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The game is up The Economist

Countrywide taps credit line for cash AP via Houston Chronicle / Alex Veiga

Countrywide, IndyMac offer highest CD rates Newsday / Tami Luhby

Run on Treasury Bills Spurred by Subprime's Contagion in Commercial Paper  Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger

Fear factor rises as bad news keeps on coming USA Today / Matt Krantz

Faith in credit fading during crunch LA Times / Peter G. Gosselin

China's problems with lead go beyond tainted toys AP via Journal News / Joe McDonald

Homeowners Opt to Pay Debts Over Keeping Homes / Aleksandra Todorova

Commercial Paper Outstanding Falls by Most Since September 2001 Bloomberg / Darrell Hassler

High-yield bonds weaken as trading dries up Reuters

EU to investigate credit agencies BBC News

TN: Agency upgrades Tennessee debt rating Tennessean / Chas Sisk

Hopes high for rare inter-meeting Fed rate cut Reuters / Ros Krasny

Stocks off lows in late afternoon trade Marketwatch / Nick Godt & Kate Gibson

H-P earnings jump 29% in third fiscal quarter Marketwatch / Dan Gallagher

Paulson sees more bad news ahead Fortune via CNN / Nina Easton

5 ways to know if the bull is over CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Wall Street: Jobs at risk CNN / Grace Wong

Subprime loans grew in '06, Fannie says Reuters via CNN

Soybeans drop on CBOT AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer

U.S. stocks lower amid more signs of trouble Marketwatch / Kate Gibson

Thursday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Stock selloff accelerates CNN / Alexandra Twin

Business Outlook Survey Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Philadelphia Fed's Factory Index Stalled in August Bloomberg / Joe Richter

Effective Fed Funds Rate Cut to 4.75% - Well, bless Poole's Beautiful Hide! Bullion Vault via Market Oracle / Adrian Ash

Credit markets and the crisis of confidence in global finance The Economist

Treasuries Rise on Concern About Ability to Trade Other Bonds Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger

Gold and other metals tumble amid stock sell-off Marketwatch / Polya Lesova

Gold falls further on risk aversion amid market nervousness AFX via Forbes

Chicago Mercantile to Raise Margin Requirements Today Bloomberg / Nandini Sukumar and Edgar Ortega

Jitters seep into money funds LA Times / Tom Petruno and Kathy M. Kristof

On top of everything else, not very good at its job The Economist

Diebold Can't Sell Elections Unit AP via Newsday

Fear and Misunderstanding of the SEC / Sarah Johnson

Plunge Protectors are all over Market Meltdown NY Post / John Crudele

Fed Has Already Introduced `Temporary' Easing: Chart of the Day Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

Run on Treasury Bills Spurred by Subprime Contagion Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger

Hedge-Fund Guy Atones for His Subprime Bond Sins Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

Corporate Bond Risk Rises Worldwide as Credit Concerns Escalate Bloomberg / Shannon D. Harrington and Hamish Risk

Treasury prices gain on credit fears AP via Houston Chronicle

Nestle cut to 'AA' on 25 bln sfr share buyback programme - S&P AFX via Forbes

Countrywide forced to turn to banks for help CNN / Chris Isidore

Countrywide borrows $11.5B from 40 banks AP via Houston Chronicle / Stephen Bernard

Stocks get pummeled again CNN / Alexandra Twin

Moody's Warns of Potential for LTCM-Style Hedge Fund Collapse Bloomberg / John Glover

CO: Price slash Rocky Mountain News / John Rebchook

New data reinforce US housing misery FT / Eoin Callan

Mortgage rates rise for first time in four weeks CNN

U.S. Housing Starts Dropped in July to 10-Year Low Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

Jobless claims rise unexpectedly Reuters via CNN

Yen Carry Trade Unraveling Faster Forbes / Shu-Ching Jean Chen

Oil drops as traders shift their focus to the falling financial markets AP via Houston Chronicle / George Jahn

Forbes '08 Tracker: August Forbes / David A. Andelman

Asia Decoupled? Now There's a Subprime Concept Bloomberg / William Pesek

Credit Crunch Opening Door for Muni CD Bond Buyer / Matthew Hanson and Matthew Posner

Poole Says Only `Calamity' Would Justify Interest-Rate Cut Now Bloomberg / Anthony Massucci and Kathleen Hays

MO: For house sellers, good news and bad St. Louis Post Dispatch / Riddhi Trivedi-St. Clair

Dow Theorists watch, worry and wait Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

New Zealand and Australian Dollars Slump on U.S. Stocks Decline Bloomberg / David McIntyre

China Factory, Property Investment Rises 26.6 Percent Bloomberg / Nipa Piboontanasawat

Two-Year U.S. Treasury Yields Near 22-Month Low as Stocks Slump Bloomberg / David Yong

Hedge funds take more than a trim Telegraph / James Quinn

Fundamentally, it's time to step back from the maelstrom Telegraph / Tom Stevenson

Yen surges as carry trade unwinds Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Yen Rises to Four-Month High as Global Stocks Extend Losses Bloomberg / Stanley White and David McIntyre


Poole Skipped Fed's Conference to Maintain Secrecy Bloomberg / Anthony Massucci

Retracted Memos, Canceled Vacations: Fed Cut Shocks Bloomberg / Caroline Salas

After Fed's rescue, volatile days ahead Reuters / Cal Mankowski

Mortgage lender lays off nearly 6,000 AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer

Congress to link AMT, new tax Washington Times / Patrice Hill

Asset-Backed CP Yields Rise in Face of Fed Rate Cut Bloomberg / Mark Pittman

Bonds rise as discount rate cut whets appetite Reuters

Spreads improve after Fed discount move Reuters

Barnyard Basics Of Derivatives Forbes / Andrew Beattie

Proud Countrywide may have to bow to Wall St banks Reuters / Tim McLaughlin

Fed-driven rally holds Globe and Mail / Roma Luciw

Wall St. Buckles, Bounces Back Washington Post / Neil Irwin and Tomoeh Murakami Tse

Dow soars by 233 after Fed's rate cut AP via Houston Chronicle / Madlen Read

NY: New York Budget Chief Sees Less Help From Wall Street Bloomberg / Michael Quint

Mortgage mess creates lending drought AP via Houston Chronicle / Michael Liedtke

Cramer Takes Credit for Fed Rate Cut; Then He Doesn't Bloomberg / Michael Janofsky

NY Fed chief encourages banks to borrow after rate move Reuters / John Parry and Richard Leong

The Fed's Dramatic Shift Forbes / Liz Moyer

Bear Market In Bear Stearns Mortgage Jobs Forbes / Joshua Lipton

At Treasury, the Secretary Waits It Out NY Times / Steven R. Weisman

Recession worries percolate on Wall St. McClatchy / Kevin G. Hall

Fed funds trade at 5.25 percent, matching target rate Reuters

Fed Cuts Discount Rate, Acknowledging Need for Action Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

U.S. Export Opportunities Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis / William Poole

Fed's Poole warns on trade protectionism Reuters via CNN

Friday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Dollar Falls Against Euro After Surprise Fed Discount Rate Cut Bloomberg / Min Zeng

Crude Oil, Copper, Gold Advance After Unexpected Fed Rate Cut Bloomberg / Chanyaporn Chanjaroen and Halia Pavliva

Bad and getting worse: New-home starts hit 10-year low AP via Rocky Mountain News / Martin Crutsinger

U.S. Consumer Confidence Index Falls to 12-Month Low Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Where will the jobs be in 2012? MSNBC / Jenny Lynn Zappala

Those who say this is just a market wobble are in denial Guardian via Fiend’s SuperBear Page / Larry elliott

No Time To Sit and Watch Washington Post / Steven Pearlstein

Treasurys prices wilt as stocks make headway Marketwatch / Leslie Wines

Dow Jumps 300 Points in Opening Minutes AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel

Average short-term timing newsletter now short the market Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Goldman Says Fed to Cut Rates to 4.5 Percent in 2007 Bloomberg / Deborah Finestone

