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Group says 100,000 fewer online job ads posted AP via Mercury News

Mexico government to seek $47 billion IMF credit line Bloomberg via Houston Chronicle

Mark-to-market change might be nonevent for stocks Marketwatch / Nick Godt

Would Cleansing Banks' Balance Sheets Kick-start the US Economy? Ludwig von Mises Institute / Frank Shostak

Statement Regarding April 1 Meeting on Over-the-Counter Derivatives Federal Reserve Bank of New York

The 2008 Federal Intervention to Stabilize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta / W. Scott Frame

Counting to $700 billion CNN / David Goldman

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Receive $46 Billion From Treasury Bloomberg / Dawn Kopecki

Markets rule on G20 as media seeks sideshows Marketwatch / David Callaway

Six questions for G-20 leaders Fortune via CNN / Peter Gumbel

Divided we stand The Economist

The G-20 Summit Forbes

Canada: Recession likely to drag, Carney warns Globe and Mail / Kevin Carmichael

Factory index shows modest improvement in March Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

U.S. Job Cuts Skyrocket In March Forbes / Carl Gutierrez

GM Bonds Fall on Concern Obama Will Allow Bankruptcy Bloomberg / Caroline Salas and Shannon D. Harrington

Bloomberg Aches From Wall Street's Pain Forbes / Dirk Smillie

Wednesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

U.S. Stocks Rise as Housing, Manufacturing Data Overshadow GM Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

FDIC's Bair urges higher capital for banks AP via Palm Beach Post / Marcy Gordon

Japan gives cash to jobless foreigners to go home AP via The State / Yuri Kageyama

G20 Slips Away From Consensus Forbes / Vidya Ram

New Bond Issues Set Record in Quarter / Stephen Taub

Treasurys edge down after ADP shows big job losses Marketwatch / Deborah Levine

Dodd’s AIG Ties, Cash Shortage Threaten Senate Re-Election Bid Bloomberg / Kristin Jensen and Jonathan D. Salant

Private sector cuts 742,000 jobs in March, ADP says Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Economic outlook is not too rosy Dallas Morning News / Will Deener

A bull or bear? Market cloudy AP via South Florida Sun Sentinel / Tim Paradis

U.S. mortgage applications climb, rates at fresh low Reuters / Lynn Adler

Banks May Need Legal Help Accounting For Tarp NY Post / John Crudele

Dollar little changed as G20 looms Marketwatch / William L. Watts

Crude falls on expected rise in inventories Marketwatch / Moming Zhou

Gold rises for second day as dollar weakens Marketwatch / Moming Zhou

IMF sees world economy shrinking up to 1 percent in 2009 Reuters

Destination Collapse Lew Rockwell / Michael S. Rozeff

OECD sees bleaker future for U.S. Washington Times / David M. Dickson

Chicago manufacturing index: March reading worst since 1980 Chicago Tribune / James P. Miller

Recession Has Silver Lining for Class of '09 Washington Post / Susan Kinzie

Treasuries Fall as Bank Shares Advance, Easing Credit Crunch Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Is this a sustainable bull market? Marketwatch / Drew Kanaly

Traders in no man's land Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Creating the perfect short-side trade Marketwatch / Michael Shulman

Obama arrives in London for G-20 summit USA Today / Richard Wolf

New World Disorder Lew Rockwell / Gary North

G20 leaders gather amid security BBC News

Australia, N.Z. Dollars Fall on Retail Sales Drop, Bollard Call Bloomberg / Candice Zachariahs

Japan Tankan Confidence Tumbles to Record on Exports Bloomberg / Jason Clenfield


The rich under attack The Economist

From buy, buy to bye-bye The Economist

Gold weakens in Asia as investors take on more risk Marketwatch / Myra P. Saefong

America May Become as Grim as Thatcher’s Britain: Chart of Day Bloomberg / David Altaner

Bankrupt Polaroid sold for $59 million Reuters via CNN

Perfect Consumer Storm Not Over Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

Fed region's Gary Stern retiring Minneapolis Star Tribune / Chris Serres
U.S. House approves Democrats' budget blueprint Reuters / Jeremy Pelofsky and Richard Cowan

Commercial Paper Falls, Non-Financial Debt Reaches 15-Month Low Bloomberg / Bryan Keogh

RIM posts strong results and outlook, shares soar Reuters / Wojtek Dabrowski

Former Illinois Governor Blagojevich indicted Reuters / Andrew Stern and Michael Conlon

