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Why Consumers Should Cheer if the Fed Stops Cutting Rates US News & World Report / Rick Newman, Kimberly Palmer and James Pethokoukis

Bernanke's bind The Economist

Second-Guessing the Fed Bullion Vault via Safehaven / Adrian Ash

Payrolls expected to decline for 4th straight month Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Earnings season not as awful as some feared USA Today / Matt Krantz

Well-Fed Dow Passes 13,000 Forbes / Carl Gutierrez

Some of America’s most venerable newspapers face extinction, unless they evolve The Economist

Alternatives to S&P 500 Index Worth a Look / Rob Wherry

Bill Clinton avoids spotlight in Hillary's campaign Reuters / Matthew Bigg

U.S. Offers 0% for First Time on Inflation-Linked Savings Bonds Bloomberg / Vincent Del Giudice

S&P Stops Rating Some Mortgage Bonds for First Time Bloomberg / Jody Shenn

Dumbest Idea Ever' Used as Pensions Plug Deficits Bloomberg / Michael McDonald and Adam L. Cataldo

Why gas refiners aren't benefiting from high prices at the pumps Globe and Mail / Norval Scott

When supply chains go wrong The Economist

The glass half empty The Economist

Sentiment has improved, but lots of financial problems remain The Economist

Opening statement by Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of Canada Bank of Canada / Mark Carney

U.S. airlines pay 22% more for April fuel vs first quarter Marketwatch / Christopher Hinton

US 30-year mortgage rates rise in latest week Reuters

Fed is Running out of room to help economy NY Post / John Crudele

Fed Has Bought Enough Anti-Recession Insurance Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Advertisers find that on Craigslist, it's survival of the sneakiest Sacramento Bee / Mark Melnicoe

Stocks Get a Lift / Mark Glassman

Sprint's new wireless Internet system could outdo Wi-Fi Sacramento Bee / Queenie Wong

Committee to Save the World Plans 10th Reunion Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Crude falls for third day as the dollar strengthens Marketwatch / Moming Zhou & Polya Lesova

ECB Sketches a Line in Currency Sands at $1.60 Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

U.S. gas: So cheap it hurts CNN / Steve Hargreaves

Jobless claims jump but consumer spending up Reuters / Alister Bull

Consumer spending up but much of gain reflects higher prices AP via Washington Post / Martin Crutsinger

U.S. Unemployment Benefit Rolls Climb to 4-Year High Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Personal income slips, but spending jumps CNN / Catherine Clifford

Home Depot to close 15 stores, curb store openings Reuters

Thursday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Comcast Profit Drops; Sales Gain on Web, Phone Users Bloomberg / Todd Shields

Showing Its Age Forbes / Martin T. Sosnoff

Wachovia may take $1 billion 2Q charge Charlotte Observer / Rick Rothacker

Commodities, Oil Services may have room left despite Fed's policy shift Marketwatch / Michael Ashbaugh

Fed May Take Breather After Seven Rate Cuts, Emergency Loans Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

ISM Factory Index in U.S. Probably Contracted for Third Month Bloomberg / Bob Willis

TREASURIES-Edge up in Asia as Fed leaves rate cut door open Reuters / Eric Burroughs

Brokers in the Fast-and-Loose Lane? Run Their Licenses Washington Post / Michelle Singletary

As goes the winter, so goes the summer? Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Fed leaves newsletters unperturbed Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Microsoft Board Fails to Reach Decision on Yahoo Takeover Fight Bloomberg / Amy Thomson

Low Spending Is Taking Toll on Economy NY Times / Peter S. Goodman

Treasuries Little Changed Before Manufacturing, Jobs Reports Bloomberg / Jake Lee and Sandra Hernandez

Oil Rises for First Time in Three Days on Nigerian Disruptions Bloomberg / Christian Schmollinger

Dollar Declines Versus Yen, Euro Before Manufacturing, Job Data Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto


Ben Bernanke is No Paul Volcker Euro Pacific via Safehaven / Peter Schiff

Fed likely to prefer lending over interest-rate cuts AP via Houston Chronicle / Dan Seymour

Fed move helped put floor under dollar for now Marketwatch / Lisa Twaronite

Greenspan's Conundrum Bites Back Bullion Vault via Safehaven / Adrian Ash

Treasury prices sink as prospect for more Fed rate cuts dim AP via Houston Chronicle / Joe Bel Bruno

Street Mixed Friday, But Optimism Abounds Forbes / Steve Schaefer

The Price Of Microsoft's Pride Forbes / Wendy Tanaka

Berkshire earnings down on derivatives AP via CNN

Yahoo shares boosted on bid hopes BBC News

U.S. Stocks Gain as Jobs Data Overshadow Slumping Tech Shares Bloomberg / Eric Martin

Gas prices not hurtful enough yet San Antonio Express News / David Hendricks

Oil Rises More Than $3, Most in a Month, on U.S. Jobs Report Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

