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Bubbleonomics & Greenspan's 'magic piggy banks' Marketwatch / Paul B. Farrell

Bankers from '80s Texas bust see deep trouble Dallas Morning News / Cheryl Hall

Pain On The Corner Of Wall And Main Forbes / Martin T. Sosnoff

Money market breaks the buck, freezes redemptions Marketwatch / Sam Mamudi and Jonathan Burton

‘Significant risk' of global recession, Snow says Globe and Mail / Kevin Carmichael

Federal Reserve Board, with full support of the Treasury Department, authorizes the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to lend up to $85 billion to the American International Group (AIG) Federal Reserve Board

AIG Gets Up to $85 Billion Fed Loan; Cedes Control Bloomberg / Craig Torres and Hugh Son

AIG Gets $85 Billion Bailout From Fed Forbes / Mitchell Martin

Low rates on credit, loans are out there USA Today / Sandra Block

Little Change Yet in Americans' View of Economy Gallup / Frank Newport

Oil prices tumble below $92 per barrel AP via Baltimore Sun / Stevenson Jacobs

You're fired The Economist

Gold falls as dollar strengthens, crude slumps Marketwatch / Moming Zhou

Oil in steepest two-day slide since 2004 Reuters / Richard Valdmanis

FOMC Statement Federal Reserve Board

As AIG Dangles, Fed Stays Its Course Forbes / Steve Schaefer

Fed keeps benchmark rates steady at 2% Chicago Tribune / James P. Miller

Fed holds rates steady despite market turbulence Reuters / Mark Felsenthal

Fed Keeps Rate at 2%, Rebuffing Call for Reduction Bloomberg / Scott Lanman and Craig Torres

Bonds fall as Fed leaves rates steady CNN / David Goldman

U.S. Stocks Advance on Expectations Fed Will Rescue AIG Bloomberg / Lynn Thomasson

The Glories of Change Lew Rockwell / Jeffrey A. Tucker

Merrill Lynch and BofA: Too big to fail? AP via San Antonio Express Courier / Madlen Read

McCain Calls Wall Street Reckless, Obama Hits McCain Policies Bloomberg / Kristin Jensen and Kim Chipman

A Sense That Wall St.’s Boom Times Are Over NY Times / Louis Story and Edmund L. Andrews

Goldman Sachs sees profits fall BBC News

Goldman posts worst quarter since going public AP via Houston chronicle / Joe Bel Bruno

Tuesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Consumer prices ease on cheaper energy Reuters / Glenn Somerville

US chain store sales rise 1.4 pct last week-Redbook Reuters

Would a wink from the Fed be as good as a rate cut? Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Fed Funds Decline as Central Bank Adds $50 Billion Bloomberg / Liz Capo McCormick

New England Economic Indicators Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Statement Regarding Open Market Operations Federal Reserve board

Fed may cut interest rates again after all AP via Houston Chronicle / Martin Crutsinger

Federal Reserve Events Reuters

U.S. Treasuries Erase Gains on Speculation of AIG Bailout Bloomberg / Sandra Hernandez

AIG falls 42% in cash scramble CNN / Tami Luhby

Gold falls as dollar strengthens, crude slumps Marketwatch / Moming Zhou

Crude Oil Drops to 7-Month Low as Lehman Adds to Demand Concern Bloomberg / Mark Shenk and Margot Habiby

Economic worries send oil below $91 mark Bloomberg via Houston Chronicle

The Palin effect The Economist

As Economy Slows, China Eases Monetary Policy NY Times / Keith Bradsher


Bill rates near zero, money funds a new fear Reuters

SIFMA Issues Exposure Draft of Model Municipal Bond Purchase Agreement SIFMA

More banks will follow Lehmans and Merrill Lynch before we can pick up the pieces Telegraph / Damian Reece

Michigan jobless rate hits 8.9% in August Detroit News / Louis Aguilar

Comrade Bernanke Does it Again Euro Pacific via Safehaven / Peter Schiff

Stocks splash red ink on financial market worries Marketwatch / V. Phani Kumar

Another thrashing for stocks CNN / Alexandra Twin

SEC adopts rules against naked short-selling AP via Houston Chronicle / Marcy Gordon