FOMC Statement Federal Reserve Board

Federal Reserve Board discount rate action Federal Reserve Board

Bernanke Finds Lessons in the Great Depression Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Fed cuts discount rate to 5.75% Marketwatch / Rex Nutting & Mike Maynard

Fed Cuts Discount Rate to 5.75% to Ease Credit Crunch Bloomberg / Scott Lanman and Brendan Murray

Fed cuts bank interest rate to calm markets AP via Chicago Tribune

A rush to pull out cash LA Times / E. Scott Reckard and Annette Haddad

HP shares barely budge despite 3Q upside AP via Houston Chronicle / Jordan Robertson

Oil rises on storm, refinery worries AP via Houston chronicle / George Jahn

Countywide upgraded to neutral Marketwatch / John Spence

Faith in credit fading during crunch LA Times / Peter G. Gosselin

Fed steps in to quell credit fears Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Lenders in Canada Act to Fix a Problem in Their Debt Market NY Times / Ian Austen

Japan's Five-Year Notes Set for Biggest Weekly Gain in a Year Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane

Dell, Admitting Managers Inflated Sales Reports, Will Restate Income NY Times / Matt Richtel

Australian Central Bank Props Up Currency Amid Rout Bloomberg / Victoria Batchelor and Chris Young

Japan Banks May Face Loss as Subprime Roils Asset-Backed Market Bloomberg / Mariko Yasu and Ichiro Suzuki

Yen Set for Best Week Versus Dollar Since 1998; Carry Trade Cut Bloomberg / Ron Harui and Stanley White

Russia: Fitch Says Economy Can Withstand Jitters Reuters via Moscow Times

Stronger Asia Seen as Better Able to Deflect Ripples, or Big Waves, From U.S. NY Times / Keith Bradsher and Jeremy W. Peters


Bush Responds With Restraint To Questions About Economy Washington Post / Michael A. Fletcher

Lazard Boss Bets The House NY Post / Zachery Kouwe

The Fed’s Sudden Action Eases a Logjam in Corporate Borrowing NY Times / Eric Dash

The Fed buys some time to rebuild confidence LA Times / Tom Petruno

Fed rate cut appears to be first step AP via Contra Costa Times / Martin Crutsinger

Retracted Memos, Canceled Vacations: Fed Cut Shocks LA Times / Caroline Salas

How Fed moves can affect the economy Detroit Free Press / Susan Tompor

Fed gets message, lowers key rate LA Times / Peter G. Gosselin

Treasury Two-Year Notes Gain Most Since 2005 on Subprime, Fed Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger

Real Estate and Asset Deflation : Death of the "Sure-Thing" Market Oracle / Steve Moyer

CO: For homeowners, it's 'terrible, terrible' Rocky Mountain News / John Rebchook

CA: Housing slump hits job market Sacramento Bee / Dale Kasler

N.C. jobless rate climbs slightly in July Raleigh News and Observer / David Ranii

SC: State jobless rate jumps in July The State / Jim DuPlessis

Yen Advances Most Since 2000 Versus Euro as Carry Trade Unwinds Bloomberg / Min Zeng

The Days of the Yen Carry Trade May Be Ending NY Times / Wayne Arnold



FL: Big banks gobble up little guys Palm Beach Post / Randy Diamond

Overbuilding, bad home loans feed foreclosure crisis Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Mitchell Schnurman

Blind optimism at IndyMac? Marketwatch / Herb Greenberg

Home prices boosting U.S. household debt: Kohn Marketwatch / Robert Schroeder

Financial services should be there to serve Telegraph via Lew Rockwell / Dan Roberts

Wall Street Awaits Fed's Next Move AP via Newsday / Madlen Read

Examine Bond Funds Closely Marketwatch via Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram

Avoiding the Credit Storm, by Swimming in Midstream NY Times / Conrad De Aenlle

How Missed Signs Contributed to a Mortgage Meltdown NY Times / Nelson D. Schwartz and Vikas Bajaj

The Fed keeps its head The Economist

What the Fed move means to markets San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

Fed Chief 's Measured Response to Crisis Washington Post / Neil Irwin

After Fed's rescue, volatile days ahead Reuters via Washington Post / Cal Mankowski

Fed's steady hand won't make credit woes vanish AP via Modesto Bee / Joe Bel Bruno

Banks ‘must cut rates to halt slide’ London Times / David Smith and Grant Ringshaw

CO: Landlord landscape is growing Denver Post / Christian Toto

FL: Short sales increase as housing slump deepens South Florida Sun Sentinel / Paul Owers

TX: Creative financing tools now biting homeowners Houston Chronicle / Nancy Sarnoff and Purva Patel

Mortgage brokers feeling pinch too AP via Denver Post / Michael Liedtke

What credit crunch? Baltimore Sun / Eileen Ambrose

Loan by Loan, the Making of a Credit Squeeze NY Times / Steve Lohr

How did we fall into this abyss of bad loans and foreclosures? Cox News via Modesto Bee / Marilyn Geewax

Home Sales Slip, Durables Orders Rise: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Bob Willis

How Far Will the Stock Market Crash Go and What Do we Do Now? NY Post / Tracy Byrnes

Poll: Traders Will Commit Felony For Profit NY Post / Richard Wilner

Seeking Equilibrium on Wall St. NY Times / Conrad De Aenlle

Selling stocks low is illogical Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Some investors keep cool during market's wild intraday swings Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

How Far Will the Stock Market Crash Go and What Do we Do Now? Market Oracle / Richard C. Cook

Market turmoil 'set to continue' BBC News

UK: Debt collectors’ workload triples London Times / Dominic O’ Connell

Time-share sales soar as home sales sag Orlando Sentinel / Christopher Boyd


Fed may have to cut federal funds rate Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Mortgage industry has no excuses Seattle Post Intelligencer / Bill Virgin

TREASURIES-Futures edge up as credit fears linger Reuters

Shorter-dated debt climbs as safety bid holds sway Reuters / Chris Reese

S&P, Moody's, Fitch Share Subprime Blame, Shelby Says Bloomberg / Matthew Newman and John Rega

Cost of debt in short term to increase FT / Francesco Guerrera and Victoria Kim

Countrywide ads tout safety amid report of layoffs Reuters / Jonathan Stempel

Money market FT / John Authers

Models limit understanding $ FT / John Kay

Notes on the Inflation Dynamics of the New Keynesian Phillips Curve pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond / Andreas Hornstein

Chicago Fed National Activity Index Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Lower US Interest Rates from the Fed are Not Likely TradingOnlineMarkets via Market Oracle / Hans Wagner

“Fixing” Currency Misalignment: Would the cure be worse than the sickness KWR Advisor / Russell L. Smith, Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP

Watching the markets closely The Economist

Risky business The Economist

Fed's Poole should resign after rate remarks-lawmaker Reuters

Capital One and the mortgage domino effect Fortune via CNN / Katie Benner

My, How Fast Liquidity Disappeared Forbes / Robert Lenzner

Dow manages comeback CNN / Alexandra Twin

Stocks end mostly higher on lack of news AP via Houston Chronicle / Joe Bel Bruno

Bush seeks closer ties with Canada, Mexico Reuters / Louise Egan and Tabassum Zakaria

US regulator says watching Countrywide very closely Reuters

High Risk Credit Texas Straight Talk via Safehaven / Ron Paul

Subprime Infects $300 Billion of Money Market Funds, Hikes Risk Bloomberg / David Evans

Milk prices seen slipping in the fall CNN / Jeff Cox

Money can't buy happiness, but can happiness buy money? Marketwatch / Paul B. Farrell

Texas homeowners to pay Allstate 5.9% more Houston Chronicle / Purva Patel

Bernanke, Senate Banking chief to meet on Tuesday Reuters

Short-term bond rally puts Fed to the test Marketwatch / Nick Godt & Wayne Ma

Panic eases, credit woes persist CNN / Grace Wong

Talk of recession grows: Housing woes keep building Boston Herald / Scott Van Voorhis

