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Economy: Everything going wrong at once Salt Lake Tribune

What Auction Bargains? Washington Post / Elizabeth Razzi

The Fed To The Rescue NY Post / Terry Keenan

Fed bailout makes China inflation fight tougher Marketwatch / Craig Stephen

New Managed ETFs Try to Beat the Market  Washington Post / Jane Bryant Quinn

Meltdown: the bad news is only just starting London Times / John Waples

UK tycoon Joe Lewis loses $800m on Wall Street London Times / Dominic Rushe, Iain Dey and David Smith

Bear Sterns crisis reaches beyond USA Telegraph / Mark Kleinman

A world addicted to easy credit must go cold turkey Telegraph / Jeff Randall

Fed Chief Shifts Path, Inventing Policy in Crisis NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

Ordinary data overshadowed by extraordinary Fed Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Rescue Me: A Fed Bailout Crosses a Line NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

Treasury's Paulson says U.S. economy resilient Reuters

The Cash Advantage (Even When Rates Are Low) NY Times / J. Alex Tarquinio

Rate drop equal re-fi? Not so fast Charlotte Observer / Christian Rexrode

Rescuing Bear was 'right decision' – Paulson AP via CNN

Bear Stearns Bailout Was `Finger in the Dike,' Historians Say Bloomberg / Elliot Blair Smith

Leverage lunacy: Companies often take the good thing too far Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

Look Deeper. You’ll See a Bright Side. US News and World Report via NY Times / Paul J. Lim

A Wild Ride Ends in Neutral NY Times / Jeff Sommer

Wait, Weren’t These the Safer Bets? NY Times / Nelson D. Schwartz

It's not too late for stopping the sellout Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Home Starts, Factory Production May Fall: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg

The view from America: Down but not downhearted Guardian – Observer / Nancy Cleeland

Fears grow for ailing dollar Guardian – Observer / Heather Stewart

Beyond the Noise on Free Trade NY Times / N. Gregory Mankiw

Now that's what I call a storm... Guardian – Observer / Heather Stewart, Nick Mathiason and Heather Connon

Winning $276 million Powerball ticket sold AP via Chicago Tribune


Are we headed for another Great Depression? McClatchy / Kevin G. Hall

The Fed's Desperation Move Lew Rockwell / Gary North

In Fed we trust, but can it get us out of this mess? USA Today / Sue Kirchhoff and Barbara Hagenbaugh

For Professor Bernanke, it's back to school Globe and Mail / Barrie McKenna

Interest rate cuts not without peril San Antonio Express News / David Hendricks

Inflation Is Baked into the Cake Casey Research via Safehaven / David Galland

Banking on the unbanked San Antonio Express News / Sean M. Wood

Sleepily eyeing a peak in world oil output Christian Science Monitor / David R. Francis

Households face the unthinkable: budgeting Reuters / Nick Carey

PIMCO's McCulley sees Fed cutting rate 75 bps Tues Reuters

Bernanke May Run Low on `Ammunition' for Loans, Rates Bloomberg / Scott Lanman and Rich Miller

Treasuries' Scarcity in Repo Market Worsens After Fed Actions Bloomberg / Liz Capo McCormick

Why the Fed can't put out the fire CNN / Chris Isidore

Chicago Fed Midwest Manufacturing Index Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Why Does Unemployment Hurt the Employed? Federal Reserve Bank of Boston / Simon Luechinger, Stephan Meier, and Alois Stutzer

Dollar Doomsayers Draw Signs From Bernanke Rate Cuts Bloomberg / Bo Nielsen

Four Fall-Lines for the Dominos Morgan Stanley / Stephen Jen

U.S. Economy: Factory Production Contracts More Than Forecast Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Auto financing options dwindle in credit crunch Tennessean / G. chambers Williams III

Home builders' dismal mood unchanged in March Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Oil price will shrug off U.S. woes: Goldman Reuters / Jane Merriman

Oil plummets on economy worries AP via Houston Chronicle / John Wilen

Another great week for gold bugs Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Memo To The Fed: Stop Those Rate Cuts Forbes / Robert P. Murphy and Lee Hoskins

Monday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Three out of four say it's a recession – survey CNN

A major Fed rate cut now seems certain Marketwatch / Greg Robb and Laura Mandaro

Fed's Bear Bailout Hobbles Free Markets / Jonathan Hoenig

Treasuries Rise, Bill Rates Plunge to Lowest Since Late 1950s Bloomberg / Sandra Hernandez and Anchalee Worrachate

After Bear Stearns rescue, who's next? AP via Houston Chronicle / Joe Bel Bruno and Madlen Read

Dollar Slumps Below 96 Yen to 12-Year Low on Subprime Losses Bloomberg / Agnes Lovasz and Ye Xie

Goldman Sachs Says Abby Cohen to Stop Making S&P 500 Forecasts Bloomberg / Lynn Thomasson

Office Depot shares hit five-year low Palm Beach Post / Lori Becker

U.S. Stocks Tumble on Bear Stearns Sale; Europe, Asia Plunge Bloomberg / Eric Martin

Fed Cuts Discount Rate, Lends More to Avert Meltdown Bloomberg / Scott Lanman and Craig Torres

Fed Takes Bold Steps to Ease Crisis AP via La Times / Jeannine Aversa

Fed wades further into risky waters Reuters / Emily Kaiser and Ros Krasny

Bear’s pits The Economist

Chase to buy Bear Sterns for $2 a share LA Times via Chicago Tribune / Tom Petruno

How bad is the mortgage crisis going to get? Fortune via CNN / Jia Lynn Yang


The Fed's New Tricks Are Creating Disaster Ludwig von Mises Institute / Frank Shostak

The Fed flexes its monetary muscle. Will it help? The Economist

Downside Risks for Corporate Profits Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

Business Conditions Bouncing Along the Bottom Morgan Stanley / Shital Patel and Richard Berner

In housing slump, some places still robust Reuters / Jim Christie

Home sellers turn to unusual tactics to unload houses AP via Charlotte Observer / J. W. Elphinstone

Dollar doldrums The Economist

Oil futures top $107 per barrel AP via Detroit News

Champagne days over as traders hold wake for Bear Stearns London Times

There Should Be a Quid Pro Quo between the Fed and Financial Institutions Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Kasriel

Oh, Magoo, You've Done It Again! Safehaven / Fred Sheehan

Try, Try Again as Fed Seeks to Calm the Markets Bloomberg / David Pauly

What Can the Fed Do? Motley Fool / William Trent

Average investors left with the chills as markets take their medicine Marketwatch / Chuck Jaffe

