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Fund might be best path to commodities USA Today / John Waggoner

Gasoline falls below $2 in some spots USA Today / James R. Healey

Canada: Bank of Canada Review Bank of Canada

Inflation Targeting Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis / William Poole

Renewing our Regional Economy Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland / Sandra Pianalto

Set a target and hit it, Poole says St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

Bernanke doesn't flesh out rate stance Marketwatch / Greg Robb

CA: Bay area home sales dip again Mercury News / Eve Mitchell

Mack shut out of the medals Marketwatch / David Weidner

The American century shows no sign of ending $ FT / Michael Lind

More than a notional improvement The Economist

Fed Says Banks Meet Target on Derivatives Backlog Bloomberg / John Dooley

Gasoline falls below $2 in some spots USA Today / James R. Healey

Alternative minimum tax could hit 23 million next year AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Mary Dalrymple

Dow hits new 4½-year high in cautious trading AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Michael J. Martinez

RadioShack CEO admits 'misstatements' Dallas Fort worth Star Telegram / Heather Landy

EU: The big squeeze The Economist

EU: The services gap $ The Economist

Treasury notes climb on Bernanke remarks AP via NJ Post

Fed's Pianalto steers clear of national economy Reuters

30-year mortgage rate hits 2006 high CNN

Dell Earns $1.01 Billion in 4th Quarter AP via Forbes

Dishonesty in Everyday Life and its Policy Implications Federal Reserve Bank of Boston / Nina Mazar and Dan Ariely

Homebuilders' selling point: Optimism Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

CA: Southland's Home Sales Cool Further LA Times / Annette Haddad

Home loan that goes into reverse Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

Housing surge could be a lot of hot air CNN / Chris Isidore

Home Starts Rise to Highest Since 1973 Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Foreclosures: Bargain hunters beware! Money via CNN / Cybele Weisser

Target's 4th-Qtr Profit Rises 14% on Clothing Sales Bloomberg / Lauren Coleman-Lochner

J.C. Penney Says 4Q Profits Up 65 Percent AP via Forbes

Hedge against inflation with a new ETF  Orange County Register / Linda Stern

Dollar hits highs on Bernanke boost FT / Steve Johnson

Bernanke Talks Tough, and Plainly, on Inflation LA Times / Joel Havemann

Bernanke refuses to be tied down on rates AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Jeannine Aversa

Satisfying China's demand for energy BBC News / Rupert Wingfield-Hayes

A Little Advice For The New Fed Chief NY Post / John Crudele

Bernanke, Following Greenspan on Rates, Refuses Budget Role Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Smooth road for Fed chair so far, uncertainties ahead Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull

The New Fed Chairman Meets the Same Old Congress Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Bernanke Says Economy's Expansion Is on Track Washington Post / Nell Henderson and Neil Irwin

Bernanke Shields Dollar from Dismal Data Forex News via Safehaven / Ashraf Laidi

Southeast '05 Issuance Jumps 20% Bond Buyer / Shelly Sigo, Tedra DeSue and Matthew Vadum

Treasury to Suspend SLGS Today Bond Buyer / Andrew Ackerman and Alison L. McConnell

U.K. Investors Flock to U.S. Treasuries as Gilt Yields Decline Bloomberg / Rodrigo Davies

Fink’s Fortune NY Post / Zachery Kouwe

Schwab Hedged Equity's Hsu Beats S&P 500 by Relying on Ratings Bloomberg / Sophie Hayward

Naked shorting Targeted NY Post / Roddy Boyd

Bernanke boost? Newsletters cautious Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

U.S. Housing Starts Probably Rose in January, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Canada: Companies flush with surplus cash CP via Toronto Star

Trying a New Tack, Fed Chief Is Brief, Clear and Also Upbeat NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

On the Menu for Breakfast: $1 Trillion NY Times / Landon Thomas, Jr.