Businesses Pinched as Loan Spigot Shuts Off Washington Post / David Cho and Thomas Heath

Mortgage meltdown: The lawsuits CNN / Les Christie

U.S. Stocks Drop on Credit-Market Concern; Thornburg Retreats Bloomberg / Eric Martin

Stocks Fall As Uncertainty Remains AP via Forbes / Joe Bel Bruno

Fed Rate Cut Offers Golden Opportunity Forbes / Andrew Farrell

Calm slowly returns in wake of Fed Reuters via Washington Post

Banks Dealing With Fed Play Catch-Up on Rate Outlook Bloomberg / Deborah Finestone

Review and Preview Morgan Stanley / Ted Wieseman and David Greenlaw

Treasurys gain on rate-cut expectations Marketwatch / Wayne Ma

Ten-Year Treasuries Gain on Signs Credit Crunch to Cost Jobs Bloomberg / Deborah Finestone and Elizabeth Stanton

Statement Regarding System Open Market Account Activity Federal Reserve Bank of New York

The Fed Prepares the Bailout Bucket Seeking Alpha / Markham Lee

Global Margin Call? Safehaven / Boris Sobolev

Fed eyes rate cuts to calm market Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

Monday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Lowe's 2Q profit rises 9 percent AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Ieva M. Augstums

A new spin on stock-index funds Christian Science Monitor / Janice Fioravante

After the Shock: Risks for the Global Economy and Markets Morgan Stanley

China Prepares to Dump US Dollars Gold Letter via Market Oracle / David Vaughn

Gold edges higher as Fed discount rate cut continues to boost sentiment AFX via Forbes

Farm Bill Follies Ludwig Von Mises Institute / Dan McLaughlin

Wheat, soybean prices weaken AP via Contra Costa Times

Leading indicators rise 0.4% in July Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Stocks May Grow More Volatile After Fed's Rate Cut Bloomberg / Eric Martin

Tough love on Wall Street Fortune via CNN / Bill Gross

Crude Oil Falls as Hurricane Forecast to Miss Gulf Platforms Bloomberg / Matthew Leising

Thornburg Sells Securities to Revive Home Lending Bloomberg / Rick Green

Risk returns with a vengeance Fortune via CNN / Shawn Tully

Deutsche Bank taps Fed credit window FT / Francesco Guerrera

Nasdaq to sell LSE stake FT / Norma Cohen

After Foreclosure, a Big Tax Bill From the I.R.S. NY Times / Geraldine Fabrikant

Dumping the Real-Estate Agent Can Spur Home Sale Bloomberg / John F. Wasik

Sub-prime crisis is the edge of a financial hurricane Telegraph / Bernard Connolly

Inflation Risks Vanish in Financial Market Haze Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Bernanke's `Rookie Mistake' Forces Fed to Shift Focus to Market Bloomberg / Craig Torres

Bernanke fears economy will hit a brick wall Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

In First Crisis on the Job, Bernanke’s About-Face Is Weighed NY Times / John M. Broder

Market Digests Fed Moves Bond Buyer / Dakin Campbell, Matthew Hanson and Michael Scarchilli

Leading Economic Indicators in U.S. Probably Increased in July Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

Asian Markets Rally After U.S. Rebound Reuters via NY Times

Should Wall Street pay for sub-prime sins? LA Times / Walter Hamilton

Hedge Funds Are Squeezed by Investors and Lenders NY Times / Jenny Anderson

Yen Falls as Equity Rally Lures Investors Back to Carry Trades Bloomberg / Aaron Pan and Kosuke


Self-employed skirting taxes San Antonio Express News / David Hendricks

The Federal Reserve must prolong the party $ FT / Martin Wolf

Lacker: Heck No, We Won't Go (Just Yet?) Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Kasriel

Liquidity Can't Solve Insolvency Daily Reckoning via Safehaven / The Mogambo Guru

Economists expect September rate cut USA Today / Barbara Hagenbaugh and Barbara Hansen

Patents filed by foreigners in US triples AP via Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram

MI: Michigan foreclosures still on the rise Detroit Free Press / Greta Guest

OH: Jobless rate down here Cincinnati Enquirer

Hong Kong set for China boost Marketwatch / Chris Oliver

This is a market your money manager should be exploiting Marketwatch / Thomas Kostigen

Hedge Fund Manager, Intent on Market, Misses Maserati Bloomberg / David Clarke and Brian Lysaght

Many consumers don't heed savings-account interest rates Marketwatch / Andrea Coombes

Trader’s Rise and Fall NY Post / Janet Whitman

Why a Fed Cut Won't Help Marketwatch / Herb Greenberg

Why the Fed needs to drop the other shoe Marketwatch / Dr. Irwin Kellner

ABC/Washington Post Consumer Comfort Index tumbles to -20 Reuters

Like A House of Cards NY Post / John Crudele

Gas station owners allege price fixing AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Rachel Konrad

CO: Hotel rates rise 11.8%; occupancy slips Rocky Mountain News / John Rebchook

Stocks end higher; traders eye rate cut AP via Boston Herald

Target, Saks Buck Weak Consumer Trend AP via San Francisco Chronicle / Joshua Freed

Home Depot Directors Take a Tiny Pay Cut / Roy Harris

Mass. home sales rise in July Boston Herald / Jerry Kronenberg

Rate cut to come at a cost to credibility? Reuters / Ros Krasny

Fed May Avoid Rate Cut as Liquidity Bid Bears Fruit Bloomberg / Craig Torres and Deborah Finestone

Fed Rate Cut Confusion Forbes / Andrew Farrell

Fed funds rate trade below 5.00 percent Reuters

S&P, Nasdaq up on rate-cut speculation; Dow dips Reuters / Caroline Valetkevitch

Dollar mixed after banking meeting Marketwatch / Wayne Ma

Sub-Prime Numbers National Review

Volatility no reason for rate cuts, Lacker says Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Why The Fed's Interest Rate Cut Did Not Come As A Surprise Investor Insight via Market Oracle / John Mauldin

Short-term bonds halt rally after key meeting Marketwatch / Nick Godt

U.S. Treasuries Gain, Pushing Two-Year Notes to 23-Month Low Bloomberg / Deborah Finestone and Elizabeth Stanton

Black Monday for Bond Yields Bullion Vault via Safehaven / Adrian Ash

Emerging-Market Bonds Decline as Fed Rate Cut Expectations Ebb Bloomberg / Lester Pimentel

Indexes Rebound In Midday Trading Investors Business Daily / Vincent Mao

Merger slowdown could further sour market LA Times via Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Thomas S. Mulligan

Many to blame for mortgage mess, from Fed to those who spent above means. Allentown Morning Call / Walter Hamilton

Cash spigot for mortgage lenders? AP via Modesto Bee / Marcy Gordon

KS: Seller's market: Wichita housing bucks national trends Wichita Eagle / Dan Voorhis

Lines in the ice The Economist

Prime interest rates and the market value of Gold Gold and Oil Stocks / Greg Silberman

Bond Market Signals Danger Ahead Wall Street Window via Safehaven / Michael Swanson

Lacker Says Market Impact on Economy Will Guide Fed Decisions Bloomberg / Craig Torres and Steve Matthews

The Economic Outlook Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond / Jeffrey M. Lacker

PA: Philadelphia Fed Analysis: State Employment pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Fed vigilance urged on credit crunch AP via Houston Chronicle / Jeannine Aversa

Job cuts at financial services firms surge Reuters via CNN

Fannie, Freddie could help to stimulate jumbo mortgage loans San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

Gold futures gain, but remain below $670 Marketwatch / Myra P. Saefong

Crude Oil Falls Below $70 as Hurricane Dean Weakens Over Mexico Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

US SWAPS-Two-year spreads seen widest since July 2000 Reuters

Muni Bond Issuers Wise Up, Resist Swaps' Siren Song Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Fed Rate Cuts Are a Possibility, Not a Certainty Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Fed injects $3.75 bln in via overnight repos Reuters

