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Stock Options: The Backdating Games / Laura DeMars

Expect balanced economy to remain strong Des Moines Register / David Elbert

Rates seen rising twice this year Reuters / Toni Vorobyova

ETFs get a vote of confidence, though total investments are still just a trickle in the market AP via Detroit News / Meg Richards

Student-loan rates will jump Hearst via Raleigh News and Observer / Kristina Herrndobler

FL: All agree: Housing boom not waning Bradenton Herald / Duane Marsteller

Korea: Record-Breaking Year Likely To Repeat Korea Times / Kim Yon-se

The Yield Curve Has Inverted. So What? Wall Street Journal / Greg Ip

Economists see continuing growth for the next year San Diego Union Tribune / Dean Calbreath

The Week Ahead Wall Street Journal

Middle-Class Job Losses Batter Workforce AP via Newsday / Kathy Barks Hoffman

Goodbye, Holiday Splurges. Hello, Saving Wall Street Journal / Andrew Blackman

Industry Feeling Presence of the 800-Pound Google LA Times / Sallie Hofmeister

UK: Sales rush belies high street woes Guardian – Observer / Richard Wachman and Heather Stewart

Owens Corning Files New Bankruptcy Plan to Pay Asbestos Claims Bloomberg / Jef Feeley

Dish Network Ends Lifetime Programming AP via Newsday

This Year Could Be a Lot Like Last Year LA Times / Tom Petruno

CA: Resolutions for a cool new year Orange County Resolutions for a cool new year Orange County Register / Jonathan Lansner

CA: Housing prices had strong run; now what? San Diego union Tribune / Roger M. Showley, Lori Weisberg and Emmet Pierce

Greenspan era ends with praise, some blame on bubble Bloomberg via Seattle Times / Art Pine

MD: No home bust in sight Baltimore Sun / Nancy Jones-Bonbrest

Companies Keep Hiring as Demand Grows: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Vince Golle

Rate inversions can be a plague on banks, credit for everyone else Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Philippine Debt, Asia's Best in '05, May Gain on Rating Outlook Bloomberg / Jun Ebias

CO: Roads take their toll on wallets Denver Post / Al Lewis

Stars may be aligned for Jan. stock rally AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Michael J. Martinez

A world of opportunity Boston Globe / Ross Kerber

Master of the Art Of Taming Inflation NY Times / Ben Stein

A Bit of Doodling About a Tax-Cut Danger NY Times / Daniel Altman

The Big Winner, Again, Is 'Scandalot' $ NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

Don't Want to Leave the Hotel? Buy the Room NY Times / Jennifer Alsever


CA: Home on the overvalued range Long Beach Press Telegram / Felix Sanchez

Challenges ahead for US economy BBC News / Steve Schifferes

A flat 2005, but a soaring 2006? Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Fed back in focus Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

US Economy and Productivity: Some Truths and Fallacies Brookes News via Safehaven / Gerard Jackson

Russia turns off the gas taps The Economist

The Future Of The Global Workplace Forbes / McKinsey Quarterly

Emerging market fund inflows soar FT / Ivar Simensen

UK: Experts sceptical on official growth forecasts FT / Chris Giles

ABN Amro to launch takeover bid for bank AP via NJ Post

Google leaves GM in the dust Sacramento Bee / Jack Sirard

A Look at Independence Air AP via Newsday

Buybacks to show up in 4Q earnings gains AP via NJ Post / Michael J. Martinez

Dollar drop still coming, Buffett and banks agree Bloomberg via IHT

Cos. use online magazines to woo customers AP via NJ Post / Dan Sewell

The big bond question: Will long-term rates rise? Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Bond Strategists: Top Forecaster Sees U.S. Recession Bloomberg / Joshua Krongold

Brazil Fixed-Rate Bonds to Gain on Higher Demand, Freitas Says Bloomberg / Andrew J. Barden

Greenspan's reign to end quietly Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Housing boom's 2 sides detailed Chicago Tribune / Johnathon E. Briggs

NV: Developers offering a new kind of suite deal with condo-hotels Las Vegas Sun / Jennifer Shubinski

Lower-income workers will get hit hardest by higher premiums Dallas Morning News / Pamela Yip

Euro lower against U.S. dollar AP via NJ Post

Dollar May Extend Rally After Biggest Annual Gain Since 1997 Bloomberg / Kabir Chibber

More airlines expected to earn profits in 2006 AP via Philadelphia Inquirer / David Koenig

Decline of the In-Flight Meal Leaves Airline Caterers Hungry LA Times / James F. Peltz

Independence Air to Discontinue Flights LA Times

Most mutual investors rack up gains Dallas Morning News / Will Deener

Gazprom says sending extra gas to Europe Reuters via FT

Natural-Gas Supplies Dwindle in France, Italy as Russia Cuts Off Bloomberg / Maria Ermakova

Iraq oil exports hit post-war low BBC News

Economy in Iraq Goes in All Directions LA Times / Borzou Daragahi, Paul Richter and Doug Smith

Canada's Martin planning more income tax cuts Reuters

China growth set to beat forecast BBC News

The Insider: Did car on eBay really once belong to Bill Gates? Seattle Post Intelligencer / Todd Bishop and Bill Virgin

The naked truth about tax deductions Bloomberg via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Susan Antilla

Is the inflation monster tamed? Ludwig von Mises Institute / Mike Shedlock

States Take Lead in Push to Raise Minimum Wages NY Times / John M. Broder

Emerging markets -- still the place Marketwatch / Barbara Kollmeyer

Stop Worrying and Download the Nano Investment Plan Bloomberg / John Wasik

Seven ETFs to watch in 2006 Marketwatch / John Spence

Germany turns economic tide as it joins record global growth Taipei Times / Hans-Werner Sinn

Standard Life gears up for flotation Guardian / Jill Treanor

U.S.'s Rival in 2006 Isn't China, But Japan Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.


Where Have All the Bubbles Gone? Slate / Daniel Gross

Trading the change at the Fed Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Bursting bubble? Bring it on CNN / Les Christie

Alleged fund fraud leads to charges USA Today / Edward Iwata

KY: Area enjoys record home sales Cincinnati Business Journal

Earth Profits Up, Stock Prices Down National Review / John Tamny

Consumer spending will fade in 2006 Marketwatch / Dr. Irwin Kellner

2006 round of tax cuts aimed at affluent Americans McClatchy via Beaufort Gazette / David Westphal

Samsung's Market Value Soars Past $100B AP via LA Times

Wal-Mart sees Dec. sales at low end of forecast AP via MSNBC

Google at $600 Marketwatch / Bambi Francisco

Won Expected to Maintain Strength Korea Times / Na Jeong-ju

World's biggest bank opens in Japan AP via NJ Post / Yuri Kageyama

Tuesday's commodities roundup AP via Beaufort Gazette

CA: Workers' Comp to Be Revisited LA Times / Marc Lifsher

Reviving Political Economy Tech Central Station / Arnold Kling

Walgreen 1Q Earnings Climb to $345.6M South Florida Sun Sentinel / Dave Carpenter

Merc topped 1 billion contracts in 2005 AP via Chicago Sun Times

Oil prices rise past $63 a barrel AP via Houston Chronicle

Rising oil demand spurs intense hunt for more Philadelphia Inquirer / Kevin G. Hall

Dollar slips as end to rate rises looms FT / Steve Johnson

Tying cash up in long-term bonds Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

Is Iran the Cause of That Inverted Yield Curve? Bloomberg / Kevin Hassett

Argentina Pays Off Entire $9.5 Bln Debt to IMF Bloomberg / Daniel Helft

Minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee Federal Reserve Board

Bank Crisis Resolution and Foreign-Owned Banks Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta / Robert A. Eisenbeis and George G. Kaufman

How Should Banks Account for Loan Losses? Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta / George J. Benston and Larry D. Wall

Macroeconomic Models with Heterogeneous Agents and Housing Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta / Karsten Jeske

