meg Richards

India gains credibility as an emergent export titan FT / Jo Johnson

Brazil 3rd-Qtr GDP Grows at Slowest Pace in Two Years Bloomberg / Guillermo Parra-Bernal

Fed move will make mortgages cheaper Boston Herald / Jerry Kronenberg

Atlanta May Get Lesson From IRS on $1 Bln Bond Sale Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Mexico's Ortiz Targets Inflation, Spurs Growth Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Upbeat Signs Hold Cautions for the Future NY Times / Vikas Bajaj

Highest wage states are in the East, lowest in the South Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Stephen Ohlemacher

U.S. Economy Grew at a 4% Rate in Third Quarter, Survey Says Bloomberg / Joe Richter

Survey finds participants plan to cut holiday spending Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Dan Malachowski

Oil prices slip to just above $56 a barrel AP via Bradenton Journal

Gold vs. stocks Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Yen Gains; BOJ's Iwata Signals Central Bank May Change Policy Bloomberg / Chris Cooper and Kosuke Goto

Dollar doubt pushes gold above $500 Scotsman / Alistair Jamieson

Dollar Heads for Third Month of Gains on Higher Interest Rates Bloomberg / Chris Cooper and Kosuke Goto

Cox Takes First Steps at SEC Washington Post / Carrie Johnson

Wal-Mart's cut-rate prices, limited supplies create holiday shopping buzz Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Teresa F. Lindeman

U.S. Auto Sales May Fall Again in November as Asians Gain Share Bloomberg / Barbara Powell

NY: Money Town NY Post / Paul Tharp

TSA Would Allow Sharp Objects on Airliners Washington Post / Sara Kehaulani Goo

U.S. Treasuries May Gain After Yields Rose Most in Three Weeks Bloomberg / Shamim Adam

A Warning of Trade Suits Over Farming NY Times / Alexei Barrionuevo

Deflation Looms as China's Economy Cools Off Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Australian Retail Sales Gain 0.5% as Fuel Prices Drop Bloomberg / Victoria Batchelor