Dow spikes 420 points on rate cut CNN / Alexandra Twin

The Fever Breaks Forbes / Liz Moyer

Treasuries Decline as Fed Reduces Rates, Raises Inflation Risk Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger and Sandra Hernandez

Dow rockets over 300 on rate cut CNN / Alexandra Twin

Indexes Come Back From Dip In Late Trading Investors Business Daily / Vincent Mao

Gold down after Federal Reserve rate cut AP via Houston Chronicle / Stevenson Jacobs

FOMC Statement Federal Reserve Board

Fed cuts key interest rates by 3/4 point Reuters / Mark Felsenthal

Fed Cuts Main Rate to 2.25%, Says Outlook `Weakened' Bloomberg / Craig Torres

Derivatives Sins Need Absolution in Jefferson County Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

No Easy Fixes For Bernanke NY Post / John Crudele

Oil Rebounds As Wall Street Rallies AP via Washington Post / John Wilen

Dollar’s Weakness NY Post / James Covert

Look! The sky isn't falling! CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Big rally on Wall Street CNN

Market's Nerves Soothed By Goldman, Lehman Earnings Forbes / Evelyn M. Rusli

Bear Stearns fiasco is regulatory failure Baltimore Sun / Jay Hancock

Dow Jumps 200 in Opening Minutes AP via Forbes / Madlen Read

Tuesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Focusing on what they know gives investors better chance Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

Its Wild West era over, Wall Street puts down the gun Marketwatch / David Weidner

U.S. Producer Prices Rise 0.3%, Core Measure Climbs Bloomberg / Bob Willis

Housing Starts, Permits in U.S. Decreased in February Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Fed Takes Bold Steps to Protect the U.S. Economy Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Merrill Is `Riskiest' Large U.S. Securities Firm, Wachovia Says Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Goldman earnings fall by half, yet beat views Reuters / Joseph A. Giannone

Ask Bear Stearns Stockholders About Moral Hazard Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Modest pressure on Treasurys ahead of Fed Marketwatch / Nick Godt

Agency Mortgage-Bond Spreads Fall on Capital Constraints Report Bloomberg / Jody Shenn

Cantor Fitzgerald Adds Blackjack to Bonds With Handheld Device Bloomberg / Oliver Staley

To Bail or Not to Bail Daily Standard / Irwin M. Stelzer

Bernanke to Get on Top of Credit Squeeze, Says Israel's Fischer Bloomberg / Simon Kennedy and Elliott Gotkine

As crisis deepens, Fed steps up role Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

Fed walks 'tightrope' to keep recession at bay Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Tim Grant

Shanghai extends fall, leads region lower Marketwatch / V. Phani Kumar

Market-beating market timers are more bullish than the laggards Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Taxing Times for County Budgets Washington Post / Ann E. Marimow and Rosalind S. Helderman

How deep are the US Fed's pockets? Telegraph / Damian Reece

Treasuries Little Changed, Halt Advance, Before Fed Meeting Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Dow’s Rise Masks Turmoil in Markets NY Times / Vikas Bajaj

Oil Rises on Speculation of Dollar Drop on Interest Rate Cut Bloomberg / Christian Schmollinger

Dollar Trades Near Record Low on Speculation Fed to Cut Rates Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto and Stanley White

Pound suffers worst fall since 1992 Telegraph / Edmund Conway and David Litterick

South Korean Won Gains as Government Says Will Act If Needed Bloomberg / Kim Kyoungwha



Shanghai Composite drops 6.5% before recovering Marketwatch / V. Phani Kumar

SIFMA Commends The Federal Reserve’s Establishment of the Primary Dealer Credit Facility SIFMA

All of a sudden, the Fed can do no wrong Independent / Jeremy Warner

Police raid BP offices in Russia BBC News

A new Great Depression? It's different this time LA Times / Michael A. Hiltzik

Bank of Montreal clears debt hurdle Globe and Mail / Tara Perkins and Andrew Willis

Market volatility sends affluent investors for the exits Marketwatch / Thomas Kostigen

Nike jumps after beating forecast on gains abroad Marketwatch / Andria Cheng

Dow gives back 293 in partial retreat Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

A little moral hazard is acceptable risk of Fed's recent actions St. Louis Post Dispatch David Nicklaus

Former Fed chair Volcker: financial crisis not over Reuters

U.S. Treasury Rejects Democrats' Calls for Housing Bailout Bloomberg / John Brinsley and Kathleen Hays

Hard times in Beverly Hills? Not quite Reuters / Sue Zeidler

Morgan Stanley's quarterly profit falls 42% Marketwatch / John Spence

US Treasury's Ryan says anti-foreclosure programs getting 'fast results' Thomson via Forbes

Who Controls the Federal Reserve? NY Sun / Harold Furchtgott-Roth

The Fed may be done - Get over it CNN / Paul R. La Monica

US RATE FUTURES-Trim ideas of 50 bps April Fed cut Reuters

Fed drains U.S. banking reserves via T-bill sale Reuters

Stocks Backtrack In Volume After Early Jump Investors Business Daily / Alan R. Elliott

Wednesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Ten-Year Notes Rise on Speculation Fed to Cut Less Aggressively Bloomberg / Sandra Hernandez

Thornburg Mortgage seeks $1 billion to insure survival Reuters

Gold Falls Most Since 2006, Leads Commodity Drop on Fed Outlook Bloomberg / Pham-Duy Nguyen and Millie Munshi

Gold sinks as dollar inches higher CNN / Ben Rooney

FDIC Quarterly FDIC

FDIC Highlights Bank Strategies for Encouraging Low- and Moderate-Income Households to Save FDIC

Behind Cheaper Credit, Inflation Fears Loom Washington Post / Steven Mufson

Treasurys rise after Fed-induced slide Marketwatch / Nick Godt

Fannie, Freddie cleared to pump $200 billion into market Reuters / Patrick Rucker

Fannie, Freddie Surplus Capital Requirement Is Eased Bloomberg / James Tyson

General Mills 3rd-quarter profit rises 60 pct Reuters via Forbes

Visa raises $17.9 billion in record IPO Reuters / Lilla Zuill

Bernanke Bucks Rate Calls, Avoids Rattling Investors Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Bernanke’s Moves Earn Him Street Cred NY Post / Paul Tharp

Fed's bold moves could have psychological risks AP via Journal News / Jeannine Aversa