Fed minutes light fire under Wall Street FT / Pan Kwan Yuk

Dow Jones & Co. Names Zannino Its New CEO AP vi Forbes / Seth Sutel

CA: O.C. is home sweet home for landlords Orange County Register / Jonathan Lansner

MA: Seeking 'affordable luxury' Boston Globe / Kimberly Blanton

CA: Hot properties Orange County Register / Mathew Padilla

A sober new year The Economist

Readiness should be all in this new year $ FT / Martin Wolf

Why Putin is risking the West’s ire $ FT / Neil Buckley

Fed says rate rises likely nearing end Reuters / Tim Ahmann

2006 may be bumpy (and volatile) year Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

I hope your gifts included bigger wallet Denver Post / al Lewis

Construction spending at all-time high AP via Minneapolis Star Tribune

December Manufacturing ISM Report On Business ISM

Fed May Shed Light on Rate Path With Minutes of Last Meeting Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Oil Rises to a 2-Month High on Russian Energy Supply Concern Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

Dollar Declines After Report Shows Manufacturing Slowed Down Bloomberg / Joshua Krongold

Wall Street struggles as new year begins AP via MSNBC

Wall St climbs ahead of Fed minutes FT / Pan Kwan Yuk

Rockefeller-Style Money Managers Poach Rich Wall Street Clients Bloomberg / Anthony Effinger and Gregory Cresci

US Treasuries turn higher after weaker Dec ISM Reuters

Manufacturing much weaker than forecast CNN

Flat Yields Throw Curve at Mutual Fund Investors Bloomberg / Chet Currier

UK manufacturing activity grows in December FT / Jamie Chisholm

The Chill of January's Crystal Ball Wall Street Journal via Marketwatch / E.S. Broning

The Wisdom of Wall St.? Sometimes It's Wrong NY Times / Floyd Norris

Risks Ahead as Policies (and Money) Tighten in '06 NY Times / Mark Landler

Inverted Interest Rates - Distortion or Danger Ahead SirChartsAlot via Safehaven / Gary Dorsch

Owners' Web Gives Realtors Run for Money NY Times / Jeff Bailey

China and India leaving G7 nations in the slow lane Independent / Stephen King

Eyeing the back door to the WTO Taipei Times / Darson Chiu

Scaremongers likely to be disappointed again Guardian / Ashley Seager

Dollar May Extend Rally After Biggest Annual Gain Since 1997 Bloomberg / Kabir Chibber

Moscow gets off to bad start in '06 NY Times via IHT / C.J. Chivers

Europe still the odd one out Leader via Guardian

A Dispute Underscores the New Power of Gas NY Times / Simon Romero

Russia restores most of natural gas flow NY Times via IHT / Andrew E. Kramer

Singapore GDP Expands at Annual 9.7% Pace in 4th Qtr Bloomberg / Shamim Adam



It's the Economy, Stupid Daily Standard / Irwin Stelzer

Small biz optimism may depend on industry AP via Aberdeen News / Joyce M. Rosenberg

Yuan rises to record dollar level BBC News

Debt Be Not Proud? National Review / Jerry Bowyer

December markdowns Marketwatch / Jennifer Waters

This trend's no friend Globe and Mail / Roma Luciw

Sovereign Bancorp delays annual meeting AP via NJ Post / Patrick Walters

Securities Suits Down in 2005, Study Says LA Times / Molly Selvin

Spending on building at record AP via Myrtle Beach Sun / Martin Crutsinger

Fed signals bode well for housing Contra Costa Times / George Avalos

EU: Gas dispute shakes up new EU members Taipei Times

Canada: Consensus with caveats Globe and Mail / Omar El Akkad

Treasuries higher as markets still mulls Fed FT / Jennifer Hughes, Ivar Simensen and Michiyo Nakamoto

Board of Trade ready for its road test Chicago Sun Times / David Roeder

Falsifying loan documents costs ABN Amro $41 million AP via USA Today

Metals prices continue to soar FT / Chris Flood and Ishita Dutt

NY: Strong economy, ambivalent consumers Westchester Journal News / Jerry Gleason

Big 3 auto sales tumbled in December CNN / Chris Isidore

Japanese Automakers Report Sales Increases AP via LA Times / Dee-Ann Durbin

Gaga over Google Newsday / James Bernstein

Pixar shares spike on deal talk Marketwatch / Russ Britt

Scott Pleased With 2005 Wal-Mart Results AP via Baltimore Sun / Marcus Kabel

U.S. Stocks Rise, Pushing S&P 500 to 4-Year High; Google Gains Bloomberg / Dune Lawrence

Execs see more auto industry woes CNN / Chris Isidore

Bush Bypasses Senate in Appointing Defense, Homeland Officials Bloomberg / Nicholas Johnston and Holly Rosenkrantz

Bernanke may have to grow up fast CNN / Chris Isidore

How the Stewardess Lost Her Stripes Ludwig von Mises Institute / B.K. Marcus

AT&T coveting EchoStar? Denver Post / Kimberly S. Johnson

DC: Airline's closure signals fare increase Washington Times / William Glanz

Manhattan real estate hits wall CNN / Les Christie

Mortgage applications down again Reuters via CNN

Eight Tips For ETF Success Forbes / Carlton Delfeld

Managed funds top S&P 500 index again USA Today / John Waggoner

Resolving to avoid investing pitfalls Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

T-bill rates rise in weekly sale AP via Baltimore Sun

Dollar extends slide after Fed minutes FT / Steve Johnson

A murky deal ends the Russian gas row The Economist

Wednesday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

No End To Oil-Refining Bottlenecks Forbes / Oxford Analytica

The Iraqi economy’s weak heart The Economist

Oil prices slump below $63 per barrel AP via Seattle Times / George Jahn

Wednesday's Metal Prices AP via Houston Chronicle

Factory Orders Boosted in November by Aircraft Bloomberg / Bob Willis

How can growth enhance values? Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

UK: Consumer appetite for debt wanes BBC News

Greenspan Keeps Investors Guessing on Next Interest-Rate Moves Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Fed Can See an End to Interest Rate Increases Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Price Deflation: A Great Idea With Low Probability Lew Rockwell / Gary North

Fed's Notes Offer Hope of a Brake on Rates NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

Lessons of Ferber's Trial Ignored 10 Years Later Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

JPMorgan, Banc of America Say LBOs, Buybacks Perilous for Bonds Bloomberg / Caroline Salas

Yuan Rises to New High Vs Dollar AP via  Orlando Sentinel

Gold Smashes Dollar in 2006 Texas Hedge Fund Report via Safehaven / T. Stein and S. McIntyre

Mellon modifies asset management wing Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Thoms Olson

To Battle, Armed With Shares NY Times / Andrew Ross Sorkin

$200 Google Computer Will run Without M'soft NY Post / Paul Tharp

Judge Orders Ex-HealthSouth Chief to Repay Nearly $48 Million NY Times / Kyle Whitmire

GM, Ford May Report Lower Sales for December as Toyota Gains Bloomberg / Barbara Powell

Waiting for a Soft Landing Washington Post via Real Clear Politics / Robert Samuelson

More women decide to extend careers Christian Science Mo[nitor / Marilyn Gardner

IL: Office Condos Put to the Test in Chicago NY Times / Robert Sharoff

NY: In Commercial Leasing, a State of Balance NY Times / John Holusha

U.S. November Factory Orders Probably Rose, BN Survey Shows Bloomberg / Bob Willis

EU and US: If this is what a non crisis can do, think what would happen if things got really serious Independent / Jeremy Warner

GOP Leaders Seek Distance From Abramoff Washington Post / Jonathan Weisman

Morgan Stanley warns on sagging growth in Asia Taipei Times / Amber Chung

Six Asian Themes to Keep an Eye on in 2006 Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Latin America at the crossroads Taipei Times / Raul Alfonsin

UK: Oil price increases deepen industrial output gloom Guardian / Ashley Seager

U.S. Notes May Rise; Fed Minutes Suggest End to Rate Increases Bloomberg / Shamim Adam

Dollar Declines on Speculation Fed Is Almost Done Raising Rates Bloomberg / Chris Young and Kosuke Goto

