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High quality bonds: an oasis in a dry market Christian Science Monitor / Bruce W. Fraser

Auto deliquency rates rise nearly 9 percent in 4Q AP via Houston Chronicle

Electricity thefts surge in bad times USA Today / Paul Davidson

Fed may still buy Treasurys, just not now Marketwatch / Deborah Levine

Fed Should Buy Treasuries, Macroeconomic Survey Says Bloomberg / Liz Capo McCormick

Cisco unveils new data-center architecture Marketwatch / Benjamin Pimentel

Newspapers' troubles escalate in recession Christian Science Monitor / Alexandra Marks

Wachovia Securities ordered to pay $3.9M fine AP via Houston Chronicle

IN: Amid 18 percent unemployment, Indiana county finds unity Christian Science Monitor / Richard Mertens

Canada: As wealth vanishes, consumers retrench Globe and Mail / Janet McFarland

Surplus nation blues Marketwatch / David Marsh

Backing Off On Mark-To-Market Forbes / Maurna Desmond

Obama’s Approval Rating Slips With Economy in Polls Bloomberg / Kristin Jensen

Bear Stearns Showed Me Why Heavy Debt Is Murder Bloomberg / John Dorfman

Rally Adds A Distribution Day As Volume Rises In Late Surge Investors Business Daily / Alan R. Elliott

Mortgage Fraud Rises Even as Loans Decline Washington Post / Dina ElBoghdady

Less to pay The Economist

Will the Fed go long? CNN / Chris Isidore

Treasury Premium Triples for U.S.’s Newest Bonds Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger and Dakin Campbell

Moody's Warns of Heightened Refunding Risk / Stephen Taub

Bernanke May Buy Treasuries After Gilt Yields Fall Bloomberg / Rich Miller

Bernanke sees U.S. recovery beginning in 2010 Reuters / Mark Felsenthal

Bernanke: Recession 'probably' will end this year if government stabilizes banking system AP via Chicago Tribune / Jeannine Aversa

AIG Outs Counterparties Forbes / Maurna Desmond

U.S. Industrial Production Fell 1.4% in February Bloomberg / Bob Willis

New York Manufacturing Index Slumped to Record Low Bloomberg / Timothy R. Homan

Rich Head for the Caymans When Tax Rates Go Up Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Monday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Global Stocks Rally on Improving Economic, Banking Outlook Bloomberg / Cristina Alesci and Adam Haigh

Wheat, corn, soybeans futures gain on the CBOT AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer

OPEC Opts for No Shift in Output NY Times / Nelson D, Schwartz and Jad Mouawad


Equities dead as long-term asset: Thames River Reuters / Jeremy Gaunt

Adobe profit, revenue fall in its first quarter Mercury News / Brandon Bailey

Review and Preview Morgan Stanley / Ted Wieseman

SIFMA Details Duties of Financial Stability Regulator SIFMA

Coca-Cola Flees Commercial Paper for Safety in Bonds Bloomberg / Bryan Keogh, John Detrixhe and Gabrielle Coppola

Stocks regain momentum after better-than-expected housing report; Dow jumps 179 points AP via Chicago Tribune / Stephen Bernard and Tim Paradis

U.S. Markets Wrap: Stocks Rise on Homebuilding Data, Oil Climbs Bloomberg / Cristina Alesci and Mark Shenk

Fed ‘Disinclined’ to Purchase Treasuries, Goldman Sachs Says Bloomberg / Susanne Walker

Treasury Bonds Rise on Speculation Fed May Purchase U.S. Debt Bloomberg / Dakin Campbell

Congress looking at huge taxes on AIG bonuses AP via Houston Chronicle / Laurie Kellman

Oil rises above $48 as U.S. data offset inventories Marketwatch / Moming Zhou and Polya Lesova

Ireland Hung Over On St. Patrick's Day Forbes / Parmy Olson

Caterpillar cuts another 2,454 jobs in 3 states Reuters

Tuesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

U.S. Stocks Fluctuate After Unexpected Gain in Housing Starts Bloomberg / Cristina Alesci

Could America’s Savings Rate Be 5%? Not Really NY Post / John Crudele

Past-due auto loan rate rises nearly 9% in 4Q AP via Newsday

U.S. February producer prices up 0.1 pct Reuters / Alister Bull

Housing starts unexpectedly surge CNN / Ben Rooney

Treasurys up as Fed's policy meeting starts Marketwatch / Deborah Levine

Wells Forgo TARP NY Post / Paul Tharp

Speaking in fewer tongues The Economist

Too early to predict end of crash Boston Herald / Barry Armstrong

Treasury Notes Are Little Changed Before Producer Price Report Bloomberg / Bob Chen

Bernanke May Need ‘Massive’ Asset Buying to Counter Contraction Bloomberg / Craig Torres

