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Microsoft-Yahoo implications huge AP via Houston Chronicle / Brian Bergstein

More Salad, Less Twinkies Euro Pacific via Safehaven / Peter Schiff

The January slide: It could have been worse Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Len Boselovic

Investors, Recession Really Isn't All That Bad / Donald Luskin

Merger Talk On Tap For Monday Forbes / Steve Schaefer

Microsoft and Yahoo deal will never consummate Marketwatch / John C. Dvorak

Wall Street Embraces Government to Avoid Recession Bloomberg / Kathleen M. Howley

Tax rebates may be a roll of the dice CNN / David Goldman

Thought Subprime Woes Couldn't Get Any Worse? / Stephen Taub

Federal Reserve will conduct two auctions of 28-day credit through its term auction facility in February Federal Reserve Board

Countrywide And Chase Shut Off The Cash Spigot Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis via Safehaven / Mike Shedlock

Option ARMs, next chapter in U.S. housing crisis Reuters / Nick Carey

Indexes Turn Mixed In Powerful Volume Investors Business Daily / Alan R. Elliott

Microsoft's Yahoo Bid May Signal Mergers, Acquisitions Rebound Bloomberg / Jason Kelly and Zachary R. Mider

Friday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

A $45 billion bet The Economist

Why Microsoft's Yahoo bid makes sense CNN / David Kirkpatrick

The U.S. can't dodge a slowdown CNN / Colin Barr

Central banks poles apart on interest rates Reuters / Krista Hughes and Mark Felsenthal

Growth hits a 31-year high in the Philippines The Economist

Online public schools come under fire UPI

Consumer sentiment rose in January, UMich says Marketwatch / Ruth Mantell

Dollar Approaches Record Low Versus Euro as U.S. Loses Jobs Bloomberg / Bo Nielsen and Ye Xie

Say It Ain't So, Municipal Bonds Are the New Junk Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Hidden Swap Fees by JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley Hit School Boards Bloomberg / Martin Z. Braun and William Selway

Two-Year Treasuries Gain as U.S. Economy Sheds Jobs in January Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger

Junk Bond Sales Have Slowest Start Since 2003 as Spreads Rise Bloomberg / Caroline Salas

Bond Insurers Need Help—Fast Forbes / Liz Moyer

What Will Microsoft Get? Forbes / Parmy Olson

Microsoft offers to buy Yahoo for $44.6 billion Reuters

Microsoft Makes Its Yahoo! Play Forbes / Lionel Laurent

S&P 500 Futures Drop as Loss of Jobs Spurs Recession Concern Bloomberg / Michael Patterson

Independent voters may be vexed at polls / Pamela M. Prah

Jobs report may heat up recession talk Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

Payrolls shrink, first drop in 4-1/2 years Reuters

U.S. Payrolls Decline for First Time in Four Years Bloomberg / Bob Willis

AMEX’s Angry Revolt NY Post / Zachery Kouwe

Ericsson's profit slips, cuts jobs AP via CNN

Rising oil prices push Exxon Mobil to U.S. record annual, quarterly profits AP via Houston Chronicle / John Perretto

Mortgage brokers 'holding on' AP via Baltimore Sun

Mortgage rates rise, but 30-year loans remain under 6% AP via Baltimore Sun

Asia mixed: Shanghai tumbles, Sydney advances Marketwatch / V. Phani Kumar

Fed's main task: Save the banks Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull

Fed cut: Play it again, Ben Economic Times

Why won't bankers say sorry? Telegraph / Martin Vander Weyer

No one should make it easy to walk away from your mortgage Marketwatch / Thomas Kostigen

Volume Plunge For Munis Bond Buyer / Dakin Cambell

Two-Year Treasury Notes Head for Weekly Gain Before Jobs Report Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Japan 10-Year Bonds Rise on Speculation U.S. to Enter Recession Bloomberg / Theresa Barraclough and Yumi Teso

China’s Inflation Hits American Price Tags NY Times / David Barboza

Oil Falls on Concern U.S. Economy May Slow; OPEC to Keep Output Bloomberg / Nesa Subrahmaniyan

Eurozone Inflation Rising at Record Pace NY Times / David Jolly

South Korea's Exports Grew Faster-Than-Predicted 17% Bloomberg / Seyoon Kim

Australia's Central Bank Has an `Unenviable' Task, Tanner Says Bloomberg / Gemma Daley

Coins in the New Realm NY Times / Brad Stone


If the Housing Slump Doesn't Lower Taxes, a Challenge Might Washington Post / Renae Merle

Getting a home loan getting harder again Miami Herald / Monica Hatcher

Recession on way? Depends on balance of factors Cincinnati Enquirer / George Vredeveld

What Does a Recession Look Like? Thoughts From The frontline via Safehaven / John Mauldin

CA: Builders try to unload homes with low rates Sacramento Bee / Dale Kasler

Microsoft's offer for Yahoo could spark antitrust review Lansing State Journal / Dan Caterinnichia

Loan figures may indicate credit woes are overstated AP via Long Beach Press Telegram / Rachel Beck

Two-Year Treasuries Rally Longest Since November on Job Losses Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger

U.S. stocks hope to cement nascent recovery Marketwatch

Yahoo Options Signal Microsoft May Boost its Bid, Traders Say Bloomberg / Jeff Kearns

U.S. Stocks Post Biggest Weekly Gain in Five Years on Fed Cut Bloomberg / By Eric Martin

Exxon's profit largest ever in U.S. AP via Allentown Morning Call / john Porretto

RBS and Barclays join banks in $15bn bond insurer bailout plan London Times / Tom Bawden

Dollar Approaches Record Low Against Euro After Fed Rate Cuts Bloomberg / Ye Xie and Bo Nielsen

Still got a job? Say your thanks AP via Tacoma News Tribune / Jeannine Aversa

What Will You Do With Your Gold? Lew Rockwell / Gary North

Jobs picture isn't clear St. Petersburg Times / Helen Huntley

Decline in U.S. Jobs Could Prove Costly to GOP Nominee Washington Post / Jonathan Weisman

Microsoft's Yahoo bid heralds seismic shift for giant Marketwatch / John Letzing

Microsoft Investors Say Yahoo Acquisition Won't Overtake Google Bloomberg / Dina Bass



Loan market in ‘disarray’ after Harrah’s upset FT / Stacy-Marie Ishmael and Henny Sender

Economy's downturn has its upside Newhouse News via Seattle Times / Katherine Reynolds Lewis

Platinum hits record Washington Post / Lewa Pardomuan

US Economy, Interest Rates and Recession Brookes News via Safehaven / Gerard Jackson

Student loans feeling credit crunch, too St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

Google Assails Microsoft’s Bid for Yahoo NY Times / Miguel Helft

Plosser, Yellen could provide contrasting views of economic outlook Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Credit card bills often go unpaid first Wilmington News Journal via Tennessean / Leslie A. Pappas

More Jobless Checks a Cure for Economy? AP via Forbes / Jesse J. Holland

'It's going to be much worse' Fortune via CNN / Brian O’Keefe

Services Growth Slowed as Housing Slumped: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

Back in the day, investors benefited from Graham's basic principles Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

Don't try to invest like the pros CNN / Jason Zweig

Stimulus scheme a government gamble Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Bush budget seen renewing battle with Congress Washington Post / Jeremy Pelofsky

Obama, Clinton Tied for Voters' Support Nationwide, Poll Shows Bloomberg / Nadine Elsibai

Goldman bankers to run private fund in China Marketwatch / Moming Zhou

KS: 1,500 layoffs could cost city economy $75 million Wichita Eagle / Dan Voorhis