Picks of the Pros Forbes / Christopher Helman


Reverse mortgages meet financial needs for many seniors Marketwatch / Lew Sichelman

As Bush talks up the economy, experts say things should slow down Knight Ridder / Kevin G. Hall

Economy on upswing heading into 2006, analysts predict Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Michele Derus

U.S. not ready for a labor shortage AP via St. Petersburg Times

Housing to Trend Up After So-So ’05 Bond Buyer / Matthew Vadum

CA: Schwarzenegger Proposes $68B GO Plan Bond Buyer

Will January predict market? Philadelphia inquirer / Jeff Brown

Google: $600 or bust? Business Week via MSNBC / Ben Elgin

No Rest for the Nasdaq / Igor Greenwald

Small-Caps Are the Place To Be National Review / Tom Nugent

Low Co-Pays, Every Day Slate / Daniel Gross

CO: Office market improving Denver Business Journal

WI: Plan would lease, then sell houses Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Tom Daykin

Canada: Loonie falls by more than 1¢ Globe and Mail / Tavia Grant

FDIC Outlook - Winter 2005 pdf FDIC

Money Funds Rise in Latest Week AP via Houston Chronicle

Dollar Declines in December Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

"One and done" idea on Fed rate hikes gains traction Reuters / Ros Krasny

Hoping for the worst on jobs? CNN / Chris Isidore

US job market thrives as claims hit 5-year low Reuters / Amanda Cooper

Thursday's Commodities Roundup AP via Houston Chronicle

Gas prices drop to 4 1/2-month low in U.S. AP via Charlotte Observer / Brad Foss

Detroit: Heal Thy Self Forbes / Jerry Flint

Nasdaq makes it 3 for 3 CNN / Alexandra Twin

IBM to Freeze $48B Pension Plan in 2008 AP via Forbes / Brian Bergstein

GM exec said to regret employee discount CNN

CA: Analyst sees modest gain in home prices Sacramento Bee / Andrew LePage

Can Trade Ever Harm a Country? Ludwig von Mises Institute / Robert Murphy

EU: Brown faces EU censure over deficit FT / Tobias Buck

NV: Old Vegas Gives Way Again LA Times / James F. Peltz

Signs of eurozone recovery inspires confidence leap FT / Ralph Atkins

The downturn The Economist

Incredible shrinking countries The Economist

Efforts to revive the EU constitution $ The Economist

Treasuries slip as jobs data loom FT / Jennifer Hughes, Paul J Davies and Mariko Sanchanta

S&P cuts Ford deeper into junk status Reuters

Currencies $ The Economist

Brazil Real Climbs to 3-Week High on Rising Foreign Investment Bloomberg / Romina Nicaretta

Dollar stems new year sell-off FT / Steve Johnson

Canadian dollar dives on commodity price chill Reuters

Natural gas futures slump for third day AP via Seattle Times

Nervous energy The Economist

International demand fuels market for U.S. coal Washington Times / Jeffrey Sparshott

Mortgage rates tick lower CNN

A hard year ahead The Economist

Is Google really blue-chip material? Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Odd Man Out? Forbes / Peter Kafka

Airline's low prices proved to be costly Washington Times / William Glanz

Feds Say Skilling Tried to 'Deceive' SEC / Stephen Taub

Fannie Mae climbs 9 percent as probe report nears Reuters / Kristin Roberts

Scrushy Ordered to Repay Bonuses / Stephen Taub

Sales Tumble at Sears Stores, Kmart Up AP via Forbes

Together again The Economist

U.S. Economy: Services Expanded at Faster Pace Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

U.S. Retailers Report `Moderate' Holiday Sales Gains Bloomberg / Cotten Timberlake

Will lightning strike the Republicans? The Economist

Dealing with paranoia $ The Economist

Criminal gangs in Central America The Economist

Africa: The hopeful continent The Economist

2006 Consumer Electronics Show: The revolution will be televised Dallas Morning News / Crayton Harrison

A fuzzy picture The Economist

Crunch Time For Greenspan's Great Experiment With the Global Economy Lew Rockwell / Jack D. Douglas

Could the Fed Take a Pass at Jan. 31 Meeting? Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Bet on the odds you know Marketwatch / Tomi Kilgore

Interest Fates NY Post / John Crudele

The Yield Curve Inversion - It's Different This Time? Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Kasriel

U.S. Service Industry Growth Probably Accelerated, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

The comptroller: Washington's prophet of fiscal doom Christian Science Monitor / Linda Feldmann

Tougher rules for cities receiving security funds Christian Science Monitor / Alexandra Marks

Fannie Mae Investigators Find Nothing `Alarming,' Rudman Says Bloomberg / James Tyson

Crime and Consequences Still Weigh on Corporate World NY Times / Floyd Norris

An I.R.S. Audit May Be Cheaper Than I.R.S. Advice NY Times / David Cay Johnston

NYMEX, CME May Talk Deal NY Post / Zachery Kouwe

Refco's Collapse Reveals Decades of Quarrels With Regulators Bloomberg / Edward Robinson

Canada: Fund sales estimated to exceed $1.4 billion CP via Toronto Star

Monday's Dollar Trifecta Could Become 2006 Standard Forex News via Safehaven / Ashraf Laidi

The Materialism Fallacy Tech Central Station / Arnold Kling

UK: Interest rate cuts may be coming, but despite the consumer credit numbers, not quite yet Independent / Jeremy Warner

Eurozone inflation falls to 2.2% Guardian / Maren Peters

Bank of Korea Says It May Raise Rates Amid Inflation Bloomberg / Seyoon Kim

A Gift That Should Keep on Giving Pimco / Bill Gross

Deutsche Bank Sets Pace in European Bond Revolt Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

Dollar Gains as Jobs, Services Reports May Flag Higher Rates Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto


Meet the new bond king Fortune via CNN / Jon Birger

Auditing the meaning of principles Denver Post / Al Lewis

NY: Housing market in surplus Newsday / Randi F. Marshall

How now, Dow? Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Housing developers shifting to cities AP via Modesto Bee / Christina Almeidathe

Nothing Weak About It National Review / Michael T. Darda

Bonds suffer eventful week FT / Jennifer Hughes

Snow, Gross to address Association Annual Meeting Bond Market Association

Won Gains Most Among Asian Currencies Korea Times / Na Jeong-ju

Risky home loan standards tightening CNN / Shaheen Pasha

Bond Market Off to Booming Start in 2006 AP via Houston Chronicle

Deutsche suspends trader over 'cover-up' $ FT / Peter Thal Larsen

Crude Oil Jumps Above $64 a Barrel on Stronger U.S. Fuel Demand Bloomberg / Matthew Leising and Stephen Voss

Gold Rises to Highest Close Since 1981, Spurring Mining Shares Bloomberg / Pham-Duy Nguyen

Aircraft manufacturers $ Economist

US labour market stronger FT / Christopher Swann

Bush Speech Puts Focus on Midwest Economy AP via LA Times / Dave Carpenter

CA: Minimum Wage May Get Boost LA Times / Roger Vincent

How Should Monetary Policymakers Cope with Uncertainty? Federal Reserve Bank of Boston / Cathy E. Minehan

Treasuries slip after mixed U.S. payrolls data Reuters / Oliver Ludwig

Emerging debt-Mkts resume gains despite Treasuries Reuters

On interest, how will Bernanke rate? Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Rates near bottom of neutral range - Fed's Minehan Reuters

Fed officials give no hint of imminent rate pause Reuters / Jim Finkle

30-year mortgage rates drop AP via Cincinnati Enquirer / Jeannine Aversa

General Motors to Cut Prices on 90% of U.S. Models, Person Says Bloomberg / Jeff Green

TX: D-FW area retailers seeing red ink Dallas Morning News / Maria Halkias

WA: Home sales are cooling with the weather Seattle Post Intelligencer / Kristin Millares Bolt

Goldman Sachs declines to be specialist AP via NJ :Post

Consumer confidence takes a big drop in early January AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Martin Crutsinger