Chevron's 1Q profit of $5.17B marks Big Oil's latest gusher AP via San Francisco Chronicle / Michael Liedtke

Bush says economy is going to 'come on' AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Ben Feller

Bank of America May Not Guarantee Countrywide's Debt Bloomberg / David Mildenberg

Credit derivatives clearing house moves closer Reuters

Auction Pain Ebbs; Refinancings, Buybacks Lower Rates Bloomberg / Jeremy R. Cooke

Gold futures end higher for the day, lower for the week Marketwatch / Myra P. Saefong

Big Oil's widening profit gap Marketwatch

Americans: It's still the economy, stupid CNN / David Goldman

Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, and Swiss National Bank announce an expansion of liquidity measures Federal Reserve Board

Fed Raises Cash-Loan Auctions by 50% to $75 Billion Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Bernanke-Geithner `Rogue Operation' Spurs Further Bailout Calls Bloomberg / Craig Torres

Asia Getting Fed Up With Bernanke's Rate Cuts Bloomberg / William Pesek

TREASURIES-Bonds fall on unexpectedly small dip in payrolls Reuters / Chris Reese

Friday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

U.S. Stock Futures Advance on Better-Than-Forecast Jobs Data Bloomberg / Eric Martin

The Inflation Conundrum Morgan Stanley / Joachim Fels and Manoj Pradhan

U.S. Loses 20,000 Jobs in April; Unemployment at 5% Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Job cuts in April less severe than feared Reuters / Glenn Somerville

Grocery costs test shoppers' creativity Chicago Tribune / Deanese Williams-Harris and Mary Ellen Podmolik

Strange Behavior Forbes / Christopher Helman

Microsoft May Be Running Out of Time on Yahoo Deal Bloomberg / Amy Thomson and Jonathan Thaw

Linens 'n Things files for bankruptcy protection AP via Houston Chronicle / Mae Anderson

Dollar Reserve Status Is Tale of Fading Glory Bloomberg / Michael R. Sesit

Dollar Rises to 5-Week High as Job Losses Lower Than Forecast Bloomberg / Ye Xie

Summer may be grim for California's water supply LA Times / Deborah Schoch

BoJ Reverts to Neutral Policy Stance: April Outlook Report Morgan Stanley / Takehiro Sato

Big Retailers Scaling Back Expansion Plans and Shutting Stores NY Times / Michael Barbaro

Treasuries Are Set for Weekly Gain Before Employment Report Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Nearly half of U.S. stocks are undervalued, research firm says Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Hong Kong stocks soar to lead regional gains Marketwatch / V. Phani Kumar

Asian Stocks Advance, Led by Financial Companies; Toyota Gains Bloomberg / Chen Shiyin and Hanny Wan

What has driven up oil prices Christian Science Monitor / Peter Grier

Oil Falls as Dollar Gain Causes Investors to Sell Commodities Bloomberg / Christian Schmollinger

UK: Worst of the credit crunch is over, claims Bank Telegraph / Philip Aldrick

Australian March Retail Sales Rise 0.5% on Food Costs Bloomberg / Jacob Greber



What Microsoft Will Buy Now Forbes / Elizabeth Corcoran

Microsoft Abandons Yahoo Takeover After Price Fight Bloomberg / Amy Thomson and Crayton Harrison

U.S. Stocks Gain for Third Week on Jobs Report, Wrigley Buyout Bloomberg / Lynn Thomasson

Two-Year Treasuries Drop on Bets Fed to Pause in Cutting Rates Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger

Bush Says Americans Face a `Tough Economic Period' Bloomberg / Holly Rosenkrantz

Siegfried & Roy & Bernanke Lew Rockwell / Gary North

Fed Moves to Loosen Tight Credit NY Times / Steven R. Weisman

It’s Newer Homes That Stand Empty as Vacancies Rise NY Times / Sfloyd Norris

The Condo Owner's Dilemma Washington Post / Renae Merle

Mortgage-Free, but Not Free From the Temptation to Borrow NY Times / Jane Birnbaum

China Leaves Small Investors Behind on Road To Capitalism Washington Post / Ariana Eunjung Cha

Stocks will try to avoid wild cards on credit, banks Marketwatch / Laura Mandaro

Microsoft May Sweeten Offer for Yahoo After Discussions Pick Up Bloomberg / Zachary R. Mider and Amy Thomson

Asia Stocks Advance This Week; Banks, Electronics Lead Rally Bloomberg / Berni Moestafa and Hanny Wan

Savvy shoppers inherit bargains at estate sales LA Times / Leslie Earnest




Debt on Arrival NY Post / Richard Wilner

U.S. moves to insulate appraisers from pressure to cook the numbers San Diego Union Tribune / Emmet Pierce

Under pressure from South Florida homeowners, House to act on mortgage crisis South Florida Sun Sentinel / William E. Gibson