NV: Economic slowdown predicted through end of year Las Vegas Sun / Brian Wargo

Japan: New Wave of Capacity Restructuring Looms: March Tankan Morgan Stanley / Takehiro Sato

Dollar off lows, but sharply down on G20 hopes Marketwatch / Lisa Twaronite, Polya Lesova and William L. Watts

Global markets rise on G20 deal BBC News

FL: Forecast: Houses prices to go down some more St. Petersburg Times

Treasury-Bubble Trouble? Forbes / Joshua Zumbrun

U.S. jobless claims surge, but factory orders rebound Reuters / Lucia Mutikani

Will the economy 'double dip'? CNN / Paul R. La Monica

Mortgage Rates in U.S. Decline to Record Low of 4.78% Bloomberg / Brian Louis

Stocks rally as G-20 leaders meet, accounting rules ease; Dow climbs above 8,000 AP via Chicago Tribune / Madlen Read and Sara Leporo

Thursday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

NY: Bankruptcy filings up 55 percent on Long Island Newsday / Emi Endo

Beating the system, more gently The Economist

G-20 leaders pledge $1T to aid world economies AP via Newsday

Buffett Punished in Bond Market as Citigroup Borrows for Less Bloomberg / Erik Holm and Gabrielle Coppola

Light At The End Of The Tunnel ... Forbes / Nouriel Roubini

U.S. could face second recession next year Reuters

U.S. jobless claims highest in more than 26 years Reuters

Bank of America CEO sees economy bottoming in 2009 Marketwatch / Greg Morcroft

Wall Street extends rally as economic hopes rise AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Madlen Read

Gold falls on optimism crisis may have bottomed Marketwatch / Moming Zhou

Oil jumps to above $51 on stock market gains AP via San Diego Union Tribune / Pablo Gorondi

Trichet Says ECB Can Still Cut Benchmark Rate Further Bloomberg / Simone Meier and Gabi Thesing

Geithner’s Non-Recourse Gift That Keeps on Giving to Bill Gross Bloomberg / Jody Shenn

Credit rating firms are like cancer to the financial system LA Times / Michael Hiltzik

Is the rush to exit TARP a trap? Marketwatch / David Weidner

Lenders Struggle to Find Cash to Quench Growing Demand for Refinancing Washington Post / Dina ElBoghdady

Appraisal process agreement sparks debate in industry Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Tim Grant

Defaults Rise as Worst Is Yet to Come for Commercial Property Bloomberg / David M. Levitt

Monster Employment Index Dips Slightly in March Marketwatch

States team up to save in tight times / / Daniel C. Vock

Light and Cheap, Netbooks Are Poised to Reshape PC Industry NY Times / Ashlee Vance and Matt Richtel

China Vies to Be World’s Leader in Electric Cars NY Times / Keith Bradsher

Asian Stocks Surge on Growth Optimism; Nissan Motor Advances Bloomberg / Patrick Rial and Masaki Kondo

U.S. Signals New Era for Global Economy Washington Post / Anthony Faiola

Shareholders want Lloyds Banking Group bosses to go London Times / Suzy Jagger and Miles Costello

Global Economic Slide May Be Easing as G-20 Gathers Bloomberg / Simon Kennedy


Let's Play Pretend! Euro Pacific via Safehaven / Peter Schiff

Moody's lowers rating on Illinois bonds Chicago Tribune / James P. Miller

Summer deals make travel more affordable Miami Herald / Ina Paiva Cordle

Report finds loan default rates still high Washington Post via Houston Chronicle / Renae Merle

S.C. Governor Accepts Stimulus Funds, but With Caveats Washington Post / Philip Rucker

Mark-to-Market Rule Gives More Clarity, Not Less Bloomberg / John M. Berry

Treasuries Tumble as Traders Shift Focus to Record Debt Supply Bloomberg / Susanne Walker and Daniel Kruger

The Federal Reserve's Balance Sheet Federal Reserve Board / Ben S. Bernanke

Bernanke says Fed to use all tools to stabilize markets Reuters

Fed 'extremely uncomfortable' with bailout Globe and Mail / Jeannine Aversa and Ieva M. Augstums

Bankruptcy Filings by Businesses Increase 78% in First Quarter Bloomberg / Bill Rochelle

U.S. Stocks Rise as Bernanke Says Fed Programs Are Working Bloomberg / Elizabeth Stanton