Social Security's running out of time Fortune via CNN / Allan Sloan

Markets Down, Taxes Up Forbes / Janet Novack

As Bear Stearns Implodes, Spector Keeps $382 Million Bloomberg / Yalman Onaran

Gold, Silver Decline After Fed Cuts Rate Less Than Expected Bloomberg / Pham-Duy Nguyen

Oil falls ahead of supplies report AP via CNN

Budget woes hit home / Pamela M. Prah

Fed cuts short-term interest rates by three quarters of a percent Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

A "double nine-to-one" signal was triggered Tuesday Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert,

Asian Stocks Advance Most in a Month on Fed Cut, Bank Earnings Bloomberg / Chua Kong Ho

Can’t Grasp Credit Crisis? Join the Club NY Times / David Leonhardt

Dollar Falls on Speculation Housing Slump to Swell Bank Losses Bloomberg / Stanley White and Kosuke Goto

Yuan Climbs to Highest Since Peg After Reserve Ratio Increase Bloomberg / Judy Chen and Kim Kyoungwha

Australian, N.Z. Dollars Advance on Fed Rate Cut, Stock Gains Bloomberg / Laura Cochrane and Tracy Withers

BOJ May Cut Rate Even Without Governor, Goldman Says Bloomberg / Lily Nonomiya

Exposed: myth of the Fed's serial bubble-blower Telegraph / Jeff Randall

Fed's rate cut sends a mixed message Telegraph / Edmund Conway

Sooner Fed bail-outs than the 1930s revisited Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

All aboard the Federal Reserve cash express Bloomberg / David Litterick


Opening the Floodgates Morgan Stanley / Joachim Fels and David Greenlaw

Fed Up Forbes / Liz Moyer

The Problem The Solution Fake Ben via Safehaven

Alice in Wonderland Euro Pacific via Safehaven / Peter Schiff

Prospects fading for deep Fed cuts Reuters / Ros Krasny

Wall St. Rallies on Philly Fed Reading Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Kasriel

New York Fed Announces Modifications to Terms and Conditions of Term Securities Lending Facility Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Fitch Tackles Concerns on Capital Model Bond Buyer / Dakin Campbell

Markets Close Short Week With Big Gain AP via NY Sun / Tim Paradis

U.S. Stock Volatility Climbs to Highest in 70 Years, S&P Says Bloomberg / Jeff Kearns

Volume Surge Drives Indexes To Solid Finish Investors Business Daily / Alan R. Elliott

Fed Says Securities Firms Borrow $28.8 Bln With New Financing Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Slowdown could have been avoided CNN / Chris Isidore

Mortgage rates fall, 1st time since February CNN / Tami Luhby

Swap Users Sing `Your Cheatin' Heart' to Wall Street Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Business Outlook Survey Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Philly Fed factory activity index shrinks in March Reuters / Burton Frierson

A bit tarnished The Economist

Weekly U.S. Mortgage rate survey Reuters

Economic indicator falls for fifth month in a row AP via Houston Chronicle

US asset-backed commercial paper still shrinking Reuters

U.S. Stocks Rally; Fannie Mae, GE Advance on Analyst Upgrades Bloomberg / Eric Martin and Michael Patterson

Barnes & Noble 4Q down, but forecast up AP via Houston Chronicle / Anne D’Innocenzio

Excess baggage The Economist

Unemployment claims surge in latest week CNN

Jobless claims buoyed by car strike Reuters

A new Great Depression? It's different this time LA Times / Michael A. Hiltzik

California Leads U.S. in Defaults, Price Drop, Slowing Growth Bloomberg / Daniel Taub and Dan Levy

Bernanke's Own Home on Capitol Hill Shows Housing Boom and Bust Bloomberg / Brendan Murray

Treasury Bills Drop as Concern of Widening Credit Losses Eases Bloomberg / Sandra Hernandez

CA: State's in a recession, UOP forecasters find Sacramento Bee / Dale Kasler

No Thain, No Gain Forbes / Daniel Fisher

Citigroup to lay off 2,000 investment bankers and traders – report Thomson via Forbes

It’s Time To Bid (Two Diamonds) Jimmy Cayne So Long NY Post / John Crudele

Securities drag Credit Suisse 2007 AP via Houston Chronicle

Dollar Rises Against Commodity Currencies as Oil, Gold Slump Bloomberg / Ye Xie and Agnes Lovasz

Oil extends sharp decline AP via CNN

Gold Leads Commodities Plunge on Outlook for Dollar, Economy Bloomberg / Glenys Sim and Claudia Carpenter

Drivers have had fill with premium gasoline Houston Chronicle / Brett Clanton

European March Services, Manufacturing Growth Cools Bloomberg / Fergal O'Brien and Gabi Thesing

Fed Bypasses Emergency-Loan Policy on Rate for Securities Firms Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

The Affluent, Too, Couldn’t Resist Adjustable Rates NY Times / Jane Birnbaum

Thursday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Tough times force airlines to scale back Christian Science Monitor / Alexandra Marks

Dismal Year Is Forecast for Car Sales NY Times / Bill Vlasic

Coal Can't Fill World's Burning Appetite Washington Post / Steven Mufson and Blaine Harden

Commodities: Latest Boom, Plentiful Risk NY Times / Diana B. Henriques

Oil Falls on Concern Potential U.S. Recession May Limit Demand Bloomberg / Christian Schmollinger

After a decade riding high, the pound may have a long way to fall Independent / Hamish McRae

Euro Falls on Speculation Manufacturing, Service Growth Cooled Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto and Yumi Teso

Japan’s Central Bank Is Without Governor, a Blow to a Nation’s Prestige NY Times / Martin Fackler

Yen Rises for 2nd Day as Falling Commodities Trim Carry Trades Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto

Why Asia Can't Imitate Fed's Inflation Amnesia Bloomberg / Andy Mukherjee


Panic of 1907 or Not, Trading Stops on Good Friday Bloomberg / Chris Dolmetsch

Morgan Stanley Asks Shareholders to Reject Chairman-CEO Split Bloomberg / Joseph Galante

Fear Factor Alive for Wall Street NY Sun / Dan Dorfman

Middle-aged children find they can go home again AP via Contra Costa Times / Emily Fredrix

New oil from old wells AP via Allentown Morning Call / Gillian Flaccus

KS: Credit crunch hitting local banks in secondary market Wichita Eagle / Dan Voorhis

Bernanke's quiet skipper makes waves Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Treasury bonds for $100 CNN

FGIC, Bond Insurer Unit Ratings May Be Cut by S&P Bloomberg / Bryan Keogh

U.S. Treasury: Fed's Bear actions help all investors Reuters

Rubin Calls for Urgent Government Action to Stem Foreclosures Bloomberg / Rich Miller