Job growth sagged in December CNN / Chris Isidore

Natural gas is going global Dallas Morning News / Jim Landers

Canada: U.S. deficits could be C$'s real driver in 2006 Reuters / Ka Yan Ng

UK: Bank robberies 'every 90 minutes' BBC News

Bond prices jump briefly on US payrolls data FT / Paul J Davies

S&P 500 Rises on Jobs Report; Best Buy, Yahoo, Google Gain Bloomberg / Dune Lawrence

Will the Real Wage Measure Please Stand Up? Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

It's Not The Pits Forbes / Liz Moyer

Gurus Stick With Energy In 2006 Forbes / Matt Rand

G10 Currencies: A Cyclical Dollar Downturn Morgan Stanley / Stephen L. Jen

The Make-Believe World of Central Banking Ludwig von Mises Institute / Thorsten Polleit

U.S. Economy: December's Job Gain Pushes Year Above 2 Million Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Israel: The Risk of Political Paralysis Morgan Stanley / Serhan Cevik

EU: Hike-As-You-Go at the ECB Morgan Stanley / Elga Bartsch

Global: Fleeting Lessons Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

EU: Spreads to Widen, at Last Morgan Stanley / Vincenzo Guzzo

Asia: Liquidity Receding Morgan Stanley / Andy Xie

Japan: Joint Inflation Targeting in 2006 Morgan Stanley / Robert Alan Feldman

Should Fed Worry About 99-Year Cycle? $ NY Times / Floyd Norris

Missouri Bond Study Shows Dim Issuers, Mad Bankers Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Bush, Who Follows Market Signs, Pays Little Heed to Yield Curve Bloomberg / Brendan Murray

U.S. December Payrolls Probably Rose 200,000, Survey Says Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

The calm before the calm? Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Google-Naire$ NY Post / Paul Tharp

Retailers Find Little to Cheer NY Times / Michael Barbaro

Coach's Frankfort Leads U.S. CEO Pay (So Far) Bloomberg / Graef Crystal

As bank jobs go abroad, are records at risk? Christian Science Monitor / Patrik Jonsson

There is Little Value in Broker Economics Smithers & Co. via Safehaven / Andrew Smithers

American Funds, Janus Set for Newsworthy New Year Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Ohio Pension Fun Shields Investor Ties NY Post / Zachery Kouwe

China signals reserves switch away from dollar FT / Geoff Dyer and Andrew Balls

Oil May Rise as Gasoline Demand Grows, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

`Geisha' Offers Asian Business Lessons Bloomberg / William Pesek

UK: Corporate insolvencies at three-year high Scotsman

Japan's Bonds May Fall for a Fourth Year as Inflation Resumes Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane and Issei Morita

South Korea to Mobilize Capabilities to Curb Won's Impact Bloomberg / Sangim Han



How to Trade the Krazy Korean Kospi after +54% in 2005 via Safehaven / Gary Dorsch

Dollar Gets New Year Mark Down Euro Pacific via Safehaven / Peter Schiff

Market for second homes could survive slowdown Chicago Tribune via Houston Chronicle / Greg Burns

Delta's bonds for Logan rise, despite junk status Boston Globe / Peter J. Howe

Asia, Latin America Drive GM Sales Up LA Times

Unemployment rate down, jobs up, but by less than expected AP via Detroit News / Jeannine Aversa

Treasuries Have Weekly Gain After Minutes; Yield Curve Steepens Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Clearly hedged Philadelphia Inquirer / Todd Mason

Wachovia still trying for GMAC stake Charlotte Observer / Rick Rothacker

SBA redefines 'small' Sacramento Bee / Thy-Doan Le

CA: Gas prices leap into the new year San Diego Union Tribune / Craig D. Rose

A billion Chinese, growing older Minneapolis Star Tribune / Janet Moore

South Korea concerned about economic impact of strengthening won CP via Financial Post

Banking on a safety net Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Paul Gores

Not all Fed-speak created equal Reuters via CNN

Days of Rising Interest Rates May Be Numbered NY Times / Mark A. Stein

Sky’s The Limit NY Post / Zachery Rowe

American Airlines plans bonuses despite continuing red ink AP via Pittsburgh Post Gazette

MA: Toys R Us; closing local stores Boston Herald / Donna Goodison

Trade With The Flow Davids Stock Market Chartmentary via Safehaven / David Yu

KS: Cheney touts economy in visit Kansas City Star

Why do investors shun equity funds? Toronto Star / Madhavi Acharya-Tom Yew

Economy Gained Muscle Last Year, Expanding Jobs Washington Post / Jim VandeHei and Nell Henderson

Job Growth Sluggish as Bush Trumpets Economy LA Times / James Gerstenzang and Joel Havemann

Bush Cites 2 Million New Jobs in 2005 and Healthy Economy NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews and Richard W. Stevenson

China may shift Forex reserves' focus away from the US dollar AFP via Taipei Times

UK: The debt overhang is a real problem for the British economy. Is there any way out? Independent / Jeremy Warner


Interest-only loans prove short-term fix Mercury News / Eve Mitchell


This might be market’s worst decade since the Depression ‘30s St. Louis Post dispatch / David Nicklaus

China: Economy Grew 10.1 Percent in '04 AP via Newsday

Trade deal with Korea should be a priority for the US $ FT / William Rhodes

Over there Baltimore Sun / Laura Smitherman

New Year Could Bring Economic Changes AP via Newsday / Jeannine Aversa

Wages grow at fastest in 3 years USA Today / Sue Kirchhoff

A home economy lesson Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

Trading up, at 96 NY Daily News / Jose Martinez

Treasury Yield Curve to Steepen as Fed Nears End of Rate Boosts Bloomberg / Robert Burgess and Elizabeth Stanton

Nacchio could point to board's actions Denver Post / Andy Vuong

Expect the Dow to rise to new heights this year Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

The market week ahead: Rally on! CNN / Alexandra Twin

Endangered species: Traditional pensions Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

Forecasts for 2006 are mixed Sacramento Bee / Jack Sirard

Money pros, college profs differ on stocks Clarion Ledger / Nell Luther Floyd

Service industry rescues job market Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Autos Boost Retail Spending in December: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Dollar Bears Increase on Speculation Rising Rate Cycle Ending Bloomberg / Kabir Chibber

A Colorado parcel may bring forth next energy boom LA Times via Boston Globe / Julie Cart

U. of C. star economist says risks call for, yes, regulation Chicago Tribune / Greg Burns

A peek inside a jailed exec's log palace Denver Post Al Lewis

Whether or Not to Heed the Fed LA Times / Tom Petruno

The Fed's Money Supply Armament is Underway Technical Indicator /Index via Safehaven / Robert McHugh

Watch for Potholes As Earnings Roll In Wall Street Journal / Mohammed Hadi and Karen Talley

Some Pitfalls To Watch For In 2006, Mr. Snow NY Post / Terry Keenan

Putnam’s Porn NY Post / Tim Arango

On the Leading Edge Washington Post / Terence O'Hara

Canada: A new twist on asset allocation rule Toronto Star / Bill Carrigan

Keep the House But Get the Cash Washington Post / Michelle Singletary

Speculators, hedge funds turning back to oil, analysts say AFP via Taipei Times

The Week Ahead Wall Street Journal

US dollar tumbles in wake of weak job-growth report AFP via Taipei Times

Money To Burn NY Post / Gregory Bresiger

In Bonds, It's Hard to Tell the Short Term From the Long NY Times / Virginia Munger Kahn

Replacing Tea Leaves With Data NY Times / Conrad de Aenlle

The World Isn't Flat, but Its Yield Curve May Be NY Times / Daniel Gross

Warning: Beware of Warnings About Real Estate NY times / Vivian Marino

Is There a Future in Ford's Future? NY Times / Micheline Maynard

Sometimes, Two Is Less Than One NY Times / Andrew Ross Sorkin

From Mutual to Hedge Funds, and Back Again NY Times / Riva D. Atlas

Looking Ahead Means Looking Abroad NY Times / Paul J. Lim

Call It the Deal of a Lifetime NY Times / Landon Thomas, Jr.