As ETFs Narrow in Focus, The Risks Increase Wall Street Journal / Eleanor Laise

For Munis, Don't Sweat Insurer Woes Wall Street Journal / Michael A. Pollock

In a Rough Market -- Defense...Defense! Wall Street Journal / Scott Patterson

Key Index Of Stock Value Says Buy Now Washington Post / Tomoeh Murakami Tse

Stocks With Punch to Take On A Tough Market Wall Street Journal / Andrew Bary

The currency traitors Taipei Times / Simon Johnson and Jonathan Ostry

Self-Employed or Rich? IRS May Take a Look Wall Street Journal / Tom Herman

Lenders Who Sold and Left NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

Lost Innocence, Now Appearing in the Economy NY Times / Phyllis Korkki

Congress and Fed unite to boost economy London Times / Irwin Stelzer

It’s Even Worse Over There US News and World Report via NY Times / Paul J. Lim

Yahoo Sale Could Be Bad for Minnows NY Times / Brad Stone and Miguel Heft

UK: We've had enough of bankers. What we need now are savers Guardian – Observer / William Keegan

Bank of England facing biggest rate cut dilemma London Times / David Smith

Fed lifeline drags down bond yields Chicago Tribune / Gail MarksJarvis

The world's richest man* (*on some days) Chicago Tribune / Oscar Avila



What 'MicroHoo' Would Know About You Forbes / Andy Greenberg

Yahoo could use position to leverage better deal Marketwatch / Therese Poletti

Uncertain times The Economist

Investors Look To Get Back On Track Forbes / Steve Schaefer

Walgreens January sales up 9.6% Chicago Tribune / James P. Miller

Budget To Nowhere Forbes / Brian Wingfield

Here's one way to fix the housing crisis and with it the economy Marketwatch / Irwin Kellner

Low mortgage rates make refinancing attractive USA Today / Sandra Block

House swaps are increasingly popular option in slumping housing market Wall Street Journal via Baltimore Sun / Jennifer Levitz

China ‘on course for growth slowdown’ FT / Richard McGregor and Geoff Dyer

Treasury 30-Year Gain Belies Doubts With Lowest Yield Bloomberg / By Sandra Hernandez and Daniel Kruger

SLM Counterparty Rating Cut, May Be Lowered More Bloomberg / Matthew Keenan

Stocks Decline As Investors Mull Economy AP via Washington Post / Tim Paradis

Fed says bank loan standards now tighter Reuters / Mark Felsenthal

Banks getting much stricter on loans, Fed says Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Moody's Considers Substituting Numbers for Ratings Bloomberg / Mark Pittman

Stimulus plan may not lead to many new jobs CNN / Chris Isidore

Presidential candidates reaction to budget Reuters

Protecting Homeowners and Sustaining Home Ownership Federal Reserve Board / Randall S. Kroszner

Fed's Kroszner prods mortgage servicers to speed up sub-prime workouts AFX via Forbes

Dec. factory orders rise 2.3%, post worst year since 2002 AP via USA Today

Manufacturers’ Shipments, Inventories and Orders (M3) Commerce Department

How to tell if we are in recession CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Treasuries Scarcity in Repo Market Drives Down Borrowing Costs Bloomberg / Liz Capo McCormick and Alex Lange

Emerging-Market Bonds Gain on Speculation of More Fed Rate Cuts Bloomberg / Lester Pimentel

Treasurys off; investor confidence grows AP via Houston Chronicle / Leslie Wines

Ten-Year Treasuries Fall as Rate Cuts Erode Demand for Debt Bloomberg / Sandra Hernandez and Deborah Finestone

Monday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Stocks Edge Lower In Weak Volume Investors Business Daily / Alan R. Elliott

U.S. Stocks Drop on Bank Downgrades; Asia, Europe Shares Gain Bloomberg / Eric Martin

How Google Could Keep Yahoo From Microsoft NY Times / Saul Hansell

Gold futures decline sharply as traders lock in gains Marketwatch / Polya Lesova

Did We Miss the Fat Lady? via Safehaven / Gary Tanashian

Economy called top issue as Super Tuesday looms Marketwatch / Robert Schroeder

Super Bowl ratings up 6% from last year AP via CNN

Get the Harvard-Yale Aid Plan at Non-Ivy Schools Bloomberg / John F. Wasik

Borrowers struggle to pay auto loans Detroit Free Press / Susan Tompor

Job Growth in 2007: It Was a Very Bad Year / Stephen Taub

U.S. Challenger January Job Cuts Rise From Year Ago Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Not enough to worry about? Try inflation Philadelphia Inquirer / Joseph N. DiStefano

Ignore the Obituaries, U.S. Reign Will Endure Bloomberg / Kevin Hassett

Oil barrels below $89 on 'R' fears AP via CNN

Yahoo Owners May Prefer Microsoft Bid to Google Fight Bloomberg / Ari Levy

Winter of bull's discontent nears an end Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

U.S. budget balance history 1987-2007 Reuters

Bush Unveils $3 Trillion Spending Plan AP via Washington Post / Martin Crutsinger

Bush budget sees bigger deficits as economy slows Reuters / Caren Bohan and Jeremy Pelofsky

Insider Buys Exceeds Sales, Signaling Market Bottom Bloomberg / Michael Tsang and Alexis Xydias

ETF assets almost double as investors show interest Chicago Tribune / Andrew Leckey

Federal Reserve Events Reuters

'Slower' growth in China Marketwatch / Tom Bemis

G-7 Frets Central Banks Can't Avoid Peril Without Helping Hand Bloomberg / Simon Kennedy and John Fraher

Forget Search Technology. It’s The Ads Stupid NY Post / Hill M. Sanders

Dollar defies Fed's rate cut London Times / Grainne Gilmore

The coming gold surge Marketwatch / Sean Brodrick

Yahoo may consider Google alliance, source says Washington Post / Eric Auchard and Megan Davies

Newsletters attracted to many worst performers from last month Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Sometimes the best action is inaction Marketwatch / Mark Mowrey

The economic stimulus package: How does spending help? Christian Science Monitor / David R. Francis

How to untangle the politics of Super Tuesday primaries Christian Science Monitor / Linda Feldmann

UK should consider fiscal rescue if lower rates fail Telegraph / Roger Bootle

Russian economy succumbs to the oil curse Bloomberg / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Europe lacks scope to revive economy London Times / Rosemary Righter

The Fed cuts rates while the ECB frets over inflation. Which one has it right? Independent / Stephen King

Money market investments likely are safe despite economic turmoil South Florida Sun Sentinel / Harriet Johnson Brackey

Coal Jumps to Record Above $100 a Ton on Output Cuts Bloomberg / Angela Macdonald-Smith

Asian Stocks Advance on U.S. Manufacturing Index; Sharp Climbs Bloomberg / Chen Shiyin and Masaki Kondo

Moody's May Cut A$83 Billion of Mortgage-Backed Bonds Bloomberg / Laura Cochrane

Yen Falls as Stock Gains Spur Investors to Seek Higher Yields Bloomberg / Ron Harui and Kosuke Goto

Bernanke Ease Makes Bulls out of Dollar Bears Seeing New Growth Bloomberg / Bo Nielsen

Treasury 30-Year Rally Belies Growing Doubts With Lowest Yields Bloomberg / Sandra Hernandez and Daniel Kruger


The inheritance bust Marketwatch / Thomas Kostigen

ABC/Wash Post Consumer Comfort Index hits 14-year low Reuters

Banks impose severe lending standards Washington Times / Patrice Hill

Voters say they want an economic fix Marketwatch / Laura Mandaro

McCain surges ahead; Clinton, Obama split states Marketwatch / Robert Schroeder and Russ Britt

Bush budget gives states little to cheer about / Daniel C. Vock and Pamela M. Prah

Cities fight glut of vacant houses AP via Houston Chronicle / Joe Milicia

Price dip in homes hits lines of credit LA Times via Detroit News / Kathy M. Kristof, E. Scott Reckard and David Colker

Google tries to initiate counter-bids for Yahoo to scupper Microsoft deal Independent / Stephen Foley

