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Lowering Mortgage Rates is not that Easy NY Post / John Crudele

A Slowdown That May Slow Us Down NY Times / Shaila Dewan

Is US response to financial crisis strong enough? Christian Science Monitor

States' budget woes will outlast the recession AP via Akron Beacon Journal / Michael Hill

Wall Street: Teetering on 12-year lows CNN / Alexandra Twin

Car-sales forecast drops by 1 million AP via Wichita Eagle / Bree Fowler

Is the Bank of Canada running out of bullets? CP via Globe and Mail / Julian Beltrame

Worst job losses in 60 years expected Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Job Losses Probably Escalated in February: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Bob Willis

Bartering makes a comeback for those short on cash AP via The State

When it pays to pay Marketwatch / Ruth Mantell

Better Yields Are Still Out There Wall Street Journal / Tom Lauricella

What really happens when banks are nationalized San Francisco / Kathleen Pender

Even the 'Value' Investors Can't Beat This Bear Marketwatch / Wall Street Journal / Mark Gongloff

Don’t despair: IRS audits rare, often just a letter AP via The State

PA: A home-building ban in an economic crisis? Philadelphia Inquirer / Diane Mastrull

Iran says OPEC has no plan to cut production AP via Houston Chronicle

UK: Allied forces in a war on recession Guardian – Observer / Heather Stewart and Heather Connon

More TV ads project images of racial harmony AP via Washington Post / Todd Lewan

MI: $10M ad campaign to promote Mich. tourism around nation Detroit News / Jennifer Youssef

The lipstick effect: Buying small, comforting items can ease pain of recession Chicago Tribue / Gregory Karp

Forced From Executive Pay to Hourly Wage NY Times / Michael Luo

High gold prices unlikely to hold Chicago Tribune / Gail MarksJarvis

Believe It or Not, Bulls Still Exist, Says This Investor Washington Post / Andrew Tanzer

Buffett Accepts Blame and Faults Others NY Times / David Segal

Battle Lines Quickly Set Over Planned Policy Shifts Washington Post / Lori Montgomery

Hey, Bailout Snivelers: Hush. You Don't Need It. Washington Post / Michelle Singletary


TX: Bars, restaurants running up alcohol tabs Dallas Morning News / Karen Robinson-Jacobs

Spend? Save? There's no easy answer AP via Arizona Central / Mark Jewell

Undaunted by the economy, Obama presses ahead on healthcare reform Christian Science Monitor / Linda Feldmann

World's poor drive growth in global cell phone use AP via Dallas Morning News

Government Lending and Monetary Policy Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond / Jeffrey Lacker

Addressing the Credit Crisis and Restructuring the Financial Regulatory System: Lessons from Japan Federal Reserve Bank of Boston / Eric S. Rosengren

Ensuring Sound Monetary Policy in the Aftermath of Crisis Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia / Charles I. Plosser

Making Monetary Policy During a Financial Crisis  Federal Reserve Bank of Boston / Eric S. Rosengren

Why Are (Some) Consumers (Finally) Writing Fewer Checks? The Role of Payment Characteristics Federal Reserve Bank of Boston / Scott Schuh and Joanna Stavins

Get bad assets off bank books: Fed's Rosengren Marketwatch / Greg Robb

The D-Word: Will Recession Become Something Worse? AP via ABC News / Tom Raum and Daniel Wagner

Belt tightening might be good for us Bradenton Herald / Jennifer Rich

Street Wary Of Uncle Sam Handouts Forbes / Steve Schaefer

The Incredible Shrinking Dividend / Stephen Taub

S&P 500's trouble mostly rooted in just 10 issues Marketwatch / Kate Gibson

Dollar buoyed by renewed safe-haven appeal Marketwatch / Lisa Twaronite, Deborah Levine and William L. Watts

No more fish in the sea The Economist

FL: Personal bankruptcies in South Florida up 42% from last year Miami Herald / Patrick Danner

Canada: Economy takes 3.4% dive Globe and Mail / Kevin Carmichael and Virginia Galt

Some Banks Must Die So the U.S. Economy Can Live Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve Board Announce Participation in AIG Restructuring Plan Federal Reserve Board

Moffett resigning as chief executive of mortgage giant Freddie Mac AP via Chicago Tribune

Manufacturing contracts, consumer spending up Reuters / Lucia Mutikani

Consumer spending rises in January after 6 straight declines, but rebound seen as temporary AP via Chicago Tribune / Martin Crutusinger