House sitting -- on a grand scale LA Times / Frank Nelson

Economic Pessimism Continues Gallup Daily

South Floridians are feeling the hurt at the pump and looking for ways to save South Florida Sun Sentinel / Scott andron

Food, fuel costs climb, and key inflation measure drops Chicago Tribune / Greg Burns

Signs of a recession are starting to blur St. Louis Post dispatch / David Nicklaus

Credit squeeze still constricting economy Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Services May Have Cooled, Home Sales Fell: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

Buffett’s Thumbs Down on The Dollar NY Post / Richard Wilner

Would anyone dare suggest Berkshire's Buffett be ousted? Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Gregory M. Drahuschak

Why Apple is now worth four Dells Fortune via CNN / Philip Elmer-DeWitt

Speculators may be driving prices higher but demand for crude is also growing Miami Herald / John Porretto

Levy is needed on oil profit windfalls LA Times / David Lazarus

$4 a gallon? For many, it's not a gas Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Bill Toland

Late returns accepted to receive stimulus rebate Chicago Tribune / Harriet Johnson Brackey

NY: Area bankruptcy filings back on the rise Westchester Journal News / Jerry Gleeson

Mutual fund sales plunge in April Globe and Mail / Shirley Won

The Case for a Newer Deal NY Times / Alan S. Blinder

Mortgage Survivors Washington Post / Nancy Trejos

Warren Buffett: big is bad for banks London Times / Dominic Rushe

What’s an Investor to Do if a Star Firm Stumbles? NY Times / Geraldine Fabrikant

Report Earnings, and Watch the Stock Fall NY Times / Mark Hulbert

For Democrats, Instincts Differ on Economics NY Times / David Leonhardt

UK: Split on rate cuts as slowdown bites London Times / David Smith


Big Government Responsible for High Gas Prices Texas Straight Talk via Safehaven / Ron Paul

Bernanke gives green light to Frank foreclosure bill Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Mortgage Delinquencies and Foreclosures Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

Hidden Mortgage Risks Abound in U.S. Home Market Bloomberg / John F. Wasik

Credit crisis shows that banks need wise men not wide boys Telegraph / Roger Bootle

Dealers Pare Treasuries, Signaling Fed Turning Point Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger

Metals Surge as Rationing Cuts Power at Biggest Mines Bloomberg / Saijel Kishan and Gavin Evans

Wall Street CEO Chorus Is Singing Out of Tune Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Oil prices will come down Marketwatch / Dr. Irwin Kellner

Keep the champagne on ice, economists warn Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Bernanke Urges Government, Companies to Avert More Foreclosures Bloomberg / Scott Lanman and Alison Vekshin

Fed Survey Shows More U.S. Banks Tighten Loan Terms Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Down day on Wall Street CNN / Alexandra Twin

Yahoo may see hedge fund heat after Microsoft bid Reuters / Dane Hamilton

How low will real estate go? Forbes via LA Times / Matt Woolsey

Crude Oil Rises on Concern Attacks in Nigeria May Reduce Supply Bloomberg / Robert Tuttle

Oil passes $120 a barrel on supply threats, dollar AP via Houston Chronicle / John Wilen

Federal Reserve will offer $75 billion in 28-day credit through its Term Auction Facility Federal Reserve Board

Bernanke Gets It Wrong Safehaven / Gerard Jackson

ResCap Says It May Not Be Able to Meet Debt Obligations in June Bloomberg / Caroline Salas

Monday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Yahoo shares plunge after Microsoft's exit Reuters / Tiffany Wu and Michele Gershberg

Microsoft-Yahoo!: Ten Takeaways Forbes / Wendy Tanaka

Yahoo's $14 billion 'transition' CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Obama, Clinton Make Final Pitch for Votes Before Primaries Bloomberg / Julianna Goldman and Lorraine Woellert

LaSalle Bank brand disappears as BofA takes over Chicago Tribune / Ieva M. Augstums

Greenspan Says `Pale Recession' May Last Through Year Bloomberg / Rich Miller

What Uncle Sam Gives in Rebates, OPEC Takes, Stalling Economy Bloomberg / Matthew Benjamin and Rich Mille

U.S. Economy: ISM Services Index Unexpectedly Climbed in April Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra


"Monetary Policy, Financial Markets and Regulatory Reform: A Desperately Unpopular Undertaking," pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City / Thomas M. Hoenig

The risk of redefining recession CNN / Lakshman Achuthan and Anirvan Banerji

Did Fed rate cuts help boost food prices? Marketwatch / Greg Robb

A Hit in The Tank? Thanks, Labor Department NY Post / John Crudele

Review and Preview Morgan Stanley / Ted Wieseman

Bonds rise as Fannie results renew credit fears Reuters / Richard Leong

Brazil: Investment Grade, Why Worry? Morgan Stanley / Marcelo Carvalho

"Super-spike" could lift oil to $200: Goldman Reuters

U.S. factory growth seen "marginal" in 2008 – ISM Reuters

It's a recession to 4 out of 5 Americans CNN / Catherine Clifford

Fannie Mae Has Loss, Cuts Dividend, to Raise Capital Bloomberg / Dawn Kopecki and Jody Shenn

