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Snow’s Job National Review / Jerry Bowyer

Not So Dynamic Duo Euro Pacific via Safehaven / Peter Schiff

Auto industry U.S. May results by auto groups Reuters

The jobs report that really matters CNN / Chris Isidore

Unusual Surge In Put-Call Ratio Signals Shift In Options Trading Investor’s Business Daily / Ken Hoover

Nasdaq Rallies 1.9%; Volume Lighter Investor’s Business Daily / Vincent Mao

Lessons of the stock options scandal $ FT / Harvey Pitt

Terms of NYSE's deal with Euronext Reuters

NYSE and Euronext in $20bn merger BBC News

NYSE Buys Euronext Forming First Transatlantic Market Bloomberg / Edgar Ortega

Metals sell-off and oil rally herald return of commodities volatility FT / Dave Shellock

Popular trusts shield real-estate profits Wall Street Journal via Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Rachel Emma Silverman

ECB warns of hedge funds risk to stability $ FT / Ralph Atkins

Treasuries rise on manufacturing data FT / Jennifer Hughes, Joanna Chung and David Turner

WI: Milwaukee area's job market suffers Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Joel Dresang

In their prime The Economist

DIARY-Federal Reserve Events Reuters

Inflation worries keep Fed on fence Australian / Christopher Swan

U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Rose 7,000 to 336,000 Last Week Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Job Cuts at Sun, Heinz, Schering-Plough / Stephen Taub

TX: State Farm’s Home Rates May Rise 39% Near Coast Houston Chronicle / Purva Patel

EU: Talking of immigrants $ The Economist

Eurozone manufacturing growth hits six-year high FT / Ralph Atkins

Opec rejects Venezuelan call to cut output FT / Carola Hoyos

Thursday's Metal Prices AP via NJ Post

Oil rises to $71.50 a barrel AP via Houston Chronicle

Better than flying The Economist

Treasuries gain after weaker than expected US data Reuters / John Parry

OFHEO Releases 1Q – 06 House Price Index pdf Office of Housing Enterprise Oversight

US 30-year, 15-year mortgages-table Reuters

IL: City has a deal for home buyers Chicago Tribune / Gary Washburn

U.S. Economy: Manufacturing Growth Slowed Last Month Bloomberg / Bob Willis

Retailers Post May Sales Gains Even as Gasoline Rises Bloomberg / Cotten Timberlake

Thursday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

Thursday's Analysis / Marty Chenard

Best to ignore that little voice Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

Even in sprawling Arizona, downtown condos are now hip Christian Science Monitor / Faye Bowers

Gold drops more than $6 per ounce Reuters via Washington Post

Man Group Full-Year Profit Increases 15% on Fund Fees Bloomberg / Ambereen Choudhury

Russia: S&P: Only Stronger Banks May Survive Moscow Times / William Mauldin

Banks Honor Bogus Checks and Scam Victims Pay Washington Post / Caroline E. Mayer

Issuance Down 10% In May Bond Buyer / Maxwell Meyers

Auction-Rate Violations Result in $13M Penalty Bond Buyer / Lynn Hume

Corporate Bonds in Europe Drop Most in a Year on ECB, Defaults Bloomberg / Ambereen

Alan Greenspan Demoted to Equity `Bubble Man' From Fed Maestro Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

Fed, Seeking Stopping Point, May Be Pushed Into June Increase Bloomberg / Craig Torres

Rising market volatility calls for shift in investment strategy Marketwatch / Jonathan Burton

Assume crash positions Marketwatch / James Dlugosch

Fiat and Credit - "The Coming Financial Holocaust" vi a Safehaven / Clive Manund

Paulson Can’t Fix The Economy NY Post / John Crudele

Paulson is in for a rough ride but he has the nous to handle it Independent / Hamish McRae

'Heckuva job, Hanky' Marketwatch / David Weidner

Fed Kept Options Open on Rates Washington Post / Nell Henderson

Japan's economic suicides down in 2005 Marketwatch / Ilya Garger

Minding the Health Gap Tech Central Station / Arnold Kling

Fed, Seeking Stopping Point, May Be Pushed Into June Increase Bloomberg / Craig Torres

2 New Captains of the Economy Face Volatile Global Markets NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

OPEC May Keep Oil Production Quotas Steady Through End of Year Bloomberg / Jim Efstathiou Jr. and Peter Wilson

S.E.C. Bond Inquiry Settled for $13 Million Bloomberg via NY Times

U.S. Treasuries May Fall; Traders Raise Bets on Rate Increase Bloomberg / David Yong

Eurotunnel may take French route Guardian / Andrew Clark

A year later, PNC officials are happy with Riggs deal Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Dan Fitzpatrick

U.S. ISM Manufacturing Index Probably Fell to 55.6 in May Bloomberg / Bob Willis

GlaxoSmithKline, U.S. Bancorp Gain as Stock Volatility Returns Bloomberg / Alexis Xydias and Dune Lawrence

Big Bonuses Still Flow, Even if Bosses Miss Goals NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

Low Payments by U.S. Raise Medical Bills Billions a Year NY Times / Milt Freudenheim

For Venezuela, a Treasure in Oil Sludge NY Times / Juan Forero

ECB Gets Money-Supply Hint to Double Up on Rates Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

India Badly Needs Jobs; Companies Hire Robots Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee


Wall St Week Ahead: Stocks hope for a gentle slowdown Reuters / Jennifer Coogan

Tomorrow's Wal-Marts? Fortune via CNN / Matthew Boyle

Vonage offers IPO to customers, but 'favor' backfires USA Today / Matt Krantz

FOMC Minutes Forgotten in Under a Minute? Forex News via Safehaven / Ashraf Laidi

Looking to 'seal the deal' on Fed Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Fed's Moskow downplays signs of weakness in May job report Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Monetary Policy in a Global Environment Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco / Janet L. Yellen

U.S. Economic Outlook and the Role of Inflation Inertia Federal /Reserve Bank of Chicago / Michael H. Moskow

My retreat, the shed Business Week via MSNBC / Larry Armstrong

US homeowners see mortgage rates topping 8 pct Reuters / Jonathan Stempel

U.S. home prices jump 12.5 percent in one year Contra Costa Times / Damian Paletta

Having taken Europe, NYSE looks East Marketwatch / David Weidner

Linking hands across the Atlantic $ The Economist

Yahoo CEO Gets Millions of Stock Options AP via Chicago Tribune

Frightened gold bugs Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Oil prices rise after kidnappings BBC News

Friday's commodities roundup AP via NJ Post

Will The Fed Pause In June? Daily Reckoning / Chuck Butler

More than Half Full National Review / Larry Kudlow

Allstate drops most earthquake insurance AP via NJ Post / Joseph B. Frazier

NC: Trading spaces? Fidelity may put 4,000 jobs in N.C. Boston Herald / Scott Van Voorhis

NY: Harlem revved up LA Daily News / Greg Wilson

CO: Nurse shown door after speaking up Denver Post / Al Lewis

Goldman President Blankfein Named as Chairman, CEO Bloomberg / Christine Harper and Adrian Cox

Keeping it simple may prove controversial FT via MSNBC / James Politi

S&P 500 Gains for 3rd Day on Jobs Report; Bank of America Rises Bloomberg / Nick Baker

Dow closes down 12, Nasdaq finishes flat AP via Philadelphia Inquirer / Christopher Wang

MI: Granholm: Economic plan starts paying dividends Detroit News / Gov. Jennifer Granholm

Hank Paulson: Titan in the Treasury $ FT / Ben White

Benchmark bond drops below 5 percent CNN

Treasuries Surge on Weaker-Than-Expected Employment Report Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

MBA Letter to Senate Banking Committee on Flood Insurance Mortgage Banker’s Association

Oil prices up more than $2 a barrel AP via Houston Chronicle

Gold bounces back Reuters via CNN

US employment growth stalls in May FT / Christopher Swann

Jobs report leaves Fed with a task CNN / Chris Isidore

Agencies Release List of Distressed or Underserved Nonmetropolitan Middle-Income Geographies Federal Reserve Board

A Productivity Model of City Crowdedness Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City / Jordan Rappaport

USD in a Holding Pattern Before a Soft Landing Morgan Stanley / Stephen Jen

Dollar Falls as U.S. May Job Growth Is Less Than Half Forecasts Bloomberg / Deborah Finestone and Michael McDonald