NABE survey: Economists mixed on stimulus efforts AP via Miami Herald / J. W. Elphinstone

Billions More For AIG Forbes / Liz Moyer

Beware of March Madness Marketwatch / Todd Harrison

Monday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Dow Falls Below 7,000 For First Time Since 1997 Washington Post / Ylan Q. Mui

VIX Premium Shows Stocks Bear Market Lasting 2 Years Bloomberg / Jeff Kearns and Gareth Gore

Stocks near 12-year lows CNN / Alexandra Twin

Smart traders know oil's retreat is temporary Marketwatch / Kevin Kerr

As capitalism stares into the abyss, was Marx right all along? Independent / Stephen King

In, and out, like a lamb? Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Treasuries Rise as Stocks Fall, Report to Show Factories Shrank Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Growing Economic Crisis Threatens the Idea of One Europe NY Times / Steven Erlanger and Stephen Castle

‘Leave it to Beaver’ Saving Rate Boosts U.S. Treasury Holdings Bloomberg / Dakin Campbell

Obama faces larger problems than Social Security shortfalls Christian Science Monitor / David R. Francis

Japan Stocks Drop on U.S. Economy Slowdown; Inpex Slumps on Oil Bloomberg / Masaki Kondo

Currency ‘Protectionism’ Boosts Dollar as Banks Lend at Home Bloomberg / Liz Capo McCormick

Euro Slides to One-Week Low as EU Rejects East Europe Aid Call Bloomberg / Ron Harui

New 'Iron Curtain' will split EU's rich and poor London Times / David Charter

EU Spurns Calls for Eastern Aid Package, Bailout for Automakers Bloomberg / James G. Neuger

Australia’s Fourth-Quarter Company Profits Drop 6.5% Bloomberg / Jacob Greber and Madelene Pearson


Auto sales plunge 41% CNN / Chris Isidore

Google CEO Says Economic Situation 'Pretty Dire' Dow Jones via CNN / Scott Morrison

Breach of 12-year lows has some analysts wondering if it's 1932 or 1974 Marketwatch / Kate Gibson

Review and Preview Morgan Stanley / Ted Wieseman

Ambac’s Insurance Grade May Be Cut by Moody’s to Junk Bloomberg / Jody Shenn

Tumbling Economy May Boost Deficit Over Obama Target Investors Business Daily / David Hogberg

Industry strongly outperforms equities for second month, says Marketwatch / Alistair Barr

Treasurys rise as stocks slump to 1996 levels Marketwatch / Nick Godt

Fed launches consumer loan program, eyes expansion Reuters / Mark Felsenthal and David Lawder

Jim Rogers: U.S. stocks have yet to hit bottom Reuters / Herbert Lash

Why Apple Is Living In Denial Forbes / Brian Caulfield

Ford Sales Dive 48 Percent NY Post

IL: Middle-class neighborhoods hard hit as Chicago's foreclosures soar to nearly 20,000 Chicago Sun Times / Francine Knowles

Pesky earmarks still in eye of budget storm Christian Science Monitor / Gail Russell Chaddock

U.S. Stocks Retreat Following Bernanke’s Warning on Banks Bloomberg / Cristina Alesci and Jeff Kearns

Corporate Bond Losses Drive Investors ‘to the Bunker’ Bloomberg / Bryan Keogh

Current economic and financial conditions and the federal budget Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

Bernanke urges bold action to avoid lengthy slump Reuters

Bernanke Says U.S. May Need to Expand Bank Rescue Bloomberg / Craig Torres and Scott Lanman

Fed launches $200B consumer credit program AP via Newsday / Jeannine Aversa

In tough times, more in their 20s are losing their jobs Baltimore Sun / Hanah Cho

Biggest drop ever expected for PC shipments San Francisco Chronicle / Deborah Gage

Pending U.S. Home Resales Slump More Than Forecast Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

Are Markets Irrational? It’s Déjà vu All Over Again NY Post / John Crudele

Tuesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

How Nasdaq's bail-out index measures up to the S&P 500 The Economist

Reality check on Obama's deficit plan CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

Feb.'s bright spots aren't light at end of retail tunnel Marketwatch / Andria Cheng

Is Spending the Answer? Texas Straight Talk via Lew Rockwell / Ron Paul Ron Paul

Tens of Thousands Could Be Added to Federal Payroll Washington Post / Philip Rucker

