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Stagflation and the Fed Safehaven / John Mauldin

Dollar: It will only get worse CNN / David Ellis

Say good-bye to granite countertops CNN / Les Christie

CA: Jobless data raise fears of recession in California San Diego Union Tribune / Dean Calbreath

Myriad of factors behind dollar's sudden drop Marketwatch / Lisa Twaronite

Text of President Bush's weekly radio address Marketwatch

Recession fears crawl closer to reality Washington Times / Patrice Hill

Rosy Credit Ratings, Misery Matters, Ruble Rumblings Bloomberg / Michael R. Sesit

Risks seen for growing Fannie, Freddie AP via Houston Chronicle / Marcy Gordon

Reports say U.S. close to recession AP via Bradenton Journal / Martin Crutsinger

Analysts see poor February auto sales AP via Houston Chronicle / Tom Krisher

U.S. Stocks Drop, Completing Longest Losing Streak Since 2002 Bloomberg / Michael Patterson and Lynn Thomasson

Dollar Falls to Record Low Versus Euro as Fed Signals Rate Cuts Bloomberg / Ye Xie

Fed Officials Diverge on Economic Risks, Interest-Rate Response Bloomberg / Scott Lanman and Craig Torres

Soaring Food Prices Putting U.S. Emergency Aid in Peril Washington Post / Anthony Faiola

Highway robbery AP via Washington Times / Ellen Simon

Stocks Endure Second-Worst Day of the Year Washington Post / Tomoeh Murakami Tse

China Manufacturing Quickens as Production Resumes Bloomberg / Li Yanping and Theresa Tang


Gold finishes a fabulous February Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Housing market doesn't need drastic government help St. Louis Post Dspatch / David Nicklaus

Hiring May Have Cooled, Factories Slowed: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

A slowdown, not a recession, to be seen in data Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Businesses Tightening Their Belts Washington Post / Neil Irwin and Zachary A. Goldfarb

Inside the Mind Of a Debtor Nation Washington Post / Michelle Singletary

Fed chief works politics AP via Allentown Morning Call / Martin Crutsinger

Which Way is Up NY Post / John Aidan Byrne

4th straight S&P slide defies traditional pattern of winter gains Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

Economic outlooks collide in stock and credit markets AP via Baltimore Sun / Rachel Beck

All That Glitters NY Post / Hillary Kramer

FL: Appraisal on condo puts buyer in pinch Palm Beach Post / Alexandra Clough

Builder stocks bounce -- so why are CEOs still wary? Marketwatch / John Spence

Banking Fees Are Rising And Often Undisclosed Washington Post / Tomoeh Murakami Tse

Ultraspeedy trades can rack up big losses, fast Chicago Triune / Greg Burns and Joshua Boak

Flood of drugs, little oversight Chicago Tribune / David Greising and Bruce Japsen

Greenspan message clearer in print Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Why I remain optimistic about American economy London Times / Irwin Stelzer

The Buck Has Stopped NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

How the Credit Mess Squeezes You Wall Street Journal / Scott Patterson

Hold Bets on TIPS Wall Street Journal / Brett Arends

How a Bubble Stayed Under the Radar NY Times / Robert J. Shiller

Second-mortgage issues join resetting rates for 1-2 punch Washington Post via Chicago Tribune / Kenneth R. Harney

A jump in foreclosure-fight resources Chicago Tribune / Marilyn Kennedy Melia

Your ETFs Can Be Hidden -- Even From You Wall street Journal / Eleanor Laise

The Jump-Start That Hasn’t Started US News and World Report via NY Times / Paul J. Lim

Thinking One Step Ahead of a Downturn NY Times / Conrad De Aenlle


Liquidity-Risk Management in the Business of Banking Federal Reserve Board / Randall S. Kroszner

Federal Reserve Board encourages institutions to report on loan modification efforts in consistent way Federal Reserve Board

What Is Driving Food Price Inflation? pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Hope for the Economy Texas Straight Talk via Safehaven / Ron Paul

Canada: Lowering the rate risks stoking inflation Globe and Mail / Kevin Carmichael

Alabama County Is Center of Muni Turmoil as Debt Cut Bloomberg / Martin Z. Braun

U.S. recession: A classic 12-act tragedy Marketwatch / Paul B. Farrell

Gold hits record high of $992 as dollar tumbles Marketwatch / Polya Lesova

Fed's Plosser: take back ease once markets calm Reuters / Alister Bull

Consumer bankruptcies leap in February Reuters / Julie Vorman

Commodities Soar On Global Demand Despite Weak U.S. Investors Business Daily / Donald H. Gold

OPEC unlikely to be moved by $100 oil Reuters / Simon Webb and Randy Fabi

Fannie, Freddie To Buy Loans Only Under New Standards Mortgage Bankers Association

Bush Deficit at Record as Treasuries Deter Pensions Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger and Sandra Hernandez

States and Cities Start Rebelling on Bond Ratings NY Times / Julie Creswell and Vikas Bajaj