Friday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

VIX Falls as Smallest Stock Swings of 2009 Reduce Option Prices Bloomberg / Jeff Kearns and Lynn Thomasson

Heading in the same direction? The Economist

The Morning After Morgan Stanley / Spyros Andreopoulos and Joachim Fels

Policies to Bring Us Out of the Financial Crisis and Recession Federal Reserve Board / Donald L. Kohn

Crisis: Reaction and Resolution pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City / Thomas M. Hoenig

Kohn Says Fed, Government May Need to Do More to Support Growth Bloomberg / Craig Torres and Steve Matthews

U.S. economy sheds 663,000 jobs Reuters

U.S. Jobless Rate Soars To 8.5% Forbes / Maurna Desmond

2 million jobs lost so far in '09 CNN / Chris Isidore

Qwest poised for total sale? Denver Post / Steve Raabe

Google's Latest Conquest: Twitter? Forbes / Javier Espinoza

Failure Rate Rises on Mortgages Revised in Late 2008, U.S. Says Bloomberg / Margaret Chadbourn

Bernanke Easing Mortgage Rates for Consumer-Driven Rebound Bloomberg / Kathleen M. Howley

U.S. Office Vacancies Hit 15.2% -- and Rising Wall Street Journal

Men take lead at the unemployment line Chicago Tribune / Greg Burns

Too Many Cars, and They're Not on the Road Washington Post / Brady Dennis

Consumers cut back on haircuts in tough economy Orlando Sentinel / Anika Myers Palm

Layoffs rise despite hope recession is easing Palm Beach Post / Jeannine Aversa

Unemployment in U.S. Probably Climbed in March to 25-Year High Bloomberg / Bob Willis

Should We Kill the Fed? Lew Rockwell / Patrick J. Buchanan

Unexpected find when mining for value Marketwatch / Mark Hulbert

Optimism races through markets after show of harmony at G20 summit London Times / Ian King, Suzy Jagger and Gráinne Gilmore

I.B.M. Reportedly Will Buy Rival Sun for $7 Billion NY Times / Ashlee Vance and Andrew Ross Sorkin

FASB decides to ease mark-to-market accounting standards LA Times / Tom Petruno

Obama Banking Policy Signals $1 Trillion Writedowns From Loans Bloomberg / Mark Pittman

Obama Says ‘Historic’ G-20 Summit Put World on Path to Recovery Bloomberg / Hans Nichols and Edwin Chen

As Crisis Loomed, Geithner Pressed But Fell Short Washington Post / Robert O'Harrow Jr. and Jeff Gerth

Senate approves $3.53 trillion budget plan Marketwatch / Robert Schroeder

Treasuries Rise on Speculation Report to Show U.S. Lost Jobs Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Asian Stocks Rise on Recovery Optimism; Mitsubishi UFJ Gains Bloomberg / Masaki Kondo

Yen Weakens to Above 100 to Dollar as G-20 Saps Safety Demand Bloomberg / Theresa Barraclough and Ron Harui

G-20 Shapes New World Order With Lesser Role for U.S., Markets Bloomberg / Rich Miller and Simon Kennedy

ECB Faces Day of Reckoning as Debate on New Tools Nears End Bloomberg / John Fraher



Bernanke says bailouts working AP via Lansing State Journal

Financial Fate, in Each Country’s Hands NY Times / Devin Leonard

Stocks Rallied Big During The Depression Too Forbes / Robert Lenzner

Do-it-yourselfers are doing repairs around the house Kansas City Star / Su Bacon

Bernanke, Kohn Pledge Fed to Withdraw Credit When Crisis Ends Bloomberg / Scott Lanman and Craig Torres

Downturn Pushes More Toward Bankruptcy NY Times / Tara Siegel Bernard

U.S. May Keep Losing Jobs After Unemployment Hit 25-Year High Bloomberg / Bob Willis and Rich Miller

Empty Tables Threaten Some Restaurant Chains NY Times / Andrew Martin

Earnings test is on the way, with banks in focus Marketwatch / Nick Godt

Executives' outlook will set the tone LA Times / Tom Petruno

Top Economics Aide Discloses Income Washington Post / Philip Rucker and Joe Stephens

Tax-Haven Blacklist Stirs Nations Washington Post / Anthony Faiola and Mary Jordan