Treasuries Fall on Speculation Rescues Will Increase Debt Sales Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Buffett before the storm Marketwatch / David Weidner

Dollar, Yen Fall as RBA Rate Decision Boosts Demand for Yield Bloomberg / Ron Harui and Theresa Barraclough

Mexican peso plunges against the U.S. dollar LA Times / Tom Petruno

UK: Rate cut likely alongside 'print money' strategy London Times / Gráinne Gilmore

Asian Stocks Drop as Recession Concerns Mount; BHP, Canon Fall Bloomberg / Jonathan Burgos and Masaki Kondo

Australia May Cut Benchmark Rate to Lowest Since 1960 Bloomberg / Jacob Greber

Australia’s Retail Sales Unexpectedly Increase 0.2% Bloomberg / Jacob Greber



Bank Charges May Surge as Mortgages Marked to Market Bloomberg / Elliot Blair Smith

Real Estate and Other Risks to the Economic Outlook Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta / Dennis P. Lockhart

How GE Capital became credit rating threat No. 1 Globe and Mail / Shawn McCarthy

GM's sales drop 52.9% as automaker struggles Lansing State Journal / Barbara Wieland

PC shipments to see sharpest-ever decline AP via Dallas Morning News

Weighing the case for a market turn Marketwatch / David Callaway

Smaller breaks for wealthy? Try again CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

UBS: 47,000 American clients avoided taxes AP via MSNBC

Remarks by FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair to the National Association of Attorneys General FDIC

The Poseidon Mortgage Adventure Forbes / Alex Davidson

No Bailout For You Forbes / Joshua Zumbrun and Maurna Desmond

Discount airlines grow amid downturn USA Today / Marilyn Adams

JPMorgan, Bank of America, Wells Fargo May Have Ratings Cut Bloomberg / David Mildenberg

A Lot of Bucks, But How Much Bang? Pimco / Richard Clarida

Treasurys fall as stock market rebounds AP via Houston Chronicle

Berkshire Credit Swaps Rise to Record, Imply ‘Junk’ Bloomberg / Erik Holm and Shannon D. Harrington

Beige Book Federal Reserve Board

U.S. Economy Weakened in January, February, Fed Says Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Beige Book Paints It Bleak Forbes / Carl Gutierrez

Reports Show Troubles Throughout U.S. Economy Washington Post / Neil Irwin

“Buy American” Feeling Grows as Automakers Struggle Gallup / Lydia Saad

More Than 8.3 Million U.S. Mortgages Are Under Water Bloomberg / Dan Levy

Wall Street snaps 5-day losing streak CNN / Catherine Clifford

Stocks Rise Around the World; Commodities Gain, Treasuries Fall Bloomberg / Cristina Alesci and Jeff Kearns

Stocks Close Sharply Higher, End Losing Streak Investors Business Daily / Juan Carlos Arancibia

Loan Modification Plan Gets Sweeter Forbes / Maurna Desmond

Dollar down as risk appetite returns Marketwatch / Lisa Twaronite, Deborah Levine and William L. Watts

S&P may back separate rating scale for complex bonds Reuters

Wednesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Costco 2Q profit drops partly on stronger dollar Seattle Times

Ben: I’m Fed Up, Too NY Post / Paul Tharp

Stocks Rise Around the World; Commodities Gain, Treasuries Fall Bloomberg / Cristina Alesci and Adam Haigh

U.S. private sector cuts 697,000 jobs in February Reuters / Burton Frierson

U.S. Service Industries Contracted at Faster Pace Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Business Outlook Survey: Bottom Dwellers / Kate O'Sullivan

Freelancing a real option for some during tough economy Miami Herald / Cindy Krischer Goodman

Treasury Dept. Details Foreclosure Prevention Washington Post / Renae Merle

Gold erases gains as crude, stocks rise Marketwatch / Moming Zhou

Oil rises to $44 as investors eye inventories AP via Houston Chronicle / Pablo Gorondi

The gap between pay for men and women in Europe The Economist

‘No Deal’ Republicans Map Disaster of Own Making Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Mortgage payments lateness surges AP via Washington Times

Ex-Leaders at Countrywide Start Firm to Buy Bad Loans NY Times / Eric Lipton

Catch F-22 for Obama Christian Science Monitor

Euro falls to lowest in more than 3 months vs dollar Guardian / Charlotte Cooper

China Manufacturing Index Rises on Stimulus Spending Bloomberg / Li Yanping and Nipa Piboontanasawat