Auction Supply `Tsunami' Portends Municipal Losses Bloomberg / Michael McDonald

Debt Doom? Forbes / Liz Moyer

Treasurys pause from recent rally AP via Houston Chronicle / Leslie Wines

New recession worry: Bank failures CNN / Chris Isidore

Automakers suffer February double whammy AP via Houston Chronicle / Dee-Ann Durbin

Stocks cut losses after choppy session CNN / Ben Rooney

Buffett: economy 'essentially in a recession' AP via CNN

U.S. construction spending falls 1.7% in January Marketwatch / Ruth Mantell

U.S. Economy: Manufacturing, Construction Spending Decline Bloomberg / Bob Willis

Get Behind King Dollar National Review / Larry Kudlow

Dollar Smile Becoming Fixed Morgan Stanley / Stephen Jen

The Benefits of Systematic Monetary Policy Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia / Charles I. Plosser

Derivative Trades on Exchanges Fell Most in 14 Years Bloomberg / Hamish Risk

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Seek to Preserve Capital Washington Post / avid S. Hilzenrath

Oil Prices Pass Inflation-Adjusted Record NY Times / Jad Mouawad

Stocks Pull Off Morning Lows AP via Chicago Tribune / Tim Paradis

What Did Brown Do to Itself? / Stephen Taub

Qualcomm shot down again in ongoing legal battle against Nokia AP via San Diego Union Tribune

Youth or experience? The Economist

Congressional incumbents on shaky ground in '08 Christian Science Monitor / Gail Russell Chaddock

Gold Beats Financial Assets as Investors Seek Haven Bloomberg / Millie Munshi and Pham-Duy Nguyen

Oil Rises to a Record as Dollar Extends Weakness to Euro Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

Auction Supply `Tsunami' Portends Municipal Losses Bloomberg / Michael McDonald

JPMorgan, Bear Stearns, Ex-UBS Bankers Targeted in Muni Probe Bloomberg / Martin Z. Braun and William Selway

Contrarians buy debt when the headlines rail about a debt crisis. Like right now Forbes / Bernard Condon

Fed official: Economy trumps inflation CNN

Monday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Stocks sluggish in early going CNN

GLOBAL MARKETS-Stocks, dollar tumble on bank, economy woes Reuters via Forbes / Natsuko Waki

Airline shares tumble as oil prices soar Marketwatch / Christopher Hinton

Diebold shares soar on $2.63B bid AP via Houston Chronicle / Stephen Singer

Buffett: US Essentially in Recession AP via Chicago Tribune / Josh Funk

Construction spending plunges in January by most in 14 years AP via Seattle Times / Jeannine Aversa

Margin calls thrash Thornburg again Fortune via CNN

Bush Deficit at Record as Treasuries Deter Pensions Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger and Sandra Hernandez

NAFTA has had its trade-offs for the U.S. LA Times / Marla Dickerson



Turbulence carries into bond market Wichita Eagle / Dan Voorhis

Bank of Canada lowers overnight rate target by 1/2 percentage point to 3 1/2 per cent Bank of Canada

Unlike Consumers, Companies Are Piling Up Cash NY Times / Diana B. Henriques

In defence of scaremongers Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Arguments mount for a national healthcare system Christian Science Monitor / David R. Francis

Plastic fantastic The Economist

Condition of the U.S. banking system Federal Reserve Board / Donald L. Kohn

Balancing Inflation and Growth Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas / Richard W. Fisher

Outlook and Risks for the U.S. Economy Federal Reserve Board / Frederic S. Mishkin

Fed officials debate recession risk CNN / Chris Isidore

Hedging Ben Forbes / Brian Wingfield

Who's afraid of banks? Not the Fed, official says Reuters / John Poirier

The trouble with Steve Jobs CNN / Peter Elkind

Stocks Go In Like A Bear, Out Like A Bull Forbes / Steve Schaefer

Citi falls on worries about cash levels AP via Houston Chronicle / Madlen Read

Seems like old times: Oil back under $100 AP via Houston Chronicle

Wang, Li, May Inherit Slower China Economy as Inflation Spikes Bloomberg / Kevin Hamlin

Housing: Best time to buy in four years CNN / Les Christie

Uncle Sam – Master Mortgage Pusher Lew Rockwell via Fiend’s SuperBear Page / Michael S. Rozeff

The State of the Banking Industry FDIC / Sheila C. Bair

The Crisis Point of the Inflationary Boom Ludwig von Mises Institute / Sean Corrigan

Tuesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Wall Street Wounded By Intel, Citi Forbes / Steve Schaefer

Gold futures drop sharply on profit-taking Marketwatch / Polya Lesova

Treasurys up as stocks dip on economic woes Marketwatch / Nick Godt

Corporate Bond Risk Rises on Speculation Bank Losses to Deepen Bloomberg / Shannon D. Harrington

