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In His Defense, Kenneth Lay Actually Has a Point Bloomberg / Ann Woolner

TX: Houston adds jobs but can't keep up Houston Chronicle / L.M. Sixel

NV: LV condos toppling before they start Las Vegas Sun / Jennifer Shubinski

U.S.: Successful WTO Talks Still Possible AP via Minneapolis Star Tribune / Foster Klug

Dow Industrials as underachiever Marketwatch / Mark Huilbert

No end in sight for copper prices Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Rick Barrett

U.S. Treasury bonds finish on high note AP via NJ Post

Beware the yield Grinch Globe and Mail / Mathew Ingram

What if we don't curb spending? Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Do you think you are smarter than the expert bear or bull? St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

It's make or break time for many stores Marketwatch / Jennifer Waters

Christmas lists groan with toys made in China Washington Times / Jen Haberkorn

Seattle lawyer to chair Fed bank board Seattle Post Intelligencer / Dan Richman

Oil Falls on Forecasts for Warmer Weather in the Northern U.S. Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

Gold down more than $24 on week Marketwatch / Myra P. Saefong

U.S. deficit totals $195.8B in 3rd qtr. AP via NJ Post / Martin Crutsinger

Brokerages to push options trading in 2006 AP via Clarion Ledger

The genial risk-manager $ FT / Sundeep Tucker

Japan: Sense of shame is not enough $ FT / David Pilling

Is GM a buy? CNN / Chris Isidore

Dow Closes Down 6, Nasdaq Finishes Down 8 AP via Washington Times / Ellen Simon

AOL Nears Major Deal With Google AP via Forbes

TX: More jobs but state's unemployment rate unchanged Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Jim Fuquay

Ariz. job growth soaring, state says Arizona Republic / Mary Jo Pitzl

PA: 22% more families locally without heat Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Gelles

CA: Report: Economy slows in San Diego San Diego Union Tribune / Dean Calbreath

Canada: Home sales set for record Financial Post / Garry Marr

CA: Southland Housing Sustains Solid Gains LA Times / Bill Sing

WTO shows that democracy can be a messy thing IHT / Donald Greenlees

BoE warns investors of risks in financial system FT / Peter Thal Larsen

WTO talks hover on brink of breakdown FT / Guy de Jonquières and Frances Williams

Surprise fall for euro inflation BBC News

EU Trade Chief Says WTO Talks in Trouble AP via Forbes

German business confidence leaps to five year high FT / Ralph Atkins

Yen surge finally runs out steam FT / Steve Johnson

Statement by Chairman Greenspan regarding departing Fed President Anthony Santomero Federal Reserve Board

Philadelphia Fed President to Leave Bank Next Year Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Philadelphia Fed Chief Santomero to Leave in March Bloomberg / Andrew Ward and Craig Torres

Future could be on the road to gold Denver Post / Al Lewis

Dow Average Rises as Oil Drops; Albertson's, Adobe Shares Gain Bloomberg / Dune Lawrence

CA: O.C. housing prices back near peak Orange County Register / Matthew Padilla

CO: Foreclosure fraud targeted Denver Post / David Olinger

What's in Jeff Bezos's bag? CNN / Erick Schonfeld

U.S. Economy: 3rd-Qtr Current-Account Gap Narrows Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Creative credit Christmas CNN / Matthew Boyle

Citigroup sees branch expansion overseas in 2006 Reuters via San Diego Union Tribune

Schwab Leaving NYSE for NASDAQ / Stephen Taub

CA: Cheaper gas brings Southern California little inflation relief Orange County Register / Hang Nguyen

NY: Area economy seen favoring job-seekers Newsday / Randi F. Marshall

Are Corporate Bondholders Chopped Liver? Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Karisel

Main Street Believes Whatever Wall Street Tells It Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

The Grand Illusion Kirby Analytics via Safehaven / Rob Kirby

Will Bernanke Create Hyperinflation? Merk via Safehaven / Axel Merk

Goldman Pays Paulson $37 Mln Bonus After Record Earnings Year Bloomberg / Adrian Cox

Staid Old Annuities Primed to Become a Star Again Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Where Is Gold Headed? Daily Reckoning via Lew Rockwell / Bill Bonner

Oil prices still under $60 a barrel  AP via NJ Post / Gillian Wong

U.S. 3rd-Qtr Current Account Gap Seen at $205 Bln, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Price Index Shows Big November Drop NY Times / Louis Uchitelle

The US Trade Deficit: to worry or not to worry? Safehaven / Antony Mueller

Benefit Cuts Are Job One at Ford, GM / Stephen Taub

Shining Light on Corporate Political Gifts $ NY Times / Floyd Norris

Most Expensive Home Sales In The U.S. 2005 Forbes / Sara Clemence

Though revenues up, states stay thrifty Christian Science Monitor / Daniel B. Wood

TX: Low pay still plagues Hispanics San Antonio Express Courier / William Pack

House Passes Bill to Fortify Pension Plans NY Times / Mary Williams Walsh

EU: Rocky start to EU budget summit BBC News

BOJ Keeps Policy Unchanged, Maintains Reserve Target Bloomberg / Mayumi Otsuma

UK: Bank fears financial threat from reckless lending and investing Guardian / Ashley Seager

WTO and Its Protesters Failing Stiglitz Test Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Taiwan: Polaris says economy will grow by 4.18% next year Taipei Times / Jackie Lin

WTO Negotiators Swap Blame as Talks Hit Halfway Point Bloomberg / Warren Giles

Wimping Out Forbes / James Grant

Poorest nations to unite AP via Toronto Star / Rajesh Mahapatra

Yen Headed for Biggest Weekly Gain in Six Years on BOJ Policy Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto and Chris Young

100 Years of Fill ‘Er Up Tech Central Station / Ralph Kinney Bennett


Boom Daily Reckoning via Lew Rockwell / Bill Bonner

Jupiter's star manager has a yen for Japan Telegraph / Richard Lander

CA: Housing market helps build job growth in state San Diego Union Tribune / Dean Calbreath

Why Nissan scares Detroit's Big Three Dallas Morning News / Terry Box

Late shoppers get benefit of bargains Washington Times / Jen Haberkorn

Paper-run Web sites prosper Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Paul Gores

China's auto show debut: A $10,000 car Detroit Free Press / Michael Ellis

Russia: Putin Plays Headhunter for Oil Company NY Times / Andrew E. Kramer

RadioShack misses target Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Heather Landy

Treasury 10-Year Notes Have Biggest Weekly Gain Since November Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton and Al Yoon

CEO has a cure for the crisis in manufacturing Seattle Post Intelligencer / Bill Virgin

Condo conversion craze makes finding apartments harder Contra Costa Times / John Pain

We're still too exuberant CNN / Geoffrey Colvin

Accounting Red Flags Hide in Footnotes AP via LA Times / Ellen Simon

Time Warner to Sell 5% AOL Stake to Google for $1 Billion NY Times / Saul Hansell and Richard Siklos

CA: Slim job growth in November Mercury News / Chris O’Brien

The Time Warp of Christmas Past NY /Times / Eduardo Porter and Ken Belson

Street is Sweet as CEO Pay Rises 30% NY Post / Roddy Boyd

Budget Deficit Getting You Down? Just Take a Look at the Trade Gap NY Times / Floyd Norris

World trade negotiations are going backwards, says Peter Mandelson Guardian / Larry Elliott

Trade Officials Haggle on Issues From Lower Tariffs to Cotton Subsidies NY Times / Keith Bradsher