Americans confident in 2009 turnaround CNN / David Goldman

Goldman, Lehman outlooks cut to 'negative' by S&P Reuters

Analyst: Banking Crisis Is Ending NY Post / Paul Tharp

US junk bond funds report $141 mln net outflow-AMG Reuters

U.S. Stocks Rally Most in 7 Weeks on Fed Cuts, Broker Earnings Bloomberg / Michael Patterson

Fed rate cuts put squeeze on community banks' profits Orlando Business Journal / Tiffany Beck and Will Boye

Auction-Rate Market Shrinks By $21 Billion as Borrowers Escape Bloomberg / Jeremy R. Cooke

Two-Year Notes Have Biggest Weekly Decline in 2008 on Fed Cut Bloomberg / Sandra Hernandez

Moody's, Fitch Weigh Muni Rating Shift on Pressure From States Bloomberg / Jeremy R. Cooke and Michael B. Marois

Commodities Drop, Rally in Dollar, Stocks Vindicate Bernanke Bloomberg / Pham-Duy Nguyen

Dark clouds gather AP via Cincinnati Enquirer / Eileen Alt Powell

Canada's Dollar Falls Most Since 1985 on Plunge in Commodities Bloomberg / Haris Anwar

Rescuing the dollar - the debate heats up CNN / David Ellis

Dollar Set for Weekly Gain on Fed Steps to Restore Confidence Bloomberg / Stanley White

Greenspan Stands His Ground Washington Post / Steven Mufson

Fed soon could raise rates as aggressively as it has cut them Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Can U.S. avert a Japan-style economic bust? Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull

Inflation Hits the Poor Hardest Washington Post / Neil Irwin and Alejandro Lazo

Slump Moves From Wall St. to Main St. NY Times / Peter S. Goodman

Two-Year Notes Have Biggest Weekly Decline in 2008 on Fed Cut Bloomberg / Sandra Hernandez

California's fiscal crisis hits schools Christian Science Monitor / Daniel B. Wood

Dollar holds gains vs euro in holiday-thinned trade Reuters via Guardian

Devaluing a currency also brings pain Telegraph / Simon Denham

Yuan Heads for Biggest Weekly Advance in a Month on Inflation Bloomberg / Kim Kyoungwha and Judy Chen



CO: Sign of the times: Rental Denver Post / Margaret Jackson

Fed Denies Report It's Involved in Talks on Buying Mortgages Bloomberg / Craig Torres

Fed Steps Bring Praise, New Scrutiny AP via Washington Post / Tom Raum

Greenspan's Last Bubble Has Popped: Gold Lew Rockwell / Gary North

The Fed-Engineered Commodities Cave-In Euro vs Dollar Monitor via Safehaven / Alex Wallenwein

Big mortgage lenders hit hardest by crisis as funds dry up Independent / Karen Attwood

Municipal borrowers flee auction securities market Bloomberg via Seattle Times / Jeremy R. Cooke

Big rig drivers slow down to save fuel AP via MSNBC

Bank of America May Take $6.5 Billion Loss Provision Bloomberg / Nancy Kercheval

European Bonds Drop as Traders Pare Bets on ECB Rate Reductions Bloomberg / Kim-Mai Cutler

Central banks mull buying mortgages: report Marketwatch / Kate Gibson

Former Fed chairman: Look out AP via Boston Herald

Americans on economy: This hurts CNN / David Goldman

Many aren't in the mood to spend this spring AP via San Antonio Express News / Anne D’Innocenzio

As economy dips, so does customers' generosity Indianapolis Star via USA Today / Dana Knight

Mortgage industry leery of lending AP via Seattle Times / Alan Zibel and J.W. Elphinstone

SoCal tax officials busy reducing assessed values of homes San Francisco Chronicle

Fannie, Freddie Shares Soar After Restraints Loosened Washington Post / David S. Hilzenrath

Home loans below 6% AP via Cincinnati Enquirer

For Shoppers, Price of Gold Not Worth Its Weight Washington Post / Ylan Q. Mui and David Cho

Circuit City, Unplugged From S&P, Faces Sell-Off NY Post / James Covert

Bank of England Says It Seeks to `Ease the Strains' in Markets Bloomberg / Dick Schumacher

Spectre of Depression haunts Federal Reserve Telegraph / Danny Gabay

With Bill Gross, Pimco Part 2 Washington Post / Manuel Schiffres

Debt-Gorged British Start to Worry That the Party Is Ending NY Times / Julia Werdigier


Market is giving fund investors a chance to upgrade portfolios Marketwatch / Chuck Jaffe

Dialing for dollars Marketwatch / Craig Stephen

Savings and the American Economy Brookes News via Safehaven / Gerard Jackson

UBS 'weeks away from rights issue' Telegraph / Sophie Brodie and Tony Undercastle

UK: This is a crisis but not The Great Depression Telegraph / Roger Bootle

US Ponders: How Deep Is Economic Abyss? AP via LA Times / Rachel Beck and Erin McClam

Investment vehicles grow too complicated to tinker with Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

Grim economic landscape Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Spending Probably Slowed, Home Sales Fell: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

CA: Wave of foreclosures hits owners who bought multiple properties San Diego Union Tribune / Mike Freeman

Markets may be entering up cycle, maybe St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

As panic spreads, pros take comfort Chicago Tribune / Gail MarksJarvis

A Fate Marts Can’t Bear NY Post / David Nelson

CA: Things are looking up -- at the pawn shop LA Times / David Lazarus

WA: Deep recession poses biggest risk for Seattle Seattle Times / Jon Talton

Who can be blamed for demise of travel? Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

BOE Made `Tacit Agreement' on Bank Support, Sunday Times Says Bloomberg / Neil Unmack

Fed's rescue halted a derivatives Chernobyl Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Why We Borrow Until It Hurts Washington Post / Michael S. Rosenwald

It’s Hard to Thaw a Frozen Market NY Times / Tyler Cowen

Housing Prices Can Stall For a Long Stretch of Time Wall Street Journal / Gene Epstein

Insiders, at Least, See Reason to Smile Marketwatch via NY Times / Mark Hulbert

After years of calm, market volatility returns Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Len Boselovic

Profit Forecast for First Half: Ouch! Wall Street Journal / Tom Lauricella

Jumping Out of Stocks Could Sting More Than Staying Washington Post / Martha M. Hamilton