As Inflation Mounts, ECB Lingers AP via Forbes / Matt Moore and Jane Wardell

Bonds turn higher after Bernanke comments Reuters

Moody's, S&P Help Push Alabama County to Insolvency Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Reducing Preventable Mortgage Foreclosures Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

Bernanke Says Bank Writedowns May Be Overdone Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Time to bring Paul Volker out of retirement NY Post / John Crudele

Creativity needed to limit foreclosures: Bernanke Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Bernanke Urges Lenders to Increase Writedowns of U.S. Mortgages Bloomberg / Scott Lanman and Steve Matthews

Fed Isn't Getting Snookered by Collateral Risk Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Walgreens sales leap 14.5% in February Chicago Tribune / James P. Miller

OPEC Unlikely to Raise Output AP via Forbes / William J. Kole

Economist comes up short in Web fight Baltimore Sun / Tricia Bishop

The man who must keep Goldman growing CNN / Bethany McLean

Wachovia markets A.G. Edwards acquisition Charlotte Observer / Rick Rothacker

Economy: Who the candidates really listen to CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

Heading towards recession Daily Standard / Irwin M. Stelzer

There's no '$' in teamwork Marketwatch / David Weidner

Four down months in a row tell us little about what comes next Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Asian Stocks Fall in Longest Retreat This Year; Utilities Drop Bloomberg / Chen Shiyin and Toshiro Hasegawa

Federal Pay Caught Up in Fiscal 2009 Budget Debates Washington Post / Stephen Barr

GA: Losing money on home sales? Not here Augusta Chronicle / Tim Rausch

Merits of New Mortgage Aid Are Debated Washington Post / David Cho and Renae Merle

Australia Increases Benchmark Rate to 12-Year High Bloomberg / Jacob Greber

The Federal Reserve's rescue has failed Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Treasuries Little Changed on Speculation Inflation to Quicken Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Oil Tops Inflation-Adjusted Record Set in 1980 NY Times / Jad Mouawad

Vehicle Sales Fell by 10% Last Month NY Times / Nick Bunkley

Dollar Falls for Sixth Day Against Yen on Slumping U.S. Economy Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto


Perspectives on the Recent Financial Turmoil pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City / Thomas M. Hoenig

Changing Tax Rules for Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) Causes SIFMA Concern SIFMA

The 'middle-class millionaire' Marketwatch / Thomas Kostigen

Riding the Fed’s Loop-the-Loop US News and World Report / James Pethokoukis

Beige Book Federal Reserve Board

Oil tops $104 for the first time CNN / David Goldman

'Cockroaches are coming out of the closet' CommodityOnline via Fiend’s SuperBear Page

Fed's rate cuts may do long-term dollar damage Reuters / Steven C. Johnson

Agency Mortgage-Backed Bond Spreads Reach Highest Since 1986 Bloomberg / Jody Shenn

Wednesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

U.S. Stocks Advance After ISM Report Tops Forecast; Ambac Gains Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Grim job market deals economy another blow Reuters / Burton Frierson

The deadly cost of inaction The Economist

U.S. productivity revised up but labor costs mount Reuters

ADP Says U.S. Companies Reduced Payrolls in February Bloomberg / Bob Willis

OPEC keeps output steady in face of $100 oil Reuters / Peg Mackey and Barbara Lewis

Gold futures rebound after decline; platinum drops Marketwatch / Polya Lesova

Gold steadies but long-term bullish trend intact Reuters / Atul Prakash

Safe muni bonds feeling pain of market turmoil St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

Rescue plan offered up for strapped muni borrowers LA Times / Tom Petruno

CA: Not all investors get what they want after yields are trimmed amid strong demand LA Times / Tom Petruno

ECNs To The Rescue Forbes / Liz Moyer

Money-Market Rates Rise, May Signal Return of Credit Gridlock Bloomberg / Kim-Mai Cutler

Mortgage crisis deepens: Rates on 1.5M home loans will reset this year Detroit News / Brian J. O'Connor

Mortgage Applications Increase In Latest MBA Weekly Survey Mortgage Bankers Association

Stocks rise in early trading AP via Houston Chronicle / Tim Paradis

A 'rough patch' sullies Google's shares LA Times / Jessica Guynn

Costco posts 31% profit gain AP via CNN

Banks' losses could put $900 billion squeeze on consumers Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull

Auction-Rate Bond Failures Approach 70%, Show No Sign of Easing Bloomberg / Michael McDonald

Euro bond spreads hit record as panic grips markets Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Treasuries Rise on Speculation Economic Slowdown Is Deepening Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

The ‘R’ Word Riles Me Boston Herald / Darren Garnick

Service Industries in U.S. Probably Contracted for Second Month Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Bernanke Wants Banks To Rework Mortgages Washington Post / Neil Irwin

Australia's Economy Grows at Slowest Pace in a Year Bloomberg / Jacob Greber

Bank of Japan May Keep Rate Unchanged at Fukui's Final Meeting Bloomberg / Mayumi Otsuma

Japan Capital Spending Falls 7.3%; GDP May Be Lowered Bloomberg / Jason Clenfield