Does McCain or Obama get it? Marketwatch / David Weidner

Paulson Doctrine will save economy - for Obama Marketwatch / David Callaway

What's Behind The Bank Selling Forbes / Liz Moyer

CBOE members vote to settle 'ownership' suit Chicago Tribune / Josh Boak

As Bank of America grows, so do concerns La Times via Newsday / David Lazarus

Gold back in its element as safety for investors Marketwatch / Myra P. Saefong

Oil soars $6 to close at $97 on financial fears AP via Houston Chronicle / Stevenson Jacobs

Where Will All the Bankers Go? / David McCann

Gross's Total Return Falls the Most in Three Years Bloomberg / Matthew Keenan

Dow finishes down more than 400 AP via Houston Chronicle / Tim Paradis

Applications to refinance home mortgages surge AP via Seattle Times / J.W. Elphinstone

FL: Inflation slowing, but South Florida index still worst in nation South Florida Sun Sentinel / Harriet Johnson Brackey

Treasury selling debt to help Fed Reuters / Glenn Somerville

Treasury 3-Month Bill Rates Drop to Lowest Since at Least 1954 Bloomberg / Sandra Hernandez

Statement Regarding Supplementary Financing Program Federal Reserve Board

A Review of Foreclosure Mitigation Efforts before the Financial Services Committee U.S. House of Representatives FDIC / Sheila C. Bair

Let's Start by Finding Some People to Behead Bloomberg / Michael Lewis

Oil off its highs on supply report CNN / Catherine Clifford

Oil's Dramatic Price Retreat Ripples Around the World Washington Post / Steven Mufson

Are Fannie and Freddie Too Big to Fail? Ludwig von Mises Institute / Frank Shostak

Fear and Uncertainty Remain After AIG Bailout Ciovacco Capital Management / Chris Ciovacco

SEC Stiffens Short-Selling Rules Amid Market Turmoil Bloomberg / Jesse Westbrook and Edgar Ortega

Learning to love this bear market Money via CNN / Larry Swedroe

Russia suspends stock, bond trading as market dives Reuters via USA Today / Olga Popova and Toni Vorobyova

Global Confidence Falls as Lehman, AIG Roil Financial Markets Bloomberg / Ben Sills

Fed Recreates the 1970s; Wait, It's the 1930s Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Wait and see The Economist

Bonds rally sharply with stock futures down Reuters

U.S. one month T-bill yield falls to 0.17 pct Reuters

Housing starts at 17-1/2-year low Reuters / Glenn Somerville

Wall Street tumbles again after government bails out AIG, Barclays buys Lehman businesses AP via Chicago Tribune / Madlen Read

Wednesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Longs Drug Stores rejects Walgreen offer AP via Houston Chronicle

U.S. Stock Futures Extend Drop as Home Starts Trail Estimates Bloomberg / Lynn Thomasson

Bernanke Bets on Targeted Loans Over Rate Cut to Aid Wall St. Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Investors scramble to cash in their bonds early London Times / Rebecca O’Connor

With finance crisis, hands-off era over Christian Science Monitor / Peter Grier

Gold rises on commods rally, AIG rescue; platinum up 5 pct Reuters via Guardian

Dow Transports exhibiting potentially bullish relative strength Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Asian Stocks Advance, Treasuries Fall on U.S. Takeover of AIG Bloomberg / Chua Kong Ho and Kyung Bok Cho

California's budget impasse ends – with no new taxes Christian Science Monitor / Ben Arnoldy

BOJ Keeps Rate at 0.5% After Pumping Cash Into Market Bloomberg / Mayumi Otsuma

UK: Rate cut hopes dashed as King predicts 5% inflation London Times / Gráinne Gilmore

Treasuries Decline as U.S. Takes Control of AIG, Stocks Gain Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Some Seek Agency to Buy Bad Debt as Long-Term Answer NY Times / Stephen Labaton

Barclays to Buy Lehman U.S. Units for $1.75 Billion Bloomberg / Ben Livesey and Yalman Onaran

Japan, Australia Inject $22 Billion to Soothe Markets Bloomberg / Shamim Adam and Nate Hosoda


Are there any signs that this could be a buying opportunity? The Economist

Don't Cry For Goldman Forbes / Joan Lappin

A nuclear winter? The Economist

Munis Plummet, Sending 30-Year Yields to Record Over Treasuries Bloomberg / Jeremy R. Cooke