UK: City braced for another retail bankruptcy as slowdown hits hard Guardian – Observer / Richard Wachman and Heather Stewart

Digging for Gold? A Little Bit Can Go a Long Way NY Times / Tim Gray

Red alert as Russia floats its oil giant Guardian – Observer / Conal Walsh

BP's Browne in Russian racketeering lawsuit Guardian – Observer / Conal Walsh and Nick Kochan


Worried about the market? Be ready to act fast MSNBC via Fiend’s SuperBear Page / Bill Fleckenstein

Uncle Sam's bonanza might not be all that it seems $ FT / Martin Feldstein

Real Estate Burst, Upcoming Recession, and Soaring Commodity Prices Wisdom Financial via Safehaven / Emanuel Balarie

Are Housing Prices, Household Debt, and Growth Sustainable? Levy Economics Institute

The dangerous myth of price stability Brookes News / Gerard Jackson

The It-Sucks-To-Be-Me Generation Slate / Daniel Gross

Health care spending up 7.9 percent in 2004 Knight Ridder / Tony Pugh

Sorting Out December's Jobs Report Business Week via MSNBC / Michael Englund

US economy, productivity and the Bush boom Brookes News / Gerard Jackson

The last days of Blockbuster Slate / Edward Jay Epstein

REITs expected to cool off Charlotte News and Observer / Jack Hagel

FL: Move over, boomers -- but don't leave the workplace yet Orlando Sentinel / Susan Strother Clarke

FL: Metro Orlando is hot for new jobs Orlando Sentinel / Jay Hamburg

Monday's commodities roundup AP via Beaufort Gazette

Dollar Daze via Safehaven / Gary Tanashian

Australian economy not looking so good Brookes News / Gerard Jackson

EU: Global growth to better 2005’s 4% says Trichet FT / Ralph Atkins

Sovereign seeks SEC probe of shareholder AP via NJ Post / Deborah Yao

Toys "R" Us to cut 3000 jobs Reuters via CNN

Treasury bond market at a glance AP via NJ Post

Consumer Credit Federal Reserve Board

Consumer borrowing posts second monthly decline AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Martin Crutsinger

Gold's get-up-and-go Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

TX: Record year for home sales Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Andrea Jares

Treasuries edge up, no surprises from Fed speeches Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

Is The Price Right? Pimco / Paul McCulley

PIMCO’s Cyclical Outlook and Investment Strategy Pimco / Paul McCulley

Global defaults at 8-year low, may rise in 2006-S&P Reuters

Goldman Sachs sells $3.25 bln in 2-pt debt Reuters

GM's not so great upgrade CNN / Chris Isidore

Dow Average Closes Above 11,000 for First Time Since June 2001 Bloomberg / Ari Levy

U.S. mortgage rates unchanged Monday – BestInfo Reuters

The National Economy and Monetary Policy in the New Year pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City / Thomas M. Hoenig

US rates neutral, data to drive moves-Fed's Hoenig Reuters

Now Is the Time to Strengthen Our Economic Foundation Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta / Jack Guynn

EconSouth Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

The real culprit in the analyst scandal Fortune via CNN / Bethany McLean

The End of Labor Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

A Perfect Soft Landing? Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

Wealth isn't all it looks like today Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Soros sees chance of US recession in 2007 FT / John Burton

Who is Ben Bernanke? Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

NASD Charges Oppenheimer, CEO Lowenthal AP via Newsday

House prices rising at slowest rate in ten years FT / Darren Dodd

Monday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

Gold climbs to new highs FT / Ishita Ayan Dutt

Oil holds above $63 Reuters via CNN

Monday World Gold Prices AP via NJ Post

Some investors say video-rental chain should restore source of revenue Wall Street Journal via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Karen Richardson

Review and Preview Morgan Stanley / Ted Wieseman and David Greenlaw

Credit derivatives market practices 'need improvement' $ FT / Richard Beales

Treasuries steady to lower ahead of Fed speakers Reuters

Chile Peso Bond Yields to Fall as Growth Slows, Grunwald Says Bloomberg / Matthew Walter

Eurozone yields rise ahead of ECB meeting FT / Joanna Chung

Global Currencies: The Year of the CNY Morgan Stanley / Stephen L. Jen

German leaders push economic growth at retreat Reuters / Erik Kirschbaum

Japan: Is the "Golden Combination" Sustainable? Morgan Stanley / Takehiro Sato

A fresh look at economic riddles Chicago Sun Times / Mary Wisniewski

“Real Wage” Slaves? Tech Central Station / Jon Henke

Let's Cut Corporate Taxes to Create More Jobs Bloomberg / Kevin Hassett

Fines and the Fraudsters Tech Central Station / Stephen Bainbridge

American Airlines: Bonuses amid Losses / Stephen Taub

CFO Turnover Sped Up in December / Stephen Taub

GM `Moving Pretty Fast' to Sell GMAC Stake, Finance Chief Says Bloomberg / Jeff Green

U.S. Stock Rally May Fizzle as Profit Growth Trails Estimates Bloomberg / Hilary Johnson

More Companies Ending Promises for Retirement NY Times / Mary Williams Walsh

Petropower Daily Standard / Irwin Stelzer

2006: Cheaper at the Pump? Tech Central Station / Ben Lieberman

Equity Trading, Hottest Wall Street Money Maker, May Climb 15% Bloomberg / Adrian Cox

Where to Invest If the U.S. Housing Boom Is Over Bloomberg / John Wasik

It's a good time to be overseas Christian Science Monitor / David R. Francis

Mutual Funds Quarterly: Time to set sail for growth? Christian Science Monitor / Martin Skala

Bustle in a hedgerow Marketwatch / John Spence

Refco Redo To Ring In About $6M For Goldin NY Post / Roddy Boyd

UK: Profitability rises at fastest rate for 10 years Guardian / Neil Hume

UK: Rising bad debts fuel slowdown fears Independent / Stephen King

Europe's central bank must show some backbone Taipei Times / Melvyn Krauss

Ministers pin hopes on Davos gathering to kick-start reform Guardian / Larry Elliott

Poor Start to '06 For Dollar Signals Tough Year Ahead Wall Street Journal via Marketwatch / Craig Karmin

Yen Gains to 3-Month High Against Dollar on Tanigaki Comments Bloomberg / Chris Cooper

The World Bank Gets Introspective Tech Central Station / James Peron



Beyond Keynes To Inflation FMNN via Fiend’s SuperBear Page / Richard Benson

U.S. Health Spending Nears $2 Trillion WebMD / Todd Zwillich

40 years to repay mortgage no bargain Orange County Register / Jonathan Lansner

Federal Bank and Thrift Agencies Propose Guidance On Commercial Real Estate Lending Federal Reserve Board

Total U.S. Bond Issuance Expected to Decline in 2006 Bond Market Association

Pearls of Conventional Wisdom / James B. Stewart

TD Banknorth Whiffs On Yield Curve Ball Forbes / Liz Moyer

Treasuries weaker as supply talk dominates FT / Jennifer, Joanna Chung and David Turner

MD: Home sales level down in area Baltimore Sun / June Arney

The Buttonwood column: market forecasts $ The Economist

Stockmarkets $ The Economist

Struggling GM ready for a fight BBC News / Guto Harri

Refco judge says no trustee necessary Reuters via CNN

Again, the Activity Was Overseas LA Times / Tom Petruno

Bull market for metals unchecked FT / Chris Flood and Ishita Ayan Dutt

Bankruptcy Filings Hit Record 2M in 2005 AP via Chicago Tribune

Canada's 10-Year Bonds Drop as Housing Starts Unexpectedly Rise Bloomberg / Min Zeng

The Big China Squeeze Forbes / Robert Malone

Tuesday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

United debt gets solid ratings Chicago Tribune / Mark Skertic

And the Laggards Are ... LA Times / Tom Petruno

Boom in Corporate Debt Issuance / Stephen Taub

Education crucial for U.S. future - Fed's Pianalto Reuters

Early Childhood Education and Our Economic Future Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland / Sandra Pianalto