China Needs to Curb Inflation, Prevent Overheating, Wen Says Bloomberg / Li Yanping


TREASURIES-Surge in Asia, shaky markets rattle investors Reuters / Eric Burroughs

U.S. Two-Year Rate Swap Spread Widens to Record High Bloomberg / Liz Capo McCormick

Financial Innovation: Engine of Growth or Source of Instability? Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis / William Poole

Fed's Poole: Take care with new mortgage rules Reuters

Fed Rate cuts Back-fire, Lead to Quagmire of "Stagflation" SirChartsAlot via Safehaven / Gary Dorsch

Bernanke Has a Point. Maybe. Motley Fool / Timothy M. Otte

High-cost mortgages just got cheaper CNN / Les Christie

Ohio foreclosures lead nation Cincinnati Enquirer / Alexander Coolidge

Currency ETFs Offer Plays on Weak Dollar / Rob Wherry

Home price declines could make matters worse Reuters / Joanne Morrison

Some borrowers hit new snag in refinancing Wall Street Journal via Denver Post / Ruth Simon

Job growth has slowed to a crawl, economists say Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Retail sales mixed, lower-priced stores up Reuters / Brad Dorfman

Stocks sink as credit fears deepen LA Times / Tom Petruno and Walter Hamilton

Treasurys rise on rising credit fears AP via Houston Chronicle / Leslie Wines

Gold drops sharply following record Wednesday Marketwatch / Polya Lesova

Oil settles above $105 on weak dollar AP via CNN

Gold is enjoying a speculative surge. Beware The Economist

U.S. household wealth dips for first time since 2002 Reuters

The Current Financial Challenges: Policy and Regulatory Implications Federal Reserve Bank of New York / Timothy Geithner

Geithner Says Rates May Need to Stay Low `Some Time' Bloomberg / Rich Miller and Deborah Finestone

NY Fed chief says low rates needed for some time Reuters

Mortgage Rates Drop AP Chicago Tribune / Jeannine Aversa

Home Equity Falls Below 50 Percent AP via LA Times / J.W. Elphinstone

Thornburg Stumbles Forbes / Carl Gutierrez

U.S. Mortgage Foreclosures Rise as Owners `Give Up' Bloomberg / Kathleen M. Howley

Pending home sales at second-worst number on record AP via Chicago Tribune / Alan Zibel

U.S. Stocks Drop, Led by Banks, as Foreclosures Climb to Record Bloomberg / Michael Patterson

The decoupling debate The Economist

EU: Slowdown The Economist

Buffett Passes Gates as Richest Person, Forbes Says Bloomberg / Chris Dolmetsch

Credit Swaps Thwart Fed's Ease as Debt Costs Surge Bloomberg / Abigail Moses, Hamish Risk and Neil Unmack

Treasuries Rise on Speculation Credit Market Losses to Deepen Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger and Deborah Finestone

Why Fed Chief Will Be Tossing and Turning Tonight NY Post/ John Crudele

Oil prices spike to record $105.97 AP via Houston Chronicle / Pablo Gorondi

U.S. Jan pending home sales unchanged Reuters

Foreclosures hit all-time high CNN / Les Christie

U.S. Mortgage Foreclosures Rise as Owners `Give Up' Bloomberg / Kathleen M. Howley

Home builders begin offering discounts LA Times / Gina Ferazzi

Would-Be Borrowers Still Go Begging as Fed Cuts Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

Financial Mess Doesn't Worry All Central Banks Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Thursday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Stocks Decline on Credit Worries AP via Tribune / Joe Bel Bruno

Crude Oil: Precious Fuel Pricier Than Ever Forbes / Evelyn M. Rusli

ECB rates stick on price concerns BBC News

UK: Bank keeps interest rates on hold BBC News

Dollar slides to record lows again AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Matt Moore




Implications of Globalization for the Conduct of Monetary Policy Federal Reserve Board / Donald L. Kohn

As Home Values Undercut Loans, More People Simply Walk Away Investors Business Daily / Donna Howell

A cloak-and-briefcase assault Marketwatch / William L. Watts

Depressed stocks open door to more takeovers Marketwatch / Christopher Hinton

US Fed pins economic hopes on $200bn liquidity boost Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Investment-Grade Corporate Bond Spreads Reach Highest on Record Bloomberg / Emma Moody

CA: Higher mortgage limits offer help Modesto Bee / Ben van der Meer

Stocks hit multi-month lows CNN / Alexandra Twin

Bush: 'Economy has slowed' CNN / Ben Rooney

New 'super-spike' might mean $200 a barrel oil Marketwatch / Steve Gelsi

$100 oil hurts, just like a recession CNN / Steve Hargreaves

Payrolls fall again, raising recession fears Reuters / Glenn Somerville

U.S. Consumer Borrowing Rose, Led by Credit Cards Bloomberg / Vincent Del Giudice