Bear Stearns to axe 8,000 staff Guardian – Observer / Richard Wachman

Some Banks (Yes, Banks) May Be Back in Favor NY Times / Norm Alster

For the President, A Matter of Principle Washington Post / Dan Eggen

Tax reform plan would shift tax return preparation to the IRS Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Mark Roth

In Washington, a Split Over Regulation of Wall Street NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews and Stephen Labaton

Tiny Towns in N.J. May Have to Merge Washington Post / Keith B. Richburg

Health Costs Fighting Cancellations Wall Street Journal / Rhonda L. Rundle

UK: It's the real economy, stupid Guardian – Observer / Richard Wachman

UK: Whatever the Bank does, will it be enough? Guardian – Observer / Heather Connon

UK: Mervyn King bows to Fed-style rescue deal London Times / David Smith


SIFMA: SEC Should Reform Rule 15a-6 Immediately SIFMA

Canada: News of bear's death may be greatly exaggerated Globe and Mail / Tara Perkins

10 reasons your taxes are going up Marketwatch / Paul B. Farrell

Thinking the unthinkable: what if it's not that bad Reuters / Mike Dolan

Fed and Bear: moral hazard or greater good? Reuters / Ros Krasny

BondWorks Institutional Advisors via Safehaven / Levente Mady

Federal Home Loan Banks May Buy $150 Billion of Bonds Bloomberg / Dawn Kopecki and Jody Shenn

Yahoo pays price for good deed to Google Seattle Times / Elise Ackerman and Pete Carey

Three lessons from a one-day tour of Foreclosureville Marketwatch / Jennifer Openshaw

More lipstick on Bear Stearns' pig Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Don't trust the Wall St rally Fortune via CNN / Bethany McLean

U.S. Stocks Rise; Bear Stearns, Tiffany, Monsanto Shares Climb Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Stocks make it 2 for 2 CNN / Alexandra Twin

Nasdaq Sprints To Soft Volume, 3% Gain Investors Business Daily / Alan R. Elliott

Is your grocery bill going up? You're not alone AP via MSNBC

Oil falls close to $100 level AP via Houston Chronicle / John Wilen

Oil back and forth on housing data, stronger dollar Marketwatch / Moming Zhou & Polya Lesova

US consumer ABS can withstand jobless spike-Fitch Reuters

Stock Spike Doesn't Spell Shift for Macro Trends / Jonathan Hoenig

Money Manager Says No to U.S. Stocks NY Sun / Dan Dorfman

Here's One Crystal Ball You Can Bet On in 2008 Bloomberg / Kevin Hassett

Michigan's home vacancy rate rises Detroit News / Marisa Schultz

After much preaching about prices, home sellers get religion Marketwatch / Steve Kerch

Home resales up first time in seven months Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

For Bear, a New Deal / Mark Glassman

Not Good Times Pimco / Paul MCCulley

Treasuries Decline as JPMorgan Raises Bear Stearns Takeover Bid Bloomberg / Sandra Hernandez and Wes Goodman

February economic activity sluggish pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Federal Reserve will offer $50 billion in 28-day credit through its term auction facility today Federal Reserve Board

Legacy of Depression at work now LA Times / Maura Reynolds

Fire Sale Forbes / Bernard Condon

Existing Home Sales in U.S. Unexpectedly Increased Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Monday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Walgreen 2Q Earnings Grow 5 Percent AP via Forbes

Stocks Rise on Bear Stearns News AP via Forbes / Tim Paradis

U.S. Stagflation Fears Overblown Forbes / Oxford Analytica

Into the economic abyss AP via Houston Chronicle / Rachel Beck and Erin McClam

JPMorgan Quadruples Bear Stearns Bid to Win Over Shareholders Bloomberg / Yalman Onaran

Wall Street Firms Cut 34,000 Jobs, Most Since 2001 Dot-Com Bust Bloomberg / Yalman Onaran

Wachovia's Balance Sheet Doesn't Fool Mr. Market Bloomberg / Jonathan Weil

Bank of America may face $6.5 billion loan loss: analyst Reuters / Jonathan Stempel

Analysts see deeper Q1 earnings fall at U.S. firms Reuters

Rising Health Costs Cut Into Wages Washington Post / Michael A. Fletcher

Morgan in talks to quintuple Bear Stearns offer Marketwatch

NY: With Economy Tied to Wall St., New York Braces for Job Cuts NY Times / Louise Story

Goldman, Citi Get Fees for Failed New York Auction-Rate Bonds Bloomberg / Michael Quint

Treasuries Fall on Concern Fed Efforts Will Cut Auction Demand Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Central banks deny plan to buy debt Sydney Morning Herald / Reed Landberg

Bank of England may join securities buy-up plan Independent / Sean O'Grady

Olympics Boycott Chatter Grows as Tibet Unravels Bloomberg / William Pesek

Fed's Next Move May Be to Buy Mortgages, Treasury Investors Bet Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger

Recession is a given. Can we avoid depression? Christian Science Monitor / David R. Francis

What economic slowdown? Some spots still boom Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

$10 million quest for a practical 100-mpg car Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer and Alexandra Marks

Crude Oil Declines on Concern U.S. Slowdown Will Reduce Demand Bloomberg / Nesa Subrahmaniyan

Oil falls 1.5 pct, nears $100 mark on profit taking Reuters via Guardian

Dollar's Moves Force Whispers of `I' Word; G-7 Frets Bloomberg / Gavin Finch

Democratic Nominee Will Have Edge in Fall Even If Economy Turns Bloomberg / Alison Fitzgerald

Japan Companies Say Business Conditions Are Worsening Bloomberg / Lily Nonomiya



James B. Bullard named president of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Federal Reserve Board

March Auto Sales Likely to Drop Again AP via Palm Beach Post / Tom Krisher

Stocks Post Slow, Steady Afternoon Gains Investors Business Daily / Alan R. Elliott

U.S. stocks struggle to finish line Marketwatch / Kate Gibson

U.S. Stocks Gain; Miners, Monsanto Rise; Retailers Slump Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Goldman sees $1.2 trillion global credit loss Reuters

Paulson: Social Security fix needed CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

Treasurys Rise on Weak Economic Data AP via Palm Beach Post / Madlen Read

Hey, Bernanke: Just say no to banks! CNN / Pal R. La Monica

Countrywide Reconstructed: PennyMac Forbes / Ruthie Ackerman

Oil Ekes Out a Slight Gain on Dollar AP via Orlando Sentinel / John Wilen

Surprise! Speculators are blamed for oil’s rise NY Post / John Crudele

U.S. Economy: Confidence Slides, House Prices Decline Bloomberg / Bob Willis

It's So Over for Household Spending Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Kasriel