Snow repeats strong dollar is in U.S. interests Reuters

US rate futures lean toward Fed pause on payrolls Reuters

Treasuries jump as rate rise fears ease FT / Jennifer Hughes, Joanna Chung and David Turner

Treasuries prices rally after weak May US jobs data Reuters / John Parry

Inflation gauges: Less than perfect Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Stocks' future could lie in jobs report Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

U.S. May job growth much weaker than expected Reuters

Friday's Analysis / Marty Chenard

Mortgage interest rates rise San Diego Union Tribune

CO: Home prices at snail's pace Rocky Mountain News / John Rebchook

Deutsche Boerse still wants Euronext exchange, despite deal with NYSE AP via USA Today

A Commodity-Lite China Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

Crude Promise NY Post / Paul Tharp

Oil halts two-day slide Reuters via CNN

A Loophole For Poor Mr. Paulson Forbes / Jessica Holzer

From One Who's Gone Before Forbes / Hannah Clark

Why those pay hikes are not going very far Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull

Under the Shadow of Inflationomics Ludwig Von Mises Institute / Hans F. Sennholz

The next big thing or a risky gamble: Shell looks to turn sand into oil Guardian / Terry Macalister

NYSE Moves Ahead of Nasdaq With Winning Euronext Bid Bloomberg / Edgar Ortega

NYSE Group Considers Raising Floor-Trading Fees, People Say Bloomberg

NASD Ends Case Against Quattrone NY Timers / Andrew Ross Sorkin

1st-Quarter Home Prices Rise, but at Slower Pace Washington Post / Sandra Fleishman

Eurozone recovery helps export orders to rise for 12th month Guardian / Larry Elliott

Door Is Open for the Fed to Pause at 5 Percent Bloomberg / John M. Berry

IRS Pronouncements Do Municipal-Bond Market No Good Bloomberg /  Joe Mysak

Henry Paulson Hailed as Second Coming of Rubin Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

A Commodities Bull Can Find No Reason to Pull In His Horns NY Times / Michael J. De La Merced

How a Plunge Returns Stocks to `Rightful Owners' Bloomberg / Chet Currier

Immigration Wisdom In the Senate Tech Central Station / Nathan Smith

Asian Cars Won 40% of Market Last Month NY Times / Micheline Maynard and Nick Bunkley


Weak job growth slowing economy Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Patricia Sabatini

Booming D.C. housing market has a downside Bloomberg via Houston Chronicle / Courtney Schlisserman

Banks give a shout-out to Gen Y Dallas Morning News / Ieva M. Augstums

Floor Trader Fall-Off Seen NY Post / Roddy Boyd

NYSE's the winner AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Angela Charlton

All change at the Exchange BBC News / Toby Poston

Blankfein is Twofer at Goldman Sachs NY Post / Zachery Kouwe

CO: Foreclosures up 32 percent in first quarter Rocky Mountain News / John Rebchook

CA: Valley's housing prices took off Sacramento Bee / Jim Wasserman

New week, old worries CNN / Steve Hargreaves, Jessica Seid and Grace Wong

S&P 500 Gains for a 2nd Week as Jobs Report Eases Fed Concern Bloomberg / Hilary Johnson

Treasury Notes Gain for Third Week Amid Signs of Slower Growth  Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Jobs report leaves Fed with a task CNN / Chris Isdore

Gouging? Gas stations are making less Fortune via CNN / Telis Demos

Dollar Falls This Week as Fed Rate Increase Expectations Ease Bloomberg / Deborah Finestone and Michael McDonald

After Slide, Yields May Find Footing LA Times / Tom Petruno

Do You Know Your Loan? Washington Post / Sandra Fleishman

Snow Did Well on the Economy, but His Boss Did Poorly in the Polls NY Times / Floyd Norris

Are Gasoline Alternatives Fuel for a Revolution? Washington Post / Tomoeh Murakami Tse

Feds probe backdating AP via Charlotte Observer / Marcy Gordon

AZ: Halting bank-fraud losses Arizona Republic / Yvette Armendariz



Monetary excesses drying up Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via Fiends SuperBear Page / Tom Saler

Bond market shows stocks' direction Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

US rush to the coast is driving up cost of hurricanes $ FT / Andrew Ward

Time to retreat NY Daily News / Margaret Price

OH: Oil's crude awakening Akron Beacon Journal / Dave Scott

WA: What can you get for $266,500? Tacoma News Tribune / Barbara Clements

Dividend hunt Allentown Morning Call / Leon Lazaroff

Fund rating services good for giving you guidelines Boston Herald / Rick Shaffer

A new way to work St. Petersburg Times / Dave Gussow

Physician Shortage Looms, Risking a Crisis, as Demand for Care Explodes LA Times / Lisa Girion

How GM juggled millions GM's road may get rougher Detroit Free Press / Jennifer Dixon

Toshiba takeover of Westinghouse clears Cfius hurdle $ FT / Stephanie Kirchgaessner and Carola Hoyos

Vonage Sued Over Initial Public Offering AP via Chicago Tribune

Economy May Be Heading for Less Sunny Days AP via Newsday / Martin Crutsinger

They're still sweeping up the small scandals St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

NYSE's Thain steals spotlight from Nasdaq CEO AP via Clarion Ledger

Eurotunnel faces debt opposition BBC News

Bush Boom is now a whimper Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

The Right Stuff NY Post / Roddy Boyd

Making Sense of Stock-Market Mayhem Wall Street Journal / Jonathan Clements

Have plan if market gets ugly Sacramento Bee / Jack Sirard

Check Which Hat Your Broker's Wearing Wall Street Journal / Kelly K. Spors

Interest-only mortgages -- with a welcome twist LA Times / Lew Sichelman

Middle America poised for real estate gains Detroit Free Press / Kenneth Harney

IL: Helping cities lure more `ruppies' Chicago Tribune / Mary Umberger

CO: Owens OKs mortgage brokers bill Denver Post / Margaret Jackson

AZ: Condos for cars could send Scottsdale style into high gear Arizona Republic / Peter Corbett

Vonage’s VC Backers in $ NY Post / Janet Whitman

'Buyers' give old debts new life St. Petersburg Times / Scott Barancik

Running on Empty LA Times / Elizabeth Douglass

Bond Buyers, Caught in the Narrows of Interest Rates NY Times / J. Alex Tarquinio

Central bankers plot path through the minefields Guardian – Observer / Heather Stewart

Price Swings Are Colliding With Anxiety NY Times / Conrad De Aenlle

Gold Prospectors Don't Always Head for the Hills NY Times / Hubert B. Herring

Magellan payout, automatic rebalancing, how many funds? Marketwatch / Chuck Jaffe

Deutsche muscles in on NYSE-Euronext deal Guardian – Observer / Nick Mathiason

That Hedge Fund May Be More Than a Flash in the Pan Marketwatch via NY Times / Mark Hulbert

UK: The real 'golden rule', Gordon, is don't interfere Guardian – Observer / Mark Tinker


Treasuries fall after Bernanke remarks FT / Richard Beales and Paul J Davies

Switch GM bonds for CDS, JP Morgan says Reuters

MBA Survey Finds Homeowners and Renters Feel Differently About Managing Their Credit Mortgage Bankers Association

Fed's Geithner makes no mention of monetary policy Reuters

A Three-Ring Circus Daily Reckoning / Chuck Butler

Fed chief’s fears fuel talk of rate hike FT / Krishna Guha

Greenspan picks writer to help on memoirs AP via NJ Post

Hawkish Bernanke Says Fed 'Vigilant' Vs. Higher Inflation Investors Business Daily / Laura Mandaro

Fed Chief Cites Concerns About Inflation NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

Is bankruptcy reform working? Here's the difference between the two options Lansing State Journal / Jeremy W. Steele

The US Economy: when will there be another recession? Brookes News via Safehaven / Gerard Jackson

The Greater Depression - an Update Resource Investor via Fiend’s SuperBear Page / Doug Casey

GNC Planning $400 Million IPO AP via LA Times

Vonage shares rise but analysts say outlook bleak Reuters

Dow Finishes Down Almost 200 Points AP via Chicago Tribune / Christopher Wang

Shooting for success at troubled GM $ FT / James Mackintosh and Bernard Simon

Stocks Tank In Mixed Trade Investors Business Daily / Vincent Mao

Study shows large brokerages not safer Dallas Morning News via Contra Costa Times / Will Deener and Paul Foutch