Wall Street's bad dream The Economist

The loneliness of the independent Wall Street bank The Economist

Oil retreats from $100 mark as natural gas plunges Marketwatch / Myra P. Saefong and Polya Lesova

Oracle 1Q profit rises 28 percent, beats Street AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Jessica Mintz

Dow Returns Above 11000 / Mark Glassman

FL: Jobless numbers overwhelm state system Bradenton Journal / Sara Kennedy

Fed Lends Record to Wall Street, $28 Billion to AIG Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

US junk bond funds report $177 mln net outflow-AMG Reuters / Karen Brettell

TREASURIES-Prices fall as stocks rally on crisis solving hopes Reuters / Ellen Freilich

SIFMA Statement on SEC’s Short Selling Initiatives SIFMA

SIFMA Testifies on Auction Rate Securities Before House Financial Services Committee SIFMA

ASF and SIFMA Support Comprehensive Review of Securitization Accounting Standards SIFMA

Number of funds falls as credit crunch takes toll Marketwatch / Alistair Barr

Talk of new bailout CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

U.S. Stocks Rally Most in Six Years on Plan to Shore Up Banks Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Wild rally at the finish CNN / Alexandra Twin

Gold up to $893: Finally, the Wait is Over Mau Capital via Safehaven / John Lee

Oil prices end higher as stock market rallies AP via Houston Chronicle

US mortgage rates unchanged on Thursday – BestInfo Reuters

U.S. faces year-long recession: National Bank CP via Globe and Mail

U.S. Economy: Leading Index Falls More Than Forecast Bloomberg / Bob Willis and Shobhana Chandra

The Pink Slips Keep Coming Forbes / Carl Gutierrez

Illinois unemployment still rising, now at 7.3% Chicago Tribune / James P. Miller

September 2008 Business Outlook Survey Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

The Fed tries to stop the bleeding CNN / Paul R. La Monica

What's Behind the Financial Market Crisis? Ludwig von Mises Institute / Antony Mueller

U.S. Treasuries Decline as Central Banks Announce Joint Action Bloomberg / Dakin Campbell and Agnes Lovasz

Why Foreign Ownership of US Assets is a Big Deal NY Post / John Crudele

Separation Anxiety Morgan Stanley / Joachim Fels

Monetary Policy Easing Limits Downside Risks Morgan Stanley / Qing Wang and Denise Yam, CFA

Jobless claims on the rise CNN / Lara Moscrip

Crisis Exposes Flaws in U.S. Economy, Tarnishes Image Bloomberg / Rich Miller

Thursday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Federal Reserve and other central banks announce further measures to address elevated pressures in funding markets Federal Reserve Board

Federal Reserve Events Reuters

Federal Reserve, other central banks to pump billions more dollars into money markets AP via Chicago Tribune / Matt Moore

Oil spikes to over $100 AP via Houston Chronicle

Goldman seen well positioned to deal with market crisis Reuters

Democratic Congress May Adjourn, Leave Crisis to Fed, Treasury Bloomberg / Kristin Jensen

Bush to make statement on economic turmoil AP via Houston Chronicle / Ben Feller

In Asia, Market Upheavals Fuel Wariness of Investors NY Times / Keith Bradsher

Easy money won't help economies weather this global banking crisis Independent / Hamish McRae

Fed Prepared to Take Bigger Role in Combating Financial Crisis Bloomberg / Craig Torres and Steve Matthews

A New Role for the Fed: Investor of Last Resort NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

Scrambling to Clean Up After A Category 4 Financial Storm Washington Post / Steven Pearlstein

Wall St dealmaking intensifies as markets tumble Reuters / Tony Munroe

Fear stalks Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs as HBOS finalise takeover London Times / Patrick Hosking and Siobhan Kennedy

Money Market Funds Enter a World of Risk NY Times / Tara Siegel Bernard

S&P 500 Plunge Erases 50% of Gains From Five-Year Bull Market Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Asia Stocks Tumble to 3-Year Low on Bank Woes; Macquarie Slumps Bloomberg / Patrick Rial and Shani Raja

Hackers Access Palin's Personal E-Mail, Post Some Online Washington Post / Michael D. Shear and Karl Vick

Congress eyes solutions for Wall Street woes Christian Science Monitor / Gail Russell Chaddock