Four Fall-Lines of Dominos: An Ordinal Ranking Morgan Stanley / Stephen Jen and Luca Bindelli

Dollar Smirks in Asia Morgan Stanley / Stephen Jen & Charles St-Arnaud

Stimulus Impact May Be Short-Lived NY Sun / Liz Peek

Oil sets new record high of $122 a barrel Reuters / Jane Merriman

Tuesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

U.S. Stocks Drop, Led by Financials; Wachovia, Merrill Retreat Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Without Yahoo, Microsoft remains alone on the Web Reuters / Daisuke Wakabayashi

SEC's New Bond Case Says Swaps Aren't Outside Law Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

A blossoming relationship? The Economist

Disaster payouts The Economist

Taxing oil profits: Proceed with caution CNN / Steve Hargreaves

U.S. April Business Bankruptcy Filings Rise Almost 50% on Year Bloomberg / Bill Rochelle and Bob Willis

NV: Economic Troubles Affect the Vegas Strip NY Times / Clifford Krauss

Failed Yahoo Talks Leave Google on Top Washington Post / Peter Whoriskey

Asian Stocks Fall for First Time in Three Days; Banks Decline Bloomberg / Chen Shiyin

Grease bandits strike as biofuel demand rises Christian Science Monitor / Ben Arnoldy

Oil holds above $120 a barrel on supply worries AP via Detroit News / Gillian Wong

Dollar Declines as Bernanke Signals Growth to Slow on Housing Bloomberg / Stanley White

Australia Keeps Key Rate Unchanged at 12-Year High of 7.25% Bloomberg / Jacob Greber

Euro May Extend Gain on Bets ECB to Hold Rate at Six-Year High Bloomberg / Bo Nielsen



By Year's End, Junk Will Be Sunk / Stephen Taub

U.S. Subprime Loan Crisis and Japanese Credit Markets Pimco / Koyo Ozeki

Airlines have to raise fares to fix themselves St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

Stocks retreat as oil prices creep higher AP via Chicago Tribune / Tim Paradis

Americans skeptical of Fed CNN / Ben Rooney

U.S. Consumer Debt Rises More Than Forecast in March Bloomberg / Vincent Del Giudice

Treasuries Rise After Biggest 10-Year Note Auction Since 2004 Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger

New York Agency Leads Muni Sales as Borrowers Fund New Projects Bloomberg / Jeremy R. Cooke

Is your money fund safe? Fortune via CNN / Katie Brenner

Wachovia says loss larger than disclosed Charlotte Observer / Rick Rothacker

The $200 barrel of oil? The Economist

Gold, silver futures slump after dollar gains; oil hits $123 AP via Contra Costa Times / Stevenson Jacobs

Oil hits record despite supply growth CNN / Catherine Clifford

Oil price 'may hit $200 a barrel' BBC News

Fertilizer prices more than double Tennessean / Wendy Lee

Nasdaq Fizzles In Midday Trading Investors Business Daily / Vincent Mao

U.S. Stocks Decline After Home Sales Drop, Oil Climbs to Record Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

The Stall-Out In Mega-Caps Forbes / Martin T. Sosnoff

Pending Sales of Existing Homes in U.S. Decreased 1% Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

Dollar Rises After Hoenig Says Inflation May Spur Rate Increase Bloomberg / Bo Nielsen and Anchalee Worrachate

Monetary Policy, Financial Markets and Regulatory Reform pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City / Thomas Hoenig

Wednesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Microsoft may yet own Yahoo, analysts say Marketwatch / Ryan Kim

Corporates Go on Borrowing Binge / Stephen Taub

U.S. MBA's Mortgage Applications Index Rose 15.6% Last Week Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

FL: Dade home prices, rents out of reach for most Miami Herald / Scott Andron

Pending Sales of Existing Homes in U.S. Decreased 1% in March Bloomberg Shobhana Chandra

Housing-rescue bill: 'Something for everyone' CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

In Obama's grasp The Economist

Gas Prices Expected to Peak in June NY Times / Jad Mouawad

Productivity rises more than expected AP via CNN

Single mothers feel pinch of the economy Miami Herald / Cindy Krischer

Inflation fear edges retail shares lower Marketwatch / Andrea Cheng

Oil steady above $122 a barrel after record AP via Houston Chronicle / George Jahn

Proposals to reform Mexico's oil industry are stalled The Economist

Clinton ekes out Indiana win as Obama takes N.C. Marketwatch


Investors should foreclose on troubled lender Fannie Mae Marketwatch / Chuck Jaffe

Newsletters' love affair with Pfizer has been stormy Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Tokyo, Hong Kong stocks pace losses Marketwatch / V. Phani Kumar