Treasurys mixed amid complex news flow AP via Houston Chronicle / Leslie Wines

Should Yahoo and AOL Merge? Marketwatch / John C. Dvorak

House committee questions high compensation for CEOs involved in mortgage crisis AP via LA Times

Canada keeps churning out jobs Globe and Mail / John Partridge

Some Bonds Are Shaken, Others Stirred / Stephen Taub

Investor debts worsen financial market spiral LA Times / Tom Petruno

Munis Rally as Highest Yields Since 2004 Lure Buyers Bloomberg / Michael Quint

Statement Regarding Sale of Treasury Bills from System Open Market Account Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Did Capitalism Cause the Great Depression? Ludwig von Mises Institute / Murray N. Rothbard

Oil's newest record: $106 and climbing AP via CNN

Friday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Stocks Rebound After Nasdaq Undercuts Prior Low Investors Business Daily / Alan R. Elliott

Fed Moves, Jobs Data Turn Stocks Mixed AP via Forbes / Tim Paradis

Consumer Confidence at Lowest Since 2002 AP via Forbes / Jeannine Aversa

Spring housing market likely to be flush with inventory, sinking prices Chicago Tribune / Greg Burns

WaMu, other banks looking for cash: report Marketwatch / John Spence

U.S. Stocks Tumble on Unexpected Loss of Jobs; Bank Shares Fall Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Treasuries Rise as Economy Unexpectedly Shed Jobs Last Month Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger and Deborah Finestone

Auction Disaster Traps Closed-End-Fund Shareholders Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

U.S. Unexpectedly Lost 63,000 Jobs in February Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

Exchange Rate Pass-Through and Monetary Policy Federal Reserve Board / Frederic S. Mishkin

Statement Regarding System Open Market Account Activity Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Globalisation, Inflation and Monetary Policy Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco / Janet L. Yellen

Fed moves to 'address heightened liquidity pressures' in term markets AFX via Forbes

Fed Takes New Steps on Credit Crisis AP via Forbes

What Mortgage Mess? Forbes / Neil Weinberg

Credit-stricken Carlyle Group hit by margin calls AP via Houston Chronicle

Aversion to Risk Deepens Credit Woes NY Times / Floyd Norris

Jobless Rate in U.S. Probably Rose in February to Two-Year High Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

Will commodities boom last? Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull

Gasoline won't hit $4 a gallon, expert says Palm Beach Post / Susan Salisbury

Monday marks eight years since the top of the Internet bubble Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Carlyle-Managed Fund In Default to Lenders Washington Post / Thomas Heath

BOJ Keeps Key Rate at 0.5% at Fukui's Last Meeting Bloomberg / Mayumi Otsuma

China's Trade Surplus Likely to Decline on Weaker Export Growth Bloomberg / Nipa Piboontanasawat

Dollar Trades Near Record Low Against Euro Before Jobs Report Bloomberg / Stanley White and Kosuke Goto

Treasuries Gain on Speculation Report to Show Unemployment Rose Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

UK: Interest rates held at 5.25pc on inflation fears Telegraph / Angela Monaghan

ECB president Jean-Claude Trichet brushes off warnings that Europe is lurching towards crisis Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard


Yahoo's Decker, Callahan get increased bonuses Marketwatch / John Letzing

VW looks to more than triple U.S. sales AP via Washington Times

Home buyers trade in houses for mall living Arizona Republic via Tennessean / Lisa Nicita

Text of President Bush's weekly radio address Marketwatch

Text of Democraic Party's weekly radio address Marketwatch

New data show Las Vegas gambling revenue down Marketwatch / Riley McDermid

Oil rally may be economy's undoing AP via Houston Chronicle / Joe Bel Bruno

Countrywide reportedly under FBI investigation CNN

Banks face "systemic margin call," $325 billion hit: JPM Reuters / Walden Siew

Dollar Falls to Record Against Euro as Economy Nears Recession Bloomberg / Bo Nielsen and Ye Xie

Will the R-word incite the bears? La Times / Tom Petruno

U.S. Stocks Decline to Lowest Since 2006 on Record Foreclosures Bloomberg / Eric Martin and Lynn Thomasson

Obama Leads Clinton in Wyoming Democratic Caucuses Bloomberg / Kristin Jensen and Catherine Larkin

Let the Bankruptcies Roll Lew Rockwell / Michael S. Rozeff

Mortgage Rates Change In the Blink of an Eye Washington Post / Dina ElBoghdady

Fed May Delay `Rapid Reversal' of Rate Cuts as Payrolls Decline Bloomberg / Craig Torres

End to the Good Times (Such as They Were) NY Times / David Leonhardt

Tight Credit, Tough Times for Buyout Lords NY Times / Landon Thomas, Jr.