Politicians Point Fingers, Assign Blame NY Times / Jackie Calmes



Property taxes not set in stone Contra Costa Times / Rick Radin

Debt plan smacks down Fed rate cut views Reuters / Ros Krasny

Bond yields soar on government rescue CNN / Catherine Clifford

U.S. Debt May Grow $1 Trillion on Rescue, Barclays' Pond Says Bloomberg / Sandra Hernandez

Consumers Increasingly Worried About Money Gallup Daily

Wall St. ills worsen state fiscal headaches / Stephen C. Fehr

California unemployment rate rises sharply to 7.7% La Times / Marc Lifsher

Time to think big The Economist

Financial crisis will cost taxpayers hundreds of billions AP via Houston Chronicle / Jeannine Aversa and Julie Hirschfield Davis

Stock Market Cheers Fiscal Insanity Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis via Safehaven / Mike Shedlock

Indexes Remain Deep Into the Green On Powerful Trading Investors Business Daily / Alan R. Elliott

Stocks Post Broad Gains / Mark Glassman

U.S. stock market rejoices over bailout plan Marketwatch / Kate Gibson

Taking Stock / Igor Greenwald

Gold tumbles most in 25 years after rescue plan Marketwatch / Moming Zhou

The Risk Of Loss Of Investment Principal Rises As Bankers Add Liquidity To Markets Resourceful Bear Blog via Safehaven / Richard in Bellingham

SEC bans short selling hundreds of financial stocks Marketwatch / Simon Kennedy

August jobless rates up in most states, Mich. No. 1 Reuters / Lisa Lambert

TREASURIES-Rates, yield jump on govt credit-crisis moves Reuters

The Slowdown Goes Global Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

Fed funds trade steady at 2.25 percent, above target Reuters

Federal Reserve Events Reuters

Treasuries Plunge as U.S. Government Seeks Solution to Crisis Bloomberg / Dakin Campbell and Agnes Lovasz

Overnight U.S. Commercial Paper Yields Fall on Bank Bailout Bloomberg / Bryan Keogh

Dow surges 400 points CNN / Aaron Smith

Friday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Fannie-Freddie takeover fuels decline in mortgage rates Chicago Tribune

Washington Mutual didn't have to end like this Seattle Times / Jon Talton

U.S. to Protect Money-Market Funds Against Losses Bloomberg / Christopher Condon

Paulson's Line in the Sand Washed Away by Tides Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Nationalisation ≠ Currency Weakness Morgan Stanley / Stephen Jen and Spyros Andreopoulos

Oil prices move back up over $100 a barrel AP via Houston Chronicle

Tighter Credit Transforming the Economy NY Times / Louis Uchitelle

If Goldman Sachs is in the line of fire few can be confident of dodging bullets Telegraph / Tracy Corrigan

Treasuries Fall as Paulson, Bernanke Seek Solution to Crisis Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Bond Insurers Are Facing Downgrades Bloomberg via NY Times

The Fed and Treasury Offer Congress a Plan for a Vast Bailout NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews

Next step in economic crisis: a giant resale agency? Christian Science Monitor / Peter Grier

Investors' guide to stormy market: Find havens Christian Science Monitor / Jesse Emspak

Bush Defends 'Extraordinary' Steps Washington Post / Dan Eggen

Asian Stocks Rally From 3-Year Low; Chinese Bank Shares Surge Bloomberg / Kyung Bok Cho and Shani Raja

Oil steady at $98 after dollar jumps on U.S. plan Reuters via Guardian

Dollar Gains on U.S. Government Plan to Revive Credit Markets Bloomberg / Ron Harui and Stanley White


'Selling short' may bring head-scratching long Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Rescue plan takes shape on Capitol Hill Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Fed bailout is targeting declining home values AP via Lansing State Journal / alan Zibel

Bleak retail forecast for holidays Minneapolis Star Tribune via Seattle Times / Susan Feyder

Bailout Is Bigger Than Pentagon's Budget Washington Post / Alejandro Lazo and Lori Montgomery

Treasury Sends to Congress Proposal to Buy Assets Bloomberg / Laura Litvan and Alison Fitzgerald

It’s the bailout, stupid: Government plan to be big election issue Boston Herald / Jay Fitzgerald

Behind Closed Doors, Warnings of Calamity NY Times / Carl Hulse and David M. Herszenhorn

Bailout: 'Whatever it takes' Chicago Tribune / Michael Oneal

Costly Financial Rescue Could Narrow Economic Options Later NY Times / Mark Landler