Obama Holds Town Hall in Strasbourg, France Washington Post

Summers Earned Millions in D.E. Shaw Salary, Bank Speech Fees Bloomberg / Timothy J. Burger and Kristin Jensen

Global Fiscal Crisis Brings Renewed Role for IMF Washington Post / Annys Shin and Thomas Heath

Japanese Bond Yields Reach Highest This Year as Stocks Rally Bloomberg / Yasuhiko Seki


Thanks to fed help, there’s renewed interest in giving loans Boston Herald / Jennifer Heldt Powell

Trade Gap Probably Held at Six-Year Low: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Timothy R. Homan

Benefits for many jobless expire soon AP via Miami Herald / Christopher S. Rugaber

Defining recessions, crises and bubbles St. Paul Pioneer Press / Edward Lotterman

Some economists say the worst may be over McLatchy via Miami Herald / Kevin G. Hall

A Rug Store Floored by the Economy Washington Post / Thomas Heath

Turning One's Age Into a Job-Market Asset Washington Post / Vickie Elmer

Bunch of short-term gigs one way to make ends meet Seattle Times / Erin Vanderberg

Denver resists price swings Denver Post / Margaret Jackson

The Return of Jumbo Mortgage Wall Street Journal / Amy Hoak

Why Creditors Should Suffer, Too NY Times / Tyler Cpwen

As Dow rises, what did you learn from the fall? San Francisco Chronicle / Chuck Jaffe

Economists: Burden of huge deficits could be mind-numbing Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Thomas Olson

Dems, GOP spar over small business taxes AP via Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Obama says North Korea broke rules with launch Marketwatch / Robert Schroeder

Text of President Obama's speech in Prague Marketwatch / Robert Schroeder

Now That Investors Can Breathe Again, Can the Market Sustain the March Rally? Washington Post / Tomoeh Murakami Tse

Lockheed, Boeing Weapons Are at Risk as Gates Shifts Priorities Bondheads / Gopal Ratnam and Edmond Lococo

Dow’s harsh reminder of old days Boston Herald / Jay Fitzgerald

Details of threat to close Globe emerge Boston Globe / Christine McConville

Walt Disney Co. cuts 1,400 jobs in Florida Orlando Sentinel / Jason Garcia

New gold rush sweeps across America London Times / Dominic Rushe

Face facts: where Britannica ruled, Wikipedia has conquered Guardian – Observer / John Naughton

Germany has more to fear than inflation Guardian – Observer / Ashley Seager

U.K. Has Most Profit Warnings Since 2001, Ernst & Young Says Bloomberg / Brian Swint

UK: Bankrupt Britain: 340 people go bust every day London Times / Jenny Davey and David Smith


The Panic of 2008 Federal Reserve Board / Kevin Warsh

Fed's Effort To Roll Snowball Uphill Is Failing Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis via Safehaven / Mike Shedlock

Job migration to suburbs: an unstoppable flow? Christian Science Monitor / Ron Scherer

Stocks fall after 4-week rally; Dow below 8,000 AP via Denver Post / Sara Lepro

Soros says U.S. faces "lasting slowdown" Reuters / Jennifer Ablan and Daniel Burns

Recovery hopes begin to blossom CNN / Chris Isidore

The tough economy is forcing families to reconsider their household help Forbes / Hannah Seligson

IL: More than 20 companies warn state they plan 'mass' layoffs Chicago Tribune / Becky Yerak

Obsessed with financial crisis, U.S. ignores security risks at its own peril Marketwatch / Paul B. Farrell,

Gates takes aim at arms programs, Congress fights back Reuters / Andrea Shalal-Esa

U.S. lawmaker plans law to curtail risky mortgages Reuters / Scott Malone

Blockbuster issues going-concern warning AP via Globe and Mail

Canada: Conference Board issues grim outlook CP via Globe and Mail

Bernanke ‘Green Shoots’ May Signal False Spring Amid Job Losses Bloomberg / Shobhana Chandra and Matthew Benjamin

Deflation Dead at BlackRock; Inflation Debt Favorite Bloomberg / Dakin Campbell and Gavin Finch

Treasurys slide after Fed purchases Marketwatch / Deborah Levine

U.S. Jobs Index Dropped to 90.1 in March, Indicating More Cuts Bloomberg / Timothy R. Homan

Weak economy is a boon for repairmen Miami Herald / Yudy Pineiro

Earnings Freefall May Slow After ‘Throwaway’ Quarter Bloomberg / Katie Hoffmann and Joseph Galante