Change in Minimum Fee Rate for SOMA Securities Lending Program Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Fed ready but not alarmed by credit squeeze-report Reuters

Even Fed may not save our bacon this time: Jim Saft Reuters / James Saft

Survey: Consumers jittery but not panicky, yet CNN / Parija B. Kavilanz

Tuesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

U.S. markets knife straight back to resistance Marketwatch / Michael Ashbaugh

US' Paulson discussing mortgage options with GSEs Reuters / David Lawder

FL: SunTrust Banks slashing payroll South Florida Sun Sentinel / Harry R. Weber

Nasdaq's LSE Losses, Closed-End Discounts, TED Signal: Timshel Bloomberg / David Wilson

Foreclosures: No relief in sight CNN / Les Christie

Home Foreclosures Almost Double in July as Rates Rise Bloomberg / Sharon L. Crenson

Burnt Fingers, Red Faces And Bernanke Forbes / Martin T. Sosnoff

Fed Expects Markets Will Take Days to Digest Discount-Rate Cut Bloomberg / Craig Torres

Indexes flat as investors cautious after Paulson Reuters / Kristina Cooke

Stocks squirm on credit woes CNN

Countrywide may be attractive to Buffett Reuters via CNN

Commercial Paper Roils Borrowers With $550 Billion Coming Due Bloomberg / Mark Pittman

Investors Tap Treasurys As Stocks Take Breather Washington Post / Neil Irwin

A Fear of Foreign Investments NY Times / Steven R. Weisman

U.S. Bill Yields Are Near Two-Year Low on Outlook for Rate Cut Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Skittish Investors Rush to Buy Treasury Debt NY Times / Jeremy W. Peters

Candidates Reveal Their Muni Holdings Bond Buyer / Humberto Sanchez

For Wall Street's Math Brains, Miscalculations Washington Post / Frank Ahrens

Average Incomes Fell for Most in 2000-5 NY Times / David Cay Johnston

Paulson left to practise art of gentle persuasion $ FT / Krishna Guha

Do candidates' family lives matter to voters? Not much. Christian Science Monitor / Ariel Sabar

Asian Stocks Extend Rebound as U.S. Subprime Concern Recedes Bloomberg / Patrick Rial and Makiko Suzuki

UK: King's penny pinching may well prove to be prudent Telegraph / Richard Fletcher

UK: Figure it out for yourself: is this Judgment Day? Telegraph / Tom Stevenson

Capitalism not to blame for debacle Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

China: Heady days as China rides out the storm Telegraph / Mark Kleinman

Yen Gains as Higher Volatility Diminishes Appeal of Carry Trade Bloomberg / Ron Harui and Kosuke Goto

China's Inflation Will Stymie Subprime Response Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee



Fed's actions aren't solely up to Bernanke St. Paul Pioneer Press / Edward Lotterman

TX: Mortgage mess hurts high-end homes, too Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Mitchell Schnurman

Rising rates on biggest mortgages Baltimore Sun / Jamie Smith Hopkins

History teaches this is just a bull market correction FT / Ken Fisher

Asset-Backed Paper Yields Rise After H&R Block Taps Credit Line Bloomberg / Mark Pittman

Asia's sensitivity to U.S. woes declines USA Today / Paul Wiseman

Countrywide lands $2 billion B. of A. investment Marketwatch / Carla Mozee

Bank of America to invest $2B in Countrywide Reuters via CNN

Four little piggies went to market Marketwatch / David Callaway

Chicago Fed Letter Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Smoking: Taxing Health and Social Security Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta / Brian S. Armour and M. Melinda Pitts

Size of possible Fed rate cut in the balance Reuters / Ros Krasny

US Housing Market Collapse Not Correction! Gold Thoughts via Market Oracle / New W. Schmidt

PA: Lending squeeze slashes jobs in Western Pa. Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Ron DaParma

Big Banks, Big Bucks Forbes / Liz Moyer

Why fire Poole when he's just doing his job St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

Fed rate cut? Don't bank on it CNN / Chris Isidore

Mortgages Lead Biggest Rise in Late Loans Since 1990 Bloomberg / Alison Vekshin

Mortgage crisis widens at Accredited, HSBC, Lehman Reuters via Washington Post

Lehman, Accredited, HSBC Shut Offices; Crisis Spreads Bloomberg / Caroline Salas and Steven Church

Mortgage Job Losses Surpass 38,000 AP via Newsday / Ieva M. Augstums

Stocks surge as risk appetite returns AP via Beaufort Gazette / Madlen Read

Greenspan Denies Speculation He Said He Would Have Cut Fed Rate Bloomberg / Craig Torres

Where have you gone Paul Volcker? Marketwatch / Irwin Yamamoto

Financial Markets on Crack Lew Rockwell / Kevin Duffy

Fed's Next Move Another Discount Rate Cut, Credit Suisse Says Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Cut chances of 50 bps Fed ease Reuters

Oil gives up gains after inventory data Reuters / Jane Merriman

Wednesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

U.S. Stocks Rally on Takeover Speculation; MGM, Nymex Advance Bloomberg / Eric Martin

Bulls Cheer Rate Talk / Mark Glassman

U.S. Treasury has few tools for crisis UPI

Financial Markets and the Real Economy Daily Standard / Irwin M. Stelzer

Quarterly Banking Profile FDIC

Bank Profits Down 3.4 Percent AP via Forbes

ESpeed Slows Down Revenue Recognition / Sarah Johnson

U.S. Notes Fall on Speculation Yields Too Low for Rates Outlook Bloomberg / Deborah Finestone

US housing market $ FT / Lex

If the wheels fall off the financial wagon, you were warned Marketwatch / Todd Harrison

Bonds retreat as market jitters ease a bit CNN

Subprime Crisis Isn't Fault of Ratings Companies Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

Report: Rate cut seen, but not til September CNN

Stocks Open Higher on Takeover Talk AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Madlen Read

Wells Fargo Gorges on Mark-to-Make-Believe Gains Bloomberg / Jonathan Weil

S & Ls hit hard by loan troubles LA Times

Mortgage Applications Decrease In Latest MBA Weekly Survey Mortgage Bankers Association

Toll earnings plunge CNN

Credit crisis a GOP worry LA Times / Peter G. Gosselin

ECB Will Lend EU40 Billion in Three-Month Refinancing Operation Bloomberg / Simone Meier

Fed's Strategy of Increasing Liquidity Survives for a Third Day Bloomberg / Craig Torres

Casualties mount after US investors plunge in too deep Telegraph / Jeff Randall

A More Appealing Muni Bond Buyer / Matthew Posner

U.S. Notes Fall on Concern Rate Cut Would Lead to Inflation Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

PA: Flood of foreclosures misses Pittsburgh area Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Elwin Green

FL: Property values, tax bills decline Palm Beach Post / Jeff Ostrowski

MA: So don’t bet the house: Home-sales rise not seen as trend Boston Herald / Jerry Kronenberg

TD Ameritrade In Merger Talks With E*Trade Wall Street Journal via Marketwatch / Susanne Craig and Dennis K. Berman

Oil Trades Near 7-Week Low After Hurricane Weakens Over Mexico Bloomberg / Christian Schmollinger and Gavin Evans

Yen Extends Advance as Volatility Increases Carry Trade Risk Bloomberg / Stanley White and Ron Harui

China raises interest rates to cool economy Telegraph / Mark Kleinman

US farmers using prison labor Christian Science Monitor / Nicole Hill

Bernanke Must Avoid Greenspan's Asia Bubble Mess Bloomberg / William Pesek

Bonuses on Wall Street Threatened for First Time in Five Years Bloomberg / Jenny Strasburg and Christine Harper

Japan's Trade Surplus Narrows as Export Growth Slows Bloomberg / Lily Nonomiya


Countrywide’s Fall From Grace Newsweek / Daniel Gross

Economic data return on Friday Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Fed Discount Lending Rose to Average of $1.2 Billion Bloomberg / Vincent Del Giudice and Craig Torres