Five days that shook the financial world Globe and Mail / Derek DeCloet

New Investment Strategies Compound a Fiscal Crisis NY Times / Nelson D. Schwartz

TGIF: A dose of relief Chicago Tribune / Martin Crutsinger

U.S. Stocks Rise After Government Action Eases Banking Concerns Bloomberg / Eric Martin

Gas prices sink for third day CNN


Not only markets, but capitalist system faces makeover Marketwatch / Irwin Kellner

Goldman, Morgan to become holding companies Marketwatch / Robert Schroeder

Shanghai soars again as ban on shorts lifts Sydney Marketwatch / V. Phani Kumar

Credit markets calm for now, but remain jittery AP via Houston Chronicle / Stevenson Jacobs and Tim Paradis

What Happened, What's Next Wall Street Journal / Gregory Zuckerman and Karen Damato

Fat Yields on Certificates of Deposit, One Upside of the Credit Crunch Washington Post / Joan Goldwasser

Americans' addiction to borrowing root of crisis San Diego Union Tribune / Dean Calbreath

The Mortgages of the Future NY Times / Robert J. Shiller

Vacancy Rates Rise On Hedge Fund Failures NY Post / Hilary Kramer

Economic meltdown has investors running for shelter Wall street Journal via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Jennifer Levitz, Ilan Brat and Nicholas Casey

S&P 500 index drops into recession range AP via Seattle Times

A Rally Built on a Government Rescue: Can It Last? NY Times / Paul J. Lim

Home Sales, Durables Orders Probably Fell: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Bob Willis

Treasury Seeks Asset-Buying Power Unchecked by Courts Bloomberg / Alison Fitzgerald and John Brinsley

Paulson urges 'clean and quick' OKPaulson urges 'clean and quick' OK CNN

Citigroup: Above the Fray? NY Times / Julie Creswell and Eric Dash

Fury at $2.5bn Lehman bonus London Times / John Waples and Danny Fortson

Outrage over CEO cash-ins Boston Herald / Jerry Kronenberg

How will US raise all that money? AP via Cincinnati Enquirer / Martin Crutsinger

Uncle Sam's bold and risky rescue mission Denver Post / Greg Griffin

Schumer Says Rescue Plan Must Include Mortgage Aid Bloomberg / Christopher Stern

Economy Views Are Humorous NY Post / Terry Keenan

Congress may try to add stimulus to market bailout Marketwatch / Christopher Hinton

US $1 trillion bailout is under threat from political skirmishes Independent / Stephen Foley and Margareta Pagano

NEWSWEEK COVER: King Henry Marketwatch

Silver Is the ONLY Asset that Is NOT Someone Else's Liability Silver-Investor via Safehaven / David Morgan

Web escalates newspapers' fight for survival San Diego Union Tribune / Thomas Kupper

Desperation fills the pawnshop shelves St. Petersburg Times / April Simpson



$700 Billion Is Not Enough Forbes / Michael E. Lewitt

Shaken Consumers, Banks May Stifle U.S. Growth, Extend Slowdown Bloomberg / Rich Miller

Chicago Fed National Activity Index Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Can the Rescue Plan Fix the US Economy? Ludwig von Mises Institute / Frank Shostack

What Goldman, Morgan gain by switching status Globe and Mail

A break in the clouds The Economist

Text of Draft Proposal for Bailout Plan Treasury Department via Mortgage Bankers Association

Bicycle and car production since 1950 The Economist

States work to avert nurse shortage / Pauline Vu

Stock Market Gives Back Friday's Surge As Rescue Undermines Dollar, Boosts Oil Investors Business Daily / Jonah Keri

Stocks Slammed as Oil Surges / Mark Glassman

Government bailout to cap corp debt weakness-analyst Reuters

Oil price jumps $25 in a day FT / Javier Blas and Chris Flood

Oil's jump makes history, but true test is yet to come Marketwatch / Myra P. Saefong

Oil skyrockets to $120 as dollar swoons on bailout AP via Houston chronicle / Stevenson Jacobs

The Truth About Gasoline Shortages Lew Rockwell / Gary North

U.S. Stocks Blasted By Bailout Forbes / Steve Schaefer

Circuit City CEO steps down, shares rally late Marketwatch / Shawn Langlois

U.S. mortgage rates unchanged on Monday – BestInfo Reuters

Bernanke Tuesday testimony now 9:30 EDT Reuters

Obama, McCain, and the financial crisis Christian Science Monitor / Linda Feldmann