The Politics of Economic Nationalism Tech Central Station / Arnold Kling

Singapore Raises 2006 GDP Forecast to as Much as 6% Bloomberg / Shamim Adam and Chan Sue Ling

UK: Everything seems rosy but are we missing something? Independent / Hamish McRae

China Needs to Get Rich Before It Gets Too Old Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee


Should we go around the bend over the shape of the yield curve? St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

TD-Bank downgraded Globe and Mail / Roma Luciw

Home Depot Resists Subpoenas of Execs / Stephen Taub

New U.S. Treasury debt may encourage longer term mortgage loan products AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Aleksandrs Rozens

Lunch with the FT: The man and the bubble FT / Jim Pickard

Government bonds rally around the world FT / Joanna Chung

Yen tumbles on fresh deflation fear FT / Steve Johnson

Trade deficit pressures our economy Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Producer Price Index Up 0.3 Pct. in Jan. AP via Chicago Tribune / Martin Crutsinger

Asset-Backed Issuance Tops $1 Trillion Bond Market Association

U.S. Treasury prices post solid gains AP via NJ Post

Want more interest? Meet bond, junk bond USA Today / John Waggoner

Stocks finish with a loss AP via Boston Herald

Big rally for oil; OPEC mulls output cuts CNN

Weathering the energy futures market Marketwatch / Myra P. Saefong

T. Rowe to get Caterpillar unit funds Marketwatch / Kathie O'Donnell

A higher level of confusion Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

CA: Home sales hit five-year low Contra Costa Times / James Temple

Homeownership rate falls Wall Street Journal via Contra Costa Times / Ruth Simon

MD: Increase in minimum wage begins Baltimore Sun / Andrew A. Green

No Ford? Start walking! Cincinnati Enquirer / Mike Boyer

Waking to China / Donald Luskin

Colombia's Central Bank Holds Benchmark Rate at 6% Bloomberg / Andrea Jaramillo

Chinese pricing is bitter pill Dallas Morning News / Jim Landers

RadioShack Gets Slammed Forbes / Tom Van Riper

The Margin In The Dell Reuters

Icahn's rare retreat $ The Economist

Friday's commodities roundup AP via NJ Post

US gov't $25 mln from debt ceiling-Treasury Reuters

Bush: Mortgage deduction to stay a part of tax law Reuters

Retirement age 'will rise to 85' BBC News / Paul Rincon

Japan: Land of the rising indicators $ The Economist

Bastiat's Legacy in Economics Ludwig Von Mises Institute / J.G. Hülsmann

Federal Financial Regulatory Agencies Extend Comment Period on Nontraditional Mortgage Products Federal Reserve Board

Seasonally Mal-Adjusted Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

Stocks find no reason to rise CNN

Treasury chief declines to rule out 50-year bond Reuters

Banks Plan to Settle Default Swaps in Cash, Avoiding `Squeeze' Bloomberg / John Dooley

Friday World Gold Prices AP via NJ Post

RadioShack 4Q Earnings Plunge 62 Percent Chicago Tribune

"Hybrid" Retirement Saving Plans Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

Merrill to Pay $164 Mln to Settle 23 Research Suits Bloomberg

Fed chairman warns Congress on China surplus Washington Times / Patrice Hill

US producer prices up 0.3% in January FT

NV: More tourists are taking a hike Las Vegas Sun / Richard N. Velotta

Currency Strategists: Bear Says Chilean Peso to Fall Bloomberg / Matthew Walter

Asia: Behind the Curve Morgan Stanley / Andy Xie

Japan: The Two Threats to Sustainable Growth Morgan Stanley / Robert Alan Feldman

Japan: GDP (Oct-Dec): On Top of the Industrialized World Morgan Stanley / Takehiro Sato

UK: Monetary policy outlook - no change in sight Morgan Stanley / David Miles, Melanie Baker and Vladimir Pilonca

Much ado about Bernanke Euro Pacific via Safehaven / Peter Schiff

Bernanke Portrayed as Inflation Fighter Safehaven / David Shvartsman

For Net stocks, wild rides aren't over yet Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull

Los Angeles Displaces Boston as Mutual-Fund Hub Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Trade Deficit Will Only Decline With the Economy $ NY Times / Floyd Norris