No other banks go to discount window, Fed says Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Banks Hike Borrowing From Fed AP via LA Times / Jeannine Aversa

Central banks still face a difficult task The Economist

Caution Rules Despite Fed's Short-Term Credit Fix / Igor Greenwald

Pimco's Gross Buys Goldman, Merrill, Deutsche Bonds Bloomberg / Kathleen Hays and Bryan Keogh

Rally Fizzles / Mark Glassman

Stocks Dip As Credit Worries Persist AP via San Francisco Chronicle / Joe Bel Bruno

Base metals prices advance AP via Beaufort Gazette / Lauren Villagran

Doing deals The Economist

Countrywide borrowers feel the pain Marketwatch / Ruth Mantell

Gross Beseeches Bush Forbes / Andrew Farrell

LA: The slow recovery The Economist

Not quite the pact that was The Economist

CBO: Economy 'sound' despite housing risk CNN

CBO trims deficit forecast Marketwatch / William L. Watts

Pimco's Gross Urges Bush to Bail Out U.S. Homeowners Bloomberg / Patricia Kuo

Bailing Out the American Debt Business Daily Reckoning via Lew Rockwell / Bill Bonner

Ten-Year Treasuries Pare Declines as U.S. Stocks Erase Gains Bloomberg / Mark Tannenbaum

Company Bond Risk Falls to Lowest in Month as Credit Woes Ease Bloomberg / Hamish Risk and Shannon D. Harrington

Countrywide's credit default swaps tighten 175 bps Reuters

Commercial Paper Outstanding Has Biggest Weekly Drop Since 2000 Bloomberg / Darrell Hassler

Desperate Measures For US Fed As Treasury Yields Scream for a Interest Rate Cut Golden Jackass via Market Oracle / Jim Willie CB

Emerging markets debt trading at record levels in Q2 Reuters

Thursday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Stocks Go Flat / Mark Glassman

How Many Traders Can You Fit into a Model? Ludwig von Mises Institute / Juliusz Jablecki

Statement Regarding System Open Market Account Activity Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Dollar rises against yen as risk appetite returns Marketwatch / Wayne Ma

UK: Talk of two Fed rate cuts sends sterling above $2 London Times / Robert Lindsay, Miles Costello and Leo Lewis

Lower Treasury yields, Fed cut helped move rates down: economist Marketwatch / Amy Hoak

US 30-year, 15-year mortgages-table Reuters

FL: Condo-hotel is still a 'go' despite downturn in market Orlando Sentinel / Jerry W. Jackson

NV: Downtown workers facing tighter pay Las Vegas Review Journal

Tired of Waiting for a Doctor? Try the Drugstore NY Times via / Sarah Kershaw

U.S. Stocks Climb on Bank of America Investment in Countrywide Bloomberg / Eric Martin

Bernanke: The un-Greenspan Fortune via CNN / Peter Eavis

All Together Now Forbes / Liz Moyer

The analog market Marketwatch / David Weidner

Fewer People Sign Up for Jobless Claims AP via Newsday / Jeannine Aversa

Jobless claims slightly lower in latest week Marketwatch / Robert Schroeder

Freddie Mac: 30-year mortgage averages 6.52% vs 6.62% Marketwatch / Gabriel Madway

CO: New home sales plunge 33% Rocky Mountain News / John Rebchook

TX: Amstar becomes subprime casualty Houston Chronicle / Nancy Sarnoff

Gold Rises for a Third Day on Stock-Market Gains; Silver Climbs Bloomberg / Claudia Carpenter

Oil floats below $70 a barrel Reuters via CNN

Wooing the wealthy: $ managers host events for the rich Boston Herald / Donna Goodison

Fed's Uncertainty Over Growth Makes Early Rate Cut Less Likely Bloomberg / Craig Torres and Steve Matthews

Granville sees more storm warnings ahead Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Bank of Japan Keeps Rate at 0.5% After Market Rout Bloomberg / Mayumi Otsuma

Where’s Waldo? Pimco / Bill Gross

GASB’s Derivatives Rules Bond Buyer / Andrew Ackerman

Layoffs spreading in the housing industry Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

UK: Record numbers face debt meltdown Telegraph / Edmund Conway

Central Banks See Turmoil Sparing Growth, Stay Course on Rates Bloomberg / Simon Kennedy

Yen Falls to One-Week Low as Stock Advance Spurs Carry Trades Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto and Ron Harui


Bum Markets, Big Bonuses Forbes / Liz Moyer

Liquidity crunch hits T-bill market Globe and Mail / Tavia Grant

Help Wanted Ads Go Unanswered in West AP via Baltimore Examiner / Matt Gouras

Bad Credit Threatening US Economy AP via Baltimore Examiner / Dan Seymour

Global Stock Gains Show Fed `Stepped Up' to Avert Credit Crisis Bloomberg / Michael Tsang

Henderson expects investors to steer clear of risk amid sub-prime crisis Telegraph / Ben Bland

Morgan Stanley Cuts Retail Sales Outlook AP via Baltimore Examiner

U.S. Treasury Bill Yields Rise in Sign Flight to Safety Easing Bloomberg / Deborah Finestone and Daniel Kruger

Stock rally to be tested by economy next week Marketwatch / Carla Mozee

Stocks advance broadly, giving Dow 300 points gain for the week Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

There’s No Such Thing as a Free Bailout for the US Housing Market Northern Trust via Market Oracle / Paul Kasriel

MD: Working harder to sell a house Baltimore Sun / June Arney

New York Fed Accepts Asset-Backed Paper as Collateral Bloomberg / Craig Torres and Mark Pittman

Fed bends rules to help two big banks Fortune via CNN

U.S. Stocks Gain After Home Sales, Durable Goods Top Forecasts Bloomberg / Eric Martin

Oil closes above $71 as economic fears fade Reuters via CNN

Signs Of The Times Institutional Advisors via Safehaven / Bob Hoye

Aging Infrastructure Texas Straight Talk via Safehaven / Ron Paul

Treasurys mixed after latest home sales AP via Houston Chronicle

TIPS for folks who think Fed will panic Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

Commercial Paper Takes High Dive / David M. Katz

NASACT to Cox: Muni Market Not 'Broken' Bond Buyer / Andrew Ackerman

Friday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Bargains created in downturn Marketwatch

Time to shine light on corporate accounting around the world Marketwatch / Thomas Kostigen

That was then, this is now for gold Marketwatch / Myra P. Saefong

Dodd urges quick changes for housing program Marketwatch / Robert Schroeder

Real estate agents get creative Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

Countrywide chief airs fear of recession Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram

Fannie July mortgage holdings jump, slim growth room Reuters / Lynn Adler

Home sales take unexpected turn upward AP via Houston Chronicle / Jeannine Aversa

Canada: The ultimate real-estate deal? Look south Globe and Mail / Tavia Grant

Fed does not do market operations so far on Friday Reuters

Fed Ease Means Dollar Strength National Review / John Tamny

A Quick Word on the Discount Rate and the "Ben Bernanke Grand Experiment" Market Thoughts via Safehaven / Henry To

Bank borrowing from the Fed surges Reuters via CNN

Dollar up against yen after strong housing data Marketwatch / Wayne Ma

FL: Cheap imports force globalization Miami Herald / Lori Becker

UK: Foreclosures Force Britons to Ponder Shift to Fixed Rates NY Times / Julia Werdigier

Russia's economy The Economist

A tale of two discount windows Marketwatch

U.S. Stocks Gain as Home Sales, Durable Goods Top Forecasts Bloomberg / Eric Martin

Wachovia, BofA soon top dogs on mortgages? Charlotte Observer / Rick Rothacker

Strong ARMs are crushing borrowers Baltimore Sun / Laura Smitherman

Wachovia tries to shake off doubts AP via LA Times

Royal Bank of Canada Profit Rises 19% on Mutual Funds Bloomberg / Doug Alexander

Wiping Out $200 Billion Forbes / Robert Lenzner

It's Time to Meet Subprime Devil We Don't Know Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Nothing Down Forbes / Brian Wingfield