Bernanke does his best to talk us into a recovery Independent / David Prosser

Smart grid's growth now depends on states / Daniel C. Vock

Cheaper gas can't last, analysts warn LA Times / Ronald D. White

Small-Business Lending Gets a Boost Washington Post / David Cho and Binyamin Appelbaum

U.S. Bailouts Add to Risk of Depression, Rogers Says Bloomberg / Chua Kong Ho and Bernard Lo

Betting on Bad News Washington Post / Binyamin Appelbaum and David Cho

Asian Stocks Gain on Bank Earnings Optimism, Commodity Prices Bloomberg / Jonathan Burgos and Patrick Rial

Euro Rises as Equities Rally, Signaling Risk Appetite Reviving Bloomberg / Theresa Barraclough and Ron Harui

In Downturn, China Exploits Path to Growth NY Times / Keith Bradsher


A test of will The Economist

Have mortgage rates hit bottom? Marketwatch / Laura Mandaro

Experts say Asia needs to rely less on exports AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Yuri Kageyama

The world's biggest military spenders The Economist

Mortgage rates likely to sink on Fed actions AP via MSNBC

The Buyer Of Last Resort Forbes / Joshua Zumbrun

Fed to Buy $300 Billion of Longer-Term Treasuries Bloomberg / Craig Torres

Dollar Falls Most Since 2000 on Fed’s Plan to Buy Treasuries Bloomberg / Molly Seltzer and Ye Xie

Statement Regarding Purchases of Treasury Securities Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Fed: Bring On The T-Bonds Forbes / Steve Schaefer

FOMC Statement Federal Reserve Board

Risk management in the banking industry Federal Reserve Board / Roger T. Cole

Federal Reserve to Buy $1.2T in Bonds, Mortgage-Backed Securities Washington Post / Neil Irwin

Obama Says Short US Treasuries Ludwig von Mises Institute / Michael Pollaro

Corporate Bond Grade Inflation Forbes / Daniel Fisher and Jack Gage

Wednesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Seinfeld Stock Rally Is Built on Empty Chatter Bloomberg / David Reilly

BofA, Citigroup surge on hope worst has passed Reuters / Elinor Comlay and Jonathan Stempel

Fed resumes meeting, focus seen on existing plans Reuters / Mark Felsenthal

Fed Wrestles Over How to Inject Credit Into Economy Bloomberg / Steve Matthews

Federal Reserve Events Reuters

Consumer Prices in U.S. Increase More Than Forecast Bloomberg / Bob Willis

AIG's Larceny Forbes / Dan Gerstein

IBM in talks to buy Sun Microsystems: report Reuters / S. John Tilak

Toshiba Corp. names new president AP via San Diego Union Tribune

The economics of investing in rental property Sacramento Bee

British Unemployment Rises Most Since at Least 1971 Bloomberg / Svenja O’Donnell and Brian Swint

Newsletter editor Seiver predicts much lower bond prices Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Treasuries Gain as Fed May Detail Plans to Purchase U.S. Debt Bloomberg / Bob Chen

With key rate near zero, Fed scopes out options Washington Post / Jeannine Aversa

Mutual Funds Move to Restore Investor Confidence NY Times / Diana B. Henriques

Wall Street's Dangerous Refusal to Learn Washington Post / Steven Pearlstein

Trade Barriers Could Threaten Global Economy Washington Post / Anthony Faiola

Asian Stocks Advance on Japan Bank Plan, U.S. Housing Starts Bloomberg / Jonathan Burgos and Patrick Rial

UK recession will drag into 2010 as others recover, says IMF London Times / Gary Duncan

Bank of Japan stands pat on interest rates Marketwatch / Myra P. Saefong

Warren Buffett Unusually Silent on Credit Rating Agencies NY Times / David Segal

Yen Falls to Lowest This Year as Stocks Reduce Refuge Demand Bloomberg / Theresa Barraclough and Ye Xie



Swissie fit The Economist

It's All About Debt Forbes / David O. Beim

Treasuries Head for Weekly Gain on Fed’s Plan to Buy U.S. Debt Bloomberg / Dakin Campbell and Susanne Walker

Fed Is Going All In To Kick-Start Credit, But Is It Enough? Investors Business Daily / Jed Graham

Fed’s treasury-bond gambit: mother of all rescue plans Christian Science Monitor / Mark Trumbull

Top watchdog The Economist

How long can this short-covering rally last? Marketwatch / Nick Godt & Laura Mandaro

Bull Market for Stocks May Hinge on ‘Net Gen-ers’: Chart of Day Bloomberg / David Wilson

Mexico retaliates against American congressmen who want closed borders The Economist

UK: Unemployment surges, and there is worse to come The Economist

Fed action sends mortgage rates below 5% Chicago Tribune / Mary Ellen Podmolik

FL: South Florida doctors offer options for uninsured Miami Herald / John Dorschner