Pressure mounts for Italy's central bank governor to quit Guardian / John Hooper


PA: Home prices in region undervalued, study says Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Ron DaParma

The Hong Kong Debacle Tech Central Station / Alan Oxley

Rate watchers want to ask the Fed: Are we there yet? Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

UK inflation expectations stay little changed - BoE poll AFX via Forbes

WTO dispatches - Trade is important, but it's not the whole pie Seattle Times / T. M. Sell

Bernanke faces tough first year at the Fed $ FT / Andrew Balls

What Fed's Latest Mumbo Jumbo Means Wall Street Journal / Michael A. Pollock

US housing binge will have inflation hangover $ FT / Stephen Cecchetti

DC: Agents Aplenty Washington Post / Sandra Fleishman

Malls full but sales not spectacular AP via NJ Post / Anne D’Innocenzio

Implausible behaviour $ FT / Plender

Be wary of performance-chasing financial advisers Marketwatch / Jonathan Burton

Albertsons sale may ignite heated battle Dallas Morning News / Maria Halkias

Cubes get Googled; is Spider next? Marketwatch / John Spence

FL: There's a gap in the boom St. Petersburg Times / Tom Zucco

NY: Bus Drivers and Their Economic Leverage NY Post / Terry Keenan

Oil-drilling game a bit of a bore Boston Herald / Darren Garnick

Goods Orders Rise, Consumer Spending Up: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Housing markets to provide rate clues FT / Chris Flood

High rates weigh on housing budgets South Florida Sun Sentinel / Paul Owers and Kathy Bushouse

It's time to pay the piper for adjustable-rate loans Knight Ridder via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Jeff Brown

From the feared bubble to posh kitchens, we look at the trends of 2005 Detroit Free Press / Suzette Hackney

NY: Bonds to finds plans for New York City's Far West Side Bloomberg via Journal News / Martin Z. Braun

Diverging rates near point of reckoning LA Times via Chicago Tribune / Tom Petruno

What do they have that the 30-year fixed doesn't? LA Times / Lew Sichelman

Big Three May Be Shrinking but U.S. Auto Business Isn't LA Times / John O’Dell

Nuggets of advice for gold investors Boston Herald / Gail Liberman and Alan Lavine

Gold's back, in all its flighty glory Chicago Tribune / Gail MarksJarvis

20M Hispanics in U.S. don't have bank accounts AP via Clarion Ledger

WTO Negotiators Reach Last-Minute Deal AP via Newsday / Foster Klug

WTO Negotiators Clear Major Obstacles to Agreement Bloomberg / Warren Giles and Mark Drajem

UK: America is in retreat and so is Gordon Brown Independent / Christopher Walker

Gold in Central Bank Reserves - The Future - Why? The Gold Forecaster via Safehaven / Julian D. W. Phillips

Do Trade Deficits Matter? Thoughts From The Frontline via Safehaven / John Mauldin

Expelling the Ghost of A.I.G. Past NY Times / Jenny Anderson

The Boss Actually Said This: Pay Me Less $ NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

Start With a Stock Index. Now Try to Turbocharge It. NY Times / Jack Egan

WTO Negotiators Pan Revised Proposals on Farm Aid Bloomberg / Warren Giles and Mark Drajem

Talks at W.T.O. Meeting Yield Little Progress NY Times / Keith Bradsher

UK: A degree of equality now, Gordon? Guardian – Observer / William Keegan

UK: So tonight we're going to party like it's 1998 Independent / Jason Nissé

UK: Why Stock Exchange needs US gameplan Guardian – Observer / Frank Kane



Costly commodities spark global change BBC News / Jorn Madslien

IMF Managing Director Rodrigo de Rato Welcomes Progress on Doha Round IMF

Bond investors can score with these possible plays Reuters / Linda Stern

Crude Oil Prices Edge Up AP via LA times / En-Lai Yeoh

Commodities: a year of record Marketwatch / Myra P. Saefong

Global economy still rising AP via Chicago Tribune / Viorel Urma

NY: Spitzer fines gas stations over price gouging Reuters via MSNBC

Alaska Files Suit Against BP, Exxon Mobil AP via LA Times / Matt Volz

Bush slows growth in costs of regulations Washington Business Journal via St. Louis Business Journal / Kent Hoover

Economy cars go upscale Detroit Free Press / Michael Ellis

U.S. consumer slowdown ahead? Globe and Mail / Roma Luciw

Despite what you hear, inflation is growing MSN via Fiend’s SuperBear Page / Bill Fleckenstein

New rules don't lessen need for bankruptcy AP via NY Daily News

CA: Housing prices foil firms' bids to recruit Contra Costa Times / Kiley Russel

You can survive ARM increase Knight Ridder via Charlotte observer / Jeff Brown

UK: Rulebook torn up as link between energy price increases and wage rises is broken Telegraph / Stephen King

Canada: Outside investors buy bonds CP via Globe and Mail

Dutch Treasury won’t issue index-linked bonds Investment and Pensions Europe

UK: Pension costs could hit UK rating, says S&P Investment and Pensions Europe

A Friend at the Fed? National Review / Larry Kudlow

Bond guru Bill Gross sees lower returns ahead from all kinds of assets CNN / Pat Regnier

Ford Debt Cut to Junk by Fitch, to Leave Lehman Index Bloomberg / Mark Pittman

Real Estate: Is the party over? CNN / Ellen Florian Kratz

Is it time to cash out? CNN / Ellen Florian Kratz

Italy: Fazio shamed out of office at last The Economist

Hong Kong Phooey Tech Central Station / Carlo Stagnaro

Hard truths in Hong Kong The Economist

Chinese blame game $ FT / Victor Mallet

Holders of taxable mutual funds beware Scripps Howard via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Mary Deibel

Upstream oil $ FT / Lex

National Update Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas / Alan D. Viard

The real reason why Paramount bought DreamWorks Slate / Edward Jay Epstein

Middle-market Finance Forecast: 2006 / Marie Leone

An Innovation Roadmap Tech Central Station / Dominic Basulto

Japan to cut government bond issue by 10% FT / David Pilling and Mariko Sanchanta

US Treasuries ease amid talk of debt issuer hedging Reuters

Bank of Italy's Fazio Quits Post Amid Probe of Bank Oversight Bloomberg / Andrew Davis

Analysts see economic slowdown CNN

What has made gold so precious? Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Troubled airlines see silver lining Chicago Sun Times / Dave Carpenter

Stocks may gain, but big risks loom USA Today / Adam Shell

Nacchio indictment could come quickly Rocky Mountain News / Jeff Smith

Circuit City reports larger 3Q profit AP via Philadelphia Inquirer / Stephanie Stoughton

Euro slips back under $1.20 AP via NJ Post

Gold rallies as Japanese buyers return FT / Neil Dennis

Gas prices rise for first time since early Sept. Reuters via Boston Globe

Schwab Leaving NYSE for Nasdaq / Stephen Taub

Wrong Package NY Post / Roddy Boyd

Sleeping on the job Seattle Times / Melissa Allison

House votes to open refuge to oil drilling Houston Chronicle / David Ivanovich

U.S. House Wraps Up Budget With Defense Plan, Spending Cuts Bloomberg / Catherine Dodge

Federal Reserve plays major role in fate of 2006 market USA Today / Tim Dillon

Crude futures rise, recouping some of Friday's loss AP via San Diego Union Tribune / George Jahn

Chinese growth to top 9% in 2005 BBC News

Treasuries Head for Fourth Straight December Rally Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Dollar May Drop on Speculation U.S. Rates Are Approaching Peak Bloomberg / Kabir Chibber