Buried treasure Washington Times / Genaro C. Armas

Crude sinks as service sector report shakes market AP via Houston Chronicle

U.S. recession could be worse than recent downturns Reuters / Joanne Morrison

Recession is here – economists CNN / Chris Isidore

Bonds gain on service sector recession sign Reuters / John Parry

MBIA may lose "AAA" on likely CDO losses-Fitch Reuters via Forbes

Stocks plunge amid bad service sector report AP via MSNBC

Recession Fears A Focus Wednesday Forbes / Steve Schaefer

Fed's Lacker sees chance of recession Reuters / Mark Felsenthal

Wildcat Banking in the Virtual Frontier Ludwig von Mises Institute / Matthew Beller

Wheat nears record on supply concerns AP via Charlotte Observer / Stevenson Jacobs

The Economic Outlook for 2008 Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond / Jeffrey M. Lacker

Fed back in the drivers seat? Globe and Mail / Roma Luciw

Why Not Abolish the Fed? Lew Rockwell / Jacob G. Hornberger

Stocks Extend Losses In Midday Trading Investors Business Daily / Vincent Mao

Nasdaq down 2 pct; indexes hit session lows Reuters

Tuesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Microsoft, Yahoo: Double Dummies? / Marie Leone

Tyco 4Q profit beats view, backs outlook AP via Houston Chronicle / Linda A. Johnson

The real reason Google's feeling queasy Globe and Mail / Derek DeCloet

Budget Contains Few Bond Proposals Bond Buyer / Lynn Hume

Las Vegas tops foreclosure list CNN / Les Christie

Severe recession would mean 5.8 million more jobs lost, report says Marketwatch / Ruth Mantell

Sex and shopping The Economist

Treasury officials say administration is closely monitoring financial market turmoil AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Martin Crutsinger

Stocks tank on recession fears CNN

U.S. Stocks Fall After Service Industries Unexpectedly Shrink Bloomberg / Michael Patterson

Treasuries Rise as Service Industries Contract, Stocks Decline Bloomberg / Sandra Hernandez

Swap Market Is No Place for School Districts to Play Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

CDO Ratings to Fall as Losses Trigger Fitch Overhaul Bloomberg / John Glover

ISM Services Index Fell More Than Forecast in January Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

Gold Drops, Platinum Falls From Record as U.S. Dollar Rallies Bloomberg / Claudia Carpenter

Oil Drops Below $89 on Recession Fears AP via Forbes / George Jahn

Euro Falls Against Dollar, Yen as EU's Services Growth Slows Bloomberg / Ye Xie and Lukanyo Mnyanda

Will We Need the 1% Solution? Daily Standard / Irwin M. Stelzer

The future may be bleak for Ben Bernanke London Times / Gerard Baker

Economy Fitful, Americans Start to Pay as They Go NY Times / Peter S. Goodman

U.S. Service Industries Probably Grew at Slower Pace in January Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

Housing Crisis Casts a Cloud Over Sun Belt Washington Post / Michael A. Fletcher

Murdoch rules out bid for Yahoo BBC News

Insiders are betting heavily on bull-market rebound Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Asian Stocks Fall on Earnings Concern; Yamaha, Posco Decline Bloomberg / Chen Shiyin and Satoshi Kawano

Fight Over Yahoo Is Question of Which Winner Would Be Worse Washington Post / Peter Whoriskey

Why Bush's budget will change its shape Christian Science Monitor / Peter Grier

Market watchers play a game of two halves in the US Telegraph / Tom Stevenson

Fat people, smokers cheaper to treat than long-living healthy people, study says AP via Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Maria Cheng

G-7 Currency Discussions May Include Dollar, Yuan, Utsumi Says Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane and Kyoko Shimodoi

China's march on resources continues with four new foreign deals London Times / David Robertson

Europe’s Central Banker Engineers His Economics NY Times / Mark Landler

Australia Raises Interest Rate to 7% to Curb Prices Bloomberg / Jacob Greber


Psst, want to buy a 'losing' stock? Seattle Post Intelligencer / Bill Virgin

Buffett sitting on his wallet Globe and Mail / Derek Decloet

Deals, Econ Data Set To Drive Wall Street Forbes / Steve Schaefer

7 Reasons Why the Bond Market is Wrong on Inflation Delta Global Advisors via Safehaven / Michael Pento

Yahoo CEO Hoping to Thwart Microsoft AP via Forbes / Michael Liedtke

Commercial real estate prices tank Boston Herald / Scott Van Voorhis

The Economic Outlook and Challenges for Policymakers Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia / Charles I. Plosser

Fed `Closely Monitoring' Bond-Insurers, Bernanke Says Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Bernanke committed to use all tools: Sen. Dodd Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Fed's inflation talk stretches stocks' losing streak CNN / Ben Rooney

Rate-cut doubts sink Wall Street Reuters / Jennifer Coogan

Cisco gives weak outlook; tech shares down Reuters / Sinead Carew

Google Likely Out, And Happy Forbes / Elizabeth Woyke

Treasuries Fall as 10-Year Auction Draws Lowest Yield Since '78 Bloomberg / Sandra Hernandez and Deborah Finestone

New Regulations on Bond Insurers Would Be `Silly,' Ross Says Bloomberg / Brian Sullivan and Shannon D. Harrington

Senate stimulus plan falls one vote short Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Oil extends slump as U.S. fuel stocks rise Reuters / Richard Valdmanis

UK: That hairshirt! I must have it London Times / Libby Purves

Banks' squeeze play: Low rates, higher fees CNN / David Ellis

The Housing Recession and the Building Trades: Unemployment, Misery, and the Fed Lew Rockwell / Mark R. Crovelli

What if House Prices Fall by 30% Worldwide? Lew Rockwell / Gary North

FL: Economist fails to see a recession St. Petersburg Times / James Thorner

Goldman hungry to buy distressed mortgage debt Marketwatch / Greg Morcroft

Junk Bond Default Rate to Rise Ninefold, NYU's Altman Says Bloomberg / Pierre Paulden

Dollar Drop Eases Emerging Market Debt, Moody's Says Bloomberg / Alex Lange

Stock market hasn't been this volatile in five years Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

U.S. stocks attempt relief rally after Tuesday's hit Marketwatch / Kate Gibson

Seems like old times Marketwatch / Todd Harrison

Stocks Hold Gains On Soft Volume Investors Business Daily / Alan R. Elliott

Can Cisco save the day? CNN / Paul R. La Monica

If recession hits, dollar and Wall St may fare best Reuters / Natsuko Waki

Online ad growth to continue regardless of Microsoft-Yahoo deal's outcome, economic downturn AP via Journal News / Anick Jesdanun

Wallets Trump War in Minds of Most Voters / Paulette Miniter

Mutual Funds Run by Insurance Companies Lag Their Peers / Janet Paskin

Morgan Stanley Cries Mommy, SEC Comes Running Bloomberg / Jonathan Weil

Slowdown threat shadows Europe's central bankers Marketwatch / William L. Watts

Gold futures rise sharply to trade above $900 Marketwatch / Polya Lesova

Troubled homeowners: Can't pay? Just walk away CNN / Les Christie

Purchase Applications Increase In Latest MBA Weekly Survey Mortgage Bankers Association

Wednesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Stocks Rebound After Tuesday's Plunge AP via Orlando Sentinel / Madlen Read

Bonds dip as investors gear up for stocks bounce Reuters / Burton Frierson

Bubble Trouble: Are Treasurys overbid? AP via Houston Chronicle / Leslie Wines

BLS’s January De-Fect NY Post / John Crudele

U.S. Productivity Increases 1.8%, More Than Forecast Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

Productivity growth slows in fourth quarter Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Credit Crisis: Where Was The SEC? Forbes / Liz Moyer

Federal Reserve Events Reuters

U.S. Recession Indicators Are All Pointing South Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Is it a recession yet? Boston Herald / Jerry Kronenberg

Economic census data reveal U.S. leaders in industry as well as a few surprises Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Ann Belser

Next Stop for Bond Market Vigilantes Is the U.K. Bloomberg / Matthew Lynn

Getting Past Nowhere On Budget Washington Post / Steven Pearlstein

Deutsche Bank May Miss Profit Goal Even After Dodging Subprime Bloomberg / Aaron Kirchfeld