Cooler heads, calmer credit markets CNN / David Goldman

Monday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

U.S. Stocks Fall, Led by Regional Banks; Regions, M&I Tumble Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Stocks pull back as investors await details on bailout plan AP via Chicago Tribune / Tim Paradis

Will we miss the midsized companies? Seattle Post Intelligencer / Bill Virgin

Can't anyone afford my home? Money via CNN / Stephen Gandel and Amanda Gengler

Filling the 'forgotten middle' Chicago Tribune / Barbara Rose

Oil jumps above $109 as bailout weighs on dollar AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Stevenson Jacobs

Federal Reserve will offer $75 billion in 28-day credit through its Term Auction Facility today Federal Reserve Board

Bank Rescue a Political, Bureaucratic Nightmare Bloomberg / John M. Berry

30Y bonds extend fall as stocks turn positive Reuters

Company Bond Sales May Reach $25 Billion on Bailout Bloomberg / Bryan Keogh and Gabrielle Coppola

Gold rises as massive rescue plan pressures dollar Marketwatch / Moming Zhou

Here comes $500 oil Fortune via CNN / Brian O’Keefe

Oil nears $107 as investors weigh US bank bailout AP via Houston Chronicle / Louise Watt

Federal Reserve Events Reuters

Federal Reserve changes status of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to bank holding companies AP via Baltimore Sun / Martin Crutsinger

Chicago Fed nat'l activity index falls in Aug Reuters

Say Goodbye To The Investment Banks Forbes / Liz Moyer

Goldman, Morgan Stanley Bring Down Curtain on an Era Bloomberg / Christine Harper and Craig Torres

Now Uncle Sam Is Hedge-Fund Guy, AAA Needs Review Bloomberg / Mark Gilbert

Democrats to Use Gains in Congress to Push New Rules on Markets Bloomberg / Laura Litvan

Treasuries Irresistible as Deflation Trumps Paulson Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger and Sandra Hernandez

Treasuries Rise on Speculation Fed to Cut Rates to Aid Rescue Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

How $700 billion Paulson-Bernanke plan may help house prices Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

Dollar May Get `Crushed' as Traders Weigh Up Bailout Bloomberg / Bo Nielsen and Anchalee Worrachate

Financial World's New Job Market Sinks Big Plans Washington Post / Ian Shapira and Jordan Weissmann

Wall Street Fastens Its Seatbelt, Preparing for This Week’s Ride NY Times / Louise Story and Vikas Bajaj

Asian Stocks Advance on Short-Selling Bans, U.S. Rescue Plan Bloomberg / Kyung Bok Cho and Catherine Yang

No more investment banks on Wall St London Times / Suzy Jagger

Radical gold bugs gloating, but guarded Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Oil steady above $104; analysts question rescue plan Reuters via Guardian

Commodities Bottom as Speculators Vanish After Slump Bloomberg / Millie Munshi

UK: 'Capitalism can be incredibly unstable and state intervention is back, big time' Independent / Stephen King


Buffett's Golden Goldman Buy Forbes / Mitchell Martin

Treasury Auction Scam and How To Stop It Mish’s Global Economic Tends via Safehaven / Mike Shedlock

Municipal Bonds Fall Amid $7 Billion Overhang in Delayed Sales Bloomberg / Jeremy R. Cooke

SIFMA Recommends that Member Firms Immediately Address Treasury Settlement Fails SIFMA

SIFMA Supports MSRB as Sole Repository for Continuing Disclosure Documents SIFMA

Second-quarter auto-loan delinquency rate jumps 11.5 percent AP via Detroit News / Eileen Aj Connelly

No money to spend AP via Allentown Morning Call / Alan Zibel and Adrian Sainz

FL: Small biz owners lament economy Bradenton Journal / Brian Neill

Seesaw Action In Mixed Trade Ends Down As Market Keeps Watch On Rescue Debate Investors Business Daily / Paul Whitfield

3 Questions The Government Doesn't Want You To Ask About the Financial Crisis Elliott Wave via Safehaven / Robert Prechter

Pricing mortgage-backed securities will be tough USA Today / John Waggoner and Matt Krantz