Reserve Bank income and expense data transfers to the Treasury for 2005 Federal Reserve Board

US's Snow-will shrink deficit with spending cuts Reuters

GM to cut prices on most models CNN

OfficeMax closing 110 U.S. retail stores AP via Seattle Times

The Perverse Logic That Pushed DOW Over 11,000 NY Post / John Crudele

The Long View from George Soros / Stephen Taub

Don't be fooled: Debt has no quick fix Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

China's central bank denies dollar plans AP via NJ Post

AZ: State economy looking rosier Arizona Republic / Judy Nichols

Guide to Mutual Fund Categories LA Times

Federal Reserve Needs English Elocution Lessons Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

Why budget fixes can't wait Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull

U.S. Growth and Inflation to Moderate This Year Bloomberg / Joe Richter and Alex Tanzi

U.S. Companies' Profits Probably Rose 12 Percent in 4th Quarter Bloomberg / Kevin Orland

Jensen Fund Comes Down With the Blue-Chip Blues Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Crude oil prices fall AP via Wichita Eagle / Gillian Wong

Is This Rally for Real? And Other Thoughts via Safehaven / M.A. Nystrom

What took the Dow so long? Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Finding dividends in 2006 Marketwatch / Marshall Loeb

Saks Trims Top Ranks, Spurring Talk of Sale NY Times / Michael Barbaro

Mass. slowdown Boston Herald / Jay Fitzgerald

Dollar Advances on Optimism U.S. Will Preserve Rate Advantage Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto and Chris Cooper


EU: Funds uncovered: Fidelity European Values Telegraph / John Greenwood

PA: Region's job growth still limping as state sprints Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Joe Napsha

Most Recent MSRB Interpretation Defining Solicitation of Municipal Securities Business Should Replace all Prior Interpretations to Avoid Confusion Bond Market Association

MN: Metro home sales fall for first time in 6 years Minneapolis Star Tribune / Jim Buchta

S.C. home prices up, still better deal than rest of nation The State / Ben Werner

Boeing lags Airbus on 2005 deliveries Long Beach Press Telegram / Felix Sanchez

Apple shares hit record high after Intel tapped for desktop PC market CP via Financial Post / May Wong

As Bernanke era begins, former Fed governors expect change Knight Ridder / Kevin G. Hall

NY: Allstate cuts new policies in coastal areas, LI, NYC included Newsday / James Bernstein

Why Hedge Funds? Forbes / Liz Moyer

Oil Prices Rise Above $64 a Barrel AP via Chicago Tribune

No more magic in triple zeros Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Stern free to sell $200M in Sirius stock AP via Newsday

Garçon! Un Coca-Cola, S'il Vous Plaît Slate / Daniel Gross

7 Percent of Workers Drink on Job AP via Chicago Tribune / Carolyn Thompson

Low yields reflect expected inflation-Fed's Olson Reuters

Some Perspectives on U.S. Monetary Policy Federal Reserve Bank of New York / Timothy F. Geithner

Geithner Says Asset Prices to Have `More Important' Fed Role Bloomberg / Craig Torres

U.S. tax-free money funds have record inflows Reuters

Soft auction dents Treasuries FT / Jennifer Hughes, Joanna Chung and David Turner

In the sway of the Swindlers and Fixers $ FT / Jacob Weisberg

Too much, too fast for the stock market? CNN / Alexandra Twin

GM told: Cut every salary Detroit Free Press / Michael Ellis

Chinese gearing up for U.S. car market Washington Times / Jeffrey Sparshott

Wall Street shrugs off bad news from DuPont FT / Robert Orr

U.S. Stocks Resume Rally as Apple, Technology Shares Gain Bloomberg / Ari Levy

Japan's Tanigaki, U.S. officials discuss yuan Reuters / Ritsuko Ando

CBOE broadens options for VIX FT / John Authers

Jesse Jackson: States need black fund managers Reuters

Dollar-per-pixel ad site nets student $1m FT / James Fontanella

The Income Implications of Rising U.S. International Liabilities Federal Reserve Bank of New York / Matthew Higgins, Thomas Klitgaard, and Cédric Tille

Uptick in Bond Issuance Seen for 2006 / Stephen Taub

11,000 mark for the Dow merits tiny drum roll Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

GM Needs To Get Scared And Stay That Way Forbes / Joann Muller and Jonathan Fahey

Arrears remain high on credit-card debt AP via Baltimore Sun

Adjustable-rate loans come home to roost Boston Globe / Kimberly Blanton

UK trade deficit hits record high Guardian / Mark Tran

US home loan applications rise as rates hit lows Reuters / Julie Haviv

Moody's cuts Ford's ratings deeper into junk Reuters

Bond Prices Are Little Changed AP via Houston Chronicle

Less consumer debt is more good news Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Wall Street Bonuses Rise to a Record $21.5 Billion Bloomberg / Adrian Cox

TX: New-home sales continue surge Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

China sees trade surplus triple BBC News

Young dream-seekers strapped by debt Christian Science Monitor / Marilyn Gardner

Warning: Spin doctors at work Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

The Road Ahead Kirby Analytics via Safehaven / Rob Kirby

Kirk Puts Hummer Down NY Post / Paul Tharp

Goldman Sachs Economist May Just Have THE Answer Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Ferguson's Banking Expertise May Aid Bernanke in Fed Transition Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Prices on Some State, Local Tobacco Bonds Explode Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Proportion of consumers delinquent on credit card bills stays near record level Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Martin Crutsinger

The Main Street of futures trading Marketwatch / Marshall Loeb

Morgan Stanley Can't Declare War on Lap Dancers Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

S.E.C. Plans to Accuse Hedge Fund of Violations NY Times / Andrew Ross Sorkin

WA: Hunt for office space widens Seattle Times / Tom Boyer

Crude oil prices edge up AP via NJ Post

Yen Drops on Speculation Japanese Seeking Higher Yield Abroad Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto

China's 2005 Trade Surplus Triples to $102 Billion Bloomberg / Nerys Avery

Surge in Germany and France points to eurozone fightback Guardian / Ashley Seager

UK: Economy worries hit UK consumer BBC News

I.R.S. Move Said to Hurt the Poor NY Times / David Cay Johnston


China forex syndrome Reuters

Midcap funds can add stability USA Today / John Waggoner

Monetary myopia The Economist

WI: Real estate execs predict strong year for downtown condo market Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Tom Daykin

Danger time for America The Economist

Businesses ready to raise their stakes in the economy USA Today / Barbara Hagenbaugh

Caveat investor The Economist

America's welfare dilemma $ FT / Dan Roberts

SEC probe of IBM becomes formal Marketwatch / Rex Crum

U.S. opens Alaskan area near refuge to oil leases Reuters via Houston Chronicle / Yereth Rosen

US budget deficit to surge above $400bn $ FT / Caroline Daniel and Christopher Swann

Cable, à la Carte? National Review / Cesar V. Conda

FL: Affordability of homes drops Tallahassee Democrat / Rocky Scott

The Belgian chocolate theory of the dollar $ FT / Paul de Grauwe

The Path to Lower Gas Prices: Free Trade Ludwig von Mises Institute / Robert Karl Merting

The 2006 Mutual Fund Guide Forbes / Scott DeCarlo and John Chamberlain

A word to wise on Roth 401(k)s Marketwatch / Robert Powell

Canada's Monetary Policy Framework: Dealing with Global Economic Change Bank of Canada / Sheryl Kennedy

China: Are you being served? The Economist

ECB signals possible increase in March IHT / Carter Dougherty

Shots across the border The Economist

Canada: Trade surplus shrinks Globe and Mail / Tavia Grant

Steeper Curve Ahead? Bond Buyer / Matthew Johnson

NY: Hevesi Calls Debt Evil, Easy Bond Buyer / Adam L. Cataldo

Treasuries rally after strong auction FT / Jennifer Hughes, Joanna Chung and David Turner

Global growth seen robust in 2006, even if US slows Reuters / Toni Vorobyova

Musicland seeks Chapter 11 protection Minneapolis Star Tribune / Chris Serres

Profit taking puts end to run to record highs Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Michael J. Martinez