Canada: Strong loonie lowers gas prices Globe and Mail / Roma Luciw

Ageing Japan $ The Economist

For Sale Pimco / Mark Kiesel

Treasuries Fall as Bernanke Suggests Interest Rates Will Rise Bloomberg / Deborah Finestone and Elizabeth Stanton

U.S. Stocks Have Biggest Loss Since January on Bernanke Speech Bloomberg / Hilary Johnson

Futures Traders Reverse Bets on Bernanke Comments Bloomberg / Darrell Hassler

Bernanke Says Inflation Is `Unwelcome' Development Bloomberg / Craig Torres

Monthly Mutual Fund Report June 2006 $ Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Comments on the Outlook for the U.S. Economy and Monetary Policy Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

TX: Austin’s High-Tech Industry: Played Out or Just Beginning? Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

The Contrarian View, Why the Fed might hike Interest rates in June SirChartsAlot via Safehaven / Gary Dorsch

U.S. Treasuries slip on ISM service price increase Reuters / Richard Leong

Monday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

Oil prices rise to $73 a barrel AP via MSNBC

Soybeans, grains decrease AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer

Stagflation Scare? Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

From Inflation Alarm to Growth Scare? Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner and David Greenlaw

US service sector growth eases in May, still high Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

U.S. Economy: Service Industries' Growth Slows, Prices Increase Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Why the spending continues Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

DIARY-Federal Reserve Events Reuters

Taming Deficit Is Paulson's First Task Forbes / Oxford Analytica

Efficient Markets? Yeah, Right! Forbes / John Buckingham

Monday's Analysis / Marty Chenard

Governance: It's a Regional Thing / Marie Leone

Who's Really Running Google? Forbes / Elizabeth Corcoran

U.S. Stocks Drop on Oil, Services Report; Pulte Homes Declines Bloomberg / Hilary Johnson

Humble Depot? / Roy Harris

Euro hits 1-year high against Dollar AP via NJ Post

OPEC President: Solve Geopolitical Tension AP via Newsday Kelly Olsen

EU: Liquidity and Surprise Gap: Is There a Link? Morgan Stanley / Eric Chaney

Shadowing the ECB Morgan Stanley / Joachim Fels

Europe hit by high oil prices and falling dollar FT / Neil Dennis

As China rises, so does its risk Fortune via CNN / Ian Bremmer

Data Dependency Comes Down to a Single Number Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Bernanke, After Saying Too Much, May Strive to Say Little Today Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Vegas housing: not too hot anymore Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

Where Are the Riskiest Local U.S. Home Markets? Bloomberg / John F. Wasik

Summer job forecast: cloudy Christian Science Monitor / Matt Bradley

G-7's Push for Stronger Asian Currencies May Not Cut Trade Gap Bloomberg / Simon Kennedy

Big US airlines fly fewer planes, stage recovery-WSJ Reuters via Washington Post

Commodity ETFs forge ahead Marketwatch / John Spence

Schultz's scenario Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Economists go back to Victorian values Independent / Stephen King

Technically Precious with Merv The Market Traders via Safehaven / Merv Burak

Oil climbs over $73 on worries over Iran flows Reuters via Washington Post / Neil Chatterjee

Why We Should Be Glad Henry Paulson Said Yes Bloomberg / Kevin Hassett

Illinois to Sell $150M This Week Bond Buyer / Yvette Shields

Nonprofit organizations seek strength in mergers Christian Science Monitor / G. Jeffrey MacDonald

Treasury Rally May Fade; Inflation Debt Show Concerns Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger

Goldman Sachs Has Gained Too Much Political Power Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

Trade Deficit Widens, Import Costs Rise: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Oil Rises After Iran Threatens to Disrupt Persian Gulf Supply Bloomberg / Angela Macdonald-Smith


Buttonwood: Trading World Cup volatility $ The Economist

A deep divide in America's global outlook $ FT / Chrystia Freeland

Fed, Bernanke take blistering flak USA Today / Sue Kirchhoff and Adam Shell

Channeling Bernanke / Igor Greenwald

Will the Fed Kill Gold? Texas Hedge Report via Safehaven / T. Stein and S. McIntyre

But Do They Mean It? Bearish on the Feds Resolve Goldenbar via Safehaven / Ed Bugos

Bernanke now coming in loud and clear MSNBC / Martin Wolk

The chill in Bernanke's words Business Week via MSNBC / Catherine Yang

Fed's Hoenig sees inflation tapering off Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Sell-off rolls across markets worldwide IHT / Carter Dougherty

A contrarian take on hurricanes Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Buying Tech Low / James B. Stewart

Ultra-Long Mortgages Seeking A Foothold AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Eileen Alt Powell

America's biggest housing bargains? Chicago Tribune via South Florida Sun Sentinel / William Sluis

Will We Ever See a World Awash With Oil Again? Market Thoughts via Safehaven / Henry To

Oil Falls As Iran Sees 'Positive Steps' Newsday

Fed Jobs Are Dropping National Review / Greg Kaza

Comment Letter on Draft Procedures for Reporting Special Condition Indicators on Certain New Issue Transactions Bond Market Association

Long bonds boosted as June rate hike looms AP via Beaufort Gazette

Eurozone ministers fret over euro's strength AFP via EU Business

Treasuries mixed as threat of rate rises weighs FT / Richard Beales, Paul J Davies and David Turner

US corporate bond sales boom despite mkt weakness Reuters / Dena Aubin

Moody's threatens to downgrade Ford AP via San Diego Union Tribune

US Treasury says overseas demand sustains deficits Reuters

Futures brace for Fed to stay tough on inflation Reuters / Ros Krasny

Bernanke's Back on Message Real Clear Politics / Larry Kudlow

Hoenig says must keep in mind Fed policy lags Reuters

Raising rates a tricky fiscal dance Sacramento Bee / Dale Kasler

Charles I. Plosser named president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Federal Reserve Board

The Goldman Rule Slate / Daniel Gross

Tuesday's Money Rates AP via NJ Post

Devil of a day for the Dow CNN / Grace Wong

Recession Dead Ahead Forbes / James B. Stack

US consumer confidence steady near 7-month lows Reuters

U.S. mortgage rates unchanged on Tuesday – BestInfo Reuters

AZ: Builder expects 25-40% sales dip Arizona Republic / Glen Cero

CA: Region is due for rent increase Sacramento Bee / Jim Wasserman

Affluent Americans sour on real estate CNN / Christian Zappone

Do homeowners need protection from lenders? Charlotte Observer / Binyamin Appelbaum

Household debt continues to widen Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

U.S. Treasuries slip on Fed's inflation worries Reuters / Richard Leong

We Build Confusion Forbes / Jerry Flint

U.S. stocks sell off for 2nd day on rate concerns Reuters / Caroline Valetkevitch

So Economics Isn't Enough, Huh? Ludwig Von Mises Institute / Robert Murphy

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Names New President Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Dollar Declines In May Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Fed's Bies warns banks on real estate lending Reuters

SEC's Cox Calls Options Probes a `Serious Concern' Bloomberg / Laurence Arnold

Challenges of Conducting Effective Risk Management in Community Banks Federal Reserve Board / Susan Schmidt Bies

New York economist Charles Plosser to head Phila. Fed Philadelphia Inquirer / Joseph N. DiStefano

Blundering Ben NY Post / Suzanne McGee

Bernanke continues to weigh on bonds CNN

What We Need Is A New Deal For Energy NY Post / John Crudele

Moody's: Backdating is a Credit Risk / Marie Leone

Study: Wealthy Americans keen on market AP via Philadelphia Inquirer / Eileen Alt Powell

Tuesday's Analysis / Marty Chenard

Ma Bell's Coming Back Forbes / Tom Van Riper

Hewlett-Packard Revises 2Q Profit Upward AP via Forbes

Study: 43% won't have enough in retirement CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

Deutsche Boerse still seeks Euronext deal AP via NJ Post

Dollar Advances as Traders Lift Bets on June Fed Rate Increase Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger and Min Zeng

Glitter Forbes / James Grant

Tuesday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

Anxious Oil Markets See Iran Bluffing NY Post / Paul Tharp

Oil steadies while metals retreat FT / Chris Flood

Copper Drops, Leads Metals Lower on Interest-Rate Speculation Bloomberg / Chanyaporn Chanjaroen and Katy Watson