The Fed Did It, and Greenspan Should Admit It Ludwig von Mises / Frank Shostak

Modernizing bank supervision and regulation Federal Reserve Board / Daniel K. Tarullo

March 2009 Business Outlook Survey Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Modernizing Bank Supervision And Regulation FDIC / Sheila Bair

Treasurys turn mixed as investors digest Fed move Marketwatch / Deborah Levine

Easter Bunny's basket lighter this year CNN / Julianne Pepitone

Consumer will be able to find easy money NY Post / Paul Tharp

Oil: Low prices are behind us CNN / Steve Hargreaves

U.S. Stocks Retreat on Skepticism Over Bernanke’s ‘Shell Game’ Bloomberg / Cristina Alesci

Stock turnaround: Don't believe the hype CNN / Walter Updegrave

Thursday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Loonie jumps higher Globe and Mail / Virginia Galt

Fed says let's Twist again after 48 years Reuters / Alister Bull

U.S. workers on jobless benefits at record high Reuters

Americans Getting Jobless Benefits Reach 5.5 Million Bloomberg / Timothy R. Homan

Federal Reserve targets loan rates with $1 trillion plan Chicago Tribune / Maura Reynolds

Gold Jumps, Oil Tops $50 as Inflation Concern Spurs Commodities Bloomberg / Claudia Carpenter and Glenys Sim

Dollar Rally Crumbles as Fed Ramps Up Printing Press Bloomberg / Oliver Biggadike and Ye Xie

FedEx profit tumbles on global slump Reuters / Nick Carey

Dodd: Administration sought bonus limit revision AP via San Francisco Chronicle / Jim Kuhnenn

Obama Needs AIG’s Liddy, Not Other Way Around Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

IMF says global economy to shrink for first time in 60 years, calls for coordinated action AP via Seattle Times / Christopher S. Rugaber

ECB Under Pressure to Follow Fed, Economists Say Bloomberg / Gabi Thesing

China Toys With Biting Hand Feeding Its Surplus Bloomberg / John M. Berry

AIG execs give some back Boston Herald / Jay Fitzgerald

The Fed Goes Crazy Lew Rockwell / Gary North

Bernanke Caps Treasury Yields to Cut Consumer Borrowing Rates Bloomberg / Dakin Campbell

‘Rambo Fed’ Pledges to Start Buying Treasuries to Combat Crisis Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

Treasuries Little Changed Before Fed Announces Debt Sale Amount Bloomberg / Bob Chen

Mortgage rates: How low can they go? Washington Times / Patrice Hill

U.S. Leading Economic Indicators Probably Dropped in February Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

JPMorgan, GE Face Credit Card Losses as Retailer Rewards Vanish Bloomberg / Ari Levy

As Credit Cards Falter, the Cash Variety Gains Popularity NY Times / James Flanigan

Recession chills basketball bets Boston Herald / Thomas Grillo

First a rally, then hyperinflation? Marketwatch / Peter Brimelow

Town hall told rich 'can afford' tax hike Washington Times / Christina Bellantoni

A Defining Moment for Treasury Secretary NY Times / Jackie Calmes

Euro Weakens Against Yen as ECB May Cut Rates to Combat Slump Bloomberg / Theresa Barraclough and Ron Harui

Pre-Fed, Gold Falls to $888.70. Post-Fed, a Jump to $940.10 Wall Street Journal

Asian Stocks Gain on Federal Reserve Bond Plan; Westpac Rises Bloomberg / Jonathan Burgos


Postal Service to cut 150K jobs AP via Newsday

Bernanke Mortgage Rates Get 4% Handle First Time: Chart of Day Bloomberg / Kathleen M. Howley

Deficit Projected To Swell Beyond Earlier Estimates Washington Post / Lori Montgomery

Senate Republicans balk at tax on bonuses AP via Houston Chronicle / Laurie Kellman and Stephen Ohlemacher

OECD says world economy to shrink BBC News

Stocks fall but log second week of gains AP via Miami Herald / Tim Paradis

Bernanke Says Fed Trying to Oppose Forces Countering Rate Cuts Bloomberg / Scott Lanman and Vivien Lou Chen

The Financial Crisis and Community Banking Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

Enforcement of financial consumer protection laws Federal Reserve Board / Elizabeth Duke

Bernanke: Exec compensation must be monitored AP via San Francisco Chronicle / Jeannine Aversa

Tax on AIG bonuses: Congress shouldn't confuse pandering with policymaking Chicago Tribune / David Greising

Bonus tax: Feels good, but is it? CNN / Jeanne Sahadi

Mass Hysteria Over AIG Obscures Simple Truths Bloomberg / Michael Lewis

Friday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

AMEX put on credit watch Bloomberg via NY Post

Citigroup's Changing Of The Guard Forbes / Carl Gutierrez

Still Sinking and Synching Morgan Stanley / Joachim Fels

Detroit's jobless rate hits 26-year high at 22.2% Detroit Free Press / John Gallagher