Yen May Gain on Speculation Government to Say Growth Quickening Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto and Chris Young

Far more than meets the eye in WTO deal Scotsman / Fordyce Maxwell

China expected to get official economic status AFP via Taipei Times

Taiwan: Interest rates to be raised soon, analysts predict Taipei Times / Amber Chung

Ayn Rand vs Korean Rice Farmers in Hong Kong Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Trade Officials Agree to End Subsidies for Agricultural Exports NY Times / Keith Bradsher


Banks raise credit card payments USA Today / Kathy Chu

Southwest’s Kelleher exercises whopper option award St. Louis Post Dispatch / Tim McLaughlin

Fitch downgrades Ford debt rating AP via St. Paul Pioneer Press / Dee-Ann Durbin

Stores Cut Back on Holiday Help NY Post / Suzanne Parker

CA: Rosy glow clear when looking at big picture Orange County Register / Jonathan Lansner

Calpine Files for Bankruptcy Protection LA Times

Hong Kong airline ready to order 40 Boeing planes Tacoma News Tribune / John Gillie

Big Oil expected to go on spending spree Knight Ridder via Kevin G. Hall

Rising revenue turns states' fiscal tide in '05 / Kathleen Hunter

A haven may not exist for investors Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Hedge Clips Clients NY Post / Roddy Boyd

Saving with a bank? You can do better Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

Eurozone growth gains momentum as Germany leads recovery AFP via EU Business

Canada: Remarks to the RCMP management retreat Bank of Canada: / David Dodge

Canada: Inflation cools to 2% Globe and Mail / Tavia Grant

Spreads may not widen much with inversion Reuters

The housing boom that won't die CNN / Chris Isidore

US housing defies forecasts FT / Andrew Balls

Dollar Rises Most in Five Months After U.S. Housing Starts Gain Bloomberg / Michael McDonald and Jake Lee

The very bottom line The Economist

Spot the difference The Economist

Why the world is daring to get a grip on gold $ FT / Kevin Morrison, Christopher Brown-Humes and Khozem Merchant

Argentina Sells $496 Million of Bonds to Venezuela Bloomberg / Daniel Helft

Life after Lee The Economist

Qwest Ex-Chief Nacchio Charged With Insider Trading Bloomberg / David Voreacos and Dana Cimilluca

General Motors drags down the Dow AP via Chicago Sun Times / Ellen Simon

Japan: Sweet spot The Economist

Morgan Stanley $ FT / Lex

New England Economic Indicators Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Federal Financial Regulatory Agencies Propose Guidance on Nontraditional Mortgage Products Federal Reserve Board

Opting Out of Work: What’s Behind the Decline in Labor Force Participation? Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Contracts with Social Multipliers Federal Reserve Bank of Boston / Mary A. Burke and Kislaya Prasad

A Guide to the Fifth District Demographics and Economy Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

US Treasuries stumble after housing starts jump Reuters / Ros Krasny

Bond prices are lower at midday AP via NJ Post

Some high-yld swaps may lose favor under S&P change Reuters

Qwest Could Face Top-Line Pressure Forbes / Kate DuBose Tomassi

GM hits 18-year low in heavy trading Marketwatch / Shawn Langlois

Ex-Qwest CEO indicted in trading case Reuters via CNN

United leaves customers cold South Florida sun Sentinel / Mark Skertic

Tuesday's Metal Prices AP via NJ Post

Gold's under $500, at three-week low Marketwatch / Myra P. Saefong

Tuesday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

Soybeans, grains rise on CBOT AP via NJ Post

Morgan Stanley Net Unexpectedly Rises, Led by Trading Bloomberg / Gregory Cresci

White House says Treasury's Snow doing 'great job' Reuters via San Diego Union Tribune

Housing starts rise, core inflation tame Reuters / Kristin Roberts

U.S. Economy: Home Starts Rise, Producer Prices Fall Bloomberg / Bob Willis and Joe Richter

IL: Boomers feel right at (2nd) home Chicago Tribune / Greg Burns

What puts you in AMT's sights Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Bown

Power Down Daily Standard / Irwin Stelzer

The Fed is the future Marketwatch / Dr. Irwin Kellner

Bernanke moves to hot seat Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Does the US face an engineering gap? Christian Science Monitor / Mark Clayton

Yield Curve Inversion - Necessary But Not Sufficient Recession Condition Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Kasriel

Lehman Brothers includes Taiwan's bonds in its index Taipei Times / Amber Chung

Mexico May Sell 30-Year Peso Bonds as Pension Demand Increases Bloomberg / Adriana Arai

How Masses of Mutual Funds Beat the Market in '05 Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Global free trade still a long way off AFP via Taipei Times

Have Currency Investors Gone Loonie? Market Thoughts via Safehaven / Henry To

Raising the Minimum Wage Safehaven / Hans F. Sennholz

Chicago Fed Letter Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

MEW Drag Pimco / Paul McCulley

The Year in Review Pimco / Mohamed A. El-Erian

Fidelity's Tim McCarron Says Loving Stocks Can't Buy You Money Bloomberg / David Clarke

Orthodoxies on Trade Worn Down in Marathon NY Times / Keith Bradsher

China's Economy, Larger Than Thought, May Reach No. 4 Bloomberg / Nerys Avery

China revises size of economy up by 17% FT

PA: Retailers offer 'after-Christmas' prices to lure last-minute shoppers Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Teresa F. Lindeman

Google Offers a Bird's-Eye View, and Some Governments Tremble NY Times / Katie Hafner and Saritha Rai


Season's Greetings: No cards this year Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

UK: Credit card debt catches up with Britons USA Today / Cesar G. Soriano

Treasury chief Snow praises Bush as a ... deficit fighter? Bloomberg via Minneapolis Star Tribune / Alison Fitzgerald

Congressional cuts leave govs in tight spot / Daniel C. Vock

Senate passes $435B defense bill Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Women dropping out of workforce Dallas Morning News / Sudeep Reddy

PA: Valley's housing market rated among hottest in the nation Allentown Morning Call / Jeanne Bonner

New home building rebounds by 5.3% AP via Akron Beacon Journal / Martin Crutsinger

Boeing plans to deliver 112 787s through 2009 Tacoma News Tribune / Allison Linn

Hedge fund operator admits to stock scheme AP via Beaufort Gazette

Breaking Out of the Psychological Box Conditioned by Bear Market Past via Safehaven / Ed Bugos

Dollar Year in Review FX Money Trends via Safehaven / Jes Black

Mexico: South of the Border, the Christmas Bonus Is Sacred LA Times / Marla Dickerson

Korea: High-Income Tax Evaders Double Korea Times / Seo Jee-yeon

EU: 2005: the year the EU would rather forget AFP via EU Business

Democrats block defense bill with Alaska drilling Reuters / Tom Doggett and Joanne Kenen

U.S. spending cut bill faces another hurdle Reuters / Richard Cowan and Joanne Kenen

Soybeans higher, grains mixed on BOT AP vi NJ Post

Energy Prices Top Business Story of 2005 AP via Chicago Tribune / Adam Geller

EMEA convertible bond volume lowest since '96-data Reuters / Mark Meadows

Treasuries falter for 3rd day on inflation worries Reuters / Ros Krasny

Regulators target mortgage bankers Washington Times / Patrice Hill

Finally, reason for hope in the airline industry AP via MSNBC

NY: Transit strike's high stakes Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