Asian Exporters Feel U.S. Pain Washington Post / Ariana Eunjung Cha

A Microsoft-Yahoo! merger: good for the Internet? Christian Science Monitor / Ben Arnoldy

A little bad debt goes a long way for the banks Telegraph / Simon Denham

Fitch Goes Negative on MBIA, CIFG Bond Buyer / Dakin Campbell

Treasuries Rise as Global Stock Losses Feed Demand for Safety Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

On U.S. economy, voter concern runs deep Christian Science monitor / Mark Trumbull

UK: Analysts forecast 0.25% rate cut Scotsman / Scott Reid

Asian Stock Futures Drop After U.S. Service Industries Shrink Bloomberg / Masaki Kondo and Patrick Rial

Yen Rises to One-Week High Against Euro After Stocks Decline Bloomberg / David McIntyre

U.S. Contagion Is a Fast-Growing Danger for Asia Bloomberg / William Pesek

Japan's Economy Likely Peaked as Exports Resisted U.S. Slowdown Bloomberg / Jason Clenfield



Bernanke’s Next Challenge National Review / Larry Kudlow

Defending Central Bank Independence Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas / Richard W. Fisher

The geography of recession The Economist

Prospects for the Economy in 2008 Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco / Janet L. Yellen

Puffing along The Economist

Bear necessities The Economist

EU: Colonial baggage The Economist

Long bonds drop in pre-auction struggles Reuters / Burton Frierson

U.S. Economy: Pending Sales Drop More Than Forecast Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Freddie, Fannie debt may pose risk to economy CNN / Les Christie

CA: Foreclosures leave renters in the lurch San Francisco Chronicle / Carolyn Said

Home prices set to slide in '08 CNN / Chris Isidore

Few delinquent US home loans being modified-report Reuters / Julie Haviv

New ETFs a rung higher than mutual funds Globe and Mail / Rob Carrick

Stocks Power Up After Early Losses; Nasdaq Rides Steamroller Volume Investors Business Daily / Alan R. Elliott

Most U.S. Stocks Rise, Led by Consumer Companies; Penney Gains Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Thursday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

A dismal January chills retailers Marketwatch / William Spain

Duh! Yahoo CFO a No-Show / Stephen Taub

Gold, Silver Gain on Speculation Central Banks Will Cut Rates Bloomberg / Pham-Duy Nguyen

What's new in income tax rules for 2007 filings AP via Allentown Morning Call / Eileen Putman

Trichet Sees `Unusually High Uncertainty' on Growth Bloomberg / Simone Meier and Gabi Thesing

Thoughts on the Future of Credit Markets Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta / Dennis P. Lockhart

Atlanta Fed's Lockhart sees economy improving in second half of 2008 AFX via Forbes

Exploding ARMs Disrupt Bernanke's Drive to Calm Credit Markets Bloomberg / Bob Ivry and Jody Shenn

Moody's Profit Declines as Demand for Ratings Slows Bloomberg / Mark Pittman

A bad signal from the checkout CNN / Parija B. Kavilanz

Fuel Prices Will Make Airline Stock Take Off NY Post / John Crudele

U.S. stock futures drop, with Cisco hurting techs Marketwatch / Steve Goldstein

Limited Brands, Nordstrom Say January Sales Declined Bloomberg / Heather Burke

Decline in workers filing for unemployment AP via CNN

U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Fell 22,000 to 356,000 Bloomberg / Bob Willis

Futures Shock NY Post / Zachery Kouwe

ECB Keeps Interest Rate at Six-Year High on Inflation Bloomberg / Gabi Thesing

Bank of England cuts key interest rate AP via CNN

ECB and BoE Choose Different Rate Paths

Bending It Like Bernanke Shows Error of Fed Ways Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

Fears for bond insurance market put Federal Reserve on red alert London Times / Tom Bawden and Suzzy Jagger

Short-End Credit Effects Bond Buyer / Dakin Campbell

Treasuries Rise on Speculation Stock Losses to Support Auction Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Craving the High That Risky Trading Can Bring NY Times / Jenny Anderson

Oil Prices Fall Below $87 a Barrel AP via Washington Times

U.S. free trade accords face rocky road Christian Science Monitor / Howard Lafranchi

What's in a (domain) name? Some serious cash. Christian Science Monitor / Chris Gaylord

Some Businesses at Mercy Of Google See Hope in Bid Washington Post / Kim Hart

AOL's sorry status a grim omen for Yahoo Marketwatch / David Callaway

Asian Stocks Fall for Third Day as Mazda Motor, Orix Decline Bloomberg / Nicolas Johnson and Masaki Kondo

Fears of a US recession hurt Asian markets again AFP via Taipei Times

Coal bottleneck tempts investors to other black gold Marketwatch / Moming Zhou

UK: Debt juggernaut rolls us into a madhouse Telegraph / Jeff Randall

King Will Probably Lower Rate; ECB May Follow as Growth Slows Bloomberg / Brian Swint and Simon Kennedy

Australia May Increase Interest Rate to 7.25%, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Jacob Greber

Japanese Consumer Spending Is Solid, BOJ's Iwata Says Bloomberg / Lily Nonomiya

Euro Falls for 3rd Day Versus Dollar, Yen Before Trichet Speech Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto and Stanley White

Dollar May Gain Versus Euro Before ECB Might Signal Slow Growth Bloomberg / Ye Xie and Alex Lange


Have Cash, Buy Junk / Stephen Taub

Expecting Economy To Derail Next Presidency NY Sun / Dan Dorfman

Treasurys rally as corporate bonds drop AP via Houston Chronicle / Leslie Wines

Dow losses total 561 for the week Marketwatch / Bill Barnhart

Broad rally in commodities keeps inflation at fore Marketwatch / Moming Zhou

Fed official: Economy weak, but no recession CNN

Crude surges over OPEC talk, output disruptions Marketwatch / Moming Zhou and Polya Lesova

Current Financial Stresses and Persistent Global Imbalances Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta / Dennis P. Lockhart

January 2008 Economic Trends Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Jumbo' Loan Limit Increase May Not Stem Housing Market Decline Bloomberg / David M. Levitt

Hedge funds flex political muscle in election Reuters / Svea Herbst-Bayliss Posts Biggest Two-Day Gain Since November on Buyback Bloomberg / Heather Burke

Travel Web site pays $1.1 million for 'S' MSNBC / Brian Tracey

Treasuries Advance on Recession Concern, Climbing Default Risk Bloomberg / Sandra Hernandez and Deborah Finestone

Does the Treasury-Bund Spread Have the X-FAYRE Factor? Morgan Stanley / Manoj Pradhan

Federal Reserve will offer $30 billion in 28-day credit through its term auction facility on February 11, 2008 Federal Reserve Board

U.S. Stocks Drop on Credit Concern; Banks, Weyerhaeuser Fall Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Delay in GCC’s Monetary Union Raises Reval Risk Morgan Stanley / Stephen Jen

Japan: Be Prepared for Dual Recession Morgan Stanley / Takehiro Sato

A US$100 Billion Supra-Sovereign Wealth Fund? Morgan Stanley / Stephen Jen

Dow, S&P 500 turn up, Nasdaq adds gains Reuters

Friday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Microsoft Vs. Google Forbes / Martin T. Sosnoff

Weyerhaeuser swings to 4Q loss on housing market weakness; adjusted profit beat consensus AP via Seattle Times

Is It Too Late for Yahoo? NY Times / Miguel Helft and Brad Stone

How to Fix the Rating Agencies, Part II / Sarah Johnson

U.S. Economy: Wholesale Inventories Rise More Than Forecast Bloomberg / Bob Willis

Consumer Confidence Sinks Even Lower AP via Forbes / Jeannine Aversa

Refinancing: Only for the privileged few CNN / Les Christie

The longer the mortgage mess lingers, the heavier it hits Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

FICO: Don't blame us for mortgage mess CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Consumer borrowing slows down AP via Seattle Times / Martin Crustinger

San Francisco Fed's Yellen sees no 'outright recession' for US economy AFX via Forbes