Market Storm Clouds Show No Sign of Lifting NY Times / Michael M. Grynbaum

Asian Stocks Have Biggest Weekly Drop Since August; Banks Slump Bloomberg / Chua Kong Ho


Can Supply-side Economics Save the US Economy? Brookes News via Safehaven / Gerard Jackson

Institutional investors target Chinese real estate Marketwatch / Simon Kennedy

Housing slump suppresses appetite for electronics USA Today / Michelle Kessler

Can stocks rally back from 2008 low? USA Today / Adam Shell

Saudi Arabia keeps crude supply to Asia steady Reuters / James Topham

Auction-rate warnings fell on deaf ears Marketwatch / Herb Greenberg

Munis Recovering NY Post / Paul Tharp

Japan Boosting Treasuries NY Post / Sheila Mullan

Gasoline prices hit new high, seen jumping more Reuters

Commercial real estate may start to weaken St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

Clintons push a Hillary/Obama ticket Reuters / Thomas Ferraro

Woe to Those Who Owe, but Find a Way to Pay Washington Post / Nancy Trejos

Banks relying more on fees for income Charlotte Observer / Christina Rexrode

Stagflation: Making a comeback or buried forever? St. Louis Post Dispatch / Tim Logan

Weak dollar Keeping Americans Off Forbes’ ‘richest’ List NY Post / Terry Keenan

AP Probe Finds Drugs in Drinking Water AP via Washington Post / Jeff Donn, Martha Mendoza and Justin Pritchard

Are illegal immigrants burden or benefit? Cincinnati Enquirer / Carolyn Pione

'Severe' jobless problem in China BBC News

Misuse of credit a widespread accident waiting to happen Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

Weak consumer to overshadow high prices Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Sales Probably Cooled as Fuel Prices Rose: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Bob Willis

Watch those little buys; they add up Allentown Morning Call / Gregory Karp

No Money Down? Sorry. Marketwatch via Wall Street Journal / Amy Hoak

A Good Time To Buy a House -- If You Can Wall Street Journal / Shelly Bannjo

Bonds: the best medicine for market fears Guardian – Observer / Heather Connon

Effects of Fed rate cuts slip down for the cycle Chicago Tribune / Janet Kidd Stewart

'Dogs of the Dow' add quality to your portfolio Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Lauren Rudd

Buffett puts blame on the business of enablers Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

IL: Beating Cook's sales tax Chicago Tribune / Monique Garcia and Emma Graves Fitzsimmons

Bankers who don't deserve bonuses Guardian – Observer / Heather Connon

Some Fund Losers Surprise Investors Wall Street Journal / Shefali Anand

Deutsche Bank Chief Investigated AP via CNN

Hedge funds wither as banks call their bluff Guardian – Observer / Richard Wachman

Who Qualifies for Economic Stimulus? Wall Street Journal / Tom Herman

Downturn Tests the Fed’s Ability to Avert a Crisis NY Times / Vikas Bajaj

When Ben Bernanke Speaks ... NY Times

As Good as Cash, Until It’s Not NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

As auctions' popularity rises, 100 foreclosed South Florida homes go on the block Sunday South Florida Sun Sentinel / Paul Owers

American economic news piles on the agony London Times / John Waples

A Global Need for Grain That Farms Can’t Fill NY Times / David Streitfeld

High commodity prices are hard to swallow Telegraph / Tom Stevenson

Zooming commodities could crash and burn quickly Chicago Tribune / Gail MarksJarvis

UK: Britain shivers as US hits recession London Times / David Smith and Dominic Rushe

Brown's binge means Darling's Budget is tight Telegraph / Liam Halligan

CA: Renters priced out of L.A. LA Times / David Lazarus



A Darker US Outlook Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner and David Greenlaw

Review and Preview Morgan Stanley / Ted Wieseman

Sorting Through the Rubble in Post-Bubble America Lew Rockwell / Mike Whitney

Giving The People What They Want Forbes / Carl Gutierrez

Gold, silver falls on fund-selling AP via Charlotte Observer / Stevenson Jacobs

Commercial/Multifamily Mortgage Delinquencies End 2007 At or Near Record Lows for Most Major Investor Groups Mortgage Bankers Association

Derivatives the new 'ticking bomb' Marketwatch / Paul B. Farrell

US high grade credit derivative index hits record Reuters

Treasury Yields Hint Market Losing Faith In Fed On Inflation Investors Business Daily / Scott Stoddard

Beware the Ides of March Tedbits via Safehaven / Ty Andros

NY: Spitzer apologizes to public, family; future uncertain Marketwatch / Russ Britt

The Bush family's budget legacy lives on Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

MA: Food pantry use surges Boston Herald / Donna Goodison

Federal Reserve will offer $50 billion in 28-day credit through its Term Auction Facility Federal Reserve Board

Fedspeak as Balm for Investors NY Sun / Colin Gustafson

Fed's hands tied by weak dollar CNN / Paul R. La Monica

The Face-Slap Theory NY Times / Paul Krugman

Oil touches record $107 as gas prices surge AP via CNN

Level 3 shares sink after COO leaves Marketwatch / Jeffry Bartash

Monday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

U.S. stocks lapse into negative turf after gains fade Marketwatch / Kate Gibson

Bears in Control / Mark Glassman

Nervous investors turn stocks lower CNN

Uneasy Economy: Mall centers feel hangover as retail industry retrenches AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Anne D’Innocenzio