Help wanted in gulf area AP via LA Daily News / Brad Foss

Home Depot boom Long Beach Press Telegram / Don Jergler

Calpine took long road into bankruptcy AP via Grand Forks Herald / Michael Liedtke

Fed's Lacker says U.S. on track for soft landing Reuters / Tim Ahmann

The Economic Outlook for 2006 Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond / Jeffrey M. Lacker

Red Hat quarterly profit doubles Marketwatch / Rex Crum

N.Y. Times warns of profit plunge Marketwatch / David B. Wilkerson

Nacchio cuffed and charged Rocky Mountain News / Jeff Smith

Warren Buffett Entrapped By Success Forbes / Martin T. Sosnoff

Scant progress on global trade Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Why European airlines have prospered Marketwatch / Aude Lagorce

FL: Home sales still setting records Orlando Sentinel / Jack Snyder

Tougher Mortgage Guidelines Proposed LA Times / Jonathan Peterson

Miraculous recovery or last gasp? The Economist

Will soaring deficits stop the buck? Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

US Treasuries lower on signs of inflation pressure Reuters

Fighting The Fed video Forbes / Robert Lenzner

Shoppers pick up pace in last days San Diego Union Tribune / Frank Green

Some are seeing fewer Christmas cards than usual South Florida Sun Sentinel / Stephen Kiehl

NY: Week of Worry NY Post / Suzanne Kapner

Cheney Breaks Senate Tie on Spending Cuts AP via Forbes / Andrew Taylor

Mortgage applications fall Reuters via CNN

Economy Grows at Fastest Pace in 1 1/2 Years AP via Forbes / Martin Crutsinger

Economic growth revised lower Reuters via CNN

Oil climbs after Nigerian pipeline blast FT / Darryl Thomson

Hedge funds: More money, more problems CNN

Josef’s uncomfortable Christmas The Economist

FedEx 2nd-Quarter Profit Rises 33% on Shipping Growth Bloomberg / Mary Schlangenstein

If Nacchio's worried, he won't show it Denver Post / Al Lewis

Nacchio hit with 42 insider-trading counts Denver Post / Greg Griffin

Calpine Files for Bankruptcy With $22.5 Bln in Debt Bloomberg / Tom Becker and Jim Polson

Texas Economy Gathers Steam Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas / Anil Kumar and Raghav Virmani

Buy when blood runs in the streets Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Muni Agenda for '06 Features New Bonds, New Orleans Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Interest-Only: Borrower Beware Washington Post / Kristin Downey

For Economist I.C. Clearlie, Future Isn't Cloudy Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

U.S. Economy Probably Grew 4.3% in Third Quarter, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Victor Epstein

2005 was year of the ETF Marketwatch / John Spence

The Goldman touch Marketwatch / David Weidner

UK: IMF says UK 'remarkably' stable Scotsman / Nick Bevens

UK's record November budget deficit Scotsman / Nick Bevens

Israel:  It's the Economy, Stupid? Daily Standard / Daniel Doron

EU Misses Chance for Change With Farm Subsidies Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn



NY: It 'killed the little guy' NY Daily News / Lisa L. Colangelo and Celeste Katz

CA: Coalition aims to stop home-appraisal fraud LA Daily News / Gregory J. Wilcox

Euro mergers to top $1trn for first time in five years Scotsman

Foreign cenbanks net buyers of US debt in week – Fed Reuters

'Tis Mating Season For REITs Forbes / Peter Slatin

Instinet To Launch Derivatives Trading Institutional Investor / Veronica Belitski

A Significant Year for Enforcement? Bond Buyer / Lynn Hume

Freddie Mac reports jump in mortgage portfolio Washington Business Journal / Josh Drobnyk

Outlook 2006: Thomas McManus / Stacey L. Bradford

NY: National economy seen weathering local storm NY Daily News / Lore Croghan

Looking at job growth in new light Kansas City Star / Diane Stafford

NY: Transit Workers Agree to End Strike; Talks Continue Bloomberg / Chris Dolmetsch and Josh P. Hamilton

UAL loses $187 million in month AP via Oakland Tribune

Northwest Needs Cash NY Post

Nearly one in 10 pensions frozen, federal study finds  Westchester Journal News / Andrew Bridges

Canada: Greenback edges higher on latest spending data Ottawa Business Journal

Global Gold Breakouts Zeal via Safehaven / Adam Hamilton

No Way Found to Cut Need for Foreign Oil Washington Post / Justin Blum

Deciding to Distrust Federal Reserve Bank of Boston / Iris Bohnet and Stephan Meier

Bullion gains added glitter FT / Neil Dennis

Thursday's commodities roundup AP via Beaufort Gazette

Albertson's Says Discussions to Sell Company Ended Bloomberg / Danny King and Josh Fineman

Shareholders OK sale of Maytag to Whirlpool AP via Chicago Sun Times / David Pitt

Former Goldman chairman says Spitzer threatened him Reuters via USA Today / Joseph A. Giannone

Hedge-fund managers sued over late trading AP via Beaufort Gazette

CA: Calpine's Woes May Hit Ratepayers LA Times / Marc Lifsher

Credit card users feel pinch of rising minimum payments Gannett News via Lansing Stae Journal

Rates on 30-year mortgages dip for 2nd wk. AP via Beaufort Gazette

Housing affordability hits 14-year low Wall Street Journal via Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Ruth Simon

Chavez: Trading Oil For Influence Business Week via MSNBC / Geri Smith

Japan's recovery can still fall apart Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Treasuries rise on mild inflation; curve flattens Reuters / Oliver Ludwig

Bonds rally on tame inflation numbers CNN

Gilts rise as UK growth remains subdued FT / Paul J Davies and David Turner

Venezuelan Bolivar Bond Yield Decline to Slow, Provincial Says Bloomberg / Alex Kennedy

Thursday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

U.S. Economy: November Spending Rises, Aided by Low Inflation Bloomberg / Carlos Torres and Joe Richter

High cost of energy 'deflated' in GDP Orange County Register / Jonathan Lansner

Jobless claims drop last week Reuters via CNN

Oil prices near $59 a barrel after U.S. report showing decline in distillate stocks AP via San Diego Union Tribune

Top 10 fastest growing states CNN

Harvard portfolio managers' pay drops Boston Globe / Robert Weisman

Double-Dipping At Bear Forbes / Liz Moyer

Three Morgan Directors Resign; All Were Allies of Ex-Chief NY Times / Landon Thomas, Jr.