China's `Arms Race' Puts Pimco's Gross to Shame Bloomberg / William Pesek

Hawaii Bucks Business as Usual, Connecticut Doesn't Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Home Building Binge Feeds Glut NY Post / Paul Tharp

NY: Farewell, Condo Cash-Outs NY Times / Motoko Rich

BlackRock deal could have sent Mellon packing Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Dan Fitzpatrick

Lehman’s Fuld Bags $34.5M Bundle NY Post / Roddy Boyd

Oil prices hover around $59 a barrel AP via NJ Post

U.S. January Producer Prices Probably Rose 0.2%, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Australia may raise rates to curb inflation FT / Ray Marcelo

Japan's GDP Expands Faster-Than-Forecast on Exports Bloomberg / Lily Nonomiya

Bernanke Breaks With Greenspan, Sympathizes With China Critics Bloomberg


Core inflation is one constant in economy Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Big Oil: Gouging or straight dealing? Minneapolis Star Tribune / Mike Meyers

Shell Closes Oil Field After Militants Take Hostages Bloomberg / Karl Maier and Julie Ziegler

Bernanke Fallacy Merk via Safehaven / Axel Merk

The Conundrum of Risk Thoughts From The Frontline via Safehaven / John Mauldin

The Economy Just Keeps on Truckin' Union Securities via Safehaven / David Chapman

Hard-wired to Fail: Why We Need Contrarian Managers Best Minds via Safehaven / Doug Wakefield

Icahn Outclassed NY Post / Tim Arango

CA: Pools go off the deep end Orange County Register / John Gittelsohn

Gas prices fall faster for stations than drivers AP via Modesto Bee / Brad Foss

Bernanke Enthralls Economists, Investors AP via Chicago Tribune / Ellen Simon

Dollar Rises Versus Yen After Bernanke Suggests Higher Rates Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger

Russia sees U.S. as barrier to WTO Reuters via Washington Times

Japanese 10-Year Bonds Have Largest Weekly Gain in Three Months Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane

Asian Currencies Have Weekly Decline on U.S. Rates, Outflow Bloomberg / Christina Soon




TX: Squeeze from adjustable rates not likely to damage Houston Houston Chronicle / Nancy Sarnoff

Finding courage to invest Sacramento Bee / Jack Sirard

Bush aims to whet appetites for HSAs Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

The Tail That Wags the Dog Kirby Analytics via Safehaven / Rob Kirby

'AMT-free' bond portfolios dodge tax affecting millions Marketwatch / Jonathan Burton

Pledging continuity, Bernanke breaks with Greenspan Reuters / Tim Ahmann

Greenback edges up versus yen, but falls against euro AFP and can via Taipei Times

Maybe it's time to try large caps again Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Kathleen Gallagher

Oh Google, we hardly knew ye Allentown Morning Call Laura Smitherman

Stock market likes what it sees in Bernanke Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

Wall St. rally may require more good news AP via NJ Post / Michael J. Martinez

Consumer Prices, Economy Index May Rise: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

RadioShack can't tune out static Denver Post / Al Lewis

CA: Dollars and rents Orange County Register / Jeff Collins

Two for the Money LA Times / David Streitfeld and Nicholas Riccardi

US far from happy over trade deficit with China Taipei Times / Cao Chang-qing

Bush aims to whet appetites for HSAs Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Strip bonds make good investing tools Toronto Star / David Cruise and Alison Griffiths

A Way Boomers Can Have It All LA Times / Tom Petruno

Funds Where 'Muni' Means Money Wall Street Journal / Jonathan Burton

Long Bonds Carry Risk Wall Street Journal

Economists Worry About the Rent, Too NY Times / Conrad De Aennle

All Eyes on Consumer Price Index Wall Street Journal

Bernanke and Co. - Put Your High Beams On! Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Kasriel

Buying top-performing funds often leads to disappointment Marketwatch / Chuck Jaffe

In Japan, Day-Trading Like It's 1999 NY Times / Martin Fackler

Time to Get Pickier With Tech Stocks Wall Street Journal / Gregory Zuckerman

A 'Holy Cow' Moment in Payland $ NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