Sun shares plummet after IBM talks collapse Reuters

Sun May Be Pulling A Yahoo! Forbes / Andy Greenberg

Monday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

S&P 500 Can’t See Enough Money to Feed Stocks’ Rally Bloomberg / Michael Tsang and Adam Haigh

Someone Tell Obama: Americans Did Not Cause the Financial Crisis, the World's Central Banks Did Brookes News via Safehaven / Gerard Jackson

The private-equity industry is chastened but still alive The Economist

Oil prices slump to start the week AP via Seattle Times / Dirk Lammers

Loonie Loses 3% as Carney Pushes Quantitative Ease Bloomberg / Chris Fournier

Central banks announce swap arrangements AP via Houston Chronicle

European Producer Prices Fall More Than Expected Bloomberg / Jurjen van de Pol

Eurozone retail sales slump by 4% BBC News

Japan in 10 trillion yen stimulus BBC News



Market bear Roubini sticks to dour forecasts Reuters / Jennifer Kwan

Feds subsidize borrowers, to savers' detriment San Francisco Chronicle / Kathleen Pender

Why did AIG pay banks in full? Fed didn't use leverage McClatchy / Greg Gordon and Kevin G. Hall

Fed Said to Weigh Charging Higher Rates for Longer TALF Loans Bloomberg / Scott Lanman

MBIA faces lawsuit from investment adviser Journal News / Allan Drury

Student debt and defaults surge Christian Science Monitor / Brendan Conway

OK, now Nacchio really is going to prison Dow Jones / Al Lewis

Stocks extend losses to 2nd day; Dow tumbles 186 AP via Miami Herald / Sara Lepro and Tim Paradis

Oil below $50, as stocks fall and earnings loom AP via Houston chronicle / Dirk Lammers

It’s A Lot Of Work To Keep Up With Jobless Numbers NY Post / John Crudele

Review and Preview Morgan Stanley / Ted Wieseman

U.S. Consumer Credit Decreased by $7.48 Billion in February Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Confidence Among U.S. Company Chiefs Sank Further Bloomberg / Carlos Torres

Mortgage delinquencies soar in the U.S. Reuters / Helen Chernikoff

Chrysler bankruptcy risk greater than 70%, more than GM, report says Detroit Free Press / Brent Snavely

Tuesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Investors send stocks lower, extending pause in four-week rally as earnings season looms AP via Chicago Tribune / Sara Lepro
Where governments tax cigarettes the most The Economist

Facing Up To Facebook's Value Forbes / Taylor Buley

Default Rate Surges to Highest Since Depression, Moody’s Says Bloomberg / John Glover

Treasurys gain as earnings jitters push stocks lower Marketwatch / Deborah Levine

Will The Fed Come Clean? Forbes / Carl Gutierrez

Stocks May See ‘Correction’ of 10%, Marc Faber Says Bloomberg / Chen Shiyin and Susan Li

Buying American: Helpful or hurtful for the struggling U.S. economy? Chicago Tribune / Wailin Wong

Oil falls toward $50 Reuters via CNN

RBS May Cut 9,000 Back Office Jobs to Help Repay U.K. Bailout Bloomberg / Andrew MacAskill

Europe’s Recession Deepens as Investment Declines Bloomberg / Jana Randow

Blowing Bubbles Lew Rockwell / Doug French

Treasuries Advance as Federal Reserve Prepares to Buy Tomorrow Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

MBIA Sued by Third Avenue Management Over Bond Business Split Bloomberg / Karen Gullo

Labor pains Marketwatch / Irwin Kellner

Budget Expands Government as Economy Contracts Lew Rockwell / Ron Paul

Soros Calls Gain by U.S. Stocks Since March a Bear-Market Rally Bloomberg / Saijel Kishan and Kathleen Hays

Asian Stocks Drop on Commodities, Bank Loss Concern; Rio Slumps Bloomberg / Shani Raja and Chen Shiyin

Market optimism gives way to caution, lifting yen, dollar Reuters via Guardian

Bank of Japan expands collateral for loans Marketwatch / Myra P. Saefong

Australia’s Central Bank Cuts Rate to 49-Year-Low 3% Bloomberg / Jacob Greber

Envisioning the post-recession economy LA Times / Michael Hiltzik

Economy Falling Years Behind Full Speed NY Times / Louis Uchitelle


Minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee Federal Reserve Board

2009 Social issues compete with fiscal policy / Pamela M. Prah

Somali piracy hits every consumer Christian Science Monitor / Laurent Belsie

Fed spending action prompted by fear of worsening recession Globe and Mail / Jeannine Aversa