Financial Market Tremors: Causes and Responses Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas / Richard W. Fisher

U.S. Monetary Authorities Did Not Intervene in FX Markets during the First Quarter Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Map of misery The Economist

Does Money Taint Everything? Ludwig von Mises Institute / Jeffrey A. Tucker

Less intense The Economist

Backing greens with greenbacks The Economist

Corn stockpiles seen down 47% next year; wheat stocks expected to jump Marketwatch / Moming Zhou

Another record closing price for crude AP via Houston Chronicle

CA: As filings soar, so does bankruptcy's personal toll Sacramento Bee / Darrell Smith

N.Y. Libor alternate tries to avoid London's pitfalls Marketwatch / Laura Mandaro

Standard & Poor's Creates Three New Executive Roles Bloomberg / Christine Richard

Bonds rally on refunding cash, 30-year auction Reuters / John Parry

Muni Bonds Make Sense Without the Insurance Bloomberg / Jane Bryant Quinn

Google Speaks Forbes / Wendy Tanaka

Housing inventory rises again in April CNN / Les Christie

Rates on 30-year mortgages edge down slightly AP via Chicago Tribune / Martin Crutsinger

10 markets set for steep losses CNN

Why $120 oil is good CNN / Steve Hargreaves

Treasurys extend rally as investors seek safe haven bets AP via Houston Chronicle / Joe Bel Bruno

The Bernanke Conundrum Collection Agency via Safehaven / Mick P

ECB's Trichet Says Credit Conditions Tightened in First Quarter Bloomberg / John Fraher

Naturally Below Neutral Morgan Stanley / Joachim Fels and Manoj Pradhan

Shoppers go after bargains in April Reuters / Justin Grant

New unemployment filings decline CNN / Catherine Clifford

CA: Economic trends in county seen as recipe for recession San Diego Union Tribune / Dean Calbreath

Thursday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

U.S. Stock-Index Futures Rise; Wal-Mart, Costco, Crocs Gain Bloomberg / Adam Haigh and Elizabeth Stanton

30-Year Treasuries Little Changed Before $6 Billion Auction Bloomberg / Dan Kruger

Ethanol Fantasy Fuels a Food-Price Nightmare Bloomberg / John M. Berry

UBS Under Invetigation by SEC and DOJ NY Post / Mark DeCambre

Trichet Sees `Rather Protracted' High Inflation Bloomberg / Gabi Thesing and Christian Vits

European banks hold rates steady AP via CNN

Will taxpayers be on the hook for subprime crisis? Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull

Treasuries Little Changed Before $6 Billion 30-Year Bond Sale Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Winter for boutiques Marketwatch / David Weidner

Clinton now closer to endgame Christian Science Monitor / Linda Feldmann and Ariel sabar

Moody’s President Will Step Down at End of July Reuters / NY Times

Oil Trades Near Record on Signs U.S. Economy May Spur Demand Bloomberg / Christian Schmollinger

Euro Falls to Eight-Week Low Against Dollar Before ECB Meeting Bloomberg / Stanley White

Asian Stocks Decline Most in Three Weeks; Mizuho, Kookmin Drop Bloomberg / Chen Shiyin and Shani Raja

China's Trade Surplus May Narrow, Ease Yuan Pressure Bloomberg / Li Yanping

Australian Employment Rises 25,400; Jobless Rate 4.1% Bloomberg / Jacob Greber


The incredible shrinking house CNN / Stephen Gandel

Washington events for May 12 – 16 Washington Post

Bankruptcies now come pre-packaged Reuters / Emily Chasan

Dow Drops 312 in a Week / Mark Glassman

What Recession? Wal-Mart, Hasbro, Ford Beat S&P 500 Bloomberg / Michael Patterson and Eric Martin

Damn the Junk Defaults, Full Speed Ahead / Stephen Taub

Columnist Defends View on Housing Market / Donald Luskin

Rice feels 'bullwhip effect' Rocky Mountain News / Joyzelle Davis

Feeding frenzy Marketwatch

Treasuries Gain for Week on Stock Drop, Setbacks at Citi, AIG Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger and Sandra Hernandez

Obama Adds Seven Superdelegates, Closing on Clinton Bloomberg / Christopher Stern

The Case For $80 A Barrel Oil Forbes / Daniel Fisher

Oil and corn hit record high FT / Javier Blas

FedEx Lowers Profit Outlook, Cites Higher Fuel Costs Bloomberg / Mary Jane Credeur

Microsoft contests $1.4bn EU fine BBC News

Gold pulls back, but still trades higher for the week Marketwatch / Polya Lesova and Myra P. Saefong

Banks accused of rigging municipal bond rates Charlotte Observer / Christina Rexrode

AIG, Citi Rekindle Credit Fears; Stocks Tumble Forbes / Steve Schaefer

Mother's Day spending may be down in slower economy AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Lisa Cornwell