This Year, the First Round Goes to the Risk Takers NY Times / Paul J. Lim

Interest rate shifts throw bank stocks a curve Chicago Tribune via Orlando Sentinel / Andrew Leckey

The Case for Fewer but Stronger Currencies NY Times / Daniel Gross

How States Are Aiming to Keep Dollars Out of Sudan NY Times / Carla Fried

UK: If house price rises were made of straw, would spending fall through the floor? Independent / Hamish McRae


Dr. Doom warns: 'Correction Time!' Marketwatch / Paul B. Farrell

Review and Preview Morgan Stanley / Ted Wieseman and David Greenlaw

Asian Currencies Poised to Appreciate in 2006 Morgan Stanley / Stephen L. Jen, Luca Bindelli and Charles St-Arnaud

EU: Deregulating Services Is Key for Jobs and Productivity Morgan Stanley / Eric Chaney and Elga Bartsch

CA: Million dollars doesn’t go so far now Long Beach Press Telegram / Don Jergler

Bernanke is no inflation fighter MSNBC via Fiend’s SuperBear Page / Bill Fleckenstein

Canadian Dollar Rises Second Day on Higher Crude Oil Prices Bloomberg / Greg Quinn

RadioShack chief resigns over resume controversy Reuters

A bargain that could end Japan-China bickering $ FT / Gerald Curtis

Wellink says ECB should look to head off inflation Reuters / Cameron French

Modern America in a Roman predicament $ FT / Harold James

FL: Where have all the exporters gone? Miami Herald / Jane Bussey

Blacks hit hard as automaker jobs go south Detroit News via Denver Post / Louis Aguilar

FL: Housing prices adjusting -- and that's OK Orlando Sentinel / Mike Thomas

Feud over real estate rights heats up Marketwatch / Robert Schroeder

Monday World Gold Prices AP via NJ Post

Time running out for WTO on trade talks AP via Beaufort Gazette / Sam Cage

Superfluous Sarbanes-Oxley National Review / John Tamny

Bush Says U.S. Won't Be `Held Hostage' by Oil-Producing Nations Bloomberg / Brendan Murray

Getting to the truth on spending Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Treasury Debt May Draw Increased Foreign Demand as Yields Rise  Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Morgan Stanley Abandons Brazil, Russia Bond Strategy Bloomberg / Agnes Lovasz

TX: Roaring economy leaves some behind Dallas Morning News / Angela Shah

Oil Prices Rise More Than $1 a Barrel AP via Chicago Tribune / Elizabeth Kusta

Gold Gains Look Precarious Forbes / Oxford Analytica

Effort to roll back Sarbanes-Oxley gains strength Reuters via San Diego Union Tribune

Company Town Relies on G.M. Long After Plants Have Closed NY Times / Jeremy W. Peters and Micheline Maynard

One 'bold bull' cautious for now Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Wal-Mart's 4th-Qtr Profit May Rise on Holiday Discounts, Ads Bloomberg / Lauren Coleman-Lochner

What You Don't Know about Mortgages Can Hurt You via Safehaven / Suzanne Short

Euro Gains on Speculation ECB's Trichet to Signal Higher Rates Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto

Chile Peso Bonds to Gain on Falling Oil Prices, Chavarria Says Bloomberg / Heather Walsh

Chinese shoes draw Mandelson into new tariff tussle Guardian / David Gow

UK: Pity central bankers: keep the economy growing or hold back a new property boom? Guardian / Ashley Seager

Why Statists Always Get it Wrong Ludwig Von Mises Institute / Per Bylund

Fannie, Freddie Keep Up Lobbying Washington Post / Annys Shin

Europe Buries Head in an Ashtray as Crises Loom Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

Dollar to Gain as Bernanke Signals Higher Rates, Survey Says Bloomberg / Rodrigo Davies


The Psychology of the Canadian Petro-dollar SirChartsAlot via Safehaven / Gary Dorsch