U.S. stocks fall on rate worries; Dow below 11,000 Reuters

Bernanke's Tough Talk May Put to Rest Notion of a Rate Pause Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Inflation above Fed's 'comfort zone' Washington Times / Patrice Hill

Bernanke Talks Tough on Inflation NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

Fed Chief Raises Inflation Concern Washington Post / Nell Henderson and Brooke A. Masters

Is inflation really a threat? Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

States want cash for costs of illegals / John Gramlich

The 'ownership society' is not a plausible goal Taipei Times / J. Bradford DeLong

End of Cheap Oil! Money Matters via Safehaven / Puru Saxena

Can oil companies handle more storms? Christian Science M onitor / Kris Axtman

U.S. Notes May Drop as Traders Raise Bets on June Rate Increase Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane

Japan's Bonds Drop as Auction Shows Dwindling Appetite for Debt Bloomberg / Chris Cooper

Hedge Funds Star in a Picture We've Seen Before Bloomberg / Chet Currier



Bernanke’s Bag of Hammers Fall Street via Fiend’s SuperBear Page / Brady Willett

Current Fed Policy Is Inflationary National Review / Thomas E. Nugent

Bear Necessities / Lawrence Carrel

A Goldilocks Economy Daily Reckoning / Chuck Butler

Delphi junk bonds higher on report company to delay hearing Marketwatch / Tom Sullivan

Japan urges bank to maintain rate policy AP via NJ Post / Kana Inagaki

The Ghost of Greenspan Slate / Daniel Gross

US brokers launch electronic credit derivatives $ FT / Gillian Tett and Richard Beales

Treasuries fall amid rate rise fears FT / Jennifer Hughes, Joanna Chung and David Turner

FL: Foreign buyers can choose mortgages in their currencies Orlando Sentinel / Kelly Griffith

U.S. mortgage rates unchanged on Wednesday – BestInfo Reuters

WA: More for-sale signs, but prices still hot Seattle Times / Elizabeth Rhodes

Turn on, tune in, leverage up $ FT

Hedges Are Growing In Greenwich NY Post / Paul Tharp

Another losing day for Wall St. CNN / Grace Wong

Dow ends below 11,000 on angst about economy, rates Reuters

Bailing Out Under Ben NY Post / Tom Bawden

Board Members: Guard Your Wallets Forbes / Hannah Clark

Good-News Link to Options Suggested LA Times / Kathy M. Kristof

Former Fannie Mae chief Raines criticized at hearing AP via Seattle Times / Marcy Gordon

The Richer They Are, The More They Worry NY Post / Tom Bawden

Mortgage Refinance Applications Decline in Latest Survey Mortgage Bankers Association

Treasuries Fall as Fed's Guynn Suggests Higher Interest Rates Bloomberg / Deborah Finestone

Fed's Guynn views inflation risks as elevated Reuters via CNN

Another voice at Fed raises inflation alarm Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Adjusting to the Next Stage of the Housing Cycle Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta / Jack Guynn

U.S. April consumer credit rises $10.6 billion, or 5.9% Marketwatch

Economic outlook favorable, deficits a worry: IMF Reuters via Washington Post

Dollar Advances as Fed Officials Signal June Rate Increase Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger and Rodrigo Davies

Indexes Fade Into The Close Investors Business Daily / Vincent Mao

Stockholders rise up, push GM changes Detroit Free Press / Michael Ellis

Level 3 CEO 'alive and well' Rocky Mountain News

Estate tax tussle revived CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

Egotism leaves U.S. in a financial fix Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Bond Prices Fall by Midday AP via Forbes

Junk Default Rate Edges Up in May / Stephen Taub

Bernanke-Speak Forbes / Jessica Holzer and Tom Van Riper

An activist will head Phila. Fed Philadelphia Inquirer / Joseph N. DiStefano

Greenspan: Pricey oil no big deal, yet CNN

Greenspan: Energy Costs May Stunt Economy AP via Chicago Tribune / H. Josef Hebert

Wednesday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

Oil Falls a 2nd Day on Iran's Positive Response to Nuclear Plan Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

The answer my friend: wind power Orange County Register / Jonathan Lansner

U.S. Dollar Rises Against Euro AP via Houston Chronicle

Wednesday's Analysis / Marty Chenard

No Quick Death For The Estate Tax Forbes / Janet Novack

Fantastical tales of the 'death tax' Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

S.C.’s economic growth lagging nation’s severely The State / Jim DuPlessis

Colorado's economic output rises Denver Post / Aldo Svaldi

Advent to Announce BondDesk Acquisition Bond Buyer / Maxwell Meyers

NASD Decision Shows How Not to Buy Municipal Bonds Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Must Bernanke Choose Deflation? Lew Rockwell / Robert Blumen

Bernanke leaves Wall Street in the dark Guardian / Larry Elliott

Ben Bernanke: Tough Guy Washington Post / Nell Henderson

WA: Prices high but homes still hot property Buyers face stiff competition as housing costs soar Seattle Post Intelligencer / Cecelia Goodnow and Kathy Mulady

The Next "It" Product Dollar Collapse via Safehaven / John Rubino

Pondering the Bear Necessities Washington Post / Brooke A. Masters

Cash-strapped states embrace toll roads Christian Science Monitor / Patrik Jonsson

Estate Tax Showdown Is Splitting the G.O.P. NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

Estate-Tax Row Is Really About Bar Mitzvah Envy Bloomberg / Amity Shlaes

US targets other leaky border Christian Science Monitor / Peter Grier

Dollar Rises on Speculation Fed Officials Signaling Higher Rate Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto and Ron Harui

Chirac Lukewarm on NYSE Group's Deal for Euronext NY Times / James Kanter

NYSE backs 'broker vote' reforms $ FT / Jeremy Grant

Bank of England Plays Soccer With Interest Rates Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

Australian Economy Accelerates on Mining, Spending Bloomberg / Hans van Leeuwen

Yen Gains on Speculation Report to Show Faster Japanese Lending Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto


Hedge fund hippies have trip out BBC News / Simon Atkinson

No letup for Ford credit concerns Marketwatch / Jim Jelter

Canada: Floating Dollar, Anchored Inflation: The Role of the Exchange Rate in Canada's Monetary Policy Framework Bank of Canada / Tiff Macklem

Texas to install Web cameras on border AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Alicia Caldwell

A labour shortage can be a blessing $ FT / Michael Lind

Building a giant, quietly Boston Globe / Steven Syre

Oil Prices Rise Slightly After 3-Day Drop AP via Houston Chronicle / Tanalee Smith

PIMCO braces for dollar decline Reuters via CNN

Deja Vu All Over Again Euro Pacific via Safehaven / Peter Schiff

U.S. Seeks to Recover Fannie Mae Bonuses AP via Houston Chronicle / Marcy Gordon

Treasury bond prices rally AP via NJ Post

Dow closes up 8, Nasdaq finishes down 6 AP via Sacramento Bee / Christopher Wang

Thursday's Money Rates AP via NJ Post

Mortgage rates dip on employment data AP via Beaufort Gazette / Martin Crutsinger

A nasty spillage The Economist

ECB, Asian Central Banks Lift Rates to Curb Inflation Bloomberg / John Fraher

The Bernanke panic CNN / Chris Isidore

Will Bernanke tank housing? Business Week via MSNBC / Peter Coy

Emerging market, tech hedge funds hit in May Marketwatch / Alistair Barr

U.S. Stocks Rebound as Investors Flee Global Retreat; P&G Gains Bloomberg / Hilary Johnson

McDonald's clocks gains in May Marketwatch / Jennifer Waters

Gold, silver hurt by more dollar gains AP via Beaufort Gazette

White House raises GDP, inflation outlooks Reuters via CNN

Senate Blocks Vote on Permanent Repeal of U.S. Estate Tax Bloomberg / Ryan Donmoyer

Reading the tea-leaves The Economist

DIARY-Federal Reserve Events Reuters

Nomination as Vice Chairman to the Board Federal Reserve Board / Donald L. Kohn

Kohn: The Fed faces many challenges Reuters via CNN

Credit cycle reaches a turning point Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Jobless claims fall by largest amount in eight months AP via Dallas Morning News