Treasuries Fall as U.S. May Announce $60 Billion of Debt Sales Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Commercial Renters Have a New Worry: A Landlord’s Default NY Times / Alison Gregor

Australia’s Dollar Slips Before GDP Report; New Zealand’s Falls Bloomberg / Candice Zachariahs

Japan Stocks Fall on U.S. Bank Concern, Car Sales; Mizuho Drops Bloomberg / Masaki Kondo

Australian Economy Shrinks, First Time in Eight Years Bloomberg / Jacob Greber


States shave workforce to save money / Pauline Vu

MI: State jobless rate hits 11.6 percent Detroit News / Louis Aguilar

Fed has stepped over past boundaries: Lacker Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Explaining trends in wages, work, and occupations pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago / David H. Autor

Pickens eyes oil's rebound Marketwatch / Matt Andrejczak

Oil holds above $43 despite grim US corporate news AP via Palm Beach Post / Alex Kennedy

Gold rises for first day in nine as stocks, crude fall Marketwatch / Moming Zhou

Moody’s Global Default Rate Rose to 5.2% in February Bloomberg / John Glover

Too Soon for an Inflection Point Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

Worst job losses in 60 years expected Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Citigroup stock drops below $1 a share, relaxed NYSE rule allows continued trading AP via Chicago Tribune / Ieva M. Augstums

FDIC's Bair agrees to trim new bank fees AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Marcy Gordon

Web push misses urban poor Washington Post via Detroit News / Cecilia King

Is the dollar toast? Marketwatch / Howard Gold

Fed won't say who helped by AIG rescue Reuters / Karey Wutkowski

Fed assets total $1.89 trillion, down vs. last week Marketwatch / Greg Robb

Worst is yet to come for job market CNN / Chris Isidore

Wall Street: Ugly is back CNN / Alexandra Twin

Even stock market bears looking for an end to sell-off Reuters / Jeremy Gaunt

GM: 'Substantial doubt' about survival CNN / Chris Isidore

Mortgage ‘Cram-Down’ Bankruptcy Bill Approved by U.S. House Bloomberg / Dawn Kopecki

Euro rates and growth outlook cut BBC News

How efficient-market theory has been proved both wrong and right The Economist

American International Group Federal Reserve Board / Donald L. Kohn

Rationalizing Financial Literacy Policy Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta / Kartik Athreya

Treasuries Rise on Bets Central Banks Will Buy More Assets Bloomberg / Susanne Walker and Dakin Campbell

The U.S. Financial System Is Effectively Insolvent Forbes / Nouriel Roubini

February’s Jobs Report Could Take Marts By Surprise NY Post / John Crudele

U.S. productivity plummets, factory orders fall Reuters / Lucia Mutikani

U.S. Jobless Claims Exceed 600,000 for a Fifth Week Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman and Shobhana Chandra

Last-Ditch Jobs Fail Wall Street Seekers as Retail Hiring Tanks Bloomberg / Matt Townsend

Mortgage Delinquencies Rise to Record on Job Losses Bloomberg / Kathleen M. Howley

Thursday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

U.S., European Stocks Drop as China Signals No Added Stimulus Bloomberg / Cristina Alesci and Jeff Kearns

Dead End For General Motors? Forbes / Carl Gutierrez

Some Americans are getting as mad as hell The Econoist

Bank of England Cuts Rates, Starts Asset Purchases Bloomberg / Jennifer Ryan and Brian Swint

European Rates: Close To The Bottom Forbes / Lionel Laurent

The Bank of England acts to boost the money supply; the ECB also cuts its benchmark rate The Economist

Who has the most freedom to travel? The Economist

Treasuries Fall a 3rd Day Before U.S. Announces Auction Amounts Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Homes sunk in debt Boston Herald / Jerry Kronenberg

'Stay the course' advice wearing thin AP via The Statesman / Mark Jewell

The end is nigh -- and that's good Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Asian Stocks Rise as China’s Wen Pledges Increased Investment Bloomberg / Jonathan Burgos and Shani Raja

Euro Weakens on Speculation Trichet to Signal Further Rate Cuts Bloomberg / Ron Harui and Theresa Barraclough

China’s Wen Says 8% Growth Target Is Within Reach Bloomberg / Dune Lawrence and Li Yanping