Health spending rises at blistering pace USA Today / Julie Appleby

Confident investors cling to their mistakes Sacramento Bee / Jack Sirard

TV's Aryan Sisterhood Slate / Jack Shafer

U.S. Treasuries ease in Asia before auction, CPI Reuters

Dueling schools Dr. Irwin Kellner

The Cold Hard Truth / James B. Stewart

Monday’s Market Analysis and Charts / Marty Chenard

Interest-ing time Reuters

U.S. auto sales drop in early February AP via NJ Post / Dee-Ann Durbin

Core CPI expected to rise 0.2% Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Oil independence is possible, but does America want it bad enough? Knight Ridder / Kevin G. Hall

Europe 'to grow faster in 2006' BBC News

The Buttonwood column: European bonds $ The Economist

Moody's further cuts General Motors' debt rating AP via USA Today

Treasuries Fall as Fed Minutes Show Concern of Faster Inflation Bloomberg / Deborah Finestone and Joshua Krongold

Treasuries weaker as auctions loom FT / Jennifer Hughes, Joanna Chung and David Turner

Zoning Board

Interest rates close to right after last hike: Fed Reuters / Tim Ahmann

Fed Leaves Door Open to Interest Rate Hike AP via Chicago Tribune / Jeannine Aversa

Fed Members Saw Inflation Above `Desirable' Level Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Minutes of Federal Open Market Committee, January 31, 2006 Federal Reserve Board

Bush Says Arab Co. Port Deal to Proceed AP via Forbes / Ben Feller

U.S. Stocks Decline on Interest-Rate Concern; Wal-Mart Slides Bloomberg / Nick Baker

A Wall St. star hits the even bigger time Fortune via CNN / Andy Serwer

AZ: Housing 'fix, flip' crowd fired up Arizona Republic / Betty Beard

Summers to Step Down As Harvard President AP via Forbes / Andrew Ryan

San Francisco to test turning dog waste into power Reuters

World needs independent Fund $ FT / Martin Wolf

All About Income Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

U.S. Leading Indicators Rise for 4th Straight Month Bloomberg / Joe Richter

CA: Higher inflation, high-priced homes Orange County Register / Andrew Galvin

FL: Homes hit the market in record numbers Orlando Sentinel / Jerry W. Jackson

CA: 40-year loan has no money down Sacramento Bee / Andrew LePage

Housing poses ironic situation Dallas Morning News / Danielle DIMartino

CA: Is median price drop a blip or an omen? Orange County Register / Jonathan Lansner

Tuesday Gold Coin Prices AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer

Open Macro Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

Faster growth seen for Germany, UK and France FT / George Parker

U.S. Stocks Fall as Oil Climbs; Wal-Mart, Carnival Shares Drop Bloomberg / Nick Baker

Home Depot reports 23 percent profit jump AP via NJ Post / Harry R. Weber

False Witness NY Post / Paul Tharp

Has Dell lost its edge? CNN / Michael Sivy

Barclays profits top £5bn but debt provisions rise $ FT / Gordon Smith

Play for Power NY Post / Zachery Kouwe

Railroads Back on Track? LA Times / Ronald D. White

Bending the Yield Curve to Fit Current Fashion Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Up, Up, and Away Daily Standard / Irwin M. Stelzer

New Economy, Old Math Tech Central Station / David Dreier

Retirements Keep Labor Market Tight, Fed on Inflation Alert Bloomberg / Matthew Benjamin

So, Experience Really Does Matter in Mutual Funds Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Think again Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Dave Barry's Finance Tips Are a Laughing Matter Bloomberg / John Wasik

Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Gap to report  Marketwatch / Jennifer Waters

UK: Oil revenue and corporation tax receipts deliver Brown a bumper budget surplus Guardian / Ashley Seager

Hedge Funds Find Returns in Making Small Loans NY Times / Jenny Anderson and Julie Creswell

Dollar Rises on Speculation U.S. Reports to Flag Higher Rates Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane

Touched by Oil, and Hope NY Times / Simon Romero



Supply Matters for Asset Prices: Evidence from IPOs in Emerging Markets Federal Reserve Bank of Boston / Matías Braun and Borja Larrain

Growth Isn’t the Problem National Review / Michael T. Darda

Lure of carry trades fades as investors turn cautious Reuters / Sabyasachi Mitra and Veronica Brown