Debt markets remain on edge Fortune via CNN / Colin Barr

Bernanke Says Normal Markets Needed or Growth to Halt Bloomberg / Scott Lanman and Craig Torres

Democrats allow drilling ban to lapse AP via CNN

Senate Passes Energy Tax Bill Offering Solar Industry a Boost Bloomberg / Daniel Whitten

Canada: Consumer habits: How price sensitive are we? Globe and Mail / Virginia Galt

Recession likely in 2009: property mogul Zell Reuters / Ilaina Jonas

Bernanke Signals U.S. Should Pay More for Bad Debt Bloomberg / Craig Torres and Kathleen Hays

Ideas of Fed cuts rise on Bernanke Reuters

Cox: Default Swaps are Naked Shorts / Tim Reason

Treasurys rise as Fed's Bernanke warns of risks Marketwatch / Deborah Levine

Bailing Out The Oil Market Forbes / William Pentland

Carping about the TARP The Economist

Bail Now, Ask Later Forbes / Maurna Desmond

House Republicans Deserting Bailout Bill Roll Call via

The world gets to vote The Economist

Oil prices trade lower a day after huge rally AP via Houston Chronicle / Stevenson Jacobs

Review and Preview Morgan Stanley / Ted Wiseman

T-bill demand still high over bailout uncertainty AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Madlen Read

Credit Swaps Must Be Regulated `Immediately,' SEC's Cox Says Bloomberg / Ian Katz and David Scheer

U.S. financial markets Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

Bernanke Says Failure to Pass Plan Threatens Economy Bloomberg / Scott Lanman and Craig Torres

Business Conditions: Record Low Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner and David Cho

Rescue Plan Sows Seeds of New Kind of Capitalism Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Holiday Sales Gain in U.S. May Be Slowest in 6 Years Bloomberg / Heather Burke

U.S. Stocks Rise as Drop in Oil Offsets Recession Concern Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Tuesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Longs says will not hold talks with Walgreen Reuters

Oil prices fall on profit-taking after huge rally AP via Houston Chronicle / Stevenson Jacobs

FL: Mortgage costs eat up income for many of us South Florida Sun Sentinel / Julie Patel

Paranoid' Mall Baron Lowy Anticipated Slump, Now Fights Taxman Bloomberg / William Mellor

U.S. Notes Rise as Stocks Fall, Traders Add to Bet for Rate Cut Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Credit-Default Swaps To Be Regulated Bloomberg via NY Sun / Shannon D. Harrington and Christine Richard

More to Fear in World of Retirees NY Times / John Leland and Louis Uchitelle

Think Wall Street is going to disappear? Don't bet on it. Marketwatch / David Weidner

As the Giants of Wall Street Topple, Smaller, Nimbler Rivals Move In NY Times / Louis Story

Bloodied but still bullish Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Asian Stocks Fall, Snapping Two-Day Rally; Banks, Airlines Drop Bloomberg / Kyung Bok Cho and Shani Raja

Crude Oil Falls on Concern U.S. Plan Won't Prevent Recession Bloomberg / Christian Schmollinger

Australian, New Zealand Dollars Near 3-Week Highs as Gold Rises Bloomberg / Candice Zachariahs

Dollar Weakens Most Since January 2001 on U.S. Budget Deficit Bloomberg / Ye Xie and Bo Nielsen

Bailout could boost inflation, sink dollar Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull


What the death of the investment bank means for Wall Street The Economist

Text of President's speech Marketwatch

You don't buy a house in uncertain times Marketwatch / Steve Kerch

FL: August condo prices plummet, local home prices a mixed bag Palm Beach Post / Jeff Ostrowski

Credit? You can't handle the credit Marketwatch / David Weidner

Bush warns of serious risks to U.S. economy Reuters / Tabassum Zakaria

House turns up heat CNN / Tami Luhby

Muni Bond Yields Rise to 6-Year High Amid Variable-Rate Squeeze Bloomberg / Jeremy R. Cooke

Bringing Down Wall Street as Ratings Let Loose Subprime Scourge Bloomberg / Elliot Blair Smith

Traders Sowing Seeds of Destruction Prompt Crackdown Bloomberg / Shannon D. Harrington, Caroline Salas and Pierre Paulden

Street Stays On Even Keel Forbes / Steve Schaefer

More `Major' Companies Will Fail, Lazard's Parr Says Bloomberg / Zachary R. Mider