News of bear's death may be greatly exaggerated Globe and Mail / John Heinzel

Tuesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Home prices extend slide Reuters

Consumer Confidence Index Declines 12 Points Conference Board

US consumer confidence drops to 64.5 in March Reuters

Free fall The Economist

U.S. Retailers' Sales Rise at Slowest Pace Since 2003 Bloomberg / Tim Catts

Auction-Market Investors Look to Regulator for Hope Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Junk Bond Losses Top $35 Billion, JPMorgan Sees More Bloomberg / Caroline Salas

Thornburg Offers $1.35 Billion of Debt Paying 18% Bloomberg / David Mildenberg

Federal Reserve Events Reuters

The Bernanke Bull Market Forbes / Robert Lenzner

Fed auctions another $50 billion AP via Contra Costa Times / Jeannine Aversa

Speculators blamed for sky-high prices for oil, other commodities Dallas Morning News /Jim Landers

Dollar Falls on Bets Fed Will Make Deeper Interest Rate Cuts Bloomberg / Bo Nielsen and Agnes Lovasz

Social Security looms for next president CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

Follow the money Marketwatch / Irwin Kellner

Fed Expands Role by Aiding JPMorgan's Purchase of Bear Stearns Bloomberg / Scott Lanman and Craig Torres

Consumer Confidence in U.S. Probably Decreased to 5-Year Low Bloomberg / Bob Willis

Small Firms Find Credit Is Tightening NY Times / Elizabeth Olson

Raters Address Calls for Unified Rating Scale Bond Buyer / Dakin Campbell

Treasuries Rise After Biggest Increase in Yield in Four Years Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Contrarians growing more confident that bottom has been seen Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Hong Kong, Sydney stocks soar Marketwatch / V. Phani Kumar

Asian Stocks Gain Most in a Month; Macquarie Leads Banks Higher Bloomberg / Chen Shiyin and Chua Kong Ho

Wheat, Corn Extend Rally on Supply Risk; Gold Rises, Oil Falls Bloomberg / Glenys Sim

Dollar Falls on Speculation U.S. Consumer Confidence Is Waning Bloomberg / Stanley White

Australian, N.Z. Dollars Advance on Demand for Higher Yields Bloomberg / Ron Harui and Tracy Withers

UK: Central banks have the power to avert another catastrophic depression Independent / Stephen King

MI: Charges against Detroit mayor another blow for city Christian Science Monitor / Amanda Paulson


Where No Fed Has Gone Before Business Week / Peter Coy

Paulson Talks Tough Forbes / Liz Moyer

Bankers scale back on luxury as job cut fears grow Reuters / Kristina Cooke and Chelsea Emery

Evans makes subtle case for Fed to do less Marketwatch / Greg Robb

The Federal - Structured Investment Vehicle - Reserve LLC The Collection Agency via Safehaven / Mick P

Greenspan's Legacy of Debt Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Kasriel

Signs the U.S. dollar free fall is ending Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull

Durable-goods orders fall for second month in row AP via Palm Beach Post / Martin Crutsinger

CA: Local home-price drop 4th-worst in metro survey San Diego Union Tribune / Roger Showley

NC: Charlotte housing prices defy trend Charlotte Observer / Vinnee Tong

Thomson shareholders vote in favor of Reuters deal Reuters

Stocks Remain Near Lows After Housing, Oil Data Investors Business Daily / Alan R. Elliott

U.S. stocks in broad slide as economic worries mount Marketwatch

Bear Stearns Sale to JPMorgan to Be Probed by Senate Bloomberg / Ryan J. Donmoyer

Oil rises on surprise inventories data, weaker dollar Marketwatch / Moming Zhou & Nick Godt

Gold timers continue their retreat to cash, a good sign Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Euro Advances Against Dollar After German Confidence Bloomberg / Bo Nielsen and Agnes Lovasz

Nursing: the recession-proof job market CNN / Aaron Smith

Should You Stay Away From Jim Cramer? ABC News / Alice Gomstyn

Gold futures rise as dollar falls Marketwatch / Nick Godt

Oil Rises More Than $3 on Smaller-Than-Forecast Supply Gain Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

New home sales fall to a 13-year low in February AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Martin Crutsinger

Tug of war on Wall Street CNN / Paul R. La Monica

U.S. Stocks Fall on Banking Outlook, Durable Goods Orders Slump Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Wednesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

U.S. Economy: Durable-Goods Orders Drop, New-Home Sales Slide Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra and Courtney Schlisserman

Taxpayers May Be Liable From Bear, Mortgage Rescue Bloomberg / Craig Torres and James Tyson

Dollar May Extend Drop on Bets Fed Will Make Deeper Rate Cuts Bloomberg / Bo Nielsen and Ye Xie


Requiem for a prudent man The Economist

Fed Actions Defuse Subprime ARM Rate Reset Bomb Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Dow 16K? Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Foreign cenbank holdings of US debt surge—Fed Reuters

Older Americans wealthier, living longer –report Reuters / Julie Steenhuysen

Are Rating Agencies Forever Broken? / Sarah Johnson and Tim Reason

SIFMA’s Asset Management Group to Play Key Role in Meeting 2008 Goals Outlined by Operations Management Group for Derivatives Trades Processing SIFMA

South Korean fund said to shun Treasurys Marketwatch / William L. Watts

Michigan's jobless rate climbs to 7.2% Detroit Free Press /John Gallagher

Greenland Thaw May Replace Dog Sleds With Oil Drills Bloomberg / Tasneem Brogger

Boston Fed's Rosengren says private financial data helping Fed respond to crisis Thomson via Forbes

Bank Supervision and Central Banking: Understanding Credit During a Time of Financial Turmoil Federal Reserve Bank of Boston / Eric S. Rosengren

Comfort Zones, Shmumfort Zones Federal Reserve Board / Frederic S. Mishkin

Fed Says Securities Firms Borrow $37 Bln With New Financing Bloomberg / Brendan Murray

Treasurys dip on drop in jobless claims AP via Houston Chronicle / Madlen Read

California May Wage Proxy Battle to Alter S&P Ratings Bloomberg / Josh P. Hamilton

Welcome to subprime's ghost town CNN / Chris Isidore

Gold down slightly on stronger dollar AP via Houston chronicle / Stevenson Jacobs

Bear Stearns' Cayne sells over $60M in stock CNN / David Ellis

U.S. Stocks Fall on Profit Concern; Oracle, Google, Banks Drop Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Feds try to catch up to financial world AP via Seattle Times / Jeannine Aversa