Cost Control / Mark Glassman

Mortgage Purchase Applications Up While Refinances Down In Latest Survey Mortgage Bankers Association

FL: Booming housing market will level off this year Bradenton Journal / Dana Sanchez

Attorneys say new bankruptcy law ineffective CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

Oil prices fall by more than $1 a barrel AP via Beaufort Gazette

Dow sets a fresh 4 1/2-year high Marketwatch / Mark Cotton

Roth Capital targets China Orange County Register / Mary Ann Milbourn

State surpluses a boon to education / Kavan Peterson

Hey, Harvard, Hire Me! Tech Central Station / James D. Miller

Protecting the Euro Zone's Bubble Business Week / Natascha Gewaltig

Fannie to air dirty laundry Reuters via CNN

What makes GE great? Fortune via CNN / Geoffrey Colvin

Mexico to Save $15 Million by Selling Debt to U.S. Individuals Bloomberg / Adriana Arai

Treasuries Increase on Speculation Inflation Is Under Control Bloomberg / Joshua Krongold and Deborah Finestone

Do not overlook natural interest rates $ FT / Joachim Fels and Manoj Pradhan

Americans work more, seem to accomplish less Reuters via MSNBC

Joint Final Rule on Securities Borrowing Transactions FDIC

Bond prices up at midday AP via NJ Post

Should We Worry About Falling Savings? Ludwig Von Mises Institute / Frank Shostak

Longer mortgages are predicted AP via Baltimore Sun

Political opposition to Dubai’s takeover of P&O $ The Economist

Clearheaded look at Dubai uproar Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Give back Presidents Day to the people Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Bird flu $ The Economist

Wednesday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

Earned income credit can mean extra money AP via NJ Post

Roger W. Ferguson, Jr., submitted his resignation Wednesday as Vice Chairman Federal Reserve Board

Turkey: Exports a doorway to expansion $ FT / Vincent Boland

Wednesday’s Market Analysis and Charts / Marty Chenard

Central bankers must think globally Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Fed Vice Chair Ferguson resigns Reuters via CNN

U.S. Treasuries Rise on Speculation Inflation Under Control Bloomberg / Joshua Krongold and Deborah Finestone

U.S. Economy: Energy, Food Costs Drive Up Consumer Prices Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Surging Energy Costs Push Inflation Up AP via Chicago Tribune / Martin Crutsinger

BofA Restates Due to Hedge Accounting / Dave Cook

Lehman's Fuld Got $34.5 Million and Then Some Bloomberg / Graef Crystal

Northern Trust names new COO Chicago Sun Times / Mary Wisniewski

Fed Minutes Reinforce Traders' Bets for Two More Rate Increases Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Ben Bernanke takes the stage: Encore! Marketwatch / Bill Mann

For Minorities, Signs of Trouble in Foreclosures NY Times / Vikas Bajaj and Ron Nixon

U.S. Consumer Prices Probably Rose in January, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Time Warner Bondholders Fret That Icahn Is Just Getting Started Bloomberg / Mark Pittman

Good news is bad Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Wal-Mart Tries to Find Its Customer NY Times / Michael Barbaro

GM, Ford Pay for Ignoring Beverly Hills, Scarsdale Bloomberg / Doron Levin

Why Doctors So Often Get It Wrong NY Times / David Leonhardt

Oil Trades Above $62 After Rebel Attacks Cut Nigerian Output Bloomberg / Gavin Evans

Japan's Boom May Explode Yen-Carry Trade Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.