Hedge fund manager settles Charlotte Observer / Rick Rothacker

Want to Start a Hedge Fund? First, Read This Book NY Times / Riva D. Atlas

CVS in talks to acquire Albertson's drug stores Reuters via MSNBC

U.S., Bernanke Enjoy Solid Foundation for 2006 Bloomberg / John M. Berry

MA: Local condo flippers may be in too deep Boston Herald / Scott Van Voorhis

Outlook 2006: Henry 'Chip' Dickson / Stacey L. Bradford

Your secret's not safe with them Marketwatch / David Weidner

Nevada again fastest-growing state UPI

Why people are doing well, but think the economy is doing poorly. Daily Standard / Fred Barnes

Choosing Up Sides Blasingham and Ellison Financial Group via Safehaven / Ron Ellison

Senate imposes budget cuts - barely - that trim Medicaid and student loans Christian Science Monitor / Gail Russell Chaddock

Taiwan: Outlook for nation's debt stays negative Taipei Times

Brazil's Soaring Currency, Once a Loser, Now Drags Down Exports Bloomberg / Romina Nicaretta

New Zealand Economy Grows Slower-Than-Expected 0.2% Bloomberg / Tracy Withers

2006: China's year of the consumer? Marketwatch / Sage Brennan

Japan Trade Surplus Widens; Service Industries Expand Bloomberg / Mayumi Otsuma

Japan breaking out of economic slump Christian Science Monitor / Bennett Richardson

OPEC May Keep Oil Production Near 25-Year High as Demand Rises Bloomberg / Lee Spears and Will Kennedy

OPEC tries to compete with Russia over China's oil needs Bloomberg via IHT

If Asia stays right in 2006, so will the world economy Independent / Hamish McRae


Big hopes for 'Day After' Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

MO: It's good news, bad news for area economy in the new year St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

IMF approves $685m loan for Iraq BBC News

Oil Prices Dip in Quiet Pre-Holiday Trading AP via Allentown Morning Call / George Jahn

Friday's commodities roundup AP via NJ Post

MA: Young folks - Housing costs, job losses blamed for out-migration Boston Herald / Jay Fitzgerald

NBC gains majority control of MSNBC AP via Minneapolis Star Tribune / Seth Sutel

Look for a heavy push to move the world online Marketwatch / Bambi Francisco

Falling Housing Sales Worry Investors Forbes / Tara Murphy

CA: State home sales drop since last year Long Beach Press Telegram

CA: Errors lead California officials to warn voting-machine company AP via Contra Costa Times / Juliet Williams

Gilts rally on UK rate cut expectations FT / Paul J Davies and Joanna Chung

UK: Christmas spending down on last year FT / Jamie Chisholm

Treasuries see ghost of yield curve inversions past Reuters / Ros Krasny

The Diffusion of Personal Computers across the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Texas State & Metro Economic Indicators Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

No pre-Christmas cheer for Wall Street FT / Pan Kwan Yuk

Promoting Platinum as the Diamond Alternative NY Times / Julie Bosman

I don't buy homebuilders' optimism Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

TX: Home sales near record Houston Chronicle / Nancy Sarnoff

Ho-ho-ho for housing Marketwatch / Steve Kerch

CO: Record for bankruptcies Rocky Mountain News / John Accola

MI: Economy to brighten in '07, Granholm says Detroit News / Mark Hornbeck and Charlie Cain

MI: Consumers Energy electricity rates to go up $4 a month AP via Lansing State Journal / Amy F. Bailey

PA: Lump of coal not the only way to warm a home this Christmas Pittsburgh Post Gazette

TN: Area jobless rate rises to 4.7% in November Tennessean / Bush Bernard

Orders for Durable Goods Rose 4.4 Percent in November AP via NY Times

Retailers tighten return policies Wall Street Journal via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Amy Merrick

All bets off as poker craze seems to be fading Reuters via MSNBC

U.S. 10-Year Treasury Notes Rise After New Home Sales Decline Bloomberg / Joshua Krongold

Fannie Mae portfolio shrinks in 13th monthly fall Reuters

Canadian dollar buoyed by strong data FT / Steve Johnson

DIARY-Federal Reserve Events Reuters

Year of disasters, except for economy Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Shoppers, retailers play holiday roulette Baltimore Sun / Andrea K. Walker

Fixed mortgage rates fall again AP via Detroit Free Press / Martin Crutsinger

U.S. Nov. New Home Sales Fall; Unsold Homes at Record Bloomberg / Victor Epstein

Stocks Barely Move in Light Trading AP via Newsday / Ellen Simon

Albertson's Ends Sale Negotiations; Shares Plunge Bloomberg / Josh Fineman and Danny King

Money funds rose in latest week AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer

Friday Gold Coin Prices AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer

Fourth-Quarter Stumble Should Worry Bond Bulls: Mark Gilbert Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

Low Expectations Give Stocks a Head Start for '06 Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Coal begins to make its comeback from the bottom of a dark and very deep pit Independent / Michael Harrison

China not profitable for most US companies Taipei Times / Cao Chang-qing

UK records highest current account deficit Guardian / Ashley Seager

Australia: Outsourcing: is it working? Sydney Morning Herald / Matt O'Sullivan

Taiwan: Bank bumps up interest rates again Taipei times / Amber Chung

Taiwan's Nov. Export Orders Probably Grew 21% on Electronics Bloomberg / Theresa Tang

Mizuho Fiasco Pushes Japan Inc. to Grow Up Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.


Gold Keeps Its Luster Tennessean / Bush Bernard and Megan Moriarty

No new faces on CalPERS board Sacramento Bee / Gilbert Chan

Getting Serious About Deficit Reduction Real Clear Politics / Jon Kyl

Gov't probes $39M in Katrina aid charges AP via Akron Beacon Journal / Hope Yen

Volume at Ports Is on a Record Course LA Times / Ronald D. White

CA: Shoppers hit stores for bargains San Francisco Chronicle / Pia Sarkar and Harriet Chiang

Apartment REITs on the move Marketwatch / Steve Kerch

S. Florida home costs roar back Miami Herald / Matthew Haggman

Creative accounting leads to fuzzy earnings AP via NJ Post / Ellen Simon

In 2005, corporate finances overshadowed corporate scandals AP via Detroit News / Rachel Beck

Wal-Mart says sales to rise modestly Marketwatch

Sovereign Bancorp sues to block bid to oust its board Allentown Morning Call

Treasury Yield Curve Narrows on Outlook for Rates, Inflation Bloomberg / Joshua Krongold and Deborah Finestone

Late sales rush not so merry Reuters via CNN

Dollar Posts Biggest Weekly Gain Against Euro Since November Bloomberg / Michael McDonald and Rodrigo Davies

Japan's Cabinet Approves Spending Cuts in FY06 Bloomberg / Mayumi Otsuma

11 store names will fade away after holidays Dallas Morning News / Maria Halkias

Johnson to leave Fidelity board Boston Globe / Ross Kerber

Offering Up an Even Dozen Odds and Ends $ NY Times / Joseph Nocera

Last-minute shoppers flock to stores Chicago Sun Times / Anne D’Innocenzio

CA: Bay Area feels housing 'pause' Contra Costa Times / Rick Jurgens

Many shoppers are waiting until last day to part with their cash AP via Winston Salem Journal News

Korea Won Rises as Yen Gain May Deter Central Bank; Peso Climbs Bloomberg / Christina Soon



DC: House Market Lost Some Froth Washington Post / Kirstin Downey

Watch Your Step, Novice Home Buyers... Wall Street Journal / June Fletcher

Profiting on Pricey Goods Smartmoney via Wall Street Journal / Reshma Kapadia

Korea: Citibank Under Scrutiny for Interest Rate Policy Korea Times / Na Jeong-ju

Consumers tapped out Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Kathleen Gallagher

Companies aren't likely to fulfill coverage promises to retirees Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

The market starts 2006 headed in right direction Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

Slow market means wild '06 AP via Cincinnati Enquirer / Michael J. Martinez

Millions More Could Pay AMT for 2006 LA Times

Higher rates will slow down mortgage lending AP via Louisille Courier Journal / Aleksandrs Rozens

NY: Mayor: Transit strike cost businesses $1 billion AP via MSNBC

Wealthy feeling right at home Denver Post / Al Lewis

AZ: Real estate official predicts robust 2006 Arizona Republic / Glen Cero

FL: Housing slowdown might be welcomed in 2006 Bradenton Journal / Dana Sanchez

Foreign investors have second-home fever Knight Ridder via Myrtle Beach Sun / Alan J. Heavens