U.S. Stocks Advance, Extending Second Straight Weekly Advance Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Too early to write off dollar despite Fed's move Reuters / Wanfeng Zhou and Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss

European Industrial Output Plunges by Most on Record Bloomberg / Jurjen van de Pol

Weber Says ECB Could Offer Banks Longer-Term Loans Bloomberg / Gabi Thesing

Greenspan’s Bubbles 101 Lesson Must Be Avoided Bloomberg / William Pesek

Many in Government Knew Weeks Ago About A.I.G. Bonuses NY Times / Edmund L. Andrews and Jackie Calmes

Obama Says AIG Bonuses ‘Stunned’ Him, Vows to Get Money Back Bloomberg / Julianna Goldman and Ryan Flinn

A.I.G. Sues U.S. for Return of $306 Million in Tax Payments NY Times / Lynnley Browning

Fannie, Freddie Decry Bill to Tax Bonuses Washington Post / Zachary A. Goldfarb

Tax on Employee Bonuses Advances in U.S. Congress Bloomberg / Ryan J. Donmoyer

Congress Moves to Slap Heavy Tax on Bonuses Washington Post / Shailagh Murray, Paul Kane and David Cho

13 Bailed-Out Banks Failed to Pay Taxes Washington Post / Amit R. Paley

Multiple 9-to-1 up days often -- but not always -- are bullish Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Nintendo, Microsoft Console Sales Rise; Sony’s Decline Again Bloomberg / Adam Satariano

Asian Stocks Fall as Valuations Climb; Commonwealth Declines Bloomberg / Jonathan Burgos

Gold down as Chinese dealers sell, ETF at record Reuters via Guardian / Sambit Mohanty

Oil Set for Fifth Week of Gains on U.S. Growth Plan, Dollar Bloomberg / Angela Macdonald-Smith and Mark Shenk

Dollar Heads for Record Weekly Loss Versus Euro as Supply Rises Bloomberg / Ron Harui

Rapid Declines in Manufacturing Spread Global Anxiety NY Times / Nelson D. Schwartz


Official: AIG paid $218 million in bonuses, not $165 million AP via Dallas Morning News

Grocers, food makers wage price tug-of-war Dallas Morning News

UK to remain in deflation trap until 2012, economists warn Telegraph / Edmund Conway

Lewis: AIG execs ought to heed the howling mob Denver Post / Al Lewis

Young and Old Are Facing Off for Jobs NY Times / Steven Greenhouse

Slapped by recession, can Consumer Nation rethink? AP via Washington Post / Ted Anthony

In Metro Orlando, even just-built homes going on auction block Orlando Sentinel / Jerry W. Jackson

California jobless rate climbs to 10.5 percent San Francisco Chronicle / Tom Abate

After Bonusgate, what next? CNN / Jennifer Liberto

Barney Frank hits Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Boston Herald / Jay Fitzgerald

Bernanke: Small banks key role in recovery Washington Post via Seattle Times / Neil Irwin

Citigroup, Bank of America, JPMorgan Criticize Limits Bloomberg / Elizabeth Hester

Credit Unions With $57 Billion in Assets Seized; 3 Banks Fail Bloomberg / Margaret Chadbourn and Ari Levy

Stronger Euro Threatens Weak Economy in Europe NY Times / Matthew Saltmarsh



Bernanke Pressure for Low Yields Builds With Jobless Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger

Latest economic recovery plan on toxic-asset purchases hits $1 trillion USA Today / Barbara Hagenbaugh

Breaking up money-pit behemoths is necessary San Diego Union Tribune / Dean Calbreath

Obama Says Risks Still in System, Questions Bonus Tax Bloomberg / Hans Nichols

ECB could cut rates, take other steps: Trichet Reuters

Soon there may be nobody left to lend to America London Times / Irwin Stelzer

Treasury inflation-protected securities give some guarantees in uncertain financial world South Florida Sun Sentinel / Gail MarksJarvis

Red Flags That Muni Investors Can’t See NY Times / Gretchen Morgenson

Recession rolling into next phase Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Spending Likely Slowed as Home Sales Fell: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

Recession Challenges Small Businesses NY Times

Got money? Capitalize on economic misery St. Louis Post Dispatch / Jim Gallagher

Wal-Mart Supercenters ring Chicago, grab share from Jewel, Dominick's Chicago Tribune / Mike Hughlett

The Fed's Big Move Puts the Brakes on the Buck Wall Street Journal / Joanna Slater

When ‘Deficit’ Isn’t a Dirty Word NY Times / Robert H. Frank

Obama Advisers Note Populist Tone, Urge Restraint AP via ABC News / Phillip Elliott

AIG Bonuses Are Final Straw for Many Struggling Taxpayers Washington Post / Joel Achenbach