Japan Probably Posted Third Trade Deficit in 20 Years Bloomberg / Lily Nonomiya


China is stagnating in its ‘trapped transition’ $ FT / Minxin Pei

Bankruptcy law labeled a bust Newsday / Tami Luhby

Rising prices pinch families AP via Detroit News / Jeannine Aversa

Fed's Loss Is Bernanke's Gain Business Week vi MSNBC / Catherine Yang

Treasury: Snow had no role or conflict in ports review Marketwatch

Medicare numbers at odds with US claims Boston Globe / Jeffrey Krasner

Currency funds reach masses AP via Myrtle Beach Sun / Meg Richards

Fed must watch inflation, protect growth-officials Reuters / Victoria Thieberger

The great tech buy-out boom The Economist

Opening up the big box The Economist

Gap Net Falls on Holiday Slump; Kohl's, Nordstrom Report Gains Bloomberg / Andria Cheng and Cotten Timberlake

U.S. mortgage rates unchanged Thursday –BestInfo Reuters

Wachovia investment bank chief Roche quits Reuters

‘Culture’ at Fannie Mae led to fraud $ FT / Jennifer Hughes and Christopher Swann

Japan: Picking itself up The Economist

Canada: Ready for a thaw The Economist

EU: Defensive measures The Economist

Globalization, Insurers, and Regulators: Shared Challenges Call for Collaborative Solutions Federal Reserve Board / Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.

The U.S. Economy:  How Fast Can We Grow? Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia / Anthony M. Santomero

Debt, lower wages clip net worth growth CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

Jean-Baptiste Say: Foundations of France's Free Trade Tradition Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Thursday’s Market Analysis and Charts / Marty Chenard

Fannie Mae Probe Points to Top Execs AP via Forbes / Marcy Gordon

Fannie Mae Chronology AP via NJ Post

Fannie Report Reveals No Additional Accounting Flaws Bloomberg / James Tyson and Al Yoon

Bankruptcy's better sooner than later Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Toronto Dominion Bank 1Q profit climbs AP via NJ Post

Fools Put Faith in Data Alone Ludwig Von Mises Institute / James Sheehan

U.S. Economy: Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Decline Bloomberg / Bob Willis

More homes for sale as speculators withdraw, Toll Bros. says Philadelphia Inquirer / Bob Fernandez

Dollar declines against the euro AP via NJ Post

German surveys fuel expectations of ECB rate rise FT / Gerrit Wiesmann

Yen climbs after BOJ chief's remarks Marketwatch

Crude Oil Prices Slip AP via Chicago Tribune

Payback is Rich: Leave Your Kids a Big Fat Mortgage NY Post / John Crudele

KS: Property values go up, so may your taxes Wichita Eagle / Christina M.. Woods

Ferguson's Exit May Ease Bernanke's Path to Fed Inflation Goal Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Fed Vice Chairman Resigns, Adding to Turnover at Top Washington Post / Nell Henderson

Inflation pickup worries Fed Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull

Bush, Congress Make a Farce of the Debt Ceiling Bloomberg / John M. Berry

S&P: Pension Costs Put Squeeze on States Bond Buyer / Matthew Vadum

U.S. Notes May Gain on Speculation Yields to Entice at Auction Bloomberg / Prashant Rao and Shamim Adam

Jobless Claims May Signal Strong U.S. Labor Market, Survey Says Bloomberg / Bob Willis

India's Budget Faces Rupee Convertibility Test Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

Economic Psycho Babble Goldenbar vi Safehaven / Ed Bugos

Claiming Stock Manipulation, Biovail Sues Hedge Fund NY Times / Jenny Anderson

Finally, two bulls! Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Dow Jones Plans to Merge Online and Print Divisions NY Times / Katharine Q. Seelye

Hooked up to the Greed Detector Marketwatch / Thomas Kostigen

Good for America Tech Central Station / James K. Glassman

UK: Fear of property boom kept interest rate on hold Guardian / Larry Elliott

UK: Is the Bank of England right to be so bullish? Beware the storm clouds on the horizon Independent / Jeremy Warner

The Work You Do When You're Not at Work NY Times / Virginia Postrel

Sticks and Summers Tech Central Station / Robert McHenry


Poole suggests “minor refinements” in Fed policy St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

Resource boom spurs profits in other sectors too Marketwatch / Kevin Kerr

Productivity Growth: Causes and Consequences—Conference Summary Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

The Economics of Taxation Ludwig von Mises Institute / Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Summary Findings of the Fourth Quantitative Impact Study FDIC

Gold rises over $10 to end the week up 1% Marketwatch / Myra P. Saefong

Dinner with the Twins National Review / Tom Nugent

Call It What It Is: Islamophobia National Review / Larry Kudlow

PA: Think tank sees trouble for Pa. pension funds Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Len Boselovic