Americans are adopting fewer foreign children The Economist

Obama sends team of 15 to speed up General Motors' progress Detroit Free Press / Justin Hyde

Depth and Breadth Matter Morgan Stanley / Richard Berner

Tech jobs getting zapped CNN / David Goldman

Wholesale Inventories Fall by Record as Sales Rise Bloomberg / Timothy R. Homan

Treasuries Pare Gains After Fed Purchase as Auction Looms Bloomberg / Susanne Walker

U.S. Stocks Rise as Life Insurers, Homebuilder Shares Rally Bloomberg / Rita Nazareth

SEC to try n shorts NY Post / Kaja Whitehouse

FDIC Bair’s Teeth NY Post / Mark DeCambre

‘I Want You,’ Uncle Sam Says to Unemployed Wall Street Analysts Bloomberg / Josh Fineman

The Economic Situation of the United States and the Federal Reserve’s Response Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas / Richard W. Fisher

Use 'every tool' to lift economy - Fed official Reuters via CNN

Rosenberg Says Don’t Mistake Slower Economic Slide for Rebound Bloomberg / Matthew Benjamin

Wednesday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Pulte Homes to buy Centex in $1.3 billion stock deal, creating nation's biggest homebuilder AP via Chicago Tribune / J. W. Elphinstone and Michelle Chapman

Party Ends for Russian Rich After $230 Billion Losses Bloomberg / Anastasia Ustinova

U.K. GDP Drops as Slump Resembles 1979, Niesr Says Bloomberg / Brian Swint

Not Quite a Confession, But a Good Start Washington Post / Steven Pearlstein

Weak demand for Fed consumer lending program Reuters via Guardian / Kristina Cooke

Hawaii, suffering tourism drop, appeals to President Obama LA Times / Hugo Martín

Credit Swaps ‘Big Bang’ Loosens Bank Grip as Pimco, Primus Gain Bloomberg / Shannon D. Harrington

Treasuries Rise as Asian Shares Decline, Fed Prepares to Buy Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

Panic: First Wall Street, Then Main Street Lew Rockwell / Gary North

Oil and Gas May Rise on ‘Slingshot’ Effect as Credit Idles Rigs Bloomberg / David Wethe

UK: Gold sold for scrap outstrips new purchases London Times / David Robertson

Looking for fundamental validation Marketwatch / Todd Harrison

Sharp shares tumble on loss warning Marketwatch / V. Phani Kumar

Asian Stocks Decline on Alcoa, Daiwa Losses; Cnooc Drops on Oil Bloomberg / Jonathan Burgos

Yen, Dollar Advance as Stock Losses Increase Demand for Safety Bloomberg / Yasuhiko Seki and Theresa Barraclough

Japan Current-Account Surplus Narrows on Export Slide Bloomberg / Keiko Ujikane


Moody's: Credit Quality Falls Further in Sinkhole / Sarah Johnson

How Bernanke Staged a Revolution Washington Post / Neil Irwin

Oil above $51 on signs of higher U.S. consumption AP via Detroit News / George Jahn

Success Depends on Failure pdf Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City / Thomas M. Hoenig

Hoenig Says Few Big U.S. Banks to Need More Bailouts Bloomberg / Steve Matthews

Many of the jobless get no unemployment benefits USA Today / Barbara Hagenbaugh

Do you want fries with that?' Workers pushing extra sales USA Today / Theresa Howard

Be Careful What You Wish For Euro Pacific via Safehaven / Peter Schiff

Is America's love affair with the "exburbs" over? Reuters / Andy Sullivan

From grand mansions to quaint cottages, 7 homes for sale in urban Detroit neighborhoods you might want to live in CNN

Bloom and bust The Economist

Ford stock surges above $4 Detroit Free Press / Brent Snavely

Summers: Economic 'free fall' will end in a few months Marketwatch / Ronald D. Orol

Treasuries Fall as Improved Risk Appetite Drives Stocks Higher Bloomberg / Dakin Campbell

U.S. Commercial Paper Market Expands the Most in Three Months Bloomberg / Bryan Keogh

Thursday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Intel results expected to show tech's trajectory Marketwatch / Benjamin Pimentel