Downgrades weigh on market AP via Dallas Morning News

OfficeMax investor urges sale AP via Bradenton Herald

CA: Economist: Real estate boom over Long Beach Press Telegram / Don Jergler

Snow moves to rebut Soros warning of recession in US Scotsman / John Bowker

CA: Bay Area residents earn most in state Contra Costa Times / George Avalos

Gigantic TVs, high-capacity DVDs, and hi-def video at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show Slate / Paul Boutin

Corporate taxes, gov't spending hit records AP via Beaufort Gazette / Martin Crutsinger

Treasuries rise, foreigners show penchant for TIPS Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

Foreign cenbanks boost U.S. debt holdings – Fed Reuters

Treasury bond market at a glance AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer

US junk bond funds report $6.5 mly weekly outflow Reuters

Oil Prices Stay Above $64 on Iran Fears AP via Forbes / George Jahn

There's the peak, and the long run Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

U.S. mortgage rates unchanged Thursday – BestInfo Reuters

Annuity Anxiety Forbes / Tom Van Riper

FL: Full house in Orlando Orlando Sentinel / Jack Snyder

WI: Home sales dip as '05 ends Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Michele Derus

CA: A Lesson in Political Math From the Governor LA Times / Michael Hiltzik

AZ: Economist forecasts 4% area growth rate in '06 Arizona Republic / Robert Trigaux

Weekly U.S. jobless claims edge higher Reuters via MSNBC

US Treasuries extend early gains after trade data Reuters

Bond prices mostly higher at midday AP via NJ Post

Calpine Default Swap Holders Opt to Settle in Cash Bloomberg / John Dooley

The trade gap and the forecast gap Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

US trade gap narrows as exports recover FT / Christopher Swann

Fall in US jobless raises fears on wage growth FT / Christopher Swann

Free fall in U.S. textiles hits brake Washington Times / Jeffrey Sparshott

Mortgage rates dip; 30-year 6.15% Marketwatch / Steve Kerch

Housing troubles expected Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

Magellan rebounding after change of manager Boston Globe / Ross Kerber

NASD Names Mary Schapiro As Next Chairman AP via Houston Chronicle

UBS's Bianco Turns Bullish on U.S. Stocks Bloomberg / Edgar Ortega

Newspapers are strong buy Marketwatch vi Baltimore Sun / Thomas Kostigen

Sorry, no Apple for you: Microsoft's bid fruitless Seattle Post Intelligencer / Todd Bishop

RadioShack reports sales rise in 4Q Bloomberg via Dallas Morning News

Earnings warnings won't blow away rally Marketwatch / David Callaway

Thursday's Metal Prices AP via Orange County Register

Thursday World Gold Prices AP via NJ Post

Thursday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

Oil Rises to 3-Month High on Concern Over Iran Atomic Program Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

Bush's Bull Market Forbes / Phil Kerpen

CO: State's bountiful snow pulls in record crowds Denver Post / Julie Dunn

Euro Falls After ECB's Trichet Cites Risks to Economic Growth Bloomberg / Michael McDonald and Deborah Finestone

World economy grows, faces dangerous balancing act USA Today / David J. Lynch

Blow for eurozone as German growth stalls FT / Ralph Atkins

Futures Traders Trim Bets on ECB Rate Reaching 3% This Year Bloomberg / Hamish Risk

Bank of England leaves rates unchanged FT / Jamie Chisholm

European Economies: ECB's Trichet Avoids Interest Rate Signal Bloomberg / John Fraher

Energy Crisis & the Politics of Oil Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis via Safehaven / Mike Shedlock

My Two Cents About the USPS and the Fed Lew Rockwell / Morgan Reynolds

Arsentic of lobbyists pollutes US politics Guardian via Taipei Times / Gary Younge

Lone Star Hires Citigroup for $4.9 Billion Korea Sale Bloomberg / William Sim

Australian Employment Rises Less-Than-Expected 2,100 Bloomberg / Victoria Batchelor

'Grand challenges' spur grand results Christian Science Monitor / Gregory M. Lamb

TX: What's ahead for 2006 economy? San Antonio Express News / William Pack

Lobbying to Sell Your House NY Times / Glen Justice

U.S. Nov. Trade Gap Narrowed as Oil Prices Fell, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Bob Willis

Yugos Happen: The Lure of Crap Cars Tech Central Station / Ralph Kinney Bennett

Best Buy shuffles top management AP via NJ Post

Kerkorian Poses Unlikely Answer to GM's Prayers Bloomberg / Doron Levin

Eliot Spitzer Exposes Wall Street's Tiny Jewels Bloomberg / Michael Lewis

Ex-Morgan Stanley Executives Raid Talent at Old Firm NY Times / Landon Thomas, Jr.

Goldman Is Said to Have Quit Thomas Weisel Offering NY Times / Jenny Anderson

How About Getting Politicians Out of Politics? Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

ECB unlikely to change interest rates AP via NJ Post

UK: More prudence, European commissioner tells Gordon Brown as UK breaches deficit Guardian / David Gow and Ashley Seager

UK: Markets oblivious to the grim implications of Britain's widening trade deficit in goods Independent / Jeremy Warner

UK: Warning lights should be flashing at Treasury as trade gap widens Independent / Hamish McRae

Crazy or Brave? Skeptic Remek Says Sell Google Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert



Record Week for Corporate Bond Offerings / Stephen Taub

Oil looms large over world stage BBC News / Ben Richardson

Always a Monetary Phenomenon National Review / John Tamny

Oil Prices Fall, Markets Fret on Iran AP via Forbes / Gillian Wong

Blodget cautions about Google hype Bloomberg vi NY Daily News

Business Conditions: Testing the Strong Growth Thesis Morgan Stanley / Shital Patel and Richard Berner

CA: Terayon is served bond default notice San Jose Business Journal

The Monetary Transmission Mechanism Federal Reserve Bank of Boston / Peter N. Ireland

Miracle to Malaise: What’s Next for Japan? Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas / W. Michael Cox and Jahyeong Koo

Commercial Real Estate Lending Proposed Interagency Guidance FDIC

The Global Delta Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

China: US$100 billion Trade Surplus. So What? Morgan Stanley / Andy Xie

UK: Are Pensions A Factor Holding Back Investment? Morgan Stanley / David Miles, Leon Michaelides and Melanie Baker

Spain: Challenging Four Mainstream Views Morgan Stanley / Vincenzo Guzzo

Four Stars are Aligning for AXJ Currency Appreciation Morgan Stanley / Stephen L. Jen and Charles St-Arnaud

Is Google headed for $2000? Or $100? Fortune via CNN / Fred Vogelstein

GM seeks fresh concessions from workers $ FT / Bernard Simon

GM sees better '06, stock still falls CNN / Chris Isidore

America's pension time bomb CNN / Geoffrey Colvin

CA: Budget counts on growth Sacramento Bee / Andrew McIntosh

Switzerland, fount of trade? Dallas Morning News / Jim Landers

Tyco earnings shortfall outweighs break-up plan Reuters / Ben Klayman

Refco says entire board resigns Reuters via CNN

Treasuries Surge After Producer Price and Retail Sales Reports Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Factories to prosper on the corporate tab Chicago Tribune / James P. Miller

Bond investors retain risk appetite FT / Ivar Simensen

Commodities rally gathers steam FT / Chris Flood

Friday's money rates AP via NJ Post

Trade imbalance isn't for lack of stuff Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Big homes become bigger deal Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

CalPERS has an 11.2% investment return in '05 Sacramento Bee via Fresno Bee / Gilbert Chan

GAO finds ITT conflict of interest AP via NJ Post

Wal-Mart Takes Over The World Forbes / Robert Malone

Don't count on market gains to last Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Investors may be misreading the Fed AP via NJ Post / Ellen Simon

Treasuries Gain as Core Producer Prices Rise Less Than Forecast Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Friday's Metal Prices AP via NJ Post