Citigroup to shed nearly $500 billion in assets AP via LA Times

IL: Illinois home sales drop 27% in first quarter Chicago Tribune / James P. Miller

U.S. crude futures jump more than $2, above $126 Reuters

U.S. Stocks Decline on AIG's Loss; Delta Retreats on Record Oil Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Friday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Barely surviving on credit cards CNN / Tami Luhby

Trade gap narrows in March CNN

UBS's Exit Strikes at Heart of Municipal-Bond Market Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

High Prices for Staple Foods Dip, but Volatile Markets Persist NY Times / Keith Bradsher

What Bear Market? What Recession? Marketwatch / Howard Gold

U.S. Trade Deficit Probably Narrowed in March on Export Gain Bloomberg / Bob Willis

FL: Plastic surgeons need a lift amid economic downturn Palm Beach Post / Phil Galewitz

Banks Fear Demand for Corporate Loans NY Times / Louise Story

Credit crisis brings best chance to make banks rethink pay Telegraph / Tracy Corrigan

39 Republicans Join Democrats As Mortgage Bill Passes House Washington Post / Lori Montgomery

Treasuries Rise, Head for Weekly Gain, as Asian Stocks Decline Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Asian Stocks Fall for Third Day; Toyota, Olympus Lead Decline Bloomberg / Chen Shiyin and Patrick Rial

UK: City bets on interest rate cut next month London Times / Gary Duncan

China's April Export Growth Slows to 22%, Commerce Data Shows Bloomberg / Nipa Piboontanasawat

China to Stick With Tight Monetary Policy, Wang Says Bloomberg / Li Yanping

Australian Central Bank Raises Inflation Forecast Bloomberg / Jacob Greber

Korean Won Heads for Biggest Loss in Two Months; Bonds Decline Bloomberg / Aaron Pan and Kim Kyoungwha

Yen Heads for Weekly Advance as Stock Declines Sap Carry Trade Bloomberg / Kosuke Goto

Australian Dollar Heads for Weekly Advance: New Zealand's Drops Bloomberg / Chris Young



For most, it's a recession Denver Post / Aldo Svaldi

NC: Home to bargains and some sadness Charlotte Observer / Dana Romanoff

Cable suitor to grab Newsday Chicago Tribune / Phil Rosenthal

Treasuries Post Weekly Advance as Falling Stocks Spur Demand Bloomberg / Sandra Hernandez and Daniel Kruger

MD: Home slump continues Baltimore Sun / Jamie Smith Hopkins

News Corp unexpectedly drops bid for Newsday Reuters / Kenneth Li and Robert MacMillan

Brokerages demystify options trading as way to ride markets AP via Houston Chronicle / Joe Bel Bruno

The Disney formula Globe and Mail / Noreen Rasbach

In mortgage market, walkaway homeowners may be urban myth LA Times / Michael A. Hiltzik

Clinton, Obama Top McCain on Handling the Economy, Poll Shows Bloomberg / Catherine Dodge

Yen Rises Most Against Euro Since January on Credit Concern Bloomberg / Bo Nielsen and Ye Xie

Gas Prices Send Surge of Riders to Mass Transit NY Times / Clifford Krauss

Mortgage Holders Find It Hard to Walk Away From Their Homes NY Times / Vikas Bajaj

Market for offloading bad debt balloons as banks free up capital London Times / Christine Seib

Japan's Bonds Gain as Slowing Growth Increases Demand for Debt Bloomberg / Yumi Teso and Stanley White

Asia Stocks Post Weekly Drop on Record Oil, Growth Concern Bloomberg / Chua Kong Ho

Asian Currencies Decline This Week on Record Oil, Fed Outlook Bloomberg / Lilian Karunungan and Patricia Lui


In credit crisis, ultra-short bond funds haven't been ultra-safe Marketwatch / Charles Jaffe

China fresh food prices to move higher, says economist Reuters

High demand, price of rice good news to US farmers AP via Houston Chronicle / Juliana Barbassa

America must learn to love dearer petrol London Times / Irwin Stelzer

FL: Commuting costs blamed as home prices fall Palm Beach Post / Jeff Ostrowski

Obama adviser who met with Hamas resigns Chicago Sun Times / Lynn Sweet

Clinton Will Stay in Race, Spokesman Wolfson Says Bloomberg / Christopher Stern

The global slump of 2008-09 has begun as poison spreads Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Israel's economy, 60 years on Marketwatch / Amotz Asa-El

Unemployment, poor economy have quality applicants accepting lower-paying positions Modesto Bee / Christina Salerno

Grocery sticker shock AP via Baltimore Sun / Ellen Simon

U.S. First-Class Stamp, Other Postal Services to Rise Tomorrow Bloomberg / Dan Hart

U.S. Treasury makes bad change on bond rules South Florida Sun Sentinel / Harriet Johnson Brackey