Venezuela seizes US rice producer BBC News


Too Big Has Failed Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City / Thomas M. Hoenig

U.S. 10-Year Notes Post Year’s Biggest Weekly Gain as Refuge Bloomberg / Susanne Walker

Hoenig Hits Treasury for Lack of ‘Decisive’ Action Bloomberg / Steve Matthews and Vivien Lou Chen

Federal Reserve Events Reuters

Bonds Beat Stocks in ‘Earth-Shattering’ Reversal: Chart of Day Bloomberg / Jeff Kearns and Dakin Campbell

17th bank fails this year CNN / Catherine Clifford

Washington prepares for big bank failure CNN / Colin Barr

U.S. Stocks Gain as Oil Helps Dow Jump 150 Points in 35 Minutes Bloomberg / Cristina Alesci and Rita Nazareth

Street Squeaks Out Gain Forbes / Steve Schaefer

GM stock is lowest in 75 years Detroit Free Press / Tim Higgins

Ever Closer to 1982 NY Times / David Leonhardt

Consumer Borrowing Rose Unexpectedly in January AP via ABC News / Martin Crutsinger

Economic Pessimism Envelops Upper-Income Echelon Gallup

Redesigning Financial System Regulation Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia / Charles I. Plosser

Friday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

‘Animal House’ Party Days Are Over for U.S. Banks Bloomberg / John Kerry

Treasuries Little Changed as Traders Shift Focus to Debt Sales Bloomberg / Susanne Walker and Dakin Campbell

Call This A Cure For A Crisis? Forbes / Susan Lee

NV: State’s jobless rate jumps to 9.4 percent Las Vegas Sun / Nicole Lucht

Oil rises above $44 as economy drags on US dollar AP via Houston Chronicle / Chris Kahn

Treasurys ease after jobs report CNN / Ben Rooney

Survey: Many home sellers out of touch with market Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

Stocks rise in early trading after Feb. jobs data AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Madlen Read

Unemployment Shoots Up, with a Slim Silver Lining / Stephen Taub

U.S. economy sheds 651,000 jobs in February Reuters / Lucia Mutikani

Unemployment in U.S. Surges to 8.1% as Payrolls Slide Bloomberg / Bob Willis

Pink Slips Pile Up In February Forbes / Maurna Desmond

Quiet Layoffs Sting Workers Without Notice NY Times / Steve Lohr

Treasuries Fall as Yield Decline May Curb Demand at Auctions Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

SC: Real estate agents decry tight lending The State / Josh McCann

MA: Recession slugs state Boston Herald / Thomas Grillo

Slow and steady + lots of cash Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Obama's easy pickings for jobs Christian Science Monitor

Beating Back Obamanomics Lew Rockwell / Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Bring Back the Bank Run! Lew Rockwell / James Grant

Dollar slips vs basket of currencies, off 3-yr high Reuters via Guardian / Satomi Noguchi

Yen Drops Versus Euro on Deepening Political Turmoil, Recession Bloomberg / Theresa Barraclough and Ron Harui

European Central Bank cuts rate and signals more to come London Times / Gráinne Gilmore

UK: Bank prints £75bn and cuts interest rates in half London Times / Gary Duncan

Asian Stocks Fall on Commodity Prices, Stronger Yen; BHP Drops Bloomberg / Jonathan Burgos

China’s 2009 Rebound Is Pure Fantasy Bloomberg / William Pesek



Brief Remarks Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

Bernanke Says Fed to ‘Deploy All Tools’ for Economic Revival Bloomberg / Steve Matthews

Next exit: The Bernanke interchange CNN

For self-employed, lost dreams and vacant offices Minneapolis Star Tribune / Dee DePass

Barrage of bad news can get in your head, affect judgment Dallas Morning News / Eric Torbenson and Brendan Case

IRS shifts away from private debt collectors AP via San Francisco Chronicle / Stephen Ohlemacher

'Earmarks' bogging down Congress, Obama Minneapolis Star Tribune / Kevin Diaz

Treasuries Rise as Bank Stability Concern Boosts Refuge Appeal Bloomberg / Susanne Walker and Dakin Campbel

Job Losses Hint at Vast Remaking of U.S. Economy NY Times / Peter S. Goodman and Jack Healy

Under the Gun, Stores Struggle to Display Composure NY Times / Stephanie Rosenbloom