The Benefits of Price Stability Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

Federal Regulators Release Summary Findings of the Fourth Quantitative Impact Study Federal Reserve Board

Bernanke Says Fed Shouldn't Manage Asset Prices Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Government bonds on the back foot FT / Joanna Chung

Too Big to Burst Euro Pacific via Safehaven / Peter Schiff

Consolidation, lay-offs hit US mortgage industry Reuters / Julie Haviv

Cancelled home orders: Latest bubble prick? CNN / Chris Isidore

Real Estate Weekly -- Feb. 24 Marketwatch

Treasurys close lower as durable orders fails to excite Marketwatch / Ciara Linnane

Kevin M. Warsh sworn in as member of the Board of Governors Federal Reserve Board

The Importance of Education Federal Reserve Board / Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.

It's a small (online) world after all CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Raines escapes brunt of Fannie Mae inquiry AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Marcy Gordon

A correction isn't a reversal Marketwatch / David Nassar

Research In Motion Shares Rise on Shutdown Delay Bloomberg / Susan Decker and Cary O'Reilly

Blackberry wins stay of execution BBC News

Ted Turner to leave Time Warner board Reuters via MSNBC

Iceland fallout spreads to emerging currencies FT / Steve Johnson

Oil futures leap $2 on thwarted attack AP via Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Brad Foss

Friday’s Market Analysis and Charts / Marty Chenard

'Soft' obligations are hard on firms Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Don't Bet Against Google Forbes / Martin T. Sosnoff

Tax Problems at H&R Block / Dave Cook

Friday's Metal Prices AP via NJ Post

Oil Jumps After Attempted Attack on Saudi Processing Plant Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

Friday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

Saving Backlash Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

How Big a Payback? Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

Orders for Manufactured Goods Tumble AP via Forbes / Martin Crutsinger

Families struggle in lagging economy AP via Charlotte Observer / Martin Crutsinger

Ports fuss leads to 2 nightmares Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Japan: North by Northeast - Next Steps in Industrial Reorganization Morgan Stanley / Robert Alan Feldman

Japan: Goldilocks Says 'Just Right' (Part II) Morgan Stanley / Takehiro Sato

Increasingly, the Home Is Paying for Retirement NY Times / Motoko Rich and Eduardo Porter

It's not just home buyers on the Net San Antonio Express Courier / Adolfo Pesquera

U.S. January Durables Orders Dropped 2%, Bloomberg Survey Shows Bloomberg / Joe Richter

Growth in Families' Wealth Stalls Washington Post / Nell Henderson

MSRB: No Change To Rule G-23 Bond Buyer / Lynn Hume

Bear Stearns’ Bob Jackman to Retire Bond Buyer / Anastasija Johnson

Oil prices shouldn't be decided by the market Taipei Times / Lai Shing-yuan

U.S. to Pay Big Employers Billions Not to End Their Retiree Health Plans NY Times / Mary Williams Walsh

Auditor's Links Did Not Stop This Fraud $ NY Times / Floyd Norris

Berkshire Neglect of Analysts May End Amid Buffett Succession Bloomberg / George Stein

Thanks, but no thanks Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Dodge & Cox Sees New Value in Old Growth Stocks Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Deutsche Bank Said to Seek Settlement on Tax Shelters NY Times / Lynnley Browning

HSBC splits investment bank Guardian / Jill Treanor

Bush's Proposed Health Accounts Offer Tax Benefit for Wealthy Bloomberg / Ryan Donmoyer

Political Boundaries Are Not -- and Ought Not Be -- Economic Boundaries Tech Central Station / Donald Boudreaux

Saudi Arabia: Kingdome Come NY Post / Zachery Kouwe

The Unhealthy World Bank Tech Central Station / Roger Bate

Yen Rises on Speculation BOJ Moving Closer to Shifting Policy Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane

China, India Might Buy Rockefeller Center Next Bloomberg / William Pesek



Bernanke, Like Greenspan, Won't Get in Way of Asset Price Rises Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

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