How Non-Borrowed Reserves Became a Sexy Subject Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Fed's Yellen not confident U.S. can avoid recession Reuters via USA Today / Ros Krasny

Bond Insurers Know It's Never `Never the Same Again' Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

European Inflation Bond Sales May Beat Record in 2008 Bloomberg / Anchalee Worrachate

Going for their gold Boston Herald / Christine McConville

Primary voters have real choices Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

With less than a year left in the Bush administration's tenure, some see an urgency to push through mergers in a pro-business climate Chicago Tribune / Julie Johnsson

Economic aid plan awaits Bush's signature AP via Boston Herald

Wheat Rises Exchange Limits to Records as Inventories Decline Bloomberg / Tony C. Dreibus

Oil futures jump on supply concerns AP via Houston Chronicle / John Wilen


Aussie ARM can pay off Denver Post / Tom LaRocque

Obama sweeps Saturday elections Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Recession Would Work in Democrats’ Favor NY Times / Tom Redburn

Data to keep stocks on edge with recession looming Marketwatch / Nick Godt

The Fed Cuts Rates and Saves World from Financial Meltdown? Cycles News and Views via Safehaven / Tim Wood

A Heavy Price For a Small Amount Washington Post / Dina ElBoghdady

Rust Belt land banks fight glut of abandoned houses AP via Tennessean / Joe Milicia

Fed-ECB Policy Gaps, Chinese Cash, Homebuilder Stocks Bloomberg / Michael R. Sesit

Yahoo says 'no-hoo' to Microsoft: report Marketwatch

Many tax rebates will go to creditors Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Tim Grant

Clinton Says She Can Beat McCain AP via Beth Fouhy

G7 issues global economy warning BBC News

From Japan’s Slump in 1990s, Lessons for U.S. NY Times / Steve Lohr

Americans falling behind on credit card payments Wall Street Journal via Charlotte Observer / Robin Sidel, Sudeep Reddy and Jane J. Kim

They gambled with our home loans, but the game must go on LA Times / Tom Petruno

Wachovia loans questioned Charlotte Observer / Rick Rothacker

CA: Help for homeowners in over their heads LA Times / Andrea Chang

Two-Year Treasury Notes Have Longest Winning Streak Since 1998 Bloomberg / Deborah Finestone and Sandra Hernandez

Yahoo weighs outsourcing search ads to Google San Francisco Chronicle / Verne Kopytoff

U.S. Stocks Fall for First Time in Three Weeks; Banks Retreat Bloomberg / Michael Patterson and Jeff Kearns

Facing Free Software, Microsoft Looks to Yahoo NY Times / Matt Richtel

Global Economy Faces `Persisting' Risks, Paulson Says Bloomberg / John Brinsley

Job Growth Where Bush Didn’t Want It NY Times / Floyd Norris

Small banks buck subprime downturn Charlotte Observer / Christina Rexrode

Euro Has Biggest Weekly Decline Since June 2006 Against Dollar Bloomberg / Ye Xie and Lukanyo Mnyanda

Trichet Sees `Downside Risk' to Growth, Upside Inflation Threat Bloomberg / Flavia Krause-Jackson and Rainer Buergin

G-7 Says Growth May Weaken, Market Turmoil to Persist Bloomberg / John Fraher and John Brinsley



Metal's rise affects jewelry, starts mining talk Modesto Bee / John Holland

Sydney, Hong Kong stocks drive Asia lower Marketwatch / V. Phani Kumar

Fewer homeowners plan renovation projects USA Today / Noelle Knox

Clinton Campaign Manager Solis Doyle Gets Replaced Bloomberg / Kristin Jensen

Platinum hits record on supply Reuters via Washington Post

Many Believe US Already in a Recession AP via Chicago Tribune / Jeannine Aversa

Who's afraid of the big, bad bear? Marketwatch / John Prestbo

Dividend ETFs yield to pain in financials stocks Marketwatch / John Spence

Ugly retail sales on tap, and more from Bernanke Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

The Greatest Danger to the US Economy is the Fed Brookes News via Safehaven / Gerard Jackson

Fed Interest Rate Cuts Will Not Be Enough Global Politician / Peter Morici

Gasoline prices fall to $2.94 a gallon Reuters

Home On The Change NY Post / Terry Keenan

Las Vegas Tops Foreclosure List Housing Bubble via Safehaven

Subprime losses could rise to $400bn FT / David Pilling, Jonathan Soble and Gillian Tett

Fed cuts affecting money markets San Francisco Chronicle via Knoxville News Sentinel / Kathleen Pender

A repeat of the Great Depression is unlikely FT / Wolfgang Munchau

Stimulus Spending NY Post / Gregory Bresiger

Airlines see size as defense against fuel costs, recession AP via South Florida Sun sentinel / David Koenig

Mortgage mess' dirty little secret may bite bond fund investors Chicago Tribune via Orlando Sentinel / Gail Marksjarvis

Recession threat makes many more cautious San Francisco Chronicle / Sam Zuckerman

Retail Sales Probably Fell in January: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

Wall Street numbers spring when a new president is near Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

Diving back into market AP via Dallas Morning News / Tim Paradis

This time, Microsoft may meet its match in Google LA Times / Jim Puzzanghera and Jessica Guynn

Outraged eBay sellers plot strike week Fortune via CNN / Malika Zouhali-Worrall

A subpar idea to solve the subprime loan crisis Dallas Morning News / Scott Burns

WA: Why not rename the city Microsoft Office? Seattle Times / Rami Grunbaum

G-7 Says Global Growth May Weaken, Market Turmoil to Persist Bloomberg / John Fraher and Theophilos Argitis

Carney Signals Bank of Canada to Lower Interest Rates Bloomberg / Theophilos Argitis and Greg Quinn

Cutting to the Quick NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

Bottom Fishers Nibble at Banks, Brokers Wall Street Journal / Gregory Zuckerman

America stops living on credit London Times / Dominic Rushe

Oil pricing may switch to euro: OPEC official AFP via Taipei Times

This Year, Commodities Are on a Rockier Road NY Times / J. Alex Tarquinio

Why Your Nest Is Not Your Nest Egg Wall Street Journal / Jonathan Clements

When Self-Interest Isn’t Everything NY Times / Robert H. Frank

Pushing Paper Out the Door NY Times / Hannah Fairfield

Warning: Fast Driving May Lead to More Trading Marketwatch / NY Times / Mark Hulbert

Britain ‘facing huge job losses’ London Times / David Smith

No more rate cuts: there'll be no UK recession Telegraph / Liam Halligan

It's official: recession hits the real world Guardian – Observer / Ruth Sunderland

Japan is the next sub-prime flashpoint Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

UK: Setting course for a neutral interest rate London Times / David Smith

UK: If you think last week was glum, wait for the inflation news and the bills the Government is lining up for us Independent / Hamish McRae

Bank of England urged: cut base rate now, before it's too late Independent / James Moore

What rate cuts? Use of plastic gets pricier LA Times / David Lazarus

IL: Tax hike burdens buyers Chicago Tribune / Mary Umberger

The Bag of Tricks Is Almost Empty NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews


Clinton Not Ready to Release Tax Returns AP via Washington Post / Beth Fouhy

Stocks may fall as inflation, not Olympics, tops economic agenda Marketwatch / Moming Zhou

Lunar 2008 may be year of bear in China markets Marketwatch / Moming Zhou

How the Dow will be different with its two new stocks Marketwatch / John Prestbo

Fed is right to intervene to ward off recession FT / Ethan Harris

Poole details hurdles in Fed's public messages Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Fed's Poole says U.S. likely to avoid recession Reuters / Joanne Morrison

Wake Me When the Real Estate Market Improves Lew Rockwell / Doug French

Alm's for the Poor? Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Kasriel

'Peak Oil' vs. 'alternative energy' vs. 9 billion people in 2050 spells war Marketwatch / Paul B. Farrell,