Auto Dealers Plead for U.S. Help as Hundreds May Fail in 2009 Bloomberg / Jeff Green and John Hughes

A Gloomy Outlook for Home Sales’ Big Season NY Times / Vikas Bajaj

Stimulus a fiscal tourniquet Chicago Tribune / David Greising

As Economic Woes Deepen, Obama Underlines Stimulus Washington Post / Michael A. Fletcher

Surging U.S. Unemployment Rate Pressures Obama for More Action Bloomberg / Bob Willis

Housing Market’s Upside: Affordability NY Times / Floyd Norris

Asian Stocks Fall for Fourth Week as Global Recession Deepens Bloomberg / Jonathan Burgos

Japan’s Bonds Complete Worst Week in a Month on Supply Concern Bloomberg / Yasuhiko Seki


Obama's Economic Train Wreck Gathers Speed Brookes News via Safehaven / Gerard Jackson

Jobs: A 'much worse disaster' in U.S. Globe and Mail / Barrie McKenna

Even for Market Veterans, It’s Uncharted Territory NY Times / Jeff Sommer

Recession on track to be longest in postwar period AP via Kansas City Star / Deb Riechman

Reaching for the Bottom Shelf NY Times / Andrew Martin

Recession shows the power of saving—and the price of debt Chicago Tribune / Humberto Cruz

Retail Sales Probably Fell in February: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

When economy bottoms out, how will we know? AP via Houston Chronicle / Alan Zibel, Christopher Leonard and Tim Paradis

Glimmers of hope squashed under 'buts' Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Jack Markowitz

Watch Out for Falling Dividends Wall Street Journal / Jonathan Burton

Nationalize? Hey, Not So Fast NY Times / Alan S. Blinder

As recession saps demand, a world awash in oil AP via Palm Beach Post / Chris Kahn

Economic Crisis Tests Obama's Rhetoric Washington Post / Scott Wilson

Investors Won't Like Obama's Budget Wall Street Journal / Dave Kansas

Obama Trip to Include Turkey Visit Washington Post / Scott Wilson

Tussle over GOP leadership, party's future path AP via Washington Post / Beth Fouhy

Obama nominates 3 to key Treasury Department posts AP via Washington Post

UK: Bank injection means we are all monetarists now London Times / David Smith


Should I spend or should I save? AP via Allentown Morning Call / Mark Jewell

Economist 'oracle' sees worse first, then better McClatchy via Wichita Eagle / Kevin G. Hall

Recession on track to be longest in postwar period AP via Salt Lake Tribune / Deb Riechmann

Late Freeze National Review

Depression Dynamic Ensues as Markets Revisit 1930s Bloomberg / Rich Miller

Is Fed doing right thing? Miami Herald / Lisa Gibbs

Two-Year U.S. Swap Spread Reaches Year’s Widest as Stocks Slide Bloomberg / Liz Capo McCormick

Economic fears are a big part of country's problems Chicago Sun Times / Terry Savage

A new homeowner blossoms Contra Costa Times / Eve Mitchell

Real estate woes seep into malls, office towers Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

Apples Shares Hit Again By Souring Sentiment Dow Jones via Smartmoney / Ben Charny

Market Uncertainty Leads to Selloff / Mark Glassman

Doubts rising over plan to fix banks Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull

Obama's adviser confident economy can be fixed San Francisco Chronicle / Carolyn Lochhead

Oil prices near new highs for the year AP via Contra Costa Times

U.S. Stocks Fall on Buffett, World Bank Warning About Economy Bloomberg / Rita Nazareth and Lynn Thomasson

Warning: Quants love the 'predictably irrational' Marketwatch / Paul B. Farrell

Grocery prices showing signs of retreating as foodmakers feel pressure Chicago Tribune / Greg Burns

Another Merger Of Weakness Forbes / Matthew Herper

Buffett says economy fell off cliff Reuters / Jonathan Stempel

Recessions Are Self-Correcting Forbes / John Tamny

Depression Dynamic Ensues as Markets Revisit 1930s Bloomberg / Rich Miller

U.S. job market plummets in February: Conference Board Reuters

Credit card delinquencies decline in 4th quarter AP via Houston Chronicle

Treasurys turn lower as stocks reverse early losses Marketwatch / Deborah Levine,

Monday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Stocks in rebound mode CNN