South Florida hotels see no bottom in tourism decline Miami Herald / Douglas Hanks

FOMC Minutes Indicate U.S. Dollar Likely to Remain Strong Brewer Futures Group via Safehaven

Gold falls, set for third weekly loss amid optimism Marketwatch / Moming Zhou

U.S. Trade Gap Narrowed in February as Imports Fell Bloomberg / Timothy R. Homan

Initial jobless claims dip CNN / Catherine Clifford

Inside The Fed’s Roundtable: Spend On! NY Post / Paul Tharp

Wells Fargo predicts a $3 billion profit CNN / David Ellis

The Outlook For China's Economy Forbes / Nouriel Roubini

BOE Leaves Rate at 0.5%, Continues Pace of Bond Plan Bloomberg / Brian Swint

U.S. Futures, European Shares, Oil Gain as Bonds, Dollar Fall Bloomberg / Adria Cimino and Rita Nazareth

Why US Auto Industry is a Wreck, Not a Coupe NY Post / John Crudele

Fed Task Force Seeks Ways to Improve Response to Bank Distress Bloomberg / Craig Torres

Fed minutes reveal gloomy outlook BBC News

Fed Minutes Show Worry as Credit Seized Up NY Times / Jack Healy

Morgan Stanley Q1 earnings to be hurt by bonds: report Reuters

Treasuries Drop as Stocks Gain, U.S. Prepares 10-Year Auction Bloomberg / Wes Goodman

U.S. Consumer Spending to Drop Again After Pickup, Survey Shows Bloomberg / Bob Willis and Kristy Scheuble

L.A. starts buying up foreclosed homes with federal aid LA Times / William Heisel

The Real Estate Bust Is Far From Over Lew Rockwell / Doug French

Housing Slump Hits Manhattan NY Times / Josh Barbanel

Before the Feature Film, a Message on Foreclosure Scams Washington Post / Michelle Singletary

Short sellers unjustly Wall Street's whipping boy LA Times / Michael Hiltzik

SEC regains control of market ship Marketwatch / David Callaway

Obama to Meet With Economic Team Tomorrow on Bank Stress Tests Bloomberg / Robert Schmidt and Roger Runningen

State stimulus "czars" vary widely / Pamela M. Prah

Who will stop the pirates? Christian Science Monitor / Howard LaFranchi

Moody’s Downgrades Berkshire NY Times / Michael J. de la Merced

Can This Man Fix The Housing Market? Forbes / Maurna Desmond

Asian Stocks Rise on Stimulus Hopes, Japanese Machinery Orders Bloomberg / Jonathan Burgos and Masaki Kondo

Japanese Machinery Orders Unexpectedly Rebound 1.4% Bloomberg / Jason Clenfield



Malls shedding stores at record pace CNN / Parija B. Kavilanz

Overseas Borrowers Sell Dollar Bonds at Record Yearly Pace Bloomberg / John Detrixhe

Treasuries Fall as Debt Supply, Demand for Risk Assets Increase Bloomberg / Daniel Kruger and Dakin Campbell

Wells Fargo's profit: Good omen or blip? AP via Lansing State Journal

PA: Smaller Pennsylvania businesses conserve cash, cut costs in recession Pittsburgh Tribune Review / Thomas Olson

The Housing Crisis Isn't A Crisis Forbes / Peter Robinson

Budget deficit triples to $957 billion for year Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

U.S. March Budget Deficit Swelled to $192.3 Billion Bloomberg / Courtney Schlisserman

Obama sees "glimmers of hope" in economy Reuters / Matt Spetalnick

Fearing weak banks will be singled out, Fed tells all not to discuss stress test results AP via Allentown Morning Call / Daniel Wagner

Friday’s Analysis / Marty Chenard

Dow Enters Earnings Season Over 8000

Goldman mulls big equity offering: report Marketwatch / Alistair Barr

Canada: The layoffs keep coming Globe and Mail / Heather Scoffield and Tavia Grant

Lifeline to mortgage holders is more like a noose Dallas Morning News / Steve Brown

It's Now a Renter's Market Business Week / Prashant Gopal

Job market is especially cruel for older workers Chicago Tribune / Tiffany Hsu

What Insurance 'Bailout' Means for Your Policy ABC News / Russell Goodman

Overseas Borrowers Sell Dollar Bonds at Record Yearly Pace Bloomberg / John Detrixhe