Thursday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

Thursday's Analysis / Marty Chenard

Stocks Fall Worldwide, Led by Emerging Markets, on Rate Concern Bloomberg / Anne Pollak

Rocking the Vote / Ray Hennessey

Government bonds strengthen after rate decisions FT / Joanna Chung

Treasuries Rise as Investors Seek Haven While Rates Increase Bloomberg / Deborah Finestone and Elizabeth Stanton

Tax Gouging: The Real Problem Ludwig Von Mises Institute / Thomas DiLorenzo

OFHEO acting director: Fannie committed "fraud" Reuters

US 30-, 15-year mortgage rates dip in latest week Reuters

Senate panel wants to move Kohn nomination quickly Reuters

ECB raises key rate by a quarter point AP via Dallas Fort Worth Stgar Telegram / Matt Moore

The Greater Depression Lew Rockwell / Doug Casey

U.S. Economy Will Probably Slow as Consumers Curtail Spending Bloomberg / Carlos Torres and Kristy McKeaney

Bernanke in danger of establishing a reputation for muddle Independent / Hamish McRae

Loose lips Bernanke just what market needs Marketwatch / David Callaway

Traders Pine for Days of Greenspan Spoon Feeding Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

UBS' Reorganization Takes Shape Bond Buyer / Maxwell Meyers

U.S. Treasuries Gain as Decline in Stocks Spurs Demand for Debt Bloomberg / Prashant Rao and Shamim Adam

Paulson’s Other Job As Wall Street Plunge Protector NY Post / John Crudele

Takeover talk sends shares of L-3 soaring Bloomberg via NY Daily News

Oil Falls Below $70 a Barrel as Al-Qaeda Leader Killed in Iraq Bloomberg / Eduard Gismatull

Investors cope with new economic risks Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull

Big deal? Marketwatch / David Weidner

Treasuries May Rise as Decline in Stocks Spurs Demand for Debt Bloomberg / Shamim Adam

Morgan Lures Back a Defector of Rank NY Times / Landon Thomas, Jr.

Crude Oil Falls as U.S. Inventories Rise, Iran Considers Plan Bloomberg / Gavin Evans

Euro May Advance on Speculation ECB's Trichet Will Raise Rates Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto and Ron Harui

The economy is coming home for Germany Guardian / Ashley Seager

Soccer World Cup Won't Revive Germany's Economy Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

South Korea Unexpectedly Raises Key Rate to 4.25% Bloomberg / Seyoon Kim


Get Ready For $100 Oil And $1,600 Gold Forbes / Curtis Hesler

US, UN: can this 'unhappy marriage' be saved? Christian Science Monitor / Tom Regan

Cash-strapped home buyers turn to 50-year mortgages Miknnepolis Star Tribune / Jim Buchta

Bernanke bullish on productivity growth FT / Krishna Guha

TX: Discomfort in home retail Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Heather Landy

Cable monopolies under attack AP via Houston Chronicle / Jim Abrams

Tough Love Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

The Labor Shortage Has Begun National Review / David Chapman

Business Conditions -- Reinforcing the Growth Scare Morgan Stanley / Shital Patel and Richard Berner

Long-dated Treasury bond prices rise AP via NJ Post

Brazil Treasury buys back $1.1 bln in debt Reuters / Manuela Badawy

Central banks burnish Street cred  FT / Jennifer Hughes

Currencies: Long EUR/CAD as a Hedge Against Global Slowdown Morgan Stanley / Stephen Jen and Charles St-Arnaud

Currencies: World Interest Rates Morgan Stanley / Stephen Jen

World economy juggernaut hits speed bump Reuters

Rising Risk of 2007 Global Recession Morgan Stanley / Andy Xie

Japan: Rate Hike Scenario Intact Morgan Stanley / Takehiro Sato

Taiwan: Looking for the Silver Lining Morgan Stanley / Denise Yam

Economists are from Mars, Europeans from Venus FT / John Thornhill

United raises fares, others expected to match AP via Chicago Tribune

A Slow Unravelling - Or Will It Turn into a Crash? Union Securities via Safehaven / David Chapman

Echostar teams with WildBlue Denver Post / Anthony Massucci

Hooray for the Death Tax! National Review / Larry Kudlow

Fed chief: Clear dialog with markets Reuters via CNN

Looking for diamonds in the rust: Midwest cities and job growth pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago / Michael Munley

The Role of Bonds in an Asset Allocation Strategy Pimco

EU: Normalization Pimco / Matthieu Louanges

CA: Region's home equity called OK San Diego Union Tribune / Emmet Pierce

NY: On LI, signs of real estate slowdown Newsday / Randi F. Marshall

Dollar Posts Biggest Weekly Gain Since November Versus Euro Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger and Min Zeng

Inflation-Resistant Stocks Forbes / Shlomo Reifman

Clogging Capital Markets Ludwig Von Mises Institute / Gregory Bresiger

Nasdaq Delays LSE Bid; Deutsche Boerse Mulls Euronext Bloomberg / Edgar Ortega

U.S. Treasuries mixed after trade, price data Reuters / Richard Leong

DIARY-Federal Reserve Events Reuters

Bernanke: Productivity aided by technology AP via MSNBC / Jeannine Aversa

Commencement address at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2006 commencement Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

Bernanke says U.S. productivity revival has "legs" Reuters / Scott Malone

Anticipation high for broker results Marketwatch / David Weidner

U.S. Stocks Slump to End Dow Average's Worst Week in 11 Months Bloomberg / Hilary Johnson

NY Times Shares Fall Following Downgrade AP via Houston Chronicle

Friday's Analysis / Marty Chenard

NYSE Investigates Short Selling in Vonage AP via Forbes

GM, Ford Should Sell Saab, Jaguar and Do It Now Bloomberg / Doron Levin

How low will stocks go? Fortune via CNN / Nelson Schwartz

Friday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

Gold moves higher after 3 days of losses Marketwatch / Myra P. Saefong

Keeping cool is key to surviving commodities tumult Marketwatch / Kevin Kerr

Expect bruises as U.S. tackles debt Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

U.S. Economy: Import Prices Surge, Led by Oil, Metals Bloomberg / Carlos Torres and Shobhana Chandra

G8 ministers voice oil price fear BBC News

U.S., Europe at Odds Over Imbalances as G-8 Meets Bloomberg / Kevin Carmichael and Simon Kennedy

Fed, Under Pressure, May Go Ahead With Increase Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Headline Risk Stalks Muni Issuers Tempted by Swaps Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

US Treasuries stall in Asia, curve stays inverted Reuters

Bear Stearns Stock Gains Beat Lehman, Goldman as Profits Trail Bloomberg / Yalman Onaran

Misery Index Tech Central Station / James K. Glassman

U.S. April Trade Gap, May Import Prices Probably Rose on Oil Bloomberg / Joe Richter

U.S. Consumers Upbeat About Economy AP via Chicago Tribune / Jeannine Aversa

Dollar Drops Against Yen on Concern U.S. Trade Deficit Widened Bloomberg / Chris Young

French Industrial Production Falls, Led by Autos Bloomberg / Sandrine Rastello

Japan's Machinery Orders Rebounded 10.8% in April Bloomberg / Jason Clenfield

What Happens if Inflation Is Overstated? $ NY Times / Floyd Norris

The Churn: People NY Times

Investors No Longer in Love With Russia Moscow Times / Maria Levtiov

UK: Number of migrants to UK jumps 24% Guardian / Ashley Seager

Central Banks May Stay Course, Undaunted by Markets Bloomberg / Rich Miller

Markets plunge as central banks lift rates FT / Krishna Guha, Christopher Brown-Humes and Tony Tassell

A Memo to Henry Paulson Jr. Regarding China Bloomberg / William Pesek Jr.