California man losing nine homes in mortgage mess Reuters / Dan Whitcomb

Retail Sales Probably Dropped in April: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Bob Willis

Economy still weakening, data expected to show Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Commodities boom may end soon Tennessean / Naomi Snyder

Thefts Rise With Copper Prices Washington Post / Kari Lydersen

More cash is flowing into money market funds AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel

UK: Surging inflation and weakening economic growth will limit room for rate cuts London Times / David Smith

When Should the Fed Crash the Party? NY Times / Peter L. Bernstein

Losing a Home, Then Losing All Out of Storage NY Times / David Streitfeld

Brokers, bankers unite to question worth of deal on appraisals Washington Post via Chicago Tribune / Kenneth Harney

What Could I Get for my House? Please, Don’t Ask NY Times / Phyllis Korkki

Swaps tied to losses exacerbated debt crisis instead of cutting costs Bloomberg via Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Neil Unmack and Sarah Mulholland

How to Tell if a Rally Is Real US News and World Report via NY Times / Paul J. Lim

PA: Credit unions fall in numbers, grow in assets Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Thomas Olson

A Peek Behind the Price at the Pump NY Times / Nelson D. Schwartz

Obama Overtakes Clinton in Race for Superdelegate Endorsements Bloomberg / Catherine Dodge and Julianna Goldman

The Dollar: Shrinkable but (So Far) Unsinkable NY Times / Peter S. Goodman

Chilean Drought, Power Shortages Drive Up World Metal Prices Bloomberg via Washington Post / Saijel Kishan and Gavin Evans

Oil Prices Are Up and Politicians Are Angry. Yawn. NY Times / Jad Mouawad

Growing Deficits Threaten Pensions Washington Post / David Cho

Big Rescues Can Work. Just Ask New York NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

Do You Have That Portable in a Midsize? NY Times / John Markoff


Why the U.S. dollar's decline finally may have ended Marketwatch / Dr. Irwin Kellner

Fed's Lockhart says credit markets still unsteady Reuters

Bernanke Lunched With Dimon, Rubin Before Bear Rescue Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Old gas pumps can't handle ever-rising prices AP via MSNBC

Venezuela takes over steel firm BBC News

Gasoline and diesel prices soar to records: EIA Reuters / Tom Doggett

Jumbo jitters: High-end homebuyers run into mortgage problems Lansing State Journal Brendan M. Case

FL: No answers to crisis in workforce housing Miami Herald / Nancy Dahlberg

Big Government Responsible for Housing Bubble Texas Straight Talk via Safehaven / Ron Paul

'Oil Shockwave' scenario: How the U.S. might deal with a terrorist strike Christian Science Monitor / Mark Clayton

Treasuries Decline as Advancing Stocks Erode Demand for Debt Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger and Sandra Hernandez

JPMorgan CEO: Recession is just beginning AP via MSNBC

Corn slides as drier weather may boost planting Marketwatch / Moming Zhou

MBIA Has Believers, Warren Buffett Be Damned Forbes / Liz Moyer

HP deal reportedly worth $12-13B AP via CNN

Stocks stage recovery CNN / Alexandra Twin

Navigating Market Turmoil Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago / Charles L. Evans

Is the U.S. in recession — yes or no? MSNBC / John W. Schoen

Sprint's loss widens on lost subscribers Reuters

Treasurys rise as Fed official highlights uncertain outlook Marketwatch / Nick Godt

Ten-Year Treasuries Gain; Report May Show Falling Retail Sales Bloomberg / Sandra Hernandez

U.S. Stocks Rise as Oil Drops; Wal-Mart Stores, MBIA Advance Bloomberg / Michael Patterson

Wachovia to review financial controls Charlotte Observer / Rick Rothacker

Gold futures fall, pressured by dollar, crude Marketwatch / Polya Lesova & Myra P. Saefong

Oil stockpile a drop in the bucket CNN / Steve Hargreaves

MBIA posts huge loss on credit derivatives Reuters

MBIA Posts Loss of $2.4 Billion as CDO Slump Deepens Bloomberg / Christine Richard

Bond prices little changed, watching stocks Reuters

Monday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Polar Bears Threatening to Deliver Us $200 Oil Bloomberg / Kevin Hassett

PMI Group swings to hefty 1Q loss on defaults AP via Houston Chronicle

Where in the world are the most enthusiastic smokers? The Economist

Auction-Rate Wreck Drives Borrowers to Protect `Our Good Name' Bloomberg / William Selway and Jeremy R. Cooke

Treasuries Little Changed; Report May Show Retail Sales Fell Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Cities with the worst pain at the pump Forbes via Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Matt Woosley

Rice Gains for Seventh Day as Philippines, Nigeria Seek Supply Bloomberg / Jae Hur

In the Age of TiVo and Web Video, What Is Prime Time? NY Times / Brian Stelter

Washington counts on slide in eurozone London Times / Suzy Jagger

Clinton Deadline Looms for Recouping $11 Million Personal Loan Bloomberg / Jonathan D. Salant and Timothy J. Burger