Recession, Recoupling and Reflation Morgan Stanley / Joachim Fels

Banks Fail to Lower Mortgage Rates as Bernanke Cuts Bloomberg / Kathleen M. Howley

Rates on 30-year mortgages dip to 5.85% AP via USA Today / Martin Crutsinger

Treasuries Fall as Demand Wanes at $18 Billion 5-Year Auction Bloomberg / Sandra Hernandez

Current Economic Situation, Outlook, and Recent Actions Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta / Dennis P. Lockhart

New York Fed Welcomes New Industry Commitments on Credit Derivatives Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Statement Regarding System Open Market Account Redemption Federal Reserve Bank of New York

An Economic Analysis of Liquidity-Saving Mechanisms Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Gold, silver futures decline after dollar gains against euro AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Stevenson Jacobs

Texas home to 4 of nation's top 10 growing cities AP via Houston chronicle / Paul J. Weber

Weak Dollar Making US a Business Bargain AP via San Francisco Chronicle / Vinnee Tong

U.S. Stocks Fall on Profit Concern; Oracle, Merrill Decline Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

How To Invest Any Money You Have Left Over NY Post / John Crudele

Tech leads bigger selloff CNN

Oil Gyrates on Dollar, Supply Concerns AP via Chicago Tribune / John Wilen

Money-Market Rates Rise; Banks Fail to Quell Concern Bloomberg / Gavin Finch

Jobless Claims Fell Last Week AP via Forbes

Economy Nearly Stalled in 4th Quarter AP via LA Times / Jeannine Aversa

Protecting Homeowners and Sustaining Homeownership Federal Reserve Board / Randall S. Kroszner

Fed Actions Defuse Subprime ARM Rate Reset Bomb Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Fed's Kroszner: Oversight will restore confidence AP via USA Today / Jeannine Aversa

Fed May Gain Influence From Crisis at SEC's Expense Bloomberg / Craig Torres and Jesse Westbrook

Third of NY subprime foreclosures are on LI Ellen Yan



SEC Investigates Trading in Lehman Shares, People Say Bloomberg / David Scheer and Yalman Onaran

UBS Cuts 5% From Clients' Auction-Rate Bond Valuation Bloomberg / Adam L. Cataldo and Martin Z. Braun

Research Review pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

2008 Economic Review pdf Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Bail Me Out Bennie Euro Pacific via Safehaven / Peter Schiff

If Only I Could Get the Fed's Help When I'm Bad Bloomberg / Ann Woolner

U.S. 10-Year Treasuries Advance After Consumer Spending Slows Bloomberg / Sandra Hernandez

Clinton vows to stay in the race Reuters / Jeff Mason

Treasury may unveil tighter financial rules soon Reuters / John Poirier

Clinton, Obama Tout Rubin, Volcker to Show Expertise Bloomberg / Matthew Benjamin and Lorraine Woellert

U.S. Stocks Drop, Led by Banks, Retailers; Citigroup Tumbles Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Market angst off the charts Chicago Tribune / Bill Barnhart

Consumers Stop Shopping, Save Money Forbes / Lisa LaMotta

High-flying egg prices show no sign of cracking Marketwatch / Matt Andrejczak

PA: Local foreclosures most in 22 years Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Tim Grant

KB Home posts big loss for 1Q AP via Modesto Bee / Alex Veiga

Consumer mood signals recession Reuters / Burton Frierson

It'll Take More Than $600 ... Forbes / Marshal Cohen

A Profits Recession Northern Trust via Safehaven / Paul Kasriel

JC Penney tumbles on cut earnings forecast Reuters / Nicole Maestri

Legg tries to sort out auction rate securities mess Marketwatch / Greg Morcroft

Bonds up after personal spending data AP via Houston Chronicle / Madlen Read

Junk Bond Sales Rise to $2.8 Billion as Rates Fall Bloomberg / Gabrielle Coppola and Bryan Keogh

Fed Offers $100 Million More to Banks AP via San Francisco Chronicle / Martin Crutsinger

Foundations for Sound Central Banking Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia / Charles I. Plosser

Maintaining Stability in a Changing Financial System: Some Lessons Relearned Again? pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City / Thomas M. Hoenig

Trends and Developments in the Economy of Puerto Rico Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Survey of Tenth District Manufacturers Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

U.S. Stocks Gain; Apple, Exxon Advance, J.C. Penney Slumps Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Follow the money...out of America CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Friday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Consumer Spending Weak in February AP via Chicago Tribune / Martin Crutsinger

Personal income stronger than expected CNN / Ben Rooney

Vacation Home Sales and Prices Tumble as Buyers Wait Bloomberg / Sharon L. Lynch and Kathleen M. Howley

Muni Storm Opens Crazy Market for Investors in 2008 Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

Fed May Rethink Greenspan's Hands-Off Approach Towards Bubbles Bloomberg / Craig Torres and Vivien Lou Chen

Fed Leaders Ponder an Expanded Mission Washington Post / Neil Irwin

Fed Faces Zero-Interest-Rate Policy Risk From Economy, ABN Says Bloomberg / Oliver Biggadike

U.S. Notes Fall, Head for Biggest Weekly Loss in Three Years Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Auction Failures Rise to 71% as Dallas-Area Airport Refinances Bloomberg / Jeremy R. Cooke and Darrell Preston

Congress looking for broader fixes for U.S. economy Christian Science Monitor / Gail Russell Chaddock

Hypocrisy That's Hard to Bear Washington Post / Steven Pearlstein

As Candidates Warm to Bush Tax Cuts, Economists Warn of Long-Term Effect Washington Post / Lori Montgomery

Fannie, Freddie May Raise Up to $20 Billion, Regulator Says Bloomberg / Dawn Kopecki

Consumer Spending in the U.S. Probably Slowed in February Bloomberg / Bob Willis

Dollar Heads for Biggest Weekly Drop Against Euro in a Month Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto and Yumi Teso

Odd Crop Prices Defy Economics NY Times / Diana B. Henriques

Taiwan: Central bank raises key interest rates Taipei Times / Joyce Huang

Fed's Rosengren Says Reduced Bank Lending Crimping U.S. Economy Bloomberg / Steve Matthews and William Sim

Japan's Inflation Rate Rises to Highest in Decade Bloomberg / Mayumi Otsuma

New Zealand Economy Grows at Fastest Pace in 3 Years Bloomberg / Tracy Withers and Gavin Evans