Grain, soybean futures rise AP via NJ Post

Corporate Tax Payments Set Record / Stephen Taub

U.S. Economy: Retail Sales Rise Less Than Forecast Bloomberg / Victor Epstein and Joe Richter

The Empire Builder Forbes / Michael Maiello

History comes out of vault Boston Globe / Sasha Talcott

Tyco shares plunge as break-up plan unveiled $ FT

Where do finance chiefs go for advice? / Kate O’ Sullivan

Dollar fends off doubters with help from ECB chief FT / Darryl Thomson

Latin America's Slump-Prone Currencies Soar, Hobbling Exports Bloomberg / Carlos Caminada

Safe Haven in Muni Bonds Was Twice as Risky in '05 Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Sell Signal on Bonds and Some Trading Tips Meek Market Models via Safehaven / Charles Meek

Where's the wall of worry? Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

A Crazy Man's Rant or Right On? You Be the Judge Precious Metals Warrants via Safehaven / Dudley Baker

AIG to settle probes for $1 billion: WSJ Marketwatch

Federated Puts Lord & Taylor on Block NY Times / Claudia H. Deutsch

That Leaking Housing Bubble Daily Reckoning via Lew Rockwell / Bill Bonner

MA: Condo sellers pull units off block as market cools Boston Herald / Jay Fitzgerald

TX: Home prices on the move Houston Chronicle / Nancy Sarnoff

CA: Housing Bargains, at a Price LA Times /  Maria L. La Ganga

World's Tallest Towers 2006 Forbes / Sara Clemence

NASD Appoints Top Enforcer Schapiro as Its Chief Executive Washington Post / Brooke A. Masters

Investors Ask, Can a Book Really Beat the Market? Bloomberg / Chet Currier

UK: Offshore account holders warned to declare everything to Revenue Guardian / Phillip Inman

China's Conundrum Tops Greenspan's Riddle Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Best of Worlds, Unless China Alters Course $ NY Times / Floyd Norris

UK: Interest rates left on hold for fifth month Guardian / Ashley Seager

U.S. Retail Sales Increased 0.9% in December, BN Survey Shows Bloomberg / Victor Epstein

The Rising Tide of Google Wall Street Journal via Marketwatch / Mark Gongloff and Scott Patterson

History of recent U.S. disasters / Joseph Popiolkowski


Retiring with Bernanke -- Are You Prepared? Merk via Safehaven / Axel Merk

The Illusion of a Rising Dow Euro Pacific via Safehaven / Peter Schiff

Holiday shoppers got off their wallets late in the season San Diego Union Tribune / Frank Green

MO: Auditor spots a red herring in her bowl of vanilla ice cream St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

What next for the US economy as Greenspan finally eases himself into retirement? Independent / Jeremy Warner

The Incredible Stuff Machine Lew Rockwell / Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Corporate profits could lift stocks Reuters / Emily Chasan

Can Casinos Replace Government? Lew Rockwell / Michael S. Rozeff

Big Jump in Wholesale Prices NY Post / Paul Tharp

IN: A win-win situation Indianapolis Star / Erika D. Smith

Verizon debt rating lowered Raleigh News and Observer

U.S. unlikely to bail out industry Detroit Free Press

Pump prices creep back up Houston Chronicle / Purva Patel

Betting Again on Tech's Potential LA Times / Tom Petruno

Albertsons Said to Renew Buyout Talks LA Times / Jerry Hirsch

Though outlook is unclear for real estate funds, they're a smart long-term holding AP via Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Meg Richards

Home remodeling hit record in '05 Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

CA: Housing costs – higher, slower, lower – to control economy San Diego Union Tribune / Dean Calbreath

AZ: Home prices, sales hit highs Arizona Republic / Catherine Reagor

Video games hit record sales $ FT / Chris Nuttall

Euro Falls This Week as Trichet Damps Higher-Rate Expectations Bloomberg / Michael McDonald

Outsourcing here to stay, senator says AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel / S. Srinivasan

When Treasury yields look scary IHT / Daniel Altman

Japan's 20-Year Government Bonds Rise for Fourth Week in Five Bloomberg / Issei Morita

Australian Dollar Rose on the Week as Metals Prices Increased Bloomberg / Chris Young

Disclosure Won't Tame C.E.O. Pay $ NY Times / Joseph Nocera

What Detroit Could Learn From Nissan NY Times / Micheline Maynard

Boutique Bank Lands Ex-Goldman Star NY Times / Jenny Anderson


No quick fix for German malaise $ FT / Wolfgang Munchau

Curb your expectations Marketwatch / Chuck Jaffe

General Motors makes too many cars $  FT /  John Gapper

Selling in China? Which one is it? IHT / David Lague

Inverted yield curve spurs recession concern Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Tom Saler

For too many investors, the long run is defined by months, not years Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Len Boselovic

How Contrarian Picks Outpace The “Smart Money” NY Post / Terry Keenan

Data point to a soft landing, for now Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Money Gets Pricey NY Post / Tracy Byrnes

Production Rises, Consumer Inflation Tame: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Cost of borrowing to pay for college rising Knight Rider via The State / Gene Meyer

How long will housing bubble last? Bradenton Journal / Nancy Marciniak

Gold fever in Nevada AP via NY Daily News

Bring back the 1980s Reuters / Marc Gernstein

Analysts: Growing Deficit Hobbles Economy AP via Newsday / Jeannine Aversa

Earnings schedule for the week AP via NJ Post 

John Plender: Emerging from emergency markets $ FT / John Plender

World's biggest civil technology project comes alive $ FT / Nicholas Timmins

Gold has regained its luster Sacramento Bee / Jack Sirard

On payroll, CEO stands for certainly excessive officer Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

Spoiled CEOs soon in the spotlight Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

United's stock plan a hatchet job Denver Post / Al Lewis

United to fly in an air of uncertainty Chicago Tribune / Mark Skertic

Don't expect breakout year for chip bellwether Intel Baltimore Sun / Leon Lazaroff

NC: High-foreclosure areas are a barrier to reselling homes Charlotte Observer / Binyamin Appelbaum

CA: A dream interrupted LA Times / Barbara E. Hernandez

CA: Room additions San Diego Union Tribune / Jennifer Davies

Fidelity on a mission to restore the faith Chicago Sun Times / Mark Jewell

Japanese funds rise, lure money Chicago Tribune / Andrew Leckey

Immigrants may save organized labor Denver Post / Tom McGhee

Waiting for Junk Bonds to Bounce Back LA Times / Tom Petruno

Japan to Pay Lowest Cost on 30-Year Debt Since 2004 at Auction Bloomberg / Chris Cooper

Euro May Fall as Trichet Signals Slower Pace of Rate Increases Bloomberg / Jake Lee

China Foreign Exchange Reserves Rose to $818.9 Billion in 2005 Bloomberg / Nerys Avery

Park GM Money in Bonds Wall Street Journal / Andrew Bary

Saving the Post Office Washington Post / Margaret Webb Pressler

Experts appraise housing market Boston Herald / Kenneth R. Harney

Extreme brand makeovers: Some familiar companies get fresh looks Boston Herald / Jesse Noyes

Investors stuck with a '90s attitude face disappointment Marketwatch / Chuck Jaffe

Euronext in fresh dealing probe Guardian - Observer / Richard Wachman

Investors Play the Long Odds Wall Street Journal / Gregory Zuckerman

Claiming 'Head of Household' Just Got Harder Washington Post / Albert B. Crenshaw

US dollar fades as analysts sense economic softening AFP via Taipei Times

Some Mutual Funds Are Joining the Activist Bandwagon NY Times / Daniel Gross

Positive Ratings for a Ratings Makeover Marketwatch via NY Times

Energy Trading, Post-Enron NY Times / Alexei Barrionuevo

Gee, Bankruptcy Never Looked So Good $ NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

He Likes Challenges. But Time Warner? NY Times / Andrew Ross Sorkin

UK: Gordon Brown may not like Brussels, but he can still learn something from Europe Independent / Hamish McRae

UK public spending set to outstrip Germany's Guardian - Observer / Heather Stewart