AIG Bonus: Stock is up 200% NY Post / Michael Gray

Weber Says ECB May Lower Rates to Stem Recession Bloomberg / Meera Louis and James G. Neuger

G20 warned unrest will sweep globe Guardian – Observer / Heather Stewart and Larry Elliott

With 25 percent jobless rate, once-flourishing region is sharp end of Spain's Meltdown Woes AP via Baltimore Sun / Jorge Sainz

More women needing cash go from jobless to topless AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Karen Hawkins

Ban on Costly Credit Card Practices Has Yet to Take Effect Washington Post / Ylan Q. Mui

Ride the Rally While It Lasts Washington Post / Frank Ahern


Secretive investors wary of getting in bed with the Feds NY Post / Kaja Whitehouse

Can't sell your house in this market? Trade it. Christian Science Monitor / Amy Farnsworth

Bankruptcy is Economic Stimulus Texas Straight Talk via Safehaven / Ron Paul

Tim Geithner's new effort to treat America's financial toxins The Economist

Agricultural land is a bright spot in some property markets The Economist

Fed should focus on monetary policy: Fed, Treasury statement Reuters / Corbett B. Daly

Nine of top 10 AIG bonuses returned: NYAG Cuomo Reuters

GE Loses a Last AAA With Moody's Rating Wall Street Journal

Bonds fall as stocks soar on plan for bad assets Reuters / Burton Frierson

Market soars 500 points; biggest gain in 4 months AP via Detroit Free Press / Tim Paradis

U.S. Markets Wrap: S&P 500 Caps Biggest 10-Day Gain Since 1938 Bloomberg / Lynn Thomasson and Adam Haigh

Oil climbs past $53 AP via Globe and Mail / Pablo Gorondi

Bernanke’s Deflation Jihad May Trample Traders Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Testimony at the Field Hearing of the Committee on Financial Services of the U.S. House of Representatives Federal Reserve Bank of Boston / Eric S. Rosengren

Chicago Fed National Activity Index pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Geithner Relies on Investors for $1 Trillion Plan Bloomberg / Rebecca Christie and Robert Schmidt

Geithner's Bank Plan: Winners And Losers Forbes / Joshua Zumbrun

Bank Bond Spreads Endanger S&P 500 Index’s Advance Bloomberg / Michael Tsang

Monday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

European Stocks Gain on U.S. Treasury Plan; Deutsche Bank Rises Bloomberg / Adam Haigh

WTO Sees 9% Drop in 2009 Global Trade Amid Recession Bloomberg / Jennifer M. Freedman

Goldman Sachs Turns to Betty Boop, Hello Kitty Bloomberg / William Pesek

Corporate bonds step where banks fear to tread London Times / Suzy Jagger and Helen Power

As Cuts Loom, Will Working From Home Lead to Layoff? Washington Post / Annys Shin

Down times spark start-ups Christian Science Monitor / Marilyn Gardner

Gen Y: the next 'Greatest Generation'? Christian Science Monitor / Sara Libby

Tracking the recession: How layoffs affect one small town / Stephen C. Fehr

One in Five Americans Plan to Buy a Home Despite Economic Conditions Marketwatch

Furor Over AIG Bonuses May Affect Dodd Washington Post / Keith B. Richburg

‘Bull-Market’ Rally Has Begun, Templeton Asset’s Mobius Says Bloomberg / Chua Kong Ho and Paul Gordon

Asian Stocks Advance on Japan Stimulus Optimism; BHP Climbs Bloomberg / Masaki Kondo

Euro hits 5-month high vs yen, gains on dollar Guardian

Yen, Dollar Slide on Optimism Obama Plan to Aid Risk Appetite Bloomberg / Yasuhiko Seki and Ron Harui

Australian Dollar Gains a 10th Day on Stocks; N.Z. Dollar Rises Bloomberg / Candice Zachariahs

Japan Manufacturer Sentiment Tumbles Most on Record Bloomberg / Lily Nonomiya

Trichet Says ECB May Be Unorthodox on Bank Financing, WSJ Says Bloomberg / Simon Kennedy


When Bernanke Says All Is Well, It's Time to Duck and Cover Casey Research via Safehaven / Doug Casey

Where the death penalty was used most last year The Economist

Great Depression icon meets the great recession Christian Science Monitor / Rafael Alvaraz

Review and Preview Morgan Stanley / Ted Wieseman

Effective Monetary Policy in a Low Interest Rate Environment Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis / James Bullard

Inflation target is key to fighting deflation, Bullard says Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Overdraft fees are out of control, steamed consumers tell Fed Marketwatch / Ruth Mantell

Obama Urges Patience on Economy, Makes Appeal for Budget Plan Bloomberg / Julianna Goldman and Hans Nichols

AIG bonuses were bad, but a bonus tax would be even worse St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