Buy! Buy! Buy! Sell! Sell! Sell! Slate / Tim Harford

Shining a light into the emerging-market tunnel Marketwatch / Polya Lesova

Fed chairman retreats to safer ground Financial Post / Peter Morton

Donations Take the Hit as Housing Prices Rise Washington Post / Tomoeh Murakami Tse

I bond investors squeezed by rates Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Avrum D. Lank

Here come the foreclosures Minneapolis Star Tribune / Joy Powell

Panel unconvinced of a baby-boom bust Minneapolis Star Tribune / Mike Meyers

AFL-CIO says China's trade policies hurt U.S. jobs Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Anya Sostek

China's Thirst for Oil Rattles Old Order AP via Orlando Sentinel / Peter Enav and Elaine Kurtenbach

Central Bankers of the World, Unite Again! Thoughts From The Frontline via Safehaven / John /Mauldin

Thank-you Again, Ben Bernanke Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis via Safehaven / Mike Shedlock

G8 frets over growing inflation-Italy econ min Reuters / Gavin Jones

U.S.'s Snow says must watch out for inflation Reuters / Glen Somerville

SEC targets stock options Bloomberg via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Rob Urban and Jesse Westbrook

More Bad News NY Post / Paul Tharp

U.S. trade deficit escalates AP via Myrtle Beach Sun / Martin Crutsinger

U.S. Two-Year Notes Dropped Most Since March on Rate Outlook Bloomberg / Prashant Rao and Deborah Finestone

Fed chairman's efforts to clarify throw off markets Knight Ridder via Charlotte Observer / Kevin G. Hall

Fed chief sees growth ahead Boston Globe / Kim-Mai Cutler

Fed Makes It Clear That Rates Will Rise Again NY Times / Mark A. Stein

U.S. Trade Deficit Widens, but Economists See Relief NY Times / Jeremy W. Peters

Go Qwest, young man Rocky Mountain News / David Milstead

Stocks end painful week with another loss AP via Pittsburgh Post / Christopher Wang

NY: Rising rents threaten NYC neighborhoods AP via NJ Post / Karen Matthews

AZ: Hot demand for metals keeping thieves busy Arizona Republic / Max Jarman

Railroads Struggle to Ship Coal in U.S. AP via NY Times


Yield inversion in bond rates often a bad sign Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

US dollar firmer vs yen, softer vs euro in Tokyo morning trade AFX via Forbes

US April machine tool demand dips, but higher than year ago Reuters

Changes are Still in the Wind Cycles News & Views via Safehaven / Tim Wood

Taking it out in trade Oakland Tribune / David Morill

Desperately seeking direction CNN / Steve Hargreaves and Grace Wong

Oil Steady Below $72 as First Storm Alberto Debuts Reuters via NY Times 

Key week ahead for Bernanke and inflation Marketwatch / Robert Schroeder

Loans running longer Charlotte Observer / Frank Norton

NYSE in Europe? Washington Post / Brooke A. Masters and Paul Blustein

Hedge funds mostly a poor pick Boston Herald / Chuck Jaffe

The argument against indexing Bradenton Journal / Larry Rubenstein

No longer the villian, Gates' image evolves Chicago Tribune / Andrew Leckey

Investors hope this week isn't as bad as last week's stinker AP via Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Christopher Wang

Mixed signals: Bernanke's direction may be unclear, but so is the economy's Philadelphia Inquirer / Andrew Cassel

Ben Blows It NY Post / Hillary Kramer

Consumer Prices Rise on Gain in Gasoline: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

More houses than buyers, so sellers sweeten the pot Sacramento Bee / Jim Wasserman

Home loans cross border Denver Post / Tom McGhee

Beware of Arm Loans NY Post

Heaps of cold, hard ca$h Toronto Star / Jennifer Wells

Dollar May Gain on Inflation Reports, Forecast for Fed Rates Bloomberg / Rodrigo Davies

Prez Will Treasure Paulson NY Post / Terry Keenan

Overly Sensitive Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

Is the market scaring you? Thoughts on when to bail Chicago Tribune via Baltimore Sun / Gail MarksJarvis

Some parting advice: Invest for the long term Sacramento Bee / Jack Sirard

CO: Denver ranks in top 10 for sustainability Denver Post / Kristen Gerencher

Clearly, Greenspanese Isn't His Language NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

The American Way of Debt NY Times / Jackson Lears

Why You Should Buy (Or Sell, or Sit Tight) Wall Street Journal / Mohammed Hadi and Karen Talley

Is It Time for Dividends to Get Some Respect? NY Times / Conrad De Aenlle

Fund Investors Don't Want To Go It Alone Wall Street Journal / Jonathan Clements

Import Prices: One Month Does Not A Trend Make, But... Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Kasriel

Africa calls for a 'coffee Opec' Guardian / Heather Stewart

Germany: In its growth prospects at least, Germany can emerge from the group of death Independent / Hamish McRae

Getting Its Leggs Back Barron’s via Marketwatch / Lawrence C. Strauss

Wall Street's inscrutable titan takes a tumble Guardian / Oliver Morgan

Letter from... Wall Street Guardian / Edward Helmore


A Quiet Recession Cometh Daily Reckoning / Mogambo Guru

Stagflation Godzilla Returns, Attacks Finance-Based Economy! iTulip via Fiend’s SuperBear Page / Eric Janszen

Government Did Invent the Internet, But the Market Made It Glorious Ludwig Von Mises Institute / Peter G. Klein

'Nice job! Now get outta town.' Christian Science Monitor / Marilyn Gardner

Treasuries lower as investors eye data FT / Richard Beales, Joanna Chung and David Turner

Money Finally Flows into Junk-bond Funds / Stephen Taub

Bernanke Says Banking Plan Aids Stability AP via Allentown Morning Call / Jeannine Aversa

UK bank chief warns on imported inflation FT / Chris Giles

The Buyback Bonanza Slate / Daniel Gross

Some Managers Short As A Long-Term Hedge Investor’s Business Daily / Murray Coleman

Tao of the market, where silence is golden Marketwatch / Paul B. Farrell

Lehman execs upbeat, but shares fall Marketwatch / Greg Morcroft

Papers fight back against online classifieds Reuters via MSNBC

Profit Growth Forecasts Remain Strong Despite Market Jitters About Economy Investor’s Business Daily / Ed Carson

Nasdaq Slumps For Seventh Straight Session Investor’s Business Daily / Vincent Mao

Brother, can you use a loan? Tacoma News Tribune / Barbara Clements

The shrinking power of America's unions $ The Economist

Out-of-pocket maximums on the rise Marketwatch / Kristen Gerencher

Precious metals down in choppy trading AP via Beaufort Gazette

Federal deficit shows improvement AP via Beaufort Gazette / Martin Crutsinger

Treasuries edge lower, inflation data loom large Reuters / Ellen French

Housing prices drooping, buyers waiting AP via Charlotte Observer / Ellen Simon

'Overpriced' housing gets more overpriced CNN / Les Christie

Fed officials stay focused on inflation battle Reuters / Ros Krasny

Fed's Bernanke-letting firms buy ILCs poses risks Reuters

Fed's Fisher says some inflation angst at Fed Reuters

Getting the price(s) right CNN / Chris Isidore

Fed's Bies--Anti-money laundering rules add work Reuters

Risk management key to bank oversight: Bernanke Marketwatch / Robert Schroeder

Modern Risk Management and Banking Supervision Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

A Supervisor’s Perspective on Enterprise Risk Management Federal Reserve Board / Susan Schmidt Bies

What Are Examiners Looking for When They Examine Banks for Compliance? Federal Reserve Board / Mark W. Olson

Monday's Money Rates AP via NJ Post

US budget deficit higher in May BBC News

S&P 500 Falls to 7-Month Low, Erasing 2006 Gain; Lehman Drops Bloomberg / Dune Lawrence

Dow closes down nearly 100 points AP via Charlotte Observer / Christopher Wang

Nasdaq's Hard Sell Forbes / Erika Brown

Review and Preview Morgan Stanley / Ted Wieseman and David Greenlaw

Tough Love Morgan Stanley /. Stephen Roach

Accelerating the Fed Call Richard Berner and David Greenlaw

Global: Denial Morgan Stanley / Stephen Roach

EU 'backs Mandelson at WTO talks' BBC News

EU: One Step at a Time Morgan Stanley / Elga Bartsch

Wall Street woes CNN / Steve Hargreaves

Stocks Lower Ahead of Inflation Data Investor’s Business Daily / Vincent Mao

Monday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

Monday's Metal Prices AP via NJ Post

Oil prices rise slightly AP via Houston Chronicle

Trying to Find a Bottom Business Week via MSNBC

Rise in stock price imperils Tribune buyback plan Newsday / Susan Harrigan

When the market gets volatile, the savvy hang tough Reuters / Linda Stern

Show and sell St. Petersburg Times / James Thorner

The cost of price instability Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Treasuries Drop as Inflation Reports May Spur Fed Rate Increase Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Fed's Pianalto says troubled by rise in inflation Reuters