Oil hits one-month high Reuters / Richard Valdmanis

Stimulus Act Offers Free Money to Most Taxpayers / Bill Bischoff

U.S. bill specifies state higher ed spending / Pauline Vu

The central bankers can't all be right Guardian / Larry Elliott

Misguided thinking of those who say recession would purge the system Independent / Stephen King

Reflections Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis / William Poole

Poole Says `Best Bet' Is U.S. Will Avoid a Recession Bloomberg / Vivien Lou Chen and Anthony Massucci

Hey, Yahoo: Why not launch a takeover bid for Microsoft? Seattle Post Intelligencer / Bill Virgin

In The Dumps At Yahoo! Forbes / Brian Caulfield

Microsoft `Moving Forward' With Yahoo Takeover Offer Bloomberg / Dina Bass

Stocks Rise in Uneasy Trading AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Madlen Read

U.S. Stocks Gain as Oil Shares Rally, Offsetting Credit Concern Bloomberg / Eric Martin

Second favourites The Economist

White House Report Says Economy Will Rebound In 2008 Forbes / Brian Wingfield

Bank of America joins Dow 30 Charlotte Observer / Rick Rothacker

Long-term Treasurys rise on CDO worries AP via Houston Chronicle / Leslie Wines

The Year of Recoupling Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner and Joachim Fels

Business Conditions: Not a Recovery Yet Morgan Stanley / Shital Patel and Richard Berner

Bond Insurance Turns Toxic for Munis as Rates Soar Bloomberg / Martin Z. Braun

Review and Preview Morgan Stanley / Ted Wieseman and David Greenlaw

Treasuries Rise as AIG Derivative Review Prompts Move to Safety Bloomberg / Sandra Hernandez

Doctor visits go online Chicago Tribune / Daniel Costello

AIG Discloses `Weakness' in Derivative Accounting Bloomberg / Hugh Son

How Can the Dow Change and Not Rise or Fall? / Stephen Taub

U.S. Stocks Fall, Led by Banks; AIG, Merrill, Citigroup Decline Bloomberg / Eric Martin

Monday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Trading Turns Mixed In Soft Volume Investors Business Daily / Alan R. Elliott

Bush to Give Fresh Assessment of Economy AP via San Francisco Chronicle

SocGen's A Steal Forbes / Lionel Laurent

Citi and Goldman most exposed to loan writedowns: report Reuters

Japan: Be Prepared for a Dual Recession Morgan Stanley / Takehiro Sato

Dollar modestly lower; ECB comments boost euro Marketwatch / Lisa Twaronite

A Chrysler-Scale Bailout Of Those Monolines Forbes / Robert Lenzner

CDO Losses Driving Credit-Default Swaps to Record, Analysts Say Bloomberg / Abigail Moses

Treasurys edge lower amid dearth of data Marketwatch / Nick Godt

Bonds edge up as Dow futures dip Reuters

AIG Discloses `Weakness' in Credit-Default Swap Accounting Bloomberg / Hugh Son

Economy Rebounds Before Election, Treasuries Show Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger

Loews hurt by subprime, net falls 31 pct Reuters / Jonathan Stempel

M’Soft Giant Rising NY Post / Zachery Kouwe and Peter Lauria

Yahoo Rejects Microsoft's $44.6B Bid LA Times

U.S. Stocks Near an `Important Bottom,' Biggs Says Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton and Betty Liu

Stocks poised for weak open CNN

Microsoft's P/E Pushes Technology to Valuation Hell Bloomberg / Michael Patterson and Alexis Xydias

Gold futures gain; platinum hits another record Marketwatch / Polya Lesova

Oil prices volatile AP via Houston Chronicle / Pablo Gorondi

Countrywide to aid more mortgage borrowers Reuters

Party Time Down Under Except at the Central Bank Bloomberg / John M. Berry

SEC: Fraud Charges Possible Bond Buyer / Andrew Ackerman

TOBs Under Scrutiny Bond Buyer / Dakin Campbell

Growth May Slow, but Recession Looks Unlikely Washington Post / Neil Irwin

Fed's Rate Cuts Bring No Relief For Consumers' Credit Card Bills Washington Post / Nancy Trejos

Gold's path to $1,000 an ounce now clear? Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Clinton-Obama: perils of a long Democratic battle Christian Science Monitor / Peter Grier

Congress eyes defense cuts Christian Science Monitor / Gordon Lubold

Congress and the economy: After stimulus bill, what next? Christian Science Monitor / Gail Russell Chaddock

Credit Suisse Topples UBS as CEO Dougan Dodges `Suprime Bullet' Bloomberg / Elena Logutenkova

Asian Stocks Fall on Growth Concerns; Commonwealth, Banks Drop Bloomberg / Chen Shiyin and Ian C. Sayson

Oil Rises a Third Day After Chavez Threatens to Cut U.S. Supply Bloomberg / Gavin Evans

Wheat Rises Daily Limit to Record on Dwindling U.S. Supplies Bloomberg / Jae Hur

Euro Gains on Speculation ECB in No Hurry to Cut Interest Rates Bloomberg / Ron Harui and David McIntyre

Anxious time ahead for markets as G7 hints at worsening global gloom London Times / Leo Lewis

G-7 Growth Warning May Prompt Additional Rate Cuts, Lower Taxes Bloomberg / John Fraher

Australian Central Bank Says Rates May Need to Rise Bloomberg / Jacob Greber and Victoria Batchelor

Drama Over Next BOJ Governor Is a Waste of Time Bloomberg / William Pesek


Car loans stretch to 7 years or longer USA Today / James R. Healey

Changes to the DJIA will affect Dogs of the Dow strategy Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

High-yield retakes the stage as messenger of gloom Marketwatch / Laura Mandaro

Short-term fixes likely won't fix economic woes St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

Obama, McCain sweep Virginia, Maryland, D.C. McClatchy / David Lightman

FL: Expert: Economy in for a rough ride Miami Herald / Scott Andron

Fund investors vote with their feet Globe and Mail / Derek DeCloet

2nd Bond Insurer Rejects Buffett's Offer AP via Forbes / Josh Funk

Multiple muni issuers see notes fail at auction Reuters via Forbes / Joan Gralla

MBA Hails ‘Project Lifeline’ Mortgage Bankers Association

America's Free-Falling Housing Markets Forbes / Matt Woolsey

Stocks Finish Higher on Buffett News AP via Forbes / Tim Paradis

GM offers buyouts to 74K hourly workers AP via Charlotte Observer / Dee-Ann Durbin

Molson Coors profits up 75 percent AP via Denver Post

Survey of Professional Forecasters Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Bond Positions, Expectations, and the Yield Curve Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta / Jon Faust

Housing and the Macroeconomy: The Role of Implicit Guarantees for Government Sponsored Enterprises Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta / Brian Peterson

Economy near contraction in 1st quarter: Philly Fed Reuters / Burton Frierson

Bernanke sees housing better by end-year—lawmaker Reuters

SIFMA Releases its Third Annual European Fixed Income E-Trading Survey Results SIFMA

Municipal Investors Skeptical of Buffett Bond Insurance Plan Bloomberg / Michael McDonald and Jeremy R. Cooke

Financials Lead Rally / Mark Glassman

How high should Microsoft go for Yahoo? Marketwatch / Dan Gallagher

Yahoo Defense May Fail to Repel Hostile Microsoft Bid Bloomberg / Amy Thomson

What Microsoft Should Do While Yahoo! Dithers Forbes / Sramana Mitra

Major lenders put freeze on foreclosures CNN / Les Christie

Consumer Confidence Improves In February Investors Business Daily

Prospects for the U.S. Economy in 2008 Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco / Janet L. Yellen

Federal Reserve announces results of auction of $30 billion in 28-day credit held on February 11, 2008 Federal Reserve Board

MBIA, Ambac Bond Risk Jumps as Buffett Offer Shuns `Toxic' Debt Bloomberg / Shannon D. Harrington and Hamish Risk

Indexes Rise on Firm Volume Investors Business Daily / Alan R. Elliott

Tuesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Obama Poised to Sweep Into Delegate Lead Over Clinton Bloomberg / Lorraine Woellert