Consumer Mood Up Last Week Gallup / Frank Newport

Tampa area home sales surge 23% in February St. Petersburg Times / James Thorner

Central banks sit on their bullion reserves Marketwatch / Moming Zhou

Gold falls further as dollar regains ground Marketwatch / Moming Zhou

Central Banking in Times of Crisis Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago / Charles L. Evans

American International Group Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

Fed's Evans: U.S. growth should resume this year Reuters

Home Prices Had Smallest Drop in 5 Months in January Bloomberg / Kathleen M. Howley

Obama is taking on toxic US home loans NY Post / John Crudele

Tuesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

U.S. Stocks Retreat Following Rally; Citigroup, Newmont Drop Bloomberg / Lynn Thomasson

Mortgage Fees Highest Since 2000 Will Buoy U.S. Banks Bloomberg / Kathleen M. Howley

How Much Is That Toxic Asset in the Window? / Sarah Johnson

Eat-What-You-Kill Bond Traders Rise From Wall Street Wreckage Bloomberg / Caroline Salas and Pierre Paulden

Fed May Concentrate Treasury Purchases in Most Recent Issues Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger

Treasuries Fall, Extend Longest Slide This Month as Stocks Gain Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Ron Paul: Believer in Small Government Predicts 15-Year Depression Lew Rockwell / Phil Davis

1 in 5 American workers are uninsured, study says USA Today / Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar

U.S. recession to last well into 2010: Feldstein Reuters

Getting better all the time Marketwatch / David Weidner

U.S. Seeks Expanded Power to Seize Firms Washington Post / Binyamin Appelbaum and David Cho

Nobel Winners Spence, Krugman Clash on Geithner Plan Prospects Bloomberg / Scott Lanman and Vivien Lou Chen

Oil eases but stays strong above $53 in Asia AP via Houston Chronicle / Eileen Ng

SC: First Citizens opts not to use U.S. cash The State / Chuck Crumbo

Hedge Fund Investors See Returns of 5 to 10% NY Times / Zachery Kouwe

Yen Near 5-Month Low Versus Euro as Stocks Surge on Bank Plan Bloomberg / Yasuhiko Seki and Oliver Biggadike



The Uncertain Economic Outlook and the Policy Responses Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco / Janet L. Yellen

Yellen: Economy warrants bold policy moves Marketwatch / Greg Robb and Kate Gibson

Exploring the Balance Between Increased Credit Availability and Prudent Lending Standards FDIC / Martin J. Gruenberg

This Market Rally May Be for Real Business Week / Michael Mandel

Obama Bounce: Rocky Session Ends Higher / Mark Glassman

Economy nips, tucks plastic surgery business AP via Houston Chronicle

Bank of America, Wells Fargo Ratings Cut by Moody’s Bloomberg / Linda Shen and Ari Levy

Treasuries Fall on Supply Concern as Seven-Year Sale Looms Bloomberg / Dakin Campbell and Susanne Walker

IBM to cut 5,000 jobs in U.S. Reuters

U.S. Stocks Rally, Extend S&P 500’s Best Monthly Gain Since ’91 Bloomberg / Lynn Thomasson

The Great Recession CNN / Chris Isidore

Jobless benefits fund could near insolvency in '10 AP via Denver Post / Catherine Tsai

Michigan jobless rate hits 12% CNN / Julianne Pepitone

Bond Rally Is Ending as ‘Green Shoots’ Emerge, Barclays Says Bloomberg / Matthew Brown

Treasuries Fall as Five-Year Note Auction Draws Yield of 1.849% Bloomberg / Susanne Walker

Led by Citi, Firms Turn to Bonds / Stephen Taub

Double-Dippers NY Post / Mark DeCambre

Municipal Market Regulator Regrets Enabling Losses Bloomberg / Darrell Preston

Fed Buys $7.5 Billion of Treasuries to Lower Borrowing Costs Bloomberg / Liz Capo McCormick

Gold rises on weaker dollar, rising ETF demand Marketwatch / Moming Zhou

Oil reduces losses as gasoline demand rises Marketwatch / Moming Zhou & Polya Lesova

U.S. Stocks Rally, Extend S&P 500’s Best Monthly Gain Since ’87 Bloomberg / Lynn Thomasson

Wednesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Stocks revive the rally CNN / Alexandra Twin

For home buyers, rock bottom prices tough to pinpoint Miami Herald / Monica Hatcher

U.S. home sales climb at fastest pace in 10 months Reuters / Lucia Mutikani

Tim and Ben: Deputize Us NY Post / Paul Tharp

EU presidency: US economic plans 'a road to hell' AP via Houston Chronicle / Raf Casert

U.K. Bond Auction Fails for First Time Since 2002 Bloomberg / Kim-Mai Cutler

Social networking Web sites facing transparency questions AP via Dallas Morning News