U.S. wholesale inventories, sales up in January Reuters / Lisa Lambert

Carlyle Capital Says Lenders May Force Further Sales Bloomberg / Joseph Galante and Edward Evans

Lehman cutting 5 pct of workforce: source Reuters / Jonathan Stempel

Countrywide slides as FBI probe reported Marketwatch / Riley McDermid

Time to Liberate the Taxpayer / Jack Hough

Nafta-Gate' Shows Danger of Telling the Truth Bloomberg / Kevin Hassett

McCain budget numbers don't add up, experts say Reuters / Andy Sullivan

Goldman says can't rule out Fed emergency rate cut Reuters

Fed Inflation Concerns Likely to Limit Rate Cut Bloomberg / John M. Berry

The Fed's Fix Forbes / Liz Moyer

John Galt Plan Might Save U.S. Financial System Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Home Market Won't Be Buoyed by New Mortgage Caps Bloomberg / John F. Wasik

OH: Jobs get tossed out of stores CNN / Parija B. Kavilanz

South Floridians turn to alternative home insurance South Florida Sun Sentinel / Julie Patel

IL: Springfield housing tops in Midwest Chicago Tribune / William Sluis

Stocks Wobble Amid Corporate Reports AP via LA Times / Madlen Read

McDonald's posts strong February sales AP via Houston Chronicle

Clinton Stakes Claim To 'Electability' Forbes / Oxford Analytica

Gold Gains in London as Fed Rate Cut Speculation Spurs Buying Bloomberg / Danielle Rossingh

Oil spike to last through 2008: OPEC president Reuters

Notes On The News: The Commodity Boom Forbes / Paul Maidment

ECB's Trichet `Concerned' About Euro's Appreciation Bloomberg / Simone Meier and Joshua Gallu

TIPS Show Fed Loses Control of Inflation as Yields Go Negative Bloomberg / Sandra Hernandez and Deborah Finestone

Mixed Bag For Bond Insurers Bond Buyer / Dakin Campbell

Treasuries Little Changed; Traders Add to Bets for Fed Rate Cut Bloomberg / Aaron Pan

Fed poised to cut rates as recession looms Telegraph / Edmund Conway

Asia Stocks Fall on U.S. Payrolls; Malaysia Drops on Election Bloomberg / Chua Kong Ho and Patrick Rial

Will debt crisis push Euro to breaking point? Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Japan Machine Orders Surge at Fastest Pace in 7 Years Bloomberg / Jason Clenfield

Job losses' ramifications far-reaching Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

Iraq war cost estimates run into the trillions Christian Science Monitor / David R. Francis

Home-schoolers reel from California court blow Christian Science Monitor / Ben Arnoldy

Dollar Declines on Concern U.S. Economy Entering a Recession Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto

New Zealand Dollar Falls as U.S. Jobs Drop Hits High-Yielders Bloomberg / Emma O'Brien

Yen Bulls Test Bank of Japan's Indifference to Currency's Rally Bloomberg / Stanley White and Ye Xie

China's Inflation May Surge to 7.9%, Fastest Pace in 11 Years Bloomberg / Kevin Hamlin

Eastern European Inflation Sparked by Food, Fuels, Surveys Show Bloomberg / Adam Brown

Japan 2028 May Put Bad Science Fiction to Shame Bloomberg / William Pesek


Federal Reserve, Central banks announce specific measures designed to address liquidity pressures in funding markets Federal Reserve Board

Bernanke: A Volcker In Greenspan's Clothing? Forbes / Richard Lehmann

Fed's Loan Program Provide Little Aid to Agency Mortgage Bonds Bloomberg / Jody Shenn

Stay or move? Marketwatch / Amy Hoak

Bernanke Gets it Backwards Daily Reckoning via Safehaven / The Mogambo Guru

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Moody's, S&P Defer Cuts on AAA Subprime, Hiding Loss Bloomberg / Mark Pittman

U.S. States Revolt Against Muni Credit-Rating System Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

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Statement Regarding System Open Market Account Activity Federal Reserve Bank of New York

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U.S. January Trade Deficit Rises 0.6%; Exports Gain Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

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Manpower survey finds employers less likely to hire in second quarter Marketwatch / Andrea Coombes

This time, they got it right Marketwatch / Irwin Kellner

Oil Is Little Changed Near a Record as Investors Buy Futures Bloomberg / Nesa Subrahmaniyan and Christian Schmollinger

Tumbling dollar bolsters oil's push to new highs Marketwatch / Moming Zhou

Treasuries Little Changed; 10-Year Yield Near Seven-Week Low Bloomberg / David Yong

Asian Corporate Bond Risk Surges as Credit-Loss Concerns Deepen Bloomberg / Laura Cochrane and Patricia Kuo