Economic Conditions and Monetary Policy Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland / Sandra Pianalto

DIARY-Federal Reserve Events Reuters

Reforming Disclosure Forbes / Liz Moyer

"Shorting" drives up Qwest stock Denver Post / Beth Potter

Monday's Analysis / Marty Chenard

Lehman Net Rises 47% on Stock Trading, Takeover Fees Bloomberg / Yalman Onaran

Dollar Has Longest Rally in Seven Months on Outlook for Rates Bloomberg / Min Zeng and Kabir Chibber

PA: Crafting a 'creative economy' Philadelphia Inquirer / Jane M. Von Bergen and Akweli Parker

Storm clouds gather over a US economy heading for icebergs Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Warning signals that have made the Fed ultra-cautious Independent / Stephen King

Bernanke Can Thank Greenspan for His Troubles Bloomberg / Kevin Hassett

A hunt for 'AMT free' municipal bonds Christian Science Monitor / Steve Dinnen

IRS Investigates Lease Deals for Fee Scheme Bond Buyer / Alison L. McConnell

GM Leads Rally in Automaker Debt on Outlook for Delphi Talks Bloomberg

Dollar firmer on expectations US rates will rise further AFX via Forbes

Why gasoline prices could ease soon Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

What's Up With The Markets Honest Money via Safehaven / Douglas V. Gnazzo

Oil Prices Fall to $71.45 a Barrel in Asia AP via Washington Post / Wee Sui Lee

Debacle Makes Calpers, London Pensions Skittish on Commodities Bloomberg / Saijel Kishan

Technically Precious with Merv Market Traders via Safehaven / Merv Burak

Morgan Stanley, Calyon Diverge on Dollar-Euro Amid Volatility Bloomberg / Michael Sesit

Split decision for international-market ETFs Marketwatch / John Spence

It's Time for Spitzer to Probe 401(k) Plan Costs Bloomberg / John F. Wasik

Democracy and the 'death tax' Christian Science Monitor / David R. Francis

Japan's Economy Expands, Fueled by Corporate Spending Bloomberg / Mayumi Otsuma and Lily Nonomiya

Taiwan: Economic fundamentals are strong Taipei Times

Treasury Investors, Gaining Faith in Fed, Expect Higher Rates Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Consumer Prices Rise on Gain in Gasoline: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Older Consumers Flex Their Muscle (and Money) Online NY Times / Bob Tedeschi

Europe's Currency Won't Work as Rich Man's Club Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

EU: Torn Between Two Lovers Tech Central Station / T.K. Vogel

With Global Markets Jittery, Investors Decide to Rein in Risk NY Times / Jeremy W. Peters

China Trade Surplus, Inflation Increase Pressure for Yuan Gains Bloomberg / Nerys Avery

G-8 Says Global Economy Will Weather Rising Rates Bloomberg / Francois de Beaupuy and Rainer Buergin

Mexico's elections may not fix economy AP via Arizona Republic / Traci Carl



Fee-based realty consultants gain foothold in home sales Marketwatch / Thomas Kostigen

WI: Home listings climb 28% Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Michele Derus

Still No Bottom For Stocks Forbes / Chris Johnson

Central Bankers Declare War on Gold and the "Commodity Super Cycle" SirChartsAlot via Safehaven / Gary Dorsch

Carrying the weight Marketwatch / Barbara Kollmeyer

Consumers dig in and keep spending Marketwatch / Jennifer Waters

CA: Some very expensive sand Long Beach Press Telegram / Don Jergler

MN: Home buyers keep holding back in Twin Cities area St. Paul Pioneer Press

House OKs $94.5 bln spending bill Marketwatch / William L. Watts

Time to Buy / James B. Stewart

Bernanke Scares Pavlov's Sheep Safehaven / Richard Benson

Housing boom 2.0 CNN / Les Christie

CA: San Diego County home prices take a tumble San Diego Union Tribune / Roger M. Showley

FL: Insurers seek rate hikes up to 197% on homes, blame reinsurance costs Palm Beach Post / Stephanie Horvath

Nasdaq Loses Eight In A Row Investor’s Business Daily / Vincent Mao

Markets slide as risk aversion rises FT

Wal-Mart's luxury problem Business Week via MSNBC / Pallavi Gogoi

US foreign policy needs 'liberal realism' $ FT / Martin Wolf

Canada: Higher interest rates could be coming to combat inflation fears: forecast CP via Financial Post / Sandra Cordon

Sector ETFs: Use at Your Own Risk Morningstar / Dan Culloton

Treasuries gain as stocks slide, investors flee risk Reuters / Ellen Freilich

Treasuries rise as global equities slide FT / Jennifer Hughes, Joanna Chung and David Turner

ABC/WashPost US consumer comfort index rose to -15 Reuters

How China looks to the future to forget the past $ FT / Geoff Dyer

Tuesday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

Gold Falls Most in 15 Years on Concern Interest Rates Will Rise Bloomberg / Julie Tay and Pham-Duy Nguyen

A Plan For A Plunge NY Post / John Crudele

Treasuries rise on stock slide, inflation tempers Reuters / Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

A shaky house of cards Newsday / Randi F. Marshall

MBA’s Chief Economist Testifies on HMDA Before House Financial Services Subcommittee Mortgage Bankers Association

Inflation concerns slow hiring Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Joel Dresang

Trade policies can hurt U.S. firms Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Rick Barrett

Wall Street can't make up its mind CNN

Ford's better idea: Fewer meetings CNN

NYSE Slide May Spook Euronext Bid NY Post / Zachery Kouwe

The shrinking power of America's unions $ The Economist

No monopoly on generosity $ The Economist

Buttonwood: The furtive pleasures of Japan $ The Economist

Fed's Olson says mortgage data raise question Reuters

Bernanke: Most in U.S. manage money well AP via NJ Post

DIARY-Federal Reserve Events Reuters

Increasing Economic Opportunity: Challenges and Strategies Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Federal Reserve Board / Mark W. Olson

Futures more confident of June Fed hike after PPI Reuters / Ros Krasny

Maybe inflation isn't so scary after all Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Host State Loan-to-Deposit Ratios FDIC

U.S. Stocks Fall, Extending Loss for Year on Inflation Concern Bloomberg / Sarah Thompson and Dune Lawrence

Tuesday's Analysis / Marty Chenard

Best Buy Net Rises 38%, Beating Analysts' Estimates Bloomberg / Mark Clothier

Goldman 2nd-Qtr Net More Than Doubles, Led by Trading Bloomberg / Christine Harper

Housing slowdown could hurt construction jobs CNN / Christian Zappone

Some like it hot Marketwatch / Dr. Irwin Kellner

US retail sales edge up 0.1% in May FT / Christopher Swann

US May core producer prices up more than expected Reuters / Mark Felsenthal

Behind the Retail Jobs Numbers Business Week via MSNBC / Michael Mandel

Farewell to the flippers: Home prices are falling AP via MSNBC

Gold heads for a six-session losing streak Marketwatch / Myra P. Saefong and Ciara Linnane

Oil sinks below $70 Reuters via CNN

Oil and gold lead commodities retreat FT / Kevin Morrison

How to become a broker with no money down FT / James Altucher

What's behind 'lower' fund costs Philadelphia Inquirer / Jeff Brown

Slackers bring down all at work Denver Post / Al Lewis

Bernanke Tells Bankers Risk Management, Capital Are `Critical' Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

The Rating Game Daily Standard / Irwin Stelzer

Stocks, Bonds Take Different Route to Same Place Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Oil price likely to fall, says Browne Guardian / Terry Macalister

Oil Prices Continue Decline in Asia AP via Minneapolis Star Tribune / Sui-Lee Wee

Psst. Wanna buy some oil shares? They're selling off the back of the Kremlin's lorry Independent / Michael Harrison

TX: Investors from Mexico snapping up S.A. houses San Antonio Express News / Meena Thiruvengadam

U.S. Employers Report No Change in Hiring Plans, Manpower Says Bloomberg / Victor Epstein

U.S. Retail Sales Probably Slowed in May, Wholesale Prices Rose Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Survey: 31 Pct. of Companies to Add Staff AP via Washington Post / Emily Fredrix