McDonald's warns on 1Q revenue, margins Chicago Tribune / James P. Miller

Oil at $50 Looms as OPEC Plans Cut, Keeps to Quota Bloomberg / Grant Smith

Dollar rallies as equities slip Marketwatch / Polya Lesova and William L. Watts

Pound slides as bank shares hit BBC News

Rich countries, especially, are piling up debt The Economist

Money Stimulates Debate in States Over Plan's Goals Washington Post / Alec MacGillis



For sale: Cubicles, slightly used Chicago Tribune / Lauren R. Harrison

Suppose They Gave Mortgage Relief But Nobody Came Forbes / Maurna Desmond

Key Treasury Posts Remain Vacant Washington Post / David Cho

Toshiba shares jump as report of profit surprises Reuters via Washington Post

U.S. sovereign-credit spreads rise sevenfold in year Marketwatch / Laura Mandaro

S&P downgrades Illinois' GO bond ratings Chicago Tribune / James P. Miller

U.S. "in a deep mess" but we will fix it: Geithner Reuters

Congress Gives Final Approval to $410 Billion Spending Package Bloomberg / Brian Faler

Short interest rose as investors battered big names Marketwatch / Laura Mandaro

Stocks Post Best Rally of 2009 on Improving Citigroup Outlook Bloomberg / Rita Nazareth and Lynn Thomasson

Dollar under pressure as equities rise Marketwatch / Lisa Twaronite, Nick Godt and William L. Watts

Oil falls on lower demand forecast AP via Houston Chronicle

Gross Raises U.S. Debt Holdings to Highest Since 2007 Bloomberg / Dakin Campbell

Treasurys pinned down by record 3-year note auction Marketwatch / Deborah Levine

Treasuries Fall as Stocks Gain, U.S. Sells $34 Billion in Notes Bloomberg / Susanne Walker

Bringing back uptick rule could soothe U.S. markets Reuters / Leah Schnurr

Big rally on Wall Street CNN / Alexandra Twin

Right and wrong The Economist

South Florida: the toughest place to sell a house South Florida Sun Sentinel / Paul Owers

Muted celebrations The Economist

Citigroup Profitable Through February

Bernanke Urges Rules Overhaul to Stem Risk Build-Ups Bloomberg / Craig Torres and Scott Lanman

Bernanke: Fix banks to get a recovery CNN / Ben Rooney

Financial Reform to Address Systemic Risk Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

Bernanke says must protect against systemic risks Reuters

U.S. Wholesale Inventories Decrease a Quarter as Much as Sales Bloomberg / Bob Willis

Nobody Says Mark to Market Doesn’t Matter as GE Falls Bloomberg / Michael Tsang and Rachel Layne

Tuesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

U.S. Stocks Advance as Citigroup Drives JPMorgan, Banks Higher Bloomberg / Rita Nazareth and Lynn Thomasson

Who's Obama Kidding? Forbes / Brian S. Wesbury and Robert Stein

The Honeymoon Period is Over for Obama NY Post / John Crudele

IMF warns of global "Great Recession" Reuters / Lesley Wroughton and George Obulutsa

Weber Says ECB Shouldn’t Cut Rates Below 1 Percent Bloomberg / Jana Randow and Simone Meier

Merrill Lynch trips to Ritz Carlton Orlando under federal scrutiny Orlando Sentinel / Richard Burnett

U.S. Unemployment Rate to Reach 9.4% This Year, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra and Alex Tanzi

U.S. to Toughen Its Stance On Trade Washington Post / Anthony Faiola

Romer: Too Soon for More Stimulus Washington Post / Steve Vogel

Wondering if Crude Could Fall Even More NY Times / Jad Mouawad

Oil Rises on Saudi Arabia’s Supply Cut, Lower U.S. Stockpiles Bloomberg / Christian Schmollinger

Hedge Funds May Cut a Record 20,000 Jobs as Losses Erode Fees Bloomberg / Katherine Burton and Saijel Kishan

Yen Weakens a Third Day on Concern Japan’s Economy Is Worsening Bloomberg / Yasuhiko Seki and Ron Harui

China Consumer Prices Fall for First Time Since 2002 Bloomberg / Li Yanping and Nipa Piboontanasawat

Japan Leads Rich Nations Downward AP via Washington Post / Eugene Hoshiko

World loses 'over $50 trillion' Washington Times / David M. Dickson

Stock markets make fools of the best of us Independent / David Prosser

Treasuries Fall Before Record $34 Billion Three-Year Auction Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Oil holds above $47 after previous session's 3 pct gain Reuters via Guardian / Maryelle Demongeot