Fed pumps billions into banking system AP via Globe and Mail / Martin Crutsinger

Third of recent buyers owe more than home's value: report Reuters

IndyMac records first annual loss AP via Houston Chronicle / Alex Veiga

Munis: The new power portfolio CNN / Asa Fitch

Treasurys drop on Warren Buffett's bond plan Marketwatch / Nick Godt

Fixes' to Rating Companies' Ills Are Hasty, Wrong Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Buffett offers to reinsure bonds Reuters

Stocks in Europe, Asia, U.S. Futures Gain; Barclays, ABB Climb Bloomberg / Adria Cimino

There Will Be Magic on Wall St. On May 2 NY Post / John Crudele

Why Google didn't get invited to Dow's party Globe and Mail / John Heinzl

Qwest 4Q Profit Rises 89 Percent AP via San Francisco Chronicle / Sandy Shore

GM posts biggest annual US auto loss AP via Pittsburgh Tribune Review

The Declining Dollar / Kate O’Sullivan

Brazil could become a sizeable energy producer The Economist

Gold drops on IMF sales reports, dollar gains Marketwatch / Polya Lesova

Small businesses sour on economy in January Reuters

A triple-A screw up Marketwatch / David Weidner

The vicious circle that trapped America London Times / Gerard Baker

Mortgage Crisis Spreads Past Subprime Loans NY Times / Vikas Bajaj and Louise Story

Bush's Final Budget Daily Standard / Irwin M. Stelzer

In Times of Crisis, Treasury's No. 2 Plays Crucial Role Washington Post / David Cho

Index deletions often outperform additions Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Treasury Notes Are Little Changed; Corporate Bond Risk Rises Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

NFMA on Disclosure Bond Buyer / Andrew Ackerman

Will additives push gasoline to a record high? Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

Asian stocks fall on growth concerns Bloomberg via Taipei Times

UK: Stagflation dragon stirs as factory prices soar Telegraph / Tom Stevenson

Yen Rises Against Dollar, Euro as Investors Trim Carry Trades Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto and Stanley White

Australian January Business Confidence Plunges Bloomberg / Jacob Greber



Tax rebates really will boost economy, for a while Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Repo lots overflow with reclaimed cars USA Today / Chris Woodyard

Six lies we tell ourselves about why we spend Marketwatch / Marshall Loeb

Why the Fed and interest rates matter Allentown Morning Call

Surprise Retail Sales Gain Lifts Market Despite Sluggish Discretionary Spending Investors Business Daily / Brad Kelly

Rally Rolls for Third Day / Mark Glassman

Buffett's Bond-Rescue Plan Raises Eyebrows / Igor Greenwald

Asset Deflation 13: Sell Your Real Estate Immediately! Ponder this via Safehaven / Steve Moyer

CO: Denver metro foreclosures jump 28 percent AP via Denver Post / Alex Veiga

Jewelers to shun 'dirty gold' Baltimore Sun / Margot Roosevelt

Dealers widen spreads to sell 08's first CMBS Reuters / Al Yoon

Rupert to the rescue? Probably not Fortune via CNN / Jon Fortt

Yahoo said to be discussing possible partnership with News Corp. to thwart Microsoft AP via Augusta Chronicle / Michael Liedtke

Stocks End Higher on Upbeat Sales Data AP via Forbes / Joe Bel Bruno

Debt crisis spreads to US municipalities FT / Aline van Duyn and Michael Mackenzie

Bonds pushed mostly lower in late stock surge Reuters / Chris Reese

Housing forecasters see slide continuing Chicago Tribune / Mary Umberger

US mortgage rates unchanged on Wednesday-BestInfo Reuters

How bad will the economy get? Fortune via CNN / Andy Serwer

Platinum Passes $2,000 for First Time on South Africa Shortfall Bloomberg / Claudia Carpenter and Halia Pavliva

Five questions for Ben and Hank CNN / Chris Isidore

Federal Reserve Events Reuters

Raising limits for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac is risky business St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

View from inside often is different Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

Coca-Cola profit rises sharply Reuters

The greenback's grip is slipping Globe and Mail / Roma Luciw

Entry-Level Hires Are Starting Later, Value Old-Fashioned Perks Washington Post / Stephen Barr

Paulson: No recession ahead, tax rebates coming Reuters / David Lawler

Obama the front-runner The Economist

Delegate counts for presidential candidates Reuters

How Did OTC Derivatives Get School Districts into Trouble? Vestopia via Safehaven / Thomas Tan

Surprise retail sales rise sends bonds lower Reuters / Richard Leong

Danger zones The Economist

The Community Reinvestment Act Federal Reserve Board / Sandra F. Braunstein

Fed Interest-Rate Cuts Fail to Lower Borrowing Costs Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Stocks step up at Wednesday open CNN

Wednesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

U.S. Stock-Index Futures Gain After Retail Sales Top Forecast Bloomberg / Eric Martin

Think Microsoft-Yahoo won’t happen? Think again Fortune via CNN / Adam Lashinsky

Auction-Bond Failures Roil Munis, Pushing Rates Up Bloomberg / Martin Z. Braun

Buffett Plan Saves Muni Market, Dooms Ambac, MBIA Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Moody's, S&P's Dark Secrets May Live in E-mails Bloomberg / Jonathan Weil

Government Bonds to Rally for 6 Months as U.S. Slowdown Spreads Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger

Mortgage Applications Decrease In Latest MBA Weekly Survey Mortgage Bankers Association

Americans Selling Homes See Prices Go Below Mortgage Bloomberg / Kathleen M. Howley

Mortgage application volume falls 2.1% AP via CNN

Retail sales stage unexpected rebound Reuters / Glenn Somerville

U.S. Tax Policy Should Adhere to the Three F's Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Bush ready to sign rescue package with rebate checks AP via Houston Chronicle / Julie Hirschfeld-Davis

Gold futures extend losses Marketwatch / Polya Lesova

Oil rebounds after falling below $93 AP via Houston Chronicle / Toby Anderson

U.S. dollar climbs after gain in retail sales Marketwatch / William L. Watts

Global Confidence Weakens for Third Month on Slowdown Bloomberg / Ben Sills and Paul Tobin

Economists’ Tea Leaves Point to Recession NY Times / David Leonhardt

A $1.2 Billion Write-Down at Credit Suisse NY Times / Julia Werdigier

Asian Currencies Advance; Taiwan Dollar Reaches 20-Month High Bloomberg / Aaron Pan and Yu-huay Sun

UK: Hopes of rate cut are dashed by inflation rise London Times / Christine Seib and Dearbail Jordan

Australian Consumer Confidence Slumps to 15-Month Low Bloomberg / Jacob Greber

Japan Wholesale Inflation Rises to Fastest Since 1981 Bloomberg / Mayumi Otsuma

Singapore Economy Probably Contracted as Output Slows Bloomberg / Shamim Adam

Asia will not slide into recession, says Singapore's Lee AFP via Taipei Times

Bank of Korea Keeps Rate Unchanged for a Sixth Month Bloomberg / William Sim

Clinton, McCain, Obama Needn't Fear Asia's Rise Bloomberg / William Pesek

China's economic growth can soften U.S. slump Christian Science Monitor / Peter Ford and Mark Trumbull

Treasuries Little Changed; Report May Show Retail Sales Fell Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Lakes Mead and Powell could run dry by 2021 Christian Science Monitor / Peter N. Spotts


Bond insurance Federal Reserve Board / Patrick M. Parkinson

Greenspan Says U.S. Is `On the Edge' of Recession Bloomberg / Vivien Lou Chen

Greenspan says U.S. "on edge" of recession Reuters

Debt, Corruption, and the Good Life in Sherwood Forest Fake Ben via Safehaven

The Looming Treasury Bond Massacre... Clive Maund via Safehaven / Clive Maund

Is the Presidential Candidate of Your Choice Ready to Save a Sinking Ship? Lew Rockwell / Bill Sardi