Stock market history puts 2008 into relief Telegraph / Tom Stevenson

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Paying at the Pump, in a Big Way NY Times / Christopher Maag

Yen Trades Near Eight-Year High Versus Dollar on Credit Losses Bloomberg / Stanley White and Kosuke Goto

Australian, N.Z. Dollars Fall on Widening Credit Market Losses Bloomberg / Ron Harui and Emma O'Brien

UK: Budget 2008: You won't get what you pay for Telegraph / Simon Denham

China Inflation Surges 8.7% on Blizzards, Food Bloomberg / Kevin Hamlin


Soaring foreclosures bad news for neighbors with good credit who want

to sell or refinance San Diego Union Tribune / Alan Zibel

Stocks lose steam as crude oil hits $110 a barrel Marketwatch / Nick Godt

Oil crosses record $110, despite supply rise CNN / David Goldman

Feb budget gap balloons to record $175.56 bln Reuters / David Lawder

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MI: Bargains drive up sales of homes Detroit News / Nathan Hurst

TN: Contractors turn eyes to renovation Tennessean / Chas Sisk

Economy faces recession, probably in Q1 Reuters / Burton Frierson

House's Frank Says Muni-Bond Ratings Are `Ridiculous' Bloomberg / Alison Vekshin and William Selway

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U.S. Stocks Retreat; Humana, UnitedHealth Group Shares Tumble Bloomberg / Eric Martin

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FHA Apps Up, Purchase Apps Unchanged, Refi Apps Down In Latest MBA Weekly Survey Mortgage Bankers Association

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China's Retail Sales Grow at Fastest Pace Since 1999 Bloomberg / Kevin Hamlin

Australian Consumer Confidence Plunges to 15-Year Low Bloomberg / Jacob Greber

Japan's GDP Grows More Than Forecast as Exports Offset Housing Bloomberg / Jason Clenfield

Yen Rises on Speculation Japan Exporters Bought at One-Week Low Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto and Stanley White



Canada: Addressing Financial Market Turbulence Bank of Canada / Mark Carney

CA: Closed wallets mean closed stores in valley, too Modesto Bee / Ben Van Der Meer and Anne D’Innocenzio

Agency Mortgage-Bond Spreads Fall on Financial Company Optimism Bloomberg / Jody Shenn

Gold futures firm at $995 in early Asian trading Marketwatch / Chris Oliver

Money-losing banks might sell U.S. municipal bonds Reuters / Joan Gralla

Loose Loans, Heavy Risk / Alan Rappeport

Congress advances fiscal 2009 budget Reuters / Richard Cowan and Donna Smith

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Thursday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

The next shoe to drop in housing CNN / Tami Luhby

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U.S. Home Defaults, Foreclosures Rise 60% in February Bloomberg / Alan Mirabella and Sharon L. Lynch

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It's End of Beginning for Closed-End Fund Holders Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

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Stocks Fall Sharply on Credit Fears AFX via Forbes

Inflation surprisingly flat in Feb Reuters

Consumer mood weaker, confirms recession: survey Reuters

March on pace to be typically troubling time Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

Fed is monitoring market developments closely and will continue to provide liquidity to promote the orderly functioning of the financial system Federal Reserve Board

Fed says to continue providing bank liquidity Reuters

Gold glitters again - sets new record CNN

Borrowers Find What Citigroup Says Isn't What It Does Bloomberg / Bob Ivry

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Florida leads U.S. in mortgage fraud Palm Beach Post / Jeff Ostrowski

Paulson outlines fix-it plan for credit crisis Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

Obama Cuts Into Clinton's Delegate Lead Among Elected Officials Bloomberg / Julianna Goldman and Catherine Dodge

Fed chairman Ben Bernanke flies to the rescue Telegraph

Treasuries Gain; Report May Show Slump in Consumer Confidence Bloomberg / David Yong and Aaron Pan

China's Factory Spending Growth Slows to 24.3% on Snowstorms Bloomberg / Nipa Piboontanasawat

Dollar Climbs From Record Low as S&P Sees End to Writedowns Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto and Stanley White

Australian, N.Z. Dollars Rise as Asian Stocks, Commodities Gain Bloomberg / Laura Cochrane and Emma O'Brien

Oil Drops From Record in New York on Concern Demand May Decline Bloomberg / Nesa Subrahmaniyan and Christian Schmollinger


What the Price of Gold Is Telling Us Lew Rockwell / Ron Paul

Revived agency 'a port in the storm,' BofA executive says San Diego Union Tribune / Emmet Pierce

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Dollar Doesn’t Stretch Far in Buying Global Goods NY Times / Floyd Norris

High wheat prices raise grocery costs AP via Houston Chronicle / Betsy Blaney

This big rescue may be just the beginning Bloomberg via LA Times / Ramin Talaie

Moody's cuts WaMu credit rating AP via Houston Chronicle / Jessica Mintz

Seattle's inflation rate outpaces the national numbers Seattle Times / Drew DeSilver