Central Banks Play `Whac-A-Mole' in Credit Freeze Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

New home sales up, prices down CNN

U.S. Durable Goods Orders Gain More Than Forecast Bloomberg / Bob Willis

Countrywide was a deal BofA was waiting for LA Times / E. Scott Reckard

Metals - Global credit fears push most lower; lead supported by tight stocks AFX via Forbes

Oil jumps above $70 on strong housing data Reuters via CNN

Japanese Recession Risk Leaves Goldman Wondering Bloomberg / William Pesek



Forget easy pickings in the bond market Globe and Mail / Rob Carrick

Out of cash, out of time, out of home Denver Post / Al Lewis

Muni bond funds hit by 'perfect storm' Marketwatch / Alistair Barr

Competitive Pressures and Workforce Adaptability Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta / Dennis P. Lockhart

Fisher, Poole, Lockhart Say Trade Barriers Harmful Bloomberg / Steve Matthews

Fed: Trade frictions threaten resilient economy Reuters / Ros Krasny

Mortgage boat has holes, but is still afloat Chicago Tribune / Eileen Ambrose

PA: Regional home sales knock national trend Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Sam Spatter

CO: Metro area weathering housing market slump Rocky Mountain News / John Rebchook

Credit risk seen as top economic threat in survey AP via LA Times

There's No Such Thing as a Free Bailout Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Kasriel

Investments may cost Sun-Times millions Chicago Tribune / James P. Miller

U.S. Bill Yields Rise From Two-Year Low as Credit Concerns Ease Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger

Dollar Falls on Reduced Concern Housing Will Slow Global Growth Bloomberg / Bo Nielsen

As Woes Grow, Mortgage Ads Keep Up Pitch NY Times / Louise Story and Vikas Bajaj

U.S. Stocks Climb the Most in Five Months on Rate Speculation Bloomberg / Lynn Thomasson

Luxury Miami Condo Conversion Is Facing Financial Trouble NY Times / Christine Haughney

Bank of China Shares Plunge NY Times / David Lague


Rate cut calls miss the point FT / Tony Jackson

Bernanke’s dilemma $ FT / Lex

Home Depot Accepts $1.8B Less for Unit AP via Forbes / Harry R. Weber

Asia rises on Wall Street gains Marketwatch / V. Phani Kumar

Looking beyond same-store sales Marketwatch / Herb Greenberg

Investors feeling a bit more optimistic AP via Houston Chronicle / Madlen Read

Fed May Kill Long Bond Rally With Switch From Inflation Focus Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger

Derivatives Industry Leaving Sour Taste in Buyers’ Mouths NY Post / Terry Keenan

Pumping in dollars won't keep America's housing bubble inflated Guardian – Observer / Heather Stewart

The Fed’s Subprime Solution NY Times / James Grant

Should the Fed cut rates? Should it heck! Telegraph / Liam Halligan

Bulls crave calm as Fed in focus Reuters / Ellis Mnyandu

No calm for Wall Street Reuters via CNN

Housing crisis -- no end in sight Sacramento Bee / Dale Kasler

MD: Housing price slump spreads Baltimore Sun / Jamie Smith Hopkins

Crunch makes mortgages tougher to get Boston Herald / Kenneth R. Harney

Mortgage `tap' has been shut off Charlotte Observer / Kat Greene

Growing mortgage crisis spreads to jumbo loans Seattle Times / Elizabeth Rhodes

FL: Down, but not out: "I'm not a real estate bum," Realtors say St. Petersburg Times / James Thorner

IL: Chicago foreclosure numbers up slightly Chicago Sun Times / Sally Duros

Say bye-bye to zero-down mortgages Tacoma News Tribune / Devona Wells

Consumer Spending Gains, Home Sales Fall: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Joe Richter

The next credit crunch? Chicago Tribune / Susan Chandler

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Top 25 Quotes on the Credit Crisis of 'O7 USAGold

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Homeowner nightmares: Impact of mortgage crunch snares all income levels AP via Chicago Sun Times / Dave Carpenter and J.W. Elphinstone

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Canada: The Bank of Canada's Research Agenda and the Future of Inflation Targeting Bank of Canada / Pierre Duguay

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The Punch Bowl Caucus: The motley collection of gazillionaires, conservatives, and industrialists begging the Fed to cut interest rates Slate / Daniel Gross

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Market insight: Bernanke's first big test FT via MSNBC / Jim O'Sullivan

IndyMac trades first US mortgage bonds in 36 days Reuters / Al Yoon

Longer Treasurys end higher; 3-month yields rise Marketwatch / Lisa Twaronite

Why are mortgage lenders hiding under their desks? National Review / Jerry Bowyer

American Home Mortgage and Fannie Mae reach agreement Newsday / Daniel Wagner

Federal Reserve Events Reuters

Chicago Fed: Midwest manufacturing up in July AP via Chicago Tribune

Chicago Fed Midwest Manufacturing Index pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

New England Economic Indicators Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

What Determines the Output Drop after an Energy Price Increase: Household or Firm Energy Share? Federal Rserve Bank of Atlanta / Rajeev Dhawan and Karsten Jeske

Oil, gasoline prices bounce back AP via Houston Chronicle / Lauren Villgran

Housing Haunts Street / Mark Glassman

Stocks soft as count of unsold homes increases Marketwatch / Kate Gibson

Stocks Still Need Fed Help Forbes / Bernie Schaeffer

U.S. Options Rise as Traders Pare Bets That Fed Will Cut Rates Bloomberg / Jeff Kearns

The Dark Side of the Bankruptcy Decline / Marie Leone

FL: Price, sale slumps of South Florida homes continue South Florida Sun Sentinel / Paul Owers

China fears inflation could spark unrest BBC News / Michael Bristow

The 2007 Financial Crisis: Inflationary or deflationary? Morgan Stanley / Eric Chaney

Stocks retreat after home sales data AP via Denver Post / Tim Paradis

Monday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Temp hiring falls for 6th straight month CNN

Challenges for Corporate Profits Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

Glut of homes hits 16-year high CNN / Chris Isidore

U.S. Economy: Existing Home Sales Decline, Inventories Climb Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

U.S. existing home sales fell in July Reuters / Joanne Morrison

Credit market has pros confused USA Today / Sue Kirchhoff and Barbara Hagenbaugh

US Fed - A "Slow Motion Train Wreck" Market Oracle / Stephen Lendman

As Bernanke Retreats to Wyoming, Critics Ask Is He Prime Time Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Oil Prices Edge Up on Economic Outlook AP via Orlando Sentinel / George Jahn

Gimme shelter The Economist

Attorney General Gonzales Quits Amid Accusations Bloomberg / Robert Schmidt and Roger Runningen

Laissez-fire The Economist

Stocks retreat at the open CNN

Investors making same old mistakes in erratic stock market Chicago Tribune / Andrew Leckey

Acer to Buy Gateway for $710 Million, Passing Lenovo Bloomberg / Chinmei Sung and Tim Culpan

Notes On The News: China Bonds video Forbes / Paul Maidment

Gold futures slip as dollar trades mixed Marketwatch / Polya Lesova

Oil holds steady at $71 Reuters via CNN

Dollar edges higher against the euro AP via Houston Chronicle

CA: Flips, scams blamed in California housing decline Reuters / Christelyn Karazin

NY: Manhattan Gets Taste of Real Estate Crunch NY Post / Janet Whitman

Housing Market Crisis May Already Have Passed Bloomberg / Kevin Hassett

Insiders' Buying by Banks, Insurers Rises to Highest Since 1995 Bloomberg / Daniel Hauck and Michael Patterson

Panic on Wall Street: A brief history of fear Fortune via CNN / Jerry Useem

Market Fallout Hits Funds Bond Buyer / Dakin Campbell

Cutbacks Mount in Real Estate Industry Washington Post / Cecilia Kang and Dina ElBoghdady