Treasuries Little Changed as Fed Prepares to Start Buying Today Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Even renters who are paid up are getting kicked out Christian Science Monitor

Durable Goods Orders in U.S. Probably Dropped as Exports Slid Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Rising health costs making small businesses ill Boston Herald / Christine McConville

MI: Dollar retailers riding high as the economy plods along Detroit News / Jaclyn Trop

Top Hedge Fund Managers Do Well in a Down Year NY Times / Louise Story

Democrats Take Knife To Obama's Budget Washington Post / Lori Montgomery

Most Asian Stocks Gain on Policy Optimism; Commonwealth Rises Bloomberg / Hanny Wan and Shani Raja

Oil dips in Asia on signs of building inventories AP via Washington Post / Eileen Ng

UK: Mervyn King warns Gordon Brown to stop spending London Times / Philip Webster, Gary Duncan and Francis Elliott

European Bank Resists Printing Money NY Times / Carter Doughetry

Credit availability and prudent lending standards Federal Reserve Board / Elizabeth A. Duke

Japanese Exports Plunge 49% as Global Slump Deepens Bloomberg / Jason Clenfield

IMF announces new lending reforms BBC News


Survey of Tenth District Manufacturers Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Banking Policies and Too Big To Fail Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis / Gary H. Stern

Financial Conditions and the Economic Outlook Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond / Jeffrey Lacker

Playing Solitaire with a Deck of 51, with Number 52 on Offer Pimco / Paul McCulley

'Perfect storm' puts all types in financial peril USA Today / Christine Dugas

Institutional investors plough back into stocks: UBS Marketwatch / Laura Mandaro

Fed's Plosser: Economic outlook "pretty ugly" Reuters / Kristina Cooke

Record California Bond Drives Muni Sales to Almost $12 Billion Bloomberg / Jeremy R. Cooke

Treasuries Rise as Traders Prepare for Tomorrow’s Fed Purchases Bloomberg / Dakin Campbell

Soros Says Commercial Property Values Will Fall 30% Bloomberg / Michael Forsythe

U.S. Markets Wrap: S&P 500 Advances in Best Month Since 1974 Bloomberg / Lynn Thomasson and Dakin Campbell

Why the Yen Should Strengthen Morgan Stanley / Robert Alan Feldman, Ph.D

Financial overhaul plan draws GOP opposition AP via Seattle Times / Martin Crutsinger

Key Senate panel backs Obama's budget blueprint AP via Seattle Times Intelligencer / Andrew Taylor

Record decline hits Irish economy BBC News

U.S. One-Month Bill Rate Negative for First Time Since December Bloomberg / Dakin Campbell

Fed needs to double balance sheet: PIMCO Reuters / Faith Hung

Fed's Lockhart: Better data does not signal recovery Reuters

On Credit, Trade, and Food Stability Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta / Dennis P. Lockhart

U.S. Fixed Mortgage Rate Falls to Lowest on Record Bloomberg / Brian Louis

U.S. Economy Squeezed In Q4 Forbes / Lisa LaMotta

Good news can't offset bad AP via Augusta Journal

US rail shipments sank 14.7 percent last week, industry trade group reports AP via Minneapolis Star Tribune

Total jobless benefit rolls top 5.5M AP via Denver Post / Christopher S. Rugaber

Congress Could Learn a Thing or Two From Nascar Bloomberg / Caroline Baum

Geithner calls for new risk watchdog CNN / Colin Barr

The shares that short sellers are betting against The Economist

Thursday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

U.S. Stocks Rise, Extend S&P 500’s Best Monthly Rally Since ‘87 Bloomberg / Lynn Thomasson

China suggests an end to the dollar era The Economist

Crude prices surge despite oversupplied market AP via Houston Chronicle / Chris Kahn

Geithner's Gambit Forbes / Liz Moyer and Brian Wingfield

Fed Seeks Power to Issue Own Debt When Crisis Ebbs, Yellen Says Bloomberg / Scott Lanman and Michael McKee

Treasuries Gain on Speculation GDP Shrank More Than Estimated Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Blinded by recovery hopes, investors fooled again Marketwatch / David Callaway

U.S. Vows To Sustain Dollar's Dominance Washington Post / Tomoeh Murakami Tse

Obama to tighten screws on Wall Street: officials Washington Post / David Lawder

A Growing Chorus on the Hill Questions the Fed's Decisions Washington Post / Neil Irwin

More Young People Lining Up for Government Jobs Washington Post / Steve Vogel

Budget Has Obama Courting Fellow Democrats NY Times / Jeff Zeleny

Hurt by Economy, Europeans Vent Their Anger NY Times / Julia Werdigier and Matthew Saltmarsh