Obama’s Big-Government Vision National Review / Larry Kudlow

Utah existing home sales market slides big-time Salt Lake Tribune / Lesley Mitchell

U.S. stocks slide as Fed chief downgrades economy Marketwatch / Kate Gibson

Denny’s feeling the pinch The State / Ben Werner

FL: Boat buyers face docking dilemma Miami Herald / Monica Hatcher

Land-locked Swiss invent underwater car AP via San Antonio Express News / Bradley S. Klapper

Vanguard Battles Barclays Over `Derivatives for the Masses' Bloomberg / Ryan J. Donmoyer

Emerging debt-Yield curve steepens on recession, inflation woes Reuters / Walter Brandimarte

Moody's Downgrades FGIC AP via Forbes

BofA CEO: Recession may be under way Charlotte Observer

Headed for $100 again? Oil futures up $2.19 AP via Houston Chronicle

Platinum hits record on supply concerns AP via Houston Chronicle / Stevenson Jacobs

U.S. Stocks Drop, Led by Banks, Tech Companies; Intel Falls Bloomberg / Eric Martin

Dow retreats 175 on Fed outlook for early 2008 Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

50 years of market swings Fortune via CNN

Vonage Dials Up A Turnaround Forbes / Elizabeth Woyke

Sources: United, Continental in advanced talks AP via MSNBC

Condo units hitting Chicago market expected to double in 2008 Susan Diesenhouse

Housing market will hit bottom soon, economists hope Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

Bank of Canada Review Bank of Canada

The economy and financial markets Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

Focus on potential 50 bps March cut Reuters / Ros Krasny

Bernanke sees no risks of big U.S. bank failures Marketwatch / Robert Schroeder

Bernanke Pledges `Adequate Insurance' Against Risks Bloomberg / Craig Torres

Fed stands ready to ease further, Bernanke says Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Fed will act as needed to combat risks: Bernanke Reuters / Mark Felsenthal

Indexes Roll Into Red Zone On Moderate Volume Investors business Daily / Alan R. Elliott

Market lower as Bernanke testifies, Intel drops Reuters / Kristina Cooke

Thursday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

US 30-year mortgage rates rise in latest week Reuters

Home Prices Fall in 77 U.S. Metro Areas, Realtors Say Bloomberg / Bob Ivry

Is Your "Cash" in Danger? / Stephen Taub

Moody’s Mulls Separate Rating for Structured Securities / Stephen Taub

UBS Won't Support Failing Auction-Rate Securities Bloomberg / Martin Z. Braun and William Selway

Treasury 10-Year Notes Fall as U.S. Trade Deficit Narrows Bloomberg / Sandra Hernandez

Long maturities slip after trade, await Bernanke Reuters / John Parry

New York's Dinallo Considers Splitting Bond Insurers Bloomberg / Erik Holm

Mortgage servicers next victim of housing crisis Reuters / Al Yoon

Freddie Mac alters rules to aid mortgage insurers Marketwatch / Greg Morcroft,

Hope Now: When loan workouts don't work out CNN / Les Christie

U.S. jobless claims fall second week in a row Marketwatch / Ruth Mantell

U.S. December Trade Gap Narrows More Than Forecast Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Rigging Stock Markets Is Even Ok Abroad NY Post / John Crudele

Comcast 4Q beats expectations AP via Houston Chronicle / Deborah Yao

Goodyear swings to 4Q profit AP via Houston Chronicle

Gold falls; platinum drops after hitting new record Marketwatch / Polya Lesova

Oil prices extend rise above $93 a barrel CNN

CA: Southern California home sales drop to a 20-year low LA Times / Peter Y. Hong

Broker-Dealers Face Auction-Rate Failures Bond Buyer / Dakin Campbell

Solvency Worries Stalk Credit-Derivatives Market Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

Treasuries Rise Before Bernanke Speaks to Senate on the Economy Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Quaden Says U.S. Slowdown to Be `More Pronounced' Than Expected Bloomberg / Christian Vits and Meera Louis

Asian Stocks Advance as Economic Concerns Ease; Toyota Climbs Bloomberg / Chen Shiyin

Yuan Rises After Biggest Drop in Month as China Shifts Targets Bloomberg / Kim Kyoungwha and Belinda Cao

Japan Economy Grows 3.7 Percent, Beating Estimates Bloomberg / Jason Clenfield

Australia's Jobless Rate Falls to Lowest Since 1974 Bloomberg / Jacob Greber

Japan 10-Year Bonds Fall After Economic Growth Beats Estimates Bloomberg / Theresa Barraclough

Yen Rises on Faster-Than-Expected Japanese Economic Growth Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto and Stanley White


The Federal Reserve's Tools for Responding to Financial Disruptions Federal Reserve Board / Frederic S. Mishkin

Bond crisis already crimping states / Daniel C. Vock

Why Your Wallet Feels Thinner Forbes / Melanie Lindner

Long-term bond with short-term rates seeing troubles these days St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

Bleak economic reports signal recession Reuters / Mark Felsenthal

Empire State Manufacturing Survey Federal Reserve Bank of New York

U.S. Stocks Fall After Consumer Confidence, Manufacturing Slump Bloomberg / Eric Martin

Friday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Market Slump Continues / Mark Glassman

Consumer confidence plunges Reuters

A fading U.S. economy? The numbers say no Globe and Mail / Neil Reynolds

Countrywide says foreclosure rate at new record Reuters via Washington Post

MI: Prices cut, but homes unsold Lansing State Journal / Kathryn Prater

Hedgie Fights BofA On Takeover NY Post / Paul Tharp

In Panama, a refuge for U.S. retirees hoping to stretch their dollars Marketwatch / Jasmina Kelemen

Unscrambling the debt mess Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

Bank Risk Soars on Concern Bond Insurer Breakup May Fuel Losses Bloomberg / Abigail Moses

Springfield Sells Bonds for Mary Lincoln's Bloomers Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

TREASURIES-Bonds rally on credit market worries, data Reuters / John Parry

Muni Regulators Seek Disclosure on Auction-Rate Bonds Bloomberg / Michael Quint

Industrial Production in U.S. Rose 0.1% in January Bloomberg / Bob Willis

Tuning Into The Recession Mindset Forbes / Marc E. Babej and Tim Pollak

Stocks ease at Friday open CNN

Best Buy cuts 2008 outlook Reuters

Level 3 shares slip 8.9% on "sell" report Denver Post

Yahoo's Chinese Math Proves Bill Miller Is Right at $40 a Share Bloomberg / Ari Levy and Mark Lee

Bush Finally Found a Good `Ad Man' in Paulson Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

CA: State drops broker fee case LA Times / Tom Petruno

Best U.S. factory jobs in rising jeopardy Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull

Murdoch's finger firmly on the web pulse Telegraph / David Litterick

Murdoch's Yahoo move gives Microsoft pause Guardian / Richard Wray

Some Cities Are Spared the Slide in Housing NY Times / Clifford Krauss and Ron Nixon

Home Builders Wonder: Will They Come? Washington Post / Allan Lengel

Auction Rate Market Turmoil Continues Bond Buyer / Dakin Campbell, Caitlin Devitt and Yvette Shields

Municipalities Feel Pinch as Another Debt Market Falters NY Times / Julie Creswell and Vikas Bajaj

Panel Weighs Federal Insurance Regulator Bond Buyer / Andrew Ackerman

Treasuries Rise as Stocks Fall, Greenspan Sees Economy Stalling Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

MSNBC is the 'we're-sorry' news network Marketwatch / Jon Friedman

Dollar Heads for Biggest Weekly Loss This Year on Rate Outlook Bloomberg / Stanley White and Kosuke Goto

Have we seen the stock market's bottom? Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Asian Stocks Drop on Economic Outlook, Earnings; Samsung Falls Bloomberg / Chen Shiyin and Patrick Rial

BOJ Keeps Key Rate at 0.5% on Concern Growth May Slow Bloomberg / Mayumi Otsuma

IMF's Strauss-Kahn Still Sees 10% Growth in China Bloomberg / Kevin Hamlin