Magellan Fund's Payout Signals a Barrage to Come Bloomberg / Chet Currier

UK: King eases fears of rate rise despite worrying data Guardian / Larry Elliott

Russia wants G8 partners to take it more seriously Taipei Times / Kenneth Rogoff

IMF Sees Increased `Downside Risks' for Global Growth Bloomberg / Gemma Daley and Victoria Batchelor

New Mellon Financial chief shows little interest in re-entering retail Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Dan Fitzpatrick

Downturn? What Downturn? Lehman Profit Is Up 47% NY Times / Jenny Anderson

Japan's Bonds Set for Longest Rally Since 2004 on Stock Slump Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane

Spending Cuts Even Democrats Can Support Tech Central Station / Jeffrey Alan Miron

Broad Economic Worries Drive a Global Sell-Off NY Times / Vikas Bajaj and Jeremy W. Peters

As DVD Sales Slow, Hollywood Hunts for a New Cash Cow NY Times / Ken Belson

UK: King: Markets' slide 'only modest so far' Scotsman / Bill Jamieson

Why Hedge Funds Might Die Before They Get Old Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

Dollar May Extend Gains as Fed Officials Flag Inflation Concern Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto


Traders call the shots on Wall Street $ FT / Peter Thal Larsen

Discrepancies in US accounts hide black hole FT / Daniel Gros

The rocky road to oil riches BBC News / Toby Poston

Off To The Races Forbes / Tom Van Riper

United Airlines Eliminating 1,000 Jobs AP via Forbes / Dave Carpenter

A Look at the Upcoming 8-year Cycle Bottom Clif Droke Market Analysis via Safehaven / Clif Droke

Finding the Edge Smartmoney / Steven M. Sears

Rx for the Economy: A Weaker Dollar Business Week via MSNBC

The Economy at Midyear Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas / Richard W. Fisher

Fed hints at looming US slowdown BBC News

Economic déjà vu all over again National Review / Tom Nugent

High Core Inflation Means The Fed Has Unfinished Business Investor’s Business Daily / Laura Mandano

Lease is more for the convoluted CPI Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Utah living costs up for 6th straight month Salt Lake Tribune / Bob Mims

US inflation $ FT / Lex

New fear: A Fed gone too far CNN / Chris Isidore

Beige Book Federal Reserve Board

Fed Report: Economy Shows Signs of Slowing AP via Newsday / Jeannine Aversa

GAO warns U.S. vulnerable to oil cutoff AP via MSNBC

House Panel to Study $1.4 Bln Improper FEMA Payments Bloomberg / Jeff Bliss

Oil prices rise slightly AP via Houston Chronicle / J.W. Elphinstone

Wall St climbs as traders brush off inflation data FT / John O’Doherty

Fed's Bies sees cooling housing market Reuters via CNN

A Supervisor's Perspective on Mortgage Markets and Mortgage Lending Practices Federal Reserve Board / Susan Schmidt Bies

Button It, Ben NY Post / Paul Tharp

The pain of mortgage over-extension Reuters / Linda Stern

Mortgage Applications Increase by 7 Percent in Latest Survey Mortgage Bankers Association

CA: Prices take spring slide San Diego Union Tribune / Roger M. Showley

Goldman Lays Off Trading It’s Own $ NY Post / Tom Bawden

First Urinetown. Now This? Slate / Daniel Gross

E-Trade, Schwab client assets hurt as markets fall MarketWatch / Greg Morcroft

With NYSE Shares Down 18%. Euronext Deal Fades NY Post / Roddy Boyd

U.S. stocks rise as broker upgrades offset CPI Reuters / Ellis Mnyandu

News Corp targets online ad technology FT / Aline van Duyn

Boeing rallies as Airbus falters Marketwatch / August Cole

Dollar hands back recent gains FT / Steve Johnson

WA: Unemployment up in state as economic growth slows Seattle Times / Drew DeSilver

Wednesday Gold Coin Prices AP via NJ Post

Immigrants prove the job market is strong Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Treasury Yields Surge as Inflation Report Boosts Fed Outlook Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton and Deborah Finestone

Treasuries slide as US rate rise priced in FT / Jennifer Hughes and Joanna Chung

Treasuries stumble as underlying inflation jumps Reuters

Culture of Secrecy in Munis Draws IRS Panel Rebuke Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Credit Derivatives Jump, Signaling Decline in Corporate Bonds Bloomberg

Stocks bounce higher in morning trading AP via Philadelphia Inquirer / Ellen Simon

Wednesday's Analysis / Marty Chenard

Bush says Fed watching closely for inflation signs Reuters

Pursuing Effective Economic Policy Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis / Gary H. Stern

DIARY-Federal Reserve Events Reuters

Fed Doesn't See Any New Inflationary `Monster' Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Feels Like The '70s Forbes / Liz Moyer

Small-business Owners Eye Slowdown / Stephen Taub

U.S. Economy: Consumer Prices Exceed Forecast in May Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

US consumer inflation stokes rate rise fears FT / Christopher Swann and Jennifer Hughes

Vanguard raises bonuses for employees 13 percent Philadelphia Inquirer / Benjamin Y. Lowe

Home Affordability at 2-Decade Low Bloomberg via LA Times

Will Corporate Bondholders Be Left Holding The Bag Again? Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Kasriel

U.S. Treasuries sit tight ahead of CPI data Reuters

State finances stable, but governors wary / Pamela M. Prah

Pressure On Fannie, Freddie Increases Washington Post / Annys Shin

Why Won't Congress Abolish the Estate Tax? Lew Rockwell / Ron Paul

Is Steinbrenner house, which Ruth built, poor? Boston Herald / Scott Van Voorhis

Naked' short selling is center of looming legal battle Marketwatch / Alistair Barr

Selling Wave Circles Globe With Losses NY Times / Vikas Bajaj and Martin Fackler

Retail Sales Beginning To Feel Effects of Housing Slowdown Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Kasriel

US inflation and rate rise worries cause worldwide shares sell-off Guardian / Larry Elliott and Justin McCurry

FL: Lack of insurance a 'crisis' Tallahassee Democrat / C.E. Scott

Dollar Drops on Concern Fed Rate Increases to Weigh on Economy Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto

America cuts back Guardian / Terry Macalister

Oil prices fall for 3rd straight day AP via Myrtle Beach Sun / Sui-Lee Wee

Turmoil prompting flight to quality, says Merrill Lynch Guardian / Angela Balakrishnan

David (Car) Has Better Chance Against Goliath (S.U.V.) NY Times / Nick Bunkley

Four Reasons Why ECB's Rate Increases Are Wrong Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

UK: If you want to know which direction UK interest rates are heading, look overseas Independent / Michael Harrisonb

China's Industrial Output Growth Accelerates in May Bloomberg / Nerys Avery

Australian Consumer Confidence Falls on Higher Rates Bloomberg / Hans van Leeuwen


Inflation isn't the real issue for markets Dallas Morning News / Danielle DiMartino

Mortgages with a twist Marketwatch / Gail Liberman and Alan Lavine

Were the dollar really to collapse... $ FT / Samuel Brittan

Why Ballmer should leave Microsoft Business 2.0 via CNN / Owen Thomas

Oracle's 4Q Profit to Top Expectations AP via Forbes / Michael Liedtke

Cocktails With Rupert Forbes / James Brady

Does the Laffer Curve Apply to Interest Rates? National Review / John Tamny

The Fed's Balancing Act Safehaven / Hans F. Sennholz

Which Inflation Target? Human Events Online via Google News / Alan Reynolds

Bernanke speech soothes nerves on economy FT / Krishna Guha

What Happened to Gold? Euro Pacific via Safehaven / Peter Schiff

Vehicles are used as rolling billboards Houston Chronicle / Purva Patel

Schwab trims online trading prices NY Daily News

Gates swaps software for philanthropy FT / Andrew Jack

Feeling Chipper NY Post / Tom Bawden

Dow vaults past 11,000 AP via Akron Beacon Journal / Christopher Wang

Canada: Financial System Review Bank of Canada

Oil prices above $70 a barrel in Asia AP via NJ Post / Sui-Lee Wee

Bill Says Good-Bye Forbes / Victoria Murphy Barret

Energy and the Economy Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

US stocks soar after Bernanke comments, banks rise Reuters / Emily Chasan

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