Philippine Exports Fell the Most Since at Least 1981 in January Bloomberg / Clarissa Batino


Mortgage lending reform Federal Reserve Board / Sandra F. Braunstein

Rich list hit by economic crisis BBC News

If Tax-Cut Lapsing Is Class Warfare, Let’s Fight Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Continuation of gains warrants limited celebration Marketwatch / Kate Gibson

Greenspan A Glutton For (His Own) Punishment Fall Street via Safehaven / Brady Willett

U.S. Markets Wrap: Stocks Gain as Banks Rise, Oil Plunges 7.4% Bloomberg / Rita Nazareth and Lynn Thomasson

Short-selling bullies aren't to blame CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Techs rally for 2nd session CNN / Alexandra Twin

Neiman Marcus reports its first holiday-sales loss Dallas Morning News / Maria Halkias

What Democrats Really Think Of Tim Geithner Forbes / Dan Gerstein

Dead-cat bounce? The Economist

One crunch after another The Economist

Sea levels are rising twice as fast as had been thought The Economist

Oil prices settle below $43 on inventory report AP via Houston Chronicle

Reports of America's decline are greatly exaggerated Christian Science Monitor / Steve Yetiv

Policy Uncertainty Fogs the Outlook Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner and David Greenlaw

As economy tanks, auto-repair industry thrives Sacramento Bee / Mark Glover

Jobless: 4 states above 10% CNN / Julianne Pepitone

Federal Reserve Events Reuters

Stocks modestly higher as traders try to extend rally AP via USA Today / Sara Lepro

Wednesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

U.S. Stocks Gain as Geithner’s Injection Plan Drives Bank Rally Bloomberg / Rita Nazareth and Lynn Thomasson

Gold rises above $900 as dollar loses ground Marketwatch / Moming Zhou

Oil below $45 with US oil inventories rising again AP via The State / Chris Kahn

Recession has taken toll on alternative energy San Francisco Chronicle / Carolyn Said

Illinois cracks top 10 in per capita bankruptcy filings Chicago Tribune / Becky Yerak

Mich. jobless rate still highest in nation Detroit News / Jeannine Aversa

Global Confidence Drops as Economies Crumble, Bailouts Needed Bloomberg / Shamim Adam

Jobs: ‘Like we're about to fall off a cliff' Globe and Mail / Susan Sachs

Pimco Predicts Inflation, Joining Buffett, Marc Faber Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Treasuries Little Changed as Stock Gains Cut Demand for Safety Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Foreclosed Houses Haunt Home Builders Wall Street Journal / Michael Corkery and Dawn Wotapka

Retirement Living in Elkhart, Indiana Lew Rockwell / Gary North

It'll Take More Than Money to Fix This Crisis Washington Post / Steven Pearlstein

Thirsting for the truth Marketwatch / Todd Harrison

Difficult to make case that new bull market began Tuesday Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Citi's Long History of Overreach, Then Rescue Washington Post / Binyamin Appelbaum

China Reports Falling Prices and Low Demand NY Times / Keith Bradhser

Australia: Consumer sentiment soft on job insecurity, recession AP via Guardian / Anirban Nag

UK economic activity 4% off peak BBC News

Asian Currencies Rise, Led by Won, Rupiah, on Banking Optimism Bloomberg / Kim Kyoungwha

Asian Stocks Rise on Bank-Recovery Hope; BHP Gains on Metals Bloomberg / Jonathan Burgos

Japan Machine Orders Drop for Fourth Month on Exports Bloomberg / Jason Clenfield


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U.S. February Retail Sales Decline Less Than Forecast Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

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Yen, Dollar Rise as Asian Stock Declines Spur Demand for Safety Bloomberg / Yasuhiko Seki and Ron Harui

Australian Jobless Rate Climbs to 4-Year High of 5.2% Bloomberg / Jacob Greber

Japan GDP Shrank 12.1% Last Quarter on Export Slide Bloomberg / Jason Clenfield

China’s Jan.-Feb. Industrial-Output Slows as Exports Slide Bloomberg / Li Yanping



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U.S. trade gap narrows for record sixth month Reuters

Jobless Rate Above 10% Defines Recession as Bernanke Predicted Bloomberg / Peter Robison

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