Asian Stocks Decline on Inflation Concern; Toray, Vanke Retreat Bloomberg / Patrick Rial and Katherine Espina

Bank of England must cut interest rates by 0.5pc and keep cutting Telegraph / Roger Bootle

China Inflation Quickens; Close to Fastest Since 1996 Bloomberg / Nipa Piboontanasawat

Treasury Cash Avalanche Offers Respite for Bear Market in Bonds Bloomberg / Sandra Hernandez and Daniel Kruger

Dollar Bulls Gain Control as Futures Signal Euro Close to Peak Bloomberg / Liz Capo McCormick



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The crisis rotates from America to Europe, and Asia Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

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Credit, Housing, Commodities, and the Economy Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco / Janet L. Yellen

Fed Officials Warn on Inflation, Say Markets Still Unsettled Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

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Libor Poised for Shake-Up as Credibility Is Doubted Bloomberg / Ben Livesey and Gavin Finch

Bankers Scurrying for Cover Will Sock Muni Issuers Bloomberg / Joe Mysak

U.S. Retail Sales Rose 0.5% Excluding Autos in April Bloomberg / Bob Willis

Tuesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Wal-Mart profit rises 6.9% but outlook cautious AP via LA Times

Businesses keep stockpiles lean in March Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

6 signs of an economic rebound CNN / Janice Revell

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Fueling The Debate Forbes / Jerry Flint

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Schwarzman's bomb Marketwatch / David Weidner

Illinois Budget Problems Bond Buyer / Yvette Shields

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BondWorks Institutional Advisors via Safehaven / Levente Mady

LBO Debt Buybacks Trigger Review as KKR Discusses Boots Deal Bloomberg / John Glover and Cecile Gutscher

Survey: 1 in 10 boomers borrowing for everyday expenses AP via Miami Herald / Ellen Simon

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Bloomberg L.P. Fills Post, Suggesting Shift to News NY Times / Tim Arango

Asian Stocks Rise for Second Day on Higher Earnings Forecasts Bloomberg / Patrick Rial

Boeing to Extend Contract With Shanghai Maker of 737 Jet Parts Bloomberg / Lee Spears

China Stocks Fall After Quake, Led by PetroChina, China Life Bloomberg / Chua Kong Ho

China Retail Sales Rise at Fastest Pace Since 1999 Bloomberg / Paul Panckhurst

Taiwan: Could it be the economy, stupid? Taipei Times / Gerrit van der Wees


Why Inflation Is Going To Hurt This Time Daily Reckoning via Fiend’s SuperBear Page / Bill Bonner

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House approves $300 billion farm bill Marketwatch / Ruth Mantell

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Oil prices fall back in Asia after record near $127 AP via Modesto Bee / Thomas Hogue

Risk-Management Lessons from Recent Financial Turmoil Federal Reserve Bank of Boston / Eric S. Rosengren

Ten-Year Treasuries Gain as Inflation Rises Less Than Forecast Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger

US foreclosure filings surge 65 percent in April AP via Chicago Tribune / Alex Veiga

IL: Record condo numbers to saturate downtown Chicago Tribune / Robert Manor

Jump in food prices biggest in 18 years CNN / David Goldman

Consumer Prices in U.S. Rise Less Than Forecast 0.2% Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Wednesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

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Dollar Bears Turn Bullish With Fed Approaching End of Rate Cuts Bloomberg / Bo Nielsen

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JPMorgan to start physical oil trade, eyes $200 oil Reuters via Globe and Mail / Sambit Mohanty

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Market-beating market timers are more bullish than the laggards Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

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U.S. commercial paper outstanding falls 7th week-Fed Reuters

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Risk Management in Financial Institutions Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

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Jobless claims rise 6,000 in latest week Reuters

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CBS to buy web publisher CNET Reuters

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Asian Stocks Climb Most in Two Weeks; Sony Surges on Forecast Bloomberg / Chua Kong Ho

Yuan's Gain Against Basket Exceeds 2007, Signaling Policy Shift Bloomberg / Kim Kyoungwha and Kevin Hamlin

UK: Bank chief Mervyn King raises spectre of British recession London Times / Gary Duncan

UK: No rate cuts for two years, King hints as inflation heads towards 4 per cent Independent / Sean O’ Grady

Ex-Fed Chief Warns That ’70s-Style Inflation Is Possible Reuters via NY Times

U.S. Investors Say It's Time to Buy Stocks; Favor Asia, Energy Bloomberg / Rich Miller

Paulson Should Act to Stop Dollar Slump, Americans Say in Poll Bloomberg / John Brinsley

Japan Economic Growth Probably Slowed as Companies Cut Spending Bloomberg / Jason Clenfield

Japan March Machinery Orders Drop More Than Expected Bloomberg / Jason Clenfield