Most mutual funds taking a beating AP via San Francisco Chronicle / Tim Paradis

Saving, Investing, and Hoarding Lew Rockwell / Dmitry Chernikov

'Economy's Main Engine' Now in Idle Washington Post / Renae Merle

Proposed Fed overhaul is broadest since Great Depression AP via Houston Chronicle / Martin Crutsinger

Are We Heading Into a Depression? Christian Science Monitor via ABC News / David R. Francis

Rising food costs change menu habits AP via Rocky Mountain News / Alan Scher Zagier

Treasury regulatory blueprint hobbled from the start Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Bush Says Administration Will Expand Mortgage-Relief Bloomberg / David Scheer

S.C. economy watch | State’s jobless rate tumbles The State / Jim DuPlessis

Thornburg Gets Another Break Forbes

Weak Economy Slows Cargo, Idles Railcars AP via Chicago Tribune / Susan Gallagher

Countrywide execs due millions in stock LA Times / Kathy Kristof

MI: Bus tours to target foreclosed properties Detroit News / Karen Bouffard

IL: Signs of weakness in office market multiply Chicago Tribune / Robert Manor

Treasury Bill Rates Rise Most Since '82 on Fed Liquidity Steps Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger and Sandra Hernandez

Farmers hold key to season's corn prices AP via Allentown Morning Call / Henry C. Jackson

Throwing resources at raw materials LA Times / Tom Petruno

Dollar Falls Most Versus Euro Since 2006 on Central Bank Rates Bloomberg / Bo Nielsen

U.S. Stocks Decline as Analysts Predict Bigger Losses for Banks Bloomberg / Lynn Thomasson

Checks aren't in the mail Wichita Eagle / Jerry Siebenmark

Not Everyone Is Cheering Lower Rates NY Times / Conrad de Aenlle

High Rice Cost Creating Fears of Asia Unrest NY Times / Keith Bradsher

U.S. stocks face employment, earnings tests Marketwatch / Nick Godt

Treasury’s Plan Would Give Fed Wide New Power NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews


Middle class Long Islanders turning to food pantries Newsday / Ellen Yan

Cities, states scramble to refinance their debt AP via Allentown Morning Call / Marc Levy

Payrolls May Have Slumped for Third Month: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Bob Willis

Worries of deeper recession on rise AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Martin Crutsinger

Credit Cards Can Be The Next Shoe NY Post / Catherine Curan

Uncertain Economy Awaits Next President AP via San Francisco Chronicle / Tom Raum

Avoidable trillion-dollar tragedies Marketwatch / Bill Donoghue

Evaluating 'cost basis' of stock is likely to get easier Baltimore Sun / Eileen Ambrose

Stocks may trip on jobs, earnings view Reuters via Washington Post / Kristina Cooke

Some investors call stock market's bottom, despite economic headwinds AP via Journal News / Rachel Beck

Obama Says Clinton Should Keep Running AP via Washington Post / Devlin Barrett and Beth Fouhy

Time to Go on a Liquid Diet NY Times / Ben Stein

Finding Your Refuge From Inflation Wall Street Journal / Mark Gongloff

What ‘the Bear’ Meant for the Street NY Times / Nelson D. Schwartz

The Big Apple's Little Boom

Economic downturn worsens in March Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Does Recession Mean Doom for Restaurants? NY Times / Phyllis Korkki

Debt Addicts Get A Dose of Reality Washington Post / Michelle Singletary

NY: As Fewer Parents Head for the Burbs, Manhattan Is Crawling With Kids Washington Post / Robin Shulman

The Foreclosure Machine NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson and Jonathan D. Glater

UK: House prices likely to fall by a quarter in two years Guardian – Observer / Richard Wachman

Dollar chilled by rise of euro Guardian – Observer / Richard Wachman

Market, economy provide political fodder that's often off mark Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

Entitlement crisis not top priority for candidates Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

White House readies plan to help borrowers avoid foreclosures Washington Post via Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Lori Montgomery and David Cho

Thieves stealing homes Boston Herald / Laura Crimaldi



Quiet N.Y. Fed Chief Makes Loud Moves NY Sun / Candice Taylor

San Francisco Fed's Yellen says more solutions needed to mitigate foreclosures Thomson via CNN

Opening Remarks to the 2008 National Interagency Community Reinvestment Conference Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco / Janet L. Yellen

Federal Reserve Banks Announce Restructuring Schedule Changes As Electronic Check Processing Continues to Accelerate Federal Reserve Board

Chicago manufacturing measure not as bad as expected Chicago Tribune

Reassessing the Reserve Currency Status of the USD Morgan Stanley / Stephen Jen

Oil tumbles by nearly $5 AP via CNN

Just how bad will the economy get? MSNBC / John W. Schoen

U.S. mortgage bond issuance plunged in 1st quarter Reuters

Bonds rally on Treasury plan concerns AP via Houston Chronicle / Leslie Wines

Wachovia mortgage program stirs concerns News and Observer / Rick Rothacker

Lehman's Preferred Solution Forbes / Ruthie Ackerman

Green taxes The Economist

Average gas prices set record; $4 a gallon possible USA Today / James R. Healey

IBM temporarily suspended from new Fed deals over EPA probe Marketwatch / Wallace Witkowski

Quarter was a bad one for stocks, no matter how you look at it Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Will Bernanke's Cuts Save the US Economy? Brooks News via Safehaven / Gerard Jackson

Indians buying up gold? Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

When I'm Sixty-Four Pimco / Bill Gross

U.S. Stocks Gain, Led by Financial Firms; Merck Shares Tumble Bloomberg / Michael Patterson

Monday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Munis' March Gains Not Enough to Salvage Worst Start Since '96 Bloomberg / Jeremy R. Cooke

Crude Oil Falls More Than $4 on Speculation Supplies Increased Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

Oil prices tumble, but natural gas rises AP via Houston Chronicle / Adam Schreck

Two-Year Yield Seen Falling to 1.5% in Treasury Rally Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger

Less corn in the ground could translate into higher grocery bills Chicago Tribune / Mary Clare Jalonick

U.S. Auto Sales Likely Fell in March Amid Luxury Drop Bloomberg / Greg Bensinger

The Myth of the Just Price Ludwig Von Mises Institute / Laurence M. Vance

Color therapy to beat recession blues CNN / Parija B. Kavilanz

Curveball Forbes / Brian Wingfield

Playing Politics at the Corner of Wall and Main Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Euro Inflation Now Eye-Wateringly High Forbes / Vidya Ram

CA: Homeowners suing agent over high purchase price San Diego Union Tribune / Lori Weisberg