PA: Renters by choice Allentown Morning Call / Beth W. Orenstein

How to buy or sell homes in 2006 Boston Herald / Kenneth R. Harney

Adjustable-rate mortgage? Consider refinancing Dallas Morning News via Wichita Eagle

Tales from the crypt Marketwatch / Chuck Jaffe

Banks vs. money funds Orange County Register

Hedge funds are getting their way Chicago Tribune / Becky Yerak

Pooling funds, know-how in an investment club can result in a successful portfolio Baltimore Sun / Eileen Ambrose

Investing success declines with age St. Petersburg times / Helen Huntley

Kodak Digital Camera Sales Likely Increased on Holiday Demand Bloomberg / Subrata N. Chakravarty

Even at $400, Google still a good deal, says top-performing fund Bloomberg via Philadelphia Inquirer / Dune Lawrence

More trouble for airlines South Florida sun Sentinel

Orders pouring in for Boeing AP via Clarion Ledger

Year largely notable for what didn't happen--system failure LA Times via Chicago Tribune / Tom Petruno

Now comes the hard part: gift returns Denver Post / Kristi Arellano

About partridges and leaping lords Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

MA: Warily we crawl along -- to '06 Boston globe / Robert Gaviin

Dollar fluctuates as market mulls mixed US indicators AFP via Taipei Times

Broken Homes NY Post / Roddy Boyd

Take It From Japan: Bubbles Hurt NY Times / Martin Fackler

What Makes a Nation More Productive? It's Not Just Technology NY Times / Daniel Gross

Why Investors Don't Live by Currency Bets Alone NY Times / Paul J. Lim

Severance Pay Doesn't Go Better With Coke  $ NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson


Good Old Gold Chairman Siam Recovery Fund via Safehaven / William R. Thomson

Now more than just the taxman cometh San Antonio Express Courier via St. Louis Post Dispatch / Aissatou Sidime

WI: 2006 expected to be big year for commercial real estate Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Tom Daykin

Retirement beckons for baby-boomers $ FT / Paul Sullivan

Lending perspective Dallas Morning News / Pamela Yip

Lobbyists Can Boast of Their Share of Good Deeds Washington Post / Jeffrey H. Birnbaum

The case against Qwest's Nacchio Business Week via MSNBC / Christopher Palmeri

You can beat 'The Street' in 2006! Marketwatch / Paul B. Farrell

Top Ten Investment Letters of 2005 Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

DC: Searching for Skilled Workers Washington Post / Ellen McCarthy

The Mess Greenspan Leaves Ludwig von Mises Institute / Stefan Karlsson

Brokerages trying new sales pitch AP via Arizona Republic / Michael J. Martinez

Dollar to End Best Year Since 1999 on Winning Note, Survey Says Bloomberg

Amazon Says Holiday Sales Set Record on IPods and Video Games Bloomberg / Jeannine DeFoe

Christmas Quiz NY Post

Stores Cut Prices for Post-Christmas Sales AP via Forbes / Anne D’Innocenzio

Brazil Economists Cut End-2006 Rate Forecast to 15% Bloomberg / Carlos Caminada

High-Tech Industry in Israel Goes from Bust to Boom NY Times / Greg Myre

Equity Mutual Funds in U.S., Japan Beat Benchmarks; Europe Lags Bloomberg / Danielle Kost, David Clarke and Tomoko Yamazaki


China's growth looks set to continue BBC News / Will Smale

CalPERS takes new look at China Sacramento Bee / Gilbert Chan

WI: Factory owners optimistic about '06 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Rick Barrett

FHA loan limits jump Marketwatch / Lew Sichelman

Bond Market Sparks Recession Fears Plunging Dow Washington Post / Jerry Knight

Bonds spark growth worry Globe and Mail / Allan Robinson

Riding the yield curve CNN / Shaheen Pasha

Yield-curve inversion not seen in years Marketwatch via USA Today / Rex Nutting, & Ciara Linnane

FL: Self-storage units booming in Florida St. Petersburg Times via Miami Herald

The long and the short of how the world works IHT / Thomas Fuller

NASD collects record $125 million in fines Reuters via MSNBC

S&P announces index changes Marketwatch / Gabriel Madway

Year-end tea leaves Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

LA: Shrinking Easy: How big will city be? Marketwatch / Russ Britt

Hedge Funds Are the New Mutual Funds Slate / Daniel Gross

Rough day on Street CNN / Alexandra Twin

Dow ends down 106, Nasdaq closes down 23 AP via The State / Ellen Simon

Changing accounting rules will be hard Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Qwest retiree still loyal Denver Post / Kimberly S. Johnson

Russia: Putin Economic Adviser Offers Resignation AP via Forbes / Henry Meyer

US slowdown fears as long-term yields fall FT / Richard Beales

U.S. 2-Year Note's Yield Rises Above 10-Year Yield Bloomberg / Robert Burgess

Natural gas prices decline 10 percent AP via Myrtle Beach Sun

Treasuries Fall; Consumer Confidence May Point to Higher Rates Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

The Economic Conundrum of Christmas Gift Giving Bloomberg / Kevin Hassett

CA: Housing supply pays the price for open space Orange County Register / Jonathan Lansner

Yen falls as Japanese prices rise FT / Steve Johnson

U.S. Stock-Index Futures Advance; Shares of Amazon Climb Bloomberg / Adria Cimino and Hilary Johnson

Mushrooming Crisis Forbes / Steve Forbes

Oil prices slip below $58 per barrel AP via NJ Post / George Jahn

Arkansas cotton crop costly but good yield AP via NJ Post / Annie Bergman

Treasury yield curve inverts Reuters via CNN

Latin Bonds, 2005's Biggest Gainers, May Struggle on Elections Bloomberg / Rodrigo Davies

Post-Christmas Sales Keep Shoppers Buying Chicago Tribune / Sarah Karush

Holiday retail spending up 8.7 pct: report Reuters

The Day After Christmas, Shoppers Take a Holiday NY Times / Michael Barbaro

It's not your father's auto industry anymore Detroit Free Press / Joe Guy Collier

Retail Store Closures to Follow Sales LA Times / Jerry Hirsch and Leslie Earnest

Chinese imports hinge on Bush Washington times / Jeffrey Sparshott

Bubbles, Budget, Bird Flu Lead a Long Worry List Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Michigan's Job No. 1: Recovery NY Times / Micheline Maynard

Gold Rises for Fourth Day in Five on Inflation Concern in 2006 Bloomberg / Meeyoung Song and Chia-Peck Wong

Oil Falls in New York on Mild Weather, Sufficient Gas Supplies Bloomberg / Nesa Subrahmaniyan and Bill Murray

A once-cheap fuel is too costly to use Philadelphia Inquirer / Kevin G. Hall

Below a Mountain of Wealth, a River of Waste NY Times / Jane Perlez and Raymond Bonner

Japan to end release of oil reserves AP via Seattle Times

Treasuries, Beaten by German, Russian Bonds, May Rally in 2006 Bloomberg / Al Yoon and Joshua Krongold

Washington's struggle to cut spending Christian Science Monitor / Peter Grier

Japan's Core Consumer Prices Rise for First Time in Two Years Bloomberg / Mayumi Otsuma



Concentration of Energy Production and Processing on the Gulf Coast Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Does Firm Value Move Too Much to be Justified by Subsequent Changes in Cash Flow? Federal Reserve Bank of Boston / Borja Larrain and Motohiro Yogo

SBA Guaranteed Lending and Local Economic Growth Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta / Ben R. Craig, William E. Jackson III, and James B. Thomson