This bull's pawing the ground Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Hong Kong Exports Probably Rose 11% on China's Booming Trade Bloomberg / Wendy Leung

US could be heading for recession Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Encouraging signs in a credit crunch Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull

Bank Profits May Well Suffer, but Credit Crisis Hardly Leaves Them Defenseless NY Times / Eric Dash

Look to China for root causes of the crisis Telegraph / Roger Bootle

Help from US Congress for housing credit crisis? Christian Science Monitor / Peter Grier

Euro Bulls Bloodied, Unbowed as Subprime Crisis Lifts Dollar Bloomberg / Aaron Pan and Kim-Mai Cutler

Subprime Crisis Will Slow China's Currency Gains Bloomberg / William Pesek

Yen Falls for a Fourth Day as Stock Rally Supports Carry Trade Bloomberg / Stanley White and Ron Harui

Zimbabwe economy in free fall Christian Science Monitor / Rich Schapiro

EU: Trichet May Keep Options Open as Investors Look for Rate Signal Bloomberg / Simon Kennedy



Other Shoe Yet to Drop on Financial Stocks / James B. Stewart

Emerging markets are the new safe havens $ FT / Jerome Booth

Central banks should not rescue fools $ FT / Martin Wolf

Carry trades pressured as yen gains on dollar Marketwatch / Chris Oliver

Recession unlikely in next year: U.S. Chamber Reuters via Washington Post

The Changing Banking Structure: What Expansion Strategies are Community Banks Adopting? Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City / James Harvey and Kenneth Spong

Buying Some Time, Fed Waits For Data On Economy In Aug. Investors Business Daily / Kirk Shinkle

What Would Happen If I: Get a Crack at Hank NY Post / John Crudele

Credit crunch may hurt auto sales USA Today / Sharon Silke Carty

Calls grow louder for international overview of U.S. markets IHT / Heather Timmons and Katrin Bennhold

FL: Nationwide to drop another 39,000 policies Palm Beach Post / Randy Diamond

Even the rich are losing optimism over this economy Marketwatch / Thomas Kostigen

U.S. red ink washes up in Asia Marketwatch / V. Phani Kumar

Brutal day on Wall Street CNN / Alexandra Twin

Goldilocks Mauled Forbes / Carl Gutierrez

U.S. Stocks end with stiff losses on Fed comments Marketwatch / Kate Gibson

Fed Put Inflation Skepticism Above Credit Concern Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Forecasting Recessions: The Puzzle of the Enduring Power of the Yield Curve pdf Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco / Glenn D. Rudebusch and John C. Williams

Bernanke: We're Here To Help Forbes / Joshua Lipton

Minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee Federal Reserve Board

Bank of Montreal Loses More Trading; Profit Declines Bloomberg / Doug Alexander

Man in the Middle Washington Post / Tomoeh Murakami Tse

Traders Price In Several Fed Rate Cuts Dow Jones via / Jesse Thomas

Fed Policy A Recipe For Disaster Treasure Chests via Market Oracle / Captain Hook

Mortgage, bond insurers debt protection costs up Reuters

Gas-Tax Hikes Only Fuel the Problem National Review / Phil Kerpen

U.S. uninsured rate climbs again / Daniel C. Vock

Canada: Loonie falls as central bank backs off Globe and Mail

Miss. Ranked Fattest State in Nation AP via NPR and

Indexes Continue To Slide Investors Business Daily / Nancy Gondo

U.S. Stocks Fall for Second Day; Citigroup, Lehman Shares Drop Bloomberg / Michael Patterson

Tuesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Retail giant thinking smaller Sacramento Bee / Dale Kasler and Jon Ortiz

Senator Calls on Big Four to Fix Subprime Crisis / Sarah Johnson

Oil, gas futures off as refiners rebound AP via Houston Chronicle / John Wilen

Household incomes rise but ... CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

Retail sales rose 2.5% last week Bloomberg via Dallas Morning News

Credit card defaults keep rising, report says CNN

Home prices: Steepest drop in 20 years AP via Houston Chronicle / Vinnee Tong

REITs take a hit in housing slide Baltimore Sun / Jamie Smith Hopkins

Merc sells trading floors, keeps Wacker headquarters AP via Chicago Tribune

Garbage Conundrum Solved -- Take Your Trash to Work Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

VA: 2,000 Wachovia jobs leaving Richmond AP via Charlotte Observer

Feathered fiends The Economist

Treasury Bills Rise as Investors Seek Haven Bloomberg / Deborah Finestone

Confidence takes biggest hit in 2 years CNN

Wall Street starts lower after home prices Reuters

The price of walking away CNN / Grace Wong

U.S. Home Prices Fell by Record in Second Quarter Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Bernanke Opts for Tough Love and Targeted Cure Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Amid Run on T-Bills, MFS, Loomis Sayles, Nuveen Rush Into Junk Bloomberg / Bryan Keogh

In Volatility, Redemption for Manager NY Times / Geraldine Fabrikant

Tobacco Deals in Flux Bond Buyer / Matthew Hanson

Ten-Year Treasuries Fall; Yields at 5-Month Low Deter Investors Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Ratings Firms Defend Assessment of Loan Securities Washington Post / Alec Klein

Has Bank of America's CEO saved the credit markets? Marketwatch / David Weidner

The Virgin Model Daily Standard / Irwin M. Stelzer

For contrarians, 'wall of worry' points to stock rally continuing Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

As Mortgage Mess Unravels, Some Investors Clean Up Washington Post / Thomas Heath and David Cho

Asian Stocks Gain on Earnings; China Life, Foster's Advance Bloomberg / Darren Boey and Hanny Wan

In Washington, Aid to Homeowners Debated NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

At China's huge malls, high prices and few shoppers Christian Science Monitor / Simon Montlake

European Central Bank chief hints at delay in rate rise Guardian – Observer / Ashley Seager

Very quick lesson in markets’ speed and central banks’ reply London Times / Gerard Baker

Hopes of sustained rally subside as Wall Street and ECB balk London Times / Nick Hasell

Yen Gains Versus Euro, Dollar as Investors Reduce Carry Trades Bloomberg / David McIntyre and Kosuke Goto

Subprime Fails to Damp Asia's Inflation Risk Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee

BOJ to Raise Interest Rates Gradually, Minutes Show Bloomberg / Jason Clenfield and Mayumi Otsuma


For investors, the best offense is a good defense Marketwatch / John Prestbo

State Street's 'conduits' under the microscope Marketwatch / John Spence

More In A Day Than In A Year Forbes / Steve McGookin

The Result of 35 Years of a Paper Global Monetary System Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Kasriel

Schumer Urges Countrywide to Help Refinance Loans Bloomberg / Alison Vekshin

For Bush, bad news on every side McClatchy / Joseph L. Galloway

‘Remarkable’ earnings overshadowed FT / Dave Shellock

Dry bulk freight costs at record high FT / Javier Blas

Crude contract reclaims $73; natural-gas prices sink Marketwatch / Myra P. Saefong

ETF Tail Wagging the Commodity Dog? Hahn via Safehaven / Tyler Mordy

California Issues Power Alert AP via Forbes / Aaron C. Davis

The Worst of All Policies - Federal Reserve Policy Blunders Bullion Vault via Market Oracle / Adrian Ash

Shanghai surprise FT / John Authers

Wages Up in China as Young Workers Grow Scarce NY Times / Keith Bradsher

Fed funds market calming down but Fed itself busy behind scenes AFX via Forbes

Bernanke Says Fannie, Freddie Asset Caps Should Stand Bloomberg / James Tyson

New mortgage products could help, Bernanke says Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Bernanke: Looking to help homeowners AP via Houston Chronicle / Jeannine Aversa

Stocks take back yesterday's losses Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

Consumers shun adjustable rate mortgages Reuters via CNN

House auctions grow AP via Cincinnati Enquirer / J.W. Elphinstone

Personal bankruptcy filings surge AP via Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram / Madlen Read