Don't run with the bulls quite yet CNN / Edward Hadas

The Weekly Layoff Report: Double-Digit Days Forbes / Klaus Kneale

Price of oil drops as rally ends BBC News

Bankers: Take your TARP money back CNN / Allan Chernoff

The PPIP: A Step Forward Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner, Andy Day, David Greenlaw, Gregory Peters and Vishwanath Tirupattur

U.S. consumers' mood improves slightly in March Reuters

Americans spending more CNN / Ben Rooney

Mortgage Originations May Double to $3.1 Trillion, Analysts Say Bloomberg / Dawn Kopecki

Friday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Stocks Retain Losses As Volume Drifts Lower Investors business Daily / Jonah Keri

Crude Oil Falls as Stronger Dollar Curbs Appeal of Commodities Bloomberg / Mark Shenk

When Should Mutual Funds Close? Forbes / Michael Maiello

Cost-conscious consumers downgrade from cable Internet to dial-up Bloomberg / Etan Horowitz

Fed’s Lacker, Stern Voice Confidence Recession May Ease in 2009 Bloomberg / Steve Matthews and Vivien Lou Chen

Treasuries Head for Weekly Decline; Consumer Spending May Rise Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Jobless rate may rocket up Boston Herald / Jay Fitzgerald, Hillary Chabot and Dave Wedge

Economy Shrinks As Job Losses Continue to Mount Washington Post / Neil Irwin

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Consumer Spending in the U.S. Probably Rose for Second Month Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

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China Industrial Profits Fall First Time on Record Bloomberg / Li Yanping and Nipa Piboontanasawat

Japan Heads for Deflation as Retail Sales Tumble 5.8% Bloomberg / Jason Clenfield and Mayumi Otsuma

Japan Bonds to Drop Most in 4 Years as Sales Boom, Analysts Say Bloomberg / Theresa Barraclough and Nobuyuki Akama

Asian Stocks Rise in Biggest Weekly Rally Since 1998; BHP Rises Bloomberg / Hanny Wan and Masaki Kondo

Australian, New Zealand Dollars Head for Best Month Since 1985 Bloomberg / Candice Zachariahs



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Colorado jobless rate 7.2% Denver Post / Elizabeth Aguilera

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U.S. stock rally to be tested by jobs, earnings, G20 Marketwatch / Nick Godt May Rise to $100 a Share in 2 Years, Barron’s Reports Bloomberg / Dan Hart

Treasury notes losing allure as 'safest' investment? NY Times via Salt Lake Tribune

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U.S. Stocks Gain on Bank Plan, Poised for Best Month Since 1991 Bloomberg / Eric Martin

Lessons for Obama from Britain Forbes

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Florida's jobless rate highest in 33 years Orlando Sentinel / Jim Stratton


Russia backs return to Gold Standard to solve financial crisis Telegraph / Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

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GM CEO Wagoner to step down at request of Obama administration; Chrysler CEO apparently safe AP via Minneapolis Star Tribune / Tom Krisher and Ken Thomas

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MD: Homeowners get log cabin fever Baltimore Sun / Andrea F. Siegel

T-bond bubble looms as inflation risk, experts say Denver Post / Aldo Svaldi

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Charter completes its long slide from 'wired world' to bankruptcy court St. Louis Post Dispatch / David Nicklaus

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Momentum Grows for Relaxing Cuba Policy Washington Post / Shailagh Murray and Karen DeYoung

Silver, Gold and Cruse Oil Taking A Breather At Support The Gold and Oil Guy / Chris Vermeulen

Asian Stocks Drop, Ending 5-Day Advance; Mizuho, BHP Decline Bloomberg / Patrick Rial

Yen, Dollar Gain on Concern U.S. Automakers May Face Bankruptcy Bloomberg / Theresa Barraclough and Ron Harui

Singapore May Devalue Currency in April, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Patricia Lui

Japan Output Slumps for Fifth Month as Exports Tumble Bloomberg / Jason Clenfield



Review and Preview Morgan Stanley / Ted Wieseman

Before the G-20, SIFMA Shares Views Bond Market Association

All 50 states in recession for first time since 1970s Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

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Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Fell by a Record 19% Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra

Treasurys inch up on last day of quarter Marketwatch / Deborah Levine

Consumer Confidence in the U.S. Rose to 26 in March From 25.3 Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

ISM-Chicago Purchasers’ Index Decreases to 31.4 in March Bloomberg / Timothy R. Homan and Bob Willis

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Dollar buoyed by Japanese investors' year-end demand Reuters via Guardian / Shinichi Saoshiro

Yen Falls as Stock Gains Boost Demand for High-Yielding Assets Bloomberg / Theresa Barraclough and Ron Harui

Australia Central Bank Says Economy to Shrink in 2009 Bloomberg / Jacob Greber

U.K. Consumer Confidence Rises to Highest Since May, GfK Says Bloomberg / Brian Swint

Japan Jobless Rate Jumps to a Three-Year High of 4.4% Bloomberg / Toru Fujioka