Yield curveball: Ominous interest rate abnormality a 'misleading indicator'? CP via Financial Post / Gary Norris

Treasury prices end lower in light trading AP via NJ Post

Traders Get Brief Respite From Bond Worries Washington Post / Jerry Knight

Experts: Bond market bears close watching AP via Beaufort Gazette / Jeannine Aversa

New year may bring suitor knocking on WaMu's door Seattle Times / Melissa Allison

Car deals: Just $58 a month Detroit News / Josee Valcourt

SEC calls for clarity in executive pay $ FT / Andrew Parker

What else can airlines charge us for? St. Petersburg Times / Steve Huettel

Dow closes up 18, Nasdaq finishes up 2 AP via Charlotte Observer / Ellen Simon

FL: A million dollars per for mobile homes? Washington Post via Miami Herald / Peter Whoriskey

CO: Used home sales reach record $14.9 billion Rocky Mountain News / Gargi Chakrabarty

Gold jumps on talk of China buying Globe and Mail / Paul Waldie

Scarcity Blasingham and Ellison Financial Group via Safehaven Ron Ellison

Many analysts ho-hum as recession signal flares Reuters / Tim Ahmann

Bernanke, housing in spotlight as year begins MSNBC / Martin Wolk

Holiday returns in decline NY Times via Arizona Republic / Melanie Warner

U.S. Economy: Confidence Reaches Highest Since August Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Holiday cheer lifts U.S. consumers at year-end Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

Bearish data send Goldilocks packing Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Goldman Sachs Unit to Improve Operations AP via Houston Chronicle

Looking for financial predictions? Here are some sure bets for 2006 South Florida Sun Sentinel / Humberto Cruz

Visa spending up 27 percent Reuters via CNN

Nightmare on Wall St. for DreamWorks CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Venezuela's Economy Expanded 9.4% in 2005, Parra Says Bloomberg / Peter Wilson

Mortgage applications at 3-1/2 year low Reuters via CNN

CA: Princely price paid for more properties Orange County Register / Jeff Collins

Sell That House! Reuters / Scott Reeves

CO: Housing-bubble shield Denver Post / Margaret Jackson

Gold moves higher on risk aversion FT / Neil Dennis

Hedge Fund Manager Registration Forbes / Nir Yarden

Board of Trade captures 10% of U.S. market Bloomberg via Chicago Tribune

Boca firm offers $4.95 fee for online trading South Florida Sun Sentinel / Richard Bedard

Gasoline Prices Slip -- for Now LA Times / Ronald D. White

Treasuries Fall Before Consumer Sentiment Report; Curve Inverts Bloomberg / Shamim Adam

New Jersey Lawmaker Seeks Swaps Market Transparency Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Fed Rate Increases to Help Companies Cut Borrowing Costs in '06 Bloomberg / Walden Siew and Mark Pittman

U.S. ends release of oil from reserves Washington Times / Patrice Hill

Bush aims for momentum in 2006 Christian Science Monitor / Linda Feldmann

Euro Gains Versus Dollar as Drop May Not Reflect Rate Outlook Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto

Verizon Loses Some Edge Atop the Bells NY Times / Ken Belson

At nation's largest housing project, slow news is good news Christian Science Monitor / Sara Miller Llana

Japan's Industrial Output Rises for a Fourth Month Bloomberg / Mayumi Otsuma

Japan Records First Rise in Prices in 2 Years NY Times  / Martin Fackler

UK: Growth statistics point to a year more reminiscent of sackcloth than Ashes Guardian / Ashley Seager

Australian Economy to Grow at 3.3% as Exports, Investment Surge Bloomberg / Gemma Daley and Tracy Withers


Don't Buy the Bubble Talk / Lisa Scherzer

The Dread "Inverted Yield Curve" Slate / Daniel Gross

Deficits could harm Greenspan's legacy BBC News / Sir Howard Davies

U.S. to hit debit limit Reuters via CNN

Inverted yield curve to cool housing market Reuters / Richard Leong and Lynn Adler

Several Sectors Key For 2006 Bond Buyer / Matthew Johnson

Slower Growth Ahead, Economists Say Bond Buyer / Andrew Ackerman

Crossroads—Economic Trends in the Desert Southwest Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

The shaping of a generation $ FT

Credit card survey shows plastic debt dropping Washington Business Journal / Barton Eckert

Why the economy's stronger than it looks Chicago Sun Times / Brian S. Wesbury and Bill Mulvihill

Wicked Curve NY Post / Sam Gustin

Oil higher as focus turns to gasoline FT / Neil Dennis

Where’s The Outrage of Exploited Gas Customers NY Post / John Crudele

Treasuries ease, barely blink after 2-year auction Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

LBOs Surged in 2005 / Stephen Taub

FL: Higher fuel costs, hurricanes could slow Florida tourism in 2006 AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Mike Schneider

Bush Battles the Chinese Sock Threat Ludwig von Mises Institute / Grant Nulle

A rough new year for consumers Business Week via MSNBC / Pallavi Gogoi

The Most Important Economic News of the Year Tech Central Station / Arnold Kling

A Better Yield Spread to Watch Business Week via MSNBC / Michael Englund

Oil prices up on drop in U.S. gas supply AP via Bradenton Journal

Mortgage rates down slightly, but higher for year Reuters via USA Today

FL: More rentals going condo Bradenton Journal / Melissa Followell

Mortgage switcheroo; home-equity interest rates Marketwatch / Lew Sichelman

CO: Quiznos, Re/Max make Entrepreneur's rankings Denver Business Journal

Enron’s beancounter seeks a deal The Economist

U.S. Hilton to buy hotels from British namesake Reuters via USA Today

Google founders jump into the movie business AP via MSNBC

Bad news, good news Marketwatch / Thomas Kostigen

Boeing's surprising about-face Arizona Republic / Jim Talton

A bunker mentality NY Daily News / Lore Croghan

Saudi Arabia now a nation of investors AP via Myrtle Bach Sun / Donna Abu-Nasr

CA: Pause Before More Storms AP via CBS News and

FL: Tourism strong in 2005 but officials expect slowdown AP via St. Petersburg Times and / Mike Schneider

When Darwin Meets Dickens Tech Central Station / Nick Gillespie

Grains, soybeans fall on Board of Trade AP via NJ Post

Thursday's commodities roundup AP via NJ Post

Interest rates spur corporate refinancing Denver Post / Aldo Svaldi

U.S. Treasury prices mixed AP via NJ Post

Pardon my premature call on housing Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Most overvalued housing markets CNN / Les Christie

MA: Housing costs up in Western Mass. Boston Globe / Kimberly Blanton

Goldman executive named Bank of Italy chief FT / Tony Barber

US loans $ FT / Lex

"Soft landing" seen for economy AP via Denver Post / Jeannine Aversa

Bond markets unfazed by short-term yield passing longer one Dow Jones via Baltimore Sun

Dollar holds gains after sharp rally FT / Steve Johnson

Risky business in 2006? Could be CNN / Chris Isidore

U.S. Nov. Existing Home Sales Fall to 6.97 Mln Rate Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

U.S. Dec. Chicago Purchasers Index Slips; Orders Rise Bloomberg / Andrew Ward

2006 economy looks solid Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull

Twenty Years Later, Buying a House Is Less of a Bite NY Times / David Leonhardt and Motoko Rich

Currency Strategists: Deutsche Advises Bet on Dollar Bloomberg / Kabir Chibber

Euro May Gain on View Europe Growth Fast Enough to Raise Rates Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto

Family Costs Press Pentagon as More Soldiers Have Spouses, Kids Bloomberg / Jeff St.Onge

Ex-Enron Accountant Pleads Guilty to Fraud AP vi Tallahassee Democrat / Kristen Hays

Women Narrow the Internet Gender Gap, Survey Finds Washington Post / Yuki Noguchi

Taiwan: TIER expects economy to improve on strong exports Taipei Times / Jackie Lin

China's Booming Economy Will Never Surpass U.S. Bloomberg / John Berry

Treasuries May Rise on Concern Home Sales Report to Show Drop Bloomberg / Shamim Adam

South Korean Production Rises to a Record in November Bloomberg / Seyoon Kim


CA: A holiday gift: Cheaper gas Sacramento Bee / Andrew McIntosh

Solid, if surprising, bond performance Marketwatch / Rachel Koning

The Fed's Biggest Fear The Speculative Investor via Safehaven / Steve Saville

A Flood of Folly Ludwig von Mises Institute / Tim Kern

CO: Metro-area home market 10% overpriced Rocky Mountain News / John Rebchook

Why Are Gold-Hedgers 'Winning'? Euro vs Dollar Currency War Monitor via Safehaven / Alex Wallenwein

Oil Prices End 2005 40 Percent Higher AP via Minneapolis Star Tribune / Brad Foss

Let's do the déjà vu again Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

IRS turns Pimco's commodities strategy to straw Marketwatch / Chuck Jaffe

CA: Schwarzenegger proposes dollar hike in minimum wage AP via Contra Costa Times / Tom Chorneau

Bond market may mean higher costs for home AP via Beaufort Gazette / Aleksandrs Rozens

Pop the Corks! Tech Central Station / James Glassman

After a surprising '05, economic outlook is good Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Patricia Sabatini

Wall St Week Ahead: Are bears roaming Broad & Wall? Reuters / Emily Chasan

Dow down, ends year at 10,717.50 Denver Business Journal

Delta reports losing $182M in November AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Harry R. Weber

Bear Stearns Gets FTC Demand for Data on Mortgages Bloomberg / Gregory Cresci

Domestic mutual funds beat market for 2005 AP via Beaufort Gazette / Michael J. Martinez

Dollar makes biggest annual gain in 8 years FT / Peter Garnham

Dollar rises against euro at year's end AP via Tacoma News Tribune

Oil Rises, Gasoline Jumps to 2-Month High, on Motor-Fuel Supply Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

Friday's commodities roundup AP via Beaufort Gazette

Bush Rejects Request to Limit Steel Pipes From China Bloomberg

Home buyers get a break on rates AP via Tacoma News Tribune / Jeanine Aversa

Korea: Consumer Prices Rise 2.7% in 2005 Korea Times

Money funds rise in latest week AP via NJ Post

Bank stocks: Bad year ahead? CNN / Shaheen Pasha

Condo market is due for a checkup Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

MD: Housing market falls, valuations rise Baltimore Sun / June Arney

CA: Apartment rents in O.C. likely to rise 5.6% in '06 Orange County Register / Mathew Padilla

30-Year Mortgage Rates Slip to 6.22% AP via LA Times

Bond prices trade mixed at midday AP via NJ Post

U.S. Treasuries dip as curve inversion deepens Reuters

U.S. Growth May Hinge on Businesses NY Times / Louis Uchitelle

Shopping 2005: A game of chicken CNN

Congress May Take Until March to Lift U.S. Debt Limit  Bloomberg / Kevin Carmichael

A Clever Tax Strategy May Backfire $ NY Times / Floyd Norris

Chicago Fed Midwest Manufacturing Index Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

New Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Working Papers Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Friday World Gold Prices AP via NJ Post

Friday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

Friday's Metal Prices AP via NJ Post

A Fatburger with a side of lies Denver Post / Al Lewis

Dow risks ending year in red FT / Pan Kwan Yuk

Yield is only one piece of dividend pie Orange County Register / Jack Sirard

U.S. Stocks Decline, Sending Dow Jones Average Down for Year Bloomberg / Hilary Johnson

Stocks could see rough road in '06 CNN / Alexandra Twin

Intel Plans to Shift Focus to Consumer Products NY Times / John Markoff

China reforms its currency market BBC News

PA: A city tax break worked wonders Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

MA: State's fiscal condition ranked first Boston Globe / Robert Gavin

The 0.004 Percentage Point That Shook the World Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Snow says don’t let Uncle Sam go broke AP via Boston Herald

Goldman Sachs Tops M&A for Fifth Year; Morgan Stanley Rebounds Bloomberg / Dana Cimilluca

Public Stockholders and the Madness of Exchanges Bloomberg / David Pauly

In '05 Fund Tables, Latin America Is the Hot Spot Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Bank of America to close $35B MBNA deal AP via NJ Post / Natalie Gott

Dollar Falls on Concern Fed Considered End to `Measured' Rates Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto

Housing decline to drag economy Washington Times / Patrice Hill

CAFTA to miss New Year's Day target Washington Times / Jeffery Sparshott

Crude Oil May Trade Near $60 on Adequate Supplies, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

Oil prices remain above $60 a barrel AP vi Minneapolis Star Tribune

An Award-Winning 2005 for Asia's Economies Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

New GM Leader, Apple IPhone Lead 2006 Prophecies Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

South Korea's December Consumer Prices Rise 0.3% Bloomberg / Seyoon Kim

China's 2006 GDP Growth May Be Four Times Faster Than EU, Japan Bloomberg / Nerys Avery



NY: $229 for a budget room? AP via Long Beach Press Telegram / David B. Caruso

Fed back in focus Reuters / Rex Nutting

Real estate obsession reflected on the tube Washington Post via Houston Chronicle / Teresa Wiltz

Nordstrom rings up a terrific year Seattle Post Intelligencer / Kristen Millares Bolt

Treasury Yields End 2005 Inverted Following Fed Rate Increases Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

CAFTA nations may pay for missed deadline Seattle Times / Juan Carlos Llorca

Ukraine Rejects Putin's Eleventh-Hour Gas Offer Bloomberg / Bradley Cook

Dollar Rises Against the Euro, Yen in 2005, Gaining 15 Percent Bloomberg / Kabir Chibber and Deborah Finestone

Oil Prices Surge and May Keep Going Up LA Times / Elizabeth Douglass

Gold climbs to $518.90 to close year-end trading AP via Clarion Ledger

Brokers scrambling to pull in investors AP via Seattle Times / Michael J. Martinez

Wall Street hunts for escape from doldrums AP via NJ Post / Ellen Simon

U.S. auto industry steadily declining AP via Clarion Ledger

Big 3 Find More Level Playing Field Abroad LA Times / John O'Dell

Wal-Mart's December Sales Gain Smallest Since 2000 Bloomberg / Lauren Coleman-Lochner and Dan Hart

Why Dow May Be Off the Money LA Times / Tom Petruno and Josh Friedman

TX: Job forecast brightest in years Dallas Morning News / Susan Kreimer

WI: Outlook for 2006 area economy Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Avrum D. Lank

S.C. searches for new economic identity AP via Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Jacob Jordan

Don't Count Deflation Out Yet via Safehaven / M.A. Nystrom

Facing Weaker Home Sales, Builders Sweeten Deals Washington Post / Sandra Fleishman

Enron prosecution may have just gotten a lot shorter and to the point AP via San Antonio Express News / Kristen Hays

Japanese Bonds Fall for Third Year on Signs of End to Deflation Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane and Issei Morita