Borrowers turn to credit unions for mortgages Santa Cruz Sentinel / Jondi Gumz

U.S. Stocks Rebound on Profit Outlook; Seagate, Exxon Advance Bloomberg / Michael Patterson

Wall Street rebounds after sell-off Reuters / Ellis Mnyandu

Wednesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Morning Bounce / Mark Glassman

Insider stock buys hit 4-year high: Report CNN

Investors snub Acer's bid for Gateway Taipei Times

Oil jumps $1 as crude, gas supplies fall CNN

Capital Market Issuance Rises to $3.57 Trillion in First Half SIFMA

Yields plummet on short-term Treasury bills Marketwatch / Lisa Twaronite

China Sells $79 Billion in Bonds AP via Las Vegas Sun

Research Review - Issue No. 7, January 2007 - June 2007 pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Mortgage Applications Decrease in Latest MBA Weekly Survey Mortgage Bankers Association

U.S. MBA's Mortgage Applications Index Dropped 4% Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

Subprime Chuck' Schumer Plays Fool in Crisis Bloomberg / Jonathan Weil

King Of The Lobby Forbes / Brian Wingfield

FL: Experts still bullish on Metro Orlando's economy Orlando Sentinel / Jerry W. Jackson

Helmsley's will cuts out 2 grandkids, leaves $12 million to dog Bloomberg via Denver Post / Lindsay Fortado and Patricia Hurtado

Report by Fed Panel Doesn't Allay Fears Washington Post / Tomoeh Murakami Tse and Neil Irwin

Fed Underestimated Spread of Debt Crisis, Worried About Prices Bloomberg / Craig Torres

Countrywide unit tries to lure public with savings rate Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Tim Grant

U.S. Two-Year Notes Rise as Stock Losses Feed Demand for Safety Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Asia Corporate Bond Risk Rises on Concern U.S. Growth to Slow Bloomberg / Denise Kee and Oliver Biggadike

Consumer confidence is a lagging, not leading, indicator Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

In US, fewer are poor, more are working Christian Science Monitor / Alexandra Marks

On Poverty, Maybe We're All Wrong Washington Post / Steven Pearlstein

One Mortgage Lender, at Least, Is Hiring Bloomberg via NY Times

VA: Home Buyers Forced to Change Tactics Washington Post / Dina ElBoghdady

UK: US housing crash reminds us we're due a correction Telegraph / Richard Fletcher

Australia: Banks wait on Fed chief Bernanke's call Herald Sun / Stephen McMahon

Mrs. Watanabe's Loss on Carry Trade to Help U.S. Bloomberg / William Pesek

Yen Advances to One-Week High as Investors Reduce Carry Trades Bloomberg / Ron Harui and David McIntyre


Housing troubles worsen for the poor CNN / Les Christie

Debt markets put to the test CNN / Grace Wong

Hedge Funds Double Share of Fixed-Income Trades, Study Says Bloomberg / Jenny Strasburg

A complex system, but a simple problem The Economist

Canada easing path through credit crunch-minister Reuters

The Fed’s Next Moves Lew Rockwell / Gary North

Say Anything Forbes / Liz Moyer

Survey of Tenth District Manufacturing Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Stocks Still Need Fed Help Forbes / Bernie Schaeffer

Wall St fades on credit, profit concerns Reuters / Kristina Cooke

Freddie Mac's Heart Attack Forbes / Joshua Lipton

The Fred factor The Economist

How much will the credit crunch hurt the world economy? The Economist

Chineses Finance Minister Resigns AP via Washington Post / Christopher Bodeen

Revenge begins to seem less sweet The Economist

Fed injects $10bn of temporary reserves FT / Eoin Callan

Bernanke May Hear Call for Fed Activism on Regulation Bloomberg / Scott Lanman and John Fraher

Stocks Claw To Mixed Territory After Early Sell Off Investors Business Daily / Alan R. Elliott

Thursday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Investors Hit by Big "Volatility Stick" Clif Droke Market analysis via Safehaven / Clif Droke

Stocks trade mostly higher, as market awaits Bernanke Marketwatch / Polya Lesova

Flippers fuel foreclosures CNN / Les Christie

CA: Home affordability rises in state San Diego Union Tribune

Investment homes are major part of defaults Marketwatch / Ruth Mantell

GSE regulator sees portfolio cap as binding – Freddie Reuters

Borrowers bid 'farewell to ARMs' Washington Times / Patrice Hill

PA: Officials: State must keep better watch on lenders Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Bill Toland

Forget the subprime mess MarketWatch

Thornburg Sells $500 Million of Preferred Shares Bloomberg / Edgar Ortega

Oil eases, giving up earlier gains CNN

Bonds Hit Record in First Half, But Now What? / Stephen Taub

Stocks stumble at start CNN

Fed may not rush to the rescue Reuters via CNN

U.S. Economy Expanded at a Revised 4% Annual Rate Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Nobel winner predicts deep downturn, but no recession AP via Chicago Tribune

Jobless Claims Show Unexpected Increase LA Times

Credit crunch strangling small business? CNN / Ian Mount

Sears profit drops 40% on lower sales Chicago Tribune / James P. Miller

Dell Returns From Hell Forbes / Brian Caulfield

Mortgages shake car sale forecasts Detroit Free Press / Jewel Gopwani

Freddie Mac Net Drops on Provision for Housing Slump Bloomberg / James Tyson

Thornburg Plans $500 Million of Preferred Stock Sale Bloomberg / Erik Schatzker

Paulson is Still clamming Up About The PPT NY Post / John Crudele

Oil prices near $74 a barrel AP via Houston Chronicle / Pablo Gorondi

U.S. Notes Rise on Speculation Five-Year Sale to Draw Demand Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Bulls, bears divided on effect but agree on the reason Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

MA: Homes pulled off market Boston Herald / Scott Van Voorhis

Mass. foreclosures way up in July Boston Herald / Scott Van Voorhis

A Mortgage Is for Paying Off Washington Post / Michelle Singletary

Mizuno Says Loan Crisis Shows Why Rates Need to Rise Bloomberg / Lily Nonomiya

UK: Treasury faces £2bn bonus hit Telegraph / Edmund Conway

Australian, N.Z. Dollars Fall; Bankrupt Fund Deters Carry Trade Bloomberg / Emma O'Brien and David McIntyre

Wall Street All Ears for Fed Chief's Big Speech Washington Post / Neil Irwin

AZ: More people, more concrete, and lots more heat in Phoenix Christian Science Monitor / Faye Bowers

Yen Strengthens Against Euro, Dollar on Hedge Fund Bankruptcy Bloomberg / Stanley White and Ron Harui



Market woes unlikely to end any time soon Globe and Mail / Brian Miller

Munis’ Late Summer Rally Bond Buyer / Matthew Hanson and Matthew Posner

Will Small Biz Suffer From The Credit Crunch? Forbes / Maureen Farrell

Bush offers help to troubled homeowners CNN / Les Christie

Fidelity's deafening silence Fortune via CNN

Fund Manager Champions Firm Under Cloud NY Post / Roddy Boyd

Bernanke: Fed ready to act CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Bernanke Prepared to `Act' to Stem Credit-Rout Impact Bloomberg / Craig Torres and Scott Lanman

Housing, Housing Finance, and Monetary Policy Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

Bernanke Says Fed Will Do What's Needed AP via Forbes / Jeannine Aversa

CO: Foreclosures full speed ahead Denver Post / John Rebchook

Friday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Junk-Bond Mutual Funds Have First Inflows in 12 Weeks Bloomberg / Bryan Keogh

This Is Not A Bailout Forbes / Brian Wingfield

Bush offers plan to help economy in 'transition' AP via Chicago Tribune

U.S. Economy: Consumer Spending, Incomes Increase Bloomberg / Joe Richter

Wall St.: Thanks Bernanke, Bush CNN / Alexandra Twin