Bailout: No cure for recession CNN / Les Christie

Dollar climbs on Buffett's vote of confidence AP via CNN

Oil falls below $106 on weak U.S. demand AP via Contra Costa Times

Obama Opens Lead Over McCain as Voters Sharpen Focus on Economy Bloomberg / Heidi Przybyla

Bernanke Tells Congress That U.S. Economy Is Faltering Washington Post / Neil Irwin

Bernanke Sees `Grave Threats' to Financial Stability Bloomberg / Craig Torres

Bernanke's testimony to Congress on economy Reuters

'Grave threats' CNN / Chris Isidore

Economic outlook Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

Federal Reserve and other central banks announce additional measures to address elevated pressures in funding markets Federal Reserve Board

Pimco's Gross: Bailout to benefit Main Street-WPost Reuters

Treasury Bill Rates Tumble on Concern Bailout Won't Happen Soon Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger

Wednesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

U.S. Ad Spending Falls 3.7%, Biggest Drop Since 2001 Bloomberg / Sarah Rabil

U.S. pre-owned home sales down 2.2% in August AP via Dallas Morning News

Illinois home sales tumble 27% Chicago Tribune / James P. Miller

T-bill demand ramps up on bailout plan uncertainty AP via Houston Chronicle / Madlen Read

Too Little Too Late Euro Pacific via Safehaven / John Browne

America Must Rescue the Bonuses at Goldman Sachs Bloomberg / Michael Lewis

One in Five U.S. Toddlers Got Recommended Influenza Shots Bloomberg / John Lauerman

Federal Reserve Events Reuters

Market crisis calls for a shock to the Fed Globe and Mail / Neil Reynolds

Uncle Sam: Stockholder CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

Lowe's cuts '09 store growth, backs '08 profit view Reuters

U.S. Stock Futures Rise on Buffett's Goldman Sachs Investment Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

U.S. MBA's Mortgage Applications Index Dropped 11% Last Week Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

PA: More house sellers turn to auctions to attract bids, interest Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Sam Spatter

Unemployment rates jumping for women McClatchy via Miami Herald / Tony Pugh

Oil Rises on U.S. Inventory Forecasts, Texas Terminal Shutdown Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

UCLA economists issue gloomy California forecast LA Times / Marc Lifsher and Peter Y. Hong

America has seen its debt balloon before AP via Tennessean / Christopher S. Rugaber

Economic Fears Give Obama Clear Lead Over McCain in Poll Washington Post / Dan Balz and Jon Cohen

ECB's Bonello Sees Economy Past Worst by Year-End Bloomberg / Gabi Thesing and Blanche Gatt

Five things you need to know about our current state of affairs Marketwatch / Todd Harrison

Treasuries Fall on Goldman Stock Sale, Record Two-Year Auction Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Treasuries Lose Allure for Asia, Europe Investors Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger and Kyoungwha Kim

Dividends may not mean all that they used to Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Congress to Wall Street: 'Curb excessive pay and perks' Christian Science Monitor / Gail Russell Chaddock

Bailout Proposal Meets Bipartisan Outrage Washington Post / Lori Montgomery, Paul Kane and Neil Irwin

Alternative Solutions Diverge From Administration's Approach Washington Post / Anthony Faiola and David Cho

Learning About the State Lew Rockwell / Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

States prepare for home heating crisis / Christine Vestal

Hedge funds stick to their short-sell strategy London Times / Miles Costello

Australian, N.Z. Dollars Slip as Commodities, U.S. Stocks Slide Bloomberg / Candice Zachariahs

Emerging markets hit hard by Wall Street crisis Christian Science Monitor / Mark Rice-Oxley

Goldman to Raise Capital, With $5 Billion From Buffett NY Times / Ben White

Dollar Falls Versus Euro as Congress Delays U.S. Bailout Plan Bloomberg / Stanley White

Asian Stocks Fall for Second Day on U.S. Rescue Plan Concern Bloomberg / Chua Kong Ho and Patrick Rial

Japanese Manufacturers are Pessimistic This Quarter Bloomberg / Jason Clenfield



A cautionary tale from the future The Economist

The bullish best Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Never In The Annals Of Human History Was So Much Owed By So Few To So Many Trend Investor via Safehaven / Ceri Shepherd

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Home prices plunge record 16.3 percent in July: S&P Reuters

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