China’s Exports Fall for Fifth Month on Global Slump Bloomberg / Paul Panckhurst

French Industrial Output Fell for Sixth Month in February Bloomberg / Simon Kennedy

Bailout Bonds? Lew Rockwell / Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Fed Said to Order Banks to Stay Mum on ‘Stress Test’ Results Bloomberg / Bradley Keoun and Scott Lanman

Economy Lew Rockwell / John Liechty

UK: Bank leaves rates on hold as it considers impact of radical measures London Times / Gary Duncan

Exports Fall, and It’s Felt on the Farm NY Times / Clifford Krauss

Dollar Gains on Optimism Worst of U.S. Economic Crisis Is Over Bloomberg / Ron Harui

In a Downturn, More People Act as Their Own Lawyers NY Times / Jonathan D. Glater

As Stocks Surge, Some Still Fear Possible Plunge NY Times / Jack Healy and Eric Dash

Asian Stocks Rise, Extend Weekly Gain, on Bank Optimism, Autos Bloomberg / Patrick Rial and Masaki Kondo

Some BOJ members see forecasts cut in twice-yearly report Reuters


Airlines drop fares to lure consumers in recession Newsday / Keith Herbert and Alfonso A. Castillo

$50 unlimited calling plans swirl Kansas City Star / Jason Gertzen

Food prices: The good, the bad, the unknown Minneapolis Star Tribune / Matt McKinney

A 'Public' Fix for Health Care Need Not Abandon the Market Washington Post / Steven Pearlstein

Feds order thousands of vehicles from Detroit Detroit Free Press via Lansing State Journal Todd Spangler

Manufacturers become social animals Social networking increases as companies gain from sharing ideas Bradenton Journal / Grace Gagliano

The American mood: Is the angst bottoming out? AP via Seattle Post Intelligencer / Ted Anthony

Possible debt downgrade for Boeing Chicago Sun Times

Market rally could trip over the bottom line AP via The State / Madlen Read

Possible GOP contender in 2012 blasts Obama budget Seattle Post Intelligencer

FL: Recession Pain, Even in Palm Beach NY Times / David Segal

China's forex reserves rise, but growth slows Marketwatch / Laura Mandaro


Bonds surge as investors' fear wanes LA Times / Tom Petruno

Beware of risks in buying junk bonds Allentown Morning Call / Gail MarksJarvis

More hopeful glimmers, but more bad news, too Marketwatch / Rex Nutting

Retail Sales Probably Rose, Output Fell: U.S. Economy Preview Bloomberg / Bob Willis

More going without medical care Denver Post / Elizabeth Aguilera

Backyard vegetable gardens popular in tough times Bradenton Journal / January Holmes

Reverse Mortgage: Get Cash, But Use Caution Wall Street Journal / Anne Tergesen

Opportunities lurk in exchange-traded funds NY Times / Kathleen Pender

History, timing and sentiment all say it's right to dive back into stocks Independent / Chris Watling

Stocks may be due for downturn this week AP via MSNBC

Airfares Are Really Low Right Now Wall Street Journal / Jennifer Waters

Republican governor blasts Obama budget AP via Washington Post

When an Economic Cure Fights Itself NY Times / Ben Stein

Gold and Oil Traders Are At The Tipping Point Gold and Oil Guy / Chris Vermeulen

Gold Stock's a Big Winner in the Bear Market Wall Street Journal / Anna Prior

FL: The state of sunshine St. Petersburg Times / Asjylyn Loder

States Slashing Social Programs for Vulnerable NY Times / Erik Eckholm

Flying car concept gets off ground, literally Detroit Free Press

China seeing 'gradual recovery' BBC News

UK: BT to slash another 10,000 jobs London Times / John Waples

UK: Has the bubble finally burst for capitalism? London Times / Paul Mason

Taxes: Average refunds higher this year than last Chicago Tribune / Eileen Ambrose



Oil drops to near $49 amid weak demand outlook AP via Houston Chronicle / Alex Kennedy

Cash Beats Stocks for First Time in U.S. Survey: Chart of Day Bloomberg / David Wilson

Stock Pros Who Survived the Depression / Reshma Kapadia

Wall Street bounces back from sell-off as traders prepare for rush of earnings, economic data AP via Newsday / Tim Paradis

The Tax Man Cometh: IRS Commish Emphasizes Crack Down and Compassion ABC News / Matthew Jaffe

New penny's slow start in circulation increases value USA